and tries to keep him out of trouble whenever mike sees him

Why Choose Him?

Anon asked: can you write something about michael getting a boyfriend and jeremy being super fucking jealous??

Haha, can I? I think absofuckinglutely. I fucking love this prompt

Jeremy wasn’t happy that he lost five bucks on a bet- the bet being who could get a boyfriend/girlfriend first. But as much as Jeremy kept telling himself he needed those five dollars to pig out on Doritos, there was something else putting a bitter taste in his mind.

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fancy-cosima  asked:

Hey there, I was wondering if you could explain how the interactions between Lena and Kara are "implicitly romantic and/or sexual"? I'm not trying to be confrontational but I don't see their interactions that way (to me they seem like close friends who happen to have a lot of chemistry) and I was curious about how you see it?

Sure, I’d be happy to explain ! And I’m tagging @detectivdimples and @putitonthevideopanel cause you two joined the discussion, so if you feel like reading this long ass post you’ll see where I come from with the romantic Supercorp.

I talked about implicit romantic and/or sexual interactions in the post because I was talking about queer baiting in general terms. For Supercorp in particular, I don’t necessarily see sexual tension between Kara and Lena (maybe details here and there, but that’s it). It’s more about romantic interactions between them. Oh gosh I have to stop rambling and go straight to my point ! Ok let’s do it. Stick with me, cause it’s gonna be a long post.

The show was on S2 hiatus when I started to watch it, so everyone had already discovered Lena and a lot of people were already talking about Supercorp. At first I thought I was biased because of that, but people had also talked about Kara/Lucy and Kara/Cat in S1 and I have actually never seen anything romantic between them. When I watched 2x01 I saw nothing romantic between Kara and Lena, just the beginning of a pleasant friendship. But it started in 2x03.

When Kara visits Lena, there’s this awkwardness between them, not much with Lena, but more on Kara’s side. Lena is relaxed, but Kara doesn’t know if she can sit or not, she doesn’t dare asking for it so Lena is the one ultimately inviting her to sit. Of course Kara is a very new reporter so that might be why she’s acting this way and seems so shy (something she’s not usually, she’s often awkward when people compliment her for example but she’s not shy, quite the opposite). There’s also the “protocole” because Kara comes to interview Lena, who’s a powerful business woman, so she has to be polite. But still. Kara shows the exact behavior of someone impressed. Not everyone reacts the same way, but I can be that awkward with people I have a crush on. In that same scene, Lena has a very playful and teasing smile when she orders invites Kara to try this awful thing that can detect aliens. This attitude is actually pretty ambiguous. I could call it flirty with this smile if the situation wasn’t what it is : Lena is relaxed and at ease, which doesn’t reveal any fear or distrust, but she seems to have suspicions about Kara because she really wants her to take the test. It’s like she doesn’t feel threatened at all but she knows Kara is Supergirl and she wants a proof. So idk about this particular part of this scene, it’s really disturbing and bothering. I think this scene is not the best one, it’s so tinted by Kara’s secret and probably too soon in their relationship, whether we see it as platonic or romantic.

At the end of this same episode, Kara visits Lena again. They have a conversation (Lena is pretty flirty when she leans on the sofa)

Originally posted by lenaluthoraf

and Lena talks about very personal stuff, she tells Kara she was crushed when she discovered who really was her brother, etc… These are things she could say to a friend. But what I see as the beginning of a romance (or a crush, no matter how you wanna call it) is this line : “Finally I realized that some people are just bad. There’s nothing you can do to change that. But you can learn to protect yourself.” and at the exact moment she says protect yourself she looks away while she had been looking Kara right in the eyes for the past seconds. It’s like she actually wants to protect herself in this precise moment, which makes sense, because she’s talking about her past, her family, her feelings towards them, something she probably rarely does. She’s been disappointed by people she loves : her brother, her mother. She cares for Kara and is probably starting to develop feelings for her (platonic or romantic, doesn’t matter) so she’s afraid she might be disappointed once more if she bonds to Kara. After a quick confession, she does protect herself in this moment. And if she tells all these things to Kara and shares her past, it means she wants Kara in her life. As a friend ? As a lover ? We don’t know yet. But right after this part of the scene, Kara looks away as well, she’s embarrassed because Lena is talking about personal stuff. And then Lena has this bittersweet smile and this time, she doesn’t shy away : they share a smile, Kara turns her head down, Lena lowers her eyes at the same time, and then Kara keeps her eyes down, but Lena gets hers back to Kara’s face and she stares right at her without losing her smile.

Another scene, 2x04 this time. Kara rushes into Lena’s office unannounced. Anyone would be at least a bit mad and upset. But Lena just tells her employee to make sure Kara can visit whenever she wants to. imo Lena’s whipped af ahah, but ok, let’s admit this is only friendship. When she gives Kara the paper with the fight club address, she holds it for a second while looking Kara into the eyes. She’s a bit playful and almost teasing. Right before the camera goes to Kara, we see a smirk growing on Lena’s face. The whole thing is so flirty tbh.

Originally posted by speisla

Now 2x05. Lena invites Kara to her party. Really nice of her ! And clearly something she would be with a friend (most particularly since Kara is her only friend). But doesn’t she have a phone ? Lena is a business woman, she’s busy, the easiest would have been to call Kara. Instead, she takes time to come to CatCo and invites Kara herself. Um… seems like someone is whipped and wanted to see her crush. So Lena tells Kara she hopes her to come and man hell shows up like ‘hey dudes I wanna come too’ and Kara shuts him down right away. You might think it’s not a proof she really really likes Lena and doesn’t want man hell around when she’s with her, because at that time she was trying to prevent him from causing trouble (and what better place than a party for causing trouble), so I’m gonna admit that and move on. Lena tells Kara it would mean a lot to her if she was here, but before she does, she hesitates for a second, she bites her lip and lowers her eyes.

Originally posted by amendlessknot

What kind of friend would do that ? Why does she suddenly look so shy but also ecstatic at the same time ? Plus, she starts talking and says “It would mean a lot to me *looks back at Kara’s face* if you were there.”. The moment her eyes go back to Kara’s face is actually important, because it’s once she’s expressed the way she feels (it would mean a lot to her) that she dares look back at Kara. She’s uncomfortable with looking Kara in the eyes while telling her how important it is for her that she comes. And then, there is man hell. Ironically, he plays a big part in this scene. He asks if he can come and Kara immediately says no. Lena hesitates, she undoubtedly feels some discontent on Kara’s side, she checks her face probably to try to figure out what’s going on, and she eventually says man hell can come. Her voice tone is light, she seems to be okay and even happy to invite him. But once she sees Kara’s head going down, she realizes she’s upset and understands she didn’t want him to join, and her behavior goes from white to black. She seems less assured when she asks man hell what’s his name. She then gets back to her usual composure and assurance, but that’s her first spontaneous reaction that matters : she sees Kara doesn’t want man hell to come, she realizes she read her wrong and made a mistake by inviting him, she wants to withdraw but it’s too late, so she instinctively adopts a more distant attitude with him, before trying her best to act as relaxed as usual. She kindly makes fun of him and then leaves. And how does Kara act ? She’s ill-at-ease because of man hell silliness and the ‘Mike of the interns” thing, she tries to play it cool and to force a smile, but she’s embarrassed and mad at him. But as soon as Lena leaves, she lets her frustration goes out an grab this stupid candy.

