and to all those who reblogged pics of me

Hi! I just wanted to make a discord chat for all of those lonely gays out there like me who wanna make friends! Here’s the survey to take for the group theres not a lot of questons (theres like 4 maybe 5) But it’s just like stuff asking your name and stuff

This will be an 18+ discord! So be 18+! I will check! 

No bullying or any type of discrimination will be tolerated. So if you want to join please reblog this! 


Hi friends, I want to warn you of something about the recent photos from 4CC. I’ve been contacted by Galanthus and he’s very upset by my post on Instagram (I tagged him so that’s why he saw the pic) saying that he didn’t give permission to post these photos and made very clear-in Korean- not to post them.

He asked me to delete my post because if not he would have reported my Insta for copyright violation. Of course I did it immediately.

He’s very upset even by the fact that his blog has even been found (because we’re not korean) so to all of those who reblogged those pics, PLEASE delete your posts.

@mysticseasons help me spread this too. Thanks.

anonymous asked:

Hi SpAce Mom! I'm having a little trouble with some of my art? The trouble being that every time I post some nice team bonding pics there's always SOMEONE who reblog and tags it as some Sh@ladin ship which is so gross to someone (me) who enjoys reading the people's tags when they reblog my art :/

I would advise just blocking those people so they can’t interact with your posts anymore.

I face the same problem and it’s always some smart ass bitch saying “Oh I interacted, what are you going to do?????”


Just block em babes that’s all you gotta do

You have problems with anyone direct them to me so I can handle them♥

(Excuse my first attempt at a gif aha, may need to click for better quality.)

Holy cow, I might cry! You guys! This is amazing! 1000 is a big number! I couldn’t be happier at how far my lil’ blog has come, and I am so grateful to you all!
Alrighty, now let’s get to the fun part! (Thank you to those who helped me with what to do for this.)
I’ll be doing a follower pic for 20+ followers, you’re characters will be drawn in chibi style to fit more of you! But wait! There’s more~
For two or three lucky winners, I would like to draw a series of pictures with your OC and Elora together on either a date or a friendly hangout, your choice, the winners will be messaged and asked for a ref, along with other info.

Rules / How to enter:
- Be a follower (new or old)
- Reblog - you can reblog with a ref, a link to ref, or submit me one.
- OC doesn’t have to be a pony but humans I won’t do.
- Must reblog before 15th July, that’s when all winners will be determined.

And that’s it! Everyone who enters, their url will be put in a list and put to a number generator so it’s fair, thank you everyone so much again, I love you all, and stay safe! -Mod

For all those slaveboys who did what i asked. Thanks for the reblog and following me. I promised a personal pic, so here it is. Just a snap of a regular moment. 


I was going to make a nice pic but i got lazy So instead have a christmas haikyuu thing

It has been an year (on 9th december) since I created this blog and I wanted to show gratitude to those who that make my tumblr experience amazing!

Also wanted to say thanks to the 1.6k+ followers *^* I never thought this blog would grow so quickly and so much over an year, I wanted to thank everyone that follows me because you are all amazing and deserve lots of love and that even thought my gaphics are nothing special you still reblog them, also thank you for enduring occasional weird text post and even weirder tags about Sousuke I’m serious, I’m sorry if you read my tags

All these blog are amazing and I highly recomend you following them; I’ve probably forgot some people if so, I’m sorry.

First check out these two: @makto, @imagine-who and also this side blog: @akagaminoshirayukihimeh

Bold = precious mutuals

@0ikawa | @ahoju | @akahshi | @akashis | @akeiji | @asahiis | @ayumiko | @bakakawa | @bertholdts | @bohkutos | @chhiyuki | @daiifukuu | @ennoshlta | @fangasming | @fulllbusters | @futakuchi | @gouhs | @gurenichinnose | @haikyuus | @hharukas | @hanae-ichihara | @iwazukas | @izumou | @jetzui | @kagehina | @kammishiro | @karasuno | @kenmai | @kiuroo | @kkeijis@kkenmah | @kryoutas | @larimii | @mabuch-i | @mackervel | @makotozz | @matzsuoka | @miss-cigarettes | @mmakotoz | @mmatsuokah | @nanazse | @nanzse​ | @ne-zushii | @nnishikih | @nokutocheramus@okiwaka | @rinsuokah | @riseken | @ryugaizaki | @saeko | @saikogasm | @sandtobio | @sawtsuki | @seijoh | @semezukas | @sexuoh | @shaikyuu | @shinyeahs | @ssousuke | @suuzumes | @takumiis | @tiashes | @tooru | @tooruaf | @toukeru | @tovbio | @tovru | @ukiinas | @usuis | @yamakenz | @yamazekis | @yuuchiroz | @zeetsubou | @zetsueen


