and to think that i thought this was bad

The truth hurts but
so do most other things. 
I dreamed about you 
but you were nothing like  
When I woke up,  I tried to call you
to tell you 
the world wasn’t as bad as we thought
but if I ever knew your number,
it escaped me in that moment. 
I hope you forgive me my
I get it from my country. 
(Or else the ones who did this
to my country.
I can’t remember which.)

I heard from someone that 
the sky makes room for some things
but not for others,
and I can’t help but think
that my limbs don’t bend the right way.

And anyway, I hope you’re happy after all.
And I hope the sad poems don’t make any sense to you, kid,
I hope you never have to understand. 

And I’m sending my love.
You’ll recognize it by the way
it takes up all the elbow room 
in your new house.
(Sorry about that.
It’s something I’m working on.)

I hope you sleep well, old friend. 
I hope you wake up and
that’s ever been taken from you
is returned to you in full.
—  Y.Z, Found on Your Doorstep, 8 pm on a Saturday

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Lauren, why all the uproar again with Abbie? She follows him, so what? Nothing bad happened. Shall we now also have an eye on her again? Antis cannot pair her with Sam, that would look beyond ridiculous even for them, though you'll never know. One SO in US and one in UK? That would be just gross. I'll just watch it from afar and keep silent. No attention to her in public. Any thoughts about this? Thks.

I think people are just reminiscing about the good ole days when her innuendo was frustrating but not anywhere near what it is now. I wasn’t around then so thankfully I missed all of that…although I do love hearing the stories about “baby girl” and the way she took the coffee grinder from Sam.

So I think this is what it looks like when people long for the innuendo of old. 😂

So I heard someone say 'it's not like you can just suddenly stop being racist, it's hard.'

It’s as easy as you want it to be. I was raised in a racist and homophobic household and in a very short period of educating myself I became informed and realised how ridiculous racist and homophobic attitudes are. I don’t think I was a bad person, I was just raised with bad thoughts which I myself fixed. Anyone can change - for some it’s harder than others, but education and an open mind works wonders on the most ignorant of people.

Thoughts from this week’s Supergirl:

First, the line about giving boys broken noses when she kisses them gives more credence to the thought I had about how she’s willing to overlook everything because she needs someone sturdy. Someone who won’t get hurt because of her. And she can’t fuck her Space Dad or Cousin. It’s not a stretch to think that in her mind, it’s Mon-El or nothing because anyone else will be in danger from her or her enemies. 

Did we really have to see that much of the evidence of their night together, btw? The dry humping on the couch at the end of last ep was bad enough. I have an idea for you, writers… if you can only write a tender relationship for Sanvers by neutering them sexually (or spaying I suppose as the case may be), then maybe you should go back to the idea that ‘if you have to make them kiss to make it obvious they love each other, they don’t.’ Because there is absolutely nothing that sells K/rmel. Nothing.

When are the criminals of National City and Cadmus going to learn that Kara’s bulletproof and spraying them with automatic weapons will do nothing but get you punched in the teeth?

It’s reasonable to think someone in captivity might have been brainwashed or whatever, but by putting that thought in Mon-El’s mouth and by making Alex and Kara naive, they’re setting Mon-El up to be the hero. Instead of Kara. Trained badass Alex Danvers would not be so trusting of Cadmus. 

Speaking of which, the reveal. Why did J’onn never do a psychic sweep? Why did Kara never do an x-ray sweep like Clark told her to? How did Alex fucking examine his arm and note extensive hand damage but not notice that he had a metal arm?? What the hell?? Step 1) Make the real heroes (Kara and Alex) naive and incompetent. Step 2) Make your male faves (Mon-El and Winn) save the day. Oh, and go ahead and throw a wedge between Alex and Kara (who have been previously unshakeable in their faith in each other) and blame it on K/ramel which Alex had pushed just days earlier

How many times can the writers continue to have Kara get righteously upset at legitimate issues with Mon-El and continue to play it off like it’s nothing? How many times can she possibly call him out for real actual things he’s doing and somehow the writers just keep giving him more chances. All it’s doing is making her out to be the Angry Feminist who looks for reasons to hate men because the narrative isn’t punishing Mon-El but rewarding him for his manipulative tactics. “Oh, let’s just forget about this one.” “I’ll change, I swear.” 


And here’s the kicker (and why I put Winn with Mon-El earlier): if Mon-El does change, it’s not because he did it himself. Rao knows he had no intentions of that. It’s not because Kara finally got through to him (or *shudder* fixed him). It’s because Winn told him to. Another dude. One who is clearly skilled in the arts of relationships. 

They’re also really inconsistent (and always have been) about her power levels. She can do feats of amazing strength with no visible effort one minute, then it’s like she struggles with decoupling a semi-trailer. One time she can catch up with a missile, then she barely gets across a 100′ vertical gap in time. They need a better grasp of how fast, how strong she is and keep consistent. 

Please stop using so much pink on Kara’s cheeks. Thank you.

