and told him once again that the reason he still lives is because some jackass in glasses told him he needed a purpose

First times #9: Coming home from a trip

thecopperriver asked for “first time one of them comes home from a trip”.

I hope this is okay. I had writer’s block for the most part of two weeks…or well, not writer’s block, but just no inspiration and no ideas. This was written down within an hour, and it’s not really good - but it helped me getting back into the writing flow again :)

Inspired by my own recent trip where I saw a cute gay couple at the station doing exactly this. ^^


Anders jerked when the phone went off, but relaxed immediately when he saw Mitchell’s number flashing on the display. He almost jumped from the bed as he went for the phone, only this slightly out of breath when he answered it.


“Hey,” Mitchell’s deep voice greeted him from the other side of the line, ending in a little chuckle. “Someone’s eager?”

Of course the vampire’s keen hearing was picking up on Anders’ slightly accelerated breathing and the little hint of excitement in his voice. Damn supernatural abilities, especially when they even reached across the ocean.

“Don’t know what you’re talking about,” Anders quipped, keeping his tone neutral on purpose.

“Ah, come on. I can hear you’re panting. Have I caught you doing something naughty, huh? Have you been touching yourself and thinking of me?”

Again this chuckle. Fucking tease of a boyfriend. If Mitchell were here now, Anders would certainly show him naughty.

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