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you know what would definitely make everything so much better? ... another snippet from your angel/demon fic, please please please please <3

can do! 

Dinner is a chance for them to check in, a weekly once-over that ensures they’re as safe and as happy as immortals in a human world can be. Family isn’t a word they throw around lightly; they’re all here because they choose to be, but they’re also here because the general consensus is that each of them belongs. There are some that are closer than others — Amy and Eoghan are more Niall’s brood than part of the core family, and then there’s Louis’ (and Harry’s) additions, Lottie and Fizzy and Daisy and Phoebe — but no matter what, they take care of their own.

And so that’s why Louis is supremely unsurprised when Niall drops into a chair across from him and Zayn at the table, the plates and glasses around them empty, his brows furrowed.

“Harry told me you two had a weird summoning this week,” he says, apropos of nothing, and interrupting Zayn in the middle of his meandering thought about how Bob Marley was totally qualified for sainthood and how it’s a crime he wasn’t given it.

“Weird summoning?” Zayn asks, letting the Marley conversation go easier than Louis would’ve expected. Louis sighs.

“Yeah, it was weird. Nothing bad, just strange,” he shrugs. “Bunch of kids in a basement in Yorkshire, and somehow they were strong enough to summon both me and Harry in the same day.”

“Maybe they had help?” Niall asks.

“Nah, don’t think so. I read through their spellbook before I burned it, but the Latin in it wasn’t even translated properly, it didn’t really make sense. So I think they just managed to accidentally use a really good spell instead of a mediocre one.”

“You know, now that you mention that,” Zayn says, “My visions this week had a lot of you and Harry in them, and they’re usually a little hard to understand but this week was even weirder.”

Niall hums, looking unsettled. “Don’t like that much.”

“I don’t either,” Zayn says.

“It’s no big deal,” Louis says soothingly, or at least an approximate version of soothingly. They’re clucking at him like mother hens as though this is his first time all alone in the big bad world. If there had been danger in that bland little Cottingham basement, Louis would have known, or Harry would have seen; between the two of them, they’ve survived a lot worse things than spotty kids playing witch in a basement.

“Just let me get the cards and do a quick look, it’ll make me feel better,” Niall says, getting to his feet. Zayn clears a space on the table, scooting aside the potato dish and the chicken bones and the fourth empty bottle of wine to make room for Niall.

They aren’t tarot cards, because Niall’s not a Seer — Stan is, and he could do an in-depth reading if he were here, even though Louis would still say that’s completely unnecessary — but the one thing Niall has deep in his bones is a well of magic, real magic, and these cards help him channel what he sees in his head.

Louis’ power comes from grace, holy buckets of grace imbued in his very being; Harry’s comes from the opposite — unholiness, Louis supposes, but there’s probably a better word for it. Witches and magic users draw magic from the Earth, and they can harness it, but they don’t own it, and it’s not part of them.

For Niall, and for others like him, magic is what took his family and made them above other humans. Magic is the extra strand in his DNA, as it were, and while he can’t always control it, he does always have it. Ready to be drawn on, a reservoir of power. And so he made these cards by hand, ages back, to put that magic to immediate use when he needs it. One look at what his magic-imbued subconscious picked out for him and he can paint a picture of someone’s past, present, or future.

Unlike a tarot reading, he doesn’t lay out multiple cards to paint a picture; he just needs one. He shuffles the deck and swipes through, until his hand stills over the one calling to him:

He lays it out, turns it over — a water wheel.

Niall’s brow furrows again, and he puts the card back in the deck. Harry’s drifted over as well, probably seeing the confused frown on Louis’ face, and he watches quietly over Louis’ shoulder.

Niall draws again, pausing over the card that speaks to him, and flips it over: this one is a throne on fire.

“Um,” Niall says, flicking a glance up at Louis and Harry. “That’s… odd.”

“What’s odd?” Harry asks.

“Well,” Niall says, exhaling slowly. “Normally, when I pull a card for Louis, I get the same one for you, because your destinies have always been all tied up together. But this time, they were different.” He stares at the burning throne card for a moment, then puts it back in the deck and shuffles again. “Maybe I just- just did it wrong.”

He’s never done it wrong before. Harry puts his hand on Louis’ shoulder, and when Louis looks up at him he’s biting his lip, watching Niall’s hands hover over the deck. His eyes are squeezed tight as his hand passes over the deck and he stills once again, choosing a card.