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Do they follow me: Yes | No 

Do I follow them: Yes | No | Now

What I think about their blog: dude… thats teddy.  the loaf man. mather of cynthia. leader of the son army. dont have one single bad thought about ‘em.  kinda really super like ‘em actually. like if you want entertainment and kindness and aCTUAL GOOD PURE CONTENT then go follow teddy

Thoughts on SHADOWHUNTERS tv show

Personally, I like it. It’s a great show with a good dinamic and the cast seems to have an amazing chemistry. Yeah it is very different from the books but, is that really a bad thing? Let’s not forget the show is BASED on TMI books, not a copy. I hate when book fans give them trash just because it’s not EXACTLY what they wanted. You can’t please everyone, people.
I also think, as a book fan, that if you love this characters so much, what’s wrong with having two versions? Yes i LOVE the books and they will always come first in my mind, but the show is pretty dern cool. The cast has really personify the essence of the characters. My personal favorites are Alec, Magnus and Izzy. I love the reading Matt, Harry and Em took of them. How they UNDESTAND the characters. I love every single inch of the TMI books but, just as much as i love it, i think it’s great to see a different look on the story. An alternative to the story. Again i LOVE the books. And i LOVE the show. TMI fans have fought SO MUCH for a tv/movie adaptation (aham, it’s an ADAPTATION) that we should be more appreciative and enjoy the show on it’s own. And even if the show is just not your cup of tea STOP talking trash about it. Bc there’s people working on it, putting their hearts and souls on it so just RESPECT the cast and crew. Enough said, thank u😘 and spread the love pls

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what do you think its gonna happen with malec in 2x10?considering the fact they said matt is gonna break our hearts and alec scene with izzy you think is possible that he is going to take a step back with magnus in order to make things right with izzy?we know he feels guilty so its a possibility,it could create (sexual) tension between malec and with the hiatus coming they want to keep the audience hanging

Not sure, Anon. But I somehow can’t shake off the thought that—and you said it yourself—Alec might kinda “sacrifice” himself because he still feels guilty after “responsible” for Jocelyn’s death? I don’t know how or when or if…. I just have this feeling. Because true, he kinda nodded when he had that talk with Magnus on the balcony but he never gave a real answer to that.

We know, or well we expect, that Alec and Izzy are at the institute while Magnus is back at the loft dealing with Clary, Jace while Dot is on his couch and there is still the issue of getting Simon and Madzie back from Valentine and all. So a lot is probably happening in that episode. And we know also from the pics that Magnus looked worried af. Plus, after seeing that Malec kiss in the trailer… Magnus looked really, really relieved when kissing Alec. At least to me. So maybe this is a “thank God you are alive and I am sorry that we had this fight and all” kiss? I hope so. Because I really can’t deal with them throwing an awful Malec related cliffhanger at us at this point. That’s why I hope my babies will be fine and figure their stuff out. All I want actually.


The plan was to go to bikram today, but my tummy is so bad from the antibiotics today. I almost didn’t workout at all, it’s so easy to not do anything when plans change. However just this morning I told @sweatiecountryqueen when I don’t want to I commit to 15 minutes, so I thought I better take my own advice. 15 minutes turned into 30 minutes, a short workout is better than no workout! I did some blogilates on utube, a little abs and a little legs. Still have that kinda numb weird tingle in my left foot, so I do think I’ll see about going back to physical therapy 😩

I think the worst part about Star being made to leave so abruptly is like

She and Marco spent their final day(s) avoiding each other. Things were awkward! They thought they had all the time in the world to get stuff back to normal. But, instead, they were unknowingly robbing themselves of the little remaining time they had together. 

And then, suddenly, Star’s gone– back to Mewni or maybe into hiding– and looking back at all that wasted time has got to hurt.

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1/2 I didn't get sad because you didn't reply to me. I got sad because I thought you didn't see how much I like your art, and I'm trying really hard to show appreciation on art blogs and fics because I've seen a lot of people that don't get feedback and think they aren't good enough. So now I try my best to show/say how much I like something. And I use anon because I haven't used tumblr in 2+ years, I just saved yours on my favs so I can visit daily :)

2/2 and also!! you don’t have to feel bad about it or try to do something for me. just keep doing amazing otayuri + bekas sister art!!!! I love love love your art <3 have a nice weekend!!

AWWWWW oh my goshhhhh that’s so nice and selfless of you ;O; It’s honestly awesome to know there are people like you spreading love like that :’))) And thank you so so so muchhhhh ahhhh <3333 I’ll make sure to continue drawing otayuri and beka’s sister stuff !(•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑

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Hi! In your recent post, you said "although I still think there’s PLENTY of blame to go around for the Volterra Misadventure, and very little of it should be shouldered by Rose". I was wondering if you could elaborate on that (if you haven't already, of course) because I'm really interested in hearing your take on the situation. I've always disliked seeing people solely blaming Rosalie for that.

