and told me he thinks I should do it that it would be good for me and there's no reason not to


I’ll just start this off by axing off a HUGE group of characters right off the bat: the traitor is not a teacher, has to be from class A and cannot be from any other class, and is not a “minor” member of class A, such as Mineta or Sero. I am assuming that those characters who have been somewhat involved in the main plotline of the story are those that have the potential to be the traitor. After cutting it down from that, I’ll just run through specific instances.

Of course it’s not Midoriya, or the story would make no sense; same with Bakugou due to having been kidnapped. I’m cutting out Iida, Todoroki, and Momo for their involvement in helping to rescue Bakugou in the AfO arc, and also because they all have a family history in heroics.  Froppy I’m cutting out more because of the way the story is written makes her a really awkward fit as traitor. Denki is one of the theories I’ve seen floating around, but I think that from the most recent arc, there’s a little too much leaning away from Denki having the capacity for being a traitor.

Kirishima, although I definitely wouldn’t be too surprised if it did turn out to be him, still doesn’t fit the bill for me. My initial reason was that Kirishima obviously wants to save Bakugou from the villains during that particular arc - he initiates the entire thing. While even despite on that, I was open to the idea of Kirishima being the traitor, but thinking on it there are two other reasons I can’t sink my teeth in. The first is that Kirishima is just… so honest?? and also Bakugou’s kinda-probably best friend? If the villains really wanted Bakugou to join the villain side, Kirishima probably would have known, and also he could have easily spoken to Bakugou about STUFF and weeded out whether or not Bakugou was really villain material. He also strikes me as honest enough to bide his time with Bakugou and then when the time came, literally just saying ‘hey, Bakugou join me on the villains’ side.’

My second reason is crucial: Kirishima is just not AS close to Midoriya as pretty much every other main character. While I’m sure Midoriya would be upset if Kirishima was the traitor, it wouldn’t have the same effect as a lot of the other main characters in the series. The shock factor for Midoriya, appropriately, would be more like “oh no, how could you?”  and I don’t think that’s what Horikoshi wants. Good traitor reveals are big, painful, and close to the heart. They’re someone who the main character trusts, and a lot of the time, a character who’s been there from the start.

So who is left?

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Just Like Her Daddy

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: sleeping Daddy!Dean, Auntie Jody feels, and just general ovarian distress!

Word Count: 558 (un-beta’d)

A/N: Thanks to @impalaimagining for setting the train for this into motion earlier haha! I’ve had this little idea for a little while and our conversation earlier just sparked it into life! Also, I am not a mom, but have several friends and family who are recently new moms. So if I’m way off base any of you that are moms…sorry. I’m just going of their experiences that they’ve told me about or I’ve been around for. Plus all moms are different, so hopefully you enjoy this regardless!

Jody: How’re you guys doing since I left?
Y/N: We’re doing pretty good! Miss having the second set of hands ;)
Jody: I miss you guys too!
Y/N: Well you should see these two right now! I slipped away to get a shower post diaper change and they’re out cold!
Jody: Really?!
Y/N: Well, Savanna is very slowly waking up right now and it’s kind of hilarious. Just like Dean.
Jody: Oh man! I can only imagine.
Y/N: Hey are you at home right now?
Jody: Yeah.
Y/N: Okay, I’m going to FaceTime you, just super quiet so you can see this real time ;)

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Daenerys will be betrayed

Even though I am extremely critical of D&D and consider myself an anti, I do have to admit that they don’t put scenes into the show just for the hell of it. Everything means something.

Daenerys has had antagonist undertones since season 1. It started with her being completely fine with the Dothraki crossing the narrow sea to kill and rape the people of Westeroes. It wasn’t until Drogo’s death that she took that as a motive to take back the iron throne that was supposedly taken from her. So as the story progresses, we have been fed the idea that Daenerys is the protagonist. We’ve been fed that freeing slaves makes you morally good, but no one takes notice of the socioeconomic collapse that Daenerys created. I think it’s Martins and D&D way of telling us that being morally good does not make you a hero, it does not make you a suitable candidate for the iron throne. Ruling isn’t about being a kind-hearted person. Politics come with it and Daenerys has stated that she isn’t a politician, she’s a queen. Someone who thinks like this isn’t a good leader. She wants her advisors to make all the political decisions but when a mission fails, she blames them and do the opposite of what they asked of her (Ex: Daenerys burning the Lannister army after Tyrion instructed her not to which led to the Westerosi men being exposed to her tyranny. Daenerys flying over the wall even though Tyrion warned her how dangerous it was which led to Viserion dying and the night king getting an ice dragon.) Is it possible that Daenerys bad decisions is the reason why the night king was able to tear the wall down? Could be but I rather not get into that; it’s just speculation.

So, who will be the ones to betray Daenerys?

Theon and Yara

I didn’t realize this until I read other GOT meta, but Daenerys hasn’t done anything to get Yara back nor do I think she really cares that she’s been captured. Yara is the reason why Daenerys had so many ships so surely, Dany should feel inclined to help her allies? During the meeting with Cersei, Daenerys didn’t even mention Yara with Euron right in her face. She had the power and the privilege to at least try to save Yara, but she did nothing. She had the power and the privilege to defend Yara when Euron threaten to murder her in front of her face, but she did nothing. Daenerys only cares about her allies when they are useful towards her. And we’ve seen many characters on the show think like this and guess what, they were all antagonists so keep that in mind.

Theon finally gathered the courage to save his sister because it’s obvious someone who he most likely thought highly of won’t do Yara any justice. You think he didn’t take notice of Daenerys completely disregarding his sister? I find it really hard to believe that he and Yara will continue to follow her after she has proven she could care less about their wellbeing. They will follow Jon.

Tyrion and Varys

I have stated this a numerous of times, but Tyrion is in so much denial. Tyrion wants to believe that Daenerys is the one who will change the system, the world, but deep down, we know, he knows, that is simply not true.

When Tyrion watched Daenerys burn the Lannister army, he was horrified. In that moment, he knew the dragon queen was no different than the other rulers before her, no different than the other game players now. D&D made Tyrion wear a face of fear during that scene for reason. D&D made Jon Snow tell Daenerys before the battle that if she burned those men, she would be no different from everyone else for reason, but she disregarded his statements and decides to be no different from everyone else. (EDIT: Jon says that to her regarding kings landing, not the Spoils of War). But in that same light, even though she was the villain during the Spoils of War, she was portrayed as the hero when she saved Jon a few episodes. Her antagonist undertones are lowkey and are constantly swept under the rug for reason.

So, this is Tyrion during the blackwater battle.

Now let’s compare him during and after the Spoils of War.

This is a look of familiarity and disappointment. Tyrion has seen this before. Being that close to war actually made him even more antiwar than he was before. So, to see the woman he believes that will change the world doing the same thing that he’s against is probably terrifying to him.

So now let’s look at Tyrion’s face after he’s realized that Daenerys will take part in the death of a father and son.

This is his reaction to finding out that Daenerys doesn’t kill with honor. She’s going to burn the Tarly’s to death.

Also, can we talk about the lack of care that is written on Daenerys face? She is pissed that they won’t bend the knee to the foreign queen, the invader. 

This is Tyrion’s reaction after she burned the Tarly men alive. This confirms his biggest fear. Daenerys isn’t different from any one else. 

I will also like to point out the antagonist undertones this battle gave us. I have studied the Targaryen’s. I understand them better than their fans and I only say this because of the countless defending of the Targaryen’s I’ve seen from across the fandom. I can’t for the life of me understand how people can know their history and corruption and root for them which is why I say it’s a lack of study and preferred aesthetic. As we should know, Aegon invaded Westeroes, a foreigner. He gained all his power through fear that secured his family generations down. Daenerys is using the same fear that Aegon used to gain power. Some believe that Daenerys is the princess who was promised but in reality, I think she’s the reincarnation of Aegon.

This is FEAR. These men submitted to Daenerys because they were terrified of her. Not because they were amazed. This is exactly how the Targaryen’s got their privilege and power. This is corruption. This is demonstrating once again that Daenerys is no different from the other players of the game. This is NOT a hero.

I would also like to submit this quote because I think it fits Daenerys perfectly:

Leaders who do not act dialogically, but insist on imposing their decisions, do not organize the people–they manipulate them. They do not liberate, nor are they liberated: they oppress. - Paulo Freire

The most successful form of a tyrant is the tyrant that puts in your head that he is not a tyrant. - anonymous

So, Tyrion’s reactions were forgotten in the next scene where he’s talking to Varys about Daenerys. It’s a way to make us think that he still believes that she is the chosen one. Varys shares his experiences with Aerys and he explains to Tyrion when the mad king committed his crimes, he convinced himself that he had nothing do with it, he wasn’t responsible. So, let’s take a look at Tyrion’s face while listening to Varys.

TYRION KNOWS. He knows that he’s been living in a lie. He knows that Daenerys isn’t who he thought she was. And he might feel that he’s responsible for the Tarly’s death. A few episodes later, Tyrion tells Cersei that he thinks Daenerys will change the world which once again, pull the audience to believe his words. I truly believe D&D is manipulating us. They didn’t make Tyrion seem traumatized and disappointed by accident. They didn’t make Varys share his mad king stories with Tyrion by accident. They didn’t make Daenerys threaten to burn her advisor alive by accident. This is a set up. This is a set up for full blown antagonist Dany.

I stay by my words. Jon is the hero. Jon is ice and fire. Jon is the prince who was promised. There’s nothing D&D can do to change that. I think Tyrion and Varys will see that Jon is the chosen one. They will follow Jon.

Jon Snow

One of the biggest theories circulating around Tumblr is that Jon is manipulating Daenerys to win the war that only matters. Now, I’m critical of this theory and I rather not discuss why but there’s a possibility that undercover! jon is real. We know that Jon has manipulated people in the past to get what he needs (ex. ygritte). So, this theory isn’t out of this world. Kit Harrington has even stated that in season 7, Jon manipulates people. Is there going to be this big finale where Jon reveals that he’s been playing her? Who knows but what I do know is that Jon will not be pleased to find out that Daenerys burned the Tarly men. Maybe Jon actually believes that Dany has a good heart but that will all change when he is told this information. Jon has always had a soft spot for Sam. He has defended him, motivated him, and has been a loving friend to him. So, if Jon were to find out that the woman he bent the knee to burn his friend’s brother and father alive, what do you think he would do?  

I know people like to downplay the reasoning of Robert’s war but Lyanna was kidnapped before the Starks was murdered by Aerys. Their deaths were the last straw. Ned Stark’s father (burned) and brother (strangled) was murdered by a Targaryen. Robert used the murder of the Starks as another reason to destroy house Targaryen; he was impacted by their deaths. Ned Stark was his best friend. And guess what?

Samwell Tarly’s brother and father were burned alive by a Targaryen. His best friend is Jon Snow. Ned and Jon are both from the North. Robert and Samwell are both from the South. See the connection? Robert defended his friend in war. What do you think Jon would do? This could be a coincidence, unintentional but this is a connection I just noticed. And if you honest to god believe Jon would sweep this under the rug then you’re insane. The writers set this up on purpose. Jon will not be supportive of Daenerys behavior. Also, Jon doesn’t even know that she burned the Lannister army (correct me if I’m wrong). If you think Jon would let her actions slide or that Jon isn’t a manipulator, then you have completely misinterpreted his character. Now this isn’t me saying that Daenerys will go mad, this is just me saying that she’s the antagonist. This isn’t the last of us seeing Daenerys villain qualities. Jon will see it too. He won’t follow her.  