“So, for Louis,” he narrates, then flips the card — the water wheel.

He nods to himself, puts the card back in the deck, shuffles and chooses again.

“For Harry,” he says, and flips a card over — the burning throne.

“That’s…” he trails off, still staring at the card he drew.

“What does that mean?” Louis asks, peering more closely at the card, the painted flames licking at the crown lying abandoned in the seat of the throne.

“Erm, it’s not one set meaning, you know,” Niall explains, scratching the back of his neck uncomfortably. He looks around, sees that everyone else besides the four of them are engrossed in a competitive game of Jenga in the living room, and then meets Harry’s eyes, looking worried. “But I keep getting one word, over and over.” He winces a little. “Betrayal.”

Zayn breathes in, a quick intake. “Oh,” he says, “that, well. That reminds me — my visions were all over the place this week, yeah? Most of them are quick flashes of what’s going to happen eventually, but some of these made no sense. But one of them,” he pauses, also looking apologetically at Harry. “Well, it can’t be true, maybe we shouldn’t worry.”

“No, wait,” Harry says, bottom lip jutting out, his eyes anxious. “I want to know, just in case.”

“Erm, okay, but remember that this doesn’t necessarily have to be literal,” Zayn cautions. He takes another breath. “I saw… well, I saw you, standing over Louis while he was lying on the ground.”

“That’s not so bad,” Louis says, hopeful. “That could mean lots of things.”  

“He had your sword,” Zayn continues, looking ruefully between them. “And he was about to use it. Against you.”

Harry’s hand clenches on Louis’ shoulder, and Louis can’t stand it.

“That’s not going to happen,” he says, point-blank. “It’s ridiculous to even think so.”

“Totally,” Zayn adds in quickly. “I could’ve seen it wrong, that happens sometimes.”

“Yeah, it’s fine,” Niall says belatedly.

Harry stays quiet for the rest of the night.

DON’T MESSAGE ME MEMES I FORGOT.  I REALLY CANT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT. It fills up my inbox and is just really bothersome.
YES I’m gonna do one for 2017 because I have no self respect and too much time on my hands
in no particular order, the memes of 2016

