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To Build A Home - Chapter 11

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Thank you guys for all your lovely comments! I may not reply to every single one but I do read and appreciate them all! Can you believe I originally thought I could do this story in ten chapters? LOL!

Once again, a MASSIVE thank you to @tinysidestrashcaptain without whom this chapter would not have been finished. Go follow her if you hadn’t already! She has all the cutest Sanders Sides stories. 

WARNINGS: Mostly negative thinking, tiny bit of violence, hospitals, nothing TOO bad, I guess? Let me know if I need to add anything.  

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Patton watched as Virgil ran out of the hospital, ignoring the older man who was calling for him to come back.

“Patton, go after him,” Megan said as she gently took the bag of Logan’s items from Patton’s tight grip. “I’ll come and get you if I hear anything about Logan.”

“A-Are you sure?” Patton asked nervously.

“Positive,” Megan nodded, and pushed him gently towards the exit. “There isn’t much we can do for Logan except sit and wait. It’s the kid who needs you right now.”

“You’re right,” Patton said. “Thank you, Megs.”


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So today I was listening to and thinking about Dancing With Our Hands Tied and I think I finally figured it out. Maybe everyone already came to this conclusion but I thought I would post my thoughts anyways.

When someone says, “my hands are tied,” they’re saying there’s nothing they can do about x or y; they can’t help it.

Taylor had mentioned earlier in the song that she didn’t think anybody could handle the issues that came along with dating her. Everyone had an opinion and it is a lot to take. Taylor didn’t think anybody would willingly sign up for it. “I️ had a bad feeling.”

They danced anyways. They danced with their hands tied because whether or not the relationship in question worked out, there was nothing they could do about it. Turning to the last page doesn’t change the ending, it only spoils it. So even though their hands were tied and they didn’t know what was going to happen, they danced. They made the best of things.

I just watched “The Naked Time” and man do i have feelings. 

That scene, after Spock cries, and Jim finds him? It’s Spock confessing his feelings for Jim.

When Spock says: 

SPOCK: My mother. I could never tell her I loved her.

and then:

SPOCK: An Earth woman, living on a planet where love, emotion, is bad taste.


SPOCK: I respected my father, our customs. I was ashamed of my Earth blood. (Kirk slaps him) Jim, when I feel friendship for you, I’m ashamed.

This scene of Spock coming to terms with his feelings for Jim, it’s all in this scene, in my opinion: he’s not talking about friendship being bad taste, he’s talking about love being bad taste. Sure, Spock says friendship, but he just got done talking about love. 

and then when he says, shortly after: 

SPOCK: Understand, Jim. I’ve spent a whole lifetime learning to hide my feelings.

It’s Spock almost… apologizing to Jim for the fact that he won’t ever show his feelings to him. I think this is when Spock first realized that he loves Jim. 

“Taylor’s a genius. She’s a pop genius, and she’s a marketing genius. I don’t think she does anything where she hasn’t completely thought it out. I don’t say that in a bad way, I think it’s incredible that she has the forethought to do that, and I think it’s spectacular that there is an artist out there with so much more brainpower than I will ever have in my life. As far as [Reputation] goes? Man, I love it. It’s not my favorite [album of hers] but I love it. She’s willing to put herself out there and try something new.”

Clint Redwine, a morning show co-host and producer at Nashville’s adult contemporary station WXJA, talks Taylor Swift. (Billboard)

So I’ve been getting a lot of angry responses to my Comic Con comic (the one that ends with “I hate cis people”). I thought that my comment under the comic that says I don’t actually think that other cosplayer is a bad person would imply that I wasn’t actually being serious, but I guess I still have to clarify:

No, I do not hate every single cis person in the world. That would be absurd. The joke was that I was feeling upset and jealous and silently taking it out on people that were just having a good time.

That being said, I honestly don’t think it’s that bad for a trans person to say they hate cis people. Cis people the group, not cis people the individuals. Because cis people as a group with structural power have made life kiiiinda a living hell for us. It’s cis people that created a world where everything is suddenly decided for you the second you’re born. It’s cis people that decided that trans people are gross and unsexy or evil seductresses. It’s cis people who are the most likely ones to outright murder us, and they’ve been doing it in increasing numbers every year. (Check out Transgender Day of Remembrance, which is coming up this Monday). The worst thing that can happen when a trans person says they hate cis people is your feelings get hurt. But the worst thing that can happen when a cis person says they hate trans people is literal murder. So yeah, we’re kinda allowed to say we hate cis people. Just sayin 💁🏻‍♂️


It’s All Pros

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Request: Can you please do a peter quill imagine where the guardians come down to earth and meet the avengers? the reader is part of the avengers. when the guardians are having a “meeting” with the avengers, Y/N comes down singing one of the songs from the awesome mixes. and peter falls head over heels and it’s all very fluffy. thank you.

