and tim is nowhere to be seen

There is a gala, and ridiculous playboy billionaire Brucie Wayne grabs little Dickie Grayson by the hands and swings him around in a circle, Dickie laughing all the way. Bruce grins from ear to ear and the media whispers, wonders if this will be the end of Brucie’s shenanigans. 

There’s a gala, and irresponsible playboy billionaire Brucie Wayne grabs young Jason Todd by the hands, and Jason stands on his toes and they dance around in a circle, bumping into the socialites and not really caring. Jason is giggling, that high pitched giggle that comes when your voice hasn’t quite changed yet, and Bruce chuckles. The media whispers, wonders if he’ll do better with Jason then he did with Dick. 

There’s a gala, and tired playboy billionaire Brucie Wayne sighs as 14-year-old Tim Drake throws mini marshmallows at him. Tim hides behind his father and Bruce flirts with empty-headed girls in sparkly dresses, and nobody sees the secret smile on Bruce’s face whenever he makes eye contact with Tim from across the hall. The media whispers, wonders if Brucie will ever adopt again, he looks like he’s doing better. They don’t see Tim. 

There’s a gala, and a softly-smiling playboy billionaire Brucie Wayne grabs Cassie Cain by the hands, and he dances with her around the room. She smiles and he smiles back, and the media whispers, says that Cassandra Cain is so beautiful, and that Bruce is a lucky guy to have her for a daughter. 

There’s a gala, and an oblivious playboy billionaire Brucie Wayne stands and flirts with too many girls. Dick Grayson stands to the side, and he grabs Damian Wayne by the hands, spinning him around in a huge circle. Damian suppresses a smile and Dick laughs loudly. Cass Cain and Tim Drake chuck mini marshmallows at them and they don’t look at the shadow posing as Bruce Wayne, but the media does. 

There’s a gala, and playboy billionare Brucie Wayne is nowhere to be seen. The media whispers, wonders, thinks of overly scandalous things he could be up to. Bruce Wayne sits in his sitting room, and Dick Grayson is curled against his side, and Damian Wayne is curled against Dick’s, and Cass Cain’s head is in Bruce’s lap, and her feet are on Tim’s, and Duke Thomas sits on the floor in front of them, Dick’s hand loosely draped on his shoulder. A window creaks and Bruce looks up. Jason Todd stands there, looking petrified, and Bruce gestures him over. He does, careful not to wake his siblings. 

Ok so. The league throws Hal and Bruce a joint party, as their birthdays are one after the other right. So picture this:

  • Dick and Hal are just being Themselves™ showing each other their ‘party tricks’ (Dick is walking around on his hands balancing Lian Harper on his feet, and Bruce doesn’t even know what Hal is doing but he’s being so loud.. he doesn’t want to know ok he needs a break)
  • Damian keeps threatening to stab Guy in the face if the man offers him another animal balloon.. hes not five like Arsenal’s spawn he doesn’t want that fuck you lantern I’ll destroy you (that break.. sounds really appealing… especially because Damian loves animal balloons.. he’s just being like that on purpose..)
  • Tim and Stephanie are watching the whole affair with their phones out, one of them giving Guy suggestions for the next animal, and the other flat out trying to provoke Damian into taking action already. Cass is sitting near them, watching like a hawk, but considering her smile Bruce knows she won’t stop any of them unless she sees blood. Bruce knows interfering might make things worse and honestly… that break outside…
  • Jason is nowhere to be seen which just screams trouble and just thinking of all the possibilities… this was such a bad idea
  • Duke, God bless Duke, is just in the corner talking to the newest lanterns, smiling at something Jessica is saying. Then Bruce sees that they’re looking at Damian and Guy, and that they have money on their hands and Simon has his eyes glued to his wrist watch. Bruce is gonna take that break outside and ignore they’re most likely beting on how long it will take Damian to snap, he’s too old for this.
  • Of course, as soon as he steps outside the hall where the party is happening, he finds Jason. Jason, making out against a wall with Kyle Rayner.
  • next time Diana sends him notice of an urgent meeting just a day after his birthday he’s going to follow his instincts and go off the grid for a few weeks, consequences be damned. He’s not strong enough to go through this again. He just isn’t.

