and tried to deny it


I can’t believe this just happened

A few facts on Rohingya

Rohingya is not a country, it’s a minority group of Muslims.

Burma (also known as Myanmar) is a predominantly Bhuddist country whose government has been executing and terrorizing this minority.

The Rohingya are currently stateless. In 1982 Burmese law claimed Rohingya as an illegitimate ethnicity, therefore they were no longer citizens and had no way of being naturalized. THEY WERE DEEMED and CLASSIFIED as foreigners in their own homeland. Today, they are rejected by neighboring Bangladesh and sent back to Burma where the troops await to behead, burn, murder, torture, rape, isolate, kidnap, ect the entire population.

The UN has OFFICIALLY called the persecution of Rohingya ethic cleansing. With that being said, they still haven’t done shit about it.

In the last ten days alone, over 100,000 of them have tried to escape. But because they are denied refuge and safety, they still meet the same torturous fate they try to escape from.

You guys, they are slowly being wiped from the face of the earth. And the Burmese government is STRATEGICALLY making sure they get away with it by pushing the Rohingya to the margins of Burmese society so that the torture and execution they commit can go unclassified. The media has not exposed Burma enough. This is a minority group of Muslims about to disappear at the hands of an Islamaphobic government who has alienated them into what will soon be oblivion - DO NOT STAY SILENT.

Let’s talk about Harry and Praise Kink.

Let’s talk about the way he hates that people fawn over him. He hates being praised for things he doesn’t think he deserves, hates being given credit for things he did not do alone. He hates the attention that has always come with it.

So Harry thinks he hates praise. Thinks everything about it is false and underserved, thinks he doesn’t need it.

Harry tries to deny the thrill he feels when Draco tells him he’s done something well, because its an off-handed comment at breakfast, or something casually mentioned while listening to the Wireless at night and Harry doesn’t understand why it sends chills through his body and makes him want. He only hopes Draco doesn’t notice.

But notice Draco does.

Draco notices the way the tension seems to seep out of Harry’s body when he’s got him pressed against the wall whispering, “You did so fucking good on your mission today didn’t you? You saved everyone. You were so brave. You were so strong. I’m so proud of you.”

Draco notices the tears Harry won’t let fall as he begs to come, his face buried in Draco’s neck as they rut together - messy and desperate and raw.

Draco notices the way Harry whimpers. The way he shudders. The way his body thrums with desire as his cock hardens when he’s pressing Draco down into the sofa as Draco’s mouth tugs Harry’s ear between his teeth. “You’re so good at that. You make me feel so good. You like to make me feel good, don’t you?”

Draco notices the way the air tangibly crackles with magic when he is pressing Harry back into the bed, whispering “Fuck, that’s good, always so good for me. My good boy aren’t you?” and Harry nearly draws blood with the intensity with which he bites down on his bottom lip. That shouldn’t make him feel like that. It shouldn’t feel so good.

Because Harry hates false praise. But these words, this praise that falls from Draco’s lips clings to Harry as sweet and thick as honey. Harry trusts Draco. Harry loves Draco. So he thinks in those moments maybe he can submit just a little bit, be just Harry; maybe its okay to need to be told he’s good, told how much he’s wanted, told how strong he is.

Because with Draco, he is just Harry.

Just Harry.

And Harry is such a good boy.

The King of Hawkins Goes Soft

Summary: The reader helps chaperone the winter formal, which leads to a very eventful night involving the King of Hawkins. 

Word Count: 2648

Song Pairing: Talking in your Sleep- the romantics

authors note: kinda spoilers for season two? This also doesn’t 100% follow the plot! I had SO much fun writing this!! Let me know what you think!! (single mom Steve is the best Steve)

You smiled to yourself watching the event unfold. Steve was giving some version of a pep talk to Dustin before the winter formal, and you laughed as you saw the deal sealed with a handshake.

Dustin walked by you with a huge grin, “Hey (y/n)!”. He saluted you, and you saluted back matching his grin. You winked, “Good luck tonight soldier”.

By now Steve had parked his car, and was resting against the hood. You walked over to him, “What are you doing here? Hate to break it to ya but you’re a little too old-”.

Steve crossed his arms over his chest, laughing while shaking his head. He smiled, “I gotta keep an eye on the little shits”.