2x05 again. Lena meets Alex for the first time. Well, they’ve already met each other but this time it’s a different context. When Kara opens the door and she lets her in, Lena is her usual self : she’s polite, composed, relaxed. But as soon as she sees Alex, her behavior flips. She acts like Alex is an intruder. She tries to play it cool but she clearly can’t and she’s very bitter when she says “you saved my life” as a thank you.

Originally posted by nova-in-the-attic

(you’re not fooling anyone Lena) Also, look at Kara on the back (you don’t see her on this gif but you can easily find the video on youtube), because it’s important : she was taken by surprise when Lena showed up, you can tell her smile is a bit forced, but she got this and she seems more or less confident ; but look at her face as soon as she sees Lena’s reaction. She suddenly loses her confidence and seems worried. She understands Lena is misinterpreting the situation so she quickly explains by saying Alex is her sister. I don’t think she’s scared Lena might understand she’s Supergirl based on the fact she knows Alex, there is literally nothing that points out to that on this scene. So imo she’s just worried Lena would be jealous and she wants to fix things even before there’s any drama. As soon as Kara tells her Alex is her sister, Lena calms down, and then, Kara seems more at ease because she knows there’s no misunderstanding.

Let’s jump to 2x08 now, shall we ? The real Hank Henshaw attacks L Corp. Supergirl/Kara is fighting him and Lena rushes into the hall. She has already interacted and talked with Supergirl, she knows her, and first thing she sees is Supergirl getting knocked on the floor. She’s afraid because the building is attacked and the assaillant is strong enough to put Supergirl down, but you can also see the concern and the shock on her face. At first she’s afraid for herself, but then she’s afraid for Supergirl too, maybe even only for her. If Lena ever discovers the truth about Kara and Supergirl, I think she will find out because she feels the same towards both of them (whether you see it as platonic or romantic, once more).

The scene in this same episode where Supergirl asks for Lena’s help to find her mother speaks for itself. I think I have nothing to say : it shows how much they care for each other (platonic or romantic, once and for all). The only thing I have to say is Lena might not have reacted so sharply if someone else had told her her mother was evil…

And now 2x12 with, in my opinion, the most obvious evidence.  The last Supercorp scene has some blatantly romantic aspects for me, but I’ll get to it later. For now, let’s talk about the scene where Lena gets arrested. I’m lazy so I’m just gonna link the post I reblogged and you can read the tags to know how I feel about Lena’s reaction. As for Kara, she once more wants to understand and to protect Lena. She might be her friend, but it’s a little too much for ‘just friends’ imo. In this episode she’s going against literally everyone : her friends (even if it’s been pretty conflicted lately) ; J’onn, who’s clairvoyant most of the time, probably because he’s psychic (why didn’t he read Lena’s mind btw ? I can’t remember if they talked about that) ; Alex, her own sister, that she loves and trusts. She’s going against everybody. I know James says Clark acted the same way with Lex, but still. She seems to care too deeply to see Lena as a simple friend.

When Supergirl saves Lena from her mother, Lena’s first instinct is to protect her. I know she’s a good person, but still. She’s ready to physically interfere in the fight that’s about to start even if she knows she’s just a tiny human being with no super powers.

And last but not least : the last scene from 2x12. I’m linking you a post once again and I’m gonna add some stuff. Lena is teasing Kara for most of the scene. When she says she never had friends like Kara before, she stutters on the word friend, it seems like she’s not sure it’s the good word. Two options : she has considered Kara as her friend for a long time but now it’s deeper and it takes a new signification even if it’s still in a platonic way, or she’s not sure this word still suits the way she feels about Kara because her feelings have changed. I think the second option is the good one, because right after she uses the word family. This is not insignificant. She might mean that Kara is like a sister to her, or it might be something else… some people consider their lover as a member of their family, it’s pretty common, so family could also have this meaning here. But once again, the thing that makes me think Lena means it in a romantic way is her attitude : she says she’s never had family like Kara, and then she lowers her eyes and her face says “oh shit I might have just realized something” or maybe “oops I shouldn’t have said that, Kara’s gonna freak out”.

As I’ve said several times in this post, most of the things I pointed out can be seen as romantic or platonic. The reason why I now say this is queer baiting is this last scene in episode 12.

Now here are the major reasons why I said it was queer baiting :
- Lips biting is something people do when they’re anxious or… it can be done in a seductive way ! Lena showed multiple times she was relaxed in Kara’s presence, she’s not impressed or intimidated. So the lip biting is more in a seductive way imo.
- Lena’s heart eyes for Kara… her gayness hurt me sometimes ! Her eyes are burning with passion in some scenes.
- And the MOST obvious of all : the flowers. In the last Supercorp scene from 2x12, we discover Lena sent enough flowers to overflow Kara’s office. That is typically the kind of thing [insert male western name] would do to seduce [insert female western name] in a romantic movie. The writers didn’t use any ‘thank you’ they precisely picked the flowers, which has a very strong romantic connotation.

Most of the time the romantic aspects come from Lena, so maybe feelings are not reciprocal, maybe Lena is supposed, according to the scripts, to feel things Kara doesn’t necessarily share. Or maybe Katie just can’t help it ahah ! I know there are some tiny little details that come from her acting, it wouldn’t be on a script, it comes from her (for example the way she looks at Melissa/Kara sometimes). But there are other things, like the flowers, that are written on the script, it’s not a choice from the actresses to play the scene this way or that way, the writers made this decision.

I know we all have our own point of view, independently from sexual orientation, gender identity, or anything else, and if people don’t see and interpret things the way I do, that’s fine. I see some of Supercorp interactions as romantic, some don’t, it’s okay, I respect that. Plus, I ship Swan Queen, so I think it’s my fate to ship non canon couples ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Stax Attax

In honor of Stranger Things’ one year anniversary, @elevenknope and I are proud to present the first chapter of Stax Attax, a slice-of-life series about everyone’s favorite fanon ‘siblings’, Steve and Max.

Stax Trax: “We Got the Beat”


Max’s family moves to Hawkins from Indianapolis in June, amid her protests against ending up in a middle-of-nowhere dump where people probably marry their own cousins. She misses the anonymity of the city; slipping out of the family’s run-down apartment building and skateboarding down barely-used alleys and through abandoned parking lots. She feels like everyone in Hawkins knows about her and she’d rather not have anyone in her business.

She spends her first two weeks in the town alone, leaving her house early in the mornings with a messy peanut butter sandwich in her threadbare backpack and her skateboard slung under her arm. Quickly she finds that what Hawkins lacks in abandoned parking lots it more than makes up for in quiet, dense forest. It’s on one of her Saturday morning ventures that she stumbles upon a small boy in a strange fort in the woods.

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mr-punfub  asked:

What are ur headcanons that happen AFTER the game?

