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What do you do when a coworker insists on being a jerk to you? I know he might think he is funny,but he has jabbed me in the side "jokingly" (it hurt) and has insulted me about my weight and has said vaguely possibly threatening things to me? I'm normally okay with insults and things like that from friends but I barely know him. And my GM knows I'm uncomfortable with him. I don't want to have to ask to not work shifts with him. and I've stood up to him today (kinda) and it didn't really stop him

seto’s personal trashy update

my last day of vacation is tomorrow, these 3 weeks i’ve been animating for the islands MAP, watched hours and hours of gameplays, read the entire snk manga, and watched anime

i’m a productive child


“You know today we kind of fast forwarded through a shidduch.”
“What is that?”
“It’s an orthodox thing. It’s when you go on a series of dates and you talk about big things like morals and values and by the end of it, you’ll know if you’re compatible or not.”
“I am going say we didn’t pass with flying colours.”
“No, we did not but it didn’t make me want to be with you any less.”

Maggie and Sydney having opposing views but still decide to be together - Saving Hope 5x10

Jin is in the V+ chat saying his self esteem is higher and it just makes me so happy; not only because he’s happier, but also because he’s able to fight through his down times and come out on the other side and say things are better now, and that’s just so inspirational. Jin is out there working on himself and working with his issues, and that makes me want to do the same in my own life, and I’m so thankful for him every day.  

Heya !

I just wanted to tell you guys that I won’t be there until wednesday~ 
There’s a screening of Warcraft and Q&A with Duncan Jones in London next week and I thought it’d be a good occasion to pay a visit to one of my favorite cities~ ♡ 

I just wanted to say this here cause I don’t wan’t to worry anyone if I can’t reply to messages for a few days~ ! If you write to me, I’ll be very happy to read and reply as soon as I’m back ! (Maybe I’ll check with my phone when I can too -w- ) 
(Again, if your message wasn’t answered yet, don’t worry, it’s probably because I’m drawing something to go with it and it takes a bit of time~ ! I read and love all of them !)

I’ll miss you guys, and I’ll miss drawing Khadgrin x3 !! But I’ll be back with more things to draw, fufufu -w-

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So this guy and I have been seeing each other for a while. My mom doesn't know but she knows him. Anyhoos today we met up with each other to chill. The only thing that chilled were my clothes which we off pretty soon. We grinded on each other and make out a lot. I got pretty hot and heavy. He even ate me out twice even though I didn't want him to at first. And now I'm here just sitting having a play by play of what happened and getting soaked all over again... Sigh... It needs to happen again

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I think Rian will go down as a fan favorite among the directors because he understands what we want. Like yeah of course we want great movies, but we also want B&W candids of Poe Dameron having his morning coffee. I didn't even know that was a thing until today but now I realize it's something I always needed.

idk a lot of ppl (not here on tumblr but irl) like JJ.

and oscar and his coffee :))))

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Alex, before John wakes up and when/after he finds out about the tattoo, the constellations aligned

Can do! x


When Alex is high, he sleeps like a dead thing. When’s he’s drunk-drunk, he wakes up every hour or so and then immediately falls back to sleep. When he’s tipsy, he drifts in and out of sleep, never going all the way under until he’s sobered up. When he’s in an unfamiliar bed, he can never quite allow himself to give entirely into sleep.

Tipsy and high, post-orgasm, in von Steuben’s library, he seems to be falling somewhere in the middle. He drifts for a while and then sits up straight, wide awake, and then falls back into his half-sleep when he decides not to get out of bed. It’s a few hours into the night when he gives up and props himself up in the bed, hoping maybe he can sober up entirely and then at least nap until it’s time to go home.

Next to him, John sleeps on, undisturbed. He’s on his stomach, his hair a riotous mess of tangled curls that’s mostly up off of his neck and back, bare in the cool air of the room. Alex shivers—John is beautiful, this ethereal being that he’s somehow allowed to touch, something otherworldly and precious.

He would blame the affection on the lingering alcohol and marijuana sluggishly crawling through his system, but he tries not to lie to himself—this is how he always feels about John, deep down inside.

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This is so embarrassing. My dad came over to my apartment today and it was filthy - like epic level depression filth. I wasn't home yet so he cleaned it up (which was very nice but mortified me). He didn't say a word about it but I broke down and told him I'm clinically depressed and on medication. And he was understanding - but I just feel so much shame. I just want to hide forever.

The feeling will pass with time. I’ve had my mom come in my room and she won’t clean the whole thing when it gets bad (because she knows I’ll freak out about it) but she’s taken the garbage and recycling out. When my room gets that bad I also have TONS of water bottles all over the place so she’s gone in and cleaned those out before. I hated it when she did it… like absolutely hated it and felt so embarrassed I just wanted to cry.