The Seven Kingdoms need someone stronger than Tommen but gentler than Stannis. A monarch who could intimidate the High Lords and inspire the people. A ruler loved by millions, with a powerful army, and the right family name. - Varys.

Jon Snow is a better mixture of Tommen and Stannis. He’s not gentle but he is reasonable. Jon doesn’t wish to intimidate anyone, but he does if he needs to (ex. the beheading of Janos). Jon is a natural born ruler. He was able to make the wildlings, his enemy, follow him. He knows how to inspire people, unintentionally.  People want to follow him. People want to support him. And the right family name? A stark. Many seem to forget that Jon’s mother was Lyanna Stark. The fandom needs to stop erasing his Starkness. He was born and raised in the North. He always wanted to be a Stark so for him to find that out should be relieving but it will also hurt him. Jon thinks highly of Ned, his role model, so to find out that Ned isn’t father will crush him. Jon has also been hopeful of finding his mother identity. He will take after his Starkness over the Targ side. There’s no Targaryen quality in his body. He’s a stark first. However, Jon Snow doesn’t want the throne. But I think Varys words fit him perfectly.

One last point, Daenerys has been deluded into believing that she inspires the people. She believes she’s special. So, when she sees that Jon has gained the people’s heart, she would feel envious. When she finds out that the Northerners won’t follow a Targaryen, she would be irritated. When she finds out that her throne is threatened even though Jon doesn’t want it, she wouldn’t trust him, nor would she be happy about him being a Targaryen. She’s going to have a Viserys moment. He thought he was the chosen one but then he saw it was actually his sister. Daenerys thinks she’s the chosen one but then she will see its actually Jon. I highly doubt the show can cover all of this in a few episodes unless they are movie lengths. However, the books can. Targbowl is coming.

xphxntrxshx  asked:

There's a father daughter dance but Hal couldn't go, so FP dances with Betty instead.

That’s great!

Betty giggled as the two Jones boys physically shoved each other over the last piece of her famous Blueberry pie, rolling her eyes she picked up her dishrag and made her way over to F.Ps tiny sink. His trailer was just big enough for the three of them to enjoy a home cooked meal comfortably, she had heard talks of F.P buying Jughead a dog the thought making her smile, it might be cramped but she couldn’t wait to see her boyfriends face.

“I swear you two are nuts, you both just ate a whole pie! After devouring an entire chicken dinner. Bottomless pits the both of you.” She called from the kitchen teasingly. She loved this, loved being here, cooking for her boyfriend and his father, joking around and laughing, she was comfortable and safe all of the work that went into it, seeing their happy faces? It was worth it.

“We’re growing boys.” F.P wiggled his eyebrows, taking the dirty dish from her hands and cleaning it in the sink himself. Betty was always cleaning something, his son had claimed it was her way of coping, controlling a situation, who was he to argue? His trailer was almost Always spotless when she visited and their were leftovers for days when she left. His son couldn’t have chosen better if he tried, the girl was all heart, so much love in her he was surprised she didn’t explode.

He glanced behind him to see his son wrap his long arms around the tiny blondes waist, nuzzling her neck with a smile as she leaned into his chest. That was another thing, his son was so happy. F.P couldn’t remember a time when his son had smiled so much, Betty brought out the lightness in his sons eyes and for that he would be forever grateful.

“Betty and me were thinking of heading to Pops for dinner tomorrow, were going to invite Bets mom, Alice has been meaning to call you about fixing the broken doorframe downstairs. Wanna join us?” Jughead asked lazily, toying with a loose curl on Betty’s neck, smiling adoringly at his girlfriend.

“Sure sounds good. What time? I’ve got work at the construction site until 4.” F.p asked, leaning against the counter.

Betty smiled her most heartbreakingly beautiful smile “after 6 o clock, I have to go finish setting up for the father daughter dance at Riverdale, I’m not staying long, there’s not really a reason.. ya know… because…” she trailed off, her eyes looking down as Jughead squeezed her shoulder and kissed her forehead.

Hal Cooper had abandoned his family. He left his daughter almost as fast as Jugheads mother had left him, it had been so sudden that the pain was still so fresh to Betty, thinking about it made her heart ache.

F.P hated that bastard, sure his wife had left him but he had deserved it, he was a terrible husband. Alice on the other hand? She did everything Hal asked no matter how much it hurt her, and to cut off contact with Betty? Atleast Jughead still spoke to his mother, Hal had stopped answering his youngest daughters calls and if he saw her around he would purposely go the other way. It made F.P sick to his stomach, sure he wasn’t father of the year but he would never ignore his son, especially considering how wonderful Betty was.

“Anyway” he looked up as Betty cleared her throat, I should be out of there by around 545. I just have to go home and change, juggie offered to pick me up from the dance.“ She looked up at her boyfriend with a sad smile

“I told her I’d go with her to the dance, but she said that wasn’t appropriate” he grumbled, rolling his eyes and pressing her closer to his chest.

She laughed “its a father daughter dance, thanks for being sweet though… daddy.” She whispered the last word quietly, only for Jugheads ears as he blushed bright red, that was a story for another time.

“Okay!"Jughead clapped his hands "I’ve gotta drop Betty off at home, it’s getting late, I’ll be back in a few.” He called to his dad, grabbing his dads pickup keys and heading out the door, gently tugging on her arm, eager to be away from his father and alone.. in the back of said pick up truck.

Betty giggled again, the soft melodic whistle, ringing through the tiny trailer
“I’ll see you tommorow F.P , remember! Careful with the sodium, it’s not good for you!”
She called as she was whisked out the door.

Rolling his eyes and smiling, F.P jones knew exactly what he had to do, thankgod for Bud Radleys spare suit hanging in his closet.

The next day passed quickly as he joked around with Fred and sweat his ass off, finally it was later in the day and he was showered and dressed in his suit, standing outside the Riverdale High auditorium. He smiled, remembering Jugheads proud and shocked expression as he left the house half an hour ago.
“Where are you going dressed like that” his son had asked.

“I’ve got a hot date with your girlfriend, something about a father daughter dance?” He smirked grabbing his keys off the table.

Jughead had just stared at him for what felt like hours before the biggest smile he had ever seen crossed the young boys face

“I uhh.. yeah.. you don’t wanna keep her waiting” jughead cleared his throat.

F.p winked at his son and headed out the door.

“Well here goes nothing.” He mumbled pushing open the auditorium doors and spotting his target instantly. Betty was standing alone by the drinks, swaying slowly to the music as fathers held there daughters. It was enough to make F.Ps old, broken heart break even further.

Slipping up behind her, he tapped her shoulder

“Can I have this dance mam?”

Betty swung around in surprise, her eyes filling with tears as she beamed at F.P

“What are you doing here?” She asked excitedly, taking his hand and tugging him on the dance floor.

F.P snorted at her enthusiasm and gently held his sons girlfriend by the waist.

“You’re like a second daughter to me Bets. You didn’t think I’d let you come to this on your own did you? It’s a win win for me, I get to dance with the prettiest girl in the room and.. I don’t think I’ll ever get to have this with Jelly bean, as much as that hurts I’m glad I get to experience It.”

Betty smiled sadly as she rested her head in his shoulder
“We’ve all lost something in this town. It’s about fixing what we’ve lost, finding happiness somewhere else.” She whispered.

F.P nodded as the tiny blonde swayed against him.

After about six fast dances and one more slow, the unlikely pair were exhausted and happy. It had been fun spending alone time with the other, they both had the same sense of humor and they both loved a certain beanie wearing boy very much, looking at her watch Betty’s eyes widened

“Come on! We’ve got to go, my mom and Jughead are waiting at pops!”

Thirty minutes later, walking into pops and spotting Alice chugging a milkshake as Jughead urged her on, the two looked at each other and laughed, they had lost so much but maybe they had gained a little more than they had expected.

Your Move

The nine times Simon and Baz prank each other and the one time they don’t

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Epilogue

April 1


I find the letter at the foot of my bed when I wake up.




I don’t know exactly how to say this

I’ve been sitting here staring at the blank page for ten minutes

Why did you have to be the Mage’s Heir?

I wish this didn’t have to be so hard to say

Crowley, this is ridiculous

We’ve lived together all this time and

Bet you thought I hated you

I don’t hate you

I can’t even explain what I

Why did we have to be enemies?

Fuck it.


I love you Simon Snow.



He finds me outside the dining hall, and when he storms towards me I see the letter in his hand. I brace myself.


“When did you even write this?” I begin.

           Baz looks taken aback.  “What does that have to do with anything?”

           “And why did you have to write it today?”

           “It’s April Fool’s Day, Snow,” he tells me, “or did you forget already?”

           “That’s just it,” I say, my voice getting louder. “Why would you write something like this on a day where it could be a prank?”

           “For exactly that reason.”

           “Well, what am I supposed to think?”

           He gives me a look.  “Think whatever you want, Snow,” he shrugs, “I’ve made my move, just focus on making yours.”

           I glare up at him a second longer.  His eyes are gray and deep and almost sad.

           His mouth is right there, and his lips look soft like his hair.

           I wonder if he’s noticed where I’m looking.


I wonder if he’ll reach up…

           Or if I’ll have to reach down…

           Or if I’m even brave enough…


I’m not brave enough.

           I step back while I still can, before I’ve been staring at his mouth too long or before one of us closes the distance.

           I wish I had some sort of parting phrase, something more eloquent than “fuck you”, but I don’t.

           So I turn and walk away, feeling his eyes bore into my back, feeling that same magnetic tension I’d felt when I’d left him to cry away his own nightmares.

           I wait until I’m around the corner before I start running.


Maybe a love letter is a lame April Fool’s Day prank, but when else am I supposed to tell him? When else would he take it with a grain of salt?

           Except he didn’t take it with a grain of salt, even today.

           I hope it makes him hate me.  I hope he burns it in front of me.  I hope he makes me burn it with my own fire.

           I wish he would just break my heart and leave it at that.

           Because the only thing worse than knowing he hates me is not knowing.


I could have kissed him.

           I wanted to kiss him.


           I’m outside when I run out of breath and I lean against an ivy-covered wall before pulling my phone out of my pocket and dialing Penny’s number.



           “Hey Simon, what’s up?”

           I squeeze my eyes shut.  “You’ve got to help me.”

           “Why, what’s wrong?”



           “I almost kissed Baz.”


I find Simon sitting on the ground against a wall, and the grass is wet but I join him anyway and wait for him to speak.

           “What’s wrong with me, Penny?”

           I shoot him a look.  “Nothing’s wrong with you, Simon,” I assure him, “you’re just scared.”

           “Baz hates me.”

           I don’t answer.

           “And I hate him, right?”

           “If you have to ask me, then you probably don’t.”

           “But I must,” he insists, “I always have.”

           “Things change.”

           “Not this.”

           “Where is this even coming from?” I ask.  He hands me a folded slip of paper.  A letter, and even though it’s not signed, it’s clear who wrote it.  

           “It was on my bed this morning.”

           “You do realize this is probably a prank, right?”

           “But that’s just it,” he sits forward urgently, “I can’t tell.”

           “Simon,” I tell him firmly, “if he does feel this way, then what better day to tell you than on a day you might not realize it’s true?”

