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The thing I love about winter is how quiet the streets are. Our shared places become so liminal and transitory; everyone’s just passing through; no one’s claiming ownership of any particular space. 

We’re all just drifting like spectres, in our own worlds. It’s quiet. The bustle of city life is pared down to the minimal, the essential, the practical.

There’s something so peaceful about that.

Although the Beat generation incubated feminism and offered women refuge from the stifling silent generation, this aspect has remained invisible because the Beat generation was also, nevertheless, complicit with mainstream stream gender codes of female silence and subordination. In addition to broaching mainstream fifties social constraints, women Beat writers had to reckon with Beat’s masculinist assumptions. Di Prima explains that the hipster ster “code, our eternal, tiresome rule of Cool” entailed stoic self-repression; displays of feeling risked “blowing our entire scene, retrospectively even” (1969, 94).“ While male hipsters were also ruled by the code of Cool, for them it was an affectation, a style that did not diminish status, agency, or power, as in John Clellon Holmes’s hipster portrait in Go (1952), where the impassive ”`cool’ man’ (209) nevertheless signifies: “He’s gone to the end of everything” (211). For hipster women, the code of Cool did not convey a subject’s “desperation of disbelief” (Holmes 210), but duplicated female powerlessness and objectification, the gendered silence under the reign of which the majority of women of the 1950s suffered politically and socially, individually and as a caste.

Women Who Wore Black, Ronna C. Johnson and Nancy M. Grace

It’s so funny how the parameters of what was cool entailed being as unfeeling as stoic as possible and this comes from the idea of black cool, particularly black men, being these machines of coolness. How we didn’t smile on camera and walked in a way that conveyed our nonchalance. But what they might not understand is that blackness is everything but stoic. We doing nothing but feel and live and be animated. Beat was about being anti-establishment and they thought to don a black cool filtered through whiteness was the ultimate cool and sticking it to mainstream but the thing is to exist as a black person is to be anti-establishment.

Denial (Dean Winchester x Reader)

Length: 595+ words

Genre: Sadness / Angst 

TW: Just some sad tingz- the usual

A/N: Another Supernatural series! And why do I love angst so much?? And yes, this is based on the stages of grief- it just worked so well in this fic. 

 Part 1     Part 2     Part 3     Part 4     Part 5

“Y/N, this is my boyfriend, Dean!” Lisa introduced her boyfriend to her best friend. “Dean, this is Y/N. She left me to go on vacation for a couple of weeks.” Lisa pouted a bit which drew a laugh from your lips.   

“You know I’d come back for you. I always come back for my best friend!” you uttered back, before smiling at Dean. His poker face was good, but you could see the recognition in his eyes. “Nice to meet you, Dean! I’ve heard so much about you.”   

“Likewise,” he replied tightly.   

“Don’t be a stranger, Dean,” Lisa scolded, elbowing him on his ribs. “Y/N is my best friend, so you guys are going to love each other no matter what!”   

You flinched at the mention of love, but you hid it with a laugh. Throwing your head back, and grabbing Lisa’s hand. “Like I’m going to love someone more than you!“ 

“Looks like I got competition for your love, sweetheart,” Dean said, joining in on the banter.  

“I love you both, so can’t make me choose,” Lisa said before turning on her heel. “C’mon! I made dinner.”   

The three of you made your way inside Lisa’s house, and you nearly toppled over when Ben tackled your legs. “Hey bud!” you greeted, lifting him up to your hip. “Have you been good for your mom?” 

He nodded eagerly. “Yup! I made you a new drawing!” 

“Did you?” you said with exaggerated shock. “Well, I can’t wait to see it!” He pointed to his room, but shook your head gently. “After dinner, buddy. Your mom is waiting for us.”   

Once you were all settled in, you noticed how close Dean was sitting to Lisa. Obviously, not surprised since they are together, but you were surprised at how physical they were. His arm was around her waist, and he looked at her with such adoration in his eyes.   

“How was your vacation? Lisa asked.   

“It was good- nothing interesting. I’m more interested in the man you picked up while I was gone. Did you get bored with me so easily?” you asked with a laugh, giving her a wink.   

She laughed a long with you, shaking her head. “No way! This guy just showed up on my door one day, wanting a date!” 

“Did you guys go to high school together or something?” you asked, already knowing the answer. 

Lisa shook her head. “We saw each other for a bit a while back.”   

“Well, I’m glad you guys are back together,” you said honestly. “You look so much happier.” 

“Yea. I forgot how happy he’s made me.” Lisa said with a longing smile, looking at Dean. 

"Well, as much as I love seeing you guys ogle each other all night long, I think Ben is getting antsy,” you motioned to the boy beside you with a grin. He reciprocated the grin, and dived straight for the mash potatoes. You helped put the food on his plate, ignoring the looks Dean was giving you. You had understood him enough to know that he was in disbelief of the situation. Though, you didn’t fully understand why he was here living the apple pie life, you were happy for him. 

It was serendipitous that the both of you saw each other again. When you left him, you were under the assumptions that you would never see him again. You though you could fully recover from the events that transpired between the two of you now that some distance was placed; but of course, life had different plans for the two of you.

Happy Friday. We go around and up and get down. For your headz and buttz. enjoy. Tracklist 1. Antiplot - Live Low vs. Theodore Dalrymple - Marie Antoinnetism/Social Reform 2. Kaido - Two Minutes Passed 3. Rockers HiFi meets Kruder & Dorfmeister - Going Under 4. IceKream x ManuMan - Strager Tingz 5. Squnto - Sayim 6. Shenoda - All Ears (Mr. G. Remix) 7. Phil Collins - In the Air Tonight (Ludwix Remix) 8. Woz’ - HBK 9. Frogs in Socks - All This Madness (Elio Stereo Brings it Back ReWork) 10. Submotion Orchestra - Jaffa ft. Still (MOTSA Remix) 11. Marcel Vogel - I Got Jesus (Karizma Stomp Dub) 12. Double Stack - M.F.T.D. (Frogs in Socks Slime Remix) w/ Smokey & Craig - Koolaid 13. Dusky - Sunsets & Dolphins 14. Everything But The Girl - Missing (Rocking Blue Mix) 15. Thomas VX - Snow in Julyl 16. Air - Modular Mix w/ Ralph Fiennes monologue from ‘Sunshine’ mixesedmhousetechnotrapdiscoBreakbeatminimalElectro HouseFunky
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