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I couldn’t help myself. Here’s my contribution to @geek-fashionista‘s Sidekick!Adrien AU, in which Adrien is not a miraculous holder but starts off as a talented hacker who becomes determined to aid Ladybug in whatever capacity he can (hacking security feeds, opening locks remotely, convenient blackouts, etc). He learns martial arts and rides a motorcycle, kind of like Batman.  :P  Whenever he isn’t modeling he wears glasses, hoodies, and beanies to hide his changing physique. Eventually they get together and adorable-ness ensues.  ;)

I had to do a comic about the hilariousness of civilian Marinette meeting Adrien, and Alya trying to hook her up with her own boyfriend.

Plus, pixie haircut older Marinette?  Yes, please.  Nino with an undercut was a spur of the moment idea.  Oh, and drawing older Alya has become my new favorite thing. 

I realized that 3 out of the 4 people that appear in this comic have glasses, so I had to make their frames as different as possible.  :P

Marinette’s outfit is reminiscent of the original Marinette/Bridgette’s ensemble, in case it looks familiar ;)

EDIT: Someone noticed I forgot to draw a mask on Ladybug!  Whoopsies~! I went ahead and fixed that.  ;)

Why the types are dangerous: ENFP edition
  • They can come up with a vast number of creative and new ideas at the tip of hat, you just have to try to keep up
  • They’re not afraid to tear down or cut people out of their life
  • ENFPs have strong, absolute morals that they don’t want to cross, and if you cross these, say goodbye to your happy ENFP
  • Because of their bubbly personality, people underestimate what analytical and deep thinkers ENFPs are
  • They make unexpected great leaders with their charisma and persuasive charms… or is that subtle manipulation?
  • Because of their vivacious personalities, they can quickly befriend anyone and everyone, even the people you hate
  • ENFPs bring such light into people’s lives, leaving a black hole when they leave 


First Voltron AMV! I’m experimenting with a new tool in my video editor, hopefully no one gets seasick from the vid lmfao. Maybe someone’s already done this, but ever since I finished season 3 this AMV idea has been trying to get out of my head, so I made it! Hope you guys like it! ♡ ♡ ♡

Starting out in nursing school: an updated guide.

So back at the end of 2014 i made a list of everything you’d need to start nursing school… the reality is that this list was made before myself had ever started. I knew i wanted to make an updated version after going to university so here it is 3 years later. It makes me laugh so much! 

2014 Vs 2017

Not in original: 

Sense of humor
Strong stomach
Crazy Curiosity
And immunity to bitch hierarchy BS!

But seriously….

Planner - 1 page per day.

Wall Calendar –for visualizing what is coming up each month.
Weekly to-do List – it feels great to be able to cross things off each week.

Household Schedule – for keeping school in perspective with life.

Paper -  pocket notebook for clinicals, loose leaf paper, printer paper and index cards 3x5 and 5x8.

Folders - 3-ring binder, display folders with plastic sleeves.  
Misc. - 3 holed punch, calculator, small stapler, staples.
Pens, highlighters and pencils– for note taking. Highlighting key ideas and for drawing diagrams for study aids.Technology/ devices.
Recorder – great for recording lectures and classes. Also comes in handy for recording any notes you make to so that you can reinforce concepts. It is important to make sure that your teacher gives permission for you to record as they may have a strict policy. More often than not they allow it for personal use and ask that you do not distribute it.   Most Lectures should be recorded onto an online system through your university where you can stream them or download to listen to as a study tools in your own time. Note: if your school does this, don’t think that you can get away with not attending as 9 times out of 10, the day that there is a system failure will be the day that your away.
Laptop/Desktop computer – important for accessing online content, doing assessments and checking emails. It is important to have internet access while completing nursing school, however if you are unable to have it at home, most public libraries and educational institutes provide computer labs to their students.
Printer/Scanner – for printing assessments and lecture notes. This is also convenient but not necessary, so if you are prepared to pay small fee at public libraries and other educational institutes they always have many on hand to access.
IPod/mp3 player – amazing for unwinding to your favourite music or even uploading recordings of notes and lectures for extra reinforcement while going for a run or walking the dog. I personally love listening while I’m cooking or washing up.  Nurse Stuff!!! 

Water proof watch – must have a second hand So a wrist watch is actually NOT ok! You’ll need a fob watch instead (hangs from shirt) as a wrist watch is a major health hazard and you’ll need to be washing all up in there repeatedly.

