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In bed with... Johnny


Anon: Helloooo~ thank you for the making out with Johnny it was 😍😭👌👏👏 and i kind of went ⚰ But now I came in to ask if you please could do “in bed with… Johnny” too (i love killing my friend 😊) Thaanks in advance! ❤ Ps i still worship your blog

Everyone is so thirsty over Johnny I’m S H O O K but then again i really understand lol. Please don’t expect something like Hansol’s though, that was freaky as fuck and it was a special thing for my bIAS BECAUSE THERE’S NOTHING ON HIM AND I WANTED TO SWERVE PEOPLE

But yes, I hope y’all like it, this kind of style is going to be what the rest of them are like, smutty but not too explicit💟💟💟pls tell me if there are any typos bc i never proof read these and y’all are sometimes too nice you don’t tell me

In bed with… series:

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have 3 gifs of johnny bc he slayed this era and well yes it is johnny so treat yourself sorry this is actually crap thoough

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anonymous asked:

Hello beautiful, not sure if you take this kinda of requests but if you do -if not just ignore please- can you do bts reactions to gf getting dominat/rough (hair pulling,bitting,getting on top etc)with them after a day long of teasing. Thank you

I’m such a submissive person but I would fucking dominate Bangtan in a heartbeat breathe if you agree

BTS: Reaction to you getting dominant 

Jin: He didn’t even notice he was doing it. The way your body tensed when he laid his hands on your butt, he just thought it was because he scared you. The way you shivered when he left small kisses on your neck just made him think he was tickling you. He could sense you starting to get irritated as he was kissing you, so he pulled away and went to sit on the couch.

When you were suddenly on top of him with an angry glint in your eyes, he was shocked. Your lips found his sensitive skin, and so did your teeth. It was so unexpected but it got him excited.

“You’re very pretty… (Y/n)…”

Yoongi: The whole day he’s been teasing you. Butt grabs, 30 second makeout sessions, being pinned to any surface you were near… But you were sick of it. 

“Listen here you little fucker.” You sat on top of him in bed while he was watching Naruto. 

“Woah (Y/n) your fat head is blocking the TV” He complained while trying to look around you. When you suddenly grabbed onto his hair at the back of his head and slammed your lips into his, he knew just what he got himself into.

“Fuck you’re so hot when you get like this baby…”

Namjoon: He knew the whole time. He knew just how you’d react, even though it took you a bit longer than usual. He started off with waking you up in the morning by eating you out, but not finishing you off. Randomly fingering you while watching a movie or cooking but still, never letting you finish. 

When you decided you’ve had enough of his teasing, you pinned him roughly to a wall, an angry glint in your eyes. He watch you with half-lidded eyes and a smirk as you kissed his neck and let hickeys that would be hard to cover later. 

“It’s about time baby girl, you gonna show daddy how much you need him?”

Hoseok: It was just one of those days. He was feeling really playful. The worst part about it? You were around people most of the time. Fingering you under the dinner table, pressing his hips against your butt when you were preparing dessert for everyone… He really fucking loved your reaction. The way you would old back your moans and curse at him under your breath. It was all so cute to him.

Everyone left, and he was sitting on the couch with crossed arms, waiting and expecting you to get freaky with him. His eyes never left yours while you sat on his lap and palmed him through his pants.

“I’ll fucking destroy you Jung Hoseok.” You spoke breathlessly while pressing your hips into his and pulling on his hair to force him to look up at you.

“Oh yeah baby? I’d like to see you try.”

Jimin: He couldn’t control himself. That outfit you were wearing for him was just so… perfect for you. The way your dress clung to your body and how your ass nearly fell out when you bent over, he couldn’t help himself. He smacked your ass every time he passed you, or pinned you to a random surface and grabbed onto your jaw roughly.

It was annoying after a while. Why didn’t he just fuck you already? Maybe he could sense your anger and furthered it so you’d do this…

When you tied his wrists together behind his back he got excited to see what you had in store for him. His eyes never left you ass you left hickeys down his body and gave him a blow job.

“Is my cock too big for that pretty little mouth of yours?””

Taehyung: He has a lot of hobbies… But lately his favorite one has been teasing you. Kissing you but biting your lip unexpectedly right before he has to leave, and tons of butt grabs-your weakness. Even when he was too tired to function, he’d still manage to make you wet. 

Irritation slowly kept building until you couldn’t take it anymore. When Taehyung came home from dance practice, you immediately pinned him to the door, forcing his button up shirt open. He was shocked at first but he started to slowly enjoy it. 

“I’m sick of your teasing.” You were a little flustered because of the look on his face. 

“Mmm you’re going to punish me? Are you sure about that?”

Jungkook: He was good. Too good. Smooth body rolls and thrusts on camera, and at home he’d just prove his amazing skills in bed. But he found out that when you watched his dancing and he wasn’t home, that you’d masturbate. He loved having that image in his head while he went to work, so he decided to tease you more while he was home. Grinding his hips against yours and hot makeout sessions before he’d leave for work.

One day he came home and you were no where in sight. He cautiously went to your room and sat on the bed. “(Y/n-) He was cut off by you sitting on his lap and kissing him, grabbing is hair and tugging. He’d let out soft groans as you kissed his neck and bite down hard. He was so thrown off guard but he was so amazed with your beauty.

“I’ve always heard being bit by an angel is good luck, you should do it more often…”

A-Z NSFW: Sehun

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Disclaimer: I couldn’t find the original poster this came from, but I got this from philanddanxreader, I didn’t come up with this.

A = Aftercare 
Sehun’s the baby, he’s normally the one being taken care of, so I don’t see him being overly good at caring for someone else he cant even cook noodles cmon so aftercare is kind of a joint effort between the two of you. 

B = Body part (Their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner’s) 
His hips are out of this world, I don’t trust those things, they have a mind of their own. Sehun knows his hips are the shit, especially when it comes to being with you, his hips are kind of his pride and joy. I ain’t even going to try and play, he loves your ass. There, I said it. He’s got pretty big hands too…your booty is his go to place to touch and grab at any given time.

C = Cum 
Because he’s young and he’s not the most experienced and porn is lies I don’t think he quite knows how to deal with cummin when another person is in the mix(i.e. not jerkin it) so he’s kind of messy. Changing the sheets and a shower are almost a necessary thing to do after sex with him.

D = Dirty Secret (a dirty secret of theirs) 
It’s not really anything significant, like he tried on your panties a few times or anything, I think a lot of people do this? But who’s going to tell someone they jerk off to their instagram selfies, honestly?

E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)
Him and Kai be takin’ noonas’ phones and giving them back with the history erased….we know what y’all were up to you little shits. He’s pretty young, and even younger when he got into SM, so I don’t think he had a lot of time to fool around, but if his ass is taking a noona’s phone and doin that, boy watches too much porn, he knows what he’s doing.

F = Favorite position
He’s almost a sub, in the sense he lets you do what you want. Not so much about control, but he likes laying back, and watching you in your element while riding him, just his hands on your hips guiding you slightly. Sehun’s unspoken thing, not so much a kink though, is he likes seeing you above him, you riding him and the likes.

G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc)
Sehun’s a dork, we all know this. But I think subconsciously he puts on a mask of a ‘man’ when he’s in the bedroom, he’s pretty focused and all business and intense eyes when he’s having sex. Unless he’s drunk…then that’s a different story.

H = Hair (How well groomed are they)
Sehun’s pretty smooth, not a lot of hair on his tummy, just a lil bit, so I imagine that matches down below. Not a lot, just a lil bit. He keeps his junk pretty organized, he’s not bare, he trims pretty well, though.

I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…)
I don’t see Sehun being the most romantic boyfriend/lover in general, I think you’d be more of a dorky couple than romantic so I don’t think he’s really into the whole circus of going all out just to show how much he loves you and all, when he can just say it. He’s an after sex talker, to be honest with you, he coos about how much he loves you once you’re done and just coming down from the high.

J = Jack Off (Masturbation)
Again….the noona’s phone…I don’t know any boy that just casually watches porn and doesn’t jerk off. Sehun’s a ‘steal and noona’s phone and lock himself in the bathroom’ kind of masturbater, it’s completely obvious what he’s doing but he thinks he’s being sneaky so we’ll just let it slide.

K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)
I really don’t see him being very kinky, pretty vanilla in that area to be honest with you. He’s got a thing for your butt, so it’s not a stretch of the imagination that he really likes spanking you. He gets to touch the booty, and leave his mark, two birds, one stone, amiright?

L = Location (Favorite places to do the do)
Sehun’s kind of a lazy boy, but what do you expect from the baby? He likes any place that he can actually relax and stay relaxed when it’s over, he doesn’t have to move. So the bed is the majority of sex with him, but the couch gets sprinkled in here and there.

