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Ways to describe a smile? Other than the generic smirk or smug expression.

Describing A Smile

Smiles are unique to the individual and the dependent perspective. If you’re speaking from the first person about someone you love, you might describe their smile as one that lights up the room and brings joy to the world. However, if you’re writing about a particularly villainous character, you may describe their thin lips twisting into something that only resembles a smile.


A beautiful smile
- “her eyes shone as her lips curled into a widespread grin”
- “a chuckle escaped his throat and he beamed at her”
- “the second she lay eyes on her her cheeks reddened and an involuntary smile settled on her face”

A malicious smile
- “a shallow smile was his most notable feature”
- “her vicious grin was enough to make her uncomfortable”
- “something sinister was hidden behind his seemingly innocent smile”