“Pairings: Damian Wayne x sister!Reader, Batfam x batsis!reader

Requested by anon:  Hiiii can I request more Damian x batsis but she is 5 years old and can it be super fluffy just like the one of avengers assemble, I swear it was the cutest thing ever💗💗💗💗 it can be about Halloween and matching costumes or going to the park or him helping her with kindergarten homework just something really fluffy

I hope you like this anon, I struggled through this one. In the accountancy period. I write in school. I get in trouble. Who cares.

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Jason's Girlfriend

Requests: jason finding out his gf is really sick and he tries to make her comfortable till she passes away and he steals her flowers and things all the time and she thinks he’s the most wonderful guy ever for getting her these things but she doesn’t know what he’s going through and eventually she gets too weak to move and she dies right before jason comes to say his final goodbye and he doesn’t show up at her funeral but after everyone leaves he brings her favorite flowers and breaks down crying

jason talks about his girlfriend all the time and how beautiful she is and how much he’s in love with her and she’s the best thing that ever happened to him but he won’t let anyone meet her and his family starts to think she’s fake until damian and stephanie follow him one night and see he’s placing roses on a recent grave and telling it how much he loves them and will never forget them


“Guess who’s here?!” The nurse’s face was decorated with an enormous smile as she talked, something you’d never understand. It was as if everyone pitied you these days. That or they were mocking you. With their smiles and kind behaviors that could only signal your end was nearing. The only one who never smiled was

“Jason” you said in a quiet voice and blinked your eyes at him. It was a giggle that you felt bubbling in your throat as you saw his face covered by a flower bouquet

“Hey!” He greeted softly from behind of the fresh bouquet he had bought. Your nurse took care of lifting your pillows as well as your torso, so you were in a more comfortable position.

Jason sat on the chair right next to your bed with a sigh. After handing the flowers to the kind nurse he took your right hand in between his palms. You were cold, colder than he remembered and it killed him.

“Baby, did you tell your brothers that I want to meet them?”

Again Jason sighed. It wasn’t easy to say this but he did talk about you all the time, but he didn’t want any of them to meet you. He just wanted you all to himself. He didn’t want to having to share the pain if losing you with them, because they would never be able to sympathize with him. None of them had seen the love of their life in a deathbed, getting colder and colder with every passing day.

“We’ve talked about this (Y/n).” Jason’s voice was cold, colder than he had intended it to be and momentarily he hated himself for snapping.

“Okay” there was no reaction from your side, only a weak smile as your hand tightened in his grip. Jason stood silent for a while, remembering what the nurse had told him

“she doesn’t have many days left. Itd be better if we stopped pressuring her with visits. ”

And she was right. So many people would visit you, not caring if it tired you and Jason wondered if they could understand that you could barely move anymore.

Jason felt tears well up in his eyes as he stared at you, knowing that this was probably the last time he’d see your smile. He bowed his head, resting it on your shoulder amd breathed in your scent. You didn’t know what he was going through. You didnt know in how much pain he was.


For more than a year now Jason has been talking to them about a girlfriend, but a girlfriend was nowhere to bee seen. And currently, Dick and Bruce were very worried. They were desperately trying to solve the girlfriend mystery, but Tim insisted on believe Jason and giving him privacy.

Nevertheless it’d been a very long time now that Jason hadn’t showed up anywhere. He wouldn’t go on patrol, he wouldn’t show up at the manor and when they’d get to communicate with him he’d only say about his girlfriend and how truly beautiful she is.

This of course made Dick even more suspicious and after dinner major pressure by the other members of the family he set Damian and Stephanie to follow Jason to his so called girlfriend.

“I’m telling you, the grave was very recent.” Damian yelled, wanting to convince Dick.

“He even placed red roses on it. And he was crying, so hard it broke my heart. He was apologizing for not being able to help her” Stephanie added, emphasizing the ‘red’ part. “Jason’s going through something so tragic Dick, we gotta help him”

But Dick I’ve that Jason wouldn’t speak. He’d never admit being so hurt, or that his word was crushing down due to his denial. All he had to do was wait until he’d open up about it.