M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going)
He’s a fairly confident guy, but get flustered from compliments. But he really gets going when you overly hype him up, talking about how handsome he is and how much you love him and how much you love him touching you and working your body. Sehun’s a sucker for it, and you’re racing to the bedroom.

N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)
He’s not really into bondage, he doesn’t like the idea of being trapped or held down, or you or himself. So handcuffs and ropes and all that good stuff aren’t even on the list.

O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc)
Sehun is one of the rappers, so his tongue is in perfect working condition. He’s not the most skilled, but he’s an quick learning if you tell him what to do, that’s easily fixed. And he certainly won’t turn down anything that means he doesn’t have to use his hands on himself, seeing you on your knees for him is almost enough to make him cum on the spot.

P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.)
Sehun’s another boy that I think will be normally slow but firm, his thrusts are purposefully but he’s almost lazy with his fucking. Obviously it’s not always that way, sometimes he ventures into pretty rough fucking, but on the norm, he really just let’s you have the power on top of him while he bucks lazily into you from below.

Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.)
Sehun’s a fan of pulling you into the bathroom before or after a show or concert, just to relieve some pent up frustrations and nerves. They’re not his favorite, but he does enjoy them, and he always promises to do it properly when you two get home.

R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)
(Look to T for further explanation) Sehun’s kind of a quiet boy, hyper, but quiet. So no one really expects him to be a freaky one, but he likes testing out different things. Sehun’s one of the boys that’ll try almost anything once. Toys, positions, locations, as long as he likes it and doesn’t have a bad experience(or already have a negative opinion with it) he’ll try it if you’re willing as well.

S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…)
Sehun’s pretty young, and he’s kind of a hyper mess, so I see him being fairly okay with going for pretty long rounds, and 2-3 rounds on the average with him.

T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)
On a trip to the mall, you two spotted and made jokes about vibrating panties, or just a small vibrator with a separate remote. He’d gotten the latter as a joke, saying he’d make you use it at the next award show he brought you two. Who’d have thought he’d been serious? He likes toys that make you squirm, vibrating ones being the toy his personal favorite.

U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)
He’s a slight tease, not unbearably so, but he crosses the line just enough to have you whining for him before he’ll stop and give you what you really want.

V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make)
I don’t think he’s very vocal with sex, I feel like Sehun is more of a low grunting kind of guy. When he’s close, he moans a little bit louder, but outside of the room no one’s really going to hear him.

W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice)
The biggest secret that you two will take to your grave, is drunkenly stumbling into Suho’s room while the boys were still out and fucking there. Thank the gods you didn’t pass out afterwards, but as soon as you were finished, Sehun tried to reach for the remote to have his post-sex cuddle and movie with you, and realized ‘oh shit, we’re in the wrong room’. Oops?

X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words)
Nana says Sehun is a skinny lil baby that he isn’t packing some sausage links in his pants. ‘He’s got more of a hotdog situation’ bye yall he’s more on the slender side of the spectrum, but he’s a bit longer than average, he’s got about half an inch on the average size.

Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)
Sehun is pretty much a hyper child, and a young hormonal boy, so having you, he doesn’t exactly hold back his yearning and lust. His drive is pretty high, he can’t keep his hands to himself if you’re in the equation, he’s clingy in the relationship aspect, and that just gets amplified in your sexual relationship.

Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)
Okay…he’s stays up all night doing live videos ?? Does he even sleep? Anyways, I don’t think he falls asleep easily after, or at all really. More like he just wants to lay down and cuddle afterwards, but very rarely does he fall asleep quickly after sex.

My Lover Smells Like Fish (1)

(( Pausing the other story I’m working on briefly to fulfill a request from @ennui160. This should be about five parts. ))

“It’s been throwing trash out of the tank— don’t feed it today.”

“Okay,” Alfred says, hiding his annoyance at his boss for not having informed him of this before he loaded the fish into the bucket. Turning around, he rolls his eyes and makes his way back into the stinky food storage room, prepared to throw the slimy fuckers into their holding tank. Apparently, mermen only eat live fish.

It’s kinda messed up, if you think about it. Humans don’t just dislocate their jaws and swallow live cows or nothin’.

Twenty minutes later, during lunch break, a comment from Francis has him looking up.

“It seems our aquatic friend is in a mood today.”

Alfred glances over at the tank they’re near, which happens to be the back wall access of the merman’s tank. It’s a pretty good observation point for the new exhibit, which explains why the handy metal picnic bench has been set up there. All the aquarium goers in the main areas can’t see the employees through the back glass, so it’s a prime spot to sit down and eat a sandwich so long as none of the overbearing scientists are trying to do work there.

“Yeah, Ludwig told me not to feed him.”

Francis purses his lips at that, expression soured. “I suppose that is the result of him throwing those awful pennies back out at the children?”

“Hey, man, it could’ve hit a kid in the eye or somethin’,” Alfred points out. “You can’t let bad behavior go unpunished or it’ll just get worse.”

“It’s a merman, Alfred, not a dog.”

“They’re really not that different.”

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Summary: Ryan sweeps into Gavin the Third’s life, turns his world upside down, and then has to pick up the pieces.

(Eleven Little Roosters fic)

a/n: Silly thing I wrote to practice their characterisations, but I’ll post it as my gift to all of you freewood people waiting for them to interact in the show LOL

c/w: brief mentions of suicide, nothing actually happens


Ryan met with Gavin the Third in a small but painfully expensive restaurant overlooking the Thames. The agent was already there when he arrived, sitting by the window with a glass of red wine in hand and three plates of tiny appetisers in front of him that Ryan was quite sure had already amounted to several hundred pounds despite seeming to barely contain more than a mouthful of actual food.

“Gavin,” he said as he approached, and the other man’s eyes flicked up to him.

It still gave Ryan a jolt, how fucking identical he looked to Ryan’s old coworker. But not just to the two Gavins who he’d met back at Rooster Teeth. To the student he’d met while investigating the wormhole that’d opened in some university science lab. To the Golden Boy who worked with gangs over in Los Santos. To that idiot running around with a Union Jack on his chest claiming to be a superhero who’d been in all the papers lately.

They were all over the fucking place, and maybe Ryan should’ve been used to that same giant nose popping up everywhere, but somehow - every time - it still made him feel an odd guilt. A flash back to his life before all this.

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The Joy and Life Inside Our Souls

For the 14 Days of Love Fic-a-thon hosted by @softkent

Also on AO3

Growing up, Ransom’s life was dictated for him. It hadn’t been intentional. The thought of planning gave him hives. So when his mom said why not be a doctor like your auntie, Ransom nodded dutifully. When his sister took up pottery for a week, he took it upon himself to take the rest of her classes at the community center by their house. When four of his cousins joined a local hockey league, Ransom followed suit. His family led him through a myriad of phases and interests.

At the end of the day, some of their ideas were truly inspired. Hockey, for instance, got him a student visa and a scholarship to Samwell. That’s where he met his best friends Lardo, Bitty and Chowder. He was also close to their goalie, Johnson. Mostly that was because he understood how to give Ransom a wide birth around exam time.

“Can’t let you drop out of college from stress,” Johnson chirped once.

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In bed with... WinWin


Anon: hi!! Can I have a in bed with winwin (nct127) please? Thank you!’

This is the last member in this series! I hope y’all liked it and you’ll like this one too. It’s very freakY lmao so please prepare yourself and it’s very very long too! Please suggest some more series you’d like to see!😇👀

aLSO thank you for venus aka @yoonohwhat for editing this - bless u even if it kept crashing lol <3

In bed with… series: 

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don’t hate me for this gif ok it’s so hard to find “sexy” ones of winwin bc he’s an innocent angel

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kaibigan-ko  asked:

If you're still doing the Tim Drake prompts, what about a fic where Tim protects Damian or vice/versa? You write their dynamic so well!

I actually really like this one :) Tim & Dami not verbally or physically tearing each other to shreds is my weakness. Hope you enjoy this little slice of brotherly caring!

The sound is so quiet he would have missed it if he wasn’t a bat. Brushed it off as just another groan from a creaking old house. A random, insignificant noise magnified by the silence and darkness of the night. Muffled beneath the low whistle of the kettle boiling. But then he hears it again, a little louder, a little more unmistakably human. Childlike.


Tim is on his knees in an instant, pushing aside the loose wall panelling and peering into the crawlspace that stretches from behind the kitchen pantry to the laundry room off the basement. He’s not sure what it was used for back when Wayne Manor was operating as a fully-staffed mansion, but it’s flat for about two metres before it slopes down, another flat part halfway down and one before the opening at the bottom. It’s pitch black and even when he stretches his arm in he can’t feel anything. He thinks maybe he imagined it - it wouldn’t be the first time his insomnia got so bad he’s had auditory hallucinations - but there’s a tight coil of worry squeezing his chest and he can’t just forget about it. Even if there’s no one in there, even if he’s going crazy, he needs to know.

