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Join us this Monday, May 29, in trending #MaggieMatters on twitter. 

From her first episode, Maggie has had such an important impact on so many people. We fell in love with her, as Alex did, we supported her, smiled with her, cried for her, and we want it to last. This is why it is now important to let everyone know just how much she means to all of us. Be loud, be loving, and share with the producers, writers, actors and official accounts what Maggie Sawyer means to you

We will be trending on Monday and we will make our voices heard on twitter. 

Here’s a list of people to send your stories to, as well as examples of tweets you can send and important things to keep in mind to ensure this trend is a success!

Important guidelines:

  • do NOT use the hashtag until the trending time, it would difficult our efforts. 
  • turn on your tweets location, if twitter can’t locate our tweets it won’t register as a worldwide trend 
  • be respectful, don’t antagonize the writers, producers, the cast and the crew
  • don’t forget to tag the writers and producers, as well as Floriana in some of your tweets. Let her know how and why Maggie is important to you. 
  • speak from the heart

Examples of tweets: 

  • #MaggieMatters because she helped me accept myself and be unapologetic about who I am and who I love
  • There’s so much left to explore regarding Maggie! Please keep her in the show for a long time #MaggieMatters
  • Maggie taught me that despite life’s hardships, you can come out stronger and kinder from it all #MaggieMatters

People to contact (writers, producers and crew) 

On Tuesday, Petra was lucky enough to have a conversation with Margaret Atwood about the sudden popularity of her dystopian classic The Handmaid’s Tale. You can hear that story here. But there was one thing that didn’t make it into the finished piece — a moment when Petra asked Atwood what she thought the next big trend would be in dystopian reading. According to Atwood, it won’t be a book.

“The question to be asked is, if somebody does write such a novel where will it be published?” she says. “I think we might go back to newspaper serials … Because events are evolving so fast it would almost take a serial form to keep up with them.”

One installment a week, Atwood says, and “I would make my narrator somebody from within one of the alt-Twitter handles that are popping up all over — as alternative Department of Justice, alternative Parks Department, alternative Education.” Someone inside the government, who’s risking their job to leak information to the public.

What’s The Next Big Dystopian Novel? Margaret Atwood Has Some Ideas

 Image: Jean Malek


Can y'all please help #Keith4StreetDreams trend on twitter. I really wanna see him act in this Nas biopic. My life would be complete ❣️

Let’s celebrate the Supergirl’s Valentine episode with a Sanvers trend!

Join us on twitter to tweet “Happy Sanvers Valentine” (without the # hashtag, this is very important!) one hour before the episode airs on Monday, February 20. Send some love to Chyler, Floriana and the crew. Share your favorite episodes, gifs, headcanons, etc. But, most of all, have fun, and make this trend! Please spread the word!

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