Stethoscope – 
Your school may have a particular one that they want you to use that is fairly cheap. If they allow other brands, Littman is very good and reliable and will definitely take you all the way through nursing school. However, make sure you have it engraved or don’t let it out of your sight as I have heard sooooooo many stories of them being stolen out of bags etc. Basically you can get away with not having your own …  most times you’ll need them will be in labs at school because everyone will be using them at once at it’s easier to just have your own, but out on placement there is always one with the obs gear and people aren’t running around with steths 24/7.       

Comfortable shoes – this is a no brainer. Nurses are on their feet all day and night so it is important to splash out where comfort and support is needed. Klogs, despite being some of the ugliest shoes to exist, are wonderful. Dansko are also really comfortable, as well as the brand Sanita which offers cute prints and colours. We just needed leather enclosed nurse shoes, something with support and durability.    

Durable bag - this one is also really important! A lot of people have said that a bag with wheels comes in good use when you’re lugging heavy books across campus. Please don’t use shoulder bags! You will wind up with an immense amount of strain on your shoulder, and they just aren’t practical. So I get away with my big ass handbag. I can throw my A4 notebook and bens in their as well as a snack and a bottle of water. Realistically you don’t have to take your textbooks with you to uni. They have them in the libraries do don’t break your body and cart the dead weights aound. 5.      
Scrubs – Scrubs are a bit of a grey area as there will be variations in what is required of students from school to school. Mostly blue are used I believe, but I may be wrong. NOT REQUIRED!!!!    

Student uniform - this will be something you purchase from your school. It is important for when you are on placement so that you are recognised as a student from your school. Make sure you have pockets in your pants!  Also I have three of the shirts and three sets of work pants. Note: get yourself a few sets of compression socks and save your feet and legs the pain.       

Long sleeve tops – nurses have early starts and finishes so it is important to stay warm. Hospitals often aren’t the warmest of environments so having a few long sleeve tops to layer up with is definitely worth it.  Yeah… no! Your not allowed to wear long sleeves. Its bear bellow the elbow in most facilities so buy yourself a singlet and tough it out!   

Penlight – 
penlights are like pens, you’ll start off the shift with a few spares but by the end you’ll be trying to trace your steps back to find one! They aren’t too expensive so whenever you, replenish your hoard! Haha Not really the case and only used for neuro obs. The first RN I ever worked with gave me his as a gift. He was lovely !     

Bandage/Dressing scissors – 
these will be your best friend. There’s no need to go out and by a ridiculously expensive pair. Just the basics that do their job! This is maybe one of the less important items you need when only starting out.    

Medical Dictionary – 
every student needs one. It is so handy for looking things up and often they have small diagram explanations. I actually picked up a seventh edition Oxford mini dictionary for Nurses which is great and it is the perfect size.    
Latest Drug guide – this is an important friend to the nursing student as there are so many drugs that we come into contact with. Make sure that you get an up to date one as there are new drugs out all the time. Try and get a hold of a mimms. Even if its an older edition they give you a great idea of different drug classes etc. buying an up to date guide is expensive and not worth it with the amount of annual changes made to them.

Thesaurus – this is just a helpful one for writing essays. I find myself looking for new ways to say something all the time and having a thesaurus gives you lots of options for words. Most computers have one built into their document writing system if you decide not to get one. Computer has this built in.       

Referencing Guide
 ­– as soon as you find out what kind of referencing your course uses for assignments, make sure you get a guide on how to do it correctly. You may pick up on it right away without needing one, but if you’re like me, it’ll help to be able to look it up whenever you need to. Note: never leaving referencing til last. Do it as you go!     

NCLEX Q’s book – 
the earlier you get yourself acquainted with NCLEX questions, the better. There are so many of these books out there. My advice would be to ask someone at school in a higher year, or one of your instructors, whether they can suggest a good one to you and go by that.  Not useful until later on.      

Required Textbooks 
– you will either get a list of these given to you or it will be in your course outline under core texts. Buying textbooks brand new can be super expensive so I suggest you try and get them second hand. There’s is absolutely no shame in this, in fact it is the smarter thing to do.  Check textbook exchange pages for your school on Facebook, look at noticeboards, gumtree. EBay, craigslist and advertise on these that you are looking to buy. If you know someone the year or semester ahead of you, contact them and offer to buy them for a reasonable price. Unless the course changes dramatically year to year, you will be able to get away with having books a few editions behind. If you have the money and you want to buy them all brand new, then do so! There is something satisfying about accumulating textbooks… I myself have many!In your bag.   

