and trashed a temple

We have builders just outside our office, and my co-worker turns to me and asks “do lesbians have a thing for women in uniform like we do for men?”..








To bring the “Defenders-landing-in-some-trash” joke full circle, not only should they land in the trash as a group but someone should say something like, “Let’s go take out the trash” before fighting some Hand ninja. 

Three years of build-up for a corny one-liner, I’d die of happiness. 

Also, if someone’s going to say the shitty pun, it’d most likely be Danny. Like, I can see Danny saying, “Let’s go take out the trash”, followed up by Luke saying, “Sweet Christmas, Danny,” followed up by Jessica rolling her eyes and Matt snickering. Then Danny, Luke and Jess look at Matt because he hasn’t cracked a smile since the miniseries started and Matt just says, “What? It was funny, don’t judge me.” 

  • Wash: The Reds and Blues will come looking!
  • Temple: The Reds and Blues will be dead before they even miss you.
  • Temple: And since you two are frozen and no one can hear you, there's nothing stopping me from dating your boyfriend!
  • Wash: Wait what?
  • Temple: You heard me.
  • Wash: Oh please, Tucker isn't my boyfriend.
  • Temple: How did you know I was talking about him?
  • Wash: ...fuck.
  • Carolina: You tried, Wash.
  • Temple: Tucker may be thinking of you now, but tonight, he's gonna be screaming my name; and tomorrow night, and the night after. And the two of you are gonna stay frozen here to hear it all until you die~
  • Wash:
  • Carolina: Did you just shit yourself?
  • Wash: He's scary, okay?

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Anakin Skywalker

For unpopular opinion? I don’t think Anakin was as much of a human disaster as he is often portrayed as in fic. He was a competent and well-liked general who was raising an emotionally adjusted padawan. He may not have gotten along with his superiors or Jedi peers, but he was able to maintain a largely healthy relationship with his wife (until the very end) and command the respect of his men. In fic, especially of the Obikin variety, he gets portrayed as someone who fails at basic life-skills and relies on Obi-Wan for everything from killing spiders to fixing his many fuck-ups, but let’s be real. Of the two of them, Anakin is the one who grew up as a slave on a desert hell planet and built a functioning pod racer out of trash while Obi-Wan was raised in a cushy, all-accommodations included temple. If anyone doesn’t know how to cook, clean or deal with spiders, it’s him. Also, eight times out of ten in the Clone Wars and the films, it’s Anakin rescuing Obi-Wan, not the other way around. Obviously, Anakin isn’t perfect and could use all the therapy, but he’s not the complete fuck-up he’s often portrayed as.

Anakin’s biggest problem is that he lacks the skills to deal with big stresses. By the time RotS rolls around, his support system is is shot. His padawan and most trusted men are gone, his relationships with his dueling mentors are strained, and his wife may be dying. The Republic is crumbling, his dreams are getting worse, everyone wants something, and no one is offering any sort of help except evil uncle Palpatine. Anakin makes a series of increasingly shitty decisions over the course of the film, but the point is that they were atypical for him.

Unpopular Opinion Meme

york and temple have the fact that they both refused to tell carolina why they think she’s wrong and when she wants an explanation they both chose to attack her in common so basically everyone is lowkey in love with temple but tan


D&D in Toronto RIDES AGAIN!!!

My home group in Toronto got back together after a six month or so absence while one of our players was in training. They decided they wanted to play Tomb of Annihilation, which I’m already real stoked on.

Problem is, I haven’t received my copy of the book yet.

So…I wrote a custom 5000+ word adventure based on what information @dndwizards has made available about ToA, Chult, and Port Nyanzaru. Is that overkill? Maybe, but it worked out fantastically.

The adventure was called “The Well of Everlasting Wellness”, and it incorporated a bunch of the plant monsters from the Gardens level of Maze of the Blue Medusa, which fit the themes of Chult perfectly. Essentially, ‘A Merchant Prince’s well of curative fresh water goes dry suddenly, and he has promised others a temporary solution to the death curse which he can no longer deliver on. He’ll pay the PC’s handsomely to solve the problem…which turns out to be…that the well leads to a once-flooded demon temple. Now the demons are back and the temple’s been drained, and the PC’s need to defeat them and re-flood the temple/well’. 