I have a million different headcanons about what happened afterwards… but I’m gonna tell you about something that was almost a fic, but got ended cause I’m too lazy to take on a project quiet so big.

I know many of you haven’t ready my first Beth fic/one of my favorite fics. It’s a oneshot just detailing moments in Beth’s life that were vital to her and she thought about before she died (it can be found here ).

What I was planning on doing was doing one for each kid (minus Josh and Hannah). It would show snapshot of their life leading up to their death, and they were all kinda connected and would be released in order of their death (ie first goes first, last to die gets the last fic). However i started writing it, an I just couldn’t do it, so here is what it would have been.

  • They all spend years afterwards healing and such. They are all scared and they all kinda group apart. Chris and ashley hermit themselves off from the others, same with Mike/Jess and Emily/Matt. Sam is on her own an no ones 100% sure if she’s even still alive.
  • Matt loses his scholarship and never actually graduates high school.
  • Jess eventually gets pregnant and that’s whenever thing kinda changes. Mike seeks a friend in Chris, and Jess in Emily. They all reconnect and it’s almost as if they can pretend things are normal again, though they never will be.
  • Jess has a girl, and they name her Grace. Mike and Jess get married a few months after. Mike wanted to get married before the baby comes, but Jess refused to have a shotgun wedding and refused to be fat in the wedding photos
  • Emily is Grace’s  godmother, and Chris her godfather

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Jealous, aren’t we? (Charles Xavier x reader)

Request: hello love can you write an imagine with professor charles xavier x student reader? One day someone asks reader out and professor get jealous about it because he is in love with the reader? pleasee love you and you are great! <3

Here we go with this request! Thank you for it btw it was just a plenty of fun to write ^^ Sorry it got kinda long, but I still hope you will all enjoy it :)

Originally posted by randomimaginesx

You have always been quite open with your feelings. Your personality was bright and pretty bubbly and that is why you have always been surrounded with friends. However, there was this one person that made you awkward and helpless and that person was your very own professor, Charles Xavier. It took you some time to realise that you were hopelessly in love with him but when you found out you had promised not to be so obvious about it. Of course, you failed to keep the promise miserably, daydreaming in his class and stuttering whenever he asked you about anything. Well done, (Y/N), well done.

It was just another day where you were trying to focus and make any notes from what professor X was saying about genetics. You blinked a few times when you saw a piece of paper landing on your notebook. You looked around confused just to see one of your close friends, Mike, grinning at you. You smiled back pretty sure that the note would be about yet another party to celebrate the coming weekend.

‘Ay, you!

What do you think about going for a walk tonight? I just found a fantastic place near the pond in the park nearby the mansion and I would love to show it to you.

Xxx Mike’

Say… what? Is he asking you out? However hard you tried to keep calm, you started to have a fit of hysterical giggles. The situation was pretty surrealistic. Mike was a really good friend and quite a handsome one, but… Your heart belonged to somebody else already.

-          (Y/N)?

You jumped in your seat when you realised professor was addressing you and the entire class was looking at you.

-          Care to share what is so hilarious about genetics? I would love to hear it and laugh myself – Xavier was tapping his finger on the desk.

-          I… I am… Erm… Sorry – you managed to say. – This won’t happen again, professor.

-          I do truly hope so.

You lowered your head just to escape this judging look that professor had. You stayed silent till the end of the lecture, totally forgetting to write back to Mike. So when Xavier told you that you can go to your next class, Mike went up straight to you.

-          Sorry, (Y/N), I got you in trouble back there.

-          Nah, it’s alright. I was just being totally silly – you smiled softly, trying not to get flustered too much.

-          So? What is your answer? I would really, really love to take you out for this walk. I am sure you will like it considering your soft spot for natural beauty – Mike looked at you with puppy eyes. – We could talk, get to know each other better…

-          Yeah, Mike, the thing is… - you started but got interrupted.

-          (Y/N)?

You turned your head to the professor, who didn’t certainly look too pleased. You gulped knowing this time you won’t get away with not paying attention in class.

-          May I talk to you in my office? – Xavier furrowed his brows and looked at your friend. – Mike, I believe you haven’t still handed in the essay on Vietnam war. I expect it on my desk by tomorrow’s morning.

-          Yes, sir – we said together quietly.

Mike excused himself at once, looking at you with guilt and leaving you with an angry professor. Xavier motioned you into his office. You entered it and sat down, staring at your hands. You were alone with him. In a closed room. Your heart was beating so fast you got pretty anxious it would explode in a moment. You felt as your cheeks were reddening with each and every second. Xavier was in front of you, studying you carefully.

-          So? – he finally asked. – What was your answer?

-          Excuse me? – you looked at him utterly confused.

-          I asked you what your answer had been.

-          A-and… what was the question? I am sorry, professor, I think I don’t really follow your thought.

Xavier pursed his lips, looking completely annoyed. His eyes were x-raying you with such a fiery passion you prayed to God you could disappear.

-          Are you or are you not going out with Mike? – professor suddenly blurted out.

You opened your eyes widely unable to answer. What on earth is happening right now? Xavier ran a hand through his hair, sighing with irritation. He looked tormented by whatever was going on in his head.

-          Why…? Why are you asking about such a thing? – you whispered.

-          Please, just answer, (Y/N) – his eyes were pleading. – I just can’t… I won’t bear…

-          No, professor, I am not going out with Mike. How could I? My heart belongs to somebody else – you shrugged not caring anymore what Xavier would be thinking of you.

-          To somebody else, huh? – he said under his breath. – May I ask to whom?

-          Why don’t you see it for yourself?

You pointed to your head. Professor was about to say something, but you stopped him with a hand and gave him a nod to read your mind. You saw how he was fighting with himself. You knew he had promised not to look into somebody else’s thoughts, but you gave him your permission. With a slightly worried expression, Xavier put his fingers to his temple. You felt a strange feeling and you knew that he is in your head. You closed your eyes and tried to remember countless situations that made you fall for him. Him comforting you during the training, him smiling at you when he sees you enter the class, even him saying stupid good morning… And then you saw something different. You saw yourself. You smiling to yourself, you laughing whole-heartedly with your friends, you making silly faces… And in that moment you knew. They were his thoughts. His feelings that he was telling you about. You felt a huge lump in your throat when you opened your eyes again.

-          Professor…

-          Please, call me Charles, (Y/N) – he smiled weakly. – I know I shouldn’t feel what I feel towards you, but I cannot help it. I cannot suppress those feelings.

-          Then don’t – you said quietly. – You saw my mind, you know how I feel.

-          You are my student, love. It’s not that easy – Charles let out a frustrated growl.

-          I will finish the school this year, it’s not that far in the future. Till then I suggest secret dating! – you chirped happily.

In that moment, you jumped out of your seat and you ran to his side. You sat on his lap and looked straight to his face, grinning like an idiot. Charles let out a soft laugh and tapped your nose making you blush. His eyes were getting more and more serious and then suddenly he pulled you close to himself. You felt his hot breath and lips on your neck, which made you shiver all over.

-          I truly, madly, deeply love you, (Y/N). How could I ever say no to you? – Charles whispered to your ear.