There’s really nothing to be ashamed of though. And it seems like your dad is an understanding guy and was just helping out so I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Just try to focus on other things and eventually the feelings from that happening will pass.

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My mom 99% of the time misgenders me, eve though I've been out to her for 2 years. She's only called me my name maybe 6 times, but never to my face, and she doesn't believe that I actually need to start hormones soon. But today an insurance lady came to the house and asked "is this your son?", more to me than my mom. My mom didn't respond, but it made me feel nice. Everyone else respects my name and pronouns, it's just my mom and a few relatives that don't.

I’m sorry your mom is so reluctant to see you as the gender you are. That’s a horrible thing to have to put up with, I know that from personal experience.

I hope that she won’t be able to prevent you from getting the treatments that you need/want. And I hope she will change for the better in the future.

A conversation between Thomas Wayne and Alfred Pennyworth in the Gotham prequel novel Dawn of Darkness, set two months before the Wayne murders in the Gotham premiere.
  • Thomas: If anything ever happens to me or, God forbid, me and Martha, I want your word that you'll be Bruce's guardian until he's an adult. You'll receive a generous compensation of course.
  • Alfred: This is in your wills already, isn't it?
  • Thomas: Yes, but to hell with wills, I want your word, Alfred.
  • Alfred: Did something happen today? Something that I should know about, sir?
  • Thomas: No, it was just, well, business as usual. This is just something that's been in the back of my mind, gnawing at me for a while, and I suppose the break-in last night got me thinking about it again. We're living in a dangerous world, here in Gotham, and things don't always work out as planned. I mean, the carnival always ends, right?
  • Alfred: Yes, indeed. Unfortunately that is always the case.
  • Thomas: Well, I just want to be prepared for the unforeseen. As you know, after Bruce was born, I didn't hire you to clean house and handle our lunch appointments. I could have hired any butler in Gothan for that. I hired you because you connected with Bruce the moment you met each other, and because of your, well, unique set of skills. I'm not a fool, Alfred. I was aware of the direction this city was heading and I knew that, unlike the Waynes of previous generations, Bruce would have to rely on far more than his name and fortune. He'll be a target someday - people are going to come gunning for him - and he has to learn how to fight. Both literally and figuratively. You're my secret weapon, Alfred. Martha and I are depending on you. So is Bruce.
  • Alfred: Well, I'm flattered, Mr. Wayne, and honored. Let's hope the carnival lasts for a very long time indeed, but I promise you that I'll look after the boy, and respect all of your wishes. You have my word.
  • Thomas: That's all I needed to hear.
The Snape Dialogues: Our New Celebrity
  • Time: Harry's first year, after that first Potions class before dinner
  • Place: Gryffindor common room
  • Students: Harry, Ron and Hermione sit around a square, low table where they are doing their homework - Hermione is studious but Harry is brooding, and Ron is doodling
  • Hermione: You've been studying the flames in the fire forever, Harry. What are you thinking of?
  • Harry: Potions.
  • Ron: *looks up* Snape hates you mate.
  • Hermione: *indignant* He does not, Ron!
  • Ron: Yes he does, Hermione. He was picking on Harry all through class and if looks could... *Harry is standing, stares a bit more in decision* Harry?
  • Harry: I have to go talk to Professor Snape. I'll meet you later at dinner. *before Ron can stop him or Hermione can protest he has gone through the portrait door, and vanished*
  • Place: Down in the dungeons, Professor Snape's Office.
  • Snape: *glances up from his paperwork as there is a knock on his door* Come. *as the door opens he is surprised to see that annoying first year Gryffindor that has plagued his thoughts since the boy's impending arrival* Potter...
  • Harry: I'm sorry to bother you, Professor Snape, but I think we need to talk.
  • Snape: *points to one of two ladder-back wooden chairs in front of his desk - Harry sits then squirms to find a comfortable place* Stop fidgeting, Potter. That chair offers no comfort to my visitors. Now, why have you interrupted me?
  • Harry: *hesitates as he clasps his fingers tautly in his lap* I'm not a bad student, Professor Snape. *the older wizard does not answer other than a raised eyebrow which tells Harry his teacher does not believe him* I know I couldn't answer anything in class but... *lifts his book bag to his lap and starts rummaging around in it then takes out his Potions notebook - he pushes it across the desk* First page, Sir. It's new.... uhm... please look?
  • Snape: *picks up the notebook and flips the cover to reveal the first page - Harry has written upon it with somewhat blotchy letters but a steady hand* That is my speech word for word. Did someone write this down for you, Potter?
  • Harry: *sighs and shakes his head* No, Sir, that's my writing. Your speech was brilliant and I wanted to remember it.
  • Snape: Indeed. *closes the notebook and puts it down upon the surface of his desk* Then perhaps you will enlighten me as to why you had not read the first chapter of today's lesson.
  • Harry: *hesitates and shifts even though nothing can make him feel comfortable - the Potions Master simply waits - finally he speaks in a soft voice* My... wouldn't... read...
  • Snape: *scowls* Potter, speak up or I will send you away for wasting my time.
  • Harry: *nods nervously, then blurts* My Uncle wouldn't let me read any of my textbooks. He locked them in the basement after I came home from Diagon Alley.
  • Snape: That sounds a bit extreme. Were you being punished for some infraction, Potter.
  • Harry: *knows that his teacher is thinking the worst of him* Always, Professor Snape. My relatives don't like me and they like magic even less. Headmaster Dumbledore sent my aunt and uncle a note with my letter telling them I had to go but they still tried to stop that from happening.
  • Snape: *leans forward and puts his elbows upon the surface of his desk - he is intrigued, now* Tell me, Mr. Potter, of the day Hagrid was sent to fetch you to take you to Diagon Alley.
