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Sehun blowing you kisses to wish you a good day ahead  (´。• ω •。`) ♡

The Hosts as “Going back to school” archetypes.

Ok so this wasn’t a request, but after going back to school today I felt the need for this. Humor me please. (Yes, these are all people that I saw today!) ^.^

Tamaki: “Talks about how excited he is to be back and how great the year is going to be until the teacher hands him the first assignment and basically kills someone.”  

Kyoya: “Literally looks like he never stopped going to school from last year”

Hikaru: “Actual zombie”

Kaoru: “The poor person helping the actual zombie to not fall in the middle of the hallway”

Mori: “Are you sure they didn’t move?!” “I’m right here.” “OH.”

Hani: “Was so excited about going back to school that they got no sleep and is now asleep on their desk”

Haruhi: “Done with everyone and its only first hour.” (See also “No I did NOT stop by Subway before coming here! *Takes bite of Subway sandwich*)

*Friendship Rings*

So I saw a comic today on my dash, and a request from another person in the community asking just about anybody to write a fanfic about it.

So I thought, why not step up to the plate for once? Even trash like myself can write a drabble on stuff like this >;3c Mind you I’m not that great of a writer, so I’m terribly sorry if it doesn’t come out as any of you imagined ;v;)

Original idea here

Original comic here

@reapthis76​ Hopefully this is good enough for you!! <33

Edit: I felt super guilty for using the joke without crediting the person who made it in the tags, so thank you so much to @infinite-atmosphere for your inspiring tags!! The post where they made them is here >;3c

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 I decided to make a Christmas follow forever for my lovely followers in this blog :) Back in 2015 my side blog wasn’t really popular and I didn’t have many requests. My main goal for 2016 was to improve my photoshop cleaning skill and to popularize this blog.At the beginning I didn’t have much hope but then the miracle happenned. One day someone sent me request, then another one and another.And one day I realized that I had near 3-4 reuqests sent for one day. My goal was accomplished! 

Some  anonyme blogs , some blogs wthout hiding their url-s started sending me asks , requests, compliments.I won’t ever forget when I saw that someone wrote me ‘’you are so kind’’ I swear I melted in that moment.Then they started telling me how awesome my blog is .All of these small gestes were making me so happy that you don’t know how grateful I am.

Today by strange chance of the destiny I dreamt that I was making a Christmas follow forever and the first thought when I woke up was that I will make my dream true.

This blog became a really important part of my life.Because of this site/blog/social media I met so many people and I even found new friends! 

I will choose followers randomly from my blog and I will add them in my Christmas grateful list (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ If you don’t find your url then accuse the destiny or my poor eyes vision . 

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Wish to everyone happy new 2017 and may your dreams come true 


Crazy Kind of Love
Tokugawa Ieyasu X MC
Rating: G

It’s a bright sunny day and I had been at our family’s sweet shop since early morning. We had gotten an abundance of strawberries from the local farmer whom we did business with all the time. He was so kind to give us more than the usual requested so I was tasked with making more ichigo daifuku for the day since they were so popular with our customers. I was also tasked with serving customers since the usual girl sprained her ankle and we only ever had one server. It’s a small shop so we never had to serve that many. Most of our customers take things to go. Today was not that day. Of all the days, it had to be a busy one, too. I heaved a sigh and wiped my brow as I saw someone take a seat at one of the tables outside. “I’ll be right there!” After wiping my brow again, I walk briskly outside. I could notice an air about this man I couldn’t quite place, but I dismissed it since, right now, he was but another customer.

“I don’t see why you need to placate the public by being outside with these peasants,” said a young man standing beside the seated one dressed much like a lord.

“Sometimes it’s something that has to be done. Besides, his lordship should get out more instead of staying cooped up inside. It would do his health a great service.” An older voice chimed in pleasantly and then addressed me. “Miss, I was told your place serves the best sweets.”

Once I set the table, I turned to the older gentleman standing next to the younger one who gave me this look like he wanted to strike me down just for existing. I held my tray to me as if it would protect me and nodded with as polite a bow as I could muster. “That’s right. We’re known for the freshest ichigo daifuku.”

