and treat you like an actual person

hey heres some things you should never fucking do:

- Romanticize mental illness.

- Treat someone’s mental illness like a joke.

- Pretend you have a mental illness.

- Seriously dont fucking pretend you have one, its unbearably destructive to the people who actually have a mental illness.

- Tell someone their mental illness isnt valid.

- Never target someone’s triggers, no matter how angry you are.

- Just please be a decent fucking person when it comes to anyone’s mental illness

listen i get you all think you’re entitled to controlling the content an artist posts because you followed them for posting art from a certain fandom or something but like… just a quick fyi that artists don’t have to keep drawing and drawing things YOU like for YOU to be happy… 

like i will never understand why people get so mad and actually fucking message artists saying ‘why are you drawing X draw X instead to make ME happy’ or any variant honestly the happiness and well-being of an artist comes before pleasing fans and if you were actually fucking supportive of them and cared about them for anything other than pumping out art that pertains to your specific interests and not just a greedy shit who thinks an artist owes you whatever the fuck you want just because you follow them maybe you would start treating someone as an actual fucking person with a life instead of an art machine to cater to you. god


Yeah so given the cynical view of $$$earn money$$$$$quick!!!$$$ posts that have been going around, this is probably poorly timed, BUT!

I just wanted to make a lil post and give y’all a rundown of some of the apps and websites I use to earn giftcards and cash, and I promise, only one of them is a survey site. PROMISE. I’m only posting these here because I’ve used them for a while and really, genuinely like them. Every one of them here I’ve personally redeemed prizes from, as well, and can vouch for their trustworthiness.

This is how Kat treats herself! I save up a good handful of gift cards and either treat myself to something small once in a while, or go on a little mini shopping spree. (On a related note, if you could click the referral links/use the referral codes here, that would be great. Not all of them have referral links, because, like I said, they’re only here because I actually really like them and I’m not just out here trying to $$make cash dollars$$, but the ones that do are clickable. Just puttin that out there)

Without further ado, and in no particular order:

Shopkick (App):

By far one of my favorites. Redeem points for walking into stores, scanning items, and if you link your credit card, for spending money. Redeem for gift cards! I’ve redeemed over $150 in Target gift cards so far. I love Shopkick, no joke. It’s super easy and actually pretty fun. I LOVE SHOPKICK. I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t mean it, this one’s my favorite, I think. Rewards:

We get it, Microsoft, you really, really want Bing to happen.

If you sign up for Bing rewards, all you have to do is search and earn points to redeem for gift cards. It’s a quick thing you can do every day and you can rack up a decent amount of points pretty quickly. There are different ‘levels’, and once you get to gold level, you get a discount on the prize redemption score, so I recommend getting to gold as quick as you can. There’s always extra things to click on every day, in addition to the searches you can do. Two searches=1 point, and usually what I do is hover over the tabs on the search page, click an option, click into the search bar, and click on as many different auto-finishes as I can. Rinse, lather repeat. So far I’ve redeemed over $60 in amazon gift cards. I’ll save em up till I get $35, and then I spend them on Amazon and get free shipping, since (most) orders over $35 on Amazon ship free. Not a penny out of pocket!


Influenster isn’t exactly all about instant gratification, but the payoff is great. You sign up and they’ll send you products to try and review. Not just samples, either; full sized products, and some of them are totally awesome. You tell them about your lifestyle and preferences and stuff and they select you for voxboxes you qualify for.

It may take a little while to get your first voxbox, but the more you do, the more boxes you get. The only thing you’re required to do is to fill out the post-testing survey. Everything else (like posting pics, vlogs, etc) is bonus points, which can get you some extra prizes/boxes.

I’ve gotten tons of makeup to try, some food, cleaning products, hair products.. all kinds of things. It’s a lot of fun, too.


I know, I know, the name is awful.