           “But why wouldn’t he want me to realize?”

           “Oh, I don’t know,” I scoff, “maybe because you’ve been mortal enemies your whole life and he’s supposed to kill you and it would be bad enough if he thought you hated him but even worse if you didn’t?”

           He doesn’t respond, weighing the possibility in his mind.

           “Quick question.”


           “Who almost kissed whom?”

           He shakes his head.  “I’m not really sure anymore.”

           “Did you want to kiss him?”

           It’s a long moment before he gives the slightest of nods.  “Why would I want that, Penny?”

           I put a hand on his knee.  “Oh, Si,” I murmur sympathetically, “you know why.”


I only go to the room for a minute after lunch to grab a jacket, but when I get there, there’s a note on my bed.



I love you too.



Of course I do.  How could I have doubted for a second that I did?


I avoid him for the rest of the day, spending most of it wandering the catacombs and when that gets boring, the Wavering Wood.  I climb to the top of the highest tree I can find and close my eyes, trying to remember how it felt yesterday.

           I don’t know if I should be reading into the note or not, but that’s probably my own fault.  I did it to him, so he did it to me, all on the one day of the year dedicated to practical jokes.

           Yet neither of us have actually said April Fool’s.

           I wait as long as I can to return to our room for the night, and by then it’s dark already.  Simon doesn’t appear to have come up yet, but the window is open, so he must have been here since I found his note.

           As I stare at the window, something dark and long swoops through the outside air lazily.

           I venture closer, and it swings by again, but this time I see what it is.  A dragon’s tail.

           Part of me wants to yank it hard and send him tumbling (his wings would save him anyway, no harm done), but I just poke my head out the window and find Simon on the roof, his tail dangling over the edge.

           “What in Merlin’s name are you doing up there?”

           “Turns out I like high places,” he replies without looking at me.  I should go back inside (I don’t have anything else to say), but the sky is clear tonight and the moon is hitting his curls in a new way and I could study them for hours.

           “What are you looking at?” he asks when he catches me staring.

           I shake myself out of my trance.  “Nothing,” I say, ducking to retreat back in.

           “You should come up.”


           “Up here, it’s a great view.”

           “I can see just fine from here, Snow.”

           “Yeah, but…” he trails off, still gazing out over the grounds, “I wanted to talk to you about something.”

           “You can come down if you want to talk to me.”

           “Where’s the fun in that?”  He shoots me a shy smile like he’s not sure if it’s allowed. “Seriously, just get out here.”

           I peer over the windowsill to the moat.  “I’ll fall.”

           “No you won’t,” Simon scoffs, “I’ve seen you climb.”

           “And I fell.”

           “I’d catch you.”

           He won’t look at me again but I can tell he’s not going to take no for an answer.

           I look anywhere but down or at him as I scramble over the sill and up onto the roof, not taking the offered hand but not slapping it away either as I might have done yesterday.

           One almost-kiss and you’d think the world was turned upside-down.

           Well, two almost-kisses.

           I settle into place beside him, anchoring my feet so I won’t slide down the angled roof.  It’s really not the most comfortable position, and the night air is colder up here, but now that I’m here I can see what he was talking about.  The Wood is like a quilt draped over the land and the hills roll like waves into the distance.  “Not a bad view,” I concede.

           “Told you.”

           “It would be a shame if I were to push you off the roof right now.”

           “You won’t.”

           “You sure?”



           “You just won’t.”

           I should, just to prove him wrong. Yesterday I might have.



           “Why haven’t we teamed up before?”

           I give a dark laugh.  “It might have something to do with being mortal enemies.”

           “Is that what we are?”

           “Well, it’s no secret that the Old Families want me to kill you.”

           “So why haven’t you?”

           “Are you getting impatient, Snow?”

           “You’ve had every opportunity, but even the times that you have legitimately tried, you’ve ended up saving me.”

           “I’ll make a note to stop doing that.”

           “Please don’t.”

           “I doubt we’d make a very good team, Snow,” I chuckle quietly.

           He looks genuinely curious.  “Why not?”

           “I think there has to be a certain level of trust in a team.”

           “I trust you.”

           I raise an incredulous eyebrow at him.  “I sold you out to a goblin yesterday, and now you trust me?”

           “It seems that way.”

           “Maybe that’s the reason we wouldn’t make a good team, because of your horrible decision-making skills.”

           Simon just laughs.  “You weren’t actually trying to kill me, and besides, look how it turned out.”

           My mind jumps straight to the almost-kiss at the top of the tree and I’m suddenly grateful for the darkness hiding my blush. “What do you mean?”

           “You killing that goblin,” he practically gushes, “that was incredible!”

           I shrug.  “Goblins are stupid, it wasn’t exactly difficult.”

           “Exactly. Imagine if we’d teamed up years ago, the Insidious Humdrum would be long gone by now.”

           “How boring our lives would be.”

           “We wouldn’t have to be enemies.”

           I look down at my legs.  “We’d still have to be enemies.”

           “We could be unlikely friends.”

           “No we couldn’t.”

           He glances at me carefully.  “Maybe not,” he agrees after a pause.

           Maybe he could be alright with friends, but I don’t know if I ever could.

           Fuck the Families.  Fuck the Mage.  Fuck the roles we’ve been given and the parts we have to play.  Fuck it all.  I just want you, Simon Snow.



           “Why did you have to write that letter today?”

           I don’t know if I’m shivering from the cold or the question, or both.  “I’ve already told you why.”

           “Why couldn’t you have written it tomorrow?”

           I cast him a sideways glance.  “You know that April Fool’s Day isn’t the one designated day of the year that I’m able to lie to you, right?  Saying it any other day wouldn’t make it true.”

           “If it were true,” he says slowly, “today would be the perfect day to say it without the risk of being taken seriously, right?”

           I shrug carefully.  “I suppose.”



           He looks me right in the eye.  “Did you mean it?”

           I hold his gaze.  “Why are you expecting the truth?”

           “Because I trust you.”

           “That’s right, I’d forgotten.”

           He waits expectantly.

           “It doesn’t matter what I say,” I sigh, “you won’t believe me.”  It’s the grave I’ve dug myself.


           I don’t answer, just meet his eyes.

           “Did you ever consider,” he murmurs, “even for a moment, the possibility that your letter would mean something to me?”

           I don’t speak, I can’t.

           “Or that maybe my note wasn’t a prank?”

           I gulp.  “The thought crossed my mind, but it was too ridiculous to entertain.”

           He shifts fractionally closer but I can already feel the energy start to crackle between us.  “It’s not that ridiculous.”

           “What are you saying?”

           Simon’s eyes are dark like indigo, his hair framed by the moon behind him.  “I think…”

           I can’t breathe as I wait for him to finish.


I don’t know if I can say it.  Writing it down is one thing, but saying it face-to-face, and this close…

           Baz’s eyes are silver, illuminated by the moon behind me.



“Do you know why I woke you from the nightmares?” he says suddenly, and I want to slap him for changing the subject.  (And then kiss his cheek.)  (And then kiss his mouth.)

           “Because I was keeping you from your beauty rest?”

           “Because you were scared, and… it hurt me to see you hurting like that.”

           He won’t look at me again, and I want to take his chin in my hand and make him meet my eye, but I stay still and wait.

           “When you had the nightmares,” he eventually continues, “you didn’t just say no a lot.”

           I already know where this is going.  “What else did I say?”

           “My name.  Simon.”

           Figures.  “I was afraid of that,” I nod.

           “Can I ask what you were dreaming about?”

           It takes a long time for me to answer.  “I had to kill you.”

           “And did you?”

           Just the thought brings tears to my eyes.

           “You don’t have to…”

           “Yes.  I did.” He’s silent as I take a ragged breath. “That’s why it’s my worst nightmare. I know I’ve been told all my life that I have to kill you, but if it ever really came to it, I want to think that I’d be brave enough to refuse.  But in my nightmares, I always give in.  Sometimes you kill me at the same time, and then at least I know I won’t have to carry on living in a world without you…”

“After I woke you,” he says a minute later, his voice getting quieter and quieter, “I hated myself for what I’d done to you.  I wanted to comfort you, to hold you until you fell asleep again, but I was too afraid.  When I walked away, it was like someone was ripping a piece out of me, and then I hated myself even more.  I thought the feeling would go away, but it didn’t.”  He looks me in the eye, and he looks terrified.  “It still hasn’t.”

He’s only inches away.  There’s tears in his eyes to match mine.  

“I think…” Simon moves even closer, “I think I meant what I wrote.”

My heart goes quiet, but I’ve never felt more alive.

“I know,” I whisper, “that I meant what I wrote.”

It’s taking everything in me right now not to fall against him.

I don’t miss his eyes as they flicker to my mouth and back up. When he speaks it’s less than a breath. “May I…”


He takes a handful of my shirt and pulls me down to him.


Baz tastes like citrus and wood smoke and I’m immediately lost in the scent.  His mouth is softer than I could have imagined and I want to be gentle, to move slowly, but I can’t stop myself from opening his mouth with mine.  I feel his sigh vibrate against my chin as I deepen the kiss and oh, it’s not enough.  I want to hear every sound he has, to explore every inch of him, to stay here forever discovering.  I know right now that I’ll never get enough.


Simon kisses me like he’s starving, like he can’t get enough, yet he’s gentle.  His mouth is slow and deep, and my hand is in his curls before I even know what I’m doing, angling his head and moving slow, like we have nothing but time.  The tears are spilling over from my eyes and I can feel the moisture of his own tears on his cheeks, but we’re both kissing through our grins, giddy and desperate for more.


Breaking away from him is like pulling the plug on life support, but he stays no more than a breath away.

“Are you shaking?” I whisper.

“It’s cold up here, Simon,” he murmurs back.  “Not everyone has an internal furnace like you apparently do.”

I grin and wrap my wings around the two of us.  “Call me that again.”

He presses a gentle kiss to my mouth.  “Simon,” he breathes, and I can’t stop myself from pulling him in again.

Baz keeps whispering my name between kisses, and I keep falling more and more in love with him.

anonymous asked:

Can you please do #60 for Seven/MC with a lot of fluff? c: (I like embarrassed Seven so if you don't mind can you do that?) I love your writing! It gives me so much happiness and makes me smile whenever there's a new chapter. Thank you so much for that!

I hope this is enough fluff for your sweet tooth! :) and Thank you, anon! It makes me happy that my writing brightens your day:) 

Prompt #60: You are my sunshine

 One would think that it would be the power outage that sent the RFA into absolute chaos inside Jumin’s penthouse. But no…it was three little words.

“Wait…where’s Seven?”

Yoosung noticed his disappearance first, but Jumin reacted before the question even left the blond’s mouth. With a sigh, you watched the scene erupt into something worthy of the best sitcom. You lifted your phone and started recording from your place on the kitchen island. Jaehee was trying to calm Jumin, who was frantically looking for his beloved cat. Meanwhile, Zen was howling with complaints about said cat. And lastly, Yoosung sat in the middle of the floor, head held in his hands, and regret exuding from his very body.

After half a minute, you saved the video and sent it to the culprit.

MC: Look what you’ve done.

You didn’t have to wait long for a response. You opened it, expecting a string of emojis…perhaps a detailed plan…an invitation to join him. Your fingers trembled at the prospect of all the fun you would have with your partner in crime.