  • jennifer lawrence being a huge jerk to the person on their phone cuz they wwre trying to translate somethint
  • cumslutscootaloo
  • me: why are aliens destroying the earth??? aliens: [x]
  • me: thats fair i understand
  • you fucked up a perfectly good monkey is what you did! look at it! its got anxiety!
  • mercrury retrograde
  • the boys are back in town
  • chungy
  • congratulations you played yourself
  • tag yourselves im the x
  • mario 64 HALF A PRESS
  • squidward dabbing
  • the fine bros copyrighting react videos
  • that one photo of marge simpson
  • waste his time (what it started out as was pretty shitty but then it got fuckijg funny)
  • bernie or hillary?  be informed. compare them on the issues that matter
  • jean stuff
  • is dabbing a meme or a trend
  • i heard that kylo ren has an 8 pack. that kylo ren is shredded.
  • that blond kid with the kazoo and the youre my special friend i dont know who he is but??? hes a meme
  • daaaaaaaaaamn daniel
  • ted cruz is the zodiac killer
  • jeb bush got bullied outta the election
  • pokemon sun pokemon moon
  • its time to stop
  • kanye wests cover art for his album
  • the death of the leonardo di caprio not getting an oscar memes was a meme itself
  • when the sun hits the x just right 👌🏻
  • i wondered why this movie was so visually pleasing (golden ratio used wrong everywhere)
  • let lesbians live (The 100 killed off another lesbian cuz god forbid we let the queer women live)
  • [glass him]
  • the snapchat face swap feature
  • a photographer took photos before and after tellijg people they were beautiful
  • who are you? im you but stronger
  • #memehistory
  • need me a freak like that
  • history of japan (that video was fuckin art)
  • •christian memes tbh that shit is wild 
  • sausage party
  • get a man who can do both
  • that one photo of mr krabs and everything is turning
  • this is descision 2016 (tumblrs april fools joke once again)
  • “can we listen to something other than ___”
  • breaking news
  • be careful who you call ugly in middle school
  • vaporwave
  • tumor toileta
  • I did nAUGHTt! Mister Electic send him to the principal's office and have him EXpelLed!
  • that one photo of skai jackson
  • that one photo of beyonce
  • the skai jackson photo beingg used with the beyonce photo and the kobe photo (the oned where they are silently like passive aggressivley exsisting)
  • power puff girls reboot???? might count as a meme??? just general hate for it its terrible
  • dark [x] show me the [thing that is hard to find with that x]
  • nanalan
  • the photo of squidwards eyes closed and they stay closed
  • LEMONADE and honestly wverything about that album was eventually a meme to some degree
  • the image of a finger pressing a key on a keyboard and its blue and it says something
  • chaotic good
  • dog or muffin?
  • youre on our radar!
  • dat boi (oh shit waddup)
  • to be continued/roundabout
  • boof
  • we are all
  • obi juan whoever the fuck you are… youre my only ho
  • honk if you love x
  • me.       my mutuals. 
  • dover
  • anything involving pokwmon sun and moon ESPECIALLY the starter pokemon
  • captain america civil war came out and thus became a meme again 
  • art vs artist 
  • please disconnect from the bluetooth speaker.  we need to talk. come downstairs
  • mutuals do this it’s really fun
  • the pic of caveman spongebob
  • x has been found dead in miami
  • that one thing of captin anerican saying “hail hydra” became a meme cuz i guess ppl were so mad they didnt know what else to do.  basically you drew a character saying something theyd NEVER in a million years say
  • alright tommy im leaving the house to do some errands see you in a bit
  • tthose photos of like “apple [a character u think is a bottom] jeans”
  • *inhale* you can be in the LGBTQA+ community and-
  • are you a or b? c or d? e or f? (cat person or dog person? day person or night person? things like that)
  • the cursed child plot became a meme itd SO BAD 
  • we are gamers
  • cracking ur knuckles and then writing crazy fast
  • britian left the european union
  • i would literally die if a boy did this to me (image of somehtig that would kill u)
  • old friends senior dog sanctuary facebook page
  • another spongebob one! using spongebob screencaps to represent similar things (ie each game in a series, characters in a series)
  • matpat gave undertale to the pope
  • that one image od the guy running towards where a green sign is pointing like hes middair 
  • clap 👏🏻 between 👏🏻 every 👏🏻 word 👏🏻 in 👏🏻 a 👏🏻 sentence 👏🏻 or 👏🏻 something 👏🏻
  • a submeme is dont call yourself an x if you havent y with the hands between each word
  • does pokemon go count? we had that meme that was like “but ms! theres a (pokemon) in (place the pokemon would likely be in our world)” but now the game came out and theres just pokemon go shit EVERYWHERE 
  • mighty number nine
  • that one picture of squidward lying in bed hella fucking terrified and spongebob outside his window (a lot of spongebob memes this year)
  • wholesome memes? like memes that r normally made at the expense of others being turned around to be nice to othwrs
  • taylor swift is a snake/rat
  • snake emoji
  • *inhales* BOI
  • north korea declaring war on the us
  • arthurs clenched fist 
  • photo of two guys waving at each other"same ___! same ___!“
  • “oh now this! this is beautiful”
  • michael phelps game face
  • how deep is this pool
  • IM RICK HARRISON AND THIS IS MY PAWN SHOP I work here with my dad and my son, Big Hoss. Everything here has a story, and a price. If there’s one thing I learned after 20 years, you never know WHAT is gonna come through That door.
  • i like dropping hints that im ___. im ____.
  • roses are red (weird headline or phrase)
  • #dicksoutforharambe
  • “the pupil of your eye can expand as much as 55% while looking at something you love”
  • 100 layers of x
  • we out here
  • ghat huy in a green body suit saying “im gay”
  • 🐍
  • nut
  • hooty hoo
  • does bruno mars is gay
  • “are you sure about that”
  • iphone 7 not having a headphone jack 
  • u vs the guy she tells u not to worry about
  • steven hawkings first post
  • the jackson hole live stream webcam thing
  • date a terf who… posts
  • stranger things titlecard
  • “this user [blank]” userboxes
  • cursed image
  • that photo of tom from tom and jerry coming out of a door with a hat on
  • me, an intellectual:
  • zoo wee mama
  • those amazon button press things
  • his hair? wack. me? tight as fuck
  • that one image of that black guy mid whip
  • hand slamming the blue button
  • 2016 presidential debate
  • wow try this! close one eye, tilt your phone, and look at this from the charger hole!
  • the water bottle flip trick
  • the naming ur kid after things u like but its like a tv show
  • pulling the lever to make the train kill one oerson instead if five people
  • how to start a conversation with a girl “hi” WRONG
  • idk if this is a meme persay, but there were a fuck ton of creepy clowns in the USA in October.  like.  that was a thing that happened.
  • owo whats this?
  • remember the psat memes from a year or two ago? that happened again this year
  • my longest “yea boi” ever
  • friendship ended with x now y is my new best friend
  • cryptid
  • name a more x …..ill wait
  • nintendo switch
  • “what  he listening to?”
  • vine being shut down (2016 was a bad year guys)
  • i arrive at the x
  • y: z (z is a state of being and y is a noun)
  • dick: out
  • i am forcibley escourted out of the x
  • i voted banner edits
  • [person] is real and they sucked my dick behind [chain store]
  • “theyre okay but they died”
  • 2016 election memes
  • can’t relate
  • me to me: that one picture of kermit the frog and another kermit who’s mouth is a tiny bit open and who has a black cloak on
  • anything from lazy town, specifically we are number one
  • joe biden and obama memes
  • had it not been for the laws of this land i would have slaughtered you
  • lightning mcqueen dies
  • the definition of perfection but its fuzzy, a thing of glasses being wiped, and then a character who you love
  • the mannequin challenge isnt a meme persay but i feel it has a place on this list
  • bode
  • name a more iconic duo…. ill wait….
  • no x we y like men
  • this bitch empty. YEET
  • x but y.  this meme had several subsets:
  • x but every time y happens z happens. (especially with replacing it with other things.) this was extra popular with the bee movie and we are number one from lazy town
  • x but every time y happens it gets faster
  • x but it keeps getting faster
  • the thing of one dude passing a sheet of paper to anoher dude and something dumb js in it
  • bone app the teeth
  • bee movie kinda made a comeback witht he whole the bee movie but
  • 25 miles <-  ¼ mile ->
  • If This Guy👦🙏 AINT Under My Tree🚷🌲On Christmas Morning🍆👌IM GON B PISSED🐸🍷Santa🎅👋Dont Come If U AINT Bringing Him 😏💦💯
  • take a fucking sip babes
  • youtubers exaggerating wildly in video titles
  • three images with the same content but they get more and more badly drawn and the descriptions get more ans more overly specific (increasigly verbose meme?)
  • example
  • nutshack theme
  • pinkest pink vs blackest black artists pettiness
  • removing the middle two panels of ctrl+alt+del strips
  • pinkest pink vs blackest black
  • me at the beginning of 2016 and me at the end of 2016
  • send nudes