Gone But Not Forgotten - Batfamily Imagine

Originally posted by requiem-on-water

Requested by Anon -  a Halloween one where while out on patrol Batman and the fam get haunted by a ghost, making them return to the cave early to search for clue and up finding Alfred unconsciously on the ground -turns out he had an accident while putting away chemicals and would have died. And like later one of the boys find a picture of the ghost, Alfred’s deceased wife who died during the war.

Jason was just about to pounce on a fleeing mugger when a chill ran up his spine. He felt a presence behind him as he spun around, guns raised with his fingers on the triggers. However, the sight made his blood run cold.

A translucent woman, dressed in a old British army uniform with a red cross on her arm, stood behind him. She frowned at his guns before pointing into the distance. A knot formed in Jason’s stomach as her low echoing voice reached his ears.

“Cave…now,” she whispered softly, but sternly enough to be an order. 

“What the hell?” Jason choked in shock as her eyes narrowed at him.

“To the cave…now,” she repeated before she faded away. Jason stared at the place she had been, blinking his eyes before taking off his hood. He rubbed his eyes, trying to believe what he just saw. 

“Stupid trick,” Jason mumbled to himself, putting his hood back on. However, he couldn’t escape the feeling he should listen to the woman.

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Dick having a crush on you would include:

Requested: No

  • Super protective
  • Always visiting you during night patrol
  • The Batfam knowing almost everything about you
  • You being the only one let into the Batcave
  • That place is hella awesome
  • Dick loving everything about you
  • Not a day goes by where he doesn’t tell you either
  • You think of it as just a friend thing
  • But it’s so much more to Dick.
  • Jason never being allowed near you for more than an hour
  • It’s not that Dick doesn’t trust him…
  • Actually yes it is.
  • Damian actually liking you
  • Dick getting hella jealous when you go with Tim for coffee
  • Having to hear ‘The Talk” from Alfred
  • Mainly cause Bruce wouldn’t do it
  • Batdad don’t mess with that, he just adopts
  • Constantly writing about you in a diary
  • Jason refuses to believe it
  • Not long before his enemies find out about you
  • Him going crazy and beating the shit out of anybody that dares to harm you
  • Whenever you stay over, you always end up cuddling in his room
  • Him being terrified of telling you
  • Somehow you find out
  • Tim was nowhere to be seen that day
  • Neither was Jason
  • He freaks out and just shuts down
  • Not being able to bear your rejection
  • Surprise surprise, you didn’t reject him
  • Exactly the opposite
  • Boy was he over the moon
  • Super cuddly that night
  • Not letting you go because he finally has you as more than a friend
  • Dick is an awkward bean
  • And that’s why you love him
  • Plus other reasons of course

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Secret is Out: Part 3

Prompt: What happens when secret identities are taken away from every DC superhero?

Words: 2060

Part 1, Part 2

        You just stare at the clock. Bruce is still busy entertaining your guests in the other room, but you couldn’t help but slip away. The entrance to the cave was a well-known secret within the league, but it’s still private. It’s a representation of what made the Batman. And after today, it would no longer be a secret.

          “I imagine it’s hard to let go of this secret.”

          You smile as Lucius sits down in the chair next to yours. “Batman has ruled our lives for so long, I’m not quite sure what we’ll do now that the secret is out. If Bruce makes a mistake, it’s on Bruce now, not the Batman. If he doesn’t show up it’s not the Batman’s fault, it’s Bruce’s. He puts enough pressure on himself, I don’t want the rest of the world putting that pressure on him too.”

          Lucius smiles, “Bruce Wayne has never been one to bow to public pressure. I thought you figured that out when he announced he’d married his childhood sweetheart after running away for four years with her.”

          You smile, and glance at the gold ring on your finger. “That was so much smaller than this.”      

          “And that Mrs. Wayne, is where you are wrong. You are the one thing he has ever allowed himself to be selfish about. You are the one thing he allows himself to put before the company, before Gotham, before the Batman. I honestly fear what he would have been, had you not come into his life.”

          You blush a bit, “Bruce has a large heart.”

          Lucius nods, “Indeed, but he fears loss more than anything.”

          You quiet down as the officials enter into the study. They’re eating out of Bruce’s hand, and in that moment you realize that some part of them still doesn’t believe what they’ve been told. They don’t believe he’s Batman.

