and today in things i didn't know i wanted

Happy Day 1 everyone!! The theme of today is shipping!

1) I just wanted to quickly post my concern about this small matter before anything happens. I know in the past I stated to use the tag WOTL, which was short for week toku ladies and I know writing the whole thing gets tiring real fast; but I have notice that the wotl tag is used for tons of other fandoms. The use of the tag makes it hard for me to look for posts related to this event. So please stick to using week of toku ladies (with or without spacing is fine) as a tag so I can fine your stuff! You are still welcome to use the tag WOTL, but I will no longer search for post in that tag. I will try to skim in the toku and tokusatu tag but I won’t dig deep in them.  You worked hard on and I wanna make sure I see your work and reblog it!! This is a side blog so I can’t like posts on my this blog, but I will be liking everything as my main blog (in case anyone was wondering). You are also welcome to tag me in your post if you feel the need to. 

2) Another concern I felt the need to bring up, is that I’m a little concern that some of you are not sure what this event is, and why it’s organize the way it is. This concern is base off of the tags some have left on my posts. I read all tags >.>”

So basically this event is organize base off a shipping week style, but it’s not a shipping week. Instead of a shipping couple it’s any female toku character. Every day is of the week has a different theme to help you think of what to create and have some form of similar base with everyone else who doing it. If the week didn’t have themes it would be pretty hard to think of 7 different things to do. The week themes were picked by you guys with a poll I had set up. Over 30 people voted in the poll, so if you’re not a fan of theme then please know that not of the themes where hand picked my me. 

 Honestly I do not care if you don’t follow the themes! You 100% welcome to break out and do your own thing. As long as you have a female character from any toku then you can be as creative as you want! It can be from kamen rider, super sentai, power rangers, garo, ultraman, anything toku! heck even the live action sailor moon counts in a way! If you are a fan of very small toku show then maybe you should make something from that show! Use this event to promo your fave shows. We all need some knew shows to watch tbh.

3) I got the idea of this event when I was scrolling my dash and I realize I didn’t have a lot of toku on my dash, even though I follow a decent amount toku blogs. Then I realize that maybe .01% of my dash had any of the female characters, and I was like wft!!! I know there’s hardly any female characters to begin with, but dang they need some love!!! So, that’s how this event came to be. I felt the need to share that because some people seemed curious about it in tags. I’m also waiting for a jerk to come into my ask box bashing the idea of this event, but that has not happened yet and I hope it doesn’t happen.


I was at an event to face paint some kids today and when things got slow I painted Sonic on my hand and 2 little kids saw it and said that they wanted one- so here 😂
Theirs’ were drawn within a short amount of time, so they’re less detailed than mine which I kept adding to haha(plus they were moving a lot lol)

This girl I know really annoys me. Today I asked her multiple times not to pretend like she was about to hit me with a hula hoop she was messing around with and then she kept doing it just to make me jump because she found it funny when I jumped or yelled. She then decided it would be great to poke me and the other people there with a pole she had and it took me yelling “NO!” at her for her to stop even after she’d poke me multiple times and I had told her not to because I didn’t like it.


Today’s the day. We’re gonna find food, maybe some people. The law of averages has gotta catch up. I don’t know. We ain’t seen nobody for weeks. Maybe we ain’t gonna find nobody. Maybe that’s a good thing.