Swagbucks is basically one of those survey sites, but with a lot more tacked on. Redeem points for prizes, the usual. But you can earn points not only with surveys, but also by watching videos, shopping online, and browsing different websites. I’ll leave the video playlists running on my computer while I clean and earn points that way. No-brainer! I’ve only redeemed my points on there once, but that’s because I’m saving up to get a big chunk all at once. But I can confirm that the gift cards come through no problemo!

Receipt Hog (App)

All ya do is take pictures of your receipts and earn coins. That’s it! I have redeemed giftcards and can confirm that they work! Did I mention that you can get Paypal gift cards? So, y’know, basically cash??? HEL-lo. 

Ibotta (App)

‘Clip’ rebates before you go the store, buy participating items, scan the receipt, earn cash! That easy. And again, Paypal gift cards, so basically cash. Pretty sweet. A lot of the time they’re sponsored/name brand products, but they frequently have generic items, like a gallon of milk, carton of eggs, etc. Easy to use, well designed! Do me a solid and use my referral code if you sign up, yeah? (qoqakxp)


Online clothing consignment shop! They sell name-brand preowned clothes at good prices, in nice condition, and in all sorts of sizes. If you use my link to sign up, you get $20 to spend (up from $10) no strings attached! Like, I signed up with someone’s link and used the $10 they gave me to buy a cute leopard print cardigan and didn’t spend a penny of my own money.

You can also send them clothes that they’ll pay you for, which is cool, and they have a pretty solid return policy. (Also pretty sure they’re affiliated with amazon?? so there’s that)

Walmart Savings Catcher (App):

I feel like everybody and their brother already knows about this one, but just in case: All ya gotta do is scan your walmart receipts and earn cash back if they find a lower price at a competitor’s store. Simple as that. Takes two seconds.

Cartwheel (App): 

Coupon app for Target! They’ve got some pretty good deals on there, and sometimes they’re awesome, like an additional 30% off of clearance items. Yes, please!

mPLUS Places and PUNCHCARD (Apps):

Two apps that sort of go hand-in-hand. Your points are totaled between the two. With mPLACES, you check in at stores and restaurants etc. for coins, open prize boxes near you on a map, such and such. A more complicated version of ShopKick, basically. Punchcard is kind of like receipt hog, but again a little more complicated. You start up a ‘punchcard’ for the places you visit regularly and scan your receipts to earn coins.

I think that’s it for now! I’ll add more if I think of/find any! Anybody else, feel free to add to it!

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I just really hope this doesn't end up like last time you got really popular in a gaming fandom with your AU. You know how bad it got where people still think your AU as actual canon and shit. HOpefully the undertale fanbase is smarter than you know who.

I’m pretty sure the UT fandom is smarter than that other fandom.

besides, UT has canon characters with canon personalities while the other had nothing but canon names. So it’d be easy to see what is canon and what is an AU in UT.

The only drama I ever see in the UT Fandom is about Frisk and Chara’s gender and Asgore being treated like shit by the fandom LOL

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okay but like A she's a grown woman and doesn't need you defending her B a lot of people are uncomfortable with a lot of things, she's a actress and in this day and age if you don't expect some kind of interaction with fans who enjoy your work you're just delusional C calling someone mom/dad is not offensive it's meant to be a joke but if she doesn't like it then of course people should stop but stop trying to make it that deep when it's not

Ok, stop it right there. No one is entitled to treat any person however the hell they want. If they are actors or not they still deserve respect and whether calling names is a joke or not it’s not funny for some people, it’s actually creepy. So again, she is a young woman who clearly wants to keep her privacy and if they are real fans they will back off and be respectful of the person’s wishes and stop demanding her stuff and sending weird messages. She is an adult and can clearly take care of herself, however, that won’t stop me from reminding people that they are humans and they can be uncomfortable with some attitudes of the fandom.

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Hi! I love your blind!Kara au and was wondering if you thought weither he just has nightmares of the event or would it be like borderline PTSD? Also you mentioned they would treat him the same but would Karamatsu still act the same himself?