          He looks at you with a questioning gaze and you just give him a smile. He holds your gaze for another second before striding towards the clock. He carefully moves the hands before stepping back. You watch the clock pop open, and move forward. Taking Bruce’s hand, you begin making the journey into the cave.

          The sounds of grunts fill your ears first, and you can’t help but smile. Apparently the boys had chosen to spar in the cave today. You break away from Bruce, as the first gasps fill the air. You watch as Dick soars through the air and lands perfectly before going into a fighting move. Jason responds with a grin, and side step.

          Tim is typing away at the computer, and Damian has yet to be seen. The boys all call out greetings as Alfred launches into the history behind the cave. Every once in awhile Lucius will chime in with a comment about the technology used.

          Bruce doesn’t say a word. He stands there and listens, with that charming smile on his face, and all of a sudden that smile is gone. His eyes are alert and his nostrils are flaring. Not a second later your missing son springs out of nowhere at Bruce. Bruce sidesteps the attack and catches Damian by the collar of his shirt. The boy comes back swinging.

          He’s more restricted than he’s used to. Slacks and dress shoes weren’t exactly made for sparring, but despite the hindrance he moves with his usual grace. He never stops Damian. He simply corrects. He completely forgets what he’s in the middle of. And you can’t help but smile, because even now, now that his cave is no longer a secret, he still falls into his roll effortlessly.

          You can see the shocked expressions on your guests faces. You wrap your arms around yourself. “The idea of the Batman was conceived when we were sixteen. Bruce had this grand idea of learning from every master there was. He tried to sneak out in the middle of the night, he tends to forget that I know him better than he knows himself. It wasn’t even a choice for me I just went with him.

          While he learned I studied. For eight years we went to these remote places at the tops of mountains. We traveled to places that no one else would dare got to. But we were together, and we had a plan.

          We got married three years into our journey. He proposed while we were eating this locally grown fruit in Tibet. We got married the same day. It didn’t really change anything, just meant that I was in charge of medical stuff when he got hurt. The monks stopped trying to separate us too. Then one day I said I wanted to go home, and he said okay. He’d beaten every master we had come across at that point.

          The tabloids had a field day. Bruce Wayne returns to Gotham, married to his high school sweetheart, and no pre-nup. They gave us six months, without realizing we’d already been married for five years. We got a kick out of that, and burned the rag when we reached that six-month mark. That was also around the time that the Batman appeared for the first time. We adopted Dick a year after that.”

          “You two never could do anything the easy way.”

          You turn towards the new voice and smile, “Amanda how are you?”

          Amanda Waller had become a near constant in your lives over the past several years. She had been key in obtaining full custody of Damian. And despite her and Bruce’s common spats, the two of you had lunch together at least once a month.

          Bruce’s attention was now back on you, and despite the fight, he didn’t have a drop of sweat on him. Neither did Damian for that matter. He just raises an eyebrow at your newest guest and says, “Waller.”

          The woman just rolls her eyes and says, “Calm down rich boy, I’m here to see your wife. Not you.”

          You smile and wink at your husband, “Told you she likes me best.”

          Amanda just smiles “Was that ever a question.”

          You chuckle, “Boys go get cleaned up for dinner. Bruce you have guests, don’t be rude.”

          Your husband just winks at you as the boys go running by. Amanda gives your arms a little squeeze of affection before going to join the group. You make your way back upstairs, and up to your bedroom.

          You collapse on your bed, and drift off to sleep. A weight settling somewhat on top of you wakes you up sometime later. And you smile as Bruce wraps his body around yours. He kisses your neck, and says, “I love you.”

          You snuggle into his embrace, “I love you more.”

          You feel him smile into your skin, “Not possible.” A second later he sits up and asks, “Are you feeling okay? You’ve been taking a lot of naps lately.”

          You stretch, “I’ve just been really tired lately. Not sure why. Are they gone?”

          He shakes his head, “No, they’ve just sat down to dinner. I made up some excuse about you having a headache, and coming to check on you.”

          You smirk, “Nice to know that we can still pull the excuses out every once in awhile.”

          “Well we have so many of them. Any chance you’re up for running the computers tonight?  They’re interested in the behind the scenes stuff, but I have a feeling the low life’s are going to want to test the rich boy.”

