and tina's character is like yeah.

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oh, they totally weren’t by the end, but the first couple of episodes of s4? With “bad boy” Jake and literally calling Marley “the New Rachel” and having Kitty idolize Quinn? yeah. there were parallels there. :/

There were very intentional parallels yes. But Marley was never, ever anything like Rachel? The title of the ep (though actually no Marley did not get called that in that ep, Tina called her that in 4x19 which is I think the first time Glee did that, Blaine was called the New Rachel explicitly) and that duet shows some parallels but. The shy girl with the lunch lady Mom and the utter shock that anyone thinks she’s good? She is not like any other Glee character and she never, even has been.

And there are important ways that Jake and Kitty were always different, while the parallels there were more obvious. And even if they were at the beginning, as you say, they weren’t by the end, and people are acting like they were still.

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I'm so glad you also love Jenny. She was my favourite character throughout the whole show, mostly because she is very much like me in so many senses but especially on how we view the world. I hate it when people don't try to understand Jenny and just pass her off as a terrible person who ruins peoples lives for the fun of it. because she's not and honestly I think she was deep down the nicest character on the show hands down!

I think the nicest all around character was Tina. But yeah I feel you. The thing is, like, Jenny may have played integral roles in ruining, say, a relationship, but even then, it wasn’t ever ruined SOLELY because of her. And in real life, this sort of thing happens literally all the time, to everyone. People get in the way. People affect the outcome of things. I’m specifically thinking about Stacy Merkin and her girlfriend here. 

But when it came to Jenny, there were VERY specific instances that, if they hadn’t occurred, Jenny might not have died. That’s a serious thing. 

Anyway, agree.