and to see silver linings

i’m usually such a positive soul, i try to see the silver lining in everything but lately it’s been nothing but fuck ups and set backs. i don’t want to question my purpose anymore. i don’t want to be depressed. i don’t want to wonder when/if i’ll ever get my life together. i don’t want people to think i’m failure because i don’t know what i’m doing right now. it wouldn’t be so bad if i wasn’t trying but i am. i’m trying so fucking hard and nothing is working. i don’t want to quit, but i’m so tired.


‘But silver lining, Tyson’s right. He just proved that it can be broken…’ ‘The only way to break a prophecy is with a bigger prophecy, or if someone outside the prophecy intervenes…’ ‘Tyson, I’m impressed. That was some excellent lateral thinking.’

tbh i love queenie so much i mean here’s this little ray of sunshine, as pretty on the inside as she is on the outside, lover of sweets and people and curious and bright

and she hasn’t even had a nice, easy life! a half-blood in a society that hates no-majs, an orphan who lost her parents at a young age, serving coffee around ppl who we can assume aren’t that great and she can read all their not so great thoughts

but she still always sees the silver lining and is so quick to point it out. quick to talk about how good she’s got it, since she has her sister. quick to underplay herself in favor of gushing about her sister’s accomplishments. quick to accept anything thrown her way and make the most of it, be it two strange men in her living room, or nearly getting arrested in a police raid

and the thing is she sees the best in people even though she can read their minds! she’s probably seen the worst that the world has to offer, through other people’s thoughts, but she hasn’t let that drag her down or make her cynical

when she first meets jacob she says “don’t worry honey, most guys think what u were, when they first see me.” she’s gone years having to see what men think about her, imagine doing to her, men much less sweet than jacob, and instead of becoming angry or bitter or disgusted (like i would have tbh) she just accepts it and even manages to use it to her advantage (“ladies things”) because though she’s kind most of all, she’s nearly just as clever, which no one ever seems to anticipate bc she isn’t like her sister the career girl or even newt the eccentric scientist. she’s just queenie, sweet pretty queenie, who sews and cooks and smiles her way through life

when she realizes tina, her sister whom she loves dearly, is about to be killed she doesn’t panic. she thinks on her feet and immediately sets out to rescue her with seemingly no concern for her own safe being. and when tina heads into danger again, queenie is quick to try and rush after her, again showing no fear

really the only times queenie seems afraid in the whole movie are when she realizes tina is in danger, and when she doesn’t want to lose jacob

and her compassion!!! queenie is really the only person in the whole movie to get newt to open up about his past, and she’s also the only person who clearly understands him and how he feels/felt. and yes in large part that is due to her legilimency, but i feel like that goes both ways. queenie is a naturally gifted legilimens and maybe that’s because she was good at reading and understanding ppl to begin with

also i just rly love that she’s the naturally gifted legilimens, and while she could have used her ability for personal gain, or manipulation, she never does. think about the other legilimens we know of: salazar, voldemort, snape, dumbledore–all very manipulative, at the very least. but not queenie: she’s content to just use it at her leisure, for fun or to help others

and i love that she’s so feminine! don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot to be said for tomboys and i love tougher than nails girls, /believe me/, but so often the girls we’re meant to root for are “just one of the boys” or quirky & nerdy or otherwise anti-girly-girl, bc how else would we know they’re a feminist, strong independent “not like other girls” woman? while the mean girl we’re meant to hate is the one who loves shopping and cares about fashion and is all about boys. so it’s a nice change of pace, to have a pretty, well dressed, sexy girl who wears pink silk and likes boys and cooking and sewing and other feminine things, also be the kind, sweet, likeable cinnamon roll

also queenie and tina as sisters!! i could go on about the goldstein girls all day. about how the first time we see tina smile is when queenie comliments her. about how they’re so different but they clearly love each other and complement each other so much. about how tina probablly worried about queenie losing her innocent optimism so she tried to shield her from the darkest parts of the world. and of course, being a legilimens, queenie already saw it all but she knew her sister needed to protect her and so she decided that she was always going to be bright and sunny, for tina’s sake. she probably knows about tina’s demotion, but she’s so proud of her anyways, and makes sure to say it. and tina never worries that queenie isn’t strong enough to help them, and doesn’t blink twice at bringing her along