if I misspelled you url or we’re mutuals and it not bolded let me now and i’ll fix it ^__^

A tribute to one of the most beautiful games I have ever experienced.

Finally finished! (I want to say I was shocked and amazed when I saw the mere progress shot got as many reblogs/likes as it did. Over 2k?! Wowww. *-*) This pic is a little symbolic for me, after one hell of an eventful year. Thus apologies to the tumblrverse for being scarce in the past months, as I directed some epic life changes. But now I’m so happy to be drawing for me again!

To my lovely friends and followers who have stuck around, thank you for your continued support <3 And warm welcomes to those just joined! I hope you all are enjoying the holiday season :)

here’s to the future~!

H’s guide to fandom

As made after a month break that was really quite refreshing. And recommended. 

- Clean your dash. Don’t think about popular blogs, don’t think about mutuals. If you don’t like the content they post, unfollow. Your dash should be however you want it. You want drama? Find it. You want peace and happiness and cute boys and never ever any drama? Find the blogs who reblog that content (it’s doable, trust me). You want occasional ballet pics or Harry Potter posts or biology facts or puppy pics? Find those blogs. Mix it up, it’s fun. 

- Is tumblr not fun today? Is there drama? Did something bad happen? Are anons freaking out in your inbox? Leave. Log out. Take a day off. You’re not obligated to follow what happens, you’re no obligated to be in the know all the time, you’re not obligated to function as an update account for confused anons. If it becomes too much, turn off anon for a while. It’s okay, it’s allowed. Take a day every now and then. If it’s all too uurrgghhhh, take an entire month; get it all put into perspective, get some distance. I promise, by the end of that month, you’ll know a lot more about how you want your tumblr experience to be. Maybe you don’t want to come back at all. That’s okay too. You don’t owe anybody anything.  

- Be nice. Always, always be nice. Respect others, respect their opinions and treat them nicely. Nice breeds nice. Remember that.

- Don’t be a hypocrite. Just don’t. Tumblr is a nasty place 65% of the time. Don’t be one of those people.  

- Don’t talk down to anyone. Don’t talk down to those of different opinions, don’t talk down to anons. Just don’t. You don’t know why they might be more ignorant than you, you don’t know why they might know less. You don’t know if it took them a lot of courage to contact you. So don’t. Help rather than bully, educate rather than ridicule. Do humanity a favour, eh?

- Don’t let anyone guilt you into not reblogging something (or reblogging something for that matter), keeping mum about something, or not liking something. You don’t agree with the general consensus? Well, that’s alright. Your blog is your space, as long as you stay within the limits of what’s, you know, decent human behaviour and ethics, you’re allowed to think whatever you want. Don’t compromise what you are or think in order to fit it. It’s okay not to fit in sometimes, you’ll probably find that there’s a lovely group of “outcasts” just like you, and it’s a lot more fun being there anyway. 

- Don’t make fun of other people for their English. DON’T DON’T DON’T DON’T. I swear to God, I’ll haunt you in your sleep if you do so, and I can be a very scary person. 

- Fandom sometimes feels like a very exclusive club you can’t get a membership to. Sometimes it feels like the friendships you make here are superficial at best. Sometimes you might look at your dash and see everybody be friends and feel a lot like you don’t fit it. Maybe that’s just me. Maybe it’s the time of your life and you look at your RL friends and think they have nothing on your online ones, Maybe you get the blues because you can’t meet up with your tumblr friends on the regular. Who knows. Just don’t feel obligated to have those really close friendships, don’t feel obligated to give away more of yourself than you feel comfortable with. Don’t want to give out your name or nationality? Don’t. And if you wanna talk to people, do it. Write them. If they don’t write back, they’re the assholes anyway, it has nothing to do with you. 

