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what do you think are some of the biggest misconceptions about jenny and wrong reasons why people hate her?

I’m slightly reluctant to list everything because 1) I have done that countless times before and 2) I’m not prepared for the onslaught of “you’re wrong and this is why” messages that I’ve also seen countless times before, BUT you’re in luck because I’m bored as hell. 


  • That Jenny killed a dog. She didn’t “kill” a dog. She took a newly adopted, sick and dying dog to the vet in hopes of procuring sympathy from Stacey Merkin’s girlfriend. The same trained veterinarian who actually BROUGHT UP humane euthanasia with no pushing from Jenny, because….the dog…was suffering….and….in….pain. Jenny actually did that dog a favor by allowing it to be put down, instead of letting it waste away at the shelter. 
  • That Jenny (and ONLY Jenny) is to blame for the Shane/Molly situation. Like… what. Shane dumped Molly after like a month because she knew she would eventually cheat and break her heart. Molly couldn’t accept this (because she knew her mom interfered) and went to find Shane to deliver the infamous letter. This just so happened to occur after Shane fooled around with Niki, so Jenny was given the letter instead. And in my opinion, she hid the letter out of pure anger over Shane eating her girlfriend’s pussy OUTSIDE OF THE WRAP PARTY FOR THE MOVIE (ABOUT HER LIFE, NO LESS) THAT HAD BEEN STOLEN FROM HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m not saying it’s ever right to not deliver someone’s mail, but like… the timing was horrible and I’m sure if Shane hadn’t just been a giant ass (funnily enough, triggering Jenny’s feelings for her), Jenny would have had no problems giving her that letter. 
  • That Jenny was cheating on Tim for funsies as if her coming out journey wasn’t extremely painful and confusing. Again, cheating on your boyfriend/fiance generally isn’t the best thing in the world. Duh. But when you’re figuring out your actual identity, I think maybe you deserve some compassion. It’s not an easy process. Marina fucked her up for a long time, possibly permanently, so it’s not like she was having the time of her life while Tim was silently suffering. They both treated Jenny like trash. I’m confused as to why he gets ANY sympathy. 
  • That that “goodbye fuck” between Tim and Jenny was anything less than rape. 
  • That Jenny pushed Shane to cheat on her, that she deserved the terrible way Shane treated her, and that she basically caused their relationship to completely go to shit in season six. This one is probably the most widely accepted misconception, simply because 98% of the fandom wants Shane in their pants and will forgive anything she does. Slightly understandable, but still. Think objectively. Sure, Jenny was clingy. But that’s essentially it. She wasn’t being overly irrational or “crazy” at all, she had legitimate reasons to believe Shane was cheating on her….. because… SHANE WAS CHEATING ON HER. It’s funny how everyone hates Jenny for acting out because of this, but no one cares that Shane was actually doing it. Cause and effect people. Cause and effect. 
  • That her flashback sequences make her deserving of hatred. ??? I get that some people may not be overly fond of them, they are undoubtedly “weird” and all that, but… who the fuck cares like you’re ignoring her background and the reasons why she’s turned into who she is. I always see posts from people saying they tune out or fast forward for all her flashback scenes in season two, and I immediately have a better understanding as to why they don’t get her. 
  • That she “ruined lives.” This one is actually kind of funny to me because it’s SO dramatic. Whose life did she ruin? Honestly? Marina? Nope, I would venture to say it’s the other way around, and Marina looked just fine in her return in season four. Tim? Hmm, he mentally and physically abused her, made fun of her years after their break up, and still went on to get happily married and have children of his own. Much ruination. Such devastation. Very disrepair. Stacey Merkin? Again, are we sure it isn’t the other way around? Are we forgetting that the Vagina Wig’s girlfriend made her own decisions? And that Merkin was so hurt by the entire thing that she decided to become the 500th person to try and steal Lez Girls? Come on guys. 
  • That Lez Girls sucked. Maybe, but I can say with great confidence that none of you have anyone beating down your door begging for the rights to your book.
  • That “stealing” Alice’s idea puts her right up their with Hitler on the hatred scale. K, I might be the only one who said this, but honestly some of you act like she was the mastermind behind the holocaust. I’m talking zero chill. As if no one had ever ripped off someone’s idea before, especially in the film business. COME. ON. It happens every single day. I’d also like to point out, for the thousandth time, that Alice, after spending about a full season and a half hating on Jenny (namely, her writing skills, or lack thereof) happily trotted on over to the Schecter/McCutcheon residence to ask for help. Why would she do this, you may ask? (Jk, no one asks. Except me.) Because she knew Jenny had written several successful books, pieces, screenplays, treatments, etc. She hated her, but she wanted help. And Jenny knew that. So she decided to punish her and assert her dominance (in my opinion) by taking the idea, writing her own treatment, and selling it herself within just a couple of days. I actually applaud her for it. Maybe I’m a terrible person too. ???

I’m sure there’s trillions of other things but I can’t think of any others right now plus I have carpal tunnel.