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reasons i love aizawa
  • He’s a softie who totally cannot help himself. He tries to be all tough but he cannot deny his nature.
  • The juxtaposition between his appearance and his values. He looks like a half assed teacher, but it’s actually just ‘cause he cares so damn much.
  • His friendship with Present Mic and how he seems annoyed but he really loves him and they compliment each other so well.
  • How he protects his children and does not hesitate to step in and stand up for them (i.e. Bakugo, Uraraka, Deku, etc.)
  • The way his hair and bandages start levitating when he’s pissed.
  • He basically is a ninja like Todoroki said. He’s skilled in combat and his style of fighting is just really cool.
  • That scar he has under his right eye. Idk I just like it.
  • This dude’s first appearance was while he was inside a fucking sleeping bag. Enough said.
Boiling Point (m) - Oneshot

Originally posted by knj

Summary: It’s hard to find the time to confess to your super hot roommate/best friend when you’re both in grad school and trying to write your dissertations. But maybe sometime soon, you’ll find the time.

Pairing: Namjoon/Reader

Genre: smut and fluff

Word Count: 6130

Warnings (if applicable): Daddy kink, slight voyeurism, rough sex, masturbation, squirting, and as usual, just some dense academic talk because I’m a shit. 

A/Ns: This is my belated birthday gift for @gimmesumsuga whose only bias is Namjoon no matter how hard she tries to deny it. Also this is for @hayrte, who requested a Namjoon fic in return for letting me bum off her Youtube Red account so I could watch Burn The Stage. Also this is for Namjoon’s black hair/blue button down combo. Which kills me on the daily.

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Harry laughed happily as he landed on the grass. Draco was only seconds behind him clutching the snitch with a massive grin on his face.
“Good one, Draco.”
“Oh, it wasn’t really a good one. Pretty easy actually.” Draco drawled with a smirk.
Harry laughed again as he shoved Draco’s shoulder. “Whatever, that dive was pretty amazing.” Draco’s smirk became a proud smile. “Come on, let’s go eat something. I’m starving!” Harry said.
The smile morphed into a frown. “No. We each won one, it’s a draw. We have to play another.”
Harry grinned at him. “Let’s leave it a draw.”
Draco arched a brow. “Scared Potter?”
Laughing, Harry slung an arm around his friends shoulders. “Yes, scared you’ll pout and ignore me all day when I beat you.”
Draco sniffed. “First of all, I am not so petty. And who says you’d win anyway? So arrogant, Harry.”
Harry laughed and squeezed his friend in a hug. “Yeah. I’m the arrogant here, Draco.”
Draco gently bumped the side of his head against Harry’s as they walked to the castle. “So long as you know.”

On the following Sunday they found themselves trudging through a mountain of homework, much to Harry’s displeasure. Ron and Hermione had gone for a picnic on the grounds, since Hermione always made sure they were up to date on their work. Sighing Harry dropped his head heavily against the couch. Draco, who was curled up in the corner of the couch next to him, looked up with an arched brow. “Giving up already?”
Harry groaned and closed his eyes. “Yes.” He jerked up when he felt Draco flick him between the eyes. “Hey!” He protested, rubbing the sore spot with his fingers.
“You’d better keep going. Don’t think that you can leave it and get me to help you just because Granger won’t let you fly until it’s done.” He went back to looking at his book.
Harry turned to him with wide eyes. “That is a fantastic idea.” When Draco just let out a soft laugh but otherwise ignored him, Harry moved so he could lie leaning comfortably against Draco’s side. He closed his eyes and let out a relieved sigh.
“Potter!” Draco groaned. “I am absolutely not doing your work for you.” But he didn’t move or shove Harry off, which Harry knew he wouldn’t. After several blissful minutes, right when Harry was sure he was on the cusp of a wonderful dream, he fell to the floor as Draco stood up. He pointed a finger accusingly at Harry, “Do some work, Harry. Or we will go to the library.”
Sighing in defeat, Harry sat up and faced his books once more.

