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I really liked your awkward Hanzo comics~ Could you make one where McCree compliments his hair (particularly the white little hair-wings part thing) and the next day someone (Genji? Symm?) finds him with a little smile trying extra hard to make them perfect? (not in a snooty/prideful way. more of a "i hope they look good today maybe he'll talk to me again" way) I am not sure if I'm allowed to make requests/suggestions so i hope this does not come off as pushy~ '3' Welp, 25 letters left so this -

im super glad you liked it omg thank yOU!!! i am 1000% down for requests & suggestions hehe there u go!!!


Sehun blowing you kisses to wish you a good day ahead  (´。• ω •。`) ♡

Promises (Part One)

Requested by Anonymous

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Synopsis: Peter Parker is your best friend (and crush), although you don’t know he’s Spider-Man yet. One day, you’re attacked by The Vulture and badly hurt.

Word count: 1,472

Warnings: Some violence and mention of blood.

Tags: @thisisthelilith @idroppedthefries @avengers-earths-mightiest-heroes

A/N: I’m still shook about spiderman: homecoming, the avengers: infinity war trailer (that i didn’t even get to see smh), and I recently found out that infinity wars was being filmed in Queens A WEEK before I was planning to visit NYC…so I’ve been working on this request to calm me down lol. I have way too many feelings about Marvel atm. Someone please help me 🙃 (Also, I’m turning this request into multiple parts because I had way too many ideas for it and it was about to be way too long)

(Part Two)

“Hey, you,” You heard from behind your locker door.              

The voice scared you so much that you slammed your locker shut in panic. When you saw who it was, your cheeks turned bright crimson.

“Jesus, Peter. You scared the shit out of me.”

Peter just grinned, amused that he was able to fluster you without even trying.

“Sorry. Why so jumpy today?” he asked with a chuckle.

“I don’t know. I just woke up feeling kind of weird today. It’s no big deal. What are you doing after school today? Ned told me he got the Lego Deathstar set.”

Peter raised an eyebrow and leaned against the locker beside you. Your quick change of subject and flustered rambling couldn’t trick him. He knew something was wrong with you, but he decided to bypass it for now. He didn’t want to make you talk about something you didn’t want to talk about, so he just shook his head and carried on with the conversation as if everything was normal.

“I heard. I wish I could help you guys build it, but I got the Stark internship after school.”

You rolled your eyes and copied his pose, your shoulder falling hard against your locker.

“You always have the Stark internship. Doesn’t he ever let you take a break?”

Peter chuckled again.

“Uh, not really. No. It’s okay though, I like it.”

You were still annoyed, but you didn’t want to crap all over something Peter loved. So you just gave him a little fake smile instead.

“I’m glad you enjoy it. Ned and I will miss you though.”

Peter gave you one of his little appreciative half-smiles.

“I’ll miss you, too. Uh, both of you… I mean,” He rubbed the back of his neck uncomfortably. “Anyways, can I walk you out?”

You nodded and the both of you headed towards the front entrance of Midtown High.

You and Peter had parted ways a while back on your journey home. You felt a little antsy walking alone in Queens, and Peter was reluctant to leave you alone, but you convinced him that you would be fine. You kept checking your phone nervously, waiting for Ned to text you back about the plan for that night. When you looked up, you realized that you didn’t even know where you were walking anymore. You stopped and looked around. There was an ominous feeling in the air – the same creepy feeling you got when you woke up this morning. Something bad was about to happen. You could feel it.

You spun around, and just as you did, you saw a winged creature swooping down to grab you. The last thing you saw before you blacked out was a pair of mechanical talons gripping your shoulders.

When you woke up, your vision was blurry. You tried to sit up, but when you did, your body was wracked with pain. You fell back to the ground and hit your head on the pavement, worsening your anguish. When you reached back to cradle it, you felt something warm and sticky on your hands. You tried to lift your other arm, but couldn’t. You tried and failed to move your legs as well. You didn’t know what happened to you, but you knew that it was bad. You lay still, waiting for the pain to stop when you saw a blurry figure running to you.

“Y/N!” You heard the figure scream, and you knew at once that it was Peter.

But you were out before you could even say his name.



The first thing you heard before you opened your eyes was the steady beeping of the heart monitor next to you. The next thing was worried voices speaking next to you.

“She’s going to be alright, kid. It’ll take her a while to get there, but she’s going to be alright.”

“You don’t get it, Tony. I let this happen. Me. This whole thing is my fault.”

As soon as you recognized the second voice as Peter’s, you knew you had to open your eyes for him. It took all of the strength in your body, but finally your eyes fluttered open. You tried to say something comforting to him, but nothing came out. Instead, you made a grunting noise and tried to reach out for him.

Peter immediately kneeled down next to you and put an arm on your shoulder.

“Y/N? Are you okay? Wait, no, don’t try to talk. Or move. Just…thank god you’re okay.”

“P…Peter. W-what…happened?” You struggled to ask.

Peter just stared at you with a pained expression.

“It’s…complicated. You got hurt. But you’re going to be okay now.”

You turned your gaze to Tony Stark, who was standing sullenly in the corner of the room.

“Why is he here? Where am I?”

Tony stepped forward and gripped the footboard of your hospital bed.

“You’re in Avengers Tower. In the medical bay.”

“What? Why aren’t I in a real hospital? Where’s my parents…?”

You shifted uncomfortably under your sheets, trying to sit up, but stopped abruptly and groaned when you felt a sharp pain in your ribs. Peter pressed gently on your shoulder to keep you from moving.