707: Haha…Sry

You deflated. His response was so…lifeless.You hovered your thumbs over the keyboard, preparing some sort of reply. But worry squelched any of your enthusiastic answers.

MC: Where are you?

You waited a few minutes, the sinking feeling in your chest growing worse with every second. He couldn’t have gone far. You chewed on your bottom lip as you once again turned to the disorder unfolding in front of you. No one there would be of any help.

You hummed quietly at the phone, sending the same text in case it didn’t go through. A faint ding echoed in the distance. An idea sprung in your mind. Seven would probably make you pay for the flood of notifications, but…when had his threats stopped you before?

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the use of diamonds in endless summer: a rant

as someone who’s played through endless summer without spending literally one (1) diamond—a lot of the enjoyment that comes from playing the game is saturated by the desire to spend diamonds in order to get a happy (or happier) ending. the book is no longer reliant on the player’s actions to produce an good outcome, but instead on how much money the player has rolling around in their bank account at the time. it’s… not good.

this got really long (WARNING: this is super fucking long (by super fucking long i mean +1,500 words long, so super fucking long), i was fueled by rage and pretty much nothing else), so i had to split it into parts. yeah.

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pammers86  asked:

Hi! So can I request a blurb please? I would LOVE to see a Harry blurb based off the song, There's Us by the Backstreet Boys? Ever hear of it? It's fantastic! Thanks 😘😜😘

can you do a harry writing where y/n is an architecture student came to study in London

Could you do one where Harry tries to break you out of your shell because you’re a shy person and keep turning him down when he asks you out, that would be so cute x

Hey Susie! After a week I have now gotten through all of your blurbs/one shots about Harry and love them all. Would you maybe write a little something about you maybe moving in with Gemma in London and Harry meeting you that way and developing a crush on you and how that would all pan out?

So…Pam sent me this request and I’d been sitting on all the others for awhile and a light bulb went off, this would make a great series.  

There’s Us is one of my favorite love songs ever, not even because it’s my boys who sing it.  It is a beautiful, angsty, pull emotion out of you from the depths of your soul type song and they sound like angels singing it.  If you’d like to hear the song, you can go here to listen.  I based it mostly off the chorus.

This will be three parts.  Starting with this.  I hope you enjoy it.  

Thanks to @harrys-furrowed-brow​ for the banner

The Beginning…

Ok so it sounds weird when I say it.  But I love buildings.  My friends always tease me, because honestly, who in the world loves buildings.  But I do.  I love the curves and the straight edges.  I love the way windows are placed.  I love the way corners come together.  I love the old buildings with intricate carvings on the outside and new buildings with their modern lines and clean outlines.  I was a geek for it.  If there was a channel all about buildings, I’d watch it 24/7.

I got the chance to go to London when my Structural Design professor, Mr. Franzen, handed me a brochure about studying abroad.  He knew I would never have gone for it without his goading.  So every day as class let out, he called me over and asked me if I’d applied.  I finally did, never thinking for a moment I would get chosen.  But I was.

I had a month to plan how I would get over there, a job situation and where I would live.  I made the decision fairly quickly that I didn’t want to live in any school housing while I was there.  I wanted the full London experience.  So, I got online one weekend and I figured everything out.  My parents bought me the plane ticket, bless their hearts.  I found a job at a book shop in the area where I wanted to live.  The lady I spoke to on the phone said she was the owner and in her thick British accent, “I been lookin’ fer someone for a bloody year!”.

The hardest thing to find was housing.  But the school’s website had classifieds on it where students could advertise things and one of them happened to be rooms for rent.  I emailed the first couple that looked promising and after a few responses, I had my living situation handled.

I was off to London a week later.

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Seasons Change

Written for the Halloween batfam content war day 1: Autumn. I’m realizing now that like everyone was going to do amazing walk in the crunchy leaves stuff, but hopefully you guys like my little twist on it. 

Words: 2,395

Summary:  It’s fall and the colors are beautiful enough to paint, or at least that’s what Dick promises Damian as they set out to spend the day together. And the colors are beautiful, but they spark a surprising homesickness in Damian he’s not sure how to deal with.

AO3 Link

Damian was not normally a fan of the cold. As soon as the weather started to turn towards the abominable seasons of Fall and Winter he kept his time outdoors limited. There was of course patrol, and Titus’s walking, and Grayson’s inane attempts at getting Damian to enjoy the ‘nice weather’ to force him out of doors. Still, Damian did his best to keep that to a minimum.

No matter his feelings on the weather, he could not deny his brother’s suggestion that there was art to be made outside. He bundled himself up and collected his painting supplies to follow Grayson out onto the grounds of Wayne manor. He colors already shifted from green to those of gold, red, and orange.

He slipped his free hand into his brother’s as they walked, and Grayson spared him a moment to smile down at him.

“Tt, do not assume anything childish of my actions, Grayson. Your hand is warmer than mine. It makes sense for me to syphon some of your heat so my fingers will be able to hold my paintbrushes later.”

“Right.” Grayson grinned, “I’m always happy to help your fingers stay warm.”

Damian gave him a single nod and turned his attention forward again. It would not do to walk through the grounds and not pay attention to where he was stepping. With the onslaught of fall there were more things to trip over, and thus more possibilities to injure himself.

In front of them, Titus bounded excitedly, ignoring risk of tripping. His paws sent puffs of leaves up in bursts as he ran through them, enjoying all the space. His pawing at the door had been part of the reason Damian had agreed to join Grayson on a walk. He had been cooped up too long, against his wishes and needed time to roam.

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Lance AU

Part 1
AHGGGGG ITS BEEN SO LONG!! I ACCIDENTALLY DELETED THIS AND HAD TO REWRITE IT CUZ IM AN IDIOT WHO DIDNT SAVE!! 😿Uhggg but yeah there are some notes at the bottom and hope you enjoy!!

  • When they got on Blue, Lance realized that the communicators were still not working properly. They kept blinking in and out and Lance couldn’t tell any locations. (He could only see a location for a few seconds before it turned off)
  • So Lance and Kairi wandered from planet to planet for a few days. (They obviously needed food and supplies) And while there, they helped with whatever they could. Lance also took time to try to fix the communicators.
  • Then, one day, they hear about some space lions fighting the Galra on a nearby planet.(Lance ofc knows who it is) So they quickly pack up, get on Blue, and make their way to the battle.
  • However on their way, Lance panics. “What if they don’t need me?” “Kai, what if they’ve forgotten me?” “Kai, I’m scared.” “Kai.” And he just breaks down. Kairi tries their hardest to calm Lance down, reminding him of how brave and smart he is. How he helped them realize that they were something else besides a “killing machine.” How he helped all those people in the planet. How many lives he saved. How important he is. That he IS the blue paladin and HE CANT be replaced. (Kairi is just doing what Lance did all those times when Kairi themselves had their moments.)
  • Kai calms Lance down and eventually they come upon the battle. The battle was ugly. Thats the only way Lance could describe it. The Lions were getting beaten up pretty badly and the Galra just kept coming. (Lance to the rescue cuz hes BOMB AF)
  • They make their way towards the others, fighting the Galra from behind, and almost get shot down a few times. Upon arrival, the others don’t seem to notice the Blue Lion. They fight side by side and it wasn’t until Lance heard someone say “Cover me from behind!” and had replied “I got you.” that they noticed his presence. (communicators were now working for some reason??? Maybe cuz they were close to each other?? Idk)
  • Lance could feel their surprise and joy as the slowly began to realize who had replied. They were ecstatic… Pidge and Hunk were crying. Keith was laughing and Shiro was telling Lance so many good things. “They always loved you,” Kai whispered to him. “Yeah.” Lance replied.
  • However after the battle, they were getting off of their ships when Lance realized that times had changed. Lance had made the mistake of believing everything would be the same.


Reason For Blue Not Working: Okay so for the technology thing… at first I was also like ??? But then I thought about it and so you know how Voltron is really old and the lions have their own self-repair features well Blue was in such bad shape that she couldn’t repair herself and like Lance, hes smart, but his fortitude isnt in repairing technology so it takes him a while to actually start fixing Blue. And theres the thing that he has to find really old pieces that Blue needs. Which are really hard to find and expensive af. But by that time he gets some he kinda lost hope that the others were coming to find him so Blue tells him she’ll keep trying to fix herself and he should just live in the planet for awhile.
How They Met: For the attack in which they met… I was kinda thinking it was like a inner-planet battle. Like similar to two countries fighting each other. And Lance is obviously on the good side. BUT @nickbuymeaburger came up with the awesome idea that Kairi came from a Galra attack. The Galra had them as a prisoner and trained them to be a killer… but they’re actually not Galra.
Name: SO THE NAME!! I really had no idea what to name them but I came up with some ideas and shared them with @nickbuymeaburger, who also had ideas. So thats when “Kairi" came out… and I had wanted “Kai” soooo I just decided to use both because why not? We also said that when Lance took them in, he asked for their name and they told him some numbers/codes and Lance is like “NUH UH NO SIRRY!! NOT IF I CAN HELP IT!” So he tells him that his new name is “Kairi” which stands for sea in Hawaiian. (hunk told him btw) And its his favorite place in the universe so that makes “Kairi” his favorite person too.

BUT YEAH… if any of you all are confused or just want to talk about any ideas that you all have, feel free to message or ask me!! I LOVE READING YOUR THOUGHTS!!
So its come to my attention that my AU is similar to an AU from @nuro-does-art, which you can find here. Of course it was never my intention to copy them and im really sorry for any troubles. We also both have different ideas and i hope to see how both of them develop. Sooooo go check out their blog!! They are really nice and their AU is really good too! Anyways, Sorry once again!!
(Dreamswap) What friends are for (2)

Okay, enough Durarara posts, have more story.


(Cross’s alarm goes off, playing a Disney song much louder than necessary. The three of them shift in their positions, which somehow became a tangled mess over the course of the night, all of them cringing slightly.)

Nightmare: Cross, what the hell is that…

(Cross slams his hand on the nearby table his phone is on. He slams various places until he finds his phone.)

(But his hand is asleep, so when he tries to pick it up, it falls out of his grip and onto the floor.)

Cross: aaagghhhh

Nightmare: What are you doing, turn that stupid thing off…!

Cross: where is ittttt

(Cross flops over the side of the bed, crushing Nightmare under him as he searches the floor next to the bed.)

Nightmare: oW

Cross: okay I found it

(He picks up the phone with his other hand and struggles a bit to turn it off. Finally, he succeeds and places the phone back on the table, and slumps even more of his weight into Nightmare.)

Nightmare: get OFFFF

Cross: too early… too much physical exertion…

Nightmare: Why the heck did you even set an alarm?!

Cross: it makes me feel like a productive being…

Cross: also I’m trying to fix my sleeping schedule…

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It all started a few years ago with her ex. What started out as a playful night ending in a rough, lust-filled one with a newfound kink. 

It had been a shock to both of them at first. Just a spur of the moment slap to Y/N’s bare ass caused her to gasp out, her ex quickly realizing what he had done and quickly apologized but all Y/N said was “Do that again.” 

No one knew about this secret kink of Y/N’s, only her ex and the few guys afterwards, but no one else, not ever her current boyfriend Joe. It wasn’t that she was ashamed of her kink. Compared to the long list of sexual kinks, hers was one of the most common and wasn’t out of the ordinary. It was just different with Joe. 

