and to people taking all the photos


Look at that man with the blue suit, and the girl beside him.

“Well seems someone drank more than they shoud….”

Then we have who I’m guessing is Sara. She looks ready to record the moment.

“Oh it’s Yuuri!”

Then we have Mila.

And the poor girl just can’t hold it anymore…

And now even Victor has to take some photos, he doesn’t even care he is talking with other people at the moment.

“Ok just wai-… I only need one photo of this… Ok done!”

Also JJ…

“Don’t worry, we are cooler than that.”


They are feeling it….


“Oh no… now there’s another one.”





“OK now… who brought the pole?”

Another alternative for making maps! Instead of candy or rice


Very useful for people like me who have a very hard time picturing topography. After you finish sprinkling and molding to your heart’s content, take a bunch of photos from all sides so you can make visual note of it however works for you! 

I needed a more 3D option since I have a hard time planning the climate of whatever land I’m making. Knowing where the mountain ranges and valleys are makes it a lot easier to know weather patterns and where to put cities–usually along the best to travel routes and by port access where water is easiest to sail.


Im not sure how many people know but for those who don’t, playing ingress creates more Pokestops. I personally didn’t know so i downloaded the game and saw a lot of potential Pokestops that just need a photo added. So i tried it and these are my results..
All i had to do was take a photo, ten days later it was a Pokestop.
Please share for players like myself who live in very rural areas!!

Remember it still goes off Google maps so for example the post office, i could add a photo but there was a fire department right next to it that didnt exist because it just wasnt found on google maps so it cant be made into a Pokestop. So what im trying to say is if you have places near you that you think could be a Pokestop just load Ingress see if theres a portal there if there is take a photo and submit it, if not then it was worth a shot and you can try somewhere else. Then a little over a week later, if approved, (it can be longer if they get behind with everyone submitting) you’ll have a Pokestop. Good luck! x I also made a video explaining it since people were asking. Ill make a better one later on.

i am so so so sick of weight loss transformation photos being tagged ‘body positive’ all over the internet. i’m so sick of the body posi tags being taken and used by health/food/gym/weight loss accounts and those same people claiming body positivity means taking care of your body through exercise, diet, and weight loss. i’m sick of this thing i found that helped me shed the misconceptions of, and participation in, diet culture being taken by people immersed in diet culture and flipped on it’s head and used against me.

To the millions of Muslim, LGBTQ+, women, all People of Color, disabled and immigrant humans living in fear in America right now: I stand with you. I love you. We will endure. “They tried to bury us. They didn’t know we were seeds.” Take that to heart. We will continue to grow. Stand up for each other always. Stand up against the hate that is here, and that is to come. We will push back by coming together. We will make it. You are valid. You are strong. You belong here, you belong here, you belong here.

I don’t understand why people hate/dislike Kim Namjoon???? Like…I really don’t the man is adorable,charming,intelligent,a nerd,dresses well,writes/composes music that is beautiful af,takes aesthetically pleasing photos and shares his thoughts and views on things,is a big fanboy of Ryan,is a hardworking/down to earth man,loves his members very much,doesn’t take shit from anyone,supports the LGBTQ+ community,is just an amazing human being overall..and yet people just hate on him for the negativity and stuff he has done in the past and honestly the past doesn’t define how he is now and y'all shouldn’t focus on the past and the stuff he has said/done,instead focus on the present instead.Also he is still growing as a person and is learning from his mistakes.
Cuz he does not deserve all this negativity and hate,let alone death threats etc.
He is just an overall amazing human being and anyone who says he isn’t can fight me.
Kim Namjoon is a precious human being and deserves more attention just as much as the others do.
Also any hate or hate asks if you decide to be stupid and do that it will be deleted and you will be blocked.Also vote for BTS for MAMA and thank you that’s the least you can do and shine some positivity in your bitter soul

So we all know that Akaashi is beautiful, but imagine him being the least photogenic person on the planet. Like, he’s the guy whose eyes are always half closed, and if it’s not his eyes then it’s a weird angle. Doesn’t know what to do with his hands. He takes amazing selfies, but if anyone else is in control of the camera, forget about it. Bokuto and Kuroo get a huge kick out of it. Akaashi tries so hard to figure how other people look normal in front of a camera, but he just CANNOT. “_____ has tagged you in a photo” is his worst nightmare.

15 things I wish I’d known before starting my studyblr:


You have no idea what you’re getting yourself into.


You didn’t know there was such a thing as branded stationery, but heck, there’s a thriving market out there. 


LOOK AT ALL THE APPS. THE ADVICE. The resources! Be wary: sometimes simple is best.


