and tim is nowhere to be seen

You never really enjoyed being the president’s daughter, but it wasn’t something you could change. Being in the constant eye of the public was not something you imagined you would ever have to deal with. Somehow, you managed to put up with it all. Well, until that one fateful afternoon. You were lounging in your room, reading yet another book when your bodyguard, Tim, told you that your Father wanted to have lunch with you in the garden. Reluctantly, you got up from your comfy bed and walked to the gardens with Tim close behind. You had finally reached the normal spot, but your Father was nowhere to be seen. Confused, you turned to ask Tim where he was but you were pulled into a strong grip, a cloth being pressed against your mouth. You tried not to inhale, but it was too late and your vision was slowly fading until it was just complete black. You awoke in a run down room, restrained to a chair. Panicking, you desperately tried to untie yourself but to no avail. You came to the conclusion that you were probably being held for ransom and stopped trying to escape as it was useless. It wasn’t long until you could hear some kind of commotion going on, most likely on the floor below you. With a newly found sense of hope, you struggled against the ties the held you in place once again. The door to the shabby room opened and you soon locked gaze with Luke, one of your father’s best spies. He rushed over and quickly unbound you, only just noticing the tear tracks down your face. When he finished, he pulled you up from the chair and into a hug, mumbling “it’s okay sweetheart, you’re okay.” You clung to Luke for dear life as he safely escorted you out of the building. Since you refused to leave his side, your father had no choice but to promote him to be your new security guard since Tim was now behind bars. The two of you only became closer, and you knew you would remember that fateful day for the rest of your life.

For acoustcmichael’s and featuringluke’s spy!5sos blurb night


“Welcome to Five nights at Mark’s. Enjoy your stay…”

So in my stream today I drew some animatronics…And to “celebrate” that somehow FNAF3 is official, have some creepy animatronics!

Markiplier animatronic: Based on the animatronics from the first game, but placed on the second game. Is somehow damaged (missing an eye and part of his mouth. Some wires can be seen.

Toy Warfstache animatronic: Based on the “Toy” animatronics, from the second game. Does not show any damage on his body.

Darkiplier animatronic: Based on “Golden Freddy.” Almost nowhere to be found, appears whenever he wants. He’s missing almost all his face, showing his endoeskeleton, his arm (also showing part of his endoeskeleton), and missing his legs. Drags himself to move.

Tiny “musicbox” Tim: Based on the “Marionette” from the second game. Something is hidden inside his little body, no one knows what it could be. Be careful to play the musicbox all time.

Enjoy! :D