Hours later they were sitting in front of the crackling fire eating Bertie Botts beans. Draco was sprawled across a single seat with his legs hanging across the side while Harry sat on the floor with his legs crossed and back against Draco’s seat. Draco had the box of beans and alternated between taking one and lowering the box for Harry.
Ron and Hermione entered the common room with cheerful greetings. Harry appreciated everyone’s efforts to get along, since he knew it was only for his sake, but he did wish his three best friends were more than just polite to one another.
“Did you have a good picnic?” Draco asked them.
“Oh, yes it was lovely thanks.” Hermione smiled at him. Ron nodded a bit awkwardly at him.
“Oh, Harry. You’ll never guess what.” Ron started, and Hermione shot him a suspicious look. “We saw Terry there, he was in the middle of a big fight, seems like him and his boyfriend broke up.” Hermione’s look of suspicion became one of horror as she tugged on Ron’s hand. Harry’s stomach dropped as he willed Ron not to continue. But he did. “So he’s single now, and you can finally ask him out. I know you used to have a massive crush on him.”
Harry closed his eyes, but the thick silence wouldn’t be ignored. He was so glad he couldn’t see Draco’s expression at that moment. There had been a hundred moments when he meant to come out to Draco. It wasn’t that he was embarrassed or anything. It was just that he really enjoyed their friendship. He didn’t know how they’d become so
comfortable touching each other all the time, but he was scared that it would change if Draco knew. He opened his eyes to find Ron looking from him to Hermione with confusion brewing in his eyes. Hermione was watching Draco carefully, which could only mean that he most definitely wasn’t looking at them.
Harry sighed internally. He cleared his throat. “Uh, thanks.”
Hermione looked at him pitifully and quickly started talking about their day, filling the silence as best she could. She asked about how their studies went, Harry responded and Draco said a word or two.
After suffering through it as long as he could, Harry wished everyone good night. He couldn’t bring himself to look at Draco as he left, but let his hand trail along his shoulder as he walked passed.

The next morning, Harry lingered in bed. If he could, he’d avoid seeing Draco all day. Unfortunately, his last class was potions where they were partners. At breakfast he managed to get away with only a smile and a wave since Draco sat at the Slytherin table still. Harry tried hard to focus on his lessons all day, but he couldn’t deny he was nervous to see him.
When he arrived in potions at the end of the day, Draco was already there with all the ingredients for the days potion. He was chopping furiously when Harry reached him. “Hi, Draco.” He said nervously, fidgeting with the strap on his bag.
“Hi, Potter.” Draco glanced up with a small smile. After a few seconds he rolled his eyes. “Are you going to help or do you expect me to do all the work?”
Harry could have laughed with relief, but he didn’t. He gave Draco a grateful smile which was returned with a small quirk of the lips and they got to work.
The rest of the lesson passed in the same manner as the ones before. After, they walked together to dinner and Harry felt relieved. Until he couldn’t find Draco anywhere after dinner. He went to bed with a sinking feeling.

The week passed in the same pattern. The only time that Harry really saw Draco was during potions, his behavior seemingly unchanged. But Harry missed him. After potions on Friday Harry had had enough. As they walked together to dinner he blurted out. “Where have you been all week?” Grey eyes glanced up from the floor to meet his before flickering away. “I can never find you after dinner.” He said accusingly.
Draco answered softly. “I’ve had detention every day.”
“What?” Harry asked, reaching out to grab Draco’s arm. “For what?”
Turning to face Harry, Draco sighed. “You know how it is, some teachers will make up reasons to punish me.”
Harry frowned and opened his mouth to express his outrage when Draco gave him a defeated smile. “It doesn’t matter. Okay?”
Harry deflated. Draco twitched his arm awkwardly and Harry realized he was still holding him. He let go quickly but noticed the blush on Draco’s cheeks.
He deflated a little more.

On Saturday morning when Harry returned from breakfast he found Draco in the common room with his homework. After fetching his own, he sank down on the couch next to him.
Draco shifted to make more room for him.
After working for a little while Draco got up to get a different textbook and settled down again on the single couch. Harry frowned. He wouldn’t have thought anything about it before, but..
He sighed heavily and tried to focus on his work.

The next day he found himself working alone in the library. When he returned to the common room he found Draco curled up on the single couch with a book. He looked up when Harry entered and frowned slightly. “Where were you today?” He asked.
Harry shrugged, struggling to meet his eyes. “Thought I’d concentrate better in the library.” He moved to walk past where Draco was sitting, when Draco’s hand shot out as if to grab his hand but stopped suddenly, quivered in the air for a moment before disappearing just as fast.
Harry hesitated briefly. With a disappointed sigh he carried on walking.
“Harry.” Draco said.
Harry half turned to face him, an eyebrow raised. Draco cleared his throat. “Would you like to go fly for a bit?” Harry frowned skeptically, unsure of what how he wanted to respond. “There’s enough time for at least one game to end our draw before the light goes.” Draco said, smiling uncertainly. And that’s what got to Harry.
“Yeah, alright.” He answered finally.