-          Then it’s settled, secret dating that is! I love you to the moon and back, pro… I mean Charles – you smirked watching his cheeks going pink. – Ah… I still have one question though.

-          Yes? What is it?

-          Back in the class… Were you jealous when Mike had asked me out?

-          How could you ask about this one particular thing! – he growled. -…. Of course I was bloody jealous!

You're it for me

Request: you and Michael have been dating a bit and he wants to meet your parents but you’re scared bc they’re strict when it comes to tattoos and stuff so you always avoid the subject until you guys get into a little argument bc he thinks you aren’t happy/confident in dating him

Send me requests!!

“Where did you get this?” Michael asks, scrounging his nose up at the sweater you’re wearing.

“Don’t diss it,” you pout, hugging yourself, “my mom knit it for me and it’s really comfy and warm okay?”

He nods, a ghost of a smile passing on his lips before he puts his arms around your waist and hugs you from behind.

“She sounds awesome,” he says before pressing a kiss to your neck, and you cringe because under his light tone is a more serious one.

Michael and you have been dating for about six months now, and he still hasn’t met your parents. You met his even though they live on the other side of the planet and you know how much family means to him. He keeps asking and making references and you keep making up excuses, but you know one day he’ll explode.

But the thing is, you’re afraid of making him meet your parents. Of course you love him to bits and would like nothing more than for him to become part of your family the way you have with his, as Karen seems to have adopted you, but it’s not that simple. Michael has piercings and tattoos and dyed hair and dropped out of school to tour the world with his guitar…he’s just a far cry from the good guy with a stable job and a higher education that your strict parents have always dreamed you’d end up with.

You’re scared of their reaction because you’ve learned to ignore their ranting whenever you do something that they deem to be “irrational” or “ridiculous”, but you don’t think you could deal with them criticizing the most important thing in your life right now, that is your relationship with Michael.

“She’s cool,” you answer neutrally after too long a pause.

He is silent for a bit before retracting his arms from around you. Instantly you miss his warmth, especially when he turns to face you and there’s a frown on his face that tells you he’s not letting go this time.

“When am I going to meet them, Y/N?”

“I don’t know, Mike, they’re out of the country right now.”

“That didn’t stop you when we visited my family in Oz,” he retorts immediately, and your heart sinks as you feel an argument coming in.

“I just, I don’t know, it seems like such a milestone,” you say softly, trying to rescue the situation from an impending disaster. “I’m just nervous.”

“You weren’t that nervous when we met my parents Y/N,” he says immediately, the words angry. “I don’t understand what the difference is.”

“It’s just not the same, it feels more real somehow. I just don’t think I’m ready.”

His eyes widen in hurt before narrowing again.

“So my parents are less important than yours? And what do you mean you’re not ready? I thought…I thought we were in it for good?”

You see the insecurity in his eyes and the slightest bit of fright in his voice and your heart breaks. The truth tumbles out of your mouth before you can word it correctly.

“It’s just that you have piercings and tattoos and you’re not the Ivy League person that they want for me.”

He is completely still as he stares at you for a few seconds, and then he swallows hard and you know, you just know you fucked up big time.

“Is that…is that what you think too?” Michael asks, clearing his throat to ward off he vulnerability in his voice and continuing in a hard, cold tone. “I’m not good enough for you, is that it? Are you embarrassed of me, is that why you don’t want to introduce me to your parents? Because I’m just a fling who’s good enough for some time so you can feel like you’re living on the edge, but not good enough to actually be committed with?”

“Michael what are you even saying? I met your parents of course you’re not just a fling to me!”

“Well apparently it wasn’t that important to you! Fuck I can’t believe I let this get this far!” He yells.

“Mike that’s not what I meant and you know it! God, come on, you know I’m in love with you!”

By now it’s a full-on screaming match and there are tears welling up in your eyes because you’ve always hated confrontation and you can’t deal with this.

“I don’t know jackshit except that you’ve been stringing me along and getting all the advantages of being in a relationship with a famous person without ever investing yourself!”

It’s a low blow and it hits you square in the face. You know that’s just how Michael is when he’s hurt; he’s always had trouble dealing with his feelings which often leads him to be in a bad mood, but it’s never been as bad as now as he’s throwing your love back to your face and your heart is beating so painfully in your chest.

“Mikey…” You say softly, trying to make him realize that you’re not okay with what he’s saying, but he continues as if he hasn’t heard you.

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PLL preferences - How the PLL boy would react when they find out youre really insecure.

Jason would realise that you would rather change your clothes alone then with him and it made him realise something was wrong. You told him you don’t feel good about your body and his face would drop. “You know, I’m not gonna tell you to change. I’m not gonna tell you that you’re lying. But honestly, you’re beautiful. You’re so beautiful, to me atleast. I love you and I hope you realise how beautiful you are soon enough” 
Ezra would discover that you’re not really feeling well around him and when he wants to cuddle you, you would most of the time say no. He ask what’s wrong and for one time you would explain it to him. He would smile weakly and hug you and you actually would be okay with it. You would cry on his shoulder and he would mumble sweet words to you and you would smile, knowing he wants to make you feel better. Although he isn’t really sure how.
He’d say: “It’s okay to be insecure, everyone is insecure about something and I’ll never do anything you don’t want or makes you feel uncomfortable, but just know that I’ll keep saying how beautiful and perfect you are until you believe it, because that’s the truth.” - He would also make you go out on dates to make you feel better and he would do anything to make you feel better.
He’d say that you shouldn’t be insecure because even if what you thought about yourself was all true - which is not -, it wouldn’t matter because he loves you for who you are and he always will, no matter what. You would love that, because he doesn’t want to make you feel different and he accepts you. He would be with you all of the time, to cuddle with you and make you feel save and he would make sure you feel good.
Mike would not really know what to do at first, because he’s not really good with it. But when he sees that you feel terrible, having trouble with your body and mind and more stuff, he tries to talk to you. And although he doesn’t really know what to say you would be happy that he tries and make you feel better. 
He would tell you that he will do everything to make you feel better. He would say that you should feel better about yourself and you would tell him that it isn’t simple. He would apologise when he sees you don’t feel good about it and hug you. “I’m gonna try my best to make you feel the most beautiful girl in the world.” he would say and that would make you a bit more happy again.
He would know exactly what to do. He would make you feel good and he would talk to you and let you talk about it whenever you want. He would know what’s going on with you, because of his work and he would just try as much as possible to make you feel alright.

Okay, this was kinda terrible, but it wasn’t that simple for me. You know what, it just sucks omg.

045. 5SOS: Nostalgia - Sons


He would breathe when they landed in Pearson International, but for now Luke’s eyes were fully dilated and focused on getting his young family from point A to point B. He had never known stress until he was responsible for three very small kids in an airport. He had a twin boy on each side of him, just reach knee high level, as their little legs slowed his speed down due to their bumbling states. March, under his Thing 2 hat worn backwards, was concentrating on the floor of La Guardia, kicking up his tiny red Chuck Taylor’s and twisting his hips with his dad’s wrist cranking whichever way he semi-turned. It was Miles who was really slowing them down though. If Luke needed to, he could tell March to gallop and weave the energetic boy through the crowds of travelers headed in every which way. Miles was taking everything in, his eyes growing wider with every pillar passed, his head turning as another bright coloured suitcase wheeled by him, smelling all the different fast food scents and boldly staring at the different characters collected throughout the large airport.