Personally, I see it as PTSD. His nightmares doesn’t actually involve the incident, but rather the aftermath of the incident when he was alone while losing his sight. He had to experience his world go dark alone, and even though he tried to call for help, it was hard when he felt numb with fear and panic. His nightmares revolve around him losing his sight and being alone in the dark, and no one comes for him, no matter how much he cries out. The worst part is that sometimes he can’t tell if he’s awake or dreaming because everything is dark now. That’s why he ends up calling out for his brothers or grabbing them when he wakes up.

Sometimes when he’s not surrounded by his brother and it’s too quiet, he has flashbacks and that really scares him because then when it gets to the scary part and he cries out for his brothers, sometimes they’re not there and he breaks down. His parents probably come in at that point to calm him down. 

For the most part, he acts the same, though at first the others could tell he’s not as cheery as he use to be. But as time goes on, Kara learns how to cope better and starts to feel normal again, though he does have relapses sometimes. 

Now or Never (Bias x Reader) Pt.14

You weren’t going to go to the concert. But the tickets were already bought and just because you met them didn’t mean you couldn’t see them perform in person. So you went, not liking how the fans were treating B/N, so you cheered extra loud. When he started speaking, some girls beside you started booing. A simply sidestep made her shut up and grab her foot in pain. You don’t apologize when she looks at you.

“I bet she’s ugly,” you hear another girls say in front of you, “That’s why they gave a picture of her like that, couldn’t get a good photo,” You actually laugh out loud.

“It might not even be true. They didn’t get a photo of them together,” you resist saying anything.

You were about to leave, but you paid for the whole package. You shake the member’s hands, them looking at you odd. But with your face mask on, they couldn’t really tell. B/N on the other hand, his eyes nearly pop out of his head. He signs the paper and you walk away, finally breathing easy. 

He wrote for you not to leave yet, so you wait outside of the venue. About an hour later, after you’ve bought coffee and some pastries, B/N calls you to the dressing room. It’s just him and and his manager, so you leave Kara outside as you speak to them. 

“Who is this?” he asks B/N.

“I’m Y/N,” you greet his manager formerly and respectfully, holding out the food you bought. Not expecting it, his face relaxes a bit, thanking you. 

B/N releases a breath, “She’s the friend I was talking about,” You finally remove your mask and the manager takes a seat, rubbing his temples. 

“Are you dating him?” he asks. 


He clasps his hands, “Let me rephrase. If I see photos of you two, will I be surprised at the state of your ‘friendship’?”

At that you bite your lip, looking to B/N to talk, “We dated but we broke up,”

“For how long?”

He looks at his shoes, “A week,” 

The manager leans back in his chair, holding his face. You look at B/N, wondering why he said it. He’ll probably think of your relationship as a joke. 

“You guys can’t see each other, it will completely destroy his career. I know they do things differently where you’re from, but here, they not only get at the celebrity, they will destroy you too,” 

“What about that FT Island guy?” B/N says, “He stood his ground, told his fans to leave if they didn’t like him dating,” 

His manager shakes his head, “Hongki has always been like that so it’s nothing new. He does what he wants. You on the other hand…it’s not just about you. It’s your members too,”

B/N falls silent so you step in, “I’m leaving in three days. It’ll be as if it never happened,” 

He scoffs, taking a sip of the coffee you bought, “I wish this tasted bad so I could have a reason to dislike you,” He starts to eat the food as well, “So you two broke up. What are you now? You seem to be on good terms,” 

“We’ll remain as friends,” 

“And what if she comes back. What then?” 

“Then…” B/N looks at you, “We’ll just remain as friends.”

You suppress a sigh, but nod. This is the way it has to be. Who knows. Maybe you’ll be those two people who have no choice but to remain as friends, no matter how deep your feelings run. The thought makes you want to cry.

The manager nods, looking at you, “Sorry you had to experience this. But it’s either you or his career,” You know the logical answer would be to choose his career since he just met you, but it’s human selfishness. You want to be chosen. Why couldn’t he have both?

“I understand,” And you did, even though you didn’t want to. 