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Why Nashville Still Roots for Taylor Swift Despite 'Reputation' Being a Far Cry From Country

By: Isaac Weeks for Billboard
Date: November 17th 2017

When Taylor Swift’s Reputation hit shelves last week, it marked the star’s furthest departure yet from the country sounds of her adopted hometown of Nashville – yet the city is still cheering her on.

Among the reasons: as she’s transitioned from country singer-songwriter to pop queen, she’s carefully continued to pay her respects to the town that launched her career, while continuing to wield considerable power there through her label, Big Machine.

To be sure, Swift’s presence in Nashville is relatively minimal these days, save for occasional news items featuring her being spotted snuggled up to boyfriend Joe Alwyn on her penthouse condo’s balcony overlooking Vanderbilt University, or the infrequent tweets from excited locals saying she was seen in nearby Hillsboro Village at her regular coffee spot, Fido, or next door at her favorite boutique, Pangaea.

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Anyone who says this arc was crap can FIGHT ME.

Okay first of all,

I love the relationship Himiko and Twice have (and I don’t mean this in a shippy way)

Spinner is freaking hilarious

And even though he’s working with the bad guys, he’s kinda always been a good guy himself?




Yeah um….I think that driver is dead? Poor guy.

I really hate the fact that I feel so bad for Overhaul right now, like he had his the work he dedicated his life to taken away…just like that, he was taunted, and humiliated…and tortured….like damn Hori.

Shigaraki cheated though, he waited for the heroes to do all the dirty work so he could claim the prize, that was pretty clever. He’s actually a lot more sinister than I thought.

Look at these poses lol, and who gave Shigaraki that jacket? Anyway, the art in this chapter was freaking AMAZING as usual, this is probably the reason why the chapters are so short…

This was a really good way to conclude the arc though (Horikoshi’s pretty good at concluding his arcs)

anonymous asked:

Do you think Amelie would find it embarrassing that all her friends fancy her dad? Because literally every girl in the world must think he is good looking but when her friends say that think he is hot imagine how embarrassed she would be x

Probably, yeah. 

I think any daughter would be a little weirded out, and a little embarrassed if her friends thought her dad was hot… and were pretty vocal about their thoughts towards him. He’s the youngest father when it comes to the fathers out of her friends, and where everyone else’s were closing in their later forties/early fifties, Harry is only fresh into his thirties. And she can’t tell her father that her friends find him sexy or bangable or fit because it’s awkward for her to say it to his face; it’s bad enough having to hear it from her friends so it’s even worse when she needs to reciprocate that to inform him of why she’s been a bit distant with her friends and, evidently, with him, as well.

“Daddy just wants to know why you’re being so short with him on the way home from school. Why you’re distancing yourself from him. What’s the matter? What’s happening? Are people picking on you again?” Her mother questions, sitting on the end of the bed and reaching over to pat the lump, formed by Amelie, beneath her covers. School shoes kicked off, her school folders and books hanging out of her bag, and her jumper thrown aimlessly to her carpet. “Will you tell me if you won’t tell your dad? Please, sweet girl? We’re a bit worried about you.”

She can hear her daughter mumble beneath the comforter. But she can’t quite work out what’s being said. Scooting closer to her and carefully peeling back the cream duvet.

“What’s happened?”

“The girls at school keep talking about dad and it’s… weird. Like, I know you had me at a young age and I know you and dad are the younger parents out of my friends’ parents and it doesn’t bother me, because, I wouldn’t want anyone else to be my mum and dad. But, they’re so, like, they speak so weirdly of him,” Amelie mumbles, sitting up on the mattress and pulling her knees to her chest, “I don’t like it.”

“What’s being said?”