Luke glanced down to the boy with his Thing 1 cap on properly, sighing as he was just about to tell him to pick up the pace. He noticed with bent brows that Miles kept bringing his empty hand to his mouth, pushing his lips out with a smack, and then sending his palm through the air. He couldn’t figure out what his kid was doing until Miles began to wave between blowing kisses.

“Bye New York….” He tried to say, waving and blowing another kiss while trying to see between people and out the airport windows. “Bye! Bye New ‘Ork!” Internally, Luke chuckled and let it tickle at his throat. Miles was always so sensitive to things, sweet in his approach to life unlike March who only wanted to bulldoze through people, places, and things. If he couldn’t break it, March was bored. Miles was gentle and seemed to be empathetic. He could sit beside his Uncle Mike after a heated fight with his wife and pat his back with sweet taps of his tiny sticky hands! he could see another kid at the playground bruise their knees and feel the burn on his own skin. He was an innocent and Luke knew the world was going to find breaking him down easily. March didn’t care. Penny sometimes cared. Miles cared about everything all at once. He kissed a whole State goodbye the way he kissed his grandma after staying with her for the weekend, “Bye lady. Bye man. Bye lady, bye lady…” He kept blowing kisses and mumbling vibrantly as people oblivious to him hurried by to reach their gates and catch their flights.

“Miles, can we pick it up a bit?” Luke waited to ask, a little sorry about interrupting a moment so cute.

The little boy’s head dipped back, setting his eyes, that made him look just like Luke had as a toddler, on him even under the red beak of his hat, “Okay, Daddy…” Miles nodded, taking direction well, and turning his kissing hand into a fist as if it would help him run.

Penelope and her mother were still within sight, Penelope’s rainbow sneakers easy to find whenever Luke watched the ground, even with the boards of people between them.

Once they reached Gate 31B, Luke released the hands of his twin boys and set them both running. March headed straight for his mother as she sat on a leather spot, bent over to find all the boarding passes and passports in her Mary Poppins bag not the floor. Luke nodded at Calum sighting two rows to their left, Daphne fast asleep on his lap as he held a Rolling Stone magazine over her head, his longtime girlfriend playing a racing game on her phone right by their side.

Miles had headed straight for the window, sticking his hands open against it and staring with wild intrigue at the airplanes outside and other traffic. Quietly, the little boy was mumbling more sweet goodbyes.

Shuffling a loaded backpack off of his shoulders, Luke tried to keep an eye on everyone at once. He took a second to adjust his messy blond hair before heading over to Miles, still mumbling against the window.

“What do you see, buddy?” Crouching down behind his son and trying to see his profile clearly, Luke quizzed. There was concern sometimes that the twins never received any solo attention as they came into the world together and spent every second with one another though more and more Miles was getting more alone time with his family since March was starting to become a regular in the time out corner. One very drunk night when all the kids were asleep, Ashton suggested through hiccups that they all make serious efforts to spend one on one time with every kid every day that they were all together, even if it was just a couple minutes. It was difficult, but Luke really did try, “You see all the airplanes?” Luke asked as he held back a laugh at how cute it was to hear his little boy saying goodbye to each plane he could see and even the airport employees in neon orange vests out on the tarmac.

Miles was good at his core. He had the body of an Adonis that he worked hard for, but underneath his rock hard structure, he was just a sweet little boy. His heart was pure and Luke had realized after Miles’s shared his sexuality with his father that that meant he had twice the opportunities to have his heart broken. Luke no longer let the thought of a girl being selfish with his son’s generosity sit at the top of his concerns, now he had to wonder if a boy would also take Miles’s kindness for granted and toss his feelings into the ocean.

Before running downstairs to finish a load of darks, Luke’s wife rattled off to Luke the plans of their children tonight. Penelope couldn’t Skype from school as she was packing for a weekend in Saint-Etienne with her roommate whom she had become fast friends with, March was patrolling the pier for innocent trouble with some of his friends, and Miles had a date. Quickly, his wife went to finish her laundry, leaving Luke unable to focus on his program as his mind reeled about all three kids at once, but mostly Miles.

He spotted his son dressed in his usual clean cut attire rounding the bottom of the stairs, in a hurry and smiling vibrantly, and Luke took it as a cue to rise up from the leather sectional, leaving his drink behind, and watch him slip on his dress shoes. Before he even got a look at his son’s face, he was greeted with an overwhelming wave of cologne.

“You smell like you’re trying to impress someone.” Holding an arm up to his face to block out the strong scent, Luke mentioned.

“I’m going out.” Miles was down on the floor, pulling at the leather tongue of his black shoes and trying to weasel his square foot in.


“Yep. Can I take the Sedan?” He knew he should have asked earlier, but his Dad had come home late and it slipped his mind. Miles wasn’t crazy enough to ask for the keys to Mustang. It was his dad’s forth and favorite child after all.

“If you fill it up after , yeah.” Luke walked around Miles on the floor to reach the row of hanging coats, reaching into the pocket of his favorite leather jacket and removing his fob, finding the right keys for Miles. “Lana or Taylor?” He asked casually, deeply interested.

Briefly, behind closed lips, Miles just chuckled and shook his head. His dad did not know how to be subtle, but he always tried.

“Would’t you like to know?” Finally, the two Hemmings men caught one another’s gaze, exchanging sly smiles. “Thanks.” Miles snatched the keys that hung off of his Dad’s fourth finger as he jumped up in one smooth motion. He practically ran through the door on his way out, moving so quickly and only stopping in his tracks when his Dad called out his first name. “Yeah?” Miles turned completely, facing his Dad dead on. He watched Luke’s face contort from fearful to soft in just a few seconds.

“Just be smart.” He shrugged at the end of his warning, trying to be nonchalant, but Luke worried about Miles. He could be as weak as he was strong and he was very strong.


Calum was not quite used to March’s new role in his life yet. He had known March his entire sixteen years of existence, but the teenager felt a lot like a stranger to him now. Maybe even more akin to an intruder in his previously peaceful home.

He couldn’t concentrate on the task at hand for longer than a few minutes at a time before checking out the window again, watching his daughter sitting on the front lawn behind two discarded bicycles and right beside Luke’s prankster son, a boy Calum had discovered had been contaminating his darling Daphne with kissing and grabbing only a week ago.

“Stop trying to strangle him with your mind.” Michael grumbled, his attention on the guitar on his lap, the one Calum had abandoned tuning, "He’s a good kid.“

"Yeah, he’s good, he’s great,” Calum spoke in monotone. He had always liked March as he was mischievous and amusing. He practically thought of him as a son sometimes, but that was before he caught him taking mental snapshots of his daughter’s serpentine hips. “Why can’t he go cover someone else’s daughter in saliva?” Disgust sounding in the form of a huff, Calum asked while glaring out the living room bay windows at the two teenagers simply talking in the yard as the sun began to sink behind the roof of the house before them.

