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I'm seriously wondering if Harry will come out in this article. Too many arrows pointing at such.

As others have said, I feel like we’re going to get a couple of quotes and observations that help throw off the shackles of Harry’s womaniser image, much in the same way that “not that important” and “don’t knock it til you’ve tried it” did, but I can’t see this being a coming out.

I’m still absolutely convinced that Harry and Louis are going to come out together. And if absolutely nothing else, if this was a coming out article, Another Man would have anticipated a spectacular amount of interest and printed 20 x their normal run, so it wouldn’t have already sold out online so quickly.

A few more thoughts.

My dash is EXPLODED with all this Another Man stuff, and I have so many thoughts. Many Feels too. None of these thoughts are written in stone -  this is just me processing, and very open to changing my mind as more information arises.

1. I’d like to just note that I had those SAME MOTHERFUCKING CHUCKS in 1988. When I was a freshman in college. SO HARRU my man, I feel ya. Love the pink chucks.

2. None of these images are at all surprising to me, nor do any of them in any way contradict my own head image of Harry StylesTM. I mean, this is what we’ve been seeing at events with the patterned and floral suits, the boots, etc. This is not anything new for him. I think one of my favorites is the floral suit, no shirt, and aforementioned chucks with the painted nails. Gorgeous. Just gorgeous. I don’t find anything particularly groundbreaking in the pushing of gender stereotypes either for him or in the pictures. So many of these are homages to the people who came before him, doing the same thing (and they’ weren’t first either). I think it’s cool, I just don’t think he’s the first one ever to do it. BUT, what I do think is important is who he has been presented as, and within the context of his personal history, I think this is huge and important - like he’s been more quietly doing this and now he’s SHOUTING out loud through these pictures. The way he marked a line on his Insta and then posted these covers, says to me, he feels like this says something really important about him, and I want to listen.

3. *Personally* I’m not a huge fan of the whole 70s aesthetic, but that’s just me. Still think he’s beautiful. Wish the picture with the crackling on it didn’t look 1. like he was behind bulletproof glass and someone took a shot at him and 2. that one of the cracks wasn’t coming right out of his nose. That’s just me though.

4. I am very interested in the words he spoke (and by all the different interpretations). @cuethetommo said I saw it like a Rorschach, and I do.  The biggest thing I take from this is that we all are still sitting in the Not Knowing, and that is really hard. So we’re all struggling to make sense of what we have, and interpreting it in our way, through our own lenses. I know people feel strongly one way or the other, and I respect that. I’m also very willing to be wrong.

5. I think his statement about the future of 1D seemed pretty clear to me. There’s no plan to return, no plan to do another album or tour. Since there’s no way to read tone in a print magazine, I have no way to interpret the whole “Maybe at some point everyone will want to do something again but it’s better if it happens naturally…” In the absence of tone and nonverbals, I take that at face value. That they’re not planning to come back. Which is, I know in direct contradiction to what was said during MitAM promo by Louis especially. I don’t really  know what to make of it. I’d be sad, as I really would love to hear MitAM stuff live. And I’m happy to be proven wrong. 

6. This statement definitely rubbed me the wrong way: “I’m enjoying being in the studio and doing this movie and I’m not too bothered about going on vacation.” It’s hard for me not to see that as a dig at Louis - who talked over and over again about having no plans, about going on a lads’ holiday, and has been portrayed in the popular press as doing almost nothing but going on vacation. Hard for me not to see that as shade, but I’m, again, willing to be proven wrong on that.

7. I thought he swerved the whole “married and have kids” question like a pro. Loved the gender neutral pronouns. Loved that he “can’t wait” for that to be “a thing” for him. BROODY MOTHERFUCKER.

8. I found his favorite books pretentiously adorable. I am a bit surprised that someone who seems as feminist as Harry seems to love Bukowski, but he’s definitely portraying a PERSONA here. And Rumi makes my heart happy.