  • Harry: *shifts again, coughs once nervously, and is surprised to find a glass of water hovering in front of him - he takes it and drinks* Thank you, Sir. *a wave of his teacher's hand and the water is Vanished* Well, when the first letter for me showed up by owl my Uncle burned it. It just kind of exploded at that point. By the end of the day there were lots of owls outside the house and letters were exploding through the windows and down the chimney. My uncle grabbed me and my cousin and we got in the car where Uncle Vernon drove us all the way to the ocean and rented us a tiny cabin practically out in the ocean. Aunt Petunia was sure no one would find us and my cousin and I were sent to bed. *he drew in a deep breath and then related how he woke at midnight to celebrate his birthday and then Hagrid arrived, yelled at his aunt and uncle, gave Dudley a pigtail, and took him away to London* Diagon Alley was just brilliant, Sir! *he smiles*
  • Snape: For any first year, be they Muggle-born or wizard-born it is a truly magical sight, Mr. Potter. Now, relate to me what happened when you returned home.
  • Harry: *sighs knowing he would have to reveal things he didn't even want to think about* Uncle Vernon locked me in my cupboard and locked my new trunk and all of my stuff in the basement. Hedwig, my owl, got away and I think she flew to Hogwarts. So, you see I would have read all of my textbooks just like Hermione did but... I couldn't.
  • Snape: You had a few hours before classes began today, Mr. Potter. Why did you not read anything in that time?
  • Harry: *fidgeting once more* I don't want to get my new friend in trouble.
  • Snape: *sits back and unclasps his hands* Then, there is no more to say, Potter...
  • Harry: *grimaces* Fine! All right... I was going to read some of my textbooks and Hermione even suggested I could read with her but Ron took my books and hid them and told me we didn't have to do anything until we got homework. Please don't punish Ron, Sir, he'll stop being my friend.
  • Snape: *peers at the boy* And, that is important to you, is it not? Having your friends. *Harry nods miserably - sure that Ron will never be friends with him again* Technically, your friend is correct in that you really need not do anything before the formal start of term. *leans slightly forward* However, we teachers suggest that you prepare for classes before term starts which is one of the reasons we send your letters a month in advance of the term's start. *Harry is about to interrupt but his teacher holds up his hand* Yes, Mr. Potter, I do understand that your guardians were averse to you even having your Hogwarts things near. And, I should like to understand more about this 'cupboard' of yours.
  • Harry: *looks down at clasped hands* Uhm... you heard me say that out loud, huh?
  • Snape: *smirks* My hearing is quite good, Mr. Potter. The 'cupboard' issue aside for now, allow me to ask you this... if you liked my speech before class, what did you hope Potions would be like before you attended.
  • Harry: *brightens* Well, that's real magic, isn't it? Hermione told me that Potions isn't just stirring a bunch of ingredients together. It's using your own magic to make the potion what it is. I told her it was like the Chemistry I saw on television. It's science. It's discovering how to make neat things to help others. *deflates visibly* It... uhm... sorta doesn't seem that way now.
  • Snape: *rises from his desk* Follow me, Mr. Potter.
  • Harry: *obediently and curiously follows his teacher through an inner door to the Potions classroom - the Potions Master indicates to the Boy-Who-Lived to sit at his work table while he Summons a book from his desk* This is Daimon Grayling's Book of Potions. It contains recipes for a variety of potions I use beyond the textbooks in all of my classes. I should like you to turn to page 94, Mr. Potter.
  • Harry: *takes the book, notes that it is stained and well-worn, and then he turns to the requested page* Hush-A-Bye Elixir. It sounds pretty. What does it do?
  • Snape: It was created by a young Hogwarts student for her NEWTs in 1977 and it is intended to be a gentle sleep aid for colicky babies. I would like for you to brew it, perfectly, without my input. All the ingredients are in the cabinet and the recipe details precisely what you need to do as you are brewing. I have lesson plans to go over so I will be at my desk. Only call upon me if you are in serious need of help. Begin, Mr. Potter.
  • Harry: *watches as the professor leaves his side so he reads the recipe, picks up the book, and gathers the ingredients he will need - soon he is brewing*
  • Time: An Hour later
  • Harry: *a smile fills his face as his potion fades from a muddy blue to a soft - pillowy - blue*
  • Snape: Very good, Mr. Potter.
  • Harry: *his head jerks up - he was not expecting his teacher behind him* I did it, Professor Snape.
  • Snape: *actually smiles - sort of* Indeed, Mr. Potter. You did acceptably well.
  • Harry: *beams and looks at his potion* Thank you, Sir. Uhm... Professor? I know I've never heard of her but who was it that created this potion?
  • Snape: *sighs wistfully* A very talented potions student, Mr. Potter. Her name was Lily Evans. *Harry's jaw drops, and his teacher stretches out a finger to tap the boy's mouth closed* Your mother, Mr. Potter. *he hands the happily shocked student a note and Harry takes it slowly* You have missed dinner. This gives you permission to receive your meal in your common room. Clean up and then you are dismissed, Mr. Potter. *returns to his desk*
  • Harry: *quickly cleans his work table and then bottles the potion then takes it to his teacher* Can anyone use this potion, Professor Snape?
  • Snape: *takes the large bottle* I will put the Hush-A-Bye into single dose ampoules which I will send to Slug & Jiggers in your name. That should provide you with a tidy allowance for whatever you wish to use the gold for.
  • Harry: *beyond over-joyed* Thank you, Sir. Uhm... yeah... really... thank you! *turns and trots to the door of the classroom but then he stops, turns, and turns a serious expression upon his face* You aren't going to change towards me in class and stuff, aren't you, Professor?
  • Snape: *shakes his head slowly* I cannot change, Mr. Potter. However, you are invited to bring questions and concerns to me before dinner. Use a Disillusionment Charm, though, and no one shall ever know.
  • Harry: *nods - and then leaves*
  • Snape: *studies the potion then looks towards the closed door* I will know about your 'cupboard' next time, Mr. Potter.

