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William Nylander Imagine (Part 4)

I’m sorry this is rushed and bad but i wrote it during my break at work because it was the only free time i had today and i wanted to post more parts for you guys, please enjoy :)

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His best friend looked like he was having an existential crisis and he didn’t know what to do. Theoretically speaking his first step should be making sure that William didn’t completely freak out but Kasperi couldn’t move either. If somebody told him he’s a dad he’d freak out too.



William took his phone again and opened another tab. Under the picture of you was a caption with your name, at least your first name since the last name was different. He wondered if you got married, and when that little voice inside his head told him that 20 was too young to be married he had to remind himself that 20 is also too young to be a mum to two toddlers and yet there you were.

Google searching your name brought surprisingly many results. There were some pictures of you and the children and some news that seemed to be about other people with your name. He scrolled a bit and found a link to a blog. In the description it said it was about the life as a single teen mom so he clicked on it in hopes that it connected to you. The page took forever to load  but when it finally does he scans it as fast as he can. The most recent post was about the proper winter clothes for active kids but right next to it, there in the corner, was a different picture of you and your twins smiling into the camera. Kasperi looked at him weirdly but William ignored him. The only question was: is it okay to stalk the girl that could be the mother of your children online? William didn’t even think about it and started to scroll down.

The funny thing about spending a lot of money on having a shitload of work, filler and plastic surgery done to your face is that afterwards you look like a completely different person; there will alway be a distinctive before and after and you can’t use new photos interchangeably with “old” ones.

Briana, I know your idiot fans insist that it’s just contouring and angles, but you new facial structure speaks volumes. Even if you hadn’t had a nose job while you were supposed to be pregnant, even if we ignore the bizarre timeline your cobbled together caption implies, you can’t post a “3 month bump” pregnancy picture, supposedly taken last year, featuring THIS YEAR’S new face.

Thanks for being an idiot, it makes this whole thing just slightly more bearable.


This is probably the most half-assed comic I’ve ever done like the only thing that I really did was move Vic out the frame via the my ability to move things in a different layer and copy & paste like the thing that took the longest was the bloody table ffs

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On September 25th, 2016, I want to launch #NoMoreCraptions.

What is #NoMoreCraptions, you may ask? It’s a campaign that I want to start to make people aware of the lack of proper closed captioning on YouTube.

As you know, I have been working for almost two years to make YouTubers aware of closed captioning for their deaf audience. I have been somewhat successful, but I’m not clearly as close as I want to be. That is because I cannot do this by myself. There are too many people on this earth. I am one person in a world of seven billion. I can only make so many “caption your videos!” videos. Every channel has a different audience consisting of different people. In order to reach out to everyone, I need everyone’s help.

I have only one rule for this video: the video must be captioned, obviously. The video must be captioned before you make it public.

I want the videos to cover these topics:

  • Introduce the campaign and what it is
  • What closed captioning is
  • Why it’s important (d/Deaf/HOH people, people with auditory processing disorder, for people learning other languages, etc)
  • What auto c®aptions really are and why they don’t work
  • How it benefits creators (captions get translated into subtitles, brings it more viewers/subscribers)
  • How to caption (you can refer them to my 3 Ways To Caption video or tell them to Google, lol)
  • Note that if creators choose to go the fan contribution route, they NEED to look over the submissions before publishing. Caption with jokes and unnecessary commentary are not real captions and should not be published.
  • Anything else you can think of that would be worth noting.

I want to emphasize that I would really like to see these videos go up on Sunday, September 25th. Why? While September is fully dedicated to deaf awareness, there is one day dedicated to the cause: the last Sunday of September. So, for 2016, that’s the 25th.

Please, please, please, if you can get anybody you know on board with this, please send them this post.  I want as many people involved as possible. My mission is to make this a huge thing. I want this to make this as big as possible in just one day.

When the day arrives, I will make a #NoMoreCraptions playlist on my YouTube channel so all the videos will be in one place.

If you have any questions, feel free to message me! I will reblog in about two weeks and then another a week after that with reminders to get your videos finished and ready to go.

EDIT: Yes, hearing people, you can join in. If you weren’t allowed, I would have said “d/Deaf and hard of hearing people only!” instead of “I want as many people involved as possible.” There’s around 7 billion people in the world. Around 642,000 people are d/Deaf/HOH. The rest of you outnumber us, obviously. So we need you too!