“Well then, old man, you have redeemed yourself yet again,” the young noble sitting down said exasperatedly.

“If you could, young lady, plea-”

“I can order for myself, Tadatsugu. I’m not a child.” The man sitting down pouted disgruntledly. “Go away. Both of you.”

The one that gave me the death look sighed heavily and left without another look at me. The one called Tadatsugu smiled kindly to me. “Miss, do take good care of milord. We will return in a few hours.” He bowed to his lord and me then left to follow the death glare samurai.

“I thought they’d never leave,” the young lord huffed once the others were out of hearing range. I think he was glaring a bit after them but that look quickly disappeared when he turned to me with a bright smile. “So, ichigo daifuku you said?”

Woah, don’t want to meet him in some back alley for sure. Taking a deep breath to calm myself, I nodded. “That’s right. We make them fresh daily in small batches. Often times we sell out before we’re closed.”

“I’ll be the judge of that,” he said, that smile turning to a smirk and one I wasn’t too comfortable with. Why did I feel like a deer caught in a hunter’s line of sight? “Bring me some and tea,” was all he said before turning away from me to watch the people pass on the street.

Quickly, I head inside with the strange looks of my parents following me as I head to the kitchen to fix a pot of tea and plate the last of the ichigo daifuku. I burned myself on the pot that had the boiling  water in the process but, this lord didn’t seem like one to be kept waiting. A minor burn was a small price to pay for not getting yelled at or worse. Once my tray was set, I head back.

“Here you go, milord.” Setting the tray down, he frowned. “What is it? Is there something wrong?”

“Only the evidence of a clumsy girl before me,” he said as he indicated the burn on my hand. “And what foolish act caused you to burn your hand before presenting yourself to me once more?”

“Oh, it’s nothing really for you to concern yourself with,” I say, trying to reassure him and make my escape. I tried to turn but he grabbed my wrist and held onto it firmly. There was a wicked smile set upon his visage.

“Seeing as how my taste tester isn’t here, I suppose your sacrifice will do.” There was something wicked in those eyes I didn’t like one bit.

“T-taste tester?” Pretty sure he could feel me shaking for I know exactly what those were, but I was hoping otherwise.

“For poison, of course.” Of course. Why would it be for anything else? His grip tightened a bit and I winced more than I guess I would have normally because he pressed on my burn. “Should these sweets be anything less than what you say they are, I’ll see this rat trap shut down for good.”

“How dare you call this a rat trap!” I yanked at my wrist, instinctively defending my parents’ honor. How dare he call this shop anything like that!

“Then sit and all will be well,” he said with a knowing smile. “At the very least you can die at your own hands if they’re poisoned.” The gaul of this man!

Steeling my nerve, I sit opposite him with determination to prove our treats were not poisoned and the best. I took one and popped it into my mouth and ate it defiantly. These were the ones I made this morning so I know they’re good.

He watched me closely, as if anticipating I would slowly agonize in pain or something. When he became disappointed, he sighed and frowned. “And here I thought I’d get something to entertain me.” How dare he! I would get up and leave right away, but I know that would only make things worse.

He leaned forward, resting his chin on his propped up hand. “Now feed me so we have witnesses to your possible treachery.” This one here! Oh, how I wanted to slap this man, but that would be signing every death warrant from my own to my parents and their livelihood. Just a little longer, I tell myself. Just a little longer and he will leave when his handlers return to get him. Holding a daifuku, I hesitantly led it to his waiting mouth. “Scared, little mouse? Here, let me help you.” That wicked smirk trapped me and so did his hand on my wrist gently bringing my hand to him, his mouth closing on the sweet and taking my fingertips with it. Oh my god, what just happened?! The motions, alone, made me blush but that other stuff stopped my heart for who knows how long. What is he doing? Why was he taking liberties with my fingers?! I should yank my hand away but I’m not… He chuckled as he finished cleaning my fingers with his tongue and let my hand go nonchalantly. “What a lovely reaction. It’s not often I see true innocence in my presence.” He tilted his head as he brought his other hand to rest on. If he kept his mouth shut, he might actually look innocent and adorable.