I agree that it seems unfair to blame this whole thing on Rosalie. While I guess it’s true she miscalculated Edward’s reaction to the news of Bella’s death, she didn’t tell him that information with bad intentions. She missed her brother and wanted him to come home, and she thought with the Bella drama coming to an end, things could go back to normal. She definitely didn’t understand the strength of the bond Edward had with Bella, but I don’t understand why this is seen as like, a horrible thing? I know I don’t spend a whole lot of time thinking about the depths of my brothers’ relationships. Blaming Rosalie here feels like shooting the messenger. If she had purposefully lied, or told him to get him to try to kill himself, THAT would be terrible, but her motives weren’t sinister so I don’t get why this is somehow HER fault. 

As for WHO should really be blamed, I can’t help but thinking this is mostly Alice’s fault. Not so much because she jumped to conclusions about her vision (although that’s part of the problem), but because she was IN FORKS FOR TWO DAYS AND APPARENTLY DIDN’T BOTHER TO CALL HOME AND TELL ANYONE BELLA WASN’T DEAD. Like, what. Why. That’s the first thing anyone would do! I get that Alice’s relationship with time is kind of weird, but … when you run off to Forks to help plan a friend’s funeral and you find out the friend is not actually dead… you’d tell your family, right??

And of course Bella deserves some of the blame for going cliff diving by herself in the first place, and Edward for rushing off to Volterra immediately to kill himself. I get the grief and Romeo and Juliet thing, that miscommunication was like the whole problem with R+J, but in a modern setting it’s a lot more difficult to pull off something like that convincingly, leading to Alice apparently not telling anyone Bella wasn’t dead for two days.  If Alice had kept everyone in the loop, Rosalie wouldn’t have made the phone call in the first place. 

Who the heck would want to exercise naked. Ewww…

“This would be better if we were naked.” I feel that Rhett has thought this multiple times.

These reasons for exercising naked are flimsy af.

“For a tall dude, it’s just not about where the eyes are, it’s just about how much higher everything else is.” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

“Why you gotta make eye contact?” I’M DYINGGG

Okay so I need to see Link exercising SO BAD right now.

Link: Should we watch the video again and imagine you nude? I don’t think so either. They can do that on Tumblr.
Me: (laughs but also prepares to retreat into my bunker once again)

LINK FOUND OUT WHEN WE DID??? And he didn’t even call to see if Rhett was okay?? You guys…

I agree with Rhett, though. When anything happens to me, I’ll talk about it for a while before shutting up. Because I love attention and things RARELY happen to me, see.

But wait, why were Jessie and Locke in Africa? Which country did they go to? Was this a church-related trip? Probably? So many questions…

Oh no Shepherd was there too? :( But speaking of Shepherd, I’m dying at the thought of Rhett freaking out when the cop asked who he was.

“The difference between me and you…” HAHA XD Rhett’s doing it again. Describing himself in comparison to the Linkster.

I’m glad Rhett and Shepherd and the others were okay and the accident wasn’t too bad, but remind me to never drive in LA. Seems like a such a pain. Sheesh.

you know, i never really thought i would have those friends who make you feel worse about yourself and make you wanna cry. i really didn’t think i was that bad. i guess i was wrong or i’m just being was too emotional right now. either way, i found it hard not to cry in front of them. i surprised i didn’t (geez thanks eyeliner i really owe you one) but here i am, in my bed and tears are just falling. they made me feel so sad and empty all day. i know they didn’t really mean to make me feel this way. it’s just my shitty depression and anxiety telling me other wise. but i just don’t know what to do. i feel like they hate me. i feel like everyone i see knows that they don’t like me. that i’m doing something wrong and making everyone turn their backs on me. what am i supposed to do? be a loner? just push it off? i have no where else to go to. i don’t know what to do and i just hate it. i hate not knowing what to do. i hate feeling like this. it’s eating me up inside and i hate it. i hate it all.

still thinking about those hanahaki McHanzo fics

i know the disease doesn’t work this way but what if it was based on the thought of it being unrequited, like the person could like you but if they are too shy and come across like they don’t feel the same the disease continues

so where i’m going with this, McHanzo AU where both are coughing up flowers but are convinced the other doesn’t like them so it just continues 

What Kept Me Here

All my experiences

And inconveniences in life

The strife

The kindling of the fires within

The thinking that I did not have

The hopelessness that I might never be

Comparing myself to another

Coveting whatever they had

Never seeing that my grass was greener

That my eyes have been deceiving me

And wanting their grass was, my bad

But what kept me here?

I’d been thinking

Was the fear of dying

Disappointing the ones who loved me

The hellfire damnation of that preacher

The thought of eternally burning

And my guess in some way is 

I should be glad

Since a series of events made me stronger

And I stayed longer than he or she did

But one of the reasons why their clock stopped ticking

Was often their fear of living

© 2017 Rory Mitchell 


I think I’ve got the best bestfriend in the world. Too bad he doesn’t know that it’s not PSM anymore and that I am not into anyone right now. Lol. Idk pero binubugaw ata ako ni Chie.

And to those ‘friends’ who gave him PSM’s name, darn you. I don’t want anything and anyone on my birthday. Hahaha. I really thought about finally celebrating my birthday again this year, but not anymore. Zzz