He was kind and sweet and treated her well, better than her ex and the one nights stands had. He truly cared for her, apologizing after every little thing whether that was a slight irritation in his voice when he was stressed or something as simple as a missed call or text. Honestly Y/N didn’t know how Joe would react to her kink, but she was starting to miss the sex she had after she discovered her kink. 

Going from something so exciting and rough to something passionate and loving was making Y/N’s head spin, and not in a good way. She constantly argued with herself about just telling Joe. 

‘Maybe he’d be up for it or maybe he’d think I’m weird and dump me’, which, she thought, was highly unlikely. 

Joe had told her and there wasn’t anything she could do that would make him want to break up with her but that could’ve just been another spur of the moment thing. She hoped that it wasn’t, she cared for and loved Joe as much as he loved her but she just felt weird, like something of her was missing in this new relationship.

After a year of debating, Y/N had finally made up her mind and decided to talk to Joe. 

“Hey umm,” Y/N said pulling away from her and Joe’s heated kiss decided that now would be the a good time to mention her kink since the mood for the rest of the night had already been set.

“Everything okay?” Joe asked looking down at her with concerned eyes.

“Yeah, umm I was just thinking…what if…what if we did something a little different tonight?” She searched for the words to say. 

“Okay, like what?” Joe questioned. 

“Um like maybe a little rougher.” She said taking a hold of Joe’s hands, watching her own thumb run across his knuckles. 

“What do you mean?” Joe asked bringing her attention back to him. 

“Well so theres something I haven’t told you about myself and I don’t want you to think that our sex isn’t great because it is but theres just something missing, for me anyways.”

She watched Joe’s face scrunch up in confusion as he tried to wrap his head around what his girlfriend was saying. 

“I have a kink Joe, if you could really call it that. Spankings, I liked to be spanked and the reason why I didn’t tell you before was because I didn’t know how’d you react…what?” She asked as her boyfriend started to chuckle.

“Sorry love, I’m just relieved. I thought you were going somewhere completely different with that and honestly bondage isn’t my thing. And yeah, I suppose we could try that.” 

“We don’t have to I just wanted to tell you because I didn’t like keeping it from you.”

“No love its fine, and who knows I might enjoy it too.” Joe said with a smirk as  he leaned in to continue the kiss she interrupted earlier, removing her shirt in the process. 

“You sure?” She said pulling away once more. She couldn’t believe that he was so calm about this so she had to make sure that she wasn’t forcing him to do anything he didn’t want to. 

“Yes love. Now are we going to or would you rather just have a conversation about what we could be doing?” Joe asked causing Y/N to roll her eyes. 

She brought her lips back to Joe’s, her fingers moving up an under his own t-shirt to push it up and over his head. With both their shirts discarding on the floor, Joe unclasped Y/N’s bra and pushed her back against the bed. His lips moving from her’s and down to the soft skin of her neck, collar bones and stomach. 

He quickly undid her jeans and pulled them and her panties down her legs, throwing them to the side before Y/N moved herself up onto her knees and pulled Joe back into a kiss. Her hands were equally as quick to undo his belt and jeans and pulled them his body, followed closely by his boxers that exposed his hardened length. 

Joe moaned against Y/N’s lips as she took a hold of him, running her thumb over the tip before moving her hand up and down the shaft. 

“Fuck Y/N” Joe said pulling away from the kiss and leaning his head against Y/N’s shoulder as she quickened the movements of her hands before halting. 

She brought Joe’s head back up to her, staring him in the eyes as she bit down on her lower lip. She gave Joe a little smirk before turning around so her back was facing his chest and bent over on the bed so Joe had a perfect slight of her ass. 

She felt Joe’s soft hands roll over the skin of her bum before feeling the pain of something she had missed so much. She left out a low moan as she bit down on her lip as Joe’s hand rolled over the reddened patch before applying another hit. 

“Fuck!” Y/N growled as she looked over to her should back at Joe who was admiring her ass.  

Another smack was sent against her ass before her hips were gripped and pulled backwards. Joe ran his length up and down Y/N’s wet slit before slowly pushing into her, his eyes closing as he let out a gasp of pleasure. 

Joe began moving his hips back and forth, finding a steady rhythm before sending another slap against Y/N’s skin causing her to cry out, her back arching and she gripped the bed sheets in front of her. 

“Again” She said followed by a moan. 

Joe let his hand come in contact with her ass again before gripping her waist again and picking up the speed of her thrusts. 

“Shit Joe!” Y/N moaned out as she clenched around Joe, her knuckles turning white from her grip on the sheets. 

Another slap from Joe caused Y/N to scream out as she tried her hardest to hold in the pressure that was building up inside her. 

“I’m close..” Y/N breathed.

“Me too love.” Joe said gathering strength to thrust harder and faster into her. 

After just a few more thrusts, the two of the released a sea of moans into the room as euphoria shook through their bodies. 

Joe pulled out of Y/N, letting her roll over onto her back be he moved to lay down beside her. 

“I liked that.” Joe said after minutes of silence. 

“Yeah?” Y/N asked looking over at him. 

“Yeah, we can do that more often.” He said.

“Looks like you have a kink too Sugg.” Y/N laughed.

“No I don’t.”

“Yes you do” Y/N continued to laugh as Joe pulled her on top of him and into a kiss.  

Playing with Fire - 05

Summary: After breaking up with you, you decide the only way to get back at your -now ex-boyfriend and avoid public humilliation is by making a deal with resident bad boy Min Yoongi: you’ll give him money as long as he pretends to be your new boy.

Genre: Romance.

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Rating: Mature (angst? + smut)

Length: 3.3k

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 -  Part 7 -  Part 8 [Finale]

A/N: here it is! so theres a bit of yoongis pov and i mention jungyeon from twice bc i actually think yoongi and her would be cute concept?? anways eNJOY

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We’ll come back, and we’ll bring Hell with us.

Request:  ok so I’m pretty weird but could you do an imagine where Bucky and reader are dating and hydra capture her Bucky and Steve and to torture Bucky they tie him up and make him watch Steve fuck you (he has a mind control serum or something) and then you enjoy it because your senses are heightened and then right after you and Steve orgasm they let Bucky go and you collapse crying and you just hold each other because you’re both like broken emotionally sorry its so detailed I basically wrote a pic lol


A/N: I took out the enjoyed it part, because I believe it would hurt Bucky more to watch this, knowing theres nothing he can do to help you.

Originally posted by natpekis

Bucky and I have been together for about one year now, life is good. I love him more than anything, he loves me just as much. Steve usually forbids us from going on missions together, Bucky and I are very passionate about each other, and that transfers over to missions. Bucky would drop everything, mission included, put several other people in danger, JUST to save me. Steve learned that the hard way, so he forbade us from going on missions together.

However, this time we had to work together, as it’s just me, Buck, and Steve. It’s dangerous enough, we’re all needed this time.

To send the Winter Soldier and his girlfriend to a Hydra base, together, may not have been the smartest idea, I realize this now as I am captured and taken from my friend, and my boyfriend, they’ve sedated me so I can’t move, can’t talk, but I’m still awake. I can see everything. I can see Bucky drop everything, and sprint towards me. I can see the panic in his eyes. Then it disappears. A bomb goes off to my right, dropping the building in front of me, blocking Bucky from my view.

‘Fuck…this is it. This is how I’m gonna die.’ I can’t help but wonder if Steve and Bucky will be okay. I hope so…the drugs pull me under, and my vision fades to black.


When I come to, I’m tied to a bed by my hands and legs and my clothes are missing off my body. When I go on missions, I wear a g-string, as to avoid uncomfortable wedgies, and no bra. So, you can imagine my predicament.

“What the fuck..” tugging on the restraints, I find I am securely locked in place.

“(Y/N), (Y/N) are you okay??” I look to my right, seeing Bucky and Steve sitting on the ground, with their hands tied above their heads, still fully clothed.

I know my nakedness in front of Steve should embarrass me, but it doesn’t. My fear overpowers any feelings of humiliation or embarrassment I may feel.

“Fuck, (Y/N) say something, anything.”

“I-I’m okay, Bucky. W-Why am I naked?” He gulps, tugging on the restraints one more time, they’re so strong that even his metal arm can’t bust through it.

“I-I don’t know. They just told me that ‘this is gonna be a lot of fun.’”

Steve comes to at this moment, coughing.

“W-What, where are we? Buck?” I can’t help but wonder why, or how, they managed to get caught. Bucky probably risking everything, and Hydra probably expected him to do it, and was prepared for it.

When Steve realizes I’m basically naked, his face turns red and he turns his head. Still trying to reserve some dignity for me….whatever left I may have, at least. Before anyone of us can say anymore, an intercom comes on, a man’s voice speaking.

“Ah, welcome home Winter Soldier. We have a wonderful surprise for you today!” Bucky growls, pulling on the restraints again. Knowing this has something to do with me, and there’s not a damn thing he can do about it.

“You see, we know that you don’t work for us anymore, in fact, we’re not going to do anything to you. As soon as this is over, we’ll let you all go. You’ll just have to deal with all the emotional trauma with what comes with what you’re about to witness.” The door snaps open, almost like it took a button in a main office to open it.

Someone walks in, dressed in all black and combat gear. I feel even more exposed.

He walks over to Steve, and for some reason I’m even more scared.

He takes out a big ass needle, and shoves it into his neck.


“STEVE!” Bucky and I yell at the same time. Steve groans, and passes out. I don’t know if it’s from the pain, or the stuff in the syringe.

“Oh my God, Bucky, Bucky is he okay?!” Hot, fat tears drip down the side of my face.

Bucky is looking over at him, breathing heavy.

“Fuck, I don’t know (Y/N).” The voice comes back over the intercom.

“The fun will commence when Captain Rogers regains consciousness.” It cuts out again.

Now all we can do it wait, wait in fear and confusion.

“B-Bucky, do you know what that was?”
“No, (Y/N).” We wait in silence for another hour before he stirs. He brings his head up, and his face is hard and unforgiving. This isn’t Steve. The door opens again, another man coming in and walking over to Steve. My heart rate is off the chart, I can’t contain the terror anymore, tears continue pouring out of my face.

‘Is Steve gonna kill me? Are they gonna make my boyfriends best friend kill me?’ No, why would that be the case when I’m almost completely naked. Oh no…Oh no please don’t tell me they’re going to make him do what I think he’s going to do.

Steve walks over to me, standing at the foot of the bed.

“Now, the fun can begin.” The man, who was obviously the voice over the intercom speaks, before leaving.

“S-Steve?” I whimper, he’s staring at me with hard, predatory eyes. I don’t know who this is, but Steve is not in control right now.

Bucky tugs on the chains once more.

“STEVE! Steve, please. Please don’t do this.” Bucky seems to remember what’s going on. He seems desperate to get his attention.

‘What’s about to happen to me?’

“STOP! STOP THIS! I’LL COME BACK TO HYDRA! I’LL DO WHATEVER YOU WANT! JUST PLEASE DON’T HURT HER!” Bucky is on the verge of tears, and I’ve never seen him so heartbroken. It makes me believe my chances for survival are slim. Bucky never loses his composure.

“We don’t want you anymore, Soldier. We just want to watch you suffer.” There’s that voice again.

Steve comes up to me, pulling out a pocket knife from his utility belt. I can almost feel my heart beating out of my chest, my eyes are hurting from focusing so hard. The only thing running through my mind is, he’s going to slice through my skin. He’s going to stab me, this is going to be a slow, torturous death. Was Bucky forced to do this?