          You nod, “I’d be happy to.” You reach up and pull him down for a kiss When you break apart you whisper, “Are they expecting you back soon?”

          Bruce just grins and says, “Dick has enough charm to keep them occupied till patrol.” You just giggle as he kisses you again.

          The two of you are waiting in the cave when the boys lead your guests down. None of them say a word as they move towards the changing area. You take a sip of your tea, as you begin typing the parameters into the computer.

          As the boys come out of the changing area, you can feel the shift in the room. They pay no notice to your guests; they block them out. It’s another night of patrol, and they’re just doing what they need to. Dick, Jason and Tim head to their Bikes, as Bruce and Damian head to the Batmobile. There are no exchanges, no goodbyes, you’re all on the clock, and it’s time to get to work.

          Soon enough you fade into the work too. You deliver instructions, gather blueprints, and hack when it’s needed. You completely forget about the group of people who have pulled up chairs until Amanda says, “You weren’t kidding when you said your system was better than ours.”

          You give her a small smile, “Bruce did the first design with the help of Lucius. Tim came in later and beefed it up.”

          Amanda turns to Lucius and says, “Very impressive work Mr. Fox if you ever decide you’d like to change careers …”

          He cuts her off before she can finish, “I quite like my job Ms. Waller. I find Mr. Wayne to be an easy man to work for.” There’s several chuckles from the executives surrounding him, before there’s a curse on the other line.

          You have footage pulled up in a matter of seconds and you watch as Jason takes a rather nasty hit for Tim. You can hear the taunts of rich boy, freak, and little man coming through. They’re just as quickly silenced when Bruce surges forward. In that moment you realize that he has to prove himself all over again.

          It makes you sick. Literally sick. Alfred takes your place seamlessly as you run to the bathroom. You end up dry heaving for several minutes, and you’re grateful that you didn’t actually eat any dinner.

          “Does he know?”

          Still on your knees you turn to face Amanda. She’s a good woman but not a very sympathetic one. She doesn’t hold hair, and she certainly doesn’t rub backs. She’s a tough woman, who takes every opportunity she’s given, and seems to know everything, so it doesn’t really surprise you that she’s figured it out.

          You take a few moments to splash water on your face, before answering. “No, not yet. I was going to tell him, and then the news broke. He has enough on his plate right now.”

          Amanda just stares at you, “He’s the world’s greatest detective. He’s going to find out eventually.”

          You wince, “I know.”

          The woman just smiles, “Sooner rather than later would probably be best.” You just nod, and she sighs, “Well, I’m going to get going. It’s nearly three in the morning, and I have work tomorrow. After all not all of us can hide in our manors.”

          Your hands go to your hips, “We still on for lunch next month?”

          She just raises and eyebrow and asks, “Have I missed one yet? I’ll up security and we’ll get Italian.” Without another word she disappears. You come back into the cave, as Alfred begins escorting everyone out.

          You wait for them to get home. Everyone is chipper and with the exception of a few bruises everyone is safe and sound.

          Bruce looks exhausted. He just simply changes, and stops in front of you. He stares at you for a moment, before bending down and scooping you into his arms. You squeal and Bruce just says to the boys, “If you wake us up before ten, you’re grounded until you’re fifty. The only exception, is Gotham burning to the ground, or the world is being invaded.” He says nothing else, just carries you up to your room.

          Neither of you say anything. The two of you just fall onto the bed and you snuggle into his embrace. You’re still wide awake an hour later, when Bruce’s breathing has gone even, and his grip has gone lax in his sleep.

          You turn to him and watch him sleep for a few minutes. You memorize the planes of his face, before gently stroking his cheek with your fingertips. You smile before breathing out ten little words, “I’m pregnant Bruce. You’re going to be a daddy again.” Then you just close your eyes, and pray that you have the courage to tell him for real tomorrow.

You know every time I think about the reputation of the Late 2000′s Tim Drake I can’t help but laugh/smile

Because pretty much everyone (including Tim) is worried that he’s gone crazy and/or that he’s changed so much and that they can’t recognize him anymore (admittedly in itself this is depressing).
And then you have Adventure Comics #3 where Conner meets Tim and like 1/2h - 1h later he has pinpointed exactly what happened to Tim proving that he has in fact, not changed that much (and which pretty much sends the message “Tim’s always had problems, just because you never saw them doesn’t mean they weren’t there”).

