and tidus is over there like

“You think Nova is crazy.” 

“Correction - I know Nova is crazy. Small says The Black has taken her brain. The damn thing is almost entirely void cells. I know in your own way you care about her and you don’t want to hear this; but I’m not sure you can even call her HER anymore Bash. It’s just that thing now keeping her alive.” 

“Well you’re wrong, about that anyway but I do agree that dad probably did something to her, he did something to all of us. That’s why he can’t fucking go free, that’s why I HAVE to be there. My kids have enough messed up shit to deal with coming from a fuck up like me. That coward would take interest in them, we both know that. It’s what he does.” 

it’s pretty great that Tidus is the only one shown doing stuff in the Cloister of Trials’ because I just imagine the rest of the party standing around giving him directions while he does all the leg work. they’re in the background arguing amongst themselves and yelling conflicting orders at him like, ‘no, no, not that pedestal! the other one!!’ ‘no, this one!’ ‘I’m telling you, that’s not going to work…’ and he’s just standing there with handfuls of spheres like wHAT DO U PEOPLE WANT FROM ME I’M DOING MY BEST

Reasons to Play Dissidia
  • The Emperor and Ultimecia’s mean girl routine (notches on their belt include Firion, the Warrior of Light, Sephiroth, and Kuja)
  • Sephiroth, the unpopular kid in the class who stalks Cloud because lol
  • Tidus calls Firion by the pet name “Rosebud”. This is never commented upon.
  • Golbez’s lack of commitment to the bad guy side being the worst kept secret in the world
  • seriously, does any character NOT know that he’s working with the heroes?
  • Because FFVIII has a feather motif, Squall gets one as a good luck charm from the resident chocobo guy, Bartz. The question is: was Squeenix aware that doing so makes Bartz parallel Squall’s love interest?
  • Cecil Harvey: Friend, Comrade, Wingman
  • Laguna giving his (unbeknownst to them both) son a scolding for not making friends
  • WoL and Squall’s weird little deadbeat dad vs helicopter mom spat
  • the 12th cycle’s merry-go-round of side-switching politicking
  • specifically Kuja and Cloud’s coworkers-at-the-water-cooler-who-aren’t-friends-but-mutually-hate-their-job-and-shit-talk-their-boss/other coworkers relationship
  • if Sephiroth is everyone’s least favorite wild card loner, Kefka is their least favorite wild card busybody
  • none of them like Onion Knight but he and Squall bond over their mutual FML moments
  • both Jecht and Tidus spend time as antagonists and both spend that time annoying their teammates by being too friendly
  • speaking of which, is there a dysfunctional family relationship in canon that could use some quality time to fix? They’re in luck
  • some solid Yuna-Jecht-Tidus interaction
  • Zidane and Bartz tagteam Squall into friendship
  • Firion and his ever-in-demand rose
  • you’d think that the bad guys wouldn’t get along and the good guys would and you’d be half right
  • WoL is an accessory to murder
  • Lightning is in a story about gods mucking around with mortals they’ve forced into service and it goes about as well as you could imagine
  • Tifa throwing a potion at Kain Highwind’s face
  • Cloud Bonding With Fellow Reluctant Coworkers Round 2: Terra
  • the mouse is SMACK

And that’s just the tip of this wacky iceberg.

leviathkand replied to your post{ Honestly, I have no idea how long ago it was…

yES FOR SURE. as time goes on, I’m sure your claws will sink in more and more. owo i’ve been rp'ing him for a long time, but every day I learn more about him, and I still consistently change my mind about him, too, haha!

          { Admittedly, it got me wanting to play Dissidia 012 all over again. But I forgot how much you have to play Vaan and Lightning before you see Tidus pop up in the game. :l But hey, we’re all still learning right? Like I’m seriously curious what everyone’s thoughts are on his mother. They don’t give much information about her, and I know my opinion of her might not match up with a lot of people’s opinions. }

anonymous asked:

i saw your post about the parallels of shuyin and tidus and i have to say i agree! do you think tidus would have become like shuyin if yune died like lenne at the end of the game?

? I’m… not sure which post you mean. :o I haven’t talked about it in a long while! like, not since I remade my blog. or did I? maybe I just forgot about it…

well, oh well; I don’t know what that post said, haha, but I do definitely agree that there are parallels between Shuyin & Tidus! more precisely, I think there is a connection between the two of them, but that’s a really complicated mess of a headcanon that I have, so I won’t go into that right now. or maybe that’s what you read?? if so, then you know! :D haha.