“I wouldn’t do that, Y/N.”

“Why am I here? And where are my parents?” You asked again sharply, starting to fully regain your voice.

“Your parents are on their way here. And, uh, you’re here because… well, because…”

“Because Peter reached out to me for help when he found you. We’ve got the best and brightest working here. You’re in very good hands,” Tony interrupted.

“Yeah, exactly. Plus he offered to keep you here for free so your parents won’t have to pay any medical bills. He’s been really helpful with all of this.”

You relaxed back into your pillows, staring at Tony with a questioning look.

“Thank you, Tony,” you mumbled, not buying that that was the whole story.

“No problem. Any friend of Peter’s is a friend of mine. I should go, but Peter here will take excellent care of you. It was a pleasure to meet you, Y/N. I’m just sorry it had to be under these circumstances.”

With that, he patted Peter roughly on the shoulder, gave him a look over the rim of his glasses, and walked out the door.

“What was that about?” You questioned Peter.

“Nothing. It’s fine.”

He put both of his elbows on the edge of your bed, balling his fists together and resting them against his lips. He was thinking very hard about something.

“Peter… don’t think for one second that I’m going to give up asking about what’s going on. I’m not stupid. I know something bad happened, and I need to know what it was,” You croaked.

Peter looked into your eyes, and you could tell he knew you were right. He had to tell you, no matter how hard it was for him. He sighed loudly and got up to pull up a chair beside you.

“Okay. Uh, I don’t really know how to say this…but, uh, you were attacked. By The Vulture. Do you know who that is?”

You furrowed your eyebrows, searching your brain for any prior knowledge you had of who that could be. When you finally remembered seeing him on the news a few times, you nodded slowly.

“Spider-Man fought him a couple of times, right?”

Peter nodded at the floor, not able to look you in the eyes.

“Ned called me and said you never texted him back. He seemed really worried, so I started walking to your house to see if you were there. And then on the way I saw him… and I found you. Just laying there in an alley. I was so scared. I thought that I was too late. I thought I lost you, Y/N.”

He looked so upset that it took everything in your power not to sit up and wrap your arms around him. Instead, you rested your hand on top of his. It was all you could muster. Peter sniffled a little bit and gave you a weak smile.

“I don’t understand, Peter. What would The Vulture want with me?”

Peter looked up at you and shook his head slowly.

“I…don’t know, Y/N. I’m so sorry.”

He looked like he was almost in as much pain as you, so you intertwined your fingers with his in an attempt to comfort him further.

“Why are you sorry? This isn’t your fault, Peter.”

He smiled again, but he still looked tormented.

“I’m never going to let anything bad happen to you again,” he whispered, tightening his grip on your hand. “I promise.”

You smiled at him sleepily. Feeling your cheeks beginning to burn, you cleared your throat and released his hand.

“So…Avengers Tower, huh? Do you think you could get Black Widow to pay me a visit?”

yesterday i saw a manip of the pairing xavier dolan (a gay man)/emma watson and the caption was toxic by britney spears. someone requested that manip. i’m processing this info now, today. it’s 2:47pm. it’s so clear to me that no one is afraid of god anymore, especially not on this site

Be My Captain (Harry Hook x Female Reader)

Thank you @sgarrett49 for requesting. This is my first imagine so I apologize if it is not that great.

You were sitting down at your lunch table. Chad, son of Cinderella and Prince Charming, was eating his lunch. You waited for the perfect moment. Being the daughter of Jack Frost had its perks. With the motion of your finger, your ring began to light up. Chad was stuck to his orange juice. You banged on the table laughing. Unlike your father’s staff, he handed you a ring.

“Still mischevious as your father.” A voice said. You turn around to see Uma behind you. You got up and gave her a hug which she half heartedly returned. You looked around and she caught on.

“Harry couldn’t make it.” She lied. “He had other things to do.”

You looked down at the box you had in your hand. Uma look intruiged as to what it is. You and Uma got so close that you knew what she wanted. You open the box to revealed a rose frozen in frost.

“Periwinkle taught me how to preserve it since father was saving the world.” You smiled proud of your accomplishment. It took so much time and flowers for this. You were still getting used to your powers. You sat down and finished the rest of your sandwhich.

“Right, anyways, I need you to come with me, Frost.” She said. Your eyebrows furrowed at her request.

“Is something happening, today? Did Gil call you shrimpy again? Are we gonna prank someone?” You inquired. Uma shook her head.

“Just follow me Frost.” She said grabbing your arm. You brought the box with me just in case you ran into Harry. You wondered where that boy was. You haven’t seen him in seven days and it began to worry you. It’s the longest he’s been out in the sea. He usually came home in four.

You saw Gil run up to you two in the distance. You ungrasped yourself from Uma’s grip to give him a hug. He then turned to Uma.

“Harry told me to tell you to bring (Y/N) to the docks so that he can pr-” Gil was cut off by Uma. She put her hand on his shoulder and he knew what it meant.

“Gil, we talked about this. We were told to keep this between us three. So shut your clam and lets bring her to the docks. Okay?” Uma said in a threatening tone. Gil just nodded his head furiously. You were confused as to what was going on. Especially since Harry was involved.

Uma and Gil brought you to the docks. There were shells and clams making a pathway. Gil pushed you forward. You being to walk towards Uma’s boat. You held the box tighter as you saw Harry. You stepped on a platform that turned on fairy lights as you walked. The pirate crew was playing a lovely song. The boat had a snowflake and a hook painted on them. You say Harry at the end of the pathway. You ran towards him. You jumped into his arms.

