and tom petty

the signs as popular songs from the 70s
  • aries: dream on // aerosmith
  • taurus: i'll be there // jackson 5
  • gemini: layla // derek and the dominos
  • cancer: piano man // billy joel
  • leo: american girl // tom petty and the heartbreakers
  • virgo: tiny dancer // elton john
  • libra: wish you were here // pink floyd
  • scorpio: hotel california // the eagles
  • sagittarius: bohemian rhapsody // queen
  • capricorn: go your own way // fleetwood mac
  • aquarius: imagine // john lennon
  • pisces: the joker // steve miller band
*Sister* “Don’t you ever worry about the future, Sharon?” *Me* “I would, sure, but Donald Trump is in charge. Thus, I assume WW3 and the nuclear apocalypse are imminent. At this point ‘planning for my future’ would be learning to drive a tank around a desolate wasteland, watching Mad Max: Fury Road 100x, and getting over my fear of cockroaches.”

*Me* “Admittedly, I haven’t planned for zombies. But I will take one thing at a time.”


“I had already decided that the record was going to be called Bella Donna. With my previous boyfriend, who was an engineer on Tusk, I had gone to Chile for six weeks after finishing recording Tusk. I met his mother, who was just a marvelous lady; she became like Bella Donna to me. She’d been around when the [1973] military coup happened, and had been in love with a man who, when the government fell, was banished to France or face life in prison. She told me this story one night, and I just decided right there that my first solo record was going to be called Bella Donna. I knew it meant ‘beautiful woman’, but also that it’s a poisonous root. People use it for healing, but if you take too much, you can die. So I thought: This is the perfect double-edged sword title for the record. So the idea was handed to me on a little silver tray with some toast and blackberry jam by the sweetest lady.”

Happy 36th birthday, Bella Donna!