B/N was glad she brought food, since that was the one way to get his manager to calm down. Once the conversation ends, he leaves the two of them in the room, making this their goodbye. Five seconds after he exits the room, he embraces her, knowing she was about to cry.

He holds her, but she doesn’t cry. She sighs heavily into his shoulder before releasing him, “I’m glad you came. You must’ve bought the tickets a while back,” he says.

She nods, “I don’t like wasting money. I hope this dies down soon. I don’t like them treating you this way,” 

He nods, “It could’ve been worse,” They could’ve egged him. Or given them a black ocean. He can’t imagine his members going through that. She sits down, “I won’t get jealous if you date other guys,” he blurts out. He’s not sure why he even said that, of course he’d be jealous. The thought of someone having what he couldn’t have. But he wants her to know that she has to move on and that he has to be okay with it.

“I expect you to date also,” she says. 

“Will you get jealous?” he teases. 

“It’ll be plastered all over the news. Guess I’ll just avoid Korean media,” her voice sounds lifeless.

He takes her hand, “Whoever you find next, I have one condition. You cannot do the heart dance for them. Ever,” 

She smiles, “Okay,”

“Speaking of, could you do it again?” when she shakes her head, he shakes the chair, “Please,”

She sighs and stands up. He sits in the chair and watches her, hands under his chin like a child.

She’s just as shy as before when she blows the kisses to him. He catches them dramatically. When she starts tossing him hearts, he clutches his chest. Finally, when he thinks she’s covering her face and laughing from embarrassment, he realizes that she’s crying. 

He takes a moment to go to her because he knows it’s hard. He holds her, burying his face in her neck. 

“I really don’t cry for everything. I don’t cry at all but-” 

“Shh,” he rubs her back, resting his cheek against her head, “It’s okay,” 

She wipes her face and the sight of her this disheveled gnaws at his heart. If only he didn’t pursue her. 

“I’m not sorry I met you,” and he wasn’t. She looks up at him and he rubs her cheek tenderly. He smooths her hair, taking in all of her features so he won’t forget. He kisses her then, as if he’ll never get this chance again. And she hugs him, holding onto him tightly as if she’ll never see him again.

The part with Hongki from FT Island telling his fans off about him dating is actually true. Boy is savage. I love him.

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when hisoka says that he's actually quite shy, do you believe it? half of me is like "well why would he lie about that" but the other half of me is like "isn't that a stupid question... why would he lie about anything"

ohhh i actually really love thinking about this! i do think hisoka is actually a very shy person. i mean, looking at his behavior you;d automatically assume hes not but when you delve a little deeper its pretty obvious that he doenst really know how to talk to people outside of a fighting context. illumi is his only “friend” and even that is sorta suspect since illumi doesnt treat him like one (theyre fight buddies who chill and have drinks together). plus when in public settings, hisoka is always off on his own, playing with his cards. hes not trying to make eye contact or engage with those around him, hes doing the hisoka equivalent of playing on his cellphone in the grocery store line to avoid having to talk to people. even around the PT hes still off on his own and only talks to them when they directly talk to him. machi seems to be the only one he really has outside interactions with and for her thats under duress, so it could be that shes the only one hisoka will willingly talk to (aside from chrollo) because maybe he just isnt comfortable enough around the others to be all that talkative.

of the people we actually see him interacting with, its usually those he thinks are good fighters and people he wants to ultimately kill. i dont think hisoka knows how to interact with people outside of that sort of relationship so its really hard for him to be extroverted. plus when he does actually talk to people, like gon and killua, its obviously very heavy handed with the innuendo and hisoka-isms which leads me to believe he probably isnt all that sociable since he really seems to have trouble holding conversations that arent ultimately going to devolve into him moaning and wanting to fight.

so in summation, yeah, i do think hisoka is actually a shy little bird. its just hard to see it behind his flagrant displays when he is talking to people

[[ Dear god please understand that almost no real people who are actually psychotic or have the kinds of personality disorders that make up what’s commonly known as “psychopathy” are actually killers or anything like Jhin (or Jinx for that matter) at all. 