“They keeping talking about how dad is really fit and how I’m lucky to have him as a dad and they keep saying he’s sexy and that he’s a DILF and I don’t even know what that means, Mum!” She looks at her mother, a little frazzled, and gulps, “they keep saying that he should wait a few years for them and it’s weird and I don’t like it and every time I tell them to stop, and every time I walk away or try to change the subject, they just keep going and I hate it. It’s embarrassing and it makes me feel weird.”

“Is that why you’ve been a little off with your friends?”

Amelie nods slowly and rests her chin upon her knees. 

“Oh, sweet girl,” YN sighs, scooting back and sitting beside her daughter, wrapping an arm around her shoulders and pulling her into her side, “how about the four of us stay in tonight? You don’t have to go to your Bella’s house if you don’t want to go tonight. Benji’s not feeling so good so we were going to stay in anyway. We could stick on your favourite film, eat some ice-cream, I’m sure daddy can order some takeaway pizza, and w-”

“I heard takeaway pizza,” Harry pokes his head into the room, “what’s going on in here?”

YN looks across to their daughter, as Amelie looks back to her.

“Just girly chat that doesn’t concern your boy ears, mister,” his wife grins in his direction, “Amelie’s staying in with us tonight. Bella’s cancelled their sleepover so you’re on pizza collection from Pizza Hut and ice-cream duty from Waitrose and me and the kids are going to make a fort in the living room. And we’re going to eat loads and scoff our faces tonight. I think it’s the best thing for a Friday night.” xx

Short Fic: A Len and His Daemon
Pairing: Leonard Snart/Mick Rory


I have neither explanation nor excuse. Very silly.


Don’t say it,” Len says testily.

Sara, who had opened her mouth, closes it, then just looks confused.

“Really don’t,” Mick says. “He gets touchy about it.”

Sara’s about to crack a joke, Len can tell, but maybe she notices his glare of death or the way his hand keeps hovering by his gun - she seems nice and all, for an undead assassin with a great ass but if she makes one single joke, Len is going to ice her - because she decides not to go that route.

“Guess that makes us avian daemon bros,” she says instead, holding up her fist.

Len snorts. “Nice save.”

“Aerderon’s an albino canary,” she says wryly, nodding to the daemon that perched on her shoulder. “I’m used to weird comments. I had to dye her black when we were going vigilante, did you know that?”

“Matches the theme,” Len agrees, but sighs. “More than mine does.”

Now, don’t get Len wrong. He loves Lachesis to a ridiculous degree, and he wouldn’t swap her for the world. But he’s not going to lie, his life would’ve been a lot easier if she’d settled in any other shape.

Anything else.


Anything but a chicken.

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anonymous asked:

I thought you said the bad guy was the John mirror?

Yeah he is!

The gunslinger is the ghoul is the bad guy. That’s what I mean, not the original gunslinger, its the ghoul who has a facade as the gunslinger, the one Dean on the surface idolises but once we get the truth we realise is not worthy.

The one who seems nice at first but is abusive towards his girlfriend in a way that he thinks he deserves her to stay with him because he’s given her what she wanted/needed and she OWES him.

Remind us of John’s attitude towards Dean?

Dean idolises him on a pedestal, but it turns out to be fake and Dean ends up being part of his downfall.

Yeah. John mirror.

In Defense of Bertrand

I’m seeing a lot of hate directed at Bertrand and comments saying that of course, Savannah hid the baby from him because he’s a grumpy jerk, etc. And honestly, I don’t think it’s fair. After talking to @violetflipflops @lizzybeth1986 and @feisty-mary I decided to formulate my thoughts and explain why I think Bertrand is being done a disservice here. 

As far as we’ve seen so far Bertrand has done nothing wrong. Even if he did end things with Savannah after their night together (and that doesn’t seem so certain) that was his right. It doesn’t sound like he had ever made her any promises.

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random UT question

People who believe in the Narrachara theory think that, on the Game Over screen, Chara shows you a memory of something Asgore said to them to help them stay determined on their deathbed (”This is all just a bad dream… Chara! Stay determined!”).

If you die in the Omega Flowey fight, if I recall correctly, you get this message: “This is all just a bad dream… AND YOU’RE NEVER WAKING UP!” followed by laughter and the game closing. 

Does anyone have any thoughts about this? Like, Flowey can mess with the battle GUI and close your game, so naturally he could mess with the game over screen. Does it not have a deeper meaning than that?