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Molded for each other.

Pairing: Negan x Reader

Warnings: Language, angst, violence, more violence, smut (NSFW).

P.S: Thoughts are in italic.

Gifs by @grungedaddykinks and @mypapawinchester

Originally posted by grungedaddykinks

It’s been about 2 hours that you’re on top of Sanctuary looking around, people working, walkers on the gates… normal life on theses days. Suddenly you can hear the door open and closing and when you look behind you see Negan, he put Lucille aside the door and came close and hug you.

“Why I always get a feeling that you come here to run out of me?” He says while kisses your neck. “Or just want to commit suicide and abandon me?”

“Yes, cause the less painful way to die is cracking all my bones” you say sarcastically as always looking him on the corner of yours eyes.

He laughs, that maniacal/sexy laugh that’s a essence of him. 3 minutes passed while the two of you look around. Just breathing a little and enjoying the sun getting ready do dusk.

“Would you call me crazy if I tell you that I prefer the world in that way?” You say cracking the silence.

“Yeah, I fucking would” He looks at you with frowned brows.

“Is just… I mean of course have a lot of issues and in the start was a completely hell. But "normal life” was cliche, going to school, working, finding someone, marrying, having kids and blah blah. And I always thought that 95% of the people was never happy, like they just existed, not lived. And now we fight but at least people don’t act like they want to win a trophy for ‘The Best Friend’, is just more natural now. The planet isn’t dying like before, without wars or discrimination. And less buildings, less pollution. The planet is breathing again, after a long time. Actually I think all the walkers will serve as a good fertilizer one day.“ You say so deep in your thoughts.

"Wow, I forget how freaky-deaky that pretty lilttle head of yours can be” He says moving his hand to put a bit of hair behind your ear.

“Come on, think about it, before was boring, now we feel the adrenaline all the time” you say looking around, sort relieved.

“Y/N Y/L/N you’re something else” He says while incline his back.

“Says the man who maniacally kill people with a bat”  you tease him, giving a wink, Damn is nice play with danger.

“Do you want it to get personal hun? It might not end pretty way for you” Negan say while getting close to your soft lips, Feeling his breathing on your lips, and the heartbeat increasing, he might be able to hear it.

When things were getting closer to a kiss, Dwight open the door of the old fabric penthouse.

“Boss, sorry but we have a little problem” Dwight say with a worried expression.

“Is better be more than little for you cut my moment with that pretty ass freaky minded one” Negan say looking over Dwight with a annoyed face and next look at you showing that wonderful grin of him.

“A group that we get stuffs collected. Marcel called me on the radio saying that they’re coming with guns, three trucks and even a tank” Dwight say desperately looking at both of you, he was pretty scared, actually you though you never saw Dwight like that. It might be a big group coming.

Negan expression change in the moment, What was happening? Which group is that one?

“Get all the Saviors and heavy guns we have, and let’s put some charge in that shit” Negan says looking at you and going after Dwight, you didn’t know what to do, actually you got worried. A tank? They can blow it here, which group can it be? Not Alexandria, or Hilltop even less The Kingdom. But I know Negan has plenty places to get people to work for him you thought.

While you were lost in thoughts you heard Negan calling “Y/N, don’t worry I will fix that shit up. Isn’t the first group of fucker whose think it can change the new world” you give him a nod.

“Come with me, let’s get ready for put these idiots in place” Negan say with a annoyed place. More a day trying to put some control he thought.

You go to his room and get ready, got the small knife putting on the right boot, and the big one on the belt and your colt python putting the bullets inside, and a couple extra on the belt side. Whatever is going to happen, you need to get ready.

Negan get his radio asking for some of the Saviors how was everything. How close they were.

“Boss, I can see they coming in the front side. 3 trucks and a tank” Michael said in the radio, and in his voice he was scared.

“Chill your ass Tiny-Mike, I will put these fuckers on place. Call all the Saviors and tell them to find me on the front” Negan say and after turning off the radio he got out of the room and you followed him. When he see you following he stopped and says “What you think you doing Y/N?”

“Hmm, going with you?!”

“Na-ah you’re not going, is to dangerous out there, those fuckers don’t have love to they fucked up life’s anymore. You stay here and when I got back we can do whatever you want”

“Don’t act like I can’t protect myself, you’re the one that call me 'Feisty Badass’ for a reason. I’m going and have no way you’re not allowing me” you say determinedly looking into his hazel eyes, he put his hand on his salt and pepper beard looking frustrated. Probably knowing that’s no chance you are not going.

“Okay doll, you go too, but do not show mercy with them. They screw with and my men, and I smash they brain” When he say that, you can feel chills running up your spine, you know what Negan is capable. Everybody knows.

All the Saviors are ready and waiting for the “rebels ones”. Simon with a group on the front, Thomaz with a group on the left side, Richard with the right one and Sean on the back side. Meaning, the Sanctuary is ready for anything.

On outside, the sky was a mixture of orange with pink, The Saviors with all the Sanctuary ammo and ready. Negan look around with Lucille lazily on his broad shoulders. His bite his bottom lip a moment and look at the Saviors and turn around to give you a wink.

“They are here boss” Michael told Negan, and Negan wave at Arat and Dwight for the typical “put back the order”.

You all can hear the trucks coming and the load and powerful sound of the tank. When suddenly you hear a exploding sound coming of the tank hitting the left side of the Sanctuary, the explosion wasn’t big because it didn’t blow everything just a tiny part, and you actually are glad for that, for the result is a old one.

Negan make the signal to let the Saviors know that is to start the fire. Everyone start shooting and Negan walks closely, and see that the rebels was getting easily “removed”, Sean and his group get into the woods and attacked them from behind, killing most of the men and women there. Of 3 trucks and 1 tank with 25 people now have only 7. You run in direction to the tank but carefully to not let them know you’re going there when you got closely enough you get a grenade and display the safety and tosses it down the barrel of a tank. When you throw it inside, you hear screaming coming of inside of it, and you see a man trying to open above it to get out but the grenade explode in the exact hour. Even in that world and after everything you had to do to survive, It always get you sad when you kill someone.

Suddenly you feel someone holding your waist, and with a hand on your mouth. You freak out , didn’t know who is it, when you hear “Stop with that, it will only got worse” and then you feel his face on your neck where he lick it and say “Hmmm, I know you, you’re Y/N. Negan favorite little toy right? Well he screw my life, now he will feel the same feeling” you get so desperate that start jumping and trying to kick him. “We will get out of here right now, and you better stop” in middle of the desperation you realise if he is with both hands on your body, he is not holding any gun, you bite his hand and kick his right knee, turn around and put the gun on his face, he start to laugh and you see that his face is burned in the right side, like Dwight. Was him from here?

The guy start to laugh, and you can’t hold yourself but punch him. You tell him to walk on front, and you both walk back where Negan are, the gun never leaving his head.

When you get back you hear Negan asking Arat where are you, then you yell to let he see you.

“Holy smoke, look at this, my ex favorite ass Savior. Robbie the robber, I didn’t knew you was with that group. That’s a surprise since you help killing they friends once” Negan say looking him up and down. “Go to the lineup you fucker” when Simon get his left arm to put him on his knees, you clean your neck with a bandana that is always in the pocket of your pants. Negan eyes on seeing what you’re doing  "You’re okay? What happened over there? Why you wasn’t fucking here? Y/N you need to stay in a place that I can fucking see you.“

"I saw a opportunity and since we don’t need more broken pieces here, I went to blow the tank”

“Blow the tank?” He ask while looking for the tank.

“Yes, I put a grenade inside it and I kill the men inside, I think it had at least 2.” You say putting the bandana back on your pocket.

“Damn doll, I think I might just have a boner after hearing that. But I have some things to do now. You can get inside, all under my control now” he says pointing to the old fabric.

“No, I want to see you kill that fucker.” You say and nod your head towards 'Robbie the Robber’.

“What, what did that bad-made-fuck did?” Negan say getting pissed.

“He hold me and tried to sequester me, and in mean while he licked my neck.” You can feel Negan face burning when he got to the lineup. You following him to see what was about to happen.

Five guys on the lineup, Robbie there never leaving his eyes of you. The others look like they’re pissing they pants. Some of the Saviors around, other making sure to shoot the head of the “fresh dead” and getting a few ones to put on the gates before they wake up (in a dead way).

“Hot diggity dog, look at these ungrateful asses. Me and my men keep you fuckers safe and you piece of shit just threaten me and my people? Not cool.” Negan says walking through them. Now that is darker, Dwight and Thomaz turn on the cars headlights. You start having flashbacks, when you first met Negan, in the lineup. You instantly shake your head to forget these memories. You love Negan, but it wasn’t like that always.