The walk to the quidditch pitch was filled with awkward silence. At least it was for Harry. Once they were flying though, Harry felt better.
The light started to go quickly and Harry was scanning rather desperately for the snitch, it was the one he had caught in first year and he was rather sentimental about it. A glint of gold caught his eye and he dove toward it. As he neared it he saw Draco coming in from a different angle, slightly ahead of him. He pushed forward, urging his broom to go faster. At the last moment, he realized Draco would get there first and Harry would barrel into him soon after. Unfortunately, the last moment didn’t give him enough time to stop or change direction. All he could do was slow down to soften the impact.
Thankfully they were low to the ground so when they tumbled over one another and onto the grass, it wasn’t too hard a fall. They rolled and Harry landed half on Draco’s chest with a massive groan. Draco was gasping heavily. Harry lifted himself to quickly pat Draco down for injuries and once he was satisfied that he was fine he fell half onto Draco’s chest again. They caught their breath in silence.
It was the happiest Harry had been all week. Until Draco said, “Two one, Potter.” Harry looked up to see Draco clutching the snitch with a triumphant grin. He laughed and pushed himself up onto an elbow.
“You can’t tell me this one was an easy win.” Harry teased.
“No, I can’t.” Draco chuckled and smiled at Harry. Harry smiled back, happy to have his friend back. He noticed the pink tinge on Draco’s cheeks as Draco’s eyes flickered away and he shifted awkwardly. Harry sat up quickly and Draco scooted away from Harry. His heart sank.
Draco cleared his throat, “Well, let’s go back.” He stood up and retrieved his broom. Harry sat there with his knees bent and his elbows resting on his knees, drowning in unhappiness. He wasn’t going to get his easy friendship back. Draco had walked a few paces back toward the castle when he turned around. “Harry?” He said tentatively.
Harry sighed. “I can’t do this, Draco.” He shoved his hands in his hair and looked away, frustrated.
Draco frowned and came back. “What do you mean?” He asked softly.
“I mean I want you to just freak out about the fact that I didn’t tell you and be honest if you have a problem with who I am. I can’t take this dancing around it. I miss you.” He bit his lip to stop himself. After a long pause he looked up to find Draco staring at him in shock.
“You think I have a problem with who you are?” He asked quietly, which set warning bells off in Harry’s head. “You think I’ve been acting strange because I don’t accept this part of you.” He added. Then he laughed, a self deprecating sound that Harry knew well. Draco lifted a hand to his forehead. “Why wouldn’t you? It’s the obvious conclusion.” He laughed again, a little hysterically this time, which broke Harry out of his daze. He stood up and slowly approached him.
“Well, if it’s not that then what is it?” He asked.
Draco closed his eyes briefly before meeting Harry’s eyes. Harry watched a flush creep up his neck as he seemed to search for words. “Well, I couldn’t exactly be mad at you for not telling me when I’ve been keeping the exact same secret.” His cheeks were a deep pink now. Harry’s ears were ringing.
“What?” He whispered, disbelieving.
Draco gave him a sheepish smile. “Sorry.” Harry could only stare at him. Draco swallowed nervously. “Anyway, I was trying to find the right time to tell you about me. But, as you know, it’s not easy.” He laughed awkwardly again. “And somehow knowing about you made my little crush seem less impossible which is stupid, really I know, so I was just giving myself a bit of space to dispel that illusion. That’s why I got detention everyday. I couldn’t focus, I was useless in class.” His gaze was flickering from Harry’s shoulder, his collar to his throat. Anywhere but his eyes. After a fortifying breath Draco added. “Our friendship is important to me. I didn’t want to mess it up.”
Harry was confused. He was shocked. But he knew that that made him happy. He pulled Draco towards him and wrapped him in a tight hug. “I missed you, you idiot.”
Draco melted into the hug which made Harry’s heart soar. They stood like that for a long time. Eventually Draco pulled back, much to Harry’s regret. Harry searched his gaze. “It’s not impossible, you know. Or an illusion.” He whispered.
Draco’s breath caught. Harry smiled at him. “I don’t think.” Harry amended. But as he watched the moonlight play over Draco’s features he thought it was probably extremely possible. Probable in fact.
Draco watched Harry watch him for the longest time. His look of shock slowly abated until Harry was staring at Draco’s trademark smirk. “You’d better not think that counts as asking me out, because my standards are considerably higher than that.” Harry laughed and Draco smiled before adding, “I’m serious.” With that he turned and started toward the castle. Harry scrambled to catch up.
“I’ll write a poem.” He said.
Draco groaned. “Please don’t. I’m pretty set on saying yes. Don’t make that hard for me to do.”
Harry grinned. Feeling bold, he reached out to grab Draco’s hand as they walked forward. He let out a content sigh when Draco laced their fingers together.