However, the pain, that pain at least, doesn’t come. He slices through my G-string. The only piece of clothing protecting myself from being bared to the whole room.

“Oh God no, please Steve! Please don’t do this! I know you’re in there, don’t want to do this…” Sobbing, I tug on the restraints one last time, obviously to no avail.
Bucky shouts, trying to get his attention elsewhere but me. It doesn’t work. Steve unzips the fly on his stealth suit, before pulling out his already stiff cock. I turn my head, I don’t want to see what’s about to happen. I look at Bucky, I’m about to be raped…by his best friend, while my boyfriend watches. This torture is meant for him…but I know Steve will hate himself for the rest of his life when he comes back. I just turn off all emotion. I’m not going to give these fuckers the satisfaction of watching me cry. They don’t deserve it.

“Don’t worry, Bucky….it’ll all be okay.” That’s all I can get out, before Steve shoves himself into me. My body wasn’t ready. My mind might have been, but it doesn’t mean it helped with any pain. I bite my lip, drawing blood. Squeezing my eyes shut, I don’t want Bucky to see me like this.

Steve isn’t as long as Bucky, but he’s just as thick. He beings a rough, fast, unforgiving pace. My body begins to adjust. I still don’t enjoy it, but at least it doesn’t hurt anymore.

After 15 minutes, Steve finishes. He pulls out, tucks himself back into his suit and goes to sit back next to Bucky. Bucky can’t even look at him. He’s staring at me, a few stray tears had fallen from his eyes, and down his cheeks.

Steve falls back into unconsciousness.

“I-I’m so sorry, (Y/N).” He chokes on his own saliva. His heartache hurts me more than anything Hydra could ever do to me.

“Don’t be sorry, Bucky. It’s not your fault.” I force a smile at him. Bucky hangs his head, his body shaking with sobs.


Another two hours pass, and I’m starting to think the torture is not over.

My fears are thankfully not realized, as the restraints holding Bucky and Steve snap loose, releasing them. I sob, thankful that this nightmare is almost over, hopefully.

Bucky runs to me, yanking my hands loose from the restraints.

I fall limp into his arms, crying. He hold me, letting me cry into his shoulder.

He helps me dress, back into my catsuit.

“I’m sorry, (Y/N). I’m so sorry…” I sniffle a little more, wiping my eyes.

“I don’t blame you, Bucky. I love you, forever. But your best friend could use some help too…” Bucky holds no ill will towards Steve, he goes over to him and helps him up, as he’s still unconscious.

The doors open again, and we are released. I know what you must be thinking, why would Hydra let three of the Avengers go like that, when we are so weak? It would be so easy to kill us.

Well, nothing would be more victorious to them, then to watch us do the walk of shame. They won.

This time.


After we get to the tower, we’re all taken to the med bay, Steve will be fine. A full blown rape kit is done on me, to determine if I’ll have any injuries. I have vaginal tearing, and am given an antibiotic to prevent infection.

Bucky holds me, he’s never left my side the whole time since we’ve been back, and I can’t see him letting my out of his sight for quite some time.

Steve eventually comes to.

“W-What? Where am I?” He sits up quick, but the medic comes and rests her hand on his shoulder.

“Lay back, Mr. Rogers. Your brain went through a lot of mental trauma, you need nothing more than to rest.” He turns to look at his surroundings, realizing he’s in the tower, he relaxes a bit. Once he makes eye contact with us, his memories must have came back.

“N-No…no, (Y/N) Please tell me I didn’t…” I shake my head.

“Don’t Steve, please don’t do this to yourself.”

“B-Buck..” His eyes well up with unshed tears. Bucky lets me go and stands up to walk towards Steve, bringing him into a brotherly embrace.

“It’s okay, punk. We’ll get through this.” Steve rests his head in his hands.

“H-How can you forgive me?” Bucky runs his hand through his hair.

“B-Because I was forced to do this to women they interrogated too…only..they didn’t get to survive. I don’t have any room to be upset.” I’m shocked to hear his confession.

He had to rape women when he was the Winter Soldier? I don’t know why I’m shocked, it shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Steve and I don’t say anything, we just let it go.

We’re down, but we will get back up. And we’ll bring hell with us.

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hello! i love your work! may you please make a joshua scenario where they fight, almost break up, and then make up in the end. thank you so much!

Hi there,  I hope you enjoy this request! Requests are currently open and we are now writing for more blogs other than Seventeen. We now write for Wanna one, BTS, Nu’est and GOT7 so please send in your requests! Everything is welcomed!

Originally posted by wonshu

If there was one word you would describe yourself with then it would be “friendly”.  You love meeting new people and learning about their stories but most importantly you just love socialising. Your boyfriend on the other side… has the opposite personality to you, he is shy and quiet. He doesn’t normally express his feelings unless you try your hardest to dig it out of him.

You love him with all your heart and you couldn’t imagine your life with him missing, but sometimes things get very difficult when he just would’t open up to you.

“I’ll be going out with Tim today” you informed Joshua as he was getting ready to cook. “Where are you guys going?” He looked at you and asked. His expression didn’t look too pleased but you didn’t really pay much attention since you and Tim has been best friends for many years.

“He just recently got a new job and he’s taking me for a date… you know~ just to catch up on things” you shrug your shoulders and slipped on a short black dress. The time you had set to meet up with Tim was getting very close, you hurried to get ready without noticing Joshua’s mood.

You put on your make up, curled your hair and touched up on your look with some red lipstick. “I’ll be home by 10, have a great day today babe! Sorry, I will spend tomorrow with you” leaning in to kiss him briefly, you stepped into your heels and rushed out into Tim’s car which was waiting outside. “Wait- I…” before Joshua finished his sentence, you already disappeared from his sight.

“Where should we go?” You asked Tim with a happy voice. “Um, just to a restaurant and maybe a movie after?” Tim answered but kept his eyes on the mirror which shows the reflection of Joshua standing in front of the house. “Did you tell Josh we were going out?” “Yeah, I told him before I left” “oh okay? But he is still standing by the door?” “Nah, he’s fine probably just sending me off, he’ll go inside soon.” You looked back but couldn’t see Joshua anymore.

“So? How have you been?” Tim was driving but started the conversation, he knew you since uni and its been many years. He can tell straight away when something is wrong… you tried to hide it by being cheerful but you know he won’t let you off unless he finds out what happened.

“Yeeeeeah… it’s been good I guess?” “Woah, Mrs Hong, what happened? You don’t sound very positive” he teased you. “I guess me and Joshua has just been a little awkward around each other but I have no idea what happened, he came back from his tour and became all weird…” it was so easy, the words and the true feelings hiding inside you just slipped out of your mouth without you realising.

“Have you tried talking to him” Tim suggests. He looked over at you and you raised an eyebrow. “Oh right… almost forgot… he is a busy idol! you will have to get a shovel and start digging if you want to find out about things” “Yeah exactly, so no. As long as he doesn’t say anything and I just go along with it it will all be fine” A fake smile displayed on your face, that was the only thing you could do to stop yourself from breaking down in front him.

The catch up went reasonably fast. The food was delicious and talking to your best friend after so long feels very relaxing. He is just so easy to be around, you don’t have to think about too much before you speak or act. You let out all the bad energy you had. You had to complain to him how hard it gets being an idol’s girlfriend and how hard it is to maintain a relationship. Before you noticed, the time was striking 10 o’clock.“Should probably get you home!” Tim says to you as he shoves you into the car.

Approaching the house you and Joshua shared, you hopped out of the car and Tim followed behind. “Thank you! I had such an amazing night, hope to catch you soon again” you reached out to hug Tim which he accepted by pulling you into his arms.

“Ahem…” You turned your head to see Joshua  standing by the door. “Thanks for bringing her home…” Joshua thanked Tim quietly and grabbed you by your wrist to pull you closer to him. “No worries! Have a good night! Bye” Tim waves goodbye to you and left.

As soon as Tim leaves… Joshua’s face dropped. He let go of your hand and made his way inside the house without greeting you. “Okay then…” you mumbled to yourself as you took of your shoes and walked in.

Joshua was sitting on the couch with the TV playing. You looked around to see the dining table filled with food Joshua has cooked. “Babe? Did you not have dinner?” No answer… “Babe? What happened?” No answer… “Babe?” Still no answer.

You walked over to the living room and you just couldn’t hold it any longer, he was testing your limits, but today you just don’t have the energy to deal with any of that. You snatched the remote out of his hand and turned the TV off. “What is wrong with you?” You question Joshua. “Nothing!” He replied as he tried to walk off. “Don’t lie… I know something is wrong… tell me! You have to tell me otherwise I wouldn’t know, I am not a phycologist” your voice was raising unintentionally but your words were coming out much stronger than you thought.

“Nothing is wrong Y/N, don’t worry about it” he rested his hand on your shoulder to assure you everything is fine. “Okay. I’m done with this bullshit, don’t touch me” you flicked his hands off. “Honestly… I hate myself for saying this but I feel like if I don’t say something I will hate myself even more. You really need to tell me your thoughts! I don’t read minds, you annoy the shit out of me when you give me the silent treatment, ever since your world tour finished… theres like an invisible wall between us and I don’t know what is causing that to happen” tears began to form in your eyes.

Looking up to the ceiling to prevent them from escaping you continued. “I really do love you Josh, it just gets very hard when I have to keep guessing what you are thinking. I know you are mad about something but I don’t know what…” “Y/N-” he tried to interfere. You held up your hand for him to stop, “If you don’t tell me whats wrong, this is the end of us… I can’t handle anymore of this stress, you are not the only one living the hard life…” staring into his eyes you spat out the words.

Joshua’s eyes widen when you mentioned ‘THE END’. “Fine! You asked so I will tell you… I hate Tim! I fucking hate him” Your heart dropped hearing those words and the fact Joshua swore surprised you. “I hate him. There is no other words I would use… I hate seeing other people with you, I hate him for taking away your attention from me and I hate him for being able to spend lots of time with you” His face turned bright red as he spoke.

“When I was on tour, all I could think about were the most horrible things he could do to you when I’m absent… I could not concentrate… I was worried” he slowly steps closer backing you into the wall. “He is always so close to you and you never take caution when you are around him! How can I not be worried? I love you way too much to loose you Y/N… I want to punch myself for not trusting you but I don’t want to risk losing you… it will all be too late when it gets to that point”

There was a small gap between you and him. His breathing was fast due to his angry confession. The long pause after his words cooled you both down.  “I’m sorry.. I didn’t mean to take it out on you” Joshua covered his face seconds after he realised what he has done. “Thank you” you replied to him as you take his hands. “Thank you so much babe… I never knew this was what upset you, I’m really sorry too for making you think this way! But you really have nothing to worry about. YOU! JOSHUA HONG is the man I truly love and want to spend the rest of my life with, do not ever question yourself! And I love it when you express your feelings and tell me what you are thinking”

Joshua tucked you tightly in a hug. You could feel his heart beating against your chest, you pulled away to give him a kiss and assure him. He picked you up then crushed his lip against yours. He kissed you eagerly as if he wanted to label you his territory.  And that night… he surely did 😏

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Admin Mi. 