“You’re ridiculous.”

“We’ll see how you feel when your kids start dating.” Calum scoffed in response.

“Iden is way too anxious to approach people and I don’t want to know what Emmeline gets up to.” Everyone agreed that it was a miracle Michael hadn’t had a heart attack yet, his two children carrying enough drama between them to host a collection of fast paced reality shows.

“You don’t think it’s strange? Daphne and March?”

Calum could’t even count how many times in total someone had to separate the two children from one another back in the day. March was always being carried away from her as he favored shoving the little Hood girl into puddles, mud, or just onto the jagged pavement of arena parking lots. He pulled her hair and put dirt in her mouth with a proud smile worn like a badge of honor.

“I think,” Annoyed, Michael lifted his head from his lap and sighed, “I think Daffy is a really sweet girl,” to say the least, “and March is smart enough to want that.” March had accomplished plenty of dumb stunts in his short life so far, but the boy was intelligent, more intelligent than he let people know. When Calum arrived home, the two kids just jumping off their bikes, he overheard March offering to help Daphne with her homework, telling her he didn’t mind and that he could show her a trick to remember the elements for her science quiz. Still, March remained on a probationary period with Calum for now until he proved himself to be more than the horny sixteen year old that Calum chalked him up as.

“Papa, where’d he go?” Bouncing in her father’s arm, head right above his shoulder as she sat at his side, Daphne asked. Calum had to hold her up off the floor through the whole journey around Toy’s R Us. It seemed every time he put Daphne down, March took it as an invitation to wound her.

They were there on a mission. It was supposed to be a quick in and out. Calum was going to find all the seashell and beach themed party accessories for Penelope’s sixth birthday and then they would be on their way. He hadn’t wanted to bring in any kids, but Daphne began to sniffle in her car seat when he started to leave the Hummer without her, kicking out her legs as if him leaving for, even for a few minutes, caused unreal pain in her tiny heart. Miles was asleep in his spot, so Calum’s girlfriend opted to stay in the passenger seat while March insisted that he join too because he knew what his sister would like for her birthday and he promised to be good and listen.

“Did we lose him again?” As her father didn’t so much as glance at her after her first question, Daphne tried another. This was not the first time March had from away from someone, Luke had once bought a wrist leash to use with his son, but March had managed to escape it’s confines behind the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, Wales. March was a runner, but in large department stores, he multitasked as a hider.

“We did not lose him.” Frustrated focused in his words, Calum muttered mechanically while stalking through Toy’s R Us briskly, head glancing down each aisle, “We’re playing.” He lied to her, worried she might let it slip to Luke or his wife when they returned that Calum had momentarily lost their son in the large shop. He was walking in the direction of the elevator, figuring that he might have to call it quits on his hunt and tell customer service that he had, in fact, lost a child.

“Can I play too?” Innocent as always, Daphne whispered.


Daphne accepted the answer, her father’s tone making it plain that there was was no negotiating though she usually just took the words of her parents as bible and carried on without so much as 'boo’ leaving her lips. Her large eyes feasted on the array of colored toy boxes as Calum turned to the escalator, heading down it at light speed. She kept her focus on the bright pink colored boxes, Barbie dolls, and any plush toy she could see, remembering her own was back in the car in her seat with a half eaten box of organic animal crackers.

Calum had abandoned his plastic blue shopping basket of tropical party goodies as soon as March took off for the second time, after Calum had found him hiding in a rack of superhero t-shirts. His sole focus now was getting into the head of his opponent. What aisle would he be most interested in if he was March Hemmings? What shelf of toys would he crawl and hide behind if he was March Hemmings? What would March Hemmings do?

Behind a woman returning a battery operated toy that 'just didn’t work’ without her receipt, Calum impatiently waited to talk to the fifteen year old boy behind the customer service in his Toys R Us vest. His eyes blinked around him, head turning at any sudden sounds of laughter or rubber soles screeching against the floor, any noise that March could make. Daphne was growing restless in her father’s arms, his fingers curling into her chubby thighs as she grumbled to try and look over his head, everything around her interesting.

“Hi, uh, this is sort of embarrassing…” Before the woman in front of him was even gone from the counter, Calum had stepped forward and began, prefacing by making his annoyance plain. “I’ve lost a little boy, I was hoping you could…”

“Is it your son?” The clerk interrupted, clarifying as he picked up the phone by the side of his large black register.

“No. He’s my friend’s son. He’s about her size…” Calum tilted his head to his side to make note of Daphne. “Well, no, he’s larger…” Daphne was a mere pea compared to most children her age. “But he’s got blond hair, blue eyes…”

“But he’s your friend’s son?”

“Yes. March. His name is March. Is there, like, a code blue or red or…rainbow that you could call? Page someone?” Calum had skipped the shitty part time job phase, going straight into a professional music career instead. He didn’t know how it all worked.

“Well, is your friend with you? We need to have a family member. It’s just policy, sir.” The clerk showed little concern, but went by the rules he signed to when given his bright blue vest. For safety reasons, he couldn’t bring someone a child just because they asked. It had to be a family member or appointed guardian.

“Well, I’m an Uncle, kind of. An honorary uncle.” Sighing, Calum’s voice was sharp with the sales boy as he pulled on Daphne, trying to bring her back down off of his shoulder as she was growing restless and treating him like her own personal jungle gym. “He is my best friend’s son. I just brought him with us to pick up some things. He ran away.”

“I understand, sir, but I have to follow policy. Could you call your friend?”
Calum’s eyes enlarged with frustration. He could feel hot air rushing out of his nostrils as he glared at the teenager behind the desk. It had been a long time since he wanted to play the, 'Do you know who I am?’ card. He even debated pulling out his cell phone solely to Google 5 Seconds of Summer and prove that he was not some preying pedophile looking for a little boy for dinner, but March Hemming’s uncle/godfather/guardian.

“Look, I am in a rush and I - ” Calum stopped himself to grumble and tend to his daughter. “Daphne, you’re squirming.” He scolded in a short breath. Usually when she was like this, which wasn’t too often, he would laugh and call her a 'squirmy worm’, but Calum was feeling stress in every inch of his bones. “So, you want me to call my friend to ask him to come down so you can find his son in your store?” Knowing that he wouldn’t prove any point, Calum tried before collecting Daphne in both his hands and firmly putting her down on the ground in front of his tapping sneaker clad feet. Sometimes, when she had apparent ants in her pants, she just wanted to dance around. “You do realize how inconvenient that is?” He knew this was his fault, not the cashier’s, but right now, Calum just wanted to unleash his stress. He opened his mouth to ask again for the kid to just help him find March when a primal shout was heard coming from his left.

It all happened so fast. A blur of dirty blond hair and a red Mickey Mouse t-shirt rushed around before a large smack shook the ground and Calum looked down to see Daphne pinned, the wind knocked out of her, and March laughing triumphantly as he had once again conquered his favorite victim. Calum could not believe it. Literally all it took get March Hemmings’s focus and attention was putting down his daughter like sacrificial catnip.