also i guess tumblr cant fucking bullet images so here’s the images that i had originally spread throught the list but fuck me i guess

  • what he listening to?

• that thing where the drawing gets worse and worse and the words get more and more extra descriptive (it was originally here but tumblr hates me i guess? anyways)

happy new year everyone. i hope 2016 is writhing in it’s grave

Monsta X in a Long Distance Relationship with you!


  • Wonho is always sending snapchats, even when the situation doesn’t call for it.
  • He’s also the type to screenshot all of your pics if they have your face in it.
  • He loves seeing your texts whenever you do send them because you two probably only talk through snapchat
  • On instagram, he’s your number one hype man and is always leaving like five comments on every picture with a dozen of emojis
  • He never usually sends voice messages, but if you were feeling down, you bet his ass would send you an entire song through a voice message
  • The first time he got to see you in person, he did not let you go for like fifteen whole minutes.
  • He would probably cry when he had to fly home, he’d also say something really cheesy before he left like, “I have to fly back to where I live, but my home is always with you”


  • He mostly talks to you through Facebook or Text
  • He doesn’t send many selfies, but if he’s having a good day, you might be lucky enough to get one from him.
  • He isn’t an avid emoji user, but he loves using the heart emojis
  • He might have his hands full a lot more, so you can expect calls and voice messages from him a lot more than the other members
  • He loves to hear your voice at night, too, but you and him live in different time zones so hearing his tired and deep voice in during a call in the morning/afternoon is a little strange, but you get used to it
  • When you two meet in person for the first time, he is practically glowing with happiness, he spends every moment he can with you while he’s with you in person.
  • When he has to go home, he doesn’t want to go, but he knows that you two will see each other again soon, so he’ll look forward to being with you again.