People are going to share their dreams, fears,  doubts, hopes, ambitions and “oh my fuck what the fuck is happening moments” with you. You’re going to learn so much from people you’ve never met; who live half a world away. You’ll learn that exam stress is universal, as are feelings of inadequacy and loneliness and anxiousness. A whole new world will open up to you, one message at a time.


People will take your photos, re upload them, use them without credit. They’re going to delete your captions. It’ll piss you off. Its downright disrespectful. You’ll want to leave. Platitudes like ‘the internet is a free space’ will not dull the swell of anger. But don’t let a few fools ruin a good thing. Remember all the messages of support, the funny tags on the reblogs, the kindness oh god the kindness.


Stand up for yourself. Whether it be your study methods, your study philosophy or your style. Be firm, but respectful.


Sometimes you’ll wake up to messages which will make you cry. You’ve never wanted to move mountains before, you never thought you could have such a visceral reaction to someone else’s problems  - but in that moment you’ll want to cross international borders and give someone a hug. Oceans be damned. 


You’re no hero. You can’t help everyone, and your advice may be useful to some and useless to others. That’s ok. Find your own support network within this huge ass community and make it a positive experience for yourself.


Tumblr’s text formatting is a nightmare.


Be vulnerable. Writing about your personal experiences will be cathartic. Giving advice will be cathartic. In guiding others you will be guiding yourself. In doing so, you’ll need to be brutally honest about your own failures, your own doubts and misgivings. You will feel vulnerable, a twisted form of quid pro quo you’re not sure you love. Share your stories of success, your stories of failure so that others will step forward and share theirs. Cheer at other’s success; lend a shoulder to cry on when they don’t. Reach out and start a dialogue. 


Taking a photo will not dull the pain, or tears. You will still have bad days.


People won’t believe that you use natural lighting. They evidently haven’t spent Summer in Australia before.


The number of notes or reblogs your posts have does not reflect the impact that they have on a person’s life. Who the fuck cares about reblogs when you’re sitting in the exam hall the next morning. 


There’s going to be a pointless debate about 'aesthetic’ vs 'effective studying’ which will make you groan and smack your forehead against the closest wall. And then you’re going to remember livejournal. And then you’re going to feel old.


You’re going to meet people who are kind, lovely, whose opinions differ from yours - and that’s ok. There are going to be people you’ll be able to have long 3am conversations with, whose music library you’ll want to freaking raid, and others whose tags will always brighten your day. There’s going to be people who consistently pop up on your activity feed, shadowing your every move and you’re not sure how to express your appreciation but trust me, they’ll know.

+ You started this project in a midnight ramble not expecting anything out of it. You’re going to be in for one hell of a ride. There is no reason to be afraid.

With love,


Very professional revenge for unprofessional behavior.

As humans often do, I became tired one day at work. I decided to use one of my 15 minute paid breaks to take a nap at my desk. One of my coworkers, who I have not only never wronged but never really had a conversation with prior to this, posted incredibly unflattering photos of me sleeping on Facebook all captioned by him with insults to my character and appearance. So, I got to wake up to a bunch of comments from people I’ve never met about how I’m a lazy, special-snowflake, millennial who looks like she used to be a man. That was super fun. What was even more fun was the fact that he’s firmly planted in the Good Ol’ Boys Club, which makes him bulletproof. The manager agreed that it wasn’t professional, but the poor man was suddenly and inexplicably stripped of his ability to do anything about it by those jerks in corporate.

I decided to do my poor manager a favor and take the responsibility off his hands. I sent all the screenshots I took to HR. They can’t fire my jerk coworker, but there are fates worse than firing. He is now currently becoming more and more annoyed by the mandatory harassment training he has to do. I can see him watching it at his desk, making annoyed comments to anyone who walks by and generally looking like he wants to shoot himself. I’m having a very good day today.

The kicker to all of this? I’ve been keeping track of all the 2 and 3-hour paid lunches that Mister Champion of the Company takes. To loosely quote the same man in his hilarious Facebook tirades against me, “How dare someone steal company time like this. What’s wrong with people?” I’ll be sending all of that to HR, plus some recordings of his racist/sexist tirades, when I leave in a week or two. I have interviews lined up, all for better paying jobs with lesser commutes.

Sayonara, shitty company, you gave me the experience and the resume boost to ditch you like the sack of crap you are.


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                                             IS FOR YOU!! (ꈍᴗꈍ)♥

Hello Pau here! For a long time I’ve had in mind doing this, but I’m not sure if this is going to work out or not u_u.