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Sorry I asked the if George Washington was a good president. Didn't realize I made a mistake. But yes I want to know why.

1) He set the whole thing up. The Constitution, when you think about it, doesn’t really go into a lot of detail about what the President should do day-to-day, how to set up his staff, make his branch of government run well, etc. Washington figured a lot of that out during his administration, set precedents that are still followed today.

2) Although he could have easily won a third term, he stopped after two. Not because he didn’t want to do it anymore (although maybe he was tired by then), but because he knew he could get elected again, but thought it was important to make room for someone else.

3) He chose to write his State of the Union report to Congress rather than present it, because doing so in person was too reminiscent of the spectacle of the King making a speech when opening Parliament.  

4) Insisting on being called only Mr. President as a title. 

5) Washington understood fully what the intent of the populace was in fighting to exit England and English governing traditions, and the intent of the framers of the new government- then both front and center to his actions. 

6) Also, he was a great president because he was the first, so therefore had no one to get tips and guidelines from on how to be a president. the whole time he was president he basically was winging it, and didn’t screw it up, because if he did do poorly as the first president most likely we wouldn’t have had a president since. And he managed to do such good job for not being the most brilliant person at that time.

easy | l.h

a/n: this is pure secret relationship au! I lost myself at some point in this so it definitely turned out unlike I’d expected but I really hope y’all dig it anyway! also feedback is cool and encouraged if you’re so inclined! / wc: 3k / masterlist 

“They’ll be back any minute now,” You breathed heavy against Luke’s ear, his teeth and tongue pulling expertly at the skin against your collarbone. The empty dressing room was near silent, save Luke’s quiet groans when your fingers tugged against his curls or the gentle whimpers falling from your own lips.

“I don’t care,” He paused his actions to mumble against your now sensitive skin. “They can walk right in if they want.”

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