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Just had a dream I was reading excerpts from the Book of Mythicality and they were talking about all the recent changes to GMM, starting EB back etc. And then they were like, “now we’re going to change the wheel again, because a huge portion of your suggestions seemed to be trying to get us to kiss in various ways, and we’ve decided kissing is nbd, plus it’s pretty interesting, so now we’ll end every episode with some type of kiss suggestion from you.”

Little Laughingstock AU

Character A used to have a best friend, Character B, but the two drifted apart for one reason or another. One day, someone starts sending old videos to everyone at school – videos Character A and Character B made when they were little and uploaded to the Internet.

With some kids simply having a laugh over the videos and others are being rude and tormenting the old friends relentlessly, the two find themselves feeling oddly nostalgic. So in a big middle finger to their rude peers, Character A and Character B decide to make another video – one starring their tormentors.

that sits
hardening on my chest
to breathe, yet I do
This melancholy not mine
This inexplicable torment, lament
Not borne of my own psyche
It’s yours and I know it
I should shrug it off
Yet I bear it, I carry it with me
In the hopes it eases off you
This esoteric bloodletting
I’d be happy to be burden
If it means, if it transcendentally applies,
you can breathe just a bit better tonight

Under one roof

Fandom: Harry Potter
Character(s): Fred, reader, the Malfoys and the Weasleys
Warning(s): None
Requested by:Anon-Reader is a Malfoy and was secretly dating Fred and Lucius found out and disowned her. Years later Reader and Fred’s daughter is tormenting Scorpius, she had overheard her parents saying that Scorpius is her cousin, causing the Malfoys and Weasleys to get involved. Fluffy ending? Sorry, couldn’t fully remember the original request. Thank you. 
Writer: Asteria
Word count:1,218
A/N: We’re just gonna pretend that Fred it alive….haha…pain. Gonna name the daughter Hanna in this. Also I am so sorry it took so long to post.

You and Fred had been sent an owl from your father- Lucius Malfoy- about meeting him and your brother at Hogwarts, in the headmistress’ office because your daughter and her cousin, Scorpius was there because she had been teasing him about things that he wouldn’t enclose in the letter to you.

You had also received an owl from Minevra McGonagall, also informing you that you and Fred are needed at Hogwarts because of a serious matter that includes Scorpius and Hanna.

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{Poseidon Apollo Hestia Hades}

| POSEIDON| do you prefer the ocean or land?
T H E   O C E A N  let us plunge into the mystery of things.
 [btw i’m almost sure that my first url was “the-ungraspable-phantom-of-life”, because I was so fixated on that excerpt from Moby Dick that says: “Narcissus … because he could not grasp the tormenting, mild image he saw in the fountain, plunged into it and was drowned. But that same image we ourselves see in all rivers and oceans. It is the image of the ungraspable phantom of life; and this is the key to it all.”

| APOLLO | what are some of your favourite pieces of poetry?
already answered but here you have another ten:
the broken heart - john donne
the dead heart - anne sexton
the divine image - william blake
la mort des amants - charles baudelaire
the more loving one - wh auden
thou art no lovelier than lilacs - edna st vincent millay
chanson d’automne - paul verlaine
intimations of immortality - william wordsworth
hymn to intellectual beauty - percy bysshe shelley
 loss - hd

| HESTIA | & |HADES| already answered.

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Since Voslen posted about Chrispino I am now imagining your sweet sexy romantic Chris thinking he's going to have a nice fun time banging some twins and being shook the Tormented-verse Crispinos come in. Sara's like "Mickey has to stand in the corner and watch. He can cry and jerk it and we insult him after." Chris did not get out the bubble bath for this shit. He's out. It's officially too kinky for him and frankly he's concerned.

@voslenonice i hope you’re happy. 

I am. 

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Reaper76 👌

Gabriel faces Jack. 

He’s taller than him now. A few inches. Three, maybe four. He recalls the days when they stood at the same height with some fondness.

Jack’s eyes are blue and warm. Gabriel hopes his reflect something of the same; all he can feel is juddering fear and hope that it Jack doesn’t know how fucking terrified he is right now.

He’d killed Liao. He’d killed countless atronauchs in the Second Crisis. He’d defeated their commander, dealt with untold horrors and tormenting that a non-Reaper could only imagine. 