ack okay here are the kuroken oneshot ideas i got today /)u(\

  • shapeshifter au: Kuro is a shifter who was forced to remain in his shifted form (a black lion) to perform for an evil king. He’s rescued when the kingdom is overthrown. Kenma is a magician’s apprentice tasked with caring for Kuro and coaxing him out of his lion form. (Kenma doesn’t know he’s a human at first.)
  • FHQ au: Kenma’s a magician, Kuro’s a demon. They fought and Kenma defeated him, which no one’s ever done before. Curious about the magician, Kuro starts hanging around him, bothering him, asking questions, and starts to grow fond of him. Bad guys attack the village and Kuro, bizarrely, sacrifices himself to save Kenma. (Kenma realizes in that moment that he’d become fond of Kuro as well)
  • vampire au: a group of evil vampires attack the east coast of Japan, turning as many people as they can. good vampires come out of hiding to stop them and they take those turned into their covens, as once a person is turned they lose their memory of their life as a human. they’re given “shops” where they can feed (under heavy security). volunteers serve as “customers,” allowing the vampires to feed off them to experience the high of the vampire venom. Kenma’s turned. Kuro goes searching for him and winds up as a frequent customer at Kenma’s coven’s “shop.” Kenma doesn’t remember him, but he grows possessive of him, finding his presence oddly familiar and comforting.
  • orphan iwaoikuroken au: Kenma is the new kid at the orphanage; he is taken under the wing of Kuro, Iwa, and Oikawa (they are all the same age, Kenma is a few years younger). They create their own little family unit to basically help raise Kenma between the three of them like “responsible big brothers”. Kenma almost immediately gets a crush on Kuro, which he thinks is cute but that Kenma will grow out of it. He doesn’t. It grows to love but Kuro has no idea. Meanwhile as Iwa and Oikawa get older it’s obvious to everyone that they’re in love but they’re oblivious. Oikawa figures it out their last year of high school and in a panic gets drunk and kisses Kuro. They end up “dating” cuz Oikawa’s too afraid to tell Iwa his feelings but he doesn’t want to be alone. Kuro cares about him too much and is too kind to tell him no. Kenma suffers because Kuro still seems to see him like a little brother. Iwa suffers because he’s in love with Oikawa but it seems like Oikawa made his choice. They go to college; things escalate.

feel free to ask me questions about any of these … thank you @kozumetetsu for helping me develop the vampire one more!

The signs as random things I saw today because who gives af
  • Aries: a spatula that never made it to the dishwasher and is covered in mysterious crumbs
  • Taurus: a couch cushion with a butt imprint
  • Gemini: a dog toy that's been sitting outside in the rain for three weeks
  • Cancer: a really cool coffee mug that costs too much money
  • Leo: a large stack of nonfiction books about dead, white politicians
  • Virgo: a completely full trashcan that the garbageman forgot to pick up last week
  • Libra: a really professional but bland tan pantsuit
  • Scorpio: a platinum blonde woman in a grocery store with curlers still in her hair
  • Sagittarius: a tacky wooden porch swing covered in bird poop
  • Capricorn: a printer that keeps making noise because it ran out of paper
  • Aquarius: a half-full cup of really bitter room temperature coffee
  • Pisces: a pair of hot pink socks with bananas on them

Last night I made a rare post on facebook saying that I wanted to be abducted by aliens and today my mom lectured me about it because my cousin “took it the wrong way”. I talk to my cousin and she says “You shouldn’t say things like that. A friend of mine got abducted in Argentina, and do you know what happened to him? The aliens showed him things and he came back a vegetarian.”
[ENG] SUGA 화양연화 pt.1 album review 2/2
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Part 1

Sometimes when something is on my mind, I have to say it. My filter that regulates appropriate versus inappropriate things to say just disappears. I try to hold back these thoughts, but I can’t help but feel them and become completely overwhelmed by them. So I say them. And I’m sorry if it was the wrong time and place to tell you what I told you, but I had to. I really did. It would have bothered me all night and all day today, slowly eating away at me because I can’t really keep things from you. I’ve tried. And it hasn’t worked. I hope you can understand.
—  9:14am thoughts// but maybe your lack of response means you don’t, and it’s okay

I’m just angry and sad and scared.
I’m 17 and I didn’t have a voice in this referendum. At school today a girl was crying over the result because she wanted to work for the eu one day. She didn’t get a voice. 16-17 year olds were engaged in this campaign, we care, and overwhelmingly want to remain. I personally don’t know anybody my age who wanted to leave, yet we didn’t get a say.
The whole thing just doesn’t feel democratic to me. The people who have to live with the consequences the longest didn’t get a say but our grandparents did. And it’s such a small majority, it doesn’t feel like a big enough mandate for such a monumental decision to me.


Yo okay so I’ve been tagged by stylanconcept niallsmoan and lilosass to do this thing that I think is about tagging 20 beautiful people and I tag zarrystan louisandzaynau dorkstgram drakesidebae justindontrecall cuddlingziall jakegyllenhalal zaynsfreepalestinetweet bieberair harryspotlight harryrimslou masalahoe vodkaftlou gyllenheaux larryteam louistmalik louandtea wickylepedia and thats almost 20 but I can’t think of more :///