It’s a testament as to how close these two are.
By the time Kon comes back (so in the +/- 2 years since Steph’s death, knowing he died less than a month after her), out of Tim’s “entourage”, he’s the one who saw Tim the least. Steph didn’t see him for about a year, Bart for about a year and a half, Cassie for about a year and all the others have seen him fairly regularly. And they’re all completely confused. And no one besides Kon realized that Tim’s “change” does not come out of nowhere and while he doesn’t know the exact reason he understands Tim’s thought process better than anyone (Bart might have understood too though but he and Tim didn’t see each other until much later), that’s probably why he didn’t really have a problem with Tim’s cloning attempt in itself.

Also I think it’s pretty representative of Kon’s role in Tim’s life. (Add to that how, after being burned when confessing to knowing the Anti-Life Equation to Cassie and trying to distance himself from everyone as much as possible, Tim spills everything to Conner without holding back).

And it makes me smile because everything’s so bleak during that time, and then you have this issue that is just, like a ray of light…So simple, there’s more love and acceptance in this issue for these two than they have with pretty much everybody else (except Ma) over the course of their series
And that’s saying something because the topics of their conversations are completely depressing.

anonymous asked:

Your work is adorable! Could you do something for a batsister coming back injured from a longterm mission?

I don’t quite like how this turned out but I rewrote this a couple of times already! Thank you for thinking my work is adorable - that makes me happy! I do hope I gave this prompt of yours a little bit of justice~ enjoy!

You knew you should have probably just sneaked off to your room the moment you returned from your mission but alas, your father had caught up to you first and after exchanging a few words and ignoring the stinging pain, you are now in the batcave, standing in front all of your brothers, giving them a recount of what had happened during your mission.

“I’m glad you are safe.” Bruce tells you the moment you finished retelling the mission. If anyone else other than your family had asked, you probably would have denied it viciously but you really did miss your family especially your brothers. “Your presence has been missed.”

You gave him a grin. “I’m glad too.” You tell him before looking at your brothers – they all seem to have grown taller than the last time you have seen them. Granted, you had been gone for almost a year, always moving around for your mission and never staying in one place for far too long. Communication with your family also had to be very limited and short – by limited and short, literally the only person you have been exchanging codes with is Bruce and that is mostly because he is your father.

But that aside, you are starting to wish you never agreed to giving the recount of the mission to your family because now your brothers are breathing down your neck and it was all because of what Alfred had off-handedly said. You wish you could hate on Alfred but he had also been the one to stitch your injuries prior to going to the batcave and he has been such a dear to you. So instead, you hated on your carelessness.

“I thought you would be more careful, sister.” Damian frowns as he inspects the injuries you have gotten over the span of your mission. “You probably left your right side open too much.” He scolds you and you ruffle his hair instead. You knew that was Damian’s way of showing his concern to you.

You look away from Damian to stare at the rest of your brothers – you were thankful your father had not been around because God knows what he would have done to you. Dick is staring at you with an unreadable expression and Jason has a tight expression on his face and you know that is never a good thing and Tim is nowhere to be seen.

“We sent Tim off to get you some painkillers, your favourite food and the likes.” Dick offers when he sees you looking for Tim and you frown before nodding your head.

“I can just sleep this off, you know. I think I will be fine once I get enough sleep.” You tell your brothers, yawning almost immediately after that. You could not remember the last time you have had enough sleep or even the last time you had slept on a comfortable bed. Your body is seriously yearning for a hot shower and your bed right now.

“You do know that it is important to take care of yourself right?” Dick pulls you aside and you furrow your eyebrows at him. “I know you can take care of yourself – there is no denying that but I mean it, we barely had any contact with you over the last year and now that you are back and you have all of these injuries…” Dick trails off and you sigh before wrapping your arm around him, gingerly. Your right side is still aching but the pain is not as annoying as it had been earlier.

“Thank you for always worrying about me because sometimes I feel like I don’t worry enough about myself.” Leave it to Dick to always have your back.

Jason clears his throat. “We definitely need to start on your training as soon as you are back on your feet, with enough energy.” He states with an edge on his voice. Out of everyone, Jason’s probably the closest to you. You had been the sister he had never had and growing up, you had always been there for him.