- If it starts affecting your real life, your own mood, take a break. Their lives are not your life and such they shouldn’t dictate your happiness.

All of these things are something we all know in theory, but 9/10 bloggers are terrible at actually practicing this. Just do it. Seriously. Your fandom experience is going to become a thousand times better. 

Especially for fic writers:

I’d say write for yourself not others, but I also know that’s bullshit. Every writer craves feedback, we’re vain like that. That’s okay. But don’t write if it isn’t fun, don’t write if you don’t like the process of it. Write because you can’t not

This fandom is really gross when it comes to fics and writers a lot of the time, but don’t feel encouraged not to write because some writers are held above everyone else. Everyone starts somewhere - everyone! Maybe it’s not until your third or your thirtieth fic that the fandom as a whole gets their eyes up for what a brilliant author you are, but that doesn’t mean your first fics aren’t appreciated. Everyone starts somewhere – everybody starts from nothing. If you’re not sure about your fic prior to posting, ask someone to read it through, get some feedback, find a beta. Just above all else have fun with it. No matter what, there’ll be people who don’t like what you write. Luckily there’ll definitely be people who like it too. 


Konnichiwa Minna-san! It’s been forever since I’ve done one of I decided of doing a follow forever this time. I can’t thank all the blogs that follow me enough. Everyday I can’t help but pass my limit, mostly because I see so many pretty pics on my dash. I LOVE YOU GUYS!! (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤& arigatou. oh and happy spring~.And to those who reblog from me just wanted to say SENPAI NOTICES YOU!!! HUEHUE lol I hope you guys enjoy the rest of your day.Here are the blogs:


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Again arigatou minna-san! and gomenasai if I forgot someone >.< I have so many blogs to keep track of lol. If you feel I missed you just message me and I will check your blog out! bye bye lots of love ( ^◡^)っ✂❤


// art giveaway? but why? probably nothing to do with the fact that i hit 404 followers (how?)

1st prize: Art like shown above of 1 human + 1 choice animal

2nd prize: I’ll visit your acnl town and steal 1 flower

END DATE: 8/2/2014 @ 3:00 pm PST

To enter: Reblog or like this pic. Do both and enter twice. Don’t have to be following me. Those who submit shrek pics to my inbox get 1 more entry cause why not.

Winner randomly selected. Winners will be sent a message - those w/o ask boxes can’t win.


On Oct, 29th, 2015, my band Right Lane Ends had about $10,000 worth of musical equipment stolen out of the back of my truck. The thieves were apparently able to pick the lock of my camper shell, and closed it again leaving no sign of forced entry- thus my insurance company can’t do anything. To anyone out there reading this, please keep an eye on Portland, Oregon (or anywhere near) craigslist, eBay and anywhere else you can think of for:

Mesa Boogie Transatlantic TA-80 combo tube amp (pic 2)

Drums from the Tama Swingstar Kit (black with clear tops and red badges) (pic 3)

Boss pedal board with DigiTech Whammy Gen 5, Morley Bad Horsie II Wah, Boss Flanger, and Boss DD-7 Delay (pic 3)

Boss ME-50B Bass multi effects unit, blue (not pictured)

Ampeg BA-115 bass amp (not pictured, missing a knob, power cable is damaged at the input)

PRS Custom 24 SE guitar with a chip in the paint on the headstock (pic 4)

Fender Stratocaster guitar- Japanese make with a single humbucker pickup and silver locking tuning pegs covered in stickers (pic 5)

Thank you everyone currently helping us and those kind Samaritans who want to help some stranger’s indie prog rock band out. We wish we could offer more in return, but all we have right now is our old ep at, which is free to download. The police told me that anyone trying to sell our gear at a local pawn shop would be refused for 30 days while the shop determines whether it’s been stolen or not, so we have at least that long to catch them in town. Thank you. Please reblog this like crazy until then.


The third pic is for that nameless white bitch who called me a terrorist at the first house party I ever went to with my skin colour as her only evidence 👌 Thanks for ruining my day honey! Nice to meet you too! ✨Happy #AsianInvasion & #AceDay!✨ A genuine thank you to those who have and maybe will reblog my face I did not expect that at all ❤️
Big list of all the shoplifting blogs on Tumblr.

didn’t want to make a huge deal out of this but I can’t get over this.