ANYWAYS: to answer the question… tbh, I don’t think so. it’s a fun & interesting thought ( because I love hurting my muse, what can I say ) but, well, I don’t even think Shuyin is like the Shuyin we saw during X-2. his wiki page explains it better than I can; ‘ Bahamut’s fayth says, Shuyin? Just a shadow. It may look like him, but the real Shuyin died long ago. Even after a thousand years, his hate and misery linger on. His feelings grew so strong, they began to act on their own… Eventually, they became a shadow a shade that wants only to vanish, but cannot. ” Shuyin’s spirit was corrupted with negative feelings of failing to protect Lenne and hatred for those responsible as he was forced to endlessly relive the memory of his death. Shuyin lost his sanity and became driven by fantasies of revenge against all of Spira… the ‘Shuyin’ who Yuna and others meet is not the original Shuyin, but his ‘shadow’ full of the despair and hatred the Shuyin of 1000 years ago felt, preserved by pyreflies

so, his spirit become tainted, into less of a person, and more of a twisted amalgamation of his bad memories, regrets, sorrow, and anger, given form by pyreflies. I think every person is a mixture of ‘good’ & ‘bad’ traits, but Shuyin has lost all of his morality, and most of his humanity. it’s as if all of his ‘bad’ thoughts and negative traits took over, and eradicated all the ‘good’ ones. and it was a mystic, extraordinary ( in a bad way ) circumstance that caused this to happen to him, not just a corrosion of his mental state over time. I don’t think Shuyin ( the one who lived in the time of the Machina War ) would have made or agreed with the path that spirit!Shuyin goes down.

and I definitely don’t think Tidus would either! he would never reach the level of nihilism that Shuyin is at, and certainly wouldn’t become homicidal, haha. would Yuna’s death change him? yes, and not necessarily for the better. his sunny outlook on life would take a big hit. he’d want revenge & justice for what happened, same as Shuyin… but he’s not going to take it out on the whole world– just the people responsible. like, Yevon and such. 

ultimately, I think he’d be okay. I mean, as okay as someone who was ripped out of their pretty chill life, tossed into a world where death is omnipresent, fell in love with a girl there, promised to save her, and then FAILED AND LET HER DIE… can be. which is not very okay. but a lot of people in Spira have been through similar things and lived. soul-crushing backstories are just kinda the thing there. truthfully, I think he’s someone whose biggest need in life is just… companionship. and he’s made good friends in Spira. he’s met people who love & accept him. even if Yuna was gone, he still has a family there, so as long as they supported each other in their grief, and helped each other out… he could come out on the other side fairly well-adjusted. realistically speaking, he has enough of a positive outlook that, if he had his friends by his side, he could bounce back from Yuna’s death. THAT’S NOT TO SAY it would ever stop hurting or that he’d ever be ‘over it’, and in fact, I don’t think he’d ever really get over it, because one of the things that would keep him going in life would be trying to make sure it never happens again, whether that means trying to bring down Yevon, or dissuading summoners from pilgrimages, or… something!! he would feel the need to do something productive to deal with the trauma…. but, ya know, he’s not gonna try to blow up the world or anything… so that’s good. 

butBUT! IF ALL ( OR EVEN MOST?? ) OF THE PARTY DIED?? OH MY GOD THAT’S A DIFFERENT STORY, HE’D BE SO MESSED TBH. then he’d have nothing and no-one and be alone ( literally the thing he fears the most in the whole world ) in the dark miserable hellhole that is Spira pre-Calm and omg excuse my french but there’s really no other way to put it: he’d be fkcn REKT kaldhwuiadh. I mean, not to Shuyin levels… but that’s the only way I can really see him becoming an completely traumatized walking pit o’ angst. that is the only way he will achieve true Edgelord status. I still don’t think he’d become a villain, like ghost!Shuyin, but he could definitely become a lot more morally grey & possibly adopt some antagonistic ( probably more like anti-hero ) behaviors, and/or just be straight up BROKEN & lose some or ALL of that precious optimism & positivity he’s so known for.

but other than that or similar unlikely AU scenarios, he’s always going to be ur basic, boring, chaotic-but-still-very-good kind of hero who will find the light in the darkness. if Yuna died, that light would inevitably dim a bit. he’d be bitter, to some extent. he’d want revenge ‘justice’ for the unfairness of it all, definitely. but he wouldn’t resent the living the way Shuyin does. he wouldn’t lose sight of the fact there’s still good in the world, & things worth saving & protecting… he’d live to DO that. and when the pain creeps in and he loses his way a little, remembering Yuna & her own hope would give him the nudge he needs to stay on that path, and not stray into ‘Vegnagun take the wheel’ territory.