Okay so something I noticed in Yellow Diamonds song:

[CC: Image of Steven Universe episode “That Will Be All” Yellow Diamond singing, “What’s The Use of Feeling, Blue?” to Blue Diamond with closed captions of lines. While Steven and Greg hide behind a pillar. video]

While saying what each different gem does, she mentions a Lapis, the “a Lapis terraforms” stuck out to me. This now makes sense of Lapis ability of water manipulation.

As we know all gems are created with a purpose. Pearls as handmaidens, Rubies as guards, Bismuths as builders, etc. so the thing that always made me wonder was: What was the point of Lapis ability?

It’s to terraform a planet for new colonies!

Sometimes geodes like the cluster is probably used but also gems themselves are put to work to make whatever planet the Diamond Authority wanted more habitable for gems to flourish on. I mean just imagine the different Lapis elemental abilities.

Lapis Lazuli’s only come in blue so there’s a chance theirs only water manipulation but just imagine the possible other terraforming abilities a Lapis could have!



The journey that you took to reach your debut always fascinates me. Seven different boys, seven different stories. Each with a unique background, a unique start, but ultimately coming together to reach for the same dream. I always wonder what today would’ve been like if you had never met. If the BTS we know now had never come to be.

It really was fate.


“Humanity against Evil” by Gaetano Cellini (1873-1937)

This allegoric, material expression of an ideal, is a perfect fit for Auguste Rodin’s quotation, “Art is the most sublime mission of mankind,since it is the expression of thought, which seeks to understand the world and to make it understood.”

Cellini was obviously inspired by Michelangelo as well – and the latter might have chosen a different caption for the muscular tension of man as he strives to free himself of evil.

Imagine Sehun as your boyfriend...

- He will always take you to a different place for your dates
- Him texting you cute things
- “Every king needs a queen by his side”
- Sends you pictures of Vivi with captions like “I miss you mommy, when are you coming home?”
- Vivi is practically your son
- “Do you think there’s life in Mars?”
- “Sehun…it’s 3 am go to sleep”
- “Okay, but do you think…”
- Cuddles while you watch movies
- Makes you wear his jackets because he thinks you look cute
- Kisses the back of your hand
- Long walks in the middle of the night
- Really deep conversations
- Loves it when you wear dresses
- Long slow kisses that end up with both of you laughing uncontrollably
- You would be the only person allowed to touch his hair
- You taking pictures of each other while doing dumb faces
- Whenever you text each other you use those derpy pictures of each other as reaction pictures
- Hugs you from behind and asks you to cook for him
- Exploring every bubble tea shop
- Going shopping together and picking each others clothes
- Sehun being clingy 24/7
- “Do you love me?”
- “I don’t know, do you?”
- Walking Vivi together
- You comforting him by telling him how talented and hardworking he is
- Will always bring you something pretty from every city/country he visits on his tours
- Random dance battles between the both of you
- You watching him practice
- Looks at you whenever he makes a mistake and you just laugh
- Sex in the living room
- Cuddles
- “How was it?”
- You being jealous of his eyebrows
- Him making fun of your height then apologizing in .5 seconds before you hit him
- Loves the smell of your hair
- Surprise kisses
- Takes pictures of you when you’re not looking
- Still doesn’t follow you on instagram
- Overprotective boyfriend
- Spoons you while sleeping
- You spanking him by surprise
- “Can you imagine when we get married?”
- Says ‘I love you’ while looking into your eyes

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a richonne au in which Michonne and Carl leave the house for some bonding time and Rick wishes Michonne would come back. (1st/2nd/3rd/4th/5th/6th/7th/8th{insp.} 

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Powerful image! These days it would probably include the phone we are holding in our hands 📲 Make sure you balance your entertainment time with time in God’s Word. I try to remind myself that I’m not here on this planet to be entertained, I’m here to love, spread the Gospel and make a difference in people’s lives. Let’s go! 🙏🙌💖 [I have no clue where this image originated, so let me know if you do and I’ll update the caption]

Christmas!AU - Calum/5SOS

Summary: Calum’s flight home is delayed and you’re worried he won’t make it home in time for Christmas…

Pairing: Calum Hood x Reader

Requested: Fandom, yes, plot, no.

Warnings: None, I don’t think.

A/N: Hope everyone celebrating Christmas has an amazing holiday!



You stare out of your living room window, to look out at a sunny sky and a dry road – nothing which matches the snow-covered roads and blank white sky in the photos Calum snapchatted you from where he is.

He sent you three photos of something different.