Future Kids 3: 01

pairing: hoseokxreader
length: 993 words
genre: fluff
summary: a series of drabbles in which all the boys have kids. 
comments: it’s a day late, but happy birthday hoseok! 

hoseok | yoongi | seokjin | namjoon | jimin | jungkook | taehyung

Originally posted by jengkook

“Eomma, I want to sing happy birthday to appa when he calls.” Your daughter smiles brightly coming into the room. She pulls herself up onto the bed sitting next to her little brother, her 2-year-old brother who was soundly asleep next to you. Every now and then you would run your fingers through his soft hair just to make sure he was still there.

“But baby I don’t think appa will be calling until later. You’ll be tired and grumpy in the morning.” You really didn’t want your daughter to be staying up late, it was almost already 9 in the evening. All fan meetings and concerts were unpredictable about time, Hoseok could be calling you 5 minutes from now or 5 hours from now.

“Appa said I could before he left.” Your daughter pouted at you reminding you of Hoseok’s face that went into a shape of ‘ㅅ when he was angry. She was just like him, you couldn’t help but smile at her as she pulled that face to get her own way.

“Okay, you can sing happy birthday to him.”

Two hours had gone by and you were still waiting for Hoseok’s call, well you weren’t on the laptop just for that reason. You had also been doing work and looking through news articles anything to keep your mind busy. “Eomma… when is appa coming?” You looked down to your droopy eyed daughter, she was already rubbing her eyes. She was ready to sleep.

“I don’t know baby… eomma already told you this.” You whisper, you spoke to her in a gentle and soothing voice because there wasn’t any point in trying to tell her off. She just missed her father, it was understandable. Hoseok was here for everything he could possibly be involved in, she was just upset when he had to leave for long periods of time. “Go to sleep and I’ll wake you up when he calls.” Her small pink lips turned into a frown, but she didn’t disobey because she was already falling into dream land.

You were too falling asleep when it came to waiting up for Hoseok, but the loud noise of your laptop startled you. Accepting the call, you tapped your daughter. “I kept you up… I’m sorry. I should have called from the stadium so you didn’t have to stay up.” Hoseok sighs a little. If had called from the stadium though he wouldn’t of gotten to speak to you for long or alone. You smiled softly at him, “How are the kids?”

Your daughter opened her eyes then sitting up slowly, “They’re okay. D/N wanted to sing happy birthday to you, but she fell asleep. Well she’s awake now.” You look to her pulling her to the computer screen so she could see Hoseok. Her face lit up without a hesitation when she saw him.

“Appa!” Her sleepy self whispered.

“Have you been waiting long for me?” Hoseok asks, “I heard that you wanted to sing happy birthday to me, shall we sing it together.” Your daughter nodded her head rubbing her eyes, on the count of three all 3 of you started to sing happy birthday to Hoseok.

“Come back soon.” Your daughter whispers before she fell back to sleep on your arm, you smiled at her knowing that she was missing her father; you missed him as well. 

“Sleep well.” Hoseok mutters to you daughter, a smile falling onto his face hoping that he would be able to come home to celebrate his actual birthday. It just depended on flights now and whether he could get one, of course this would be a surprise to all of you. “You need to rest too.” Hoseok whispers.

“I know.” You smile back at him, his caring words always made you feel easy. “She’s right, come back soon. I love you.” You tell him, he knew very well that you loved him. He loved you too, he was glad he had asked you to marry him. If it wasn’t for Yoongi setting him up on a blind date with you, who knows where he would be right now.

“I love you too, sleep well.” Hoseok ended the video call on you dozing off on the webcam, he was happy that he was able to speak to you before he got onto the plane. It meant you wouldn’t be worrying about his whereabouts because he didn’t want to ruin the surprise.

As you woke up in the morning, you expected your son to be jumping on top of you. Telling you to wake up so he could watch tv before he had breakfast, but strangely he wasn’t. Turning over, what startled you was Hoseok right there, his arm resting on your waist. You weren’t dreaming right? He wasn’t supposed to be home until the weekend.

“You’re awake.” He whispers.

“You aren’t meant to be here until the weekend.” You reply but all the more glad he was here in front of you, he pulled you into his arms. Kissing you on the head before he told you the reason he had come home early.

“I’m a surprise, my birthday gift to you.” Hoseok smiles. The surprise was more than you expected, how could your news top his surprise.  

“This isn’t fair, my gift isn’t equally as good as yours.” You sat up in bed so you turn to face him pouting a little, Hoseok returns with a chuckle and sat up also.

“I’m sure it isn’t. What is it?”  

“We’re pregnant.” It was a surprise to you too, but it happened. You were going to become a family of five, Hoseok wrapped his arms around you. He was crying tears of happiness and he couldn’t be any more thankful because this was a birthday gift he had always wanted to receive and you had given it to him. But to him also, his family was the best birthday gift he could ever receive.

I LIED ~ Mark Tuan x Reader

Originally posted by blondetuan

I know I don’t usually post fanfictions, but I guess this is one I thought I should post, so let me know how bad/good it is, and if you guys would even want more in the future idk, but enjoy x

SHIP/TYPE: Mark tuan x reader 

CATEGORY: angst / fluff ??


WARNINGS: ?? female things

He held my hand as we walked into the waiting room.
“Are you okay?” His hand gripped tighter around mine.
“Yeah.” I doubted the words that slipped my mouth.
“Are you sure?”
I squeezed his hand to reassure him. We were here because he was worried about me. It was weird having someone worry about me, it was strange.

Mark came with me to the doctors because I couldn’t speak Korean fluently yet, so he was basically a translator. I feel helpless when he has to do this. I didn’t even want to go to the doctors, but it got to the point where Mark was threatening not to go to practice because he was worried. I didn’t see why it was such a big deal anyways, he shouldn’t risk his job, his life, for me.

I had missed my period here and there, Mark gave the idea that I could have been pregnant, but we both knew that wasn’t it considering he had been on tour for a while, they were getting bad again. Ever since I was younger I always had irregular periods so it was normal to me, I never paid this much attention, until he did.

The doctor walked in holding some forms and he started talking, Mark explained he was going to translate for me.
“He asked what seems to be the problem lately.” Mark whispered his hand still glued to me.
“Can you just answer for me.”
“I don’t know the whole story.” He squeezed my hand again, somehow it was comforting.
“Basically, I’ve had irregular periods since childhood, and now Mark’s worried something might be wrong as they’re getting more and more irregular.”
Mark explained what I said to the doctor, then the doctor asked more questions. This went on for a good 10 minutes. I didn’t see why it was a big deal.

“You’re going to have to go for some tests.” Mark said to me standing up, while I quickly followed behind. The doctor led us to the front desk giving me some paperwork for blood tests.
“He said once they get the results back for this, we’ll have to come back in a week.” I nodded and headed off with Mark to the hospital to get my testing done.

The car ride home was silent, it wasn’t awkward though, it was comforting. His hand sat across my thigh and his other hand on the wheel while my phone played softly in the background, I was looking out the window wondering what he was thinking. I was a burden to him, why did he stay with me?

Later that week Mark and I were laying on the couch watching Weekly Idol, it was a special episode with GOT7 featured because of the new comeback they had just had, we knew Mark would be leaving on Thursday that week. The phone rang and Mark got up to answer it leaving me alone with the popcorn watching him and Jackson dance hand in hand.
“You have an appointment on Friday.’ Mark sat back next to me on the couch lifting my feet up, then placing them back on his lap.
“They’ll have a translator, so you’ll be fine on that problem.”
“Whats the other?” I was worried with how he was acting
“I’m leaving before then, I don’t want you to do this alone.” His smile from earlier had faded now.
“Mark I’ll be fine, they’ll probably just say its nothing and that I need to take some vitamins or something.” I gave him a reassuring smile shovelling more popcorn in my mouth.
“Are you sure?” He eyed the popcorn in my hand off.
“Yes I’m sure.” Throwing the popcorn at him, in the back of my mind I knew that I wasn’t going to be fine, but I couldn’t let him know that.

It was Friday, Mark had left to go on tour and I was waiting in the same room with just as much anxiety but without Mark, I was terrified. The doctor called me in and I had a translator with me during the appointment.
“Your results are back. We will have to send you off on one more test to make sure of the results, but we will get them back right away.”
“So I’ll know the results later this afternoon?’
“Yes.” The doctor had a doubtful tone in his voice, I needed Marks hand.

I came back after one more test, the doctor sat down and lent on the desk taking his glasses off and putting them on the table, I didn’t know what was coming but I knew it had to be bad, theres no way you deliver good news like that.
“I have bad news, Miss (Y/L/N)” the doctor started but my heart stopped. “The reason you’ve had irregular periods” blah blah blah. He went on with his explanation but I didn’t hear anything until the translator said.
“I’m sorry but you’re infertile, you won’t be able to have kids.” Tears started to form but I held them back as well as I could. The doctor gave me the results and sent me to reception to fill out more paper work.

I couldn’t tell him.
It would kill him.

Mark was still on tour and didn’t know, I told him that I was right, low vitamins.
We had talked about it here and there, we would go out for walks to the park and see kids. We would mention how amazing it would be, one day. But now it’s never. It hurt, there’s no way he would stay.

He was back. We were walking through a park like old times.
“It’s been so long.” He looked at me with his cute smile he has, I missed it and I was glad it was back.
“It has.” I leaned my head on his shoulder as we sat on a bench near the playground. Then it happened,
“You know we should have kids one day, like not now, but when we’re ready.” He looked at me with his smile again
I broke then and there I couldn’t take it I had to tell him.
“I’m sorry if you don’t want to we don’t have to.” He held me in his arms trying to comfort me, it wasn’t his fault but he didn’t know that.
“How about we head home so you’re not out in public.” I nodded and we headed home. We spent the night cuddling and watching movies, he knew I didn’t want to talk about it. But I needed to, eventually.

“When or if you want to talk about it you know I’m here, right?” He sat down next to me on the bed putting his arm on my leg rubbing it to comfort me.
“I know, I need to because it’s important, but I’m afraid you’ll hate me if I do.” Tears started to form again.
“Theres no way in the world I could hate you! I love you for you and there’s nothing you could say to cha..” Before he could finish I cut him off.
“I lied.” He didn’t reply just stared, I had to explain.
“It wasn’t just a lack of vitamins, I’m infertile, I’m never going to have kids Mark.”
He looked shocked and I was in tears, it was a mess. I was waiting for him to leave, he stood up I was ready for him to yell. I hid it from him for months.
Walking out the room Mark was gone for ten minutes, I thought I heard the front door so I just layed down and tried to cry myself to sleep. I was interrupted when the bedroom door flung open and hit the wall. Mark walked in with almost a life size teddy and chocolate.
“What?” I had the most confused look on my face. I could tell he had been crying, but thats to expected with news like that. “Aren’t you going to leave me?”
“Why in the world would I leave an amazing girl like you?” He smiled.
“Mark seriously don’t play games if you’re going to leave, leave don’t make this worse than it is.”
“IM NOT LEAVING.” Mark violently whispered. He grabbed me and pulled me off the bed and embraced me in the best hug in the world.
“Why would I leave you.”
“Because theres no reason to stay with me we can’t have kids.”
“Well here’s reason 1 of 569 of ‘Why you’re amazing and I’m never leaving you’, you..” I covered his mouth with my hand, which he then licked.
“You put it there, I lick it.”
“That sounds wrong Tuan.” I started to smile again, but then it dropped.
“But seriously I can’t have kids.” I tried to pull away but he wouldn’t let me.
“We can adopt or not have kids, simple. Plus, that isn’t important to me, you are.”
Tears streamed down my face, how did I become so lucky?

