and trusts


Frisk: “I can’t have a crush on someone I just met! You’re mistaken!”

@roseverdict:  I screenshotted Flowey’s face from that reaction to the shippers-it gives me life to see his little flower head squinting at Frisk all ‘why the heck you lyin.’ Or is he squinting at the shippers like ‘why the heck you do this?’ Idk, here ya go!


Lol I think it’s a bit of both? No, but it’s more like a “Why you betray my trust, little human?” kind of look xD

One thing I really like about Sebastian and Ciel’s relationship is that at times they’re so close and Ciel is so comfortable to trust Sebastian so easily despite the fact that he has family relatives/servants who served him before Sebastian came. I’m aware that Ciel did order Sebastian not to lie to him and protect him at all costs and stuff, but Sebastian is a demon and to be honest I wouldn’t be surprised if he somehow betrays Ciel because it’s just the demonic nature perhaps? On the other hand Sebastian is very obedient and he seems to really enjoy this contract with Ciel as he starts to care/be possessive about Ciel more and more each day.
In summary I’m just amazed at how a human and a demon could become such close partners with such a strong bond and I’m amazed at how beautiful this connection is between them.