and trending on the twitters

For anyone who’s confused, this is all we know so far:

  • Ishida’s twitter has been deleted (his account was removed from my following list).
  • His account name, sotonami, is now protected, and the title says “Other”. The account was made in September 2016.
  • Also, the link to Penisman is broken, and his pixiv account is gone as well. Ishida’s tumblr is still there though.

Hopefully we find out what’s going on soon…

Evidence for gay Sirius Black:

  • Straight up ignored girls, despite getting loads of attention from them
  • Lived with Lupin in at least two different houses (‘lie low at Lupin’s’ and ‘Lupin, who was staying in the house with Sirius’)
  • Bought joint Christmas presents for his godson with a bloke
  • About clocked Snape for attacking Lupin
  • ‘Too busy being a rebel to settle down’ or alternatively ‘too busy just straight up loving men to get a wife/girlfriend’

Evidence for straight Sirius Black:

  • Had a poster on the wall of his childhood bedroom
  • ??
  • ???????
  • ??????????

Please guys spread the word and let’s make this work! We need to show Hoseok our love and appreciation for him! 


❗❗❗We are looking for a Korean translator who could translate the project info for K-ARMYs! It’s really important to get the message across to South Korea especially so we’ll have more chance for Hoseok seeing the # so if anyone can help us, send me a message. Thank you! ❗❗❗

Let’s celebrate the return of Supergirl with a Sanvers trend!

Join us on twitter to tweet #SanversIsBack one hour before the episode airs on Monday, january 23. Send some love to Chyler, Floriana and the crew. Share your favorite episodes, gifs, headcanons, etc. But, most of all, have fun, and make this trend! Please spread the word! 

I get where all those posts and tweets are coming from about wanting to drive down ratings, DVR playbacks, tweets, and feedback about the inauguration are coming from. It’s a well-intentioned place. I too would love to see Trump explode because the ratings were not what he wanted and that he’s not trending, and he would too, if such things were possible.

But I don’t think at this point it’s possible to make a significant protest out of this. Too many people on either side of the aisle are going to be tuning in either out of support, morbid curiosity, latent horror, etc. Too many people are going to refuse to look away from this train wreck happening before their eyes. (Also unless you DVR it or have a Nielsen box, your watching it on TV doesn’t matter anyway)

But more than that, the time to ignore Donald Trump has already ended. The time to ignore Donald Trump and kill his ratings was during the campaign when he held no office and was a complete joke candidate. He should have been ignored before he became the nominee.

But now we can’t ignore Donald Trump ever, ever again, not until his entire empire has been eliminated. We have to keep our eyes on him more than ever before and say, “We see you.” We have to be ready to criticize him and oppose him at every turn. Because it doesn’t matter anymore if you pretend he doesn’t exist - he’s still going to be the president.

The inauguration may feel like just a meaningless pageant so there’s no harm in not discussing it online. But we know by now that Trump’s rallies have been dangerous; even his only press conference as president-elect was dangerous. If we don’t talk about it, loudly oppose it, he gets away with every awful thing that happens there. His supporters will keep it trending anyway.

Meaningful protest is when actual people invited to the inauguration, like politicians, talent, and scores of other people, do not show up. THAT is what will truly hurt him. It’s a visible statement that can’t be skewed or misinterpreted. Meaningful protest will be tens of thousands, hopefully hundreds of thousands of people attending the Women’s March on Washington protests happening all over the nation on Saturday. Please consider attending one of those, and please openly oppose Trump online on Inauguration Day to drown out his supporters and any media that tries to normalize this nightmarish thing happening.

#GrowingUpWithStrictParents Problems Explained By Twitter Users
  • Always deleting text messages in case they take away your phone.
  • Telling your friends your parents said no without even asking cause you know it would have been a no anyway.
  • Rehearsing how you’re going to ask to go out somewhere.
  • When you’re telling a funny story, but it turns into a lecture…
  • When your mom says yes you can go out and when you come back home she starts lecturing you.
  • Standing outside my mom’s room trying to find the courage to ask her something.
  • Making sure all your friends know the story you’re telling your parents so they don’t get suspicious.
  • They complain about you being home all the time, but say no when you ask to go out.
  • Seeing someone have a sleepover with their boyfriend/girlfriend like… HOW?!
  • When your friends make last minute plans and you can’t go because it takes two business days to convince your parents.
  • Where are you going? Who’s gonna be there? Are there going to be adults there? Let me talk to their parents.
  • When you go out and your parents text you every 5 minutes to make sure you’re still alive…
  • Dating is not a thing.