and to the people who sent me the get well messages thank you so much


My best friend Nora (the beautiful blonde that’s NOT you) and her friend Jordyn are coming to see you in St. Paul, on NIGHT ONE! I don’t know Jordyn that well, but if Nora loves her, then she must be great. Nora is without a doubt one of the kindest people I’ve met. We haven’t been friends for that long, and I’m closer to her than people I’ve known for a year. She followed me a few months ago, and I sent her a message and now we text everyday! She’s been a fan of you for so long, and this is the first Taylor concert she’s going to. Jordyn and her are sitting in SECTION 108, SEATS 2-3. Their outfits and posters are AMAZING and they worked so hard on them. They’re so excited to even get the oppurtunity to see you play live and Nora actually won’t shut up about it, not that I blame her. Thank you so much for being who you are, so that I made this blog and made a lifelong friend. Friendships with miles in between suck, although they’re often the best kind. Since I can’t, would you mind giving her a hug for me?

I’m going to bed now but I just wanted to say something real quick

If you’ve ever sent me a kind message or talked to me when I wasn’t feeling well then I just wanted to say THANK YOU. Half the time I don’t reply to them but that’s because I have them saved in my inbox and I look at them when I’m feeling down and it makes me feel so much better to know that there are people who actually care about how I feel. Anxiety is rough and a lot of the time it really feels like none of my friends are there for me but I’m getting better at handling it and I wanna thank you for cheering me up over the past few months ;n; It honestly means so so so much to me and I appreciate all you kind people so much.

Sweet dreams and thanks for sticking with me you guys <3

im gonna elaborate a bit. i remade two and a half years ago because somebody started sending me graphic and violent messages detailing how they would #rape me and when i turned anon off they just came through fanmails and it was so fucking upsetting and really horrific to go through. i get a lot of messages and if youve ever sent me one you know i dont/cant respond to all of them (its especially hard now that my computers broken) and while i get some sort of aggressive ones once in a blue moon and some that overwhelm me a bit the VAST majority are so kind and so respectful and it means so, so much to me that the people who follow me treat me so well. people stopped asking me about gender and stuff when i made it clear its not what i want to talk about all the time, people stopped sending me boatloads of compliments when i said they make me uncomfortable. its weird to thank people for not treating you like shit but yall i just have a really nice time on here now and it has everything to do with you