I didn’t realize I was caught in his gaze when a shrewd voice broke my reverie. “Ugh, you can’t possibly be entertaining the idea of taking on a new plaything.” The disgust was high in that voice and dripping so much I might need to get the mop to clean it up.

“Lord Yasumasa, Lord Ieyasu is just a man like any other. He’s allowed to talk with a girl he finds to his liking if he wants.” The older man, Lord Tadatsugu, smiled brightly and looked at the two of us as we quickly distanced ourselves like we were caught sneaking around.

“You truly wish for me to pluck you bald, don’t you, old man?” Lord Ieyasu smiled just as brightly, but it didn’t quite reach his eyes. Still, it wasn’t as malicious as it was when they first arrived.

“Oh no, milord. Merely liking the idea that you might actually take to the opposite gender as something more than a mere amusement,” Lord Tadatsugu said jovially. “Could it be possible you have so with this young lady?” That calm smile turned to me and I couldn’t help but feel trepidation and hope at the same time. Stupid heart, stop pounding! Surely they’re kidding about all this…

Lord Ieyasu scowled at the older lord. “Are you truly risking life and follicle for such a farcical idea?”

“Is it really a farce if you do like her as she is?” Lord Tadatsugu is truly fearless to speak so with this one.

Lord Yasumasa sounded aggravated as he rolled his eyes and stood just as such. “I am not cleaning up any mess this causes. No woman is worth the time to even consider toying around with. But,” a wicked grin grew on his face that I truly did not like at all, “she might make excellent target practice for the next hunt with that Lord of Fools.” What what what? Hunt!? Target!?!? They don’t mean that lord… I think I felt the blood drain from my face as I sat unsure of what to say or do.

“Oh, that may be true but, I wouldn’t waste my time with him unless I absolutely had to.” Lord Ieyasu said in a similar jovial tone Lord Tadatsugu used, that sweet smile on his face somehow reaching his eyes a little. “In any case,” he said as he stood from his seat, “this little mouse has redeemed herself quite so this day.” Watching as he came over and leaned down to my ear, I stiffened as I waited for something horrible to happen. “Want to see how well this cat plays with his toys? Let’s see if you’re still here next time I decide to kill my time and come for these passable treats.” His breath was strawberry sweet and tickled my skin. Damn it, heart, be still! He saw the blush on my cheeks and chuckled in delight. “This look is definitely worth a trip.” Those words were only heard by me as Lord Ieyasu turned to walk with Lord Yasumasa. “Pay her and lets go,” he said calling back to the older lord.

I must have been gaping like a goldfish because a gentle hand patted my shoulder with a caring hand. I looked up from where I sat to see a kind smile upon the face of Lord Tadatsugu. “Please do not think ill of his lordship. He does have a kind heart deep behind that cold visage of his.” He paid me handsomely and bowed to me slightly as he waved good day. “This is a good sign, for Lord Ieyasu never goes out without a need to. We recently lost our dessert chef so you may just see us again soon.” His smile brightened, warming my heart as he left. I quickly got up to clean off the table and hurried back inside to wash up and count the days until our next encounter. I didn’t even care that there had been onlookers all this time. As long as there was a chance he might show up, I’ll show Lord Ieyasu who can play this cat and mouse game.

Listen {Newt x Reader}

Originally posted by testmeyouwillfail

Author: Joi A. Wade 

Requested: Yes. @haialyy #1, thanks so much for requesting, my lovely, hope you enjoy! 

Summary: Things can get ugly if you don’t open up your ears for someone else. If that makes sense😅

“WHOA! Was that an earthquake?!” You heard from behind you. You were currently working in the kitchen with Frypan, helping him out with dinner for the night. But, being a little extra clumsy today, you misdid your footing, and tripped on air; landing down on your bum, of course a few gladers saw, and just HAD to comment.