  • Sometimes you will go days without a single text-based conversation bc you’re just texting ugly pictures back and forth
  • But that’s sometimes not in your favor because he uses you as memes when you two are play fighting
  • Sometimes nights with Hyungwon get really deep and he reminds you that he’s really in love with you
  • Hyungwon does not have a middle ground, he either is 100% awake and responding to you the entire day, or he’s 100% sleeping and not responding to anything you send him
  • Because of the time zone difference, it’s hard to tell when he’s going to be awake and when he’s going to be asleep
  • He’s always @-ing you on public social media so that you two can be the social media power couple of the century
  • When Hyungwon meets you in real life, he tries to play it cool but he really can’t hold himself back from getting all giddy because he’s with you now!
  • When Hyungwon needs to go home, he needs to be convinced to leave because he’s so comfortable around you and loves you so much that he doesn’t want to leave you


  • Daily reminders to sleep, eat, take your meds (if any), and to enjoy life and relax
  • He’d get a bit worried about you not responding right away, when he knows that you two would be awake at the same time.
  • He only calls if it’s an emergency, like something happened to him or if he heard something happened to you.
  • He sends you reminders about certain dates and things that you have trouble remembering before he falls asleep so you’ll see them in the morning
  • He would want to facetime you but he would have to plan out the details like a day prior so he can prepare
  • When he meets you in person, he greets you as if you two had met in person before. The atmosphere is calming
  • When he has to leave you, he would say his goodbyes and be off, but he’d purposely forget something with you so you wouldn’t forget your days together


  • He’s super happy whenever he gets a notification from you, even if it was just a like on his posts
  • Snapchats are frequent but he never texts through snapchat, all his snapchats are A++++ selfies that look good enough to put in a museum
  • He’d send his goodnights/I love yous through voice messages
  • Will 100% call you just to say “I love you”
  • 70% of his snapchat stories/instagram posts are about how much he wants to be with you in person
  • At night, he complains about being so distant from you and says that he’ll take every chance he gets to see you in person
  • When you two meet for the first time in person, he’s super clingy and happy to see you, his love is overflowing!!
  • When he has to say goodbye, he promises you that he’ll try to come back every year around the same time and he’ll learn more about the place you live in, so you two can make the most of their location


  • So many snapchats and facetime sessions!! He loves to see your beautiful face!!
  • He leads on like he’d be the type to send a paragraph of text as a good morning text, but he’d probably send a voice message of him screaming “good morning” to you
  • He loves you so much and is not afraid to let you know through seven snapchats and five texts
  • Double texting? He probably Quintuple texts just to get his point across
  • Constantly venting/ranting about something petty/minor
  • Definitely over-uses emojis
  • When he meets you in person, his first goal is to make you laugh with his ridiculous humor, he probably screeches and hugs you really tightly
  • When he has to go home, however, he absolutely does not want to leave you. He probably drew out his goodbye for too long and ends up almost missing his flight.

Chankyun (I.M):

  • At first, his texts and calls are pretty standard, like the “How are you, how was your day, I love you” type of calls/texts
  • When he’s finally comfortable with you, he probably sends you memes
  • He is an avid user of the wholesome memes about loving their significant other
  • Definitely sends you long texts, but you never know what they could be about. They could be a meme theory, his longest yeah boi, or just an entire thesis on how much he loves you
  • He’d be super weak to you pretending to kiss him through the phone on a snapchat or through a call
  • When he meets you in person, he seems a bit reserved and quiet, but once you leave the airport and are in the car, it’s meme central
  • When he has to leave, he knows that when he gets off the plane, he’s probably just going to text you, so he doesn’t make a big fuss about leaving until he actually has to leave you. 
Stay (Home) : A Vampire Marco Commission in Two Acts

Fall is a pretty good time for vampires.

The Pacific Northwest isn’t huge on heat to start with, but once August rolled into September the summer sun burned off for good, sinking into weeks on end of cool gray rain, with long winter nights closing in on either end of cloudy days, and Marco started to come outside during daylight occasionally, the clouds and endless rain keeping down the heat his weird metabolism couldn’t handle.  The rain turned the deep earth of his garden into clinging black mud that stuck to his fingers and streaked across his skin, obscuring freckles and highlighting hollows under his sharp cheekbones, and his garden bloomed and bloomed like it hadn’t noticed summer was over.