The “killers” that you hear of irl are so few and far between. Please please please understand this. So many people who are psychotic or have those certain kinds of personality disorders suffer terribly because of false perceptions and how people treat these subjects because of how media portrays them. Do not contribute to the abuse of the mentally ill by buying into these common and horrid perceptions. 

Please. ]]

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(I think I sent this before but it got deleted since you had to clean out the ask box so I'm just sendin it again sorry if this is spammy) So anyway my question is for you mun, and that's how come you treat Frisk like a smol goat with no power? I mean it's totes your blog and ideas for these characters, but idk since Frisk is the one that went through a ridiculously hostile, unknown environment sparing monsters that tried to kill them and saving a whole race I can't see them as a soft kid, y'kno

….I actually hadn’t received this question before.. Maybe tumblr ate it
The game doesn’t show much about Frisk’s personality most of the time. There’s nothing to say that they’re not scared. Not afraid of dying again. Who even knows what Frisk is thinking? Yeah, maybe they can kick some ass, but do they want to? What if they actually wanted to hit that first Froggit with a stick? I don’t know, man.

Frisk can be a sweet or a bad child and it depends on us too!!!
My Frisky froo is just the way I like to see them..

Ten - Carl Grimes

(I hate you tumblr for making me rewrite this. you make me furious)

Y/N and Carl managed to escape to walls of Alexandria for a while. Together, they trekked through the forest, their feet crunching on the earth floor beneath them. They walked in silence, both thinking about how much they hated Alexandria.
They hated the way people pitied them, treating them like they were made of glass. They hated the way only a few people actually knew what the world outside was like. They hated the way no one could ever understand the amount of grief the kids’ group had gone through.

“I swear to God, if one more person asks me ‘how I’m feeling’ or telling me that 'there is a safe place to talk’ I will personally feed them to the walkers.” Y/N joked, breaking the silence. Carl snickered.

“At least no one asks you if they can take Judith so 'you can take your mind off things’. I’m not stupid, I know the only reason they want to hold her is because everyone is too scared to have babies in this kind of world.” He added.

“Hey now, let’s not try to one up each other because I’ll win. All the women keep asking me if 'I’ve gotten it yet’ and 'if I know what to do’. It’s weird and none of their business.” Y/N faked a gagging sound.

“Gotten what- EW! They actually ask you that?” Y/N nodded, and Carl didn’t even think about trying to top that, because there is no way he could. So once again, silence fell upon them. They walked for a while, then finally, Carl spoke up. “Okay let’s play a game. It’s called, 'Never Will I Ever’. Basically I say something and you have to say the odds you do it, between one and ten. It sounds lame, but it kills time.”

“Okay, sounds fun! You go first.” Y/N told him.

“Hmm, okay never will I ever eat a live worm.” Carl said.

“Five, but that’s only if I’m hungry.” Y/N laughed. “Alright, never will I ever bash a walker’s face in with a rock!”

“Eight, definitely eight.” Carl nodded at his decision. “Never will I ever… kiss Carl in the woods.” He joked.

“Ten.” Y/N said, straight faced. Carl’s eyes went wide.

“W-Wait, are you serious?” He asked. Y/N leaned in closer to Carl’s face. She could feel his breathing hitch. Carl grabbed her cheeks lightly and pressed his lips to hers. Y/N snaked her arms around his neck and gently pushed him against a tree. Their lips moved in sync. And for one moment they had forgotten about their burning hatred for the people of Alexandria, about the on going apocalypse, and about what the future holds.

“Yeah, definitely a ten.”

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Actually, asking how an interviewer treated you/ talked during a documentary isn't a bad thing to ask. I don't necessarily see that as a phandom wyd thing. It's more along the lines of, asking did the person make you feel comfortable and not make things awkward, imo. It's a good thing to know for any future people he may interview. They can look at that and feel a sense of security maybe? But the other stuff, I'm just like @phandom stop pls.

dude yeah i guess that’s still alright but mentioning phil is still just /cry/

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Why do you think Farrah kept saying she didn't want her mom watching Sophia? I feel like she's alluding to her mother abusing RX drugs and won't actually come out and say it.

