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I have some projects that take priority over art I can post here, but I’ll fit in some doodles when I can!

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Mushy request: rfa + v + saeran + vanderwood waking up next to mc. They've been in a domestic relationship for a long time but seeing sleeping mc next to them first thing in the morning is always amazing and never gets old

Anon said: How RFA + Saeran + V wake up next to MC?

Anon said: For fluff: RFA + V react to trying to get up in the morning but MC sleepily grabs their hand and asks them to say in bed longer? O.O thanks~~

Anon said: FLUFFY REQUEST FOR RFA + V + Saeran + Vanderwood: Sleeping and waking up with MC for the first time!! (all the little touches and sleeping habits and quirks <3) LET THEM BE TORTURED WITH A FLUFFY INNOCENT ANGEL IN THEIR BED

As you can see, this has been highly requested. Hope you guys like it! This is also the one where we did a sneak peek about those bed sheets;) …it was lie weeks ago though….sorry. 


First time waking up with MC:

  • He was determined to be the first to wake up
  • It was the romantic thing thing to do
  • But when he woke up, he found you were already up and staring at him
  • He didn’t mind though, considering the first thing he sees in the morning is you smiling at him
  • He’s already half-melting but then you give him a quick peck on the lips
  • His arm is already underneath you, so he rolls you ontop of his chest so your face is now hovering over him
  • You two just sit there in silence while he strokes your hair
  • There’s no rush and you two are probably the most comfortable people in the world in that moment

After being in a relationship for awhile:

  • You both are pretty active sleepers
  • So you always wake up legs tangled up in the sheets
  • His elbow is resting against the top of your head while his arm is tucked underneath his head
  • Usually, you two wake up at the same time, as soon as the alarm goes off
  • You both exchange groggy “good mornings” while trying to untangle yourselves
  • You both sit up but still don’t get off the bed
  • If the silence is too long, Zen will try to grab the covers and pull it over the both of you in attempts to get some more sleep
  • But you usually push it away, “No, no. We’re awake. We’re getting ready.”
  • He begrudgingly follows you out of bed
  • He’s very clingy until he’s fully awake, which means hugging you while you brush your teeth and make breakfast


First time waking up with MC:

  • He opens his eyes, waking up naturally from sleep
  • And the first thing he sees is your sleeping face
  • He’s a bit dazed for second before remembering
  • You’re married now…this would be a regular thing
  • The thought makes him smile a little bit
  • He’s so overwhelmed by emotions, he leans forward and places a small kiss on your forehead
  • He tries not to wake you up, but you stir
  • He regrets it until you give him a sleepy smile and a slurred, “Good morning.”
  • Again, his chest is ready to burst from affection
  • You nuzzle your face into his neck, and he chuckles from the soft wisps of your breath
  • He just settles in this position, noticing everything about this moment and holding you close to him

After being in a relationship for awhile:

  • You were usually the one up first, since you were the only one to hear the alarm
  • You turn off the alarm and roll over to face him
  • You stir him from sleep by combing your hands through his hair, and he gives a few ambiguous grunts
  • You start telling him to wake up, but using increasingly ridiculous nicknames
  • Eventually, one gets him to laugh and successfully gets him up
  • The first thing Yoosung likes to do when he wakes up is pull you into a hug while still on the bed
  • If he’s feeling particularly sentimental, he’ll pepper your face with kisses until you complain about his morning breath
  • It still takes you a little while to lure him out of bed, but eventually, he does when you leave first


First time waking up with MC:

  • He wakes up early out of habit
  • But when he sees you peacefully sleeping next to him, it’s worth it
  • You’re facing him and he can’t help but smile at your little twitches or quirks while you sleep
  • He rests his arm across your side, his hand resting on your back
  • He loves to watch you sleep
  • When it’s closer to waking up, he traces little shapes against your skin until your eyes slowly open
  • Your hand is resting against his pillow, so he places soft feathery kisses against your fingers
  • He’s used to being up, so he sits up and gets ready to go to the kitchen for breakfast
  • But then you grab his hand and ask him to stay a little longer
  • He can’t resist your pleas, so he lays back down until you fall asleep again
  • It’s really hard to get out of bed after that because you’re so warm and comfortable…and soon he slips back into sleep too