“I do,” Jack says, not wavering one bit. His smile is soft and wholesome. Genuinely warm. Gabriel’s throat constricts, choking him. He wants to say “I love you”, but he stutters out a pathetic, “I do”, just after Jack. 

They kiss. It’s sweet, slow. Ana fawns and Reinhardt weeps, Jack’s father sighs and his mother starts clapping, and the rest of Jack’s family and the senior members of Overwatch follow suit.

Tonight is the night that Gabriel loses a precious part of him that he’d closely guarded his whole life, for all forty-seven years. The prospect scares him. Having Jack see him so vulnerable, so weak and stupid and inexperienced, it’s hell. 

The fact that he’s getting married is probably the least stressful thing that’s going to happen today. 

“You don’t look so good,” Jack murmurs into his ear. “We don’t have to.”

Jack knows what’s on his mind already.

“We planned this,” Gabriel says back to him, “For months. I promised you.”

“I don’t care.” There’s a fluttering kiss to Gabriel’s cheekbone. “I love you, and you don’t need to do anything you don’t want to to prove you do, too.”

“Cake!” Jamison shrieks, snapping both of them out of it. “HOLY SHIT LOOK AT HOW BIG THAT FUCKIN’ CAKE IS!”

Jack and Gabriel exchange a look, both of them smiling.

“I get a corner piece,” Gabriel says.

“It’s a circular cake!” Jack laughs. “There are no corners! Come on, let’s go get a slice before Jamison eats it all.”

Gabriel follows him, looping an arm around the griffin’s waist. 

I love you more than you’ll ever know, Jack. 


Hey guys in NZ this guy is fake and uses sleezy tactics to get into people as he isnt the best looking guy out and he has used myn and many other guys photos previousely he takes photos of you in your sleep fiddles with people some who arent gay when they’re sleeping and thinks its okay he is an overweight 32 year old crack smoker who is one disrespectful, and gross person out with no respect for those who encounter him. He is one manipulative and tormenting person with a few psycological issues and I am posting this to warn all those genuine and legit guys out there who cross paths with this disgusting person to be careful I’ve caught wind of this info from many people who want me to warn all others in the Waikato area. I have crossed paths with this guy a couple of times and I have seen a few of these issues but I will not reveal the identity of that person but he will through his profile himself also has sti’s but he won’t reveal that to anyone as he is a coward…

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walter: 1,3,4,11,14,19, 24,29(if you wanta!)

1: What’s your OCs favorite color?


3: What’s your OCs favorite food?


4: Does your OC prefer paper or plastic?

paper for his own groceries, plastic for when he wants to torment verz or try to asphyxiate himself 

11: What animal does your OC relate to?


14: Does your OC have a cell phone? If so, what kind?

the GC universe equivalent to a decent android 

19: Does your OC prefer plaid or polka dots?


24: What does your OC smell like?


29: Can your OC swim?

THIS IS FUNNY BECAUSE i just revealed in the last ask that no, walter cannot swim 

Day 2: Yui’s Best Quality

I’m not very religious anymore, but I love Yui’s faith. She’s basically been told that there is no God and that she’s ignorant for thinking there is one but that does not stop her. Faith is the one thing she has left and she’s going to hold onto it, despite the fact that she’s being tormented by these vampires, she can always turn to her religion and that’s ok. Faith is a great thing to have, especially with what she’s going through.

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I was really bothered by last nights episode with the EQ getting a happy ending. I would have been more accepting of it if the show would have made her acknowledge and be sorry for Graham's death. I'm worried they will next give Zelena a happy ending with her never voicing any regret for killing Neal.

They’re never gonna bring up Graham. My personal theory is that they honestly never understood just how awful Regina’s raping and killing Graham would look like (I think they never really understood the sexual abuse as rape, they found it oddly cheeky and sexy, which EW) so once the backlash materialised they just decided… never to bring it up again. They just never thought about it too much, like they didn’t when they showed Snow and Charming never actually rescuing Graham and even setting the EQ free in the EF to torment him in her palace to her heart’s content (also they never thought about her prisoners, even though they KNEW she kept prisoners, Charming was one of them for a while, damn it).

At this point if I hold Graham against Regina fully I gotta hold him against Snow, Charming, Emma and even Henry. It’s very clear that it was all mostly bad writing at play. I may not like it, but there it is. The same way that some thing were also poor writing regarding Rumple.