even though tina’s the one that brought the boys cocoa, and said “i thought u might like something hot to drink,” when they disappear it’s queenie who looks dejected and sadly says “but we made them cocoa.” it’s queenie who warmly invites the boys in at once, and does the cooking, and it was most likely queenie who wanted to give them cocoa too. pls imagine queenie needling her rumpled sister into carrying in that tray to them while tina tried to seem tough and “mr. scamander is a criminal, queenie” “well what about the other one?” “he’s a no-maj! he won’t even remember this in the morning!” “well that’s no reason to not be kind now” “no-maj’s probably don’t even like cocoa” “don’t be silly of course he will!” “how do u know?” “i can read minds, tina” “ugh fine” because queenie knows that on the inside tina’s a softie, just like her

pls imagine tina and queenie as little girls, recently orphaned, tina holding queenie as she cries and thinking calm, soothing thoughts because she knows she can hear them. both of them thinking “i have to be strong for her,” and they both are

I love those who radiate with positivity. Who are able to see the silver lining in every dark cloud. Who remind you that this life is temporary. And not just with their words. It’s in their calmness and in their demeanour. Such people are unshakeable. And I pray I’m always surrounded by them.

GOT7: Compatibility

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I decided to just compile all of these in one place for anyone who was curious.

Compatibility IS NOT and ideal types. This is who I think the members would match with the best. Sometimes compatibility and ideals coincide, however sometimes they can contradict each other as well.

Also keep in mind, this is my speculations and opinions, not facts.


  • Someone who is more introverted than extroverted but isn’t shy or nervous around people.
  • Someone with a warm smile and gentle touch who has a soft, charismatic aura about them.
  • Someone who is more of a listener than a talker but can still take charge of a conversation.
  • Someone passionate about everything they care about, from people to hobbies.
  • Someone who prefers hugs over kisses and cuddles over make out sessions.
  • Someone who is independent and doesn’t need to be taken care of by others.
  • Someone who has a positive outlook on life and tries to see the silver lining of bad situations.


  • Someone who likes being taken care of and isn’t afraid to depend on him.
  • Someone who will make him delicious food since he can’t cook.
  • Someone who lets him take charge most of the time but sometimes steps up to take control themselves.
  • Someone who showers him in love but will still put him in his place.
  • Someone who will act cute to try and cheer him up after a stressful day.
  • Someone who doesn’t let him get too hard on himself and reminds him of his talents and positive qualities.
  • Someone who can be stubborn sometimes and doesn’t let people walk over them.
  • Someone bright who can make him feel at ease with your presence alone. 


  • Someone who can keep up with his energy and constant excitement.
  • Someone with a dry and sarcastic sense of humour.
  • Someone who will give him compliments when he deserves them but will also take him down a peg when he gets arrogant.
  • Someone who will let him spoil them with attention, affection, and material things.
  • Someone who doesn’t mind being super cliche and cheesy with him.
  • Someone who loves him deeply and always reminds him. He just likes hearing it.
  • Someone who encourages him to work hard but will also remind him that it’s important to rest.
  • Someone who will tease him constantly and can handle being teased back. 


  • Someone with an overall kind and gentle personality who cares deeply for others.
  • Someone who likes taking care of people and likes being taken care of but isn’t dependent.
  • Someone who is attractive in a subtle way rather than eye-catching.
  • Someone with quiet hobbies like reading, writing, or drawing.
  • Someone who is affectionate but not overly so and not clingy.
  • Someone who likes cooking even if they aren’t necessarily good at it.
  • Someone who is intelligent and can hold an intellectual conversation.
  • Someone who doesn’t get jealous easily and is very understanding of his job. 


  • Someone kinda awkward and dorky but with a bright personality that outshines almost everyone in the room.
  • Someone who is forward because he’s kind of oblivious and won’t know how you’re feeling unless if you tell him.
  • Someone passionate, especially about music. Someone who genuinely loves music.
  • Someone who shares the same sense of humour as him.
  • Someone who is cheerful and kind hearted who makes friends easily.
  • Someone who is affectionate but knows when to leave him alone and when it’s okay to be super touchy.
  • Someone who always reminds him of his good qualities because he’s hard on himself.
  • Someone who doesn’t get jealous easily and is understanding of his career. 