After being in a relationship for awhile:

  • He still gets up first
  • He does a small routine, careful not to wake you
  • So he’ll use the bathroom, brush your teeth, take a shower and then crawl back into bed
  • Usually you’re up because you don’t feel him next to you
  • He’ll spoon you in response, glad to be awake so he can fully take in the feeling of you being against him
  • You don’t have work until a while after he leaves, so he holds you until you fall back asleep for a little longer
  • Then he’ll get up and make sure breakfast is ready before he kneels next to your side of the bed and wakes you up with gentle kisses


First time waking up with MC:

  • You two wake up at the same time somehow, and neither of you know how it happened
  • Probably because you were tangled together under the covers
  • Legs tangled, arms intercrossed, and Seven was half sprawled on top of you
  • He gets over the initial daze of sleep and a happiness just kind of fills him seeing you there
  • So he props himself up a little so he can cup your face with both hands and he pecks your lips
  • Then he just collapses ontop of you again
  • You complain and he makes jokes about gravity pushing down on him
  • Eventually he will roll over onto his back
  • You try to sit up, but he grabs your arm and yanks you back and against him
  • The mood softens at this point as your curl against him, an arm dangling over his middle
  • You two lay there cuddling together until someone’s stomach rumbles
  • Then you have no choice but to get up and get some food

After being in a relationship for awhile:

  • You both wake up to the alarm and press snooze several times
  • You’re usually the more awake one after the third time
  • You mumble something about getting up and you’ll try to get up
  • You barely sit up when he grabs your waist, yanks you back, and hugs you so tightly from behind that you can’t move
  • After a few more minutes of cuddling and then protests on your part, you both sit up and stare at each other for awhile
  • He laughs sleepily and points at your hair and teases you about your bed head
  • You only point at his curls sticking up in every direction
  • You two share more broken laughter
  • Then he’ll grab your hand and lace his fingers and sigh, “You ready?”
  • When you nod, that’s when you both will shimmy out of bed together and try to start the day
  • Usually this is an hour later than when you should’ve been up


First time waking up with MC:

  • He’s used to waking up from a nightmare or a panic attack
  • But this time, he doesn’t
  • He wakes up naturally, surrounded by the extra warmth under the blankets
  • Then he looks at you and remembers, and a peace just settles over him
  • He sits there for a while, just staring at you
  • He wants to hold you or something, but he’s not the greatest with initiating affection yet
  • So he tries to get up
  • But then a half-awake you mumbles something and rests your hand on his wrist
  • Your cool fingertips on his skin completely anchors him to the spot and goosebumps run down his entire body
  • Maybe he can stay a little longer…Maybe he could get used to this…

After being in a relationship for awhile:

  • Things have changed after being married for years
  • Saeran turns into a very clingy sleeper, and you often wake up pressed flush against him
  • He’s awake, because he always cracks an eye open and smiles at you before “going back to sleep”
  • The hardest thing to do is get out of his grip
  • It’s a process because for every two inches you move, he’ll pull you back into his arms with a childish whine
  • Eventually, you make it out of bed, left with the task of getting him out
  • For the most part, you’re sitting at the edge half-yelling at him to wake up
  • He doesn’t move at all
  • Then you sigh and light some scented candles like vanilla or blueberry
  • “Saeran, breakfast is ready.”
  • He literally opens his eyes, shoots out of bed, and walks straight to the kitchen, only to find there’s no breakfast yet
  • He’s pouty but he never fails to fall for it


First time waking up with MC:

  • You actually wake up first
  • You face him and see he’s still sleeping
  • He wakes up to the soft caresses of your fingertips against his cheek
  • It’s a little overwhelming, in a good way, to see you next to him first thing
  • He’s a little breathless at first, trying to convince himself he’s not dreaming
  • You whisper a sweet little “good morning” and he smiles and whispers it back
  • You say it again, and he repeats
  • You two keep at this until you both laugh quietly
  • It’s a lazy morning, and it takes forever for you to get out of bed
  • It’s just so warm, and feeling each other so close is so pleasant

After being in a relationship for awhile:

  • He usually gets up first
  • Being the morning person that he is, he wants to be productive first thing
  • So he gets up and starts doing a few errands, careful not to wake you in the process
  • Then he returns to you and lays on top of the cover
  • He cradles your head and starts gently waking you up
  • He’ll call you sweet names until you’re fully awake and ready to go