Its like almost 12 am here and im awake thinking about how cute the idea of a uf paps being terrified of thunderstorms is

Yo don’t automatically assume that white people who happen to be a part of marginalized groups will care about your experiences of racism by default , or be able to relate to you.

In my old fandom, I had a friend who was a trans guy and he talked to me nearly nonstop about his experiences of transphobia. He talked about how his strict religious parents would force him to wear makeup and dress like a girl, he talked about how they were abusive to him, etc…etc…and how him being trans affected his life and the oppression he got from it . And I listened to him, because he was my friend. I’d stay up late listening to his struggles and give him advice that would help him.

Well, can you imagine what happened when I tried talking about my experiences of racism with him and how it affected me? It got him angry, and in the end it inevitably ruined our friendship. Places in society where he couldn’t see racism he got mad at me for pointing out. We both enjoyed a certain author’s works and when I pointed out the racism in said authors works/perpetrated by said author—he’d get mad and deny it. When I tried to tell him about my personal experiences of racism since childhood, he’d change the subject or act like he wasn’t interested. He’d act offended sometimes too.

I thought that because he was trans, and someone who knew what oppression was and faced it from society and even his strict/religious parents, then he’d understand my life to a degree. And I thought through that we could grow closer. However, I forgot to remember one thing about him, and that was that he was white. Not only was he white, but he was rich as well. I thought that because of his situation, we’d relate by that wasn’t the case. And I think people need to realize this. It also made me think of the rampant racism in the lgbt+ community, and how many  members of color have faced racism from white lgbt+ like my former friend.

So like, my point is to understand that white people in marginalized groups (white lgbt+ and white women) aren’t automatically going to take your side. They are women, they are lgbt+ but they are white first. And we are fooling ourselves if we believe that by default, they’ll side with and want to listen to our struggles of racism

Day One Hundred And Thirty-Nine

-I came across evidence that someone tried to steal a fidget spinner, but stopped halfway and abandoned the crime. Assuming that they did not pass on from spin withdrawals, I am proud of them for working to kick their cramp-inducing addiction.

-A boy asked if he had to pay if he left the store without purchasing anything. His mother told him no, but I knew to keep my mouth shut. We find that we get the best results if our Hostage Protocol is kept a secret until discovered firsthand.

-A woman with heavy eye shadow, green feathered hair, and an AC/DC shirt came through with two kids, each her equal in style choices, confirming what I have long suspected. Punk is not dead. It has just been on maternity leave.

-Tonight, I scanned my first Halloween item of the year. It may only be mid-August, but I can already feel my seasonal powers growing.

-A young boy asked his mother for a movie, only to be promptly denied. He tried again, adding in a “please”, just to be once more shut down. He decided to make one last attempt, no holds bared, throwing out the big gun that we negotiation veterans refer to as the Super Please. He was told no again, but it cannot be said that his efforts went unrecognized.

-I was asked by a college student if there was a return policy on the school supplies for when she dropped out. The relief in her eyes when I let her know she had ninety days proved how deadly serious she was, earning her all of the respect I have in me to give.

-As a boy purchased a Nerf gun as tall as himself, he gave me some insight into his life. “With this gun, all you’ll be doing is this,” followed by a series of obscene hand gestures surprising to see performed in front of one’s grandparents.

All My Love


Word Count: 3,2k

”Shawn? Shawn? Are you even listening to me at all?” I muttered, glancing over at Shawn in the passenger seat. 