“Don’t worry – I will let each and every one of you have your ways with me during training but now,” You let out another yawn. “I just need a hot shower and my bed.”

“TT.” Damian shakes his head. “Sister, let’s get you to your room then.” He takes notice of your swaying. “We do not need you to faint here.”

Tim comes in time to see you slowly fall against Dick and he almost drops the plastic as well as the tray he was holding. “Dude, what the heck.” Tim pads up to you and lets out a sigh in relief when he notices that you are sleeping.

“Must have been super tired.” Dick informs before he picks you up bridal style. “Let’s just get her to her room and let her rest.”  

Imagine being Dick’s baby sister and dating Jason. Dick learns that Jason had been cheating on you. 

Relationship: Family & Lover

Fandom: DC

Character: Dick, Jason

Dick was never 100% ok with you and Jason dating, but he trusted you enough to not make the decision for you. Being older Dick always knew how to read your emotion even when you tried to hide them. You had stopped helping around the cave, you refused to come on missions, and you almost never left the manor. Dick knew there was maybe a one percent chance that you would talk to him about what was up with you so he went to Jason; seeing as the two of you were dating. Jason said that you hadn’t talked to him so Dick went to his next person Barbara.

“Babs I need your help,” Dick said to the red-head.

“If it’s about Y/N I’m in.”

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Needs Must When The Devil Strives

Ammy here. I have more writing for you, finally (this one isn’t the pirate AU, it’s just pain). I have a friend who gives me writing prompts and she just appeared in my inbox demanding that I make her cry.
So here we go!
Trigger Warnings:
Summary: While destruction may have been his right, it didn’t mean he wanted to destroy things. He’d even done all he could to save Mana–but it seemed there was no escaping who he was. Now he realized the only way to save Mana was to destroy him.
Characters: Neah D. Campbell, Mana D. Campbell, Adam/Millennium Earl © Katsura Hoshino, two unknown exorcists © me

Sunlight played across the gray, cobblestone pavers, warming them enough that if there hadn’t been a press of people crammed into the streets, the two young men would’ve been able to see the waves of heats rising from their surface, or even to see those strange, silvery mirage-puddles that receded just as quickly as they approached.

But as it were, there was no way to see the heat.

It could only be felt, and felt it they did.

“It’s too hot.”

“You’re whining again, Neah,” his sibling commented, his lips pulling up in a teasing smile. “Sometimes I think you whine more than Wisely whines about her headaches.”

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Tim Drake counting the times he's seen the transition from day to night and night to dawn and dawn to day. The list is endless, cut off by Jason saying he died and the rest (except for Dick) saying they've all died too....

Tim: stares into the night and tries to dramatically internally monologue
Jason, out of nowhere: I died

Whoops I wrote a thing for this, and it was not even the thing I was supposed to be writing this afternoon.

Digijacks and Jackothy, probably not sfw but not explicit.

“No, come on, let me see that for a minute.” Jack grabs for Tim’s wrist and Timothy tries to pull back but Jack is too quick. “You mean to tell me you never tried this? You’re missing out, buddy - look what they can do.”

Jack holds Tim’s wrist firmly in one hand as the other accesses the wristpad that summons the digijacks. They shimmer into existence in front of Tim as Jack’s fingers fly over the keypad, and he’s not sure exactly what Jack’s typing in but those subroutines don’t look familiar. The digijacks blink in unison as Jack executes a command and a faint ripple goes through both of them as Jack shuts down the wristpad and lets go of Tim.

The digijacks look at Jack and at Tim, and then at each other. They smile together, which - has Tim ever seen them have real facial expressions before? He doesn’t think so - and then they’re turning toward each other and wow, that’s a hand on a digital ass and they’re fitting their lips together and suddenly it’s a lot warmer in here.

Jack’s rubbing his hands together next to him, a gleeful smile on his face, and - this is weird, right? This should be weird. But if he’s honest Tim passed weird a long time ago, and the sight of the digital Jacks making out in front of him is a lot less strange than some of the things he’s seen. Jack’s an attractive guy, Tim can admit that, and watching the digijacks sigh into each others mouths is - well. Tim shifts a little, wondering if he can surreptitiously adjust his pants.

