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threesome with shownu and hyungwon

Threesome with Shownu & Hyungwon

Warning: NSFW

•There is no dom or sub between these two

•Both of them love you so much that all they want to do is cherish you

•Slowly taking off your shirt and pulling down you pants

•Hyungwon kisses all over your shoulders and down your back

•Shownu kisses all over your collarbones and in-between your breasts

•You sigh in ecstasy, finally feeling at peace

•They lay you on your back and one of them immediately goes to your center

•He licks over your wet panties, humming at the taste

•The other one is up by your chest

•Unclipping your bra and pulling it off you, blowing onto your skin

•Making goose bumps appear

•He licks in between your breasts and moves to your nipples

•Licking around them

•Sucking on them

•Biting them

•The bite makes you arch your back

•A firm hand brings you down and two hands hold your hips in place

•You feel your panties being lifted and taken off

•You’re now fully exposed, you feel self conscious about how you look now

•Starting to curl up, as if that will make you disappear

•Both of them stop you

•Laying you out before them

•They both groan at how you beautiful you are to them

•One of them goes back down to your center, spreading your legs and licking up your slit

•The action makes you hiss because of how sensitive you are

•You hear chuckles and you giggle with them

•But soon all giggles are gone

•Plush lips are wrapped around your clit while another pair of thick lips attach themselves to your neck

•You can feel your wetness drip onto the mattress

•The lips on your neck move down to one of you nipples and your breathing starts to quicken

•Two cold fingers are placed at your entrance

•They slowly move farther into you

•Making you widen your legs and start to move your hips to get more friction

•Another finger is placed on your clit

•You try and shut your legs but another hand stops you

•The fingers inside of you start to move faster

•They start to curl up and they touch your g-spot

•That makes you moan out

•Both boy stop and the two fingers tentatively touch that spot again

•You moan louder

•Now the two fingers start to just touch that spot

•While another finger starts rubbing your clit

•Your hips lift off the bed, chasing your climax

•Both boys move faster as they feel you start to tremble

•Your moaning gets louder

•Your breathing increases

•Both fingers touch that spot once more

•All you see is white

•Your breathing has stopped

•You legs have locked themselves together

•You’re full of euphoria

•As you come back from your high, you feel warm hands rubbing up and down your body

•A wet cloth is used to clean up and you’re placed on your stomach, under the covers

•Four hands start to rub your back, as you start to fall asleep you hear them whisper

•"Baby, we love you.“


We pledge ourselves to you, the Frame-maker, the Scarab: a world for us to love you in, a cloak of dirth to cherish. Betrayed by your ancestors when you were not even looking. Hoary Magnus and his ventured opinions cannot sway the understated, a trick worthy of the always satisfied. A short season of towers, a rundown absolution, and what is this, what is this but fire under your eyelid?
—  Sermon 10

ok but TODAY HAS BEEN SUCH A GOOD DAY??? i got offered an amazing job and log in on my break TO SEE THE SWEET MESSAGE SOMEONE SENT IN TO PLUMBOB and i’m so flustered u guys make my world a better place u r all loved and cherished so much cuties ok

Holy and enabling Spirit, give wings to our morning prayers. May those we support and cherish with our love receive your grace to help them in their need. Amen. ~ A New Zealand Prayer Book - He Karakia Mihinare o Aotearoa 

a true work of art : dks

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request: an art museum date with kyungsoo

word count: 634

author’s note: i’m reposting everything i have written on hoseoksgal to this new, writing blog. hi sorry this is so short, but i am sort of experiencing writer’s block right now and i didn’t know where to take this, but i hope you like it. :-) - ally

    When the time came for Kyungsoo and yourself to be together amid his hectic work schedules, there was no passing it up. A day where neither of you had to fulfill the expectations set upon yourselves was what was needed. Days like this, where everything was calm often sprouted new memories of a cherished love that would continue to grow. On this day, a trip to an art museum was planned, which would serve as a calm place to let your thoughts mix with Kyungsoo’s.