“I thought something terrible happened to you at sea. No one would tell me anything!” You said. He gave a chuckle as his hand cupped your face.

“Darling, it takes something to beat me. Yer not going to see me going down easily.” He said. He tapped the box with his hook.

“Oh right! Happy three year aniversary.” You opened the box and showed him the frosty flower. He took it in his hand and kissed your forehead. “Harry, what is all this though”.

The crew played the music softer. The lights dimmed down. You looked around and saw Gil raising up a flag. Uma came forward and handed Harry a box.

“Be my captain?” You read the flag. You looked at Harry only to see him on one knee. You gasped as you covered your mouth.

“Darling, three years is a long time. All it took was one look to know you were the one. I may not have been the sweetest or most understanding boyfriend, but you stood by and taught me so many things. You taught me how to love. I was gone for so long because I had to find the most perfect pearl for someone as perfect as you.” Harry opened to box to reveal a pearl ring. The ring band was made from broken pieces of seashells. “Would you make me the luckiest pirate ever and become my captain?”

You looked at Harry and then the ring. You sunk to the ground and wrapped your arms around Harry. Tears began to fall as you held him tighter.

“Yes, yes a million times yes!” You exclaimed. The whole crew was cheering. Uma nodded her head as approval. Gil was running around hugging everyone. Harry put the ring on your hand. You gave him a kiss which he returned back. You heard someone clear their throat. You turned and saw that it was Uma.

“As much as I am happy for you, Harry, that paint better be washable.” She said. Harry laughed as he put his hand over her shoulder. Gil came in and made a group hug. Gil then took his sword out and held it in the air.

“To the coolest couple here!” He said. Everyone took their swords and cheered.

anonymous asked:

Soulmate AU where you can watch what's happening to your soulmate: but only if it's a bad part of their life. Ex. A memory of them being bullied, tortured, etc. and only from their eyes (+ everything is basic shapes so you don't know exactly who your soulmate is without hurting them) also, if you cause someone a bad memory your soulmate can see it

Requests are closed…And I need to work on my other Soulmate AU….


The first thing Thomas felt in his dream was the cold linoleum floor against his cheek. So this is what my soulmate went through today, he thought grimly. Looking up, he saw three figures-of course he did. He had already figured out that his soulmate was short, so it didn’t make sense to have people ganging up on them.

One of the taller figures strolled up towards him, cackling. Thomas kept his head down- well, his soulmate did, at least. A debilitating kick was directed towards his ribs, knocking the wind out of him in one fell swoop. 

And then he woke up.

Sweat drenched his shirt, the thin fabric clinging to him. He knew that he couldn’t just brush it off, tell himself that it was just a dream, because it wasn’t. That was something his soulmate had gone through the day before. It was a common dream, too. Lying on the floor, being hurt by people. He could only hope they were alright now.

Trying to push though it, Thomas got out of bed and got dressed for the day. Grabbing his daily anxiety medication, he stared at it quietly for a moment. They made him less anxious, yes, but…did his soulmate take these medications, too?

Dismissing the thought, Thomas swallowed his medication and left the house, shouting a quick goodbye to his parents. The bus ride to school started off clear, but became slightly hazy after a few moments, as his medication tended to make things.

Once he was at school, he smiled and walked up to his usual group of friends, chatting idly with them before the bell would ring. 

“Oh my god,” Aaron said, looking off to the side in disgust. “Look who’s here.” Shifting his gaze, Thomas nearly laughed as he saw the scrawny frame of none other than Alexander Hamilton.

“Hey, Thomas,” James asked, stepping in front of Alexander. “Do you remember what we do to geeks?”

“No, James. Care to refresh my memory?” Thomas replied, blocking Alexander’s other way out of the mess. Smirking at Thomas, James pushed Alexander to the ground, laughing as he did so. Aaron walked around Alexander’s body, which was curled up into a ball as to shield himself from attacks.

“James,” Thomas stated loudly enough to stop the other teen from doing anything. “Let’s go. It’s not like we have to waste our time with the son of a whore. I bet he could just go crying to that prostitute, couldn’t he? Oh…he can’t. Can you?”  Thomas knelt down next to Alexander’s shivering body. “I asked you a question, loser. Can you?”

“N-no…” He mumbled out, holding back tears.

“Why not?”

“Because she’s dead.”

“Guess you’re just a bastard orphan whore’s son, huh? C’mon you guys. he’s not worth our time.” Thomas decided, standing up and walking away from the whimpering mass know as Alexander Hamilton. 

He knew that on some level, this was wrong. that what he was doing to Hamilton made him the kind of person that haunted his soulmate’s nightmares. But he knew that he was right. Hamilton deserved it, for being so...him.

The rest of the school day passed by in a blur, a mush of test prep and throwing scraps of paper at the back of Hamilton’s head during the classes they had together. The bus ride home was buzzing with people’s voice, the resonating sound remaining in his head as he did his homework later that night.

He had almost forgotten to pull off his shoes when he collapsed after too many long hours of studying into his bed. Closing his eyes, he allowed the cold abyss of sleep to wash over him.

He woke up the next morning in a cold sweat once more. Trying to think back to his dream that had awoken him, he realized it had been another vision of his soulmate’s day. the voices of the figures were heavily distorted, but a few short words stuck into his mind, burning into the back of his eyes so intensely he felt tears trail down his face.

He had barely any memories from the dream except for the short phrase:

“Bastard orphan whore’s son.”.