“Long-term investment,” he said when I mentioned it, with a satisfied smile, dragging the back of his faded, flowery gardening gloves across his sweaty forehead, rearranging some of the dirt on his skin.  “Benefit of living in the thame house for thirty years, I guess.  You can really build up the fertilizer.”

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[JULY 1997]

It was sunny and hot, the middle of summer. I steered the Camaro up the cracked cement streets that switch-backed their way up the east side of Queen Anne Hill. Cars sat parallel parked on each side of the street, baking in the sun. I pulled up outside Layne’s and stubbed out my cigarette. His old red Pontiac Bonneville and a new Harley Springer were parked outside. He was expecting me so he opened the door when I knocked. I made my way to the living room and sat down on the floor. His apartment was nice, but not really a home, half lived in or half moved out of. A leather couch sat crookedly in the center of the living room, the only piece of furniture. A collection of spoons, syringes, glass pipes and plastic hoses were strewn around on smudged newspapers in front of it. The blinds were closed as usual, shutting out the light and with it the panoramic view of Puget Sound.
Layne had stopped touring with Alice in Chains a few years before. After that he’d done a few things, the Mad Season album, a couple of shows, but he hadn’t left Seattle except for the Alice in Chains Unplugged show in New York. His girlfriend had died of endocarditis, a heart infection, at Harborview, last October. She’d always wanted him to quit, and he’d always wanted her to quit, and neither of them had ever been able to. I’d seen that before, junkies had lots of good ideas, they just never seemed to be able to use them on themselves.
We sat down on the living room floor and did the deal. I didn’t have anyone else to meet that day so I hung out while Layne shot up and smoked crack. We talked a little but, as usual, there was not much to say. Despite that there was an odd comfort level, more than the basic junkie comrade thing.
I’d cut down on my customers more than ever, and was only meeting about six or eight people every day, people who had money, or at least didn’t have to steal or scam, customers who bought a lot and I could be pretty sure were safe. Every day I would wake up around 11AM, shoot up, go to The B&O Café, have a warm croissant with butter and jam and some coffee, then make my rounds until around four. I would start work after the morning rush hour and quit before the evening rush. If I worked later than I planned, I would wait until seven or so, when the rush was over, before going home.

I’d lost a lot of weight, probably about thirty pounds. I only worked for a few hours every day, rarely leaving my car, then after I went to Monica’s apartment, did shots, stared at the TV and nodded out. I wasn’t making as much money as I used to, but I still had about thirty-five grand stashed out at my mom’s. I could have worked more, made more money, bought a bunch of things, nice clothes, but there was no reason to. In fact, I never bought anything except another used car when the one I was driving broke down. I could have bought a nice mask of respectability, a cool outlaw drug dealer mask, I could have worn trendy clothes and driven expensive cars, I probably could even have bought a house if I’d wanted. But it would have been a lie. And despite everything, I still hated lies more than anything else. This was where I belonged. These were my people, the outcasts, the losers, the misfits. The ones who had not. The ones God forgot.
Sufficiently high, Layne decided we should take a ride on his new bike, the Harley outside. Having nothing better to do I said sure. It was starting to get dark, and I hung on as he steered the bike down the skinny streets, coming close to the cars on each side, the beam of the headlight sweeping back and forth across the road. The bike felt huge and powerful, and the way it was weaving it seemed like it had a mind of its own and could suddenly go out of control and crash at any second and there was nothing either one of us could do about it. We made it to the bottom of Queen Anne, rode through Belltown and stopped at Bad Animals recording studio on 4th. I wasn’t sure why Layne wanted to stop there, but I didn’t ask. It wasn’t my deal, I was just along for the ride. The place was empty except for one guy running around , a watchman maybe, although he didn’t look like one. We went into one of the sound booths and Layne spread out his pipes and hoses and contraptions on the leather padding of the soundboard, the glass and plastic parts all stained dark brown with coke residue. He put the Mad Season album on the sound system. I’d heard it before but I suddenly realized that Layne’s voice seemed better, sharper than on the Alice in Chains albums, where the producers had made the mistake of drowning his naturally gifted voice under layers and layers of overdubs. I don’t know anything, I don’t know anything, I don’t know anything, I don’t know who I am….