“You know what Robbie? Universe gives you a sign, and you just shove your finger right up its ass. You’re a little coward” Negan get down to hold Robbie face on his hands. “You were one of my trust’s ones, and when I caught you hooking up with one of my wives, that was a grave no no. But I didn’t killed you, of course I made a badass mark that screw your sexual life forever, but .. either way I was pretty merciful. And you, you prick just run away. Was that all about hun Robbie? Running and find some group to try attack my Sanctuary? My house? My men? My wife?!” Negan eyes went dark when he mention you, one the things you more love about him, is the way he hates when man get advance with woman. And in that case, of his woman.

Negan get up and look at all of their faces “Now I think I might just smash your stupid heads with Lucille. She is fucking thirst. I mean, I think you prick’s remember how dirty she is. She is a vampire bat. Let’s start it” when he beat the first one, he beat it hard. The guys aside crying and praying, but Robbie was still looking at you like you was dinner.

“Well, that one was good. Had a long time I didn’t do it. My baby Lucille is very fucking happy right now.” He says with that maniacal smile. “But do I kill you two?” And then the guys start to cry and ask him for mercy, telling that they’ll do whatever Negan wants. “Hell yeah, you will. So hear me now you fuckers. You will go back to your little happy group, and tell them to not try play the hero’s.” They shake their heads desperately nodding, and even when you look away to make sure all is safe, You can feel Robbie eyes burning on your body. Negan go to Robbie and put Lucille on his face, Robbie look at him slowly with a grin on his face.

“Robbie Robbie, let me ask you something. You ever hear the one about the stupid little prick name Robbie the Robber who thought he knew shit but didn’t know shit? And is a ungrateful ass? Well you piece of shit, it’s you and guess what, coming here thinking you have any power, and I don’t like it. And I do not appreciate you killing my men. And I DO NOT APPRECIATE YOU HOLDING MY WIFE TRYING DO SOMETHING WITH HER” Negan punch him in the same side you did earlier. Robbie start to bleed and spit on the floor some blood. And look at you again. Negan get his face on his hands and make him look at him. “Don’t be rude asshole. Say sorry to her now!”

“Why would I? She is just some other pussy for you fuck when you’re feeling into the mood. She is not special, actually she is, if she was here when I still worked for you, Fuck… I would had shoved my dick into her cunt untill she bleeds. You got luck with that hot one, I mean Sherry is hot” Robbie says looking over Dwight giving a wink; “But that one?! She is hotter. What her name? Number 7? Number 8?” Negan punch him again and again.

“STOP” You scream making Negan stop and looking behind him, he face confused. “Let me smash his head” Negan realized you is referring to Lucille, he look at her and then at Robbie who was with a swollen face and blood coming out through his nose and mouth.

“Damn it, of course you can my doll. Hot diggity dog. Look at her everybody, she is just insane as me”. You give a small smile, but your eyes fixed on Robbie. You got closer to him, got Lucille and Negan step back. “Any last words you fucker?” You say playing Lucille carefully knowing that if you broke her Negan would be beyond angry.

“Just to tell you’re damn stupid if you think he loves you, trust me you would be better with me.” You laugh and look to the sky, “Seriously, that is the last line of your miserable life? Well, that’s just… It makes me sad… I mean, you should say something with more impact. Not a phrase that makes you seems more pathetic that you already seems. Come on, a second chance, you can do better than that”

“Fuck you, you cunt” You laugh while shakes your head “Fuck, you’re shit at dying, you know that?” And then you bring Lucille over his head, is such a powerful feeling. You get why Negan do it, she is heavy but, you feel like a heroine. When all you can see is blood and smashed pieces of what was a brain, you stop look at your side seeing the others guys looking at you with so much fear, the fear that they have of Negan.

You feel more flashbacks, flashbacks when you saw Negan killing your friends, and now you’re killing somebody friend in the same way. You get out of the though’s when you feel Lucille getting away of your right hand, you look around to see Negan with a happy and surprised face. “Damn, that’s is a big turn on. Hot damnit”. You let a shy smile.

“Okay fuckers, take a picture of that. And throw the body to the walkers.” Thomaz and Sean got the body. “Simon, Arat, make sure those fuckers go home safely, and well… make sure both of them let the others know exactly what happens with who messes with me, with us” he winks at you. Damn, you was kinda in shock but Negan is a sexy man. The sexier man alive in your view actually.

“Well, I will take a shower.” You say realising that’s blood everywhere on your shirt and a bit on your pants.

“I fucking want to join you doll. But I need see how it’s where those fuckers with a tank shoot. I don’t think it did some big damage, but I need to check it.” You nod and he got closer to kiss your forehead. Was that real? Negan showing a cute affection demonstration in public, you feel butterflies. When you turn around, you can feel his gaze on your hips and ass.

After some time, after a hot relaxing shower. Negan come to your room, he probably had a shower too, cause he is clean and without Lucille. “Why you aren’t on my room?” His says when he saw you picking some comfy clothes to sleep.

“I didn’t know if you want spend some time with one of the girls. And I definitely didn’t want to open the door and have a surprise.” You say without looking at him, disarming the gun and putting it on the small closet.

“What? Y/N after the hardening cock show you did out there, I think I couldn’t fuck any one else but you” he says getting closely to hug you, you move to get out of his grasp.

“Wow, you’re a real life gentleman” Negan realize your sarcastically mood.

“What? What you’re bitching about?”

“Nothing Negan, forget it” You say looking around the room to avoid his eyes. Those sexy eyes.

“No, tell me what’s wrong? Is because of that bastard? Cause come one darlin’ he deserved it”

“Is just… he sort had a point” You say while play with you hair.

“In exactly fuckin’ what ?”

“That I’m ‘just another pussy for you to fuck’” You say looking in his eyes.

“Seriously? That’s why you’re acting like that?” He says with a annoyed look; “Listen doll, you know you’re special to me” when he say that getting close to hold your cheeks on his hands, you got away of his grasp.

“Yes, cause this isn’t definitely something someone told to get laid before” You say rolling your eyes.

“Listen, I know the liars assholes you had deal with, but I’m a man of my fucking word darlin’. And if I say that you’re special is because you fucking are. Do you understand?” Negan say coming close to your body. The heat coming from him make you feel relaxed yet tense.

You nod, but wasn’t 100% sure about that; ‘Come on I don’t care if the world is shit and have corpses walking around eating people; Is hard see someone you love with someone else, fuck especially with a group of “someone else’s” ’ you thought.

“I don’t think you do” Negan say holding your hips and looking into your eyes “Let me show you how much especial you’re to me baby” he says quite on your ear, that sexy deep voice of his, anyone could get in the mood just hearing it.

“Show me” Was all it takes to he grab your hand and lead you two to his room. When got there he waste no time closing the door and coming back to you, to your lips, his kisses, damm it. So deep and sweet, and the way he suck your lower lip make your knees weak; and you know how weak he gets when you bite lightly his lips, so you start playing that tease game too. After some minutes of kisses you two sit on the couch, your legs kneeling in the side of his hips and your mouths working together like the were molded for it.

“Baby, is about you, get off your clothes and get to bed” Negan says with a voice of predator while kisses your neck.

“Take them off to me” You say putting your face in front of his to watch his pupils dilated with lust.

His eyes wild with desire, he take the end of your shirt putting out, while Negan see your bra he cup his hands around the fabric, while look up at you and start kissing the part above your beautiful breasts. You instantly start to grind your hips on his lap, needing some friction of that Greek god on this apocalyptic world.

“I love those, are one of my fucking favorites doll. But I prefer you without it” and then he unclasped it taking them slowly of your shoulders, watching how your hard nipples look already just for him. Negan let it fell and instantly get your right nipple on his mouth, sucking so lightly and sexy, is like he isn’t rushing anything. He wants you to feel it all. Want to prove a point to you.

“Oh Negan, oh baby” You says while putting your hand on the back of his head massaging it knowing that he loves it. He finish the right one to go for the left doing the same thing, but that time he is biting lightly while move your hips on his lap.

He stop his track on your breasts to start on your neck, while kissing it he see that have a part that It’s sort red and swollen. “What is that?” He says worried.

You put your hand on your neck, the part where “Robbie the robber” had licked, you forgot how hard it was trying to cleaning it at the hardest you could.

“Hmm, is because I wash it harshly, is where that guy licked”

“Son of bitch, I’m glad that bastard is dead. By the way well fucking done baby” he says kissing it, “I’m the one that can kiss here, and every-fucking-where on that hot ass body” he says kissing it while gripping your breasts on both hands, then you feel his hands going off your breasts to go to your hair, pulling it aside to have more space.

“Let’s go to bed, it need to be romantic tonight, other day we can do some foreplay over here” he smirk, knowing the effect it has on you when you remember one day the two of you were over here doing some “hot stuffs” when Simon came in and saw and you got really shy about it. And couldn’t face Simon for 2 weeks.