Little (Bad Boy!Yoongi)

Plot: Bad boy!Yoongi as a father

Part: One

Word Count: 837

A/N: so a while ago, someone requested a second part to bad boy!Yoongi as a father and oh my lord I haven’t written bad boy!yoon as a dad in so long so I saw it today going through my inbox and I needed to write it I just I have to, tbh I may do a part three bc I love this series so much but the links for this post are bad boy!Yoongi (here) and father!Yoongi (all of the father related posts are here)

1 Week Old

Any nerves Yoongi had about becoming a father had all been washed away the moment she was set into his arms. She was small, smaller than he could’ve ever expected. Yoongi had never understood the other boys when they went on and on about how small their children were, wasn’t that the point of a child? They were small, they grew, that’s how genetics worked. But the moment he saw how small she was, he understood all of it. Her fingers grasping onto one of his, her feet hidden by the blanket she was swaddled in while she slept in his arms, even her limbs were short. He didn’t think it was possible to be more in love with one person until he saw her eyes open. She was curious when she was awake, staring at him in wonder as he stared back in awe and spoke to her in a gentle tone. He told her all of the adventures he wanted to take her on, the places he wanted to see with her, the foods he wanted to introduce her to.

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Hurt// Zach Dempsey

Requested by: @xwannabequeenx

I’m so sorry its so late I was sick but I hope you like it.

Y/N please stop ignoring me

I saw Zach send what seemed to be the 50th text. I watched as he started calling I stared down at my phone before shutting it off.

“Wow what did he do?” Bryce smirked.

“Nothing just drive.” I stared ahead at the dashboard in anger. It all started this morning.

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The Hosts as “Going back to school” archetypes.

Ok so this wasn’t a request, but after going back to school today I felt the need for this. Humor me please. (Yes, these are all people that I saw today!) ^.^

Tamaki: “Talks about how excited he is to be back and how great the year is going to be until the teacher hands him the first assignment and basically kills someone.”  

Kyoya: “Literally looks like he never stopped going to school from last year”

Hikaru: “Actual zombie”

Kaoru: “The poor person helping the actual zombie to not fall in the middle of the hallway”

Mori: “Are you sure they didn’t move?!” “I’m right here.” “OH.”

Hani: “Was so excited about going back to school that they got no sleep and is now asleep on their desk”

Haruhi: “Done with everyone and its only first hour.” (See also “No I did NOT stop by Subway before coming here! *Takes bite of Subway sandwich*)

Secret Part 3 [Jughead Jones x Reader]

Request from arronity:  I know you said no part 3 for secret but…. omg, please, for me, can you write the 3rd part? Like it’s been weeks and she’s finally better, maybe she’s starting to date someone else and Jughead is jealous (the type of jealousy where he defends her not to go on the date) and finally one night they talk and he cries and bla bla bla. Lmao, I just love your writings, sorry!

I see that you guys don’t take no for an answer, as I got a few other requests on part 3, haha. It was my pleasure writing this anyway. I know I haven’t posted in a long time, I didn’t have time and I was lazy. But today I saw my crush 4 times in the hallways and I woke up to a pic of KJ’s and I’m all pumped up about writing, at least part 3! 

Part 1
Part 2

It had been a few months now and you were better. You were yourself again and were ready to start dating again. 

Well, not exactly, but Veronica said that it was time for you to go at least on a date with a hot guy from your school and Kevin had the same opinion. So, you did. I mean, not yet. You were working on it.

“You’re sure you’re not doing this just to get at Becky and Jughead?” Kevin asked for the tenth time today.

You and Becky managed to talk again, not like you used to, but baby steps. And you and Jughead were friends, you went out as friends a couple of times and nothing bad happened. Betty and Juggie finally came out as a couple a few days ago, and you tried to be happy. After all, the past is in the past and you were apart of the same group of friends.

“No. Now, if you excuse me, I have to go seduce Archie.” You smiled, and ruffled your  hair so you’d give it a bit of volume. 

Yes, you were trying to get Archie to ask you out. Not because you were trying to get at Betty and Jughead, because he had always been there for you. Not only when you felt miserable because your two favorite people betrayed you, always. He was so sweet, so you said why not give it a shot?

You got to his locker and smiled.

“Hi, Archie, what’s up?” You leaned against the locker next to his. “Nothing much. I wanted to go work on a song outside. Wanna join me?” He smiled. “Sure.”

But he didn’t get to work on the song. Not that he was complaining. You two just sat outside and talked, laughed and enjoyed spending time together. He made you feel so good and he didn’t even seem to be trying.

“Okay, I can’t just wait around, so I will talk.” You said after your laughter died a bit. “I’m listening.” He said. You took a deep breath and looked into his eyes. “Will you go on a date with me?” 

He stared at you for a few seconds, and then started chuckling.

“Oh thank god, I was thinking you still needed some time.” He said. “I’ll pick you up this Friday at seven.” He got up. “Great! Where are we going?” You jumped up. “Surprise.” He said, as you two headed to class.

“Are you seriously going on a date with Archie?” Jughead ran into Pop’s. “How did you even find out?” You frowned, taking a sip from your (favorite flavor) milkshake. “Veronica told me.” He sat down. 

You were here for a while and were kinda the only person in here. It was almost eight p.m, but you needed some time to think and Jughead seemed to know that he’d find you here. Because he knows you the best. And that’s crushing you.

“What’s your problem anyway?” You frowned. “Archie! My once best friend, but now close friend.” He said. “Betty! My closest friend but now friendly.” You said. 

There was a moment of silence.