I turned down John Mayer’s calming voice singing to us through the stereo in the jeep. My eyes fell on Shawn slow enough for him to jerk up his head and quickly pop his eyes open again. Confused and sleepy. For short moment probably wondering where on earth he was. 

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anonymous asked:

So I’m not seeing TLJ until Tuesday but I accidentally saw some stuff on here that led me to read all the spoilers and find out what happened at the end and I completely thought it was hopeless but you’re saying it’s not as bad as it seems once we see it?? I need hope!

Rey and Kylo are basically at a stalemate. Neither is willing to cross over to the other’s side. Both are trying to lure the other to their side. Basically, the moment they touched, it was a moment of balance in the force and they had a vision where they see each other standing together, being together. But because they’re so entrenched in their views, Kylo thinks it means that Rey’s meant to rule beside him and Rey thinks it means that he can be turned back to the light. They’ve misinterpreted it and, to me, it seemed like they had one shared vision of balance and the journey in IX is them coming to realize that. 

Kylo takes on the role of Supreme Leader after Rey rejects him (rightfully) and it didn’t feel natural to me. The calm and somewhat peaceful demeanor he had with Rey throughout the movie is gone, he’s angry and hurting and trying to find purpose. He’s regressed back to TFA Kylo whose impulsive and lashes out. He tells the FO fighters to blast that piece of junk (the Falcon) out of the sky and when Luke tells him that Rey is the last Jedi, Kylo says that he’ll destroy her, too. His emotions have clouded his judgment and you can tell he’s unhinged at this point. He’s feeling betrayed and abandoned and it manifests in that rage. You’d think that it’d make me feel hopeless but there are a few moments in the last 20-30 minutes that are meant to give hope, in my opinion.

1) Luke’s line to Leia. During their reunion, Leia talks about how she was wrong about Kylo. That she’s truly lost her son and Luke tells her that he couldn’t save him but that nobody is truly lost. You don’t add a line like that in there if you’re not meant to sense that there is still hope there, even in the darkest moments. 

2) Luke’s interactions with Kylo. Basically implying that Kylo can’t deny who he is, that even if he tries to kill it…it’ll always be there. The “see you around, kid” which harkens on Han’s term of endearment for Luke and I’m sure was passed down to Ben, too. It felt like Luke might’ve understood something that Kylo didn’t get quite yet. Luke’s death felt like him coming to terms with what happened with Ben and finding peace in that. And Kylo hopefully coming to find peace, too.

3) “In order to win, we can’t kill what we hate, we have to save what we love.” Pretty much the running morale of the movie right here, summed up nicely by one Rose Tico. It offers a possible hint at what’s to come with the turmoil in Rey and Kylo’s relationship. Star Wars is about love and hope and this is the middle chapter. Resolution will come in IX and neither of them will be able to kill the other so something has to give.

4) The last moment between Kylo and Rey. This is the one that gives me the most hope, as weird as that is. It’s the first time we see the force bond since Snoke told Rey that he had manipulated it to trick her. Meaning that Snoke overestimated his power and that the bond is still there. Rey literally shuts the door in his face but it’s not that easy to sever a force bond and when you look at their faces, it’s so much more than Rey once again rejecting Kylo. Rey is disappointed and sad. She had hope that he could turn and he proved her wrong. Kylo…Kylo looks broken. Like he’s a lost boy and he’s regretting every decision he made. You can see the seeds of it in his expression that the power feels hollow. He holds Han’s dice in his hands, grasping for a sense of clarity, connecting to Rey and as she leaves, the dice disappear in his hand. His head bowed and on his knee. If he was meant to be the big bad in IX, they wouldn’t give us a scene like this.

5) The vision. It has to come to fruition, it’s as simple as that. What would be the point of putting that in there if it was meant to mean nothing? There’s a reason we didn’t see it and it’s because they’re both wrong in a sense. All from a certain point of view.

6) The lightsaber breaking. That was pretty heavy-handed there and plays into my headcanon that the force doesn’t want Kylo and Rey fighting. Them trying to pull the saber and having the force break it apart and separate them, it’s evocative of the snow fight and the force creating the chasm in the earth that stops Rey and Kylo from fighting. They’re just both really stubborn and this is the middle chapter. If it was all resolved now than what would be the point of IX? It hints at there being a bigger purpose for them. That their destiny is intertwined, not on opposite sides, but as the balance.