When you was starting to get up from his lap he shake his head “No no no, let me” then he lift you by my your thighs and walk through his bed. Is always pleasant lay on his bed, that bed is like a cloud. Is a luxurious that is rare on these days.

Negan start to taking of his jacket when you got up, get on your knees on the bed “Let me” and with his eyes locked on yours, you take it off letting hit the floor, then drag your fingers up and down on his biceps, analyzing the tattoos, passing your hands on his chest feeling it clench under the white shirt. Damn. That man was made by God on hands.

You take off his shirt and start to kiss his neck and his chest, you got the belt and start taking it off. You let it fell and start kissing his hip bone. And start kissing until get in the boxer line. He lift your chin carefully up like you was made by glass and with that sexy voice says “No darlin’, is for you remember?” And then you got to met his lips, he kiss you, more lustful that time, you two get in the bed and start making out, his colossal hands going through your hips, abdomen, breasts and going down again going to lift your ass making you grind in his fresh erection.

He stop, get your face on his hands and kiss you softly, when he get out to breath he look in your eyes “I fucking love you doll, don’t let any motherfucker or motherfucking thing change your mind about that.” You nod getting his face on your hands, his salt and pepper beard tickling lightly your hands, and since you whole body is relaxed it makes goosebumps. Negan start to kiss your nose, your forehead, your cheeks looking in your eyes again. Then he start kissing your temple, your jawline, and then neck and collarbone.

“Oh daddy” you let it out while feeling his hot wet kisses on your sweet spot.

“Yes darling?!” He say and you can feel his smiling on you neck between kisses when you called him that pet name.

“Please, do something” you say while grinding into his boxer looking for friction. And you felt it, his already hard as rock.

“I’m already doing it doll” he kisses between your breast.

“Quit teasing me Daddy” you say letting your head fell back on the pillow.

Negan kiss your body moving lower, he stop and kiss your hips biting it softly both of them. He take out your short shorts and drag it out of your fresh shaved legs, he kiss you from your toes to the legs until he reach your thighs biting and making hickies on it. When he get to your panties he look up and say “Goddamn darlin’, that’s a heavenly fucking view. If I get to chose how I’ll die, I would definitely pick that fucking view.” His words make shivers run up your spine. 'How can he be that hot?!’ You thought and somehow you think he can hear it since he smirks.

Suddenly he put his hand on your left leg, lifting up putting it on his back, and then you feel he licking your wet folds outside the thin red pantie. He licked it over and over, slowly his beautiful lips press on your clit, your back arch with that sensation. He take your leg off his shoulder and then he gets the sides of the pantie and put it out of you, you look at him with desire wanting to have him inside you already.

Negan look at your beautiful pussy and let a moan with some line like “Holy fuck”, you aren’t sure since you’re desperate for him. He kiss above your clit, kiss your folds, kiss close to your entrance, kiss everywhere but your clit. Then he bring his long finger and put one inside you and start kissing your clit, then he insert a second finger and start moving it faster and you instantly grab your breast trying to make it even better, you start grinding on the bed and Negan left arm grab your hips making you unable to move. When you thought it wasn’t getting any better he put a third finger there you moan loudly at the sensation, he keep moving inside you, then he curled it, and you can feel a burning sensation on your lower belly, a fire. “Fuck doll, I can feel you about to come, just the way you’re squeezing my fuckin’ fingers” he saying practically moaning, kissing your clit harshly. And all that sensations and that deep voice was enough to send you over the edge. Yours hips bucking up still being holding by his arm as you feel the wave go through your body, you put your hands on his beautiful hair, squeezing it lightly. When you calmed down a little you look down looking at Negan while he suck his fingers.

He got up kissing your body again until he reach your upper lip kissing it softly. You moan and put your hands on his neck putting his face towards you, you two make out and then you move and now you’re on top of him. He look at you, massage your sides with his hands up and down your hips and go to you breasts, he get up and kiss your lips again, you got lost in the kiss that you didn’t even realised he move you again and he is above you. He start kiss your neck, your face, your temple and over and over, you can feel you become wetter and needy for him. He drag his hand to your ass cheek and turn your body, now you’re laying on your stomach. Negan start kissing behind your neck, going down, he get on your ass cheeks and start kissing it and biting lightly, while he kiss one he put his hand on the other massaging it and giving some slaps on it and then massaging again. “Ahh” you let as a moan when you feel the slap. He keep working there, and then he get higher, kissing your lower back licking, kissing, biting, sucking. The sensations burning in you. Then he get higher and get on your ear “Damn it darlin’, your body is a fucking masterpiece. Fuck I could worship you all day long”, then he get your hair and pull it making you getting up putting your head on his solid body, you moan and he moan back. You can feel his cock grinding on your butt cheeks. Damn it.

Negan moved you, now you’re on your left side and Negan on his right, you kiss him and go kiss his neck, you see a opportunity and start pumping his cock up and down slowly making him moan on your mouth. He is so hard that is almost painful for him. You let a little giggle on his neck licking and biting it.

“Enough, I can’t cum without making you cum again.” He says grabbing your hand of off his marvelous cock.

“What a gentleman” You say the second time in that day.

“For the right one I can fucking be baby girl” he say giving a sexy grin.

Then he kiss you and put you closely to his body, you can feel his erection on your thigh and you moan immediately. You can’t get any longer without feeling him inside you.

Then he put your right leg upper his hips and positioned himself inside you, you two look at each other eyes, Negan kiss you lustful and put his hands in your back pulling you even closer to him, like he never want you to let go. You put your arms around him, one under him and holding his left shoulder, and the other on his ribs massaging it. He guide himself inside you slowly, strengthening every inch, he moan on your mouth and stop kissing to close his eyes, probably lost in the pleasure of your bodies becoming one.

When he get all in, he start slamming into you. You can feel his thick, long cock hitting places you didn’t know it has, maybe on that position it make it deeper.

After kisses, trusts, you can feel the pleasure building again, that time harder and even better, your walls start to get tight around him and it makes him getting almost there too.

When you come around his cock moaning on his mouth he open he eyes to watch your face, your face that is overflowing with pleasure because of him. He put you on your back and trust a feel more times riding your orgasm. Then you put your legs around his lower back, putting him even closer. Then with all the pression and pleasure he feel his orgasm going to hit and you feel another wave hitting you, a smaller that time, but still good.

He get his cock out of your pussy and cum on your stomach, getting a bit on your breasts. He lie in your side, both of you tired mess after that great feeling.

“Holy fuck, that was hot as fuck. I mean I never made that position before, I thought that shit was cheesy. But fuck, I think I cum so hard on that way, like that fucking grenade you throw on the fucking tank earlier.” You giggle after hearing his language. You found sexy but funny sometimes.

He get up and you see him going to his bathroom to get a wet towel. 'Look at that ass’ you thought. When he come back he see you with your legs in a knee position moving it lightly, happy after what just had happened; 'She is so motherfucking cute. Hot damm it’ he thought. He gets into you and clean you up, then he went to his bathroom and throw the tower somewhere.

He get back and lay on the massive bed. “Goddamn baby, I know we just have a great ass time, but seeing you with all my cum on that beautiful body, fuck. I can feel my dick rising like the fucking sun” He says with a stupid smile on his face. “But I thought it had more on your titties” you look at him with a grin, and in the most sexual way you could find you say “It has” then he make a surprise face “Damn darlin’, you can fucking show me it later”.

You get up, to get his shirt and your pantie putting on your body “Am i going to sleep here?” You ask hoping he say yes.

“Hell fucking yes you will. Get you beautiful ass over here” you get into the bed, laying on his chest, he caress your hair and you fell asleep.

Holy shit, we were made for each other Negan thought drifting to sleep. Was a hard day with some rebels, but now laying in his bed in security and with his favorite fucking person in the world in his chest. Robbie the shitty robber wasn’t right no fuckin’ at all, she is not another pussy. She is my love. Negan thought giving a lightly kiss on your head and drifting to sleep.


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Horror Movie -Josh Dun Imagine

Summary: You watch a horror movie and get a little scared. (fluff)

Word Count: 1170+

A/N: So this is my first time writing in a while so this is not one of my proudest works, but I just had to get it out. I know that I need to work on my dialogue, as well. I’m such an awkward person that I don’t know how to socialize. Please let me know how you like it!

Requests are open!! 

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   You always had a tradition of Friday night movies. Ever since you can remember you and your family sat down with a pizza and popcorn to watch a movie every Friday night, without failure. When you went off to college, you kept up the tradition as a way to cope with your homesickness. Ever since then, Friday Night Movies was something you could not part with.

              When you started dating Josh, it was not hard to continue it as he was on break. The only exceptions were his once-in-a-blue-moon late night at the studio. At first, you just watched a movie without him, but as you grew closer he started coming by afterward and you both fell asleep on the couch.   