The thing is that I just reached 5k followers!! and that is so so great, never thought this blog would grow this much!!. So I was thinking that every time I make a follow forever, there’s always mentions to a few blogs, but I never get to thank to every single one of my followers for supporting this blog ♥. So instead of picking some blogs for this follow forever, I decided that If you’re simply following this blog, you’re included in this ff. 

So PLEASE If you’re one of the 5K amazingly cute and pretty followers of this blog, REBLOG THIS because this is me trying to thank you for that ♥!! 

And that’s pretty much it tbh. There’s so many amazing people on here that sometimes, only because we’re not mutuals don’t get the appreciation they deserve. So yeah, you’re all amazing, thanks for following this dumb ass blog, and If you ever wanna chat or something I’m always up to meet you all. ♥ 

Jonathan/Nancy/Steve things that make me really happy:

-Jonathan making mixtapes for both of them all of the time always
-Steve SINGING TO BOTH OF THEM aah can you imagine
-Nancy calling both of them idiots and kissing them both on the cheek
-Steve and Nancy standing up for Jonathan whenever people try to make fun of him (ง •̀_•́)ง
-Steve and Jonathan consoling Nancy in their own ways whenever she’s anxious because of school or having a terrible night because of missing Barb or having nightmares about the Demogorgon
-Jonathan taking photos of Steve and his gorgeous hair and of Nancy and her adorable smile
-Steve ATTEMPTING to take photos of Jonathan when he’s looking at Nancy like she’s the world and of Nancy being her beautiful self. The photos are either phenomenal or you can’t make out anything in them
-Steve teasing Jonathan about the way he looks at Nancy, but in the end just having a full blown conversation about how amazing she is where Steve does most of the talking and Jonathan has a dreamy look on his face
*・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・’(*゚▽゚*)‘・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*

Every day, Words With Friends shows me a “match of the day” person they say they hand-picked *just for me*, and want me to play against.

The suggestions are priceless.

First of all, roughly 50% are grandmas.

Another 20% are middleaged guys with sunglasses who reeeaaally like to take selfies in their cars.

#1 looks to be in a driver’s seat, whereas #2 is in a passenger sea– … wait, are they in the same car? 

Are they double-car-sunglasses-selfie buddies?!

I’m not entirely sure what’s happening in this photo… which one’s Jolene? Is she the too-bright one in the foreground with no face?

…also, where on earth are they? Tile floor, some kind of seating, floor-mounted computer kiosk… I’m so confused.

At least this shot makes sense.

These nice people just wanted to take a selfie with the damp pavement outside their house. I mean, hey, we’ve all been there.

At first, I thought the app was just suggesting some guy named Steve, but then I looked at the photo, and – plot twist – it appears Steve might actually be his last name.

This also raises the question of what mother decided to name their kid Tyler Steve.

…and the same goes for the mother that named her son Zyngawf 34260864.

Poor, poor Pippifuzz. They’re just a ghostly outline, doomed forever to haunt the halls of Words With Friends suggestions.

Brandon doesn’t have it much better, seeing as he’s a cloud of mist next to a bridge. At least he has a semi-corporeal body, unlike poor Pippifuzz.

Fred… Fred’s seen some hard times.

…also, yes, the Bumble wants to play Words With Friends with me. I’m flattered.

As does this dog.

As does–…

…wait… Gandalf?




submission - photographer aus
  • I saw you taking random pictures here in the park so I decided to photobomb one but you didn’t seem to notice me
  • alternatively - I was taking photos in the park and I just now noticed some stranger in the background of my photos making funny faces and ruining my aesthetic I’m gonna hunt you down you fucker
  • I’m a wedding photographer and omg none of these people can take a straight shot except you- come to think of it, you look kind of agitated being here, are you okay? 
  • I’m planning on majoring in photography and I need someone to take photos of for my portfolio and omg my camera loves you can you pls stick around a little while longer?
  • My camera broke and it’s hella expensive to fix but you loan me your old one out of kindness, no I’m not crying there’s light in my eyes
  • You say you’re camera shy but your aura is just what I need for my current project- and you’re cute too so that counts
  • I post my photography on my blog/Instagram/FB/etc. and you’re the only one who likes them and leaves a lil message about how you love my style ilysm even though I have no idea who you are
  • You’re my current muse and your smile is so cute/breathtaking/sexy/etc. I have to lie down

I don’t understand how fansites can get such clear photos of idols jumping all over the stage alongside being in a crowd of people like ????? I can’t even take a picture of myself alone sitting still without it looking like I had the most violent twitch of my life ???????