The first, was of the snow-covered roads, captioned with: Good News: I’ve seen snow! :D The second, was of the departure time board at the airport, captioned with: Bad News: My flight has been delayed :( The final one, of the blank white sky, captioned with: More Bad News: I don’t know if I’ll make it back in time for Christmas :( 

You sigh to yourself. You had always wondered what Christmas was like for other Countries. With the Christmas period falling within the Summer months in Australia, the traditions you are used to are different from the more Western traditions of building snowmen, and having snowball fights, and wrapping up warm when you leave the house. It had always been your dream to spend Christmas somewhere like New York, or in a log cabin in Austria.

However, when it means your boyfriend could be stuck in another Country, away from his family at Christmas, it doesn’t sound so cool.

You flop down on your sofa, and switch on the television, finding a Christmas film to keep yourself occupied. You don’t know what to do. From Calum’s snapchats, he doesn’t know whether he’ll make it home for Christmas, but there is still a slim chance he will do. So, you don’t know whether to make plans with your parents as an alternative, or whether to just hope for the best and stay put. If there is a chance Calum will be able to make it home, you want to be here for him. But if Calum isn’t going to make it home in time, you don’t want to spend Christmas alone.

You tell him to text when and if he gets on a plane, to keep you update so you have an idea of what you should do. He lets you know that while there is a slim chance he’ll make it home in time, it is highly unlikely that that will happen. You phone your mum, and tell her the problem, and she says that you can go to theirs, or they can come to yours if it would make you feel better. You say that might be a good idea.

You spend the rest of Christmas Eve lazing around the house, watching Christmas movies, baking cakes and wrapping presents. If Calum was here, it would be different. He would be cracking jokes every opportunity he got, or he’d be teasing you religiously about the amazing present he’s got you, or he’d be complaining about the present he got his mum, saying how she deserves the world but all he could afford was some face cream. You’d make him feel better about it by saying that it’s her favourite brand and it’s expensive, but he’d shrug it off and promises himself that he’ll do better next year.

Your sister calls you, and asks if you would like to go to the carol service that is on in the local church in an hour’s time. You decline the offer to begin with, because you don’t know the words to half of the carols they play and you can’t sing, but then you realise how much you sound like Scrooge – which you are not at all, you love Christmas as much as the next person does, perhaps even more.

“Actually, you know what?” You speak through the phone, “I’ll see you there!”

You meet your sister at the doors to the Church, and the two of you find a seat inside. Luckily for you, everyone has been provided with a lyric sheet with the lyrics of every carol going to be performed tonight typed up in one place, so that’s one issue resolved.

Surprisingly, your worries about Calum potentially not making it home in time for Christmas are pushed to one side, clearly because you’re enjoying yourself more than you thought you would.

After the carol service, you head back home and your sister spends the night at yours so you wouldn’t be alone. You watch more movies and head to bed at about 10pm, falling fast asleep almost as soon as your head hits the pillow.

You wake up the next morning, and for a split second you forget that Calum isn’t there with you, which puts a downer on your morning. However, the smell of food cooking downstairs is enough to cheer you up and lure you out of bed. It’s times like this when you appreciate having a sister who is a good cook and is also considerate enough to cook your food for you.

Except…it isn’t your sister that’s cooking. In fact, your sister isn’t anywhere to be seen.

There, in the kitchen, with his back to you, is the best Christmas present you could have asked for.

“Calum…?” You speak out loud, happily.

He turns his head to the side, “Hey,” he says, casually.

He stops what he’s doing and wipes his hands on his jacket, turning around and walking over to you. He pulls you into a hug and squeezes you tight.

“Merry Christmas, babe.” He mumbles into your neck.

You suddenly push him away from you in excitement. “Cal…how is this even possible! You never texted to say you got on the plane, was it even delayed?”

He laughs, but he nods his head in confirmation. “Yes, my plane was delayed.”

“So, how did you get here so soon? I wasn’t expecting you until later today at the earliest! And why didn’t you text me like you said you would?!” You yell, excitedly.

Calum laughs some more, his smile stretching from ear-to-ear. “My flight boarded not long after I sent you those snapchats. I will confess…I forgot to text you, but…by the time I got on the flight I was just so stressed that it sort of just slipped out of my mind…I’m really sorry. I got back about an hour ago.”

“Why didn’t you wake me?!” You shout playfully.

Calum bursts out laughing, obviously not being able to stop. “I didn’t want to wake you in case you were tired.”

You smile to him, before pulling him back into a hug. “I’m so glad you made it back okay. I love you.”

“I love you too, babe, so much.” He whispers.

When you pull away, he leaves a soft peck on your lips.

“Presents or breakfast first?” He asks you.

You think to yourself, “Presents!”