  • Someone who is blunt and will be brutally honest about their opinions.
  • Someone who is slightly mischievous with just a little bit of sass.
  • Someone who is neither introverted nor extroverted and rather somewhere in between.
  • Someone who likes and values fashion and takes their time perfecting their personal style.
  • Someone talkative that he can go back and forth with forever.
  • Someone with a multitude of secret charms that only he knows about.
  • Someone who tries to act cool but is actually a total dork on the inside who gets excited over the silliest things.
  • Someone who isn’t shy about their love for him and is okay with showing off your relationship. 


  • Someone shy at first who becomes brighter and more open as they grow comfortable.
  • Someone who is open minded to trying new things.
  • Someone who is shorter than him and can handle the fact he’ll constantly tease you about it.
  • Someone with a wide variety of charms, talents, and hobbies.
  • Someone who isn’t very affectionate in public, but super touchy in private.
  • Someone who will lean on him for support and simultaneously support him.
  • Someone who can cook and clean, since although he tries he’s not good at either.
  • Someone who loves him genuinely and usually shows it through actions rather than words. 

I’m not one for unearned positivity. Even legitimate optimism I am wary of. It’s just my nature. But in light of the election, which has provided ample opportunity for pessimism, I do see silver linings here and there. So while I understand the dread, the misery, the helplessness everyone is feeling, I want to do what little I can to try to push against it. It’s not characteristic of me, but here goes:

Donald Trump did not win the popular vote. A majority of voters voted against him, even if you limit the numbers to the two major parties.

Why is this important? Personally I want to hammer this home because after the 2000 election and its drawn out conclusion everyone seemed eager to put it all behind us. Forget about missing ballots or irregularities like Pat Buchanan carrying a heavily Jewish district. We’re all tired of this, let’s just accept Bush won and move on.

Nobody wanted to acknowledge that more people voted for/tried to vote for Al Gore, and that without the Electoral College the election would have gone the other way. That first night, or at least by the next day, Gore would have proclaimed victory. No recounts, no months of legal battles. End of story.

And now we have the same song being played again, with Hillary Clinton actually getting a much larger lead on her opponent than Gore did. More people voted for her than Trump, this is an irrefutable fact.

So why see this as positive? Because it means that any attempt to hold up the 2016 election as an endorsement of Donald Trump or the Republican party in general is cut off at the knees. A majority of voters rejected Trump and his platform. White supremacists and the KKK and neo-Nazis are heralding Trump’s victory as the signal of America becoming a whites only nation, but they’re celebrating a runner-up result.

Trump did not convince America to elect him. He gamed a system that allows for a circumvention of the will of the public. The majority of Americans who voted – and we can’t see non-voters as endorsing Trump either, can we? – did not endorse xenophobia, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, and cultural regression.

America has not reversed course on tolerance and diversity, it is not becoming a haven for white nationalism and Christian fundamentalism. Our country has allowed the extremists to take the reins through apathy and the blithe acceptance of a system almost nobody defends except on grounds of ‘tradition,’ but this does not mean we all want to see this happen.

If the Left can rouse the spirits of the people who did not want to vote for Trump, and if the Democratic party can get its shit together and become a true standard bearer for liberal-progressive policies, we can push back in 2018. No election is the end of the fighting, it is just one round ending and another beginning.

We can fight back against this, we can reverse what comes in the next two years. It is possible to begin fixing this.

I am not so optimistic as to believe that we will automatically turn things around. This election has reinforced my low opinion of the American electorate’s respect for democracy thanks to the lowest turnout in 20 years and the willing gullibility of people who think Trump is a) going to deliver on his outlandish promises and b) going to be different from every other self-enriching Republican fatcat. He’s already pegging lobbyists for his inner circle, after all.

But I digress. Yes, there is a lot to fear in the coming months and years, and the battle will be hard, but there is a way. We can see the path right in front of us. There doesn’t have to be any wandering in the wilderness, searching for the Left’s soul. We haven’t lost our principles, and we haven’t seen them rejected by the nation at large. Remember that, remind yourself of that every day, tell everyone you know who is distressed after this past week.

America is not as vile as it is being presented as right now. The bigots and the fascists do not have the will of the people behind them, no matter what they say. Do not forget that.

Thank you so much!