– make sure you carry your student ID card, bus pass, drivers licence, cash cards and loose change for printing. Keep a photo of someone or something you love or that motivates you to keep going.       

Keys – 
don’t forget your house keys, car keys and if your school has lockers, get one and don’t forget to bring the key with you to school!       

Hand sanitizer – 
at nursing school lots of people turn into crazy OCD hygiene gurus, and for good reason! Travel size hand sanitizer is perfect to carry around with you whether it’s at school or on the floor!       

Lip balm/Moisturiser
 – because hospitals are cold and dry areas it good to make sure you have a chap stick or some paw paw ointment on hand to stop any wind burn, chapping or cracking. Moisturiser is a must. You will be constantly washing your hands and using hand sanitiser upon entering a room so it is important to put some moisture and life back into your poor little hand. Any vitamin E creams or aloe Vera based moisturisers will do the trick!       

Headphones -
 make sure you have a spare pair of ordinary headphones. Preferably not the apple ones as they don’t always work on school computers. Some computer labs or libraries at schools will sell these or loan them to students for a few dollars. Sometimes you’ll find yourself at university with a few hour between classes and you might want to re watch a lecture, but you don’t want to disturb other students in their study. You may simply just want to watch silly things on YouTube to cheer yourself up after a terrible day so make sure you are prepared.    

– make sure you have a travel pack of tissues. There may be day where you just feel like crap or have had very little sleep and just have a little melt down so tissues or face wipes can save the day!     

Water bottle – 
stay hydrated!! Try to stay away from caffeine where you can. We all know that the caffeine high is fast in reacting, but when you crash you crash hard. Just starting your day with a big glass of water can set you up for feeling good all day so carry it on through the day too! My university has refill places where you can refill your bottle without having to buy it or go to a bathroom.     

Lunchbox – Always pack lunch!! You will go through so much money buying lunch every day. If you don’t have time in the morning, prepare the night before or even cook for the week on Sunday and pop something into a microwave safe container to heat up at school. Make sure you have a few pieces of fruit, a handful of mixed nuts and some form of carbs and protein. Make sure you have a few muesli bars for back-ups, and I often freeze a little tub of yogurt for later in the day. ;��N�*�uA �uQ�

Things you do that he finds really cute...

Yugyeom: not many people know this but Kim Yugyeom really loves to dance (I, too, was shocked hearing this). Based on this, I think he’d find it really cute if you ever tried imitating his dance moves in a joking manner. Like he’d prob be breakin a sweat tryna nail every move and when he looks over and sees you completely butchering the dance, he’d prob lose his rhythm straight away from laughing so hard.

Mark: Mark himself has said he’s attracted to a girl who can eat well. So like watching you eat would prob be rly entertaining to him mukbang subscriber. I think if you ever tried to fit like a big ass dumpling in your mouth in one go, or tried shoveling ramyun in your mouth while it was already full, he’d find that really cute.

Youngjae: honestly Youngjae would prob find anything you do cute lol but like particularly if he ever had to teach you to do something (e.g. how to play a few chords on the guitar, how to get Coco to do certain tricks) I think he’d find your learning/concentration mode rly adorable.

Jaebum: JB has said that he’s attracted to cute girls (which is funny bc he is so anti-aegyo lol) but I think he means that in a ‘naturally cute’ way rather than ‘acting cute’ way. So like if it ever took you a while to get a joke, or you’re someone who constantly forgets things/misplaces their belongings, he’d prob find it really cute watching you try to figure out what the hell is going on lol.

BamBam: Double B is prob the most active of all the members at learning new things like homeboy is prob part octopus he has his hands in so many things (running a restaurant, editing videos, being an international idol etc.). So I’m sure he’d LOVE if his s/o was equally, if not more, keen to learn new trades. He’d prob find it really cute whenever you share a new idea with him/show him something cool you’ve found online. Like even if it’s not really something he finds interesting, your enthusiasm would be enough for him to be like !!!! no matter what.

Jackson: You know how Jackson always does that cute ass pout?? I think if you ever did that back to him when he does it to you, he would legit die of happiness. Like this would be his reaction every time probably:

Jinyoung: okay I say this all the time but Jinyoung would soOoOo be the biggest tease to his s/o. So I think if you were ever sarcastic back to him he would find it so adorable and laugh for at least 22 seconds. E.g. JY: aren’t you a little too old to watch Disney movies? You: weren’t you a little too old for your co-star in Legend of the Blue Sea? JY:

EXO’s Reaction to Their GF Having a Lipstick Fetish


Though laidback when it came to exploring fetishes and kinks, this one would throw Xiu for a loop. “You..wait, you want me to wear the lipstick?” he’d ask, his eyebrows raised. He’s more of the masculine type, so he’d only do it on special occasions, i.e. birthday, Valentine’s Day.