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Carnivals With Hyuk

“babe you take forever. we’re only going to the carnival, you don’t have to look all fancy.” your boyfriend, hyuk sighed as he stood in the doorway of your shared bedroom.

you rolled your eyes. “so you wouldn’t mind me going out with half of my head twisted up? i spent like two hours last night with this twist out you know.”

he groaned, sitting on the bed and pulling out his phone. “take your time princess.”

you had an idea but wasn’t too sure if he would go through with it. it would help the both of you though, since he was an impatient fuck.

“hyuk?” you called his name.

“yes?” he looked up from his phone.

“would you mind helping me take these out? you know, to speed things up.”

he hesitated at first since he had never helped you take out your hair and didn’t want to mess anything up. but with his ‘fuck it’ mentality, he mumbled to himself, “fuck it” and got up to help.

“show me how you do it.” he stood by your side and observed as you talked him through it.

ten minutes later, you hair was done and you were sliding on your sneakers. you took one more look in the mirror before heading downstairs.

“you look so sexy.” hyuk said as he pulled you against his chest, rubbing on your ass.

you giggled, pulling back from his embrace. “promise me you’ll stop being freaky for at least tonight?”

“i can’t make any promises like that when i have a woman like you kitten.” he chuckled.

“let’s go hyuk.” you hid your smile and pulled him along after making sure that the door was locked.

the carnival was at a walking distance so, you’d get there quick. hyuk tapped his hand on your thigh indicating that he wanted you to hold it. half of the reason was because dudes were staring at you and the other half was because he wanted to.

“let’s have fun tonight okay?” he spoke, still looking straight ahead.

“we always do.” you let go of his hand and wrapped your arm around his waist instead. he wrapped his arm around your shoulder, pulling you close to him. although you loved hyuk’s freaky side, his cute fluffy side is what you loved the most.

after everything was paid for, you and hyuk headed for the carnival games.

“this hyuk!” you literally screamed as you ran over to the basketball stands.

“haha you really wanna do this? you’re gonna lose.” he laughed, but ended up receiving a small scoff from you.

“shut up hyuk, i know how to shoot a basketball and actually make it.” you shoved him.

“alright bet. two please.” he said to the booth owner.

after the buzzer went off, you pulled all the basketballs to your corner and started shooting. you actually made some, unlike hyuk. he made them all, except for one.

“mochaaa!” he teasingly sung.

you turned around and crossed your arms. “you weren’t supposed to beat me hyuk. that’s so not gentleman like.”

“you know damn well that i’ve tried that but you started nagging about how you’re an independent woman and blah blah blah when you found out.” he chuckled, while back hugging you.

“yeah okay.” you rolled your eyes since he was right.

“babe we gotta play the water gun game!” hyuk semi yelled as soon as his eyes came in contact with it.

he pulled you along.

for some reason, it was his favorite game. he told you that it was the easiest and best game to him but you knew that deep down he loved it because he loved winning prizes for you. he would never admit it though.

this time, you were gonna beat him. you were determined to make him walk around with the stuffed princess peach doll that hung from the ceiling of the booth for the whole night.

“i’ll beat you this time.” you said.

all that he did was laugh since it’s something that you always said but ended up losing everytime.

you squinted your eyes and bit down on your tongue for concentration. although people were looking at you, you didn’t care because you were on a mission.

you silently cheered yourself on as you saw the radar rise a bit higher than hyuk’s. “come on..yes..!”

the buzzer went off indicating that that was the end of the game. you looked at the radars final scores and indeed, yours was higher than his. both your mouth and hyuk’s were in the shape of an o. he was super shocked at the fact that you just beat him.

it was completely unexpected, even the elder booth owner who learned that you two always played this game when you came to the carnival was shocked. he thought that it was just another time that the cute interracial couple would come play his water gun game and the boyfriend would win something for his girlfriend. but my, have the tables turned.

“here you go baby.” you handed him the stuffed doll.

“how the hell did you beat me? and there ain’t no way in hell i’m walking around with this all night.” he let out a small laugh.

“i told you that i was gonna beat you and yes you are!” you teased him.

he gave you a fake pout when he noticed the little girls that passed by, giggle at him but you ignored it. it was cute seeing him walk around with something pink for once. 

“ooh babe do you want a *hotteok?” hyuk noticed the food truck and asked you.

he must’ve been reading your mind cause that’s exactly what you were craving. something sweet. “yes! yes! yes!” you licked your lips.

after it was ordered and in your hands, hyuk tried to look for somewhere to sit, but all the booths were taken up. there was one chair, but the problem is that it was two of you.

“you seem like you need to sit for a minute, you should sit down.” he suggested but you shook your head no.

“i know it’s not really your favorite thing to do in public, but how about i just sit in your lap?“ 

he was hesitant, but shrugged and sat down anyways. “sit on hyuk.” he playfully patted his lap causing you to giggle but you had to be a little serious since he was being just a little freaky.

“hyuk! stop it.” you sat down on his lap and bit into the hotteok.

“sharing is caring.” he rolled his eyes and mumbled.

“hyuk if you wanted some you could’ve just asked, i would’ve gave you some.” you put the pancake in front of his face, he leaned forward with his hand on top of yours and bit it.

he smirked and pointed at your ‘pants’. “…i want it.”

 "hyuk i will beat your ass if you don’t stop!“ you ate the rest of the hotteok and threw the wrapper away.

he chuckled to himself and followed behind you. after a few more games and a bunch of junk food, the two of you decided to take a picture in the photo booth. it was something you always did at the end.

“1…2…3..chocolate!” hyuk yelled causing you to laugh.

he would always yell something random to mess you up. it’s only because he adored your face the most when you were laughing. after the photo came out, you cringed at it but hyuk looked at it in literal awe.

“you’re so adorable kitten.” he kissed your cheek.

although you strongly disagreed, hearing that made you a blushing mess. “yeah yeah yeah whatever you say hyuk.”

he took your hand in his and kissed it. “you had fun?”

you nodded. “you know i did, did you?”

“i always have fun when i’m with you baby. and thanks for this little princess toy.” he said sarcastically as he waved it around.

“glad you like it.” you kissed his cheek.

he puckered his lips and side eyed you. “soo..when we get home..-”

“shut up hyuk!” you playfully shoved him which lead to him chasing you all the way to your home, also receiving weird looks from people but that didn’t matter.

moments like these were the moments you loved to cherish.


note* a hotteok is basically a flour dough pancake filled with sugar syrup inside.

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Wreck Part 2

Cas x Reader

1300 Words

Story Summary:  It was still hard, getting used to living with your brothers. More frustrated with them than ever, you take off, planning on cooling down and getting some food. But a truck on the road has other plans.

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Your heart pounding, you sat straight up in bed. Your entire body was covered in sweat, as if you had just ran a marathon.

You had just had the weirdest dream, a dream where you had been angry at your brothers, and had left in a fuss before dying in a wreck.

Everything had seemed so real, you could still hear the crush of the metal, and feel the weight of the car as it crushed you, and the pain that had coursed through your body.

Rushing into the bathroom, you checked your body over, amazed to find no bruises or cuts.

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phan prompt: phil slips his number in dan's locker and dan (who is the popular guy in school) texts him and they start talking and then dan asks phil if he wants to meet and phil is nervous because he's the shy kid who everyone hates and picks on. when they meet dan is shocked and doesn't talk to phil afterwards until he sees phil being picked on and sticks up for him they fell in love blah blah blah and its happy ending please and thank you xxx

Title: Unknown Number

Summary: Phil is the nerdy guy in school who nobody likes, Dan is the popular guy in school who is known as the ‘bad boy’. Dan finds a number in his locker and decides to find out who it is and is rather shocked at the outcome.

Pairing: Phan

Word Count: 4,252

Genre: AU, Fluff

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Let me in (4)

Bucky x shy!reader

Notes: fluff, nightmares, angsty, smutty and some good ol’ fashion dirty talkin’ 

One more part after this guys! Hope you enjoy! :)

Requested by: Anonymous

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“That’s-.. that’s why you’ve been avoiding me? Because you want to fuck me?”

