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Cr: Documentary Film ~ Are You Happy ~


Authors note: Ares story; part of my seventeen Greek mythology stuff.

Summary: you think the god and goddess of war would be the perfect match, but quite the opposite.

Word count: 2600

“Jun!” you shouted as you ran down the long corridor after him. His back was facing you, so you couldn’t see him rolling his eyes as you grew nearer. He listened to the sound of your approaching footsteps with disdain.

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Milla Jovovich on working with Lee Joon Gi 

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Jun grabbing your ass and lifting you into a hug in front of the other members?

Hope you like how I went about this!

You were sitting down on floor of the dorm’s living room, a playstation controller in your hands and Chan seated next to you. You were having the fifth re-match of the evening, because whenever you won him, he insisted on trying again, and whenever he won you, you did the same. With neither of you able to admit your defeat, there seemed to be no end to your gaming session.

While playing, you took occasional glances at the clock on the wall. Your boyfriend, none other than Wen Junhui himself, had an audition for a role in a drama a few hours earlier, and you were just waiting for the moment he’d be back. It felt like ages since the last time you had seen him, even though you had seen him a mere two days before. And, naturally, you were also curious to hear how the audition had went.

“Ha, I won you!” you exclaimed when you had, indeed, won Chan once again. He groaned and threw his controller away (you laughed at Seungcheol’s absent-minded “Don’t break the controllers” that came from the kitchen), but your thoughts were soon moved elsewhere when you heard the lock of the door turn.

Immediately, you jumped up and walked to the door, only to sigh in disappointment and lean against the wall when Soonyoung and Minghao appeared. “Oh, it’s just you two.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Soonyoung asked with a mock hurt tone before grinning at you. You sighed again, but lifted your face in an instant when you heard a third pair of feet and saw Jun closing the door behind himself, a wide smile plastered all over his face.

“You came!” you exclaimed in excitement, and with the other members starting to gather around you, curious to hear how Jun’s audition had gone, you practically ran up to him and wrapped your arms around his neck.

Jun laughed heartily as he let his hands slide into the back pockets of your jeans, and much to your surprise you felt him squeeze your ass. Before you were able to say anything about that, he had already slid his hands out of your pockets and grabbed you properly, lifting you up into a tight hug and nuzzling his face into your neck.

“Jun,” you yelped in shock, your ankles hooking behind him out of habit as you clung onto him, his hands still holding your butt firmly as he kissed your neck, an obvious goofy grin still on his lips. Seungcheol cleared his throat, but all Jun did was lift his face and smile at his bandmates.

“I got the role,” he said happily, proud of himself, and your cheeks heated up when you felt his fingers pressing better into the flesh of your behind through the denim or your jeans, although you were incredibly happy for Jun, too. The other members of Seventeen wished they could’ve focused on something else, but with Jun’s hands as big and obvious as they were, it was difficult.

However, none of them could hide how happy they were for him and how proud they were of him - the role was quite a remarkable one, too, with the drama rumored to air during primetime and Jun’s character being the second male lead. So, with their eyes awkwardly moving between your butt and Jun’s glowing face, everyone broke into excited chatter as they congratulated Jun and told him how proud of him they were. Your boyfriend took in all the positive remarks, each word being music to his ear.

With Jun’s hands still firm on your ass, you were getting tired of hanging on him, not to mention the awkwardness of everyone’s eyes on you. “Jun… put me down.”

He blinked in surprise, and it genuinely seemed like he had forgotten he was holding you like that. “Oh, sorry.”

Jun let you down and you ran your fingers through your hair, smiling a bit tensely at the other members, who all had different kinds of expressions on their faces. Jihoon rubbed his temples and sighed.

“We’ve discussed the amount of PDA you’re allowed to show with us others present, and that’s not within those limits,” he said calmly, the tiniest hint of pink on his cheeks. The others nodded, whereas Jun merely gawked, his eyebrows raised.

“Ah, that just now?” he asked, just to make sure he was on the right page despite all the adrenaline rushing through his blood, and snickered when the others nodded in sync. “I’m sorry, I didn’t even realize. I just went with my instincts.”

You grinned to yourself as your heart beat a bit faster at his words - his instincts had told him to grab you and lift you into a hug and press his lips to your neck, and you found it adorable and… undeniably, a bit hot. Chan, looking a bit bothered, pouted at Jun.

“It was a bit awkward, so… please don’t do it again,” he whined, and Jun chuckled at his frown. “She’s our friend, and… that’s a bit too much to see.”

You let out a short laugh and felt Jun wrap his arm around your shoulders and pull you closer. “Well, she’s my girlfriend, so…” Seungcheol quirked his eyebrow, not amused in the least, which effectively made Jun regain his seriousness. “Yeah, I’ll keep that in mind.”

You patted Jun’s chest and looked up at him warmly, shaking your head in amusement.

“Anyway,” Seungkwan began and broke the slightly awkward silence, hitting his palms together. “Congratulations on getting the role, and there’s something waiting for you in the kitchen.”

Jun raised his eyebrows in surprise and thanked the other members quickly before starting to take off his jacket and shoes while the others moved elsewhere. When you then went to the kitchen, you both gasped at the simple cake that had “Congratulations, Junhui!” written in thin strings of chocolate sauce.

With your arms wrapped around Jun’s waist, you smiled up at him, your chest feeling nice and warm at how touched he looked. “They really believe in you. And so do I.”

He looked abashed as he scratched his cheek a little with the very tip of his forefinger. “Phew, it would’ve been really awkward if I hadn’t gotten the role…”

You giggled and nodded, unwrapping your arms from around him in order to get some plates out of the cupboard and call the other members for cake while Jun kept staring at the masterpiece and tried to figure out how to stay cool. When you placed the plates down, he hugged you from behind and kissed the top of your head. “Thank you, Y/N.”

His version of “cool” turned out being hugging each and every member one by one when they came to the kitchen and whispering cheesy yet heartfelt words of gratitude to all of them. You smiled warmly at the sight, Jun’s genuine smile only growing wider and wider.

You enjoyed the cake together with all fourteen of you, and a few hours later you and Jun were lying on his bed, his roommates still elsewhere. The kisses you were exchanging were soft yet hungry with you cuddled up close to him, your hand on his chest and his arm around you.

Slowly, you moved from his side to lie on top of him, your lips never breaking their contact as his tongue played with yours. He grinned against your lips while bringing his hands to your ass and giving you a good squeeze, pulling you closer. You gasped and broke the kiss, staring down into Jun’s dark eyes as well as you could in the very dimly lit room.

“How much time do you think we have?” you asked hushedly, swallowing hard when you felt the slight bulge underneath you. Jun smirked and raised his eyebrows meaningfully.

“I don’t think anyone’s coming in until one of us gets out.”

You giggled and leaned down for another kiss while Jun’s hands ran up your back underneath your shirt.

Minghao was about to enter the roomy bedroom, but right before he had been able to place his hand on the doorknob, he heard a muffled moan that made his ears twitch a little and his eyes widen while blood rushed to his cheeks.

Seungcheol walked past him with a bottle of water and stopped at the sight of a shocked Minghao. “Were you about to go in?” The younger one nodded and got a pat on his back from Seungcheol. “As long as Jun and Y/N are there alone… don’t.”

Now Minghao knew.

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