Chen wouldn’t be able to stop laughing when you told him. “Holdonholdonholdon,” he’d say, running into your bathroom and coming out with bright red lipstick. He’d grin at you, smirking “seductively”. After all of his teasing he’d eventually agree to wearing lipstick every so often in bed.


Pretty chill with makeup, Baekhyun would agree to occasionally wearing lipstick in bed. “Jagi, if it gets on the covers it’s not my fault,” he’d point out, a smile playing on his lips. Afterwards he’d tease you, saying that he looked better in your lipstick than you did.


Chanyeol would mostly just be confused. “You look great in lipstick I don–what,” his eyebrows would furrow when you told him you wanted him to wear the lipstick.  He’d nod, saying he’d give it go, but would conveniently “forget” to put it on before sexy time. 


Willing to do (almost) anything for you, Lay would agree to wearing lipstick every so often in bed. It would only happen every couple months, but he’d surprise you with it, giggling shyly when he saw your aroused look when he stepped out with it on.


Hm…yeah, no. D.O wouldn’t be very receptive to this idea. He already wears little makeup as it is, so putting on lipstick wouldn’t go over well with him. He’d politely decline, pointing out that he’ll end up looking like perriot if he tried. No amount of begging would change his stubborn mind.


Suho loves pleasing you, but lipstick would definitely be a stretch for him. He’d have to think about it, but would eventually agree. After all, he had full-out crossdressed as a woman before, so this couldn’t be much harder, right? He’d do it every so often, acting shy and embarrassed when he did.


Thinking you’re joking, Kai wouldn’t be able to stop giggling at the idea of him in lipstick. He’d grab one of your brightest colors and put it on; seeing himself in such bold lipstick only made him laugh more. Though he’d try to be serious with it on, every time he’d catch his reflection he’d burst out into giggles.


Like D.O, Sehun would be less than receptive about the idea of wearing lipstick. “Jagi, you look really good in lipstick, so why don’t you just wear it?” he’d sigh, gazing into the abyss at this new fetish-development. He’d eventually comply, only wearing it once in a blue moon. 

anonymous asked:

I used to write a lot when I was younger, and I really want to get into it again! Do you have any advice for improving/coming up with ideas/staying motivated? <3

Ohhh you do ask the good questions, dear anon…

This got quite wordy (surprise, it’s me!), so I’ve tucked it beneath a readmore. I really wanted to make a joke about “let me peel back the layers of how I write for you”, but that felt a little….self-indulgent :)

Some Onion Writing Tips - Below the Readmore!

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Development Update #14 *important*

Hey folks!  Not to lessen the importance of other development updates, but if you’re going to look through any of the updates, this is one that shouldn’t be missed.  The first half of the update will be structured like a normal update, and the second half contains an official delay announcement and a bit about why the game is delayed + why game delays occur in general.  So, without further ado–

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Maria’s Legacy: Part 2

Just in time for Father’s Day! (it’s ony 20 minutes to midnight. It counts.)

Tony was in the workshop. In itself, that wouldn’t’ve been unsal, but he’d been down there for three days, and Pepper could tell it wasn’t something for SHIELD or SI, based on the way he was grinning like he had a secret whenever he surfaced for coffee, and she knew it wasn’t the armor, because he’d told her so.

Tony lived in the workshop pretty much constantly, and he’d gone on binges much longer than three days, so that, in itself, would not be concerning.

The concerning bit was that tomorrow was the day they’d all hop on the plane to go visit his family, and he was still in the workshop.

None of the Avengers were able to lure him out, so they’d called in the big guns. Which, in this case, was Pepper, seeing as Rhodey would be meeting them there.

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Wow this new “active in the last x hours” feature in tumblr messenger is some intrusive BS.

I can’t check the PC settings atm and tumblr mobile’s is ridiculously limited so I’m hoping you can switch it off :/

Edit: found out you can switch it off in Global settings > privacy > let others see that you’re active. Works on mobile too, for once.