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Namjoon stans: kind of lowkey hipster. Likes high tops and beanies and white crop tops. V chill, stays in their lane. All about sunshine, good vibes, and acceptance. Smart, but almost no common sense. Goes on walks and gets lost but plays it off as “I let the world lead me to my destination” or whatever. Likes putting really fat cats up against their face and squishing them in tight hugs

Jin stans: almost always 20+. Quirky and a bit awkward, but 100% loveable and charming. makes bad jokes and then laughs really hard at them but that’s cute af so it makes everyone else laugh too. Loyal friends. Will always support you, but also will tell you when you’re being dumb af. Probably likes strawberry milk and definitely looks amazing in soft turtlenecks. Probably wants to do regular face masks and nail care but forgets to make it a routine like they originally planned

Taehyung stans: soft spoken, but energetic fluff balls. Has their head in the clouds a lot. Likes art, sunshine, and cuddling up on the couch. Probably a little bit of a furry. Their hair is always slightly messy. They’re soft, caring, and kind, but they have a dark smoldering side full of thoughts they’ll never tell anyone. Likes the sound of rain at night. Also likes people playing with their hair

Jimin stans: Over. The. Top. A good friend to have, they’ll always stand up for you. They don’t always know the right words to say but they’ll try their best to console you. Scatterbrained, easy to get off topic. Doesn’t really have a set fashion style. Either has one drink they never change, or always orders something different bc they can’t remember what they got last time. Wants to fight people for saying mean things, but is probably as threatening as a baby kitten. Likes cute stationary

Jungkook stans: Also over the top, but in an embarrassing dorky way, not a drama queen way. A big stupid puppy. Will believe whatever you say- they have soft, loving hearts. Don’t take it for granted. Eats chips at 3 am, probably while humming to themselves. Gets loud when excited, but passes out when jungkook goes into Sexy Mode. The type of person who’s immediate reaction to a jump scare is to punch

Hobi stans: Hobi stans come in two brands: 1) the sunshine, life of the party, loud and extra type. Kinda kinky, definitely freaky tho. (Have u seen some of their tags dndndndnd) Cannot whisper to save their life but everything they say is gold so it’s okay. Once shot milk out their nose n their crush saw it. 2) Shy, but still fun and full of sunshine. Secretly depressed af, but won’t ever let you know. Hides behind a smile to make everyone else’s day better. Likes their hoodie sleeves to come down to the middle of their palms. Protect both types- they’re pure.

Yoongi stans: Gay. Must it even be said. They take great pride in their gayness, never shuts up about it. Depressed, but has been depressed so long they just finger gun and skate away away from everything. Really, truly nice people with an amazing laugh. Can, and will kill you though. Not afraid to get dirty to achieve what they think is right. Probably still buys their jeans at hot topic, but online so they don’t have to be seen inside the store or leave their room. Despite their serious blog, they have no idea what’s going on

Golly they animated my favorite chapter in the manga, now it’s in the anime and its better than I could have ever hoped for. I’m ready to gush about Shigeru and Touko Fujiwara now and I’m so excited to do this because they are the absolute best most wonderful people in the world and I’m so glad that Natsume is with them. This isn’t really a post that has any actual meaning to it, either. No speculations or theories, just me gushing about how much I love Shigeru and Touko and how wonderful they are. Spoilers, and a ton of really sappy praise ahead. 

Firstly I want to talk about them as a couple, pre-Natsume. They are older, and have lived in the house that Shigeru, and presumably his parents, grew up in, for a very long time. What I adore about them is how much they love each other. They are so close and kind to one another. They tease each other a little bit, as you can see through the series, but past that they’re happy and content and comfortable with one another. And oh gosh they went on that date and it was so cute because Touko wanted to go to the aquarium and Shigeru agreed and it was so perfect and lovely and they were so happy. 

Now, as individuals. Shigeru is so kind and gentle. He’s a reserved man, probably doesn’t talk a ton regularly, and I am positive that his best friend is Touko, but he’s so wonderful. He doesn’t make fun of Touko for wanting to go to the aquarium, and they have a lovely time together. He’s so stable and kind and gentle. And when he goes to the funeral, he overhears these adults talking about how they don’t want to take this kid in and how they just want to pass him to someone else, and his first reaction is something that looked a lot like disgust? Honestly, same Shigeru. BUT then he sees this sad kid just sitting alone and dirty and I assume he thinks “How can I help this child be happy and safe?” So his first reaction is to just go home and think about whether or not he and Touko could maybe take the kid into their house. Like he starts cleaning that room, he gets lost in thought. He’s probably thinking “Yeah this could work. Yeah. He could stay here if he wants to. That would be good!”. And he is so understanding of Natsume’s situation too. He hears all this stuff about Natsume being a trouble child, and rather than forget and avoid this little child he’s like “Well then I’m just gonna offer approval, love, gentleness, and genuine affection and let this child relax in this safe and calm environment.” 

And Touko, she is an absolute angel. This is the type of woman who is so genuinely sweet and kind. She called to that crow in the middle of the street without caring about what anyone thought of her. She made friends with this crow and was so happy every time she saw it and I’m so happy that it made her happy. And she loves Shigeru so much, and their relationship isn’t strained or stressful because they don’t have children. And nobody ever says anything about them not having kids as a bad thing! She does seem to want children, but she’s never bitter or sad about it, and isn’t mean to any children because of it. She’s so wonderful. One of the biggest scenes I love though is 

THIS SCENE. Where Natsume mentions a white crow that she can’t see. Her reaction is surprised at first, but then it doesn’t turn into her saying “Where?” or “What are you talking about?” She realizes that Natsume can see something she can’t here and her reaction is 

SHE’S GLAD. She is so wonderful and lovely. She is a beautiful woman who loves this child so much and loves her husband so much and they are the ideal couple. (Also its so cute because when she goes on the trip, she turns to the crow and leaves him in charge of taking care of the house while she’s gone so Honestly? Same, Touko. Same.)

Now to talk about these two as a couple WITH Natsume because that is one of the most precious things ever. Firstly, I think it’s important to know that Shigeru and Touko have only ever been told that Natsume is a troubled child, but they want to take him in anyways. They clean out that room, they buy him furniture. And they don’t even jump to this conclusion right away either. Shigeru thinks long and hard before he even brings it up with Touko, and when she says yes, they spend even more time making sure Natsume is going to have a comfortable place to live. THEN on top of all of this, they fight tooth and nail with his other family to let him come stay with them. They even ask him if he wants to live with them, giving him a choice that no other relatives have ever given him before. On top of that, they don’t force him to become part of their family either. They are so patient with him, and don’t make him into a replacement for their own non-existent children. They understand that they aren’t taking this kid in because they want a child to be happy, or because they are being selfish. They’re only thinking of Natsume and how to make his life better. They aren’t completing their family with Natsume, just giving him the option to join it if he wants to. It’s so refreshing and wonderful.

Also, quick side note. I love how quiet and shy Natsume sounds in this episode before he opens up to them a bit more. Like, usually Natsume talks pretty normal around Shigeru and Touko in most episodes. He’s not afraid to be a bit loud, or excited. But before he opens up to them, he’s very quiet and shy, probably trying his best not to upset him in any way so that they don’t start treating him badly because of it. I fully expect that Natsume had been through quite a few familys where he was treated fine at first, until he began acting out slightly. Then, as soon as his behavior was “bad”, the family members started acting colder or harsher to him so the poor baby expected Shigeru and Touko to do the same BUT THEY DIDN’T!!!

Like, one of my favorite parts of the series is how Touko and Shigeru react to Natsume when he’s in the hospital after he fell off that cliff. The rest of his family is really bitter towards him, saying that he jumped off the cliff so he could hurt them. But Shigeru and Touko? They are so kind and gentle to him. Like, this is a kid who is at risk for growing out of his family. If Shigeru and Touko hadn’t come along, I fully expect Natsume would have been cut out of the family at 18 or whatever age is considered the minimum for adulthood in Japan. He would be forced to get a job, or pay back his relatives in some way for them taking care of him for so long, or just cut out of their lives and forgotten, told as a horror story to make sure their kids value and treasure their parents more. Like, if it wasn’t for Touko and Shigeru, Natsume probably would have ended up hurt worse than he was when he fell of the cliff, or homeless at 18, or worse yet, going with that Yokai who wanted him as a pet. But what do Shigeru and Touko do? 

They ask him so calmly if he wants to go live with them where it’s quiet and peaceful, and they are so ready to take him in because they don’t see a troublemaker or freaky kid, they see a lonely, sad boy who hasn’t got the attention and care he needs. They decide that they are able and willing to give him that attention and I love it so much. 

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Bucky Barnes head cannons? Please?!?!

Well, where to even begin with this? I have so many god damn thoughts on this precious man and I just???

