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I'm curious to know why you portray Caesar as gay when in canon he was clearly proven interested in women. Is that because of your own personal preference or do you have a headcanon around it?

Mmm I portray him as gay because honestly I feel he is and that ‘clear proof’ just… I don’t know man it felt VERY out of character, like something Oda just put in there as a cheap joke. Also … I feel pretty strongly about this so feel free to ignore if you’d rather not see me rant cause thiis might get long.

I mean before that one joke Caesar shows absolutely NO interest in anyone except one particular male character, he has a sexy bombshell of a secretary and he barely acknowledges her for crying out loud, if he was a womanising pervert wouldn’t he have been all over Monet? And even Nami? Then we have Smoker in Tashigi’s body with ‘her’ tits out and Caesar doesn’t even notice? You’d think if he was a such a womanising pervert that he’d take advantage of that when he knocked them all out, that he’d at least… idk comment or stare or acknowledge that in some way? 

Oh but what DOES he later show an interest in?

Tbh he’s basically acting like Sanji when he’s fawning over women here. So, so far he’s shown ZERO interest in women even when a chained up this:

is presented to him. Nope, not even acknowledged

Then later you get this sexy cat girl being all hearts at him and, again, if he was this womanising pervert you’d think idk, he’d be happy about the love? Some kind of an internal comment like ‘shurororo being nice is terrible but at least I get sexy ladies fawning over me!” but nah, he’s just doesn’t want anything to do with this 

So idk man, the Caesar up until that girl ship scene had been pretty solidly presented as not interested in women and then suddenly Oda seems to decide that ‘oh wait, all men are straight and perverts and also that’s funny so let’s make a joke out of that with Caesar of all people for some reason’

He could have just had Caesar spend all his money on science materials and booze, that would have been perfectly in character and he’d still be a complete asshole for doing that.

And before you say ‘he’s Oda’s character so whatever Oda makes him do is in character’ I will ask: Is it in character for Sanji, food respecting Sanji, to poison and put razor blades in his NAKAMA’S food? No, it’s not, yet Oda said had him do just that. Writers can and do sometimes make their character ‘OOC’ compared to things that were already established cause hey they’re not perfect.

Also the reason Caesar’s sexuality is so important to me tbh is cause he’s my favorite character, idk I weirdly identify with him and also I am very VERY gay and have had awful experiences that I don’t wanna get into with heteronormativity and everyone always having to like the opposite gender. So getting attached to a character that had thusfar been presented as as close to a gay person as a shounen manga would allow without it being a gross stereotype and then Oda goes and pulls this ‘oh wait he’s actually into girls, no matter how not interested he was before lol’

it just …. really hurts.


Parallels S1E1 & S2E6

Aka how to get the red lion to like you: GET FLUNG INTO SPACE AND THE CAT WILL COME

sometimes you need to accept that yes i may have been a little bit manipulative. yes i worded something in a specific way that would make my friend/fp/SO feel a bit guilty. yes i could have handled that situation in a much better way. yes i am wrong.

u know what i love about clarke though.. she’s a ~strong kickass heroine~ in a way that i don’t usually see. she doesn’t have to break boards with her fist, or be able to build something out of a pile of scraps, or make hilarious jokes ever 5 seconds  to be an interesting and lovable female character. and I’m NOT knocking those types of female characters AT ALL (because lordy knows i love those!), but I hardly see characters like clarke griffin. 

she’s a good female character because she is a complex person. because she’s uptight but likes to have a little fun now and then. because she makes difficult choices and cries about them later. because she is good at getting what she wants, but can also be swayed herself. because she’s a quick thinker but doesn’t have all the solutions. because she’s analytical and logical but also loves people so deeply that it tears her apart. because she’s ultimately a good person who sometimes makes bad choices. she’s been through a lot and yet still somehow finds it in herself to smile at a dumb joke and even make one herself now and then.

clarke griffin is a female character who is not a super genius person, or a super physically kickass person, or a super sassy person. but she is still powerful in a quiet, understated way that usually only male characters are allowed to be. i love That

…..Do you ever just get overwhelmed with emotion over Stanley Pines

Because I was rewatching Dreamscaperers and Gideon Rises, and just the facial expressions of Stan throughout half of Gideon Rises kILL ME.

As soon as Gideon gets a hold of the deed of the shack, you can clearly see Stan’s face of absolute shock - unable to process the situation that he’ll later realize in the first half of the next ep that all he’s been working for for the past 30 years will be all lost. And I’m positive that this crossed his mind as these events occurred. I mean, he was always going down in that basement to try and work on that portal. 

And the thought doesn’t cross his mind that he’s just lost all of his possible chances of saving his brother until he’s confronted by Gideon in Gideon Rises, and at the time isn’t able to stop him (along with the help of the kiddos and Soos). I mean…just look at his expression below

And then his posture changes as the thought just…sinks in…

And the fact that he’s been kicked out of his home (not the only time he has…*cough s*…yeah..) and has to send the kids back home doesn’t help with the fact that not only has he failed his brother, but he also failed with being able to take care and financially support his niece and nephew. I can only imagine how Stan must’ve felt during this little period in the show, and it just…k i l l s m e. 

I mean, just look at how he acts around the kids before and after they get on the bus. I’m sure those thoughts of being a failure are hitting the poor man hard:

He even states that he’s hit rock bottom. Someone please give this man a hug.

But the rush of utter joy and relief he gets when he sees through Gideon’s tricks and finds a way to fix things. He now has another chance to keep working on getting his brother back (and he does get the kiddos back as a result of his actions of revealing Gideon as being a fraud to the town, even though at the time he doubts he would, as they’re on the bus heading back to Piedmont. But what luck that everything in the end turned out great for him, eh?)

He’s so overwhelmed with joy that he just kisses Abuelita without even thinking. He’s just so hung up on the thought that: Hey, I have a chance to keep going. To get Ford back.