To give an example of why I refuse to use features like this to try and dispute the idea to anyone reading that I’m getting into a flap over nothing:

Sometimes I’m not ready to answer someone’s message for a while, it can take some thought or I get called away to do something, and the person talking to me seeing that would wonder if I’m ignoring them or not. I feel like this feature is asking for trouble for reasons like that.

anonymous asked:

What do the BAFTAs have against Tom cos from what I have gathered, this isn't the first time he has been snubbed by them even thought he goes out of his way for them like presenting awards for them and stuff. 2. Why did the BBC write that nonsensical article bashing the lead actor of a show they endorsed. TNM wouldn't have been as popular as it was if it was a new comer not an actor with an established fanbase like Tom and lastly the crown actors are amazing but the storyline has been overdone.

So I’m going to go against my usual manner of answering things like this and just try to type without over-thinking it very much and editing.

Here are my thoughts and ideas…

The entertainment industry is all about playing the game. I just posted something about how great performances are ignored year after year and in spite of that, people who are so in love with the biz act like these awards are gifts from God that angels themselves wing down to Earth.  Please.  It’s fleeting and superficial.  That article – you said it perfectly.  It is nonsensical.  Why? Because of the game.  Because it’s about clicks.  It’s about whatever will create drama at the moment.  It is a continued proof of the adolescent and petty nature of the industry.  

Yes, he has been snubbed previously.  He was not nominated for The Hollow Crown.  Ridiculous.  Full stop.

Regarding The Crown – I’ve only seen part of the first episode so I can’t give an informed opinion on the whole series, but what I saw seemed well done. And I’m just going to be blunt…a British arts institution choosing a series about beloved Queen Elizabeth II over a series about an evil arms dealing Brit shouldn’t shock anyone.  Seriously.  

Another issue I’m thinking about is that basically, Tom Hiddleston is an easy target.  He is kind and polite to a fault.  He isn’t going to get nasty, he isn’t going to come up swinging, he isn’t going to lash out against the media, not even in a sly passive aggressive way.  He isn’t going to respond by creating more drama. This is sort of a weird Bully In The Schoolyard situation going on here with him and the media and it is pathetic. It is a typical tactic of distraction. Let’s go after Tom Hiddleston, not for anything like real moral failing or legal issues (DUI, domestic abuse, etc. – which plenty of actors have), but for talking about UNICEF (which is why they hired him) and making personal choices about relationships (without asking our permission *gasp*).  Let’s do that instead of talking about actual issues in the entertainment industry, like the wage gap and Ageism and lack of diversity and similar things.  Let’s pick on Hiddleston instead.  Pathetic.

Thanks for the message!

The Editing Phase

Originally posted by ofallingstar

Hey everyone, it’s Abby with another writing advice post! This week we’re talking about the part of the process we hate to love: editing. Seeing as I’m in the middle of this process with Smoke Shadows now, I figured it couldn’t be too bad of an idea to make a big ol’ post on it.

Disclaimer: This guide won’t be comprehensive. I intend to cover as much as I can, but I won’t get to everything. These aren’t hard-and-fast rules; the process varies from author to author.

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“I've always had hints about her sexuality—you know, I talked to the writers about it, back in season one, I questioned if she was really in love with these guys that they had been putting in front of her. It was something that the writers had taken in their back pocket and kind of always toyed with the idea, and even if no one was noticing, but I would kind of play it like you didn’t know. Because she could have really been happy with men, but we don’t necessarily want to put labels on it, because we don’t know. It’s all about discovery, right? So I think with Gail, like, I just love the idea of cracking her open and kind of finding out what’s inside of her. Because even if she isn’t gay, she’s discovering something new and trying a new experience. But if she is gay, and it’s this kind of amazing journey of going through and discovering oneself." 

Helping Hand

Prompt Credit: Here from phanfic

Description: dan leaves a camera in phils room to record a prank, but the prank doesn’t work. instead, he ends up videoing phil getting naked/jerking off. dan watches the footage back later and ends up jerking off to it. maybe phil walks in on him doing that??

Tags: Masturbation; Handjobs; Prompt

Words: 3225

‘"Holy shit.“ Dan breathes, going forward a little and playing the video, pausing instantly after stumbling on another crude screenshot involving Phil, this time standing beside the bed with his arm propping his body up on his dresser. Fingers grazing his dick and mouth open in sucked breaths.

Should Dan really be watching this? After all it is super embarrassing to Phil if he ever found out. But Phil doesn’t have to find out. Dan’s inner battle is won over by the heat shooting straight to his dick and the need for touch growing over his remaining thoughts like ivy.’

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