Happy Birthday Leigh Daniel “Dan” Avidan! (March 14, 1979) → “Don’t make fame your goal. Make your goal doing what you do to the best of your ability, and that’s something no one can take away from you.” 

(MAGFest concert photo in the mid-right corner courtesy of @kawaiittrash)

“Dan is one of the best human beings I’ve ever met in my life…if Dan says you’re cool, then you’re cool.” ~ Arin Hanson

“Danny is literally the worst person I know…one of the least talented and most selfish people I’ve ever met. I also think Danny is a total diva.”  ~ Brian Wecht

“Danny is a cute motherf*cker.” ~ Vernon Shaw

“He’s like 7 feet tall and a palm tree of hair.” ~ Barry Kramer

“I peer review Dan all the time. I look at him like ‘His thumbs look stupid’. I mean Dan looks like a big f*cking muppet, you know.” ~ Ross O’Donovan

“I would say Dan’s whole personality is badass positivity. He’s an awesome rock star, a hyperactive 8-year-old, and the world’s wisest oldest man, all living in the same brain.” ~ Phoenix Carver

Studyblr problems
  • Always typing ‘studybkr’ instead of studyblr on your phone 
  • Only remembering you were going to post when it’s like 11pm and the lighting is terrible 
  • Needing to actually follow your own advice so badly
  • Definitely clicking ‘save as draft’ but somehow tumblr ends up posting your half-finished post 
  • Needing to take a photo of your beautiful set up in the library but also not wanting to look like an actual weirdo
  • Finding a typo in your post once people have already reblogged it
  • Taking a stunning picture of your notes or study set up but have no one notice it
  • Needing to buy all of the stationery you ever see
  • Being forever jealous of everyone else’s handwriting and notes layout
  • Being in love with muji even though you’ve never even been there
  • Wishing that one blog you’re obsessed with would notice you
  • Being fundamentally jealous of everyone else’s urls
  • Hating yourself for quitting French when you were like 14 as all the langblrs are so amazing
  • Having a ginormous list of books you want to read but will probably never get the chance to read them all
Into You (1/?)

Summary- Tom wants a relationship without everyone prying in, but reader is tired of hiding in the shadows. Based off the song Into You by Ariana Grande.

AN- I may stop writing, but I’m not sure yet, I’m gonna take a few says to think over whether I want to stop writing, or continue with this blog.

Send in requests my ask is always open for anything

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I’m so into you, I can barely breathe
And all I wanna do is to fall in deep
But close ain’t close enough ‘til we cross the line, hey yeah
So name a game to play, and I’ll roll a dice, hey

The lights were blinding as they flashed in your eyes, yet you still managed to maintain the small smile for the cameras. As well as the never ending flashes, the shouts from those taking the photos that were going to be plastered on the internet in a matter of hours. All you could hear were people screaming at you to look somewhere, or pose a certain way.

It tired you out, but it was just something that came with the job, a job you loved very much. But these events were not the highlight of your life the limelight, with the stress of trying to find the perfect outfit, then not being able to get a moments peace the second you stepped onto the red carpet.

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The Commemorative Photo scene took place before The Banquet scene

I write this as a follow up to my recent meta about Yuuri doing better than we all thought during his Short Programme at the Sochi Grand Prix final. A lot of people had some really interesting feed back so I decided making a new post would be the best way to address a main point.

This takes place before the banquet

It has to. Point of evidence number one:

They’re still in their tracksuits, with rink passes. There’s no other real reason they’d still be wearing them if they’re literally just about to depart for America.

Point of evidence number two:

Viktor is giving Yurio skating advice here. Why would he wait for at least a day afterwards, post banquet, to give him this advice?

Point of evidence number three:

This establishing shot shows not only that they’re at the rink still, but also the time, proving this all went down right after the bathroom scene.

Now, the banquet.

Viktor is looking at Yuuri, and though it may be just because he looks sad, it could also be from recognising the photo incident.

Side note: I know people picked up on it in my last post but in no way am I saying Viktor literally didn’t recognise Yuuri. His words to Yuuri certainly suggest that he’s talking to a fan, but we have Yuuri as a hugely unreliable narrator who probably took Viktor’s words in a ‘he doesn’t recognise me’ way.

With that in mind, let’s reimagine what went down right here:

In my mind, Yuuri is totally going to go confront Viktor about ‘not remembering him’

We see from Viktor’s phone that Yuuri is totally up in his grill I mean just look at him.

And we all know how that confrontation turned out

I hope this post cleared up some things as I can’t reply to you all individually!