Jack elbows him in the side. “Pretty great, right? I know, I’m a genius.” Jack glances sideways at Tim, adopting a thoughtful tone. “They’re just a preview, though - I bet they’re nowhere as good as the real thing.”

Tim doesn’t know what Jack means by that until Jack turns him with one hand on his hip and another coming up to cup his face. Out of the corner of his eye he can see the digijacks lift their mouths from each other, and then he’s hit with three identical smirks, although the two on the side pale in comparison to the one staring him down from inches away.

“What do you say, handsome?” Jack says, thumb brushing Tim’s cheek. “Interested?”

Tim gulps. He feels like he should say no to this - but he doesn’t want to, and he’s far away from home and everything that used to make sense, and sometimes it feels like Jack’s the only stable ground in a world that’s constantly shifting.

Jack’s watching him intently, waiting. His hands are warm on Timothy’s skin.

They’re the same height, so it’s easy to step into him, to watch Jack’s eyes light up as Timothy leans in.

Interested,” Tim says, right before he presses his lips to Jack’s. “Yeah, you could say that.”

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The straight girls, including the ""gay"" trans men named Aiden always call their favorite male characters twinks and shit and it's annoying the fuck out of me.

You’re not wrong, but tbh I have a lot more empathy for TIF’s than TIM’s. TIF’s apart from a few exceptions do always seem to be super into twinks and fanfic, the kind of boys from boybands teen girls usually crush on. Their fetishisation of gay men is offensive, but from what I’ve seen they are nowhere near as violent as TIM’s for the most part. I do not get death and rape threats and violent asks/reblogs on the same level I see lesbians receive from TIM’s. It happens, but not on the same scale. The times it does happen, it always comes across as TIF’s acting the way they seem to believe a man should act.

TL;DR I believe male socialisation is real and therefore TIF’s tend to be less violent than TIM’s.

All part of the job

Well what do you know anon, I was able to whip up some angsty Jackothy for you. Not really my thing, but I did the thing kind of…LOLOL My masterlist archive of bullshit i write can be found linked at the top of the blog or here.

It was at the new science wing opening that the alerts came from.

An explosion from as of yet unknown causes completely blew out the labs, the walls, and the podium where dedication speeches and the usual Hyperion propaganda jerk-fest had been taking place.

Rescue teams weren’t on scene yet, notifications and alerts coming through that many people were injured or dead, chemical fires were starting to spread, and most importantly, an alert stating that Handsome Jack was dead.

Only Handsome Jack wasn’t at the dedication, his double was. Tim. Tim had been the one making speeches and sending hype. Tim had agreed to do the dedication in exchange for a patented Jack-massage. And Tim had been standing on that podium when everything had gone to hell. And the tracker Tim kept on his wrist that monitored his vitals was currently reporting that Handsome Jack was dead.

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Characters: Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Damian Wayne, Dick Grayson

An Age Reversal AU piece I wrote for Rubitan the other day. Damian being the oldest to Dick being the youngest.


“Hey Dickie, wanna help me-” Jason peers into the boys room expecting to see him napping on the bed but the covers don’t even look mussed.

Jason’s not worried, he’s probably bothering Tim by climbing the bookshelves in the library then trying to make the other guess how many books he can juggle. So when he goes in and sees Tim by himself at the main desk he starts to wonder.

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“Welcome to Five nights at Mark’s. Enjoy your stay…”

So in my stream today I drew some animatronics…And to “celebrate” that somehow FNAF3 is official, have some creepy animatronics!

Markiplier animatronic: Based on the animatronics from the first game, but placed on the second game. Is somehow damaged (missing an eye and part of his mouth. Some wires can be seen.

Toy Warfstache animatronic: Based on the “Toy” animatronics, from the second game. Does not show any damage on his body.

Darkiplier animatronic: Based on “Golden Freddy.” Almost nowhere to be found, appears whenever he wants. He’s missing almost all his face, showing his endoeskeleton, his arm (also showing part of his endoeskeleton), and missing his legs. Drags himself to move.

Tiny “musicbox” Tim: Based on the “Marionette” from the second game. Something is hidden inside his little body, no one knows what it could be. Be careful to play the musicbox all time.

Enjoy! :D