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Bucky Barnes Head Cannons

  • Says “Please”, “Thank you”, “Have a good day”, and “Bless your heart”.
  • Likes to open doors for people because he is polite af
  • Loves the summer and HATES WINTER tbh he would love to move to Kauai and just live in the middle of nowhere and live out his days in the sun, swimming, tanning, and tending to his garden but um yea that’s never gonna happened, bless his heart
  • LOVES SWIMMING, as a child him and Steve basically LIVED at the beach in the summer - It was precious because he would let Steve dunk him under the water and he’d pretend to struggle a bit to boost his confidence
  • His favorite foods are the ‘American Classics’ ya know, burgers and hot dogs lmao
  • It’s hard for him to sleep, he hasn’t had a good nights sleep in over 70 years
  • Why can’t he sleep you ask? Well, there’s two main reasons
  • He is paranoid, every waking moment he’s afraid of being caught - Being found by the people who made him a HYDRA, being caught by someone he has hurt and wants him dead, or even worse that suddenly the HYDRA machinery will switch on and he’ll have no control over his actions
  • And the times that he actually manages to drift off into a deep sleep Bucky has the most vivid nightmares. He relives them all, relives the horrors he’s faced as a soldier, as a weapon of evil, as a man who has not only caused death but has been on the brink of death multiple times
  • Every now and then he falls asleep without having nightmares, but that’s only because his body is so exhausted from the hours he spent crying before laying his head on the pillow
  • He’s tried to kill himself before, probably multiple times
  • Either the method was too weak to actually cause any terrible damage (His biology is strengthened an altered so doing something as simple as taking too many pills or ingesting poison wouldn’t work) but the HYDRA technology inside of him won’t allow him to physically kill himself (Such as shooting himself or jumping off a bridge)
  • Bucky is a social man and he honestly craves  interaction with others.
  • During his time in hiding, for obvious reasons, he could never get too close to anyone, so he cherished the random interactions that were unavoidable with living in the city. Even if it was just going to the super market to get his sweet plums and making small talk about the weather with the clerk, helping an elderly woman carry groceries back to her apartment, or waving hello and smiling to the children playing at the park, those simple interactions were everything for him and is what kept him sane during that time.
  • Occasionally he would feed pigeons in the park just so he could watch the hustle and bustle of the pedestrians, not in a creepy way, but it was soothing to him to know that there were happy people just experiencing life around him. Plus the pigeons were cute too
  • He an animal lover, for sure
  • He probably had a family dog growing up, with a cute name like Scout or Buddy, but at some point during the Great Depression it died because his family could not afford to feed him - That’s had a long lasting effect on Bucky
  • Back in his youth he wanted, what was known back then as, The ‘American Dream’. He wanted the big house with the picket fence and the green grass, a wonderful family and smart children, all while having his military career to tell his son about. He wanted his best friend (And basically brother) Steve to live not far form his home so their children close
  • He wanted a simple loving life with the people he loved and now it’s only an idea that gives him anxiety
  • All the things that used to give him hope and drive him in life are completely out of the question, and as far as he’s concerned, will never be an option for him
  • That’s why, even when he starts to gain his memory, he refuses to accept himself as Bucky
  • “Bucky is dead, everything Bucky knows or wanted is gone.”
  • Probably loves movies and tv shows
  • I like to imagine him and Steve sitting down and take a class on all the pop-culture they missed and Bucky is probably really interested and thinks it’s cool (tbh I feel the 80s would have been his thing but ANYWAYS) and Bucky would be a big nerd and get into these movies and tv shows and h’ed memorize their names and shit - Whereas Steve is the type that will watch a movie/tv show and keep up with the plot but can’t remember any of their names
  • They’d be watching the Titanic and Steve would constantly be like, “Which one is that again?” and Bucky would cross his arms and whisper, “That’s Cal, he’s engaged to Rose but Rose loves Jack.” “Jack is the little blond fella, yea?” “Yea, now shut up buddy I’m watching a picture here.”
  • IF you’re lucky enough to have made this man feel comfortable around you, and he actually allows himself to befriend you, then you will be in for a treat because he is one of the most delightful and enjoyable people to know tbh
  • He’s so thoughtful, he’d be the kind of person that if someone broke up with you and refused to give you back your stuff he’d go over, get your stuff, beat up your ex, then bring you a milk-shake and chicken nuggets (Or whatever your favorite food is I guess lmao) point blank, you’re healing and comfort excites him and he wants to see you get better!

Okay, but what if he has feeling for someone?

  • That’s a tricky one, because Bucky is the type that will avoid any situation where he think’s others will be hurt on his behalf - So considering how he is literally a walking target, he is not going to be walking into any relationships any time soon
  • But let’s say this wasn’t the scenario, let’s say that he walked out of HYDRA and onto Steve’s door step and he was free to live a normal life (Well, as normal life as he can with all his emotional baggage)
  • We all know he’s a bit of a flirt, so he smiles at pretty people (Shit, even wink occasionally in the right circumstance) but he never let’s himself fully fall for someone but in some crazy way if he fell for you, he’d fall so fucking hard
  • It’ll be a friendship, a close comfortable friendship and he’ll love you like that but then one day BAM he realizes his life will never be the same until he can press his lips against yours and know what it’s like to hold you in his arms
  • God, and it’ll make him nervous? His normal cocky and confident behavior kind of takes a step back as he doesn’t know what his next step is here
  • Like, should he just be bold and tell you his feelings or should he just suck it up and be happy with the friendship?
  • He’d ask Steve, and ya know my boy Steve is a hopeless romantic and he’d be like “Go for it, Buck”.
  • Like, boy wouldn’t even waste anytime, he’d leave from talking to Steve and go right to your house
  • You open the door and see this tall man hovering over you, looking down at your with an expression new to him, one like you’d never seen. Sort of a mix between a soft admiration and excitement
  • He’d just stand there for a minute, and step forward and say, “Your reaction to this will tell me everything, dalrin’.” And he’d pull you in to his chest and crash his lips against yours
  • Kissing Bucky is magically, his lips are soft and plump. But still there’s a strength to it, almost like he’s holding back a hurricane (Which he is boy oh boy)
  • Once you’re in a relationship with Bucky be prepared to be worshiped
  • “Look at my beautiful baby!”
  • “And how is my Darling today?”
  • “Gosh darn, I need some sugar from my best girl!”
  • He will always ask you about your day, even if he only just saw you that morning and met you for dinner, he’d want to know every detail about your day since you parted and in return he’d share his day with you
  • Lots of fun strolls around the park, linked arm and arm as he leads you around and you just talk for hours
  • Get ready for lots of pillow-talk, seeing as he doesn’t sleep very well. It’s okay though, he likes to watch you sleep
  • What would relax him more than anything was for you play with his hair while his sleepy head rest of your lap, you lightly massage his scalp and hum or sing peaceful lullaby’s to him
  • He craves your skin, and not in a sexual way (I mean he does, but that’s not what I’m saying here) the feel of your arms around his torso, the feeling your your hands against his cheek, the feel of your cold feet snuggled between his warm legs in the winter mornings - The feel of your skin brings him back to earth
  • This definitely comes to play when the two of you snuggle together in bed, he will always have an arm on you

And all the kinky stuff?

  • Okay, but putting that aside tbh I think he’d be scared to have sex with you at first - I mean, think about it he’s LITERALLY terrified about his abilities, yea? His metal arm and his actions that he may not be 100% in control of at all times
  • And on top of that he hasn’t (At least I’m PRETTY FUCKING CERTAIN) that he hasn’t had intercourse since HYDRA got a hold of him so he doesn’t necessarily know his own strength when it comes to pelvic thrusting (He doesn’t wanna break your pelvic bone lmao)
  • So, the first time ya’ll get down and freaky he is so careful, slow, and gentle
  • He DEFINITELY knows how to please his partner sexually (He was TOTALLY sleeping around back in his youth before the military, and probably some DURING his military days) so he is putting his lips and his hands hesitantly in the right places
  • “Are you okay?”
  • “Does that feel okay, dalrin’?”
  • “Let me know if it hurts..”
  • “God, I love you..”
  • He’d lay you down softly and make constant sincere eye contact the entire time
  • And, more than likely, the first few times would be similar as he’s attempting to gage his strengths and what feels good to you or what would hurt you
  • THE BEST PART ABOUT IT IS, He will straight up tell you
  • Like, lets say ya’ll have been intimate for a while now and your planning to see him later tonight so you call him before you head over. “Hey, sweetie,” He’ll tell you in that cocky fucking voice of his, you can HEAR him SMIRKING over the phone, “I’m gonna fuck you silly tonight so be ready for me.”
  • You finally get to his house and the MINUTE the door is closed and lock your back is going to be pushed against the wall with his strong body pushing you to it
  • Shit, he like’s all different types of position but Doggy Style is definitely his thing - He’d grab your hair and go to town!
  • Will spank you gently during sex
  • Will fuck you in the shower, there’s something about touching your soak’n wet body that drives him mad
  • Won’t stop going until you’ve orgasmed
  • Like, he may have already came but no he’ll keep going - With his hand, with his mouth, or with something else whatever you want
  • After everyone is sweaty and satisfied he is no slacker when it comes to after-care
  • “Mmmhm, damn honey, that was good”
  • Probably give ya a sweet peck on the lips and a playful spank on the ass before getting your clothes
Super Freaky. SPN/Avengers Crossover Part 3.

Title: Super Freaky Part 3

Summary: After recovering from her injuries, Tony decides it’s time to throw a party and her brothers are invited. However, Steve’s been keeping his distance lately and it’s time she confronted him!

Triggers: Drama. Angst. SCARY ELEVATOR. I HATE THEM.

Enjoy ;D

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