A summary of the Final Fantasy series, from memory

Final Fantasy I: A man name Garland is knocked down the stairs and tumbles so hard he goes back in time. At the end of the game you fight him again but now he is Satan
Final Fantasy II: ???????? I think there’s a character named Cid in this one
Final Fantasy III: You are Onion Knight, The Best Character. You become engrossed in a job system and then go to hell to fight a giant woman the game insists is a weather formation.
Final Fantasy IV: aka Cecil and Kain go to White Castle. Two knights stab some dudes for their country only to realize it was a bad idea so they stab other dudes instead. Rubicante won’t stop showing the party his leg and they take a plane to the moon where they beat up a Contra boss
Final Fantasy IV The After Years: Because this goddamn planet didn’t already have enough of them, ANOTHER moon arrives, which infests the planet with a bunch of weirdos
Final Fantasy V: Butz and his comrades Dikz, Titz, and Fartz collect crystals to bypass years of employee training. A large tree in the shape of a man realizes it exists and becomes very upset
Final Fantasy VI: Long ago, three deities reach the conclusion that magic was a horrible idea. They entrust a bunch of weird elves to hide it, but they do a terrible job and thousands of years later a group of schmucks rediscover magic and burn them onto compact discs. A clown ascends to godhood by pushing some furniture around
Final Fantasy VII: In what is often regarded as the best entry in the series, a man with a long sword and mommy issues falls into a river.
Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core: In this prequel, the player reprises the role of Cloud Strife, in the days before he dyed his hair blonde. Wait what do you mean it’s a different character
Final Fantasy VII Dirge of Cerberus: In this gritty reboot of Gunstar Heroes, Turkish exile Vincent Dracula fights colors in order to thwart their plan to tease an enormous bug 
Final Fantasy VIII: the moon can’t keep its shit together and repeatedly pukes monsters all over the planet, but fret not! One young man has a gun that shoots swords
Final Fantasy IX: There’s a lot I could say about this game but Vivi’s in it and that’s the only thing that really matters
Final Fantasy X: A summoner named Yuna flies around a country full of foreigners and drowning soccer players before flying directly into the mouth of a giant monster. She is accompanied by Tidus, a little green man that only she can see
Final Fantasy X-2: Yuna decides summoning is for nerds so she goes all akimbo assassin in this shit. She, her two best friends, and their former arch enemy go deep underground to make a clubhouse for girls only.
Final Fantasy XI: FFXIV’s estranged older sibling. We don’t talk about it anymore.
Final Fantasy XII: Some god-like assholes get into an argument over mankind, a subject that literally does not impact them in any way. The targeting system looks extremely questionable if you squint hard enough
Final Fantasy XIII: Making contracts with gods turns out to be a bad idea, as Lightning and her wacky gang of friends have just discovered! The party takes out their frustrations by knocking a large marble face into a public pool. You will encounter many powerful enemies, but can you defeat the game’s incomprehensible battle menu??
Final Fantasy XIII-2: Serah and Noel go back in time to throw a football over some mountains
Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Returns: With people no longer able to age, God decides to bring the world to an end, selecting Lightning to save the souls of those worthy during these final days. She complies, buying her enough time to throw a football over some mountains
Final Fantasy XIV: Wait hold on it’s not ready yet
Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn: Square Enix proves that the third time really is the charm by creating a rather intricate, enjoyable, overall fantastic MMO but I couldn’t make my black mage look like Vivi so none of that fucking matters
Final Fantasy XV: In the upcoming and most gorgeous entry in the Final Fantasy series to date, a dude and his boyband drive around the countryside in his dad’s car. They arrive in the city where they get all hopped up on Phoenix Downs and spend the rest of the day fleeing from the authorities after knocking some buildings over and punching one (1) dragon in the head

“EDI,” Shepard started, her heart thumping in his chest, hysterics building inside her, “did you- did you just send my message to Garrus’ father?”

“Yes, Shepard, was I not supposed to?”

“Oh shit.” She laughed, if there was a note of hysterical laughter no one would ever know.


Tidus Vakarian sighed as his omni-tool beeped with a new message, he rubbed his eyes, taking his eyes off his ailing wife. Cassia was getting worse by the day and there was nothing he could do, no viable treatment, even with the Salarian’s offer to take her into their facility for study and treatment.

