and to all of my past portraits

Portraits from the Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham. 

Thanks so much for all the support and encouragement on my shots from the Jewellery Quarter this past fortnight. I hope you enjoyed them. As yet I have no plans to do anything further with the series but that may change and I would certainly welcome the chance to return. 

I am going to take a few days off from posting but back soon with a new series from somewhere new. If any magazines, galleries or organisations up and down the country are interested in collaborating on a project I would be really pleased to hear from you. 

Thanks again, Niall

Niall McDiarmid

Full-size and info posted at deviantART:

It’s been WAY too long since I last painted in acrylics (late 80’s - very early 90’s when I “regularly” used them), and in all honesty I didn’t know what I was doing. I switched over to watercolor/gouache, some coloring with markers, did some digital coloring over scanned inks… and then focused on b&w/ink as my main form of art, before taking a way-too-long break from art completely (the past few years, I’ve started adding a bit of regular pencil back into the mix). I’ve been craving painting again, so I thought it was time!

This started off as a little 3.5"x3.5" blue pencil scrawling that was difficult to see and very vague. It went through a long process of changes until I was happy enough with it to start painting. I was very tempted to use watercolor/gouache, but they were all dried out and all my “nice” brushes were for inking – I had more supplies for acrylic, and needed to get back into practice for some upcoming acrylic paintings too.

I am not a photorealistic artist – I’m more stylized, with many years of comic books as my main focus (that’s actually how I met my husband, he is a writer). Also I am such a lover of inked art (brush), so I did use black to mix in with some colors, like the dark shadows/sections of his hair, to bring my style of drawing a little more comfortably into painting mode. This whole piece was simply practice, but also a fun experiment to see how I might like to push my way of drawing in new directions.

Acrylic paint on 11x14 canvas, and scanned with color and contrast adjustments – the scanner changed some of the tones, like the skin which is a little darker/redder than the actual painting, but taking a photo also doesn’t show the painting in its “true” form either. I also had to do a lot of scans, trying to figure out what worked best for my dark living room wall, yet also looked good enough on a digital scan without driving me mad.

I’m honestly not sure how long this took. The drawing was a drawn-out off and on thing, and when I wasn’t sick or had other things to do, I tried to push myself to work on it as much as I could every day. I also used natural light only, so I could not paint during cloudy days sadly. I just didn’t think to keep track of painting time closely enough. “Too long” would be my response, since I experimented, changed things if I didn’t like the effect, and obsessed a little too much (slowing progress even while working often on it).

Some links related to the drawing/painting and the process….

The line art used to transfer to canvas

Blog Entry about the line drawing

Blog Entry about the quick/sloppy color test

Blog Entry about the canvas transfer

I’m riddled with mental health issues and my mind isn’t playing nice today. I figure taking a shot of anything would help me feel better so I did just that. Here’s another self portrait. It’s generic but it serves its purpose nonetheless. I hope you’re all having a lovely time wherever you are. I’ve gained quite a few followers over the past 24 hours and I appreciate every single one of you. Even the automated porn blogs. 


I was tagged by @xhatefuckx to post 9 of my favorite albums. Tysm <3 (btw this was so hard bc lately I’ve only been listening to MM, JOJ, Hole and Bowie and I didn’t want this to be all about them so yes… and this will not be in a particular order)

1. Paranoid - Black Sabbath

2. Aladdin Sane - David Bowie

3. Sexless Demons And Scars - Jack Off Jill

4. Live Through This - Hole

5. Holy Wood - Marilyn Manson

6. Antichrist Superstar - Marilyn Manson

7. Portrait Of An American Family - Marilyn Manson

8. Past Present & Future - Rob Zombie

9. Mechanical Animals - Marilyn Manson

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Portrait is not my forte so for this year I am gonna start something different! I will feature people in my Photo Blog! Meet Jhapes Gonzalo! My cousin/godmother’s  son! we have known each other since we were kids and i remember we used to go to the park of our home town all the time, it was just half a kilometer away from home but now, after years, we have come past that and visited different places together. one of them was where i took this picture, in bauang, la union! 3hr drive from home! stay tuned because I am pretty sure this is not the last time we will travel! you can also follow him:

Woo! I’m back with more digital painting, baby!