9. I found the song list very interesting and sad. Like I spent a lot of my sophomore year of college in the dark listening to Dark Side of the Moon. I was also profoundly depressed and tried to kill myself that year. So yeah.  You okay Harry? In general that was an interesting song list - mix of hopeful, loving and sad. What was he trying to say? And the Blue Eyes thing? Hmm.

10. While I do think this is a hit back against the “Harry hates the band” narrative, I also feel like it’s continuing the Harry as separate from the others, on his own, pursuing his own dreams and hopes.

11. I do not think at all that this is the whole story. It never is.

Like I said, all of these are just some of the thoughts I’m having this morning. Overall, I feel optimistic about this - it feels like a step away from OT, a bit more authentically Harry, in terms of the image he wants to present to the world. There’s all the gender fluid presentation, gender neutral pronouns and very little focus on that even at all, and such a big focus on him as an artist with an actual artistic process (as opposed to the OT presentation of all of them as simple ordinary lads that this thing JUST HAPPENED TOO) - this is Harry as a creative artistic thoughtful person, and I’m totally here for that. 

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ive gotten almost cannibalized about 4 times in seperate dreams what does this mean

okay so I looked it up and

In your dream you may have…

  • Become a cannibal.
  • Been eaten by someone!
  • Seen someone eat another person.
  • Been chased by a cannibal.
  • Been afraid of cannibalism.
  • Been tricked into eating people, or only discovered you were eating human meat after the fact.
  • Been forced into cannibalism.

Positive changes are afoot if…

  • You successfully escaped a cannibal.
  • You felt guilty in your dream for any cannibalistic acts.

so I guessed the two I bolded are the ones that apply to you the most, right?

furthermore, the site I found this on says:

  • If you were eaten by another person in your dream, then you feel like you have been suffocated by other people or other responsibilities in your life. Too many people expect too much of you. You are overwhelmed by your responsibilities and you feel like you have to please too many people at once. Tell the people close to you that school, work, and personal time are important to you and that you may need to spend some time apart. If they do not respect this, then they might not be true friends.
  • If the cannibal in your dream is somebody you know, then you may be having mixed feelings about this person. You may feel like there is something they are not telling you that you need to know. Try getting a little closer to this person to stop your dreams from cannibalizing your loved ones.

so it’s basically about commitment and responsibilities, right? but since you managed to stay alive, then it’s not that bad, you know? means you are managing in your life as well, but I assume you’re under a lot of stress

you can do this, I believe in you, you just got to believe in yourself

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who are your besties on Tumblr?

this is a question i’m kind of scared to answer because there’s people i talk to lots on messaging and then there’s those i don’t talk to regularly or at all but i’ll see them on my notifications or i get an ask from them occasionally and it makes my day?  Even with this long list I’ve compiled, I’m forgetting a lot of people, so, *sucks in breath* here I go!

my legit bffs in real life (holla sistas) are @youvegotttime and @yves-styles-laurent

then these lovely tumblr peeps who just brighten my day by being cute and amazing and fun and nice and … yeah. they’re just great peeps.























I FEEL LIKE I’VE LISTED TOO MANY YET AT THE SAME TIME NOT ENOUGH. Seriously everyone reading this y’all are so special and loved and…yeah. I’m not scary and I don’t bite. I love making new friends and having everyone be included so I’m sorry if this list made you feel not included. Don’t be a stranger! :)

Can I just say that I love the wolf 359 fandom? Like I usually try to avoid The Tumblr Discourse ™. And not gonna lie, critiquing a work in a space with such close proximity to the creators makes me tense and nervous, even when I know they’ve always been very friendly to the fans. But I’m so so grateful to everyone who’s talking about the LGBT characters issue, because it’s something that’s been bothering me for a while but I just couldn’t be the one to mention it. So thank you to the person who was brave enough to make the first post, thank you to everyone else who’s added their thoughts, thank you for speaking first and making those of us who are less confident feel like we, too, can speak. Because seeing that so many others feel the same way is like lifting a weight off my shoulders. I’m still (however irrationally it might be) anxious, but I’m also incredibly relieved and just a teeny bit exhilarated and thank you for that. And seeing everyone supporting each other and sharing their queer headcanons is just so amazing and it makes me so happy and anyway I just love you all

Splurges and buys 11.5kg of dates. Starts morning buy making and drinks a large, sweet datorade. Follows it up by eating far too many. Now feels a bit sick.