Layne assembled his latest gadget and demonstrated it for me, a crack pipe attached to a long flexible plastic hose designed to snake up the inside of his sleeve. I hadn’t done coke since the OD in Dick’s bathroom, for some strange reason I hadn’t felt like it, but when Layne offered I did some anyway. I wasn’t sure if I was doing it wrong, or if shooting had spoiled me, but like every other time I had smoked crack I couldn’t feel it. After Layne smoked for a while we headed up to see Mark Lanegan. The sun had gone down all the way and the lights of the city had come on. It was still warm, and the breeze that funneled through the downtown buildings felt good. Layne weaved the Harley down Fourth Avenue, then turned up Pike toward First Hill.
I’d been selling to Mark regularly for about a year, since Screaming Trees split up. I would usually stop by his apartment once a day, then he’d burn through what I sold him and call me late at night after I’d closed for more. Eventually I began hiding pieces of heroin in his apartment when he wasn’t looking, and when he called me in the middle of the night I would tell him where they were, and just collect the money the next day. His apartment was a wreck. In the living room a path snaked its way through mountains of books and records that were piled everywhere. I gave Mark some dope, then sat down on the floor and flipped through stacks of records looking for old Stranglers albums. Mark disappeared into the bedroom and I stashed a half-gram inside a CD and put it back on the shelf.

On our way back to Layne’s we rode through downtown. It was fully dark now, around midnight. The lights of the city seemed to stretch as we rode past them, like my eyes couldn’t quite keep up. At First and Pike we came to a red light. The Donut Hole, the porno theatres and the crummy bars were all gone. New buildings were being put up in their place, shiny glass and steel, but something had been lost in the transition. They were trying to clean up this part of town, make it safe for tourists.
The Champ Arcade sign drew my eye, with its hundreds of flashing yellow and white light bulbs. It and The Showbox were all that remained of the old world. The stoplight changed to green, Layne gunned the engine and we were off again, weaving all over the road. I resigned myself to just hang on and closed my eyes. Whatever was going to happen would happen. It was out of my hands.


“Heavy like the dark stuff itself." 
Mark Lanegan 

INTERVIEWER: Were you careful about not sensationalizing the stories about your interactions with the famous Seattle musicians you write about in American Junkie?

TOM: Yeah. But it still disrupted the "world” of the memoir if that makes sense. The story is rolling along, this bleak story of a junkie, and the world of that story is very focused and compact. My world as a user and seller of heroin was a very small world. And then Kurt Cobain, Mark Lanegan and Layne Staley come into the picture and suddenly the “world” of the memoir is much bigger. I was concerned about that. On the other hand bringing in these larger than life public figures served a purpose. It showed the differences and similarities between these big names, and me, the ultimate little name. They were somebodies and I was a nobody and yet they needed me, for their drugs.


If this offends, simply scroll on.

Most Layne fans are interested in every aspect of his life. 

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ok here's a little gander for ya: you know how everyone always jokes about a homestuck movie? well, i was thinking about that, and then I realized something. copyright. could a homestuck movie even happen because of the sheer amount of copyrighted materials it has? i mean, john's shirt symbol is literally slimer. i figured i'd come to you to ask since you had that big discussion about homestuck's copyrighted-ness a while back so. yeah, if you know, could a homestuck movie even happen?

Iirc John’s shirt is actually a Japanese knockoff of Slimer, but yeah.

Homestuck and copyright is actually a fascinating thing to wrangle with. And tbh, copyright might not be as big a hurdle as trademark. But let’s walk through this.

I’m going to race through some copyright basics to give you a grounding, although this is only scratching the surface and please do not take any of it as legal guidance. Copyright is a MESS.

Copyright protects original creative works put down in tangible form. If I spend years compiling a phonebook that just organizes people’s numbers, it’s not copyright protected - it’s not creative. However, a doodle on my class notes is (as well as my class notes). “Tangible form” makes digital stuff a bit confusing, but most people agree that since it’s stored on a server somewhere, digital content is also protected.

US copyright protections are kinda absurd, tbh. Works that qualify are protected immediately, without any registration. Those protections last for a very long time. This is mostly due to powerful media production companies who want to both protect their own works for as long as possible and also beggar the public domain to hamstring competition. This really violates the original intent of copyright protection, which was to benefit the public two ways - encourage creators to make stuff bc they’d be able to profit off it for a while and THEN release that stuff into the public domain for everyone to use. Corporations ruin everything.