“Touche.” He said, taking a sip from your milkshake. “But you know I still care about you, right?” He added. “Maybe you do. But it’s Archie we’re talking about. He’s the sweetest boy in the whole Universe and don’t you dare disagree.” You said. “When he isn’t fucking music teachers…”Jughead muttered. “Okay, Grundy’s gone. She left Riverdale a month ago. Get over it.” 

He just looked at you, and you looked at him. God, could he be any more perfect? That beautiful raven hair covered by that silly crown beanie that you adore and still want to take from him, just like he took away from you your happiness. Who does he think he is?

“I’m sorry.” He sighed. “I know, it’s okay.” You smiled and got up. “Now gimme a hug before I leave.” You added, and opened your arms. “I ain’t gonna argue.” He smiled.

anonymous asked:

okayyyy this may sound silly buttttttt, how would the RFA+V&Saeran (i'm so sorry if it's too much) react to their smol s/o's face always being red? like not blushing bUT THEIR S/O HAS RED CHEEKS ALL THE TIME. thank uuuu

This is literally one of the cutest requests ever oh my gosh! I’m sorry if they’re a little on the short side, I had two projects due today because my professors hate me so I didn’t have a lot of time to write them longer ugh. But I still sincerely hope that you enjoy and thank you for the request!! :D


  • Yoosung absolutely adores your red cheeks!
  • He literally squealed with happiness the first time he saw you because oh my gosh how can someone be so cute?
  • Yoosung blushes and his own cheeks turn red a lot so he gets it
  • He’ll constantly tell you how cute you look
  • He totally pinches your cheeks all of the time because of your cuteness like you may give this boy a heart attack of from your cuteness
  • Random cuddle sessions because when Yoosung thinks someone/something is cute, he’ll cuddle the heck out of them
  • You and Yoosung become the cutest, red cheeked couple ever~


  • At first, Zen thinks that you just blush all of the time
  • “I know that I look like a god but babe you don’t have to blush all the time when you’re around me~”
  • Zen no
  • Once he finally realizes that your cheeks are naturally red all of the time he dotes so much over you
  • Will always tell you how adorable you are because of your cute little red cheeks 
  • Zen starts taking almost fifty pictures of you a day because he thinks that you’re just so adorable
  • He’ll also always show you off when the two of you are out and about because he wants everyone to know that you’re the most adorable person ever and just adores your cute little red cheeks


  • Jaehee thought that you were sick when she first noticed that your cheeks were red
  • But when you explain to her that they’re always like that she’s in love
  • Will literally just look at you and go “Awww!”
  • She smiles like ten times more than usual because you generally make her happy but she just finds you so precious
  • Will beat the crap out of anyone who dares to say anything negative about your red cheeks
  • She’ll sometimes just stare at your face because you’re so precious and when you look at her, she starts to turn red in the cheeks herself


  • Jumin’s kind of confused at first when he notices that your cheeks are red 24/7
  • He legitimately thinks that you’re sick and starts calling six different doctors to come check on you
  • You have to calm this poor man down and explain that you’re not sick, your cheeks are just always red
  • Instant relief, but it just makes him more confused like why are they like that?
  • But he eventually grows to love it and Jumin will often give small kisses to your cheeks, with him telling you how beautiful you are
  • Jumin becomes kind of obsessed with how beautiful your cheeks are and has a blurry photo taken by him as his phone screen saver


  • Seven thought that he was going to have a heart attack from the cuteness that is you when he first saw you
  • He will literally just poke you cheeks all of the time and if you ask him why he’s doing it, he’ll say it’s because you’re so cute
  • Seriously you two will be watching a horror movie and right when it gets to a jump scare Seven will poke your cheeks
  • Seven, my boy, please chill
  • If you’re ever feeling insecure about your red cheeks, Seven will put on some of his cosplay makeup blush so he looks just like you
  • Seven will constantly tell you how cute you are because in his eyes, you really are the cutest person in the world to this dork


  • V still can’t see very well, basically his vision is pretty blurry here
  • So when he first meets you, he doesn’t really notice your red cheeks
  • But when he leans in for a kiss for the first time, he hesitates and asks if you’re sick
  • Precious boy is so concerned about your health bless him
  • You tell him that they’re just naturally red and he’s like whoa
  • This might sound weird but he’ll just kind of lay his palm on your cheeks
  • It becomes sort of a new relaxing thing for V to just touch your cheeks and feel the warmth from them, it’s basically the sweetest thing ever


  • Saeran’s super confused why your cheeks are red and will constantly question you why they are
  • You tell him that they’re just naturally red, nothing more or less
  • He starts hesitantly touching your cheeks, muttering how cute they look
  • One day Saeran sees that you’re upset because someone made fun of your cheeks
  • Home boy wants to go and murder the douche but he knows that he should comfort you first
  • So he places a nervous kiss on your cheeks, telling you without muttering that you’re beautiful to him and that’s all that matters
  • Now Saeran will constantly kiss your cheeks and makes sure you know that he loves every part of you, especially your cheeks
Behind the Walls (Chapter 4)

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3

Pairing: Professor!Bucky X Reader

Words: 1,396

Warnings: Cursing!

Summary: You are currently getting your PhD in Art History, your dissertation being about The Power of Nudity in Art. Your advisor recommends you switch from being her TA to another professor because she feels her health is declining and wants you to get the best help/advice from someone new. She recommends Dr. James Barnes and believes he will be of great help to you. Things don’t turn out as you plan.

A/N: thank you @amxwxxld and @confidentrose for making my day with those comments!! Also, does anyone want to be tagged by any chance???