I wanted to thank everyone who sent in kind messages and who helped me gather my old art by reblogging it. I’ve taken to seeing the silver lining of this fiasco and that silver lining is the wonderful community that surrounds me. Your support means more to me than you’ll ever know.

I’ve queued up a lot of my old gravity falls art and it should start posting soon, I hope you guys don’t mind seeing that coming back up for a while <3

In the interest of transparency, I will be pretty open about my sideblogs this time around, since last time there was some confusion because I had so many. This time I will have 4:

  • @leukaraii, which is now my main account and will contain most of my art (pretty much all the SFW stuff) and some inspiration reblogs. What you remember from before is pretty much the content you’ll continue to get.
  • @pagingdrkaraii, which is my med school account! If you’re curious to see my journey through med school, there’s where I’ll be whining about it :) I might cross post from my main to there and so forth, especially if it’s art-related, but in general I’ll confine my school stuff to that.
  • @ahkaraii, my fandom blog! It will be mostly reblogs. Heed the warnings! This may and will have NSFW content. I will also occasionally post my own NSFW art, but it won’t be very frequent, so I wouldn’t bother following it if you’re just interested in my own art.
  • my gore art blog. For purposes of deterring those that are merely curious and/or easily squicked, I will only give out the URL to those who message me expressly for the purpose of getting it. Absolutely NSFW, obviously. Seriously, don’t go looking for it if you don’t like this stuff.

Police your own content consumption. I will tag everything as best as I am able, and if you have a problem with something, TALK TO ME, I will tag it as desired and you can blacklist the tag, or if you really have a problem, simply BLOCK ME. I seriously will not mind. In fact, I’d prefer it.

Please, PLEASE do not make me go through shit like this again. Losing 5 years of my life in one night was awful. I am genuinely an easy going person, you can talk to me if things bother you. I will do my utmost to make your tumblr experience safe for you, but you have to help me help you okay?

That’s it. Thanks again for listening :) Enjoy the reblogs! Once I get over the emotional whiplash of the last 24 hours I’ll start drawing my own art again.


Moffat and Gatiss don’t own Sherlock Holmes.

I am still not feeling coherent enough to formulate a clear response about my unsurprised yet deep disenchantment, or my uneasiness about how fan labor is constantly doing the heavy lifting that TPTB refuse to do. But in this moment, one of the few silver linings I can see is that our beloved characters are (mostly) public domain, not the property of two showrunners who’ve now proven themselves, unequivocally, to be unworthy. 

I don’t know that there is any fix-it fic that can fix this. But last night I spent the money I would have spent on the season 4 DVDs on fan-created works instead, an act that was both satisfying and legal. It is a privilege I don’t want to squander. 


With this extremely shitty event that happened over the weekend, the silver-lining to me is seeing everyone coming together, and not just the LGBTQ community but everyone. I know when I was closeted, I felt lonely. I felt like I was the only one who was gay. I felt small. These times remind us that we’re not small, we’re not alone. We are big, we are bright and we are powerful. – It’s been a really hard week for everyone and again the reason why I wanna continue to vlog is to remind people that nothing is over. – Mark Miller


Description from Mother Nature Network:

Portland, Oregon, has been covered in snow this week — with 6.5 inches measured at the Portland International Airport on Jan. 11, and some areas recording more than 8 inches. Many residents have been snowed in without power, but there’s one group that sees a silver lining in the situation: the animals at the Oregon Zoo.

It’s a delight to see animals like polar bears and seals roll around in the snow. It’s their natural habitat, after all! A sea otter gets in on the fun, too, trying to take some snow with it into the water.

But the real treat of the video comes at the end as Samudra, an Asian elephant, steps out of his enclosure to see the snow. At first, Samudra seems a little confused, if not concerned, but he quickly begins to frolic (as much as an elephant can frolic) in the snow. He even attempts to throw a snowball with his trunk at one point, proving once and for all that all creatures love a good snowball fight.

And trying not to need you, is tearing me apart. 
Can’t see the silver lining, from down here on the floor.
And I just keep on trying, but I don’t know what for…
And this kind of pain, only time takes away,
That’s why it’s harder to let you go.
And this kind of pain, only time takes away,
That’s why it’s harder to let you go
—  Nickelback “trying not to love you”