I also used my trash elf Rose Royce and @parisianqueen‘s Prianna Rein as NPC’s who ran an inn for adventurers. Both of them have died and been resurrected before, so both of them have the Death Curse and were eager to help my players out in their quest to find a solution to it.

My players seemed to really like them, which made me very happy.

What We Do Best (Part 5)

: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warnings: violence (not too detailed)

A/N: Does anyone who watches Agents of Shield remember Ward’s twisted logic??    😤 Sorry I’ve been slow on the writing.

Masterlist here | Part 1  | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 (previous)

“How did no one even notice until now?!” Steve roared. “Tony, you work with her. Did she not come in today?”

He paced the floor, angry at HYDRA, at the other Stark Industries employees… but mostly at himself and everyone else for not noticing you had been missing for a day now. When you hadn’t come home again he assumed you were busy again, and wanted to give you space. What a mistake that was.

“It’s not like I see her 24/7… My question is how the hell was she kidnapped?!” Tony shook his head, staring at the paused screen of the video message HYDRA had sent.

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because YES, Anakin Skywalker absolutely CANNOT BE RAISED LIKE A NORMAL JEDI. He remembers his mother! He LOVES his mother! He has crisis-forged emotional attachments to people who know NOTHING about the Force or the Jedi code, and he knows absolutely nothing about life in the temple while simultaneously knowing a FUCKTON more about life outside it than a normal nine year-old would be expected to handle. He has pride and fear and DRASTICALLY SKEWED EMOTIONAL NEEDS, compared to what any traditionally-educated crechemaster or instructor is used to handling in their typical baby Jedi. 

(and yeah we gotta read-more this one, I guess, sorry mobile users :X)

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SidonxReader (Promises Pt1)

Pairing: Prince Sidon x Reader (LoZ:BotW)
Genre: Romance???lolwhatelseareukiddinme

Summary: The first time Prince Sidon was allowed…no asked to travel further away from his home than ever before. And for no less reason than to find help to save his people from a threat that his father had yet to explain to him!
With only a small silver crest, a map and his best friend Link he makes his way to the first temple in order to remind the goddess herself of a long forgotten promise. What he finds there is not what he expected.

((Pls tell me if you want more))

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headcanon where genji is a morning bird

young genji just loves the idea of owning the world, that ethereal silence that comes after the night that makes the world look like a lake he can disturb at any moment. he wakes up before everyone else because the world is his and he loves waking everyone up with a bang so he’s the first thing they see in the morning. mornings make him the king of the world. he doesn’t like the stillness of sleep and looks forward for every single day and what he’s to do with them.

blackwatch genji wakes up before everyone else because the silence is more comfortable than that of the night. there’s no darkness that his nightmares can shape, and there’s something comforting in the rays of the sun despite their lack of physical warmth. it makes him feel as though time is stopped, but he doesn’t feel like he owns anything much anymore. the dew on his metallic limbs feels weird. he can’t feel it. he misses the cold of the water on his skin.

nomad genji always travels in the morning while everyone is asleep. while he loved letting everyone know he was awake before, now he uses that time to leave before he could tie any bonds with the people who welcome him in their house. everyone’s asleep, and no one will notice him. the streets are empty, but there’s the smell of bread and tea and coffee that fill the air. he might seek alone time and peace, but it doesn’t mean he wants to feel lonely and inexistent. else he’d leave during the night. mornings mean that the day is beginning and that the world’s still going with its routine. life still exists around him and he wants to be part of it.

post-zenyatta genji still wakes up right before dawn. he doesn’t want to own the world anymore, but he likes the idea that the world owns him. he’s part of it, regardless of what he is, or what he looks like. the world still wants him to be part of its hive because he’s still alive, and the heart that beats in his chest is still very much human. the dew that piles up on the metal of his armour is quite like the trees and the stones where birds sit to use the water in the morning before chirping joyfully. he thinks it’s not so bad that he doesn’t feel the cold or the heat because the sight from the snowy roof of the nepal temple is beautiful.