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thepheonixqueen  asked:

I loved the ficlet you did! I am curious though so- Prompt: Super Hot Galran Keith getting mobbed at the mall! (were they shopping for pants with tail holes or did Keith get taller too?)

A kinda-sorta sequel to this. …This might have fallen into the crack-zone. 

Shiro thought the tail would be the worst problem with Keith’s new Galra form.

He was wrong.

Shiro initially loved Keith’s addition. The Red Paladin’s suit transformed on its own to accommodate the new feature with flexible material on his back end to allow for fluid movement. And Keith’s tail loved to move, wrapping about Shiro’s waist or his forearm. Sometimes it did so on its own, shocking even Keith, and other times Keith just wanted to hold onto Shiro or make sure he was nearby.

Shiro loved to grab hold of it and tug when Keith started to run off to do something impulsive. Of course, Keith yelped, then hissed, but that was just part of his charm.  

Keith complained about the new tail in other ways, mainly how it bunched in his normal clothes. Lance helped, cutting holes in the back and patching the bottoms, but it was a makeshift solution. Keith needed new pants.

So a trip to the space mall was in order.

Because Shiro didn’t attend their last venture and Keith had changed since then, there was no reason to go incognito. Still, Shiro enjoyed dressing down like he was back on Earth - jeans, a beanie, and a loose jacket. Keith confiscated Lance’s hoodie to hide his ears and tail because he just wasn’t comfortable in his own fur yet.

But they’d get there. They would.

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anonymous asked:

Can you do some high school headcanons of Zen x MC? ^-^

Omg I am capital ‘L’ loving this request. Thank you so much for sending this in!! I’m so sorry we haven’t been updating lately I cri omg. Honestly, I’m so sorry! But, if you saw our latest post, you know our plan~!


  • The first time you ever met Zen was during lunch
  • Well more like you saw him
  • You didn’t talk to him at first
  • You knew that today was his first day because you had never seen him before
  • And you trusted yourself to know that someone as attractive as him would not go unnoticed by your eyes
  • He was wearing a leather jacket, dark pants and a black t-shirt
  • He didn’t come off as super friendly and you knew he was most likely trouble
  • But that didn’t stop you from going up to him.
  • You walked right up to him and tapped him on the shoulder
  • “Hi! My name is (MC). Are you new around here?” You mustered as friendly as possible under his piercing gaze.
  • His eyes lit up. “My name is Hyun Ryu, but most people would just call me Zen. Yeah, I am new. You’re actually the first person to come up to me at all today.”
  • Your eyes widened at his change in demeanor.
  • He went from tough guy biker to soft puppy in two seconds
  • ??? How??
  • It seemed like you two just connected instantly
  • You could vaguely hear your literature teacher’s words to not judge a book by its cover and you hated how right she was.
  • You spent the rest of the lunch period talking about where you were from what you liked to do, basically everything under the sun
  • Despite his very tough disposition, he really liked musicals.
  • When he talked about things like Wicked and Phantom of the Opera and Hamilton his eyes just lit up and he seemed almost like a child excited about his favorite toy
  • You didn’t have many classes together during the morning, but after lunch you had all but one or two electives together, depending on the date
  • Whenever there were any projects, in or out of class, you two would always pair up together
  • That resulted in you guys hanging out at your house and working on a few things there
  • Sometimes you would head to the library or a cafe after school as well
  • You ended up spending all your free time together learning about each other’s lives and hobbies and favourite foods
  • It was probably the best thing in your mind
  • You hoped that Zen thought the same
  • Often this would cause a bit of misunderstanding from other students or passerby’s
  • Half the time, Zen wouldn’t even correct them
  • You soon found, though, that you didn’t mind.
  • Maybe one day there would be something there
  • Soon you would learn that he did have a bit of a rebellious streak
  • He had confided in you that you wouldn’t tell anyone about what he had done in the past
  • Things like, shoplifting, and underage drinking and smoking.
  • He said that he regretted it and that was enough for you
  • You just didn’t want him to go off getting into some really big trouble.
  • Admitting that he did still smoke, you practically begged him to stop, reciting the bad effects of the habit
  • It was stuff that he had heard over and over before
  • You just really cared about him and didn’t want him to be immensely sick or worse, dead, because of it.
  • He could see the genuine care for him in your eyes and promised to try his best to stop, if not for himself, for you.
  • One day after school he had asked you to follow him somewhere
  • You walked around the Gangnam district for a bit before arriving at a tattoo parlor
  • The sight of the building stopped you in your tracks
  • “You want me to get a tattoo!?”
  • He laughed and it was as if the heavens parted and the angels themselves were singing through him.
  • “No! I just want you to be there when I get one.” He mumbled the last bit.
  • You spoke up. “Aww is the poor little baby afraid of a needle?” You asked, ruffling his hair.
  • He caught your wrist in his hand and dragged you along. “Come on, let’s just go.”
  • Never did he deny that he wasn’t afraid of needles
  • Maybe you would hold this over his head. Just maybe
  • Going inside the walls were covered in designs and drawings of prospective tattoos
  • Despite not wanting one, you had to admire the amount of creative talent and skills it took to draw something so interesting and intricate on paper and even more so on skin
  • It seemed like Zen had been here before because he handed the man there a paper to which the guy met with a shake of his head in the direction of one of the stations.
  • Zen took off his jacket and shirt, then faced you and asked you to hold them
  • It took you a few seconds to register what he asked because… you couldn’t focus
  • But you did and he lied down on the table
  • Asking what it was, he refused to tell you, saying that he wanted it to be a surprise
  • He said that he would tell you the significance once you saw the finished product
  • You hoped you weren’t bothering the tattoo artist the way you were hovering
  • But you were entranced by the way that the ink seemed to sink into the skin of Zen’s back
  • You could see his back muscles tensing every time a part of the tattoo was especially painful and you offered your had to him
  • The procedure took all of about two hours but in the end Zen had four birds of various sizes scattered from his shoulder blade to the center of this back
  • It was, admittedly, beautiful
  • You looked around and there wasn’t really anyone in the shop
  • On a whim, you asked if you could get a copy of the smallest of the birds on your wrist.
  • And the tattoo artist complied, asking if they were couple tattoos.
  • You were about to speak up when Zen interjected
  • “Something like that.” He said with a smile
  • Above all, you were a little nervous, but the process wasn’t as painful as you thought it would be
  • It felt like almost rubbing against a bad sunburn
  • Once your procedure was over, you looked up at Zen with a smile
  • The artist briefed you on your cleaning procedures, saying that Zen would probably need a little help since his was in a place that wasn’t easily reached, to which Zen just met you with a wink
  • On your way home, you stopped at a café and Zen briefed you on the real reason he got his tattoo.
  • He told you everything, from his home life, to the treatment he got from his family, to his current home situation
  • By the end of his story you were close to crying and you would feel your eyes watering
  • Going around the table, you hugged him tight, causing a small cry of pain to escape his throat
  • “Oh, my god I’m so sorry! I didn’t realize.” You spoke quickly, and he laughed it off saying that it was fine.
  • “Really, I am so sorry you had to go through all of that. No one as kind as you are deserves that.” You said, looking deeply into his eyes.
  • “Don’t worry about it. I’m in a better place now.“He said, reaching over the table to take your hand.