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Ppl should stop lying to themselves, I mean, let's be honest, all those "evidences" BH dropped to us, it's just more than fanservice, the bobo asking, JM wrapping himself as a gift for JK, BV 2 thing, the stare during that Vlive... I mean c'mon, idk what is the truth but this is trully more than fan service, like i can feel how they r enjoying being with each other, even if they r trying to find their feelings c'mon, Jikook shippers will always find out smth new to proove it's more than fanserv.

i mean, people trying to denounce every jikook moment just makes them seem pathetic. like, even if jikook have 0 romantic feelings for each other, they’re still close friends??? they’d still actively hang out together and enjoy each others company?? like, idk why they think they hate each other?? it’s pathetic really. people who say jikook is just fanservice are honestly lost and sad. like. 

i pity them tbh

It’s OK to hate your job (or major)

I am sick up to my receding hairline of the idea that “do what you love and you will never work a day in your life,” because it’s bullshit.

Can you enjoy what you do? absolutely. you won’t *always* enjoy it, and that’s all right. it can be difficult, challenging, frustrating, and infuriating. and this isn’t just for folks in creative professions, like writers and coders who stare at blank pages and hideous nested function calls and try to make their magic happen; this is for folks who turn up a dry hole in their research or have an experiment spoiled, or who work in customer service with the writhing shitshow that is humanity, or who do things where the wrong kind of weather makes everything terrible.

I have actively loathed what I do for my primary form of income for more than twenty years, to one degree or another (in the late 90′s, it was so bad that I would wake up, puke from the stress and frustration (and occasionally the hangover), and then go to work). and yet, i am, to a certain extent, terrifyingly good at it.

you’re allowed to hate your job. you have to show up and perform to standards, but nobody can tell you how to feel about it.

and i, for one, am vigorously looking forward to the day when UBI means that everyone can occupy a position they don’t wake up dreading, because we don’t need to sacrifice ourselves to or break ourselves on the wheel of capitalism anymore.

I started school again recently so I can’t actively participate in Magi WlW week ( @magi-wlw-hq ), but I wrote a very bad drabble for it that is probably full of errors!

{ Series } Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic
{ Rating } T
{ Genre } High School AU
{ Ship } Kougyoku/Morgiana 
{ Warnings } Cursing
{ Summary } She’s the reason why Kougyoku went from being just another cheerleader for the football players to get antsy over to being the resident closeted bisexual within a week of this hellish training starting back in July.

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I feel like kirishima would try to show affection to bakugou at any given time n will actively try to get affection outta bakugou when theyre actually in a relationship. And bakugou often reciprocates some of it, but doesn't often instigate. So the first time Bakugou shows affection unprovoked, without kirishima forcin' it outta him, kirishima just kinda melts into a puddle of happiness, flustered and quiet and GIDDY, and bakugou makes a point to himself to show affection unprovoked more often.

aaahhHH dude I love this hc so much :’)

I think Kiri wouldn’t mind if Bakugou didn’t actually instigate it because, he would understand that that’s how Bakugou normally is and that doesn’t really change his feelings for Kirishima and Kiri knows it so he doesn’t complain. But he’s really happy and flustered when Bakugou does initiate affection, sometimes it’s unexpected which makes him even more blushy and he just doesn’t know how to respond cause he’s not used to it and Baku loves seeing him react like that bc it amuses him so much

Fanfiction Writers Appreciation Day

I don’t read as much fanfiction as I should or would like, and the Dragon Age fandom is so replete with amazingly talented people that it just makes my head spin! I’ve only been part of the fandom for three months or so, but I’ve met lovely people and I’ve had an incredible time getting to know you.

@theherocomplex: You just ooze raw talent and you’ve been such an inspiration to me I don’t even know where to start. I’ve began to try to find ways to actively improve my craft, and while it’s obviously still a work in progress I’m writing much more than I was just a few weeks ago, and I have you to thank for that. I adore Rhyssa and your Fenris, and I’ve been meaning to find the time to read more of your work and I don’t really have an excuse except that I suck.