Calum excused himself from Michael for just a second, swearing under his breath that he had a real reason for walking downstairs and into his garage and that he wasn’t just doing so to interrupt his daughter and her boyfriend. He stayed silent on the top step, watching from the white door and remembering the two kids when they were little. They had grown up together, just months apart, sharing everything from stroller rides to concert boxes together and now kisses. Even if he could remember them as cute little kids, the kissing, the fingertips on each other’s waists, and sly glances with coy smiles would take some getting used to for Calum who took parenting a lot more seriously than he ever took the job he was paid to do.

It was one of the strangest reflexes of his life, but as he spied March’s fingers tangle through his daughter’s long hair, just a second after taking off his beanie to pull it down over Daphne’s head and eyes, Calum felt flames ignite in his stomach. He reached to his side and just as March was leaning to kiss his daughter, fingers wrapping around her hand in the grass, Calum sprayed the two of them with his hose projecting cold water through the air. A scream rarely heard outside of a horror movie leaped from Daphne’s throat as March pulled away, their spines both curving forward to escape the chill.

“Dad!” Daphne turned and breathed out her version of a yelp at him, looking over her frozen shoulder to see him standing in the open garage with the hose, still trickling water, in his hand. He looked cross yet she could tell he was pleased with himself.

Calum eyeballed March, earning a nervous look back before he had to look down on himself, staring into his legs in the grass. That was all it took for Calum to know he had made his point, no words, just the eyes of a man who had blueprints to build a force field around his little girl since her first breath of life sixteen years ago. Happily, Calum headed back inside and felt ready to work.


During his daughter’s first full year of life, Michael did not sleep. He was sure at some point or another he passed out on a couch or crashed on a bed like a cut down evergreen would fall in the forest, but Emmeline was all lungs and always woke him up. Even when he could make her giggle with a funny face or pretending to hurt himself with a spatula or drumstick, it was loud. Iden had been the opposite. He slept the night and waited patiently in his crib for one of his parents to tend to him.
With his wife visiting her family along with Emmeline for the weekend, Michael had taken over the entire bed, star-fishing in the center and sleeping soundly in only his boxers throughout the night.

Michael stretched slowly as he woke up with his face angled into the pillow, drool dry down the corner of his mouth. He couldn’t remember the days of not waking up to screams whether it was girls outside his hotel room or Emmeline in her crib giving them a run for their money. He turned over onto his bare back, groggily aiming his unfocused stare to the mirrored ceiling and then heard happy jumbles of noise. It had slipped his mind for a second, the baby monitor he had placed on his nightstand before going to sleep. They never seemed to need it with Iden, but used it religiously just in case.

Yawning as he walked with pigeon toes form his room to his son’s nursery, Michael contemplated what he and the baby boy could do all weekend. Surely, his mother would have them over for dinner and childless Calum would come over and join them for a day of television of late night viewing of Carlito’s Way.

As soon as he pushed open the door ajar to it’s frame, Michael lost all his exhaustion as a smile took full control of his face. He couldn’t help, but laugh when he saw his little boy trying to stand up, bouncing on his knees with his diaper clad butt beneath his striped pajama pants making a perfect pillow for him to fall over on. Chubby Iden was giggling at the sight of his Dad and clapping his hands in front of his protruding belly. His lips smacked together as his hands rose and Michael knew that if his son could do more than make random noises, he would be demanding to go 'Up, Daddy’.

“Why are you always happy in the mornings?” Michael yawned through his own smile, walking the four steps to the crib and reaching in to pick up his bouncy boy. “We must not be related.” He joked before holding Iden up completely and examining his butt, knowing without having to inhale deeply that he needed a changing before anything else could happen that morning.

Even while on the changing table being handled with the less than gentle and fluid maneuvers of his father’s clumsy hands, Iden was all giggles, jetting out his arms and legs as if he just had to jiggle.

Michael popped his tongue out of his tight lips, shooting it down at Iden and sucked it in before kissing his temple, pulling him back up as he was changed and back in his stretchy pajama pants, ready for a day with Dad.

“It’s just you and me today, man. You’re going to be my partner in crime.” Michael poked his stomach as he carried his son out of his room with him held down at his hip, mimicking the way his wife often carried the chubby baby. Michael had errands, a meeting with the label, and a lot of television he felt behind on planned for the day and Iden had no intention of interrupting with anything other than a smile all day. He was sweet and seemed as happy as he dad did to just sleep, eat, and listen to the radio.

He wasn’t looking at him, eyes facing the bowl of chicken noodle soup covered in crushed crackers that he had barely touched with the silver spoon in his hand. Still, Iden’s brown eyes were destroying his father’s soul with their overwhelming sadness. Michael legs were shaking, causing the feeling of a small earthquake underneath the kitchen table as he sat across from his son, watching him with his hands in front of his mouth.

Michael was trying to go over every piece of Iden’s life that he was present for, even the stories he was told from his parents and wife when he was away, looking for that one moment where Iden went from docile and elated to religiously depressed? He doubted a single moment existed, but he wanted to know for sure, in case, there was one single reason why his son had his sister’s hemp bracelets on to cover up aggravated scars on his wrists and why he ate even less than an abandoned baby bird.

“I’m done.” Iden simply put down the spoon that he had been stirring the warm soup around with, letting it clank loudly against the edge, and pushed out his chair to leave the table, looking forward to returning to his bedroom where he could watch Star Wars or work on an oil paining for Emmeline’s upcoming birthday.

“You have had, like, two spoonfuls.” Michael had counted, taking to treating his son like he was five and not fifteen since finding him in the bathtub, in and out of consciousness.

“I’m not hungry.” The three words he used like a catchphrase grumbled out of Iden’s dry lips as he stood up from the table, taking the bowl beneath the sweater paws he made out of his black Henley sleeves to carry it over to the counter and pour down the sink.

“Did you have breakfast?” Michael stood up after him, just like a reflex, being as annoying to his kid as he used to accuse his own parents as being.

“Yeah.” Iden lied.

“What did you have?”

“I don’t know…” He grumbled while letting the soup slide slowly down the faucet, noodles moving like molasses from the bowl to the sink. “Cereal.” He made up off the top of his head, internally wishing that he could weave up a story the way Emmeline could. His sister required no time or effort to come up with a tale so captivating that no one questioned whether or not she was full of shit.

Michael’s exhale drew hot from his throat as he gripped one side of his waist, irritation obvious in the way he groaned and watched Iden begin to drag his sock covered feet across the kitchen tiles. He knew that Iden would just lock himself in his room for the rest of the weekend if he didn’t interfere. Michael had to go away come Monday morning and wouldn’t be around for two weeks, he had to face things now, but instead of approaching things from a helpful place made of good intentions, he just reacted. His frustration spiked and he simply behaved without thinking things through first.

“Am I a shitty Dad?!” He shouted at the back of Iden’s head, eyes flashing up to the brown clean cut hair on his son’s head, seeking refuge from the red scars that he nearly caught a glimpse of as his son was passing him by.

“No…” Iden looked to his side, eyeing Michael with a squint that suggested that his Dad might be insane.