Really wanted to paint some Zandera, so here’s a little WIP from today. I’m finally getting somewhat more confident about this though it goes without saying there’s still tons of stuff to fix here.

(And I got accepted for my Master studies at university, woo!)

I’d also like to welcome all the new followes I got during those past few weeks! Thank you so much, and I hope you’ll enjoy the art and writing I post!

💅🏻 some little 7 year old said “ like a face paint bitch you are ” like wtf?? Ik my face paint is on fleek, it’s more on fleek then your future 😂 it shows I can make a winged eye liner, that will cut past your bull shit and your crusty ass personality. I can contour, but I choose not to, because I feel like I’m still not old enough in my opinion. But my makeup, shows that I can actually DO makeup, all u do is play with your little dolls, wishing you could have what I have, and you can, HOW? By working for it, and having self confidence in yourself. My makeup is on fleek, ik I look good, so don’t try and throw your irrelevant opinion at me when your Instagram is on private , you got 3 followers, and your 7 years old. And legit has no clue how to use grammar correctly. 💅🏻 #bombaf #imcute #bitchwhere #selfie #portrait #pretty #bomb #baddie #tongue #me #caitlinf14 #nofilter #lgbt #mixed #hi #like #love


 Why does Death follow me so frivolously? What it is about me or my spark which captivates him? Holds him to me; makes him follow me past every door, through every room, by every building? I should just wear BLACK everyday; for it seems tragedy is all that is left behind where my feet once were. No imprint of the soles of my shoes; only the imprint of corpses which have fallen in my presence. I gave LIFE with him… Then Death took it away. I still lack the understanding as to why he stands by ME, his arm around my waist. Our own has just died and yet… and yet he stands tall and holds me erect in our shared grief. I possess my own strength but his is all I need to see the coffin lowered and to say a silent goodbye to our one who was four. ❞ –– ‘Lament for Valerie’s Child’ by Edith M. Cushing.

              An AU in which Thomas and Edith attend the funeral of their child.

It’s my week of favorites!! Megan & Anwar planned their wedding day & had no clue one of Binghamton, NY’s biggest bike races would be happening that same day - literally right outside of their venue! It made for a tricky situation as alternate routes had to be taken to even get to their ceremony & reception. The entire city was a sea of bicycles, closed roads, spandex, policemen, helmets, and orange cones. It was a little overwhelming. On the way in to the reception though, I suggested we make the best of it & get a picture to represent what was going on outside of their party - the result is one of my all-time favorite images & made a crazy situation so much more unique & fun!! This week is all about my most favorite images from 2015!! My favorite portrait, engagement, & wedding photos from the past year! To see all of my top picks, check out my blog & FB page (link to blog in my profile)! by karabbey

Photography is my passion, my drive. Some days it’s why I get up at 6am to chase the sunrise, or stay awake till the small hours editing.

I feel that there is a lot of pressure on Instagram to share what your followers want you to share. If you’ve posted coffee your whole life it can seem difficult to post other things, or dogs in bow ties or whatever.

And sometimes that can get me down. I love creating travel and portrait photography, and hell I love white borders on my photos too. But the past two years I’ve developed some kind of “oh no it won’t get likes if I do that” complex and have sort of fallen out of love with what I’m doing here as a result of that.

Today though, I’m gonna get my act together. It is me taking the photos after all, and me uploading them to the Internet. I’m gonna post what I deem a good photo, not what gets the “most engagement”. Sure I’ll probably loose some followers too but let’s be honest if they don’t like me why should I want them to stick around anyway.