    The atmosphere on the way to the museum was calm, with Kyungsoo’s roaming hands traveling your thighs and gentle kisses left in your hair, you couldn’t wait for a day where the two of you could just simply enjoy each other’s presence. You could feel the calmness in the air as you exited the car. With Kyungsoo’s hand in yours, the two of you made your way into what could only be known as a peaceful day.

    Walking and admiring were the only things done during this day. Admiring the art was a given, but admiring Kyungsoo was just simply a habit now. His quiet and humble nature is what first bloomed your inevitable attraction towards him. But now, everything he did made you love him more. Like the forehead kisses, or the soft touches when under the sheets together. And his voice, too. It drew you in, in a way that didn’t even make sense. The simplicity of things you loved about him, in return made him love you even more than he already did. This day would only produce memories of the quiet times you two spent together.

    The museum itself was wonderful. Kyungsoo would often comment on pieces when trying to find the meaning behind them. His theories made no sense, but all you could do was giggle and nod at his uplifting demeanor. At one point during the visit, Kyungsoo asked if he was allowed to take a photo of the art work. Clearly there were signs posted that strictly prohibited the action, so you gave him a confused look. But when he suddenly took out his phone and snapped a picture, you couldn’t help but laugh at his cheesy gesture.

    Halfway through the visit, the walking was making both of you crave something to eat. So while Kyungsoo ordered food from the little cafe located in the corner of the museum, you searched for a place to sit. Being so exhausted from the day’s events, it only made sense that you took a little nap. By the time Kyungsoo found you with your head against the table, he could only laugh at the quiet snores emitting from your mouth. Once again, before waking you, Kyungsoo snapped another picture to add to his never ending album of you.

    As the time at the museum slowly came to an end, you couldn’t help but think about the relationship between the two of you. There were often times when you both would fall asleep with the lights on, while taking in every inch of the other. Times like today, really made you appreciate the fact that Kyungsoo was all yours. You loved how protective of you he was, without it being extremely obvious. You loved that the relationship was private, and that the only pda was hand holding. You loved how he cherished every part of you, and how supportive of you he was. The times with Kyungsoo made you realize how special he was to you, and that nothing would ever change that.

    The ride home consisted of silly conversations about the artwork seen during the day, Kyungsoo quietly humming along to the radio while his hands were tangled in your hair, and the sound of his heartbeat being heard as you lay against his chest.

hey please read this

Sunday night my mom was jumped and beat up. both of her lungs collapsed, and she has 8 broken ribs. if they had gotten to her so little as five more minutes after she had been beaten, she would have died. they didn’t think she was going to make it Sunday night. they also found meth in her system. she is currently in the hospital and will be for a few weeks.
please, send your thoughts, prayers, good vibes and other things to my mother.
she may have been abusive but shes still my mom and I love and cherish her.
thank you.

I just need to take a second to say @museycat is not only a hilarious, thoughtful, kind, fun babe but is a constant source of support to me. My disabled ass literally would not be able to handle uni, or housing, or London, or being apart from my most cherished loved ones, or basically anything except that she’s in my corner so it’s ok. She knows how much I struggle with things and she endlessly patient with me, she never gets mad at me for messing up, she only ever helps when she can and gives me the confidence and support to help myself and to push myself to get better at the things I want/need to get better at. She’s helped me so much and she’s helped me learn that I’m allowed to ask for help and support, that it’s ok to be vulnerable and that striving to leave no impact on people and to ask for nothing is not only self-destructive but isn’t fair to the people who care about me.I’ve been really struggling, a lot, with so many things, but I know that I can pick up the phone and she’ll answer even if she’s on the loo.

Cat is one of the top five best people I’ve ever, ever met and I appreciate and am in awe of her and you should all be too

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I ship you with N because you deserve a sweet pure human to love and cherish forever


I can’t get stop smiling ; w ; thank you sweetie ;w;

*aggressively gives BioWare characters the happy endings that the developers refuse to let them have*



Noctis: for my beloved Eav