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HOW WOULD | Riding BTS (M)

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Jin; Soft whimpers. He would be leaning against the bed with his hands gripping your thighs as you rode him. His head would be thrown back letting out breathy whimpers as you moved your hips along. His whimpers would get louder and longer as he got closer to his climax.

Yoongi; Low grunts. His hands would be on your ass, giving a few squeezes here and then. He’d love making eye contact with you as you ride him -it drives him insane. A few grunts here and there, but he’d become a complete mess when he releases.

Hoseok; Harsh pants. His head would stay thrown back with his eyes closed and mouth agape. He’d be panting mess the entire time, but some hisses would sound when you’d change your fast pace to a slower one. 

Namjoon; Cursing mess. His hands would be on your ass not only to guide you  but also because he loves grabbing your ass. He loved talking dirty while you rode you him (Ex. “you’re so sexy on top of me”, “fuck, you’re so tight”, “you like riding daddy’s dick, don’t you?”). When he’d come, nothing but cuss word spluttered out. 

Jimin; Whines. Jimin’s mouth would be slightly open letting out breathy whines. His hands would grip your waist and a few thrust of his own would be made. As he’d grow closer to his high, his whines would become held-out moans coming from deep with in. 

Taehyung; Throaty groans. His hands would be almost everywhere on your body, but his eyes only looking at yours. He’d try biting down on his lips to suppress his groans, but once you’d start picking up the pace he would completely let go. His moans were so low and raspy they started to sound like growls the more you go on.

Jungkook; Husky sighs. He’d be laying back enjoying the way you looked as you worked on top of him. His voice would get more shaky as he got closer, and more words would splutter out.  Whenever you’d slow your pace on him, he would let out a few choked curses (Ex. “fuck”, “shit”).


happy birthday to our dearest jungkook!
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[ One scene sees Wolverine swearing at top of his voice at the 11-year-old. ]           Jackman revealed: “I just yelled, ’SHUT THE F*** UP!’

“At the end of 40 minutes of this I said [to Dafne’s mother], ‘Maria, I’ve got an 11-year-old and I’m just really sorry.’

“Maria said, ‘Aw don’t worry, she just called you a c***. In Spanish.’”

Pretty old but i rediscovered that today!!

Matthew Mercer plays Galvino, Eder, and Aloth/Iselmyr in Pillars of Eternity.

When you meet Galvino, Eder jokes that Galvino arguing with the Devil of Caroc sounds like Iselmyr and Aloth if they were two people instead of one. Aloth disagrees.

i.e. Matthew Mercer says that Matthew Mercer’s argument sounds like Matthew Mercer arguing with Matthew Mercer, but Matthew Mercer disagrees, arguing instead that he, Matthew Mercer, sounds nothing like Matthew Mercer.

I admit that I got a liitle obsessed with this new Moomins movie (it’s your fault Bill Skarsgard). And I was trying to find any similarity between Moomintroll and Pennywise voices… And I couldn’t find any XDDDD because Moomintroll is cute and Pennywise is weird, if you know what I mean (in a good sense, don’t get me wrong). Anyways, I only could find these little clips of both movies that somehow (SOMEHOW!!) are the closest to resemble.

And I just want to say that everyday I admire and respect Bill Skarsgard’s job as Pennywise more.