Excuse ? They just tasted too good ! 😍🙊😂 hahaha.


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Do you know any resources for dealing with internalized lesbophobia? I thought I could be myself once I got out of my toxic homophobic hometown but I still can't because even tho everyone's really supportive now I still feel like a 'pervert'

I feel like I answer too many asks with ‘I don’t know’ but I really don’t. I feel you though, despite the support I get from other lesbians here and my parents I still feel like a creep just looking at a girl in public. I avoid talking to girls in bars because I’m afraid of being predatory. I’m so SO self conscious about my sexuality and still struggle with the idea (introduced to me by the trans community, by the way) that the only reason I enjoy sex with women is because I’m fetishizing my own body as a 'coping mechanism’ for my dysphoria. it seems ridiculous when put into words but regardless it’s a hard thing to unlearn, and I’m still working on it. this isn’t very helpful but I empathize with you and hope we both can find our pride

@zehnasib Oh heck to the no he doesn’t deserve her. I’m glad he showed his true colors and now Soo can move on in her life with So. Can’t believe Court Lady Oh died already. She was my fave. 😭😭😭 Too many feels right now. This episode was too much for me.

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I love seeing people like you, who are not only happy but also successful, talk about how college isn't for everyone. I feel like there's way too many people these days who think that going to college is the only option if you want to make something of yourself, including my own parents. You've helped me to realize I'm not a failure for opting out because I knew school wasnt for me, and I can still have a bright future.

Thank you, so much. The fact that I’m even a tiny part of anyones personal growth is amazing and I’m extremely humbled to be a part of yours. You absolutely have a bright future, it’s completely in your hands. xo All the best!

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Conner Kent pls

Conner Kent

— Conner stims, and the reason why he prefers wearing open-finger gloves now is because he would pick on the ends of his gloves so often he would break new pairs. Easier access to calm his nerves too, he needs to feel the textures

— He’s tried many times to listen to music, every single thing Tim suggests, but it’s just not for him. It’s all a loud mess. He uses it as a distraction or passing time, many people have walked in on Conner listening to hardcore rap with those really shady/nasty lyrics (rap’s rhythm is the most tolerable for him)

— Conner’s an alien, and he often uses that excuse in the middle of a verbal fight, “But I, an alien, wouldn’t know about—” “Shut up, Conner you can read the label on the package it says microwave 45 seconds not 45 minutes” 

— His favorite food is rice. That’s right. Rice. In any form.

— Conner is really hypersensitive so sometimes in crowded rooms or smelly places like flower shops or sewers he has this immediate urge to scream and punch something and maybe he hyperventilates a little

Send me a character/ship and I’ll give you 5 headcanons No more please! (:

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how do u feel abt midwest punks

i dont know too many midwest punks (apart from my ex who was a total dick) but you all stay out of drama and i applaud that

Conversation with the self~

I understand so many things, maybe even too many, sometimes, while other times, I feel like I don’t understand anything, or well, almost anything. There is this quote that goes somewhere along the times of: “I feel like I was made to understand, but not to be understood.” I feel like that. I *really* do. I feel it, too many times. Is it a good thing? Is it a bad things? I don’t know. I really don’t know. And… it seems that I’ve reached the same point, which seems to be, the highlight of the day - that I don’t know - Or perhaps, paradoxically, because I know, and because I understand (way) too much, it all gets mixed up, it all gets (too) confusing, and I have this inaccurate impression… that I don’t know… who knows? I sure as heck don’t. And… you see? I wanted to write: “who the fuck knows?” and I didn’t do it. I censored myself. I don’t know why. I don’t want to censure myself. At least, not when I write. It’s not good for me. I should feel free when I write. At least when I write. And… somehow, way too many times, I don’t. Something stops me. *I stop* myself. *I*. And I don’t know… or maybe I do…? anyway.