and tooth


Great White Shark Tooth from Florida

graciousmaximus replied to your photoset “i don’t draw my ocs enough” ok we’ll just poorly doodle them all next…”

Hold up Where’s Trash Dentist, Tooth Hurty and aoappidontrememberhername person DID U FORGET THEM, U SILLY GHOST???

they aren’t ocs tho,,,,,,,,,,, they’re the vocaloids just in different outfits

Horror movie + Jimon 😙

Jace: How is this scary? *mocks girl on the screen* oh no the big bad killer is coming to get me. So unrealistic!

Simon: *raises an eyebrow at Jace*

Jace: What?

Simon: Want me to hold your hand?

Jace:…yes please…

Simon: *smiles as he holds Jaces hand and pulls the scared shadowhunter against his chest* I’ll protect you angel

Jace: *mumbles something rude but cuddles closer to Simon anyway*



She just needs a foot massage

P.S. Guys I realized that I didn’t shade in Todoroki’s shirt in the second last page a while after I posted, and now it’s finally getting to me. I’m sorry for being careless in the first place, but I’m now putting up the edited page (especially for those of you who enjoy saving artwork). Thank you for your understanding.