I think it’s just because Farrah is a hateful person and she knows that the way to really hurt her mother is by not letting her be around Sophia. Farrah thrives on being downright nasty to everyone, and at this point, her parents are the only people around her who she can treat like shit because they’ll always stick by her side. Maybe there’s also a part of Farrah that’s threatened by Sophia’s relationship with Debra. Debra and Michael have pretty much raised Sophia from the get go, so Sophia probably has a stronger bond with Debra.

i’ve been putting this off and putting this off but i need to ask my doctor if i can/should switch to crutches because its been more and more painful to get around, and reminder that one of my painkillers is currently doubled

im just really really unhappy, and ugh i hate talking ab my Emotions™ this was but like this is why my blog and my online life is really important to me. for other spoonies too because for me personally this lets me live a dream i’ll never have. i’m appreciated and validated here. and i can pretend that everyone (the ablebodied ppl esp) would still treat me the same, would actually cater to me if we met irl.

like i wanna belive that some of y’all are that kind of people. i know its not true because unless you live like this - you dont wanna cater, you don’t wanna find places for me to sit and its my fault for not asking when its largely uncomfortable for me to ask.

im honestly just tired of all the people who were friends with me to look good. to use the elevator and then just toss me aside afterwards. im tired of this. and the next time i see a post by an ablebodied that says “my anxiety is crippling!” im gonna beat someone upside the head

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Funny how their method of trying to instil your silence is your kick to being more determined than ever. "I hate being treated like I’m a fucking moron" is absolutely perfect - cheers to you, and cheers to fighting back. We're with you every step of the way.

I honestly do not know what they thought would happen. I don’t want to toot my own horn, but given the amount of traffic to Buzzfeed I was able to generate in a week, did they not think I could grab people’s attention again if said content was inexplicably taken down? 

The first person to step in to try and help me is just someone who follows my actual blog/website and saw my post on Twitter. They hadn’t heard a thing about 1D but now he’s like, ‘I want to read the rest of these articles!’ 

If they were trying to draw more suspicion to this entire debacle, then they’ve certainly succeeded. It’s so aggressively shambolic that I sometimes feel like that must be what’s actually going on. 

Anyway, thank you so much for your message! x

Look I’m not one to bash on people’s ships, but could I get an explanation on the appeal of Reylo or whatever the Kylo Ren/Rey ship is? Because it honestly makes no sense to me.

Rey: “You killed the only person outside of Finn and BB-8 to actually treat me like a human being instead of some lowly scavenger, and even after calling you a monster straight to your face and you going off and nearly killing my other friend, I TOTALLY think we should fuck!”

Like ???????!!!? What??!!

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My crush and I are friends with benefits and he's just the most amazing person in the world. He's the only person to ever love me and actually care about not hurting me and he doesn't use me for my body. He admires my passion for things and he treats me like a human being. Having someone who can understand me that way is so important to me. I'm going to confess to him on Valentine's Day, he knows how I feel already and he has a boyfriend but he's polyamorous. I'm just worried he"ll hate me

ohmy ! best of luck to you I hope all goes well and I’m sure it will ! sending good vibes :–)

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stiles kind of was always like that with malia. sort of like a teacher or something? i actually like that in a platonic way but when they were together romantically it rubbed me the wrong way because you shouldn't be acting like that towards your girlfriend imo. their was a big maturity inbalance. they weren't equals. i don't even think that malia should have dated anyone in season 4. their relationship was kind of off putting to me because emotionally she was still a kid.

I agree. Stiles is a really condescending person and he needs to be with someone who he either treats as an equal or even looks up to a little bit. Like, you know the HIMYM concept that in every relationship there’s a reacher or a settler? Stiles felt like he was the Settler with Malia, I think, and whoa did it show. 

And you know what? It’s not cool to treat your partner like that.