“I think it was, take cover, dude!” They all ‘playfully’ hid under the table, laughing their shucking asses off like it was the most funniest joke in the world. It’s not even like you are a heavy person, but apparently they wanted to make you feel like you were.

Getting up, you dusted yourself off, ignoring their words of stupidity. Boys will be boys, you guessed. 

“Aw, lighten up, (Y/n), we’re only teasing.”

“Yeah, don’t be such a stick in the mud.” 

“Wait, Charlie, I think you mean LOG. A stick, she is far from!” Another wise crack, and this time everyone heard. And just like EVERY time, every glader erupted in laughter. The only two not laughing had to be Chuck and Newt, as they watched the scene from their own seats.

‘Don’t cry, (Y/n). Whatever you do, don’t cry..’ your mind practically begged you, but your tear-ducts had a mind of their own, as a couple of tears slid down your cheeks. 

You quickly wiped the tears away, hoping they didn’t see. But of course they would. They always do.

“Now she’s crying! Why are you such a girl, take a shucking joke-!”

“SCREW YOU! Screw ALL of you slint-heads, I hope you all burn in hell! Or better yet get shucked in the ass by a griever!” You screamed, surprising everyone in the room. And once you got that off your chest, you hightailed it out of there, heading in the direction of the Deadheads. 

Not even realizing a certain glader limped his way to you, trying to keep up. When he got close enough he gently, but firmly grabbed your hand.


“Not now, Newt! I just want to be alone!” You tried pulling away, but Newt only gripped your hand tighter. 

“(Y/n), just listen to me-!”

“WHY?! So you can make fun of my weight too? Or how I cry?! They’re shucking emotions, I’m not a damn robot, but like usual NO ONE CARES!”

Newt took both of your shoulders, gently shaking you, looking deeply into your eyes.

“Stop it! You know that I care about you!” Newt yelled over you, catching you completely off guard. Seeing that you were speechless, he continued. “(Y/n), love, I care about you so bloody much, you have no idea how much it hurts me to see you in pain like this.”

Finding your voice again, you respond. “If you cared so much, then why has it taken you so shucking long to let this continue? Two months, Newt, they’ve been verbally harassing me, and what have you done? Nothing.”

“I-I know…I know I just sat there, but you gotta understand that I was afraid. I was afraid to help because I felt like it wasn’t my place, you always say how you don’t want to be treated with special care, so I just assumed that…you would take care of it yourself. And you finally did, love. You were amazing back there! How you finally had enough of their klunk and just exploded like that? I have never seen a glader so speechless in my years of living in this hell-hole. You were incredible.” Newt squeezed your shoulders, mirroring the smile that has crept upon your lips.

“I was amazing, wasn’t I?” You playfully brag, getting a wholesome chuckle from the Brit. 

“Absolutely brilliant. And hey, if you’re up for it, I’ll let you go back and shout at them some more, until they klunk their pants.” Newt offered.

Rising a little on you tippy-toes, you kissed his cheek. It didn’t take long for his face to turn pink, and for his eyes to bug out of his head. With a light chuckle, you interlocked your hand with his, staring into his beautiful, brown eyes.

“Sounds like a great idea to me.”

   {A/N} ~Hola! I hoped this was okay, I kinda wrote this from a life experience, and I really hope you enjoyed! More requests on the way, stay beautiful my lovelies!

The two sides of a coin.

Okay, even though this blog is full with Dean at the moment, I really just had to write this, because someone requested it and I kinda liked the challenge in writing something I never had written before.
Be warned though, it´s kinky.

Request:  Holy shit ok could you do a Dean X reader where they’re in their 20’s and he is all shy and cute and they work together at a bar and it’s after hours and she asks him if he saw anyone cute today and he shrugs and she gives him a whole thing about how he needs to take what he wants and seize the day and he pushes her against a wall and then they have sex in the bar and he becomes super Dom? Thanks

Imagine your co-worker Dean, who is usually totally shy, suddenly turning all dominant when the two of you have Sex.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Length: 1243 Words.