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i don't wanna fight too hard, too long, too much anymore

a day during the malec breakup from magnus’s point of view

thanks to @softshumjr for helping me out with this

You have a new voicemail, click here to listen.

Hey Magnus… um it’s me, Alec. I know you don’t want to hear from me but… well, I don’t really know why I’m even calling. I guess I just hoped… but it’s stupid. I just wanted to hear your voice again… I miss you Magnus… I’m sorry, I won’t call again.

Press 1 to delete. Press 2 to replay. Press 3 to call back.

He pressed 2.

Hey Magnus… um it’s me, Alec. I know you don’t want to hear from me but… well, I don’t really know why I’m even calling. I guess I just hoped… but it’s stupid. I just wanted to hear your voice again… I miss you Magnus… I’m sorry, I won’t call again.

Press 1 to delete. Press 2 to replay. Press 3 to call back.

Message deleted.

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Part 6. This was not the plan

Summary: After a divorce the reader finds out she is pregnant with Dean’s child. It is a constant battle trying to build a better relationship with Dean. Unfortunately there are things to be discovered and overcome in order to rebuild that relationship with Dean.

Author’s Note:  Expect a lot more angst in the next parts. I’m still accepting people to tag on the series. After this part, I won’t be accpeting anymore. Feedback will be appreciated!

Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4. Part 5.

The room was filled with silence at the dinner table. All eyes were on your mother who sat at the end of the table. She would viciously cut her meat with her fork and knife as if she was killing her enemies’, heart. Once the piece of meat was in her mouth she would rapidly chew it, after swallowing it, she will immediately get a drink of her wine. None of you dared to say anything afraid that she will burst out. When your mother finished she quickly got up with her dishes and left to the kitchen. No less than a second she was out and making her way to her room. 

“Someone was in a hurry” Nat exhales the breath he was holding. Now that your mother was in her room, she took the tension with her. It felt much easier to breathe and actually eat without being afraid of doing something wrong. Dinner was soon done with, allowing you to have some time to talk to your father. You volunteered to help with tonight’s dishes allowing you to have quality time with your father. 

“Hey Dad…can I ask you something?” You ask as you dried up the dishes he handed you.

“What is it?” Your father asks while he had his eyes on the dishes.

“Why does mom hate Dean so much? I mean at first, I thought she didn’t like him because I disobeyed her…but…theres more into that.” You explain. There were so many things you didn’t understand about your family but the one that remains a mystery to you was the relationship between your parents. You had to admit your mother was very controlling, manipulative, strict and well not fun at all. Unlike your father who was full of life, kind, caring, generous and just so supportive. They were total opposites but maybe it was true what they said, “Opposites attract.” Your parents were living proof of that, you just hope that your mother has shared this information with your father. 

“I honestly don’t know. I always liked Dean and you know you had my full support. You still do…but I can’t speak for your mother.” You father said looking at you. You knew you had to ask your mother about this but there was no way she was going to answer you. Besides being controlling and manipulating, she was mysterious. There was so much you don’t know about her, she never got close to you nor your siblings. 

“Alright, thanks, dad.” You smile at him. “No worries, good night hun.” Your father kisses the top of your head before leaving. You were drying up your hands with the towel when you saw your sister walk in the kitchen.

“So you want to know why mom hates your baby daddy?” Blair chuckles slightly. 

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Alrighty doo I said I’ll do a review!

Im not going to rhyme much though so here I go!

So I am skipping the scene with Connie and Steven because i’ve already posted a lot about it when it first came out and I am just going to dive in with Sadie freaking out about Lars in space

It was great to see Sadie so worried about him but  Steven insisting that hes “fine” because he left them with some gems he knew for about 5 minutes (look i’m not saying the off colours are bad but he has a whole load of trust for gems be barely knows) anyway off colours or not Lars is stuck in space and is not home safe with his family his friends! Thats enough to get worried about. Not to mention the off colours are definitely treading on thin ground they were meant to be shattered! So if they are spotted or caught its bye bye to them heck if Lars is spotted its bye bye to him or off to the zoo you KNOW what Homeworld thinks of humans so dont you DARE say Lars is okay :) you also say oh we can go see him through Lion! DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHERE LION IS?!

Anyway Sadie asks if he told his parents (WHO SHOULD BE NUMBER ONE PRIORITY) and Stevens like oh yeah! I was just practising on you! So him and Sadie go and woop theres a protest against Dewey ran by Nanafua with a load of background characters all seem to have no  sclera for some reason.. their designs so bland.. but they’re not important so imma let it slide.

“NANA PHONE!” I love this

Nana is saying that Aliens almost abducted the entire town and Dewey didn’t do jack shit which is right! He did nothing! I mean he couldn’t do much but he didn’t even attempt to do anything at all.. anyway It’s weird to see beach city be mad at the alien activity or pay attention to it at all (a part from Ronaldo) because until now they didn’t bat an eyelid. Steven for some reason is more concerned about this shitty mayor’s reputation than Lar’s parents not knowing where their beloved son is telling Sadie to go on  so I guess she has to break the news by the end of this episode you would want to throw Steven into space with Lapis.. oh wait Lapis leaving hasnt happened yet.

So Nana is running for mayor! And has her very creative chant.. “when I say do we want Dewey you say: No!”

So it turns out Steven hates watching mayor Dewey getting blamed for the whole Topaz and Aquamarine situation as it was kinda his fault! One point for Steven for admitting it. Even though it isn't  Dewey’s fault that it happened it is his fault that he did nothing about it. That’s why the towns people are mad so Steven in this whole episode is just one big flop! No matter how he takes blame for the alien invasion it’s Dewey being a lazy uninterested mayor which is the true issue! So why Steven is defending him till the very end makes so little sense! 

So Dewey spots the protests and realises that things are not looking good for him

I’ll give £500 to anyone who can do this pose comfortably because I can’t even do it at all

Steven is here to fully back Dewey up… Dewey for some reason has never ran opposed but by looking at the population of Beach City which seems to be the size of your average class (30 people about) I am not surprised. Steven then says if only he could of warn Dewey about the abduction sooner (LIKE HE KNEW IT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN :/) Every thing would of been better but like I said THATS NOT THE PROBLEM the problem is that Dewey doesn’t do jack shit so no matter when you tell him he wouldn’t do anything which is why people are mad! 

AND TO MAKE MATTERS WORST Dewey says Steven is right and it is all his fault! YOU SEE! Dewey takes no responsibility this episode is perfect at painting how shitty a mayor Dewey is yet Steven still supports him.  Steven says he’ll hold a meeting and tell everyone its all his fault and Dewey basically just keeps a low profile and doesnt get involved :) So Steven DOES know that  Dewey does jack shit and still says it like its totally okay and the town should still support him even though hes a useless mayor 

Anyway the 10 citizens in Beach City aren’t having it and think that he should do more! And they’re right! Sadie looks like shes bout to punch someone anyone notice the one in the glasses on the far right hasn’t got a nose.. how she breathing?! 

Oh wait nevermind they do.. Anyways Dewey takes the megaphone and basically shows how useless he is saying oh well we all safe after all and god bless Sadie for saying THATS NOT TRUE WHAT ABOUT LARS?! ..and Dewey doesnt know who he is.. okay.. but he doesn’t know that he is missing?!! Dewey being as unsympathetic as hell basically says oh we’ll find a replacement :) IN FRONT OF HIS PARENTS and Steven just face palms probably because he knows that that will make the townsfolk mad not because it was a really shitty thing to say. The townsfolk are pissed Lars’ mum (oh my god I loved her) straight up throw a tomato at his face and to be honest I think Dewey got lucky as it if were me Dewey would find himself being driven to hospital.  Someone uploaded it on tubetube.. you know they can’t say youtube due to copyright. Dewey is more worried about that video then the fact there is a teenage boy stuck in space let me just say after all that Steven is still supporting him! Dewey thinks the town is being mean :( even though they’re telling the truth and instead of reflecting on his ways and changing he acts like a victim! It just shows how childish he is!

BUT NO! FUCK THAT! Steven basically just wants to sweep that under a rug and change the convo and you know a mayor is really shitty if you need to hand him a book on talking to people especially if he’s been a mayor for over a decade. Steven plans a few jokes if they bring up the alien invasion thing. Yep.. Steven is an asshole Dewey thanks Steven saying he is the son he never had…

well at least Steven reminded him he has a son

Nana walks on stage ready for business. Dewey goes first giving the



Basically saying being a mayor seems glamorous I can tell why Nana would want to be one

Me too Nana..

So Dewey tries to give his points validity by saying hes been a mayor for a decade and he knows stuff Nana does not now painting himself as a victim saying “oh when things go wrong everyone blames me uwu” AND YET IT WAS YOUR FAULT WHEN YOU CRASHED YOUR VEHICLE INTO THE ONLY CELL TOWER

Do it Ms Barringa DO IT

Him saying that most people cant handle that sort of pressure but he can! Congratulations I guess that makes him the perfect mayor! Only question is..

Can you really?

Your method of “dealing with it” is hiding away avoiding responsibility

 Dewey basically says to the townsfolk to stop worrying at let him do it for him (okay good pun there) the whole reason why the town wanted to overthrow Dewey is because he DOES NOTHING and yet he says oh lemme do this for you… 

and people buy it? 

Can I just say the townsfolk all seem to have the exact same opinions in this like they’re being controlled by one force.

Nana says Dewey is right about one thing and that it is not right to blame him for the towns problems which is true I mean they’re always going to be issues its how you deal with them but I am confused were they all protesting about Dewey doing NOTHING about the alien invasion and not the fact that it happened?! Those are two very different things you know and the show keeps bouncing left to right on whos mad about what. 

Anyway (Ive said anyway a lot in this) Nana says that if one person suffers everyone  suffers  and Beach City together should be responsible for their safety together! Yeah it was a nice speech! Everyone cheers and Steven looks shook because he knows Dewey has lost he STILL tries to prompt Dewey who briefly tries to fix himself up then decides that it is pointless and himself says Beach City deserves a better mayor than he was.. best and most respectable thing Dewey has done that whole part redeemed the episode quite a lot..

Then it gets ruined

By Steven

 Steven gets upset and says how Dewey cant give up and still should fight.. you see even Dewey himself knows he was a shitty mayor and Steven is still pushing it now Steven is acting like a victim because Dewey did the right thing and step down because it was clear Nana will a better mayor than he will ever be and he feels let down?! It was you for some reason decided to back up Dewey even though its clear he was a terrible mayor it was you who completely ignored the town.. yes your friend’s words and support this man convincing him he is fit to be a mayor despite your friends going on about how bad he is honestly this is Stevens worst episode yet and the beginning with him and Connie puts the icing on the cake. He then says its probably how Connie feeled dont you dare thats a totally different story.

You  selfishly put yourself in danger for no good reason making your friends and family worry SICK about you

Yeah Connie was mad that you left her out I mean she’s got a point it would of been a little better if you at least had support instead of going alone you probably still be out numbered out powered but still!

Dewey did the right thing! He was a shitty mayor your friends knew he knew and despite that you totally ignored them and supported him and even got mad at him when he chose to step down!

Then we’re meant to sympathise him because Connie never gave him a call?!


Im done.