Because Asriel would remember Asgore saying “this is all just a bad dream” to Chara, too, but it seems so specific to say that to Frisk and then rip it away with ‘and you’re never waking up”? Like he could have said anything? If you aborted a No Mercy route, Flowey does refer to you as “Chara” right before the Omega Flowey fight, but the “you’re never waking up” quote doesn’t happen only in that instance? 

anonymous asked:

Could you write that idea we discussed about Genji torturing the reader with a pun(s)? ~Demial

He groaned, hand resting dramatically on his forehead. You just smiled even wider, pretending to be completely innocent. You opened your mouth and he just groaned again louder, thinking whatever you thought was going to be complete torture to him.

“I gotta thank the sidewalk sometimes,” you said and he just grumbled, “They’ve been keeping me off the streets for years.”

“Stop,” he nearly cried, “they’re all so bad.”

“What happens when you ask a lemon for help?” you asked, pausing for dramatic effect with a shit-eating grin.

“I don’t care,” he said, “End me.”

“Lemonaid,” you said and he grasped your face, smushing your cheeks together.

“They’re all awful,” he said, “and you should feel bad.”

“I don’t,” you said with a smile, “I love them all.”

F(x) as Teachers I Have

Amber: AP English

  • super sweet
  • sends out cards when people get a’s and for holidays
  • tomboy-ish
  • a living meme
  • instead of teaching a lesson, showed us stranger things memes bc she had just finished the show and thought they were funny
  • bad puns™
  • has framed photos of dogs she thinks are cute

Luna: Art

  • gives extensions constantly
  • asks us about our day
  • shows us pictures of her cats
  • always late
  • broke a girl’s pencil and brought her a new pack
  • her room smells like vanilla
  • calls everyone ‘sweetie’ and ‘sweet pea’
  • flicks glitter on people when they’re “darkening her mood”

Victoria: Math

  • living fossil but acts like a 6 year old
  • i once called her mom after she called me her daughters name
  • too nice
  • everyone says shes mean but it’s just tough love
  • used to be a dancer
  • dresses nice
  • strangely flexible
  • does too much charity work
  • is at peace with her life and i think that great

Krystal: World History

  • h o t
  • youngest teacher is the school
  • 100% don’t know what he’s doing
  • knows all the school gossip
  • we can’t tell if he’s being mean or sarcastic
  • dresses like a model
  • called a kid the wrong name for 2 month and almost cried when he found out
  • will roll his eyes when people ask dumb questions
  • p e t t y
  • refuses to get a cactus for his room solely bc we told him to

Sulli: AP Earth Science

  • really funny
  • never gives hard work
  • has given up
  • used to date another teacher and they just make weird eye contact in the halls
  • gave me some pity points on the science fair bc i cried
  • has this natural cuteness that i envy
  • she disappeared for a while and than magically returned
  • dressed up as a disney princess every day of spirit week
  • under appreciated
  • misunderstood bc people think she’s rude but she’s really nice

anonymous asked:

I did a Tim! Today in chemistry class I was daydreaming about Tim hcs for the first time in a long time. Realized I almost fell asleep (only got 4 hours last night) when I smacked my face on my desk, startled myself so bad I just stood up and calmly left the classroom and thought to myself, 'hey maybe jumping off that roof will get my adrenaline flowing' AND I DID IT. Then just sat on the ground in shock staring at the sky and yelled 'WHAT AM I THINKING I AM NOT TIM DRAKE' and went back to class

you. you just. fucking,, jumped off the fucking roof?!?! fjskdsfjdj im. like why was that your go to? I’m crying

Some thoughts on Turtles all the Way Down

I started reading Turtles all the Way Down. 

It’s really good but also kind of tough because it’s pretty weird reading your own experiences happening to someone else in a book…

It’s also strangely reassuring to read about your own experiences happening to someone else in a book though. 

I was diagnosed with OCD in 2015 after a particularly bad first half of the year at university and one of the reasons I actually went and saw the doctor in the first place was because of John Green’s videos. I always knew there was something weird going on in my brain and I thought it might be OCD but I also thought I might be making it up, and then I watched it and I was like that’s literally what’s going on in my head. So I’m glad he wrote this book and I think it must be pretty brave to put that much of yourself into something that a huge amount of the world is going to see, I don’t know if I could have done it. 

I’m only on chapter nine so far, so we’ll see how the rest of this goes.