Warnings: shy!dean, smut, unprotected sex, spanking, dom!dean, swearing, all in all kinky sex

Originally posted by out-in-the-open


You were polishing glasses as you called goodbye to the last costumer that was leaving just now. It was way past midnight, and you felt kinda worn out, because the day had been an extraordinary hard one.
“I already locked up the kitchen, seems like we can be out here in just a few minutes”, Dean, your co-worker, said and you looked at the very handsome guy.
He gave you a shy smile and you returned it, before changing it into a grin and holding up a piece of paper: “Look what I got today. That cute guy´s phone number, the one that was sitting at table four.”
Dean walked over to you to take a look at it: “Nice, will you call him?”
You shrugged: “Probably not, it´s just nice to get noticed.” He blushed a little, being the cute guy he always was and said: “I know what you mean.”
Your eyes grew wide and you put the glass that was now ridiculously clean, on the counter: “No way. What did she say? What did you say?”
He turned his head away a bit, probably embarrassed: “Nothing, I mean she said something about me being the most handsome bar tender she´d come across in a while, but I pretended like I didn´t hear it, because I didn´t know what to say.”
You put your hands on your hips: “Are you fucking serious, Dean Winchester? Let me tell you something, if you don´t take a chance for once, you´ll end up alone with a dozen smelly cats.”
He chuckled a bit: “I´m not going to become an old cat lady.”
“Well, if you don´t start to take what you want, you will”, you argued and he raised his eyebrows at you.
Suddenly his whole face changed, getting more confident, looking different from the shy guy you worked with for months now:
“You really want me to take what I want?”
You nodded determinedly: “Absolutely.”
And before you knew it, he had grabbed you by your hip and pressed you against the bar.
Immediately your hands grabbed the edges of the counter and you could feel his body everywhere on yours all of sudden.
Your heart started beating and you felt yourself getting turned on within seconds.
“You mean like this?”, he asked in a dark, low voice you had never heard before, but immediately loved.
Goose bumps erupted on your skin and you nodded.
“Say it!”, he ordered, and you gulped before nodding again: “Yes, I want you to take what you want.”
“Good”, he whispered, and then his lips were on yours.
You could feel his tongue, gliding over your lips seeking entrance you were happy to give.
Dean was a really good kisser and you tried to lean into him even more, but suddenly he stopped kissing you and looked into your eyes: “Don´t be greedy!”
You shook your head but when he raised an eyebrow, you quickly said: “No, I won´t…”, and because this was so crazy and so new, you added, “…Sir”, to your sentence.
You could see his eyes grow dark and his cock twitch against your leg, at you using this word and somehow you should have known that a shy guy like Dean secretly was into being dominant in bed.
Usually you weren´t one for kinky sex, but this was different and also what the hell, if he wanted to play, you were going to play.
The moment of hesitation and strong sexual tension suddenly ended with him placing you on top of the counter: “Do you want it up against the wall or on all fours. I´m generous, I leave you the choice.”
For a second you just bit your lip as if you were thinking about this extremely hard, before you grinned and said: “I want both.”
He grinned too, as if he had hoped you would say that: “Wrong choice!”
Without giving you the chance to prepare, he had scooped you up again and put you on the ground: “Get on all fours!”
There was something in his voice, that made you do what he told you to do and only seconds after you were down on the wooden floor behind the bar, almost positive, that your skirt was so far up by now that he could see your pretty soaked panties
Suddenly you felt a smack on your butt, then another stronger one and a third one that made you yelp a bit..
It stung but in a good way and you felt yourself getting really wet.
“Told you not to be greedy!”, Dean said again and then he ordered: “Now get back up here and let me fuck you.”
You didn´t need to be told twice.
Quickly you got on your feet and he grabbed you, to put you against the wall.
He was extremely strong, you noticed, and he even managed to unbuckle his belt with one hand, while holding you up with the other.
When he pulled free his cock, you tried to come up with a way how to loose your panties in this situation, but as if he could read your thoughts, he shook his head:
“Don´t worry sweetheart, you don´t need to take off anything, I´ll find my way.”
And then he swung both of you around, sitting you down on the bar, pulling your panties aside, and starting to finger-fuck you in a way that you hadn´t experienced until.
His fingers were always on your klit, making this almost too much to bare.
Within two minutes, you were a moaning mess, pleading Dean to give you release, clinging to his shirt as if your life depended on it.
But instead of giving you what you needed, he stopped, replacing his fingers with his dick in front of your entrance, before he looked at you one more time:
“Be loud!”, he ordered, and God you were loud.
It was great sex, probably the best you´ve ever had, and it only took seconds to fall over the edge.
“Dean!”, you shouted and dug your nails in his back while he groaned and came too.
It was a long time, before both of you came down from your high, but eventually, he pulled away, your panties snapping back in place, now feeling weird because they were so wet.
He pulled up his pants and  you jumped down from the counter, grimacing at your wet underwear and finally reaching under your skirt to pull them off and toss them in the trash.
You both looked at the trash can and then laughed.
After a while, it got silent again, the two of you just smiling at each other.
“Was that okay?”, he asked, back to his shy self as if he had never just spanked you while you kneeled on the floor.
“Are you seriously asking me that?”, you asked and pointed once again at the trash, were your panties were now lying.
He chuckled: “Girls often get scared when I let my other side out.”
“Well, then they´re stupid”, you said and winked at him, “hey, what do they say? A lady in the street and a freak in the bed? I bet there´s a guy version of that too.”
He laughed and then hesitated and went back to blushing: “So… That was fun, but I´d also like for us to do something nice. Like, you know, dinner and a movie.”
You smiled: “Sounds perfect.”