“Oh I’ll just make a Tumblr and take pics of everything I stole and how much it cost, no one will ever find me. Also fuck those hardworking employees who will have to answer to missing items and lost money.”



Just checking a few of them and they had pictures of what they stole at the very top! I didn’t check ALL of them, but some of them DEFINITELY are shop lifters… Maybe we can report them?..

~ Aphrodite


I don’t know what else to say but thankyou! I love every single one of you guys too the moon and back. I have had this blog for 2 ½ years and in the beginning I was a 1D/hipster/i reblog whatever i want blog and then about 6 months ago I changed it into a youtubers blog and it was one of my best descions ever. I have met so many lovely people who I would call some of my closest friends. I love you all :) x I am very sorry to those who I have forgotten, I love everyone x Ignore the pic it took me 5 seconds and I needed something  (Bold is people I love a lot)

Firstly, I want to thank troyelikesboys troyeboyish whatstroyler for being 3 of the most lovely, kind, friendly people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and you may think I am an absolute weirdo (i am) I love you guys to bits x 

And all you fabulous people x adorablezoe alfiesugg alohachummy angelictroye awchummy ayetroyler blahtroyler bubblelester cheekyzoellaa danteasers emzoella flannelhowell fuckyeszoella happylittlezalfie hella-zoella lessamazingphil londonhowell mintynugget narcusfeels ohmyeffingtroyler pastelzoella peace-out-little-munchkins queenzoella schoee sluttylittlepill sluttytroye smilingoakley suggftsivan sunshinelester suptroyler theinternetsquad tripodsandmarshmallows troyeisnotonfire troyler-feels troylerfivever troylerkiss troylerslayever troylersmissingselfie troylerthough troylertime tsivey typicalbeth ughtroylerrr versa-tilly whoistroyeanyway youtube-feels youtube-nuggets youtubers-ugh zalfle zalphie zoellahelbig zxlfie z-o-e-l-l-a

And finally, of course, the reason I run this blog, all the youtubers that I watch that I am too tired to tag I love you all xx


This is my third Follow Forever list!!!





t0tgeliebttomkmotherfucker, tomlovesbilltomsunterhosen


Since I started with this blog I’ve met awesome people and I’m soooo grateful for that, some of you have left tumblr or are not active like you used to but I’ll follow you no matter what because I have a little hope that someday we’ll be as we were two or three years ago when we spent the whole day here reblogging and editing all those new pics and videos. I want to thank you for making my dashboard perfekt:3 If you are on this list or I’m following you is because I really love your blog and even we haven’t talked (cause I’m so shy and I feel like I’m annoying everyone I talk to) I believe you’re a nice person. 

And I also want to say thank you to my dear followers, I really don’t know how you can still follow me or sending me lovely messages even if I haven’t been here as before, a big thanks for reblog and like my edits, for not click the unfollow button when I post my personal pics or things.

Everyone here is so amazing and maybe (or not, who knows!) it’s going to be my last year here because I have no idea what will happen when I go to university next year so I want you to know that these 3 years here on tumblr will stay forever in my heart and all those crazy moment we had as the Tokio Hotel fandom will be remembered with joy :’)

Merry Christmas and Happy (so early) New Year 

Dani :3

I’ve been thinking about the whole j-web witch hunt and honestly the more I think about it, the more it gets clear to me that it’s utter bullshit.

Just look at any fanblog, what do you see? Scans? Yes. DVD and CD rips? Maybe. Videos recorded from TV? Probably. Papa pics? Perhaps. Screens, gifs, edits… most likely. We all know how JE feels about posting images of their artists and how zealous Japanese TV channels are about reposting their shows. Strictly saying, 90% of the shit you all reblog is not quite legal. Even Japanese Twitter is filled with fans sharing mp3s, videos and scans and they’ve got a lot more to lose, I’m sure.

In conclusion: to say that those who repost j-web entries are terrible fans is hypocritical as fuck. Get off your high horses and stfu. I honestly don’t care if I get to read j-webs or not. The thing that I can’t tolerate is insulting and ganging up on someone because of it. I really thought we were better than that.