Usually, if you want to use something copyrighted, you need permission and may need to pay a licensing fee. However, there is a built in protection in copyright. This is called “fair use”, and it protects certain unlicensed, unpermitted uses. Four use is determined by considering four factors - the nature of the use (is it for education? for profit? published widely or limited in viewership?), the type of work being used (is the work fiction or nonfiction? artistic or scholarly?), the amount used (is it a lot? is it the most important or recognizable part?), and the potential impact on the market of the original work.

The irritating thing about fair use is that it’s not a right with clear, demarcated boundaries. It’s a legal defense, and whether a use is fair can only ever be proven in the courts. Also, although a case a while back held that copyright holders have to consider fair use before sending cease and desist messages, they often don’t, hoping to intimidate people into backing down. After all, usually it’s only powerful companies who can afford to go to court to defend their use or prosecute users - or pay licensing fees to use content in the first place. See why current copyright law makes me cranky? 

So, let’s talk Homestuck.

Hussie has used a lot of copyright-protected material. His “dubiously royalty free images” for many backgrounds, mis-attributed quotes, etc. He is probably banking on a lot of it falling under fair use, although he has compromised a fair use analysis in a few ways. To break it down… the nature of his use is for entertainment and it’s widely available on the internet, which finds against him. Many of the works he’s used have been artistic rather than scholarly, which also finds against him. The amount varies… sometimes he uses whole stock photos, which is more dangerous than a single quote from a book. Naturally, all his uses are only a small part of Homestuck’s whole. So this one is mixed. Finally, the fourth factor, which is often the most heavily weighed because copyright is all about money these days, is the most in his favor. Most of his uses of copyrighted material are not going to hurt the market for the original. No one is going to use a picture of Derse instead of the original cathedral he colored purple and drew all over. Unfortunately, the courts are far less friendly toward this factor if you’re making a profit off of it. The fact that Hussie is, among other things, selling ad space on the site and selling book versions of the comic, hurts him.

The final point in his favor is a disputed interpretation of the first factor of fair use - “transformative use”. This is the idea that if your use is transformative in some way - if it turns the copyrighted work into something new or uses it in a new way - it is more likely to be fair. This helped Hathi Trust when they were being sued by the author’s guild - their work to make works more accessible and searchable in new ways was considered transformative. Turning a stock photo into a background of a comic panel can also be seen as transformative.

Now, that’s only bearing on one factor out of four, although some courts have held it as more of a game changer than others. That’s what AO3 rests on, after all! But that would be his best defense. 

So - would Homestuck the webcomic be protected by fair use? I’m honestly not sure. The courts are very capricious on this matter. But here’s the thing - when you’re one person doing your thing, you can make that call. When a film company gets involved… they are far less likely to take that risk. They’re way more visible. So if a film company were to take on Homestuck as a project, I assume they would strip out anything that could be a copyright violation. That wouldn’t be much of a problem, really - after all, they could generate their own backgrounds, rather than grab stock images. I don’t know if they would worry about the source material  having violations or not. (Didn’t stop the people making the Shadowhunte/rs show, now did it?) Although that might bring Homestuck to the attention of a few people who might not have noticed earlier that their copyrights were infringed upon.

Even so, though, most of the time people don’t prosecute. It’s not worth it. (Unless it’s Disney. Disney comes after elementary schools putting Disney characters on the wall. They suck. Don’t cross them.) So at the end of the day, I don’t think Hussie’s running *much* risk of copyright infringement suits, and a film could easily dodge the risks that he did take.

Now trademarks are another story.

Copyright protects original creative works. Trademarks protect brands. A company’s logo, or name, or tagline… they don’t want someone else using it and confusing consumers. In some cases, people can be trademarked to. A quick search of the trademark office turned up results for ICP, Guy Fieri, and Betty Crocker. Some of those are major plot points in Homestuck! So getting that through in a Homestuck film would probably involve talking with these groups to see if they’re down with, for example, having their company mascot portrayed as a murderous alien queen. Some might see it as product placement or advertising of a sort. Some might not, and they might have to strip company names, mascots, celebrities, and symbols and replace them with something else or strike a financial deal. 

Soooooo, tl;dr:

I am not an expert in copyright or trademark law. This is based off one semester of education on the topic and my best guesses. But I would say that while Homestuck the webcomic gleefully infringes on copyright and violates trademarks, it probably would not be too difficult to clear that out for a film version with a few notable exceptions, which would involve replacements or deals with the people/groups involved.