Flynniplier & RapunzelSepticEye

So, I was on facebook today and saw a post about how, with some extra hair & glasses, Flynn Rider looked a lot like @markiplier (please someone tell me if they know who the original artist is)

And someone requested that @therealjacksepticeye be done as Rapunzel.


Two and a half hours later… HERE YA GO INTERNET!

AND, just for the sake of dicking around, have one of the both of them together!


What Trolls Say vs. What I Hear

I posted a series of tweets today about what trolls say in Twitch chat and someone requested that I compile them in one spot.

They say: “People are only watching because you’re a girl.”
I hear: “I clicked your thumbnail because I saw a girl." 

They say: "You need better mods.”
I hear: “I got timed out for being a dick and that hurt my feelings.”

They say: “ur hot”
I hear: “I’m 12.”

They say: “Your mods are white knights.”
I hear: “I’m only nice to people I want to have sex with & am otherwise a horrible person with no real friends.”

They say: “Why are people even watching this, your stream sucks.”
I hear: “I don’t know how to close browser tabs.”

They say: “Tits or gtfo”
I hear: “I’m on the computer without my mom’s permission.”

They say: “Camwhores like you are ruining Twitch.”
I hear: “I have 2 viewers streaming mediocre LoL gameplay and am not at all bitter.”

They say: “Sorry, my little brother got on my computer and-”
I hear: “I’m not mature enough to take responsibility for the things I say.”

In all seriousness, there are tons of great people I interact with on a daily basis and the trolls are few and far between when compared to the bad eggs. However, I think it’s worth noting that we should all be mindful of the way we interact with others online, even strangers. Some people even expressed disbelief at the tweets, surprised that people would say these types of things to me. While the tweets I posted were jokes, here are some actual comments copied and pasted from my own chat logs:

“you look like a goldigger *** that likes to suck *** and money,in overwatch you cant open your legs to win thats kind of a problem for you isnt it?”

“can u show the *** and shut the *** up pls?”

“She is so unattractive I just noticed her after 20min of watching this stream”

“show *** or GTFO ***”

Luckily, it’s easy enough to ban these types of comments/users but honestly - what’s the point of being terrible like this to random people? If you’re the type of person who says this stuff to people online, try to step back and rethink the way you’re behaving and realize that you’re talking to actual human beings. Your words are going out into the world and being seen by people with feelings just like yours. Life is hard - you don’t have to make it harder and it certainly won’t make your life better.