“Your mom and I are trying so hard, we’ve always been good to you…we encourage you, we give you and your sister everything you guys want, why are you so Hellbent on destroying yourself!?” Michael always thought he understood depression. He was no strange to feeling things too deeply himself, but up until he had Iden to look out for, he really hadn’t been as exposed to the mental illness as he thought he had been. He felt lost and helpless now, but still willing to do absolutely anything to make Iden feel better. All he wanted to do was scream at the teenager to do just that, to just feel better, but he knew it wasn’t that simple. It wasn’t a switch he could flick on and off at his own discretion. “What is going on!?” Always confused when he was with Iden these days, Michael held his hands open to the ceiling and panted.

At first, Iden just used his blank stare to answer his father, opening up his eyes on him and watching as his face stretched in and out with distress, “I’m sorry this is hard on you.” Finally, he spoke back with an answer so monotone that it left his mouth with his lips barely having to move. Iden rolled his eyes once he was facing away from his Dad, knowing full well that nothing enraged his father like that simply gesture, and headed to the stairs to go up to his room.

“I’m just trying to understand, Iden! I want to help.” Michael stalked out of the kitchen, following Iden to the bottom step. “You don’t make it very easy. You just shut everyone out!” He shouted, almost lecturing Iden by accident as he kept on up the stairs.

“Right.” Iden grumbled as he passed his sister who was rushing down, taking the stairs by two in a sunflower themed maxi dress that had once been her mother’s when she was a teenager. “This is my fault.” Iden shot right down at his Dad before going up to his room and cranking the sounds of his favorite heavy metal band up a minute after the door was closed.

With wide, but relaxed eyes, Emmeline watched her Dad grip at his blond hair, his fingers curling around the edges and pulling the way her fists used to when she was a baby and he wore it in a bright shade of firetruck red. Under his breath, Michael was cursing himself and the situation out, wishing to do nothing more than his son was, find refuge in angry music. He stalked back into the kitchen as Emmeline dug her feet into purple leather sneakers.

From the door, she could still hear her father vaguely swearing and making grumpy conversation with himself so she sauntered over and popped her head around the kitchen wall, watching him go from the sink to the fridge to grab a cold beer for himself.

“Would giving me money to go shopping with friends help your distress at all?” Emmeline couldn’t help, but laugh as she asked. She was as serious as she was kidding.

Under slanted eyebrows, Michael shot her a glare made up of all the vexation inside of him before decompressing into his center and begrudgingly reaching into the pocket of his black pants with his free hand, removing his wallet and sliding out his credit card for her.


It was the picture seen around the world, favorited over 25,000 times and retweeted even more. A small infant Connor strapped to his father’s chest, blond curls twirling around his peasized head hidden under large blue headphones, while Ashton played the drums in a makeshift basement studio. From the band account, the caption had been simple, 'New member in 5SOS’, but it took on a life all it’s own: even spawning it’s own Twitter account with constant hilarious messages posted.

Connor almost had no choice, but to go into music. He was born with rhythm throughout his bones. He loved to dance before he could pick himself up onto his own feet, he learned how to speak through listening to the songs Ashton played on repeat while sitting in his car seat, mumbling back what he heard to the best of his ability.

“Daddy,” From his car seat, Connor began while squinting his eyes together and watching the trees pass by in a fury of bright green out the window. It was just him and his Dad, Molly freshly dropped off at her mother’s work studio. Ashton had decided with his wife after Connor was born that was important each kid have alone time with them every so often even if all Ashton was going to do was take Connor to the studio with him. Connor liked to be around all the instruments and his Uncles anyway. “I need to…to…” He breathed out while trying not to be distracted by the spring leaves around him. “I need to buy an a-reena…” He expressed.

Behind the wheel, stopping at the end of the street, Ashton just chuckled.

“Well, you’ll have to save up for a while. They’re expensive.” He glanced at his son in the mirror, watching as Connor drew a circle mindlessly against the car window with one finger.

“No!” He shook his head furiously, blond hair messy and brushing in every direction against his face. “No. I’m gonna go to L….A. And I will sing…two songs.” He held up his index and middle finger just in case his father was looking and didn’t know how many two was. “And they’ll pay me.” Connor had it all figured out from a few days of listening to his father on the phone with different managers, working out deals for his own music.

Ashton couldn’t contain himself and burst out laughing as he drove, turning down the radio dial to more effectively listen to his son’s plans as if a career in music was that simple. More often than not, Connor very seriously said the cutest things and Ashton almost wished he had a camera constantly on his kid to catch them. He still watched the video of his son playing one of his made up songs on his rainbow xlyphone while sitting at the tour bus table even though it was filmed five months ago. It never failed to make him smile - even on the bad days.

“Daddy, put on the VooVoo Voll song.” He tried, reaching for his toes poking out of his sandals with his strapped in arms, waiting for Ashton to do just that since it was the one he knew all of the words to.

He was trying to keep some distance now, watching his fifteen year old fill the room with eager hands and anxious eyes. Connor’s EP that he recorded all on his own in the bathroom in their basement (despite Ashton having a home studio) had collected a large amount of attention quickly and he was invited to the Gibson guitar factory for a personal tour and recorded jam session. Ashton wanted to explode out of Dad mode and take on the 1959 Believer Burst that was watching him from it’s corner, but instead he kept his proud smile and focus on Connor’s backside as he listened intently to the guide they were set up with, asking questions about the make as he was handed a custom acoustic to play, a left handed one chosen just for the occasion.

“I’ll be right back. Just going to see how set up is coming…” The man pointed with one thumb popped over his shoulder, nodding at Connor’s intrigue and then heading to his left where their lounge room was being properly wired for Connor’s first recorded jam session, well, professional one.

Before Ashton could walk further in, Connor was spinning around, fingers nervously fiddling strings, and stared at his Dad with eyes a bizarre combination of excited and terrified. Ashton knew the expression well having worn it for the better half of his life so far. He wore it throughout most of his first shows, then his first stadium shows, then his first headlining shoes, and when Molly was born and then Connor a few years later.

“Don’t be nervous.” Ashton shook his head at his boy, knowing exactly what he was thinking, and putting both hands over his shoulders. “It’s going to be awesome.”

“It’s just real now…” At the back of his throat, Connor laughed. “I was always just messing around in the basement and now people think I’m a musician.” He really couldn’t believe it. He had been thinking about it since he was a kid, singing at 5 Seconds of Summer sound checks, and Connor always knew he could make it happen, but now it was happening. People were buying his songs online, people were quoting his lyrics, and listening to his music like it was more than just noise he had heard in his head.

Truthfully, Ashton couldn’t believe it either, but Connor had always been blowing him away with a musical ability that far surpassed his own. It all seemed to come so natural to the teenager, born with music inside of him just like an organ.

Friendly Darvey Reminders

ok so I think we can all agree that season 5b has been a little tough on our ship. It’s currently caught in the middle of a storm and by that I mean it’s not moving forward (arguably moving backwards, even). So if you’re feeling discouraged by what you’re seeing out there, here are some things that might refresh your memory and convince you to never give up on this 13-year-old boat of ours:

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