He sighed at the unknown address, if it was another spam with another useless offer of treatment-!

He blinked as he opened the message.

From: Commander S. Shepard, Normandy SR-2

Dear Mr Vakarian Senior, 
(sorry Garrus never mentioned your actual name for some unknown reason).

I hope this message finds you well,

My name is Commander Shepard, Hero of the Citadel and first Human Spectre. I am writing to you with regards to your son, Garrus Vakarian who is currently under my command.

I have a lucrative proposition for you. I would like to demand that you marry your son off to me, as I am afraid he is currently too busy calibrating the shit out of my ship to notice my rather obvious advances. He seems to be entirely oblivious to my desire to ride the G-Train, and believe me sir, I have NOT been subtle. I have tried everything, slinky dresses, re-enacting Basic Instinct, following his every whim, up to and including day light murder and severe structural damage to the Citadel, but to no avail.

I am afraid that you are now my only hope. I understand your reservation, Garrus has communicated to me your distrust of Spectres, however I would like to point out that I have thus far cooperated with the Citadel Council dumb-ass decisions, and complained about it just a little bit, only 3 people got injured!

But what do you get out of this? That is an excellent question sir. First of all, I would make an excellent daughter in law. You would never see me as I will be too busy kicking ass and taking names, so no awkward family dinners. Furthermore, as far as I understand, if me and Garrus do end up mashing genitals, no offspring is biologically possible, so no sticky hand prints, annoying screaming and bodily fluids on the carpet. And finally, I have been known to set off nuclear grade explosions for the people in my care, so your obsessive, irritating asshat of a son, will be safe, and also probably far far away from you. So it is a win win situation for everyone!

I thank you for your time and consideration, I look forward to hearing from you soon! Please get back to me soon, I already picked out the Wedding Armour.

Many thanks, Kind regards,
Commander Shepard.*

Tidus barked a laughter, his sub-vocals thrumming with amusement, that was a weight off his shoulders at least, knowing his boy was alive and well and as obtuse as ever when it came to the fairer gender, if he was honest with himself, he’d say it was something Garrus may have inherited from him, but he avoided the annoying truths these days.

“Tidus?” Came a voice to his right, as he looked up, he hummed at his wife, her eyes clear with recognition, “what’s going on?”

He thrilled with humour, sitting on the bed besides her as he showed Cassia the message, “your son’s an idiot.”

Cassia hummed as she glanced at the message “he gets it from you.”

“Shush you, I was never that bad.” He laughed, sub-vocals thrumming with relief and love.

“No, you were worse.” Cassia stated with an twitch of her mandible, “what is this Basic Instinct the Commander’s talking about?”

“I’ve no idea, light of my life.” He smiled, opening the Extranet for research.


Shepard laughed as she laid on her back, Jack looming with biotics over her, “cheater! I said ‘no biotics’.”

“All’s fair in love an war, isn’t that what you told me?” Jack sat back, dismissing the dark energy keeping Shepard still, not even a bead of sweat on her body as she kept the struggling woman still.

“Unless we specify terms, but yeah.” She smiled at herself, sparing with Jack always got her spirits up, sure she’d rather spare with Garrus, among other things, but since he was still busy ignoring her and calibrating the giant guns instead of something else…

Her Omni-tool beeped at the same time as EDI’s voice drifted through the cargo bay, announcing she had a new message at her private terminal. She stretched, bending forward with her arms high up her back until she had an up close look at her thighs, the bones on her back popping with the extortion.

“Who is it?” She asked as Jack scoffed then rolled her eyes, Shepard just smirked at the inked woman, he had offered to teach Jack to teach her how to stretch, but the other woman had refused. Ah well.

“I do not have access to your correspondence, Shepard.” The AI responded, to which all Sophia could do was roll her eyes, yes EDI didn’t have access to emails, and Sophia was the daughter of clowns.

“Stop lying EDI, before I deactivate your programming and reduce you to a VI again.” She said, snorting. She strengthened, opening the Omni-tool and grinning.

From: Tidus Vakarian

Commander, I am Tidus Vakarian, Garrus’s father, and I hope this finds you well.

Maybe I should start by thanking you for your email, as unintentional as it was probably sent. Not only have you confirmed that my son is, indeed, alive, but you’ve managed what Solana and I have been trying for the past year. It has been the first time in over 6 months, Palaven-time, that I’ve see my wife laugh and recognise my other child, Commander, and for that I thank you