Please send me your favorite Harry fic recs!

I am in need of cheering up! As many of you know, although I write Harry imagines, I’ve read very little. So this morning I am feeling down and saw one on my dash and read it, and it lifted my spirits a bit.

I would love for my readers, knowing what I like to read by what I write, to send me your favorite Harry Styles imagines. If you write, please send me your favorite fic whether yours or someone else’s or both, and if you are simply a loyal reader, I would love to read your faves, too.

Thank you so much! Wishing you all a wonderful day, and remember to do something nice for someone today and be kind. 😘


anonymous asked:

omg okay so i just read your kageyama and oikawa's little sister scenario and it was SO CUTE. can you please do one in reverse? where oikawa is dating kaeyama's older sister and neither of the boys knew? basically i just wanna see their reaction to kag's sister dating oiks. THANK YOUUUU!!

Of course! As everyone might know, I highly enjoy writing for siblings because they’rE AMAZING!!! Alrighty, here you are, anon! Please enjoy both this scenario and this request! -Admin 4AM

“Oi! ____-nee, don’t wander off to far!” You heard someone yelling. Turning around, you saw your adorable baby brother, Kageyama Tobio.

“Move it or lose it, Tobio-chan!” You teased, skipping ahead a couple more paces and then waiting for your slowpoke of a brother to finally catch up. “Today is the day that I finally get to watch my brother play in a match! How come you never invited me to go?”

“Because there’s a lot of boys there…”

“Aw! My darling little brother is jealous!”

“I’m not! Now be quiet, I need to find my team.” You sighed in defeat as Kageyama looked around some and then ran off to join the others.

“Crap, I didn’t ask what team he was playing against… or which court they’re playing on.” You sighed once more and decided to try and follow the path that Kageyama took to find his team. “Ah… I’m at the crossroads of destiny.”

“Actually, sweetheart, if you look at the sign in front of you… to the left is the men’s bathroom and to the right is the women’s,” a familiar voice said. You turned around and saw Oikawa Tooru. “Yo.”

“Hey!” You smiled.

“I thought you said you weren’t going, that you had family business to attend to.”

“Yeah, I’m here with-”

“Get. Your. Hands. Off. Her.”

“Oh, great. Look who’s here,” Oikawa mumbled. Kageyama stood in front of the two of you and ripped you away from the captain.

“Did he hurt you? Where else did he touch you? That stupid…” Kageyama bit his tongue and steadied you behind him. “What did you do to her?”

“Listen, Tobio-chan, you’re too young to understand the concepts of love, so if I can just have my-”

“No! Come on, ____-nee, I shouldn’t have left you there alone.” Kageyama started to walk away, but Oikawa’s hand latched onto you yours in time.

“You can’t go dragging my girlfriend away!” Immediately both boys stopped trying to get you out of the hands of the other and froze. They looked at each other, then at you.

“You’re his sister?!”

“You’re his girlfriend?!”

“I’m a tug toy?!!” You managed to get yourself out of their grips and then turned towards the boys. “Way to kill my arms!”

“How come you never told me, ____-nee! I thought you promised that if you ever dated a guy you would tell me!”

“How come you never told me that you were related to… that?!”

“… I guess I forgot?” The two groaned and then you swore you felt sparks flying from the behavior of the two boys.

“Wanna see who the better man in ____’s life is, Tobio-chan?”

“It’s always gonna be me, there’s no question.”

“That’s not what she said-”

“Boys! Settle it on the court,” you yelled. Looks like you remembered who your lovely brother was playing against in the match today.