Here’s to believing in yourself and being happy, and getting over the mid-week blues. by #gofundme
Cat Portrait: Shelly

Thank you everyone who has helped us provide care for our family of cats in the past and to everyone who has contributed to this fund. Every little bit helps!

Please consider helping us provide care for our clowder of cats. To see what this is all about, click the link above, or for instagram users - the link in my profile.

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#FauxFurFriday: “We were born to be legendary in our craft. No matter how many days past or miles stand between, all paths eventually converge at some point. If it picks up where it left off, that is the mark of a true bond.” ☯ x Team 🍊J with my BFF 👉❤️👈💐
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Recently I haven’t found any reason to be proud of my work. I haven’t done anything really noteworthy since the summer(when I last posted my art). And I know that there’s still a lot I need to continue to work on. It’s not a perfect portrait, but as a piece that was originally just a quick sketch I like it. Eye’s are too big, neck/collar is also off and I could continue to critique the work by pointing out what is obvious, but right now I feel okay about all of this because despite having 5 months of hell I was accepted to 5 colleges today and have the motivation to develop my portrait skills. Basically all I’m saying is that it’s been a year since Monty’s passing and the past year hasn’t been the best but now I’m moving forward and slowly I’m getting to where I want


U kno all those inspirational posters they’re like quit ur job! Go on adventures! Live ur dream! U can do it! I realized tonite that I can. And I am. And I will. So I’m putting in my two weeks tomorro and finishing setting up commission portraits and I’ll put up a couple pieces I think are worth money. Above I have a couple portraits I’ve created over the past two years. If you guys want to buy anything or are interested in looking I’m going to start setting it up and post the link tomorro :) thank u all

How gorgeous is this bride-to-be?! The lovely Jenna Layne was engaged this past summer with the Rhapsody Petite in white gold. From Jenna: “I hope all is well! I am still oohing and ahhing over my ring (petite rhapsody) I received back in June! So beautiful! I thought I would share with you a portrait session I had in my mothers gown. I live in Charleston, SC and it is a tradition in the south to do a bridal shoot in your wedding gown prior to the wedding then display the photo at the reception. I’m from Ohio, so instead I wore my mothers gown!​"​ #engaged #engagementring #engagmentphoto #proposal #wedding #weddinginspiration #weddingring #vintageinspired #vintagering #vintageengagementring #smpweddings #showmeyourrings #pearring #peardiamond #pearengagementring #uniquering #uniqueengagementring

Floral Portrait Edit Explanation 

I wanted this portrait to be all about symmetry.  In itself I really liked the photograph, but I knew my first step should be to copy the left side of the background and flip it to fit on the left side. To do this I selected the right side with the “Rectangular Marquee” Tool>pressed “Cmd C” (copy) “Cmd V” (paste) and then pressed “Cmd T” (the transform tool), selected “Flip Horizontal” from the right click drop down menu and then used the move tool to drag it over to the other side of the photo.  I then used layer masks to blend the existing flowers with the new ones that had just been pasted there. 

The next thing I addressed was the overall hue of the image. Her hair was so close to the pastels of the flowers, but didn’t quite match it exactly. I used the Replace color tool repetitively to select and alter different parts of the pink flowers. The closer I could get them to each other, the more I felt the image begin to unify. I then began sampling the greens in the image and made them lighter and even made some of the pink entirely. I also sampled the white of her dress and made that light pink.

The fine details - Often when editing an image, I get so excited to share it, that I quickly run through editing and post it before I even get a second to digest what I have done. With this image I really wanted to be meticulous. I sampled some of the pink of her hair and used the brush tool to lightly add some color to her eye shadow. I then selected her eyebrows and roots and added Magenta to the shadows. Taking away the “cool” coloring of her natural hair helped the image flow. 

The final steps - The curves tool. I use this tool in almost every image that I edit. In particular, I used it to add an overall tone by cross processing the Red channel. I finished it off by offsetting the exposure for a slight film look.