@sasskarian: You are amazingly sweet and funny and talented, and I’ve been thoroughly enjoying talking to you and reading your snippets! I’ve been a bit better at confronting my insecurities and not being as harsh on myself thanks to your kind words after my writing challenge freak-out. OBVIOUSLY I’m eager for some more Hollywood AU, of course, but I’m also looking forward to things settling down a bit on my end so that I can read what you have up on AO3. You deserve the best!

@loquaciousquark: I am so embarrassed I’ve never commented on your work, so I will try to make amends now. Were We Not Called is the first FenHawke fic I read, and I remember being completely enchanted by the beautiful prose. I cried at work reading the first chapter of River Stone and I will die happy if I can write a passage half as magical as the market scene in Anchor’s Knot. I’ve been reading Where Light Grows Less over the past few months and still haven’t made it to the end because it just hurts that much. I’m humbled and TERRIFIED to know that you read my work, and I honestly don’t even know what to say except thank you and I will try hard not to disappoint!

And gosh, so many other writers have also made my day a little brighter: @littlexabyss, @hawke-tethras-2020, @fadedforyou, @blondepomeranian, @amata-hawke, @jawsandbones, @kaerwrites, @kauriart, @uchidachi … I’m so happy I came across your work! You guys deserve all the praise!

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I miss you being on tumblr :'(

AW ANON IM SORRY! I am way more active on Instagram just cause I post a lot on insta stories and stuff, and I’ve been so busy preparing for school.. BUTTTTTTT I’ll try my best to stay more active on here and answer more Nelo asks cause they’re super fun I just .. No time hahahaha

Hello my lovely followers!

I just wanted to touch base with you all and say how much I love each and every one of you. :) 

I also wanted to just take a moment to share for a second that I will be getting ready to start my Graduate school program to get my Master of Arts in Teaching degree in just a week’s time. I will be beyond busy balancing many classes and interning in schools whilst trying to sleep, eat healthy, and maintain some sort of social life LOL, so I may not be as active as usual. I really want to make sure I dedicate myself fully to doing well in my last year of higher education because it is truly my passion in life to teach, and unfortunately that means less time for social media!

BUT I will be most def still be around, and I plan to keep making Carmilla art consistently in my free time because I like doing it and it is a nice break from my personal and more professional art practice. And I am so excited for the movie to come out soon! 

Reading The Body Keeps The Score. Page 92.

The disappearance of medial prefrontal activation could explain why so many traumatized people lose their sense of purpose and direction. I used to be surprised by how often my patients asked me for advice about the most ordinary things, and then by how rarely they followed it. Now I understood that their relationship with their own inner reality was impaired. How could they make decisions, or put any plan into action, if they couldn’t define what they wanted or, to be more precise, what the sensations in their bodies, the basis of all emotions, were trying to tell them?

*small* Oh.

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Where have all the mods been? It seems like a lot of time has been going by in between each post. Is it school? I just wanted to make sure the mods were ok. Also Gabe, if you still have applications left to review I hope you aren't stressing about them too much and aren't taking all of your time to review them. Again, hoping everyone that sees this is doing ok right now.

I’ve been really busy with work and getting ready to move. Mod Gabe is also moving I think. I’m not sure about the other mods! I’ll try to be a bit more active, thank you for your concern ^^

-Mod Ari

Thanks for over 5,500 followers! I’ll be trying to be a little more active on this blog, so this is just a reminder that you’re more than welcome to send any asks for requests, or if you just have any questions in general!

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Am I still hypersexual if I'm trying to avoid sexual activity (sex and masturbation) bc of repulsion and intrusive thoughts? Like I cant stop thinking about it when I feel like shit but the the thought of me doing it makes me feel gross so I avoid it as long as I can. Also, is it normal for certain things to set it off and for me to set rules for myself on when I can and can't do it? Like if I talk to _ or go to _ within X amount of time, I cannot do it and if I break my rules I feel even worse?

to the first question, yes, you can still be hypersexual while avoiding sex!! it’s not something that actions alone can dictate and not having sexual activity for a period does not automatically negate it

hmm! i wouldn’t call it abnormal but it doesn’t sound like an outright hypersexual thing though! 

  • Sirius: Nice hands, Moony.
  • Remus: Uh...thank you?
  • Sirius: I bet they'd look better wrapped around my-