Request: Not gonna lie would absolutely kill for a fic where reader actually turns to the dark side, bad temper gives me those vibes but who knows what’s in store 👀 also like you’re literally my fave writer I can’t believe someone can be this talented <3

A/N: This was the fic I was supposed to post on Thursday night but shit happened so I decided to post it today instead. This is pretty different than I usually write and I really like it? Idk I enjoyed it and I hope you all do, too! I based it off of a dream I had along with the request; [fic title based off of this song]

Warning: None

Word Count: 1975 (omfg)

“It has been over seventy-two hours since we last saw and heard from Finn and Rey. The Millennium Falcon is still in the hangar but one of our marked vessels are missing. No one has been able to locate them or reach out to either of the two. It has been declared the two have left the Resistance and are considered rogue.” Standing there with an arm crossed, holding the other as you bit on your thumb nail, your focus was set elsewhere. How did things get this take such a sudden turn?

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scent marked

Request: Okay (: this might be a short request but yeah can you do an imagine where Scott scent marks the reader?

scott mccall x reader

word count: 315

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We Need to Talk about Double Standards and Casual Racism in the Community

This isn’t going to be an easy post to write and I assume many people will not enjoy reading it but I have some things I need to say. Over the many years that I have been involved in the trans community, both online and in real life, I have seen a lot of casual racism. This can manifest in may ways including, but not limited to, POC being silenced and talked over and having their experiences as POC dismissed as being different than white trans folks. The type of double standard and casual racism I want to talk about today though is in regards to bodies; whose bodies are celebrated and whose are criticized. I’ve talked before about my not-so-great experiences posting photos of my top surgery results and having people make rude comments and this is sort of related. The incident which sparked this particular post happened last night on a Facebook page but it reaches far past that. It’s a trend I’ve observed for years and one that I’m not willing or able to be quiet about. 

Yesterday, I posted some photos both on here and on a few trans Facebook groups showing what my chest looks like at 1 year & 10 months post op. Posting my body on the internet is never easy and always a vulnerable act. In one of the groups, I someone request that I add a trigger/content warning and/or nest my photos in the comments. Now, I hadn’t thought that was a rule of the group and since my post had been approved by an admin prior to being on the page, I assumed it was fine. When I checked in on it today, several hours later because I was offline for most of last night and this morning, I saw many more people requesting this, tagging the admins, and overall making quite a big deal out of it, I made the edit and added the warning when I had a chance. 

Now, I understand that seeing post-op people can be difficult. I remembering removing myself from many spaces when my dysphoria was particularly bad to avoid feeling worse. I get it. What I don’t get, is why I was the one picked out. Because a pretty quick scroll through the group and I found other posts where post-op white folks did no have warnings, and no one was asking them to add them. They were only met with positive words. On the surface, this doesn’t seem like a big deal. But it’s not an isolated incident. It’s part of a larger trend in the community where the bodies of people of colour are criticized and attacked while the bodies of white folks are celebrated. What about my body made people extra uncomfortable? What about my body made them comfortable enough to call me out and yet scroll past similar photos of other people?

This is part of a much larger problem in the community. It’s not isolated in the community of course, the bodies of people of colour have never been treated with the same respect as white bodies. However, I find it ironic and unbelievably frustrating to see white trans folks talk about creating these inclusive, progressive and safe spaces and yet that doesn’t extend to POC, not in reality. They speak about privilege and about being woke but at the end of the day - they are just like the people writing “no fats, no femmes, no asians,” in their profiles. They are comfortable choosing our bodies to criticize. They aren’t comfortable calling out other white people for doing the same thing. Looking at our bodies makes them especially uncomfortable, even if they don’t want to admit it, and yet they are especially comfortable criticizes us. There is a strong double standard in the community that extends beyond that incident, and it needs to be addressed. 

Devil May Cry (Bucky x Reader)

A/N: Hey guys!! I’m so sorry that I took so long to post this😅I was just a bit busy but here it is!! I hope this was what you wanted! Enjoy!!

Request: @milleniumxhan: Maybe a Bucky x reader where you’re best friends with Wanda and he keeps spending time with Wanda to figure out how to ask you on the perfect date but you think they’re together so you start distancing yourself from him idk how to end this. Thanks girl! <3

You hummed to a tune in your head as you walked along the corridor, your hands clasped behind as you felt particularly happy today. Reaching the living room, you started to head for the kitchen but paused when you saw someone sitting on the couch. Smiling, you noticed it was your best friend. You raised your hand and was ready to call out to her when you realized that there was someone else sitting beside her.

Frowning, you realized that it was Bucky, both him and Wanda seeming to be so concentrated in their conversation that they didn’t notice your presence which says a lot for then ex-assassin and a mind reader. Feeling a sinking feeling in your gut, you turned and headed back to your room instead of the kitchen.

You bit your lip as you walked to your room, wondering why Wanda would be meeting Bucky up secretly. She never told you anything about Bucky, she never even seemed to talk much to him. Opening your room door, you walked in before closing it behind you, heading to your bed and flopping down on it.

Staring at the ceiling, you shook your head and pushed the thought aside. Nothing could be going on between them, right?

About twenty minutes passed as you just daydreamed, sitting up when you heard a knock on your door. “It’s open.”

You watched as Wanda walked in, a granola bar in her hands as she closed the door, coming to sit beside you. “I didn’t see you in the kitchen.”

You waved it off. “I was just lazing in my room, nothing much.”

Wanda eyed you for a moment before she shrugged her shoulders and passed you the granola bar. “Here, you should eat some breakfast. I know how cranky you can get when you’re hungry.”

You chuckled as you accepted the bar, cocking your head to the side as you grinned at her, reaching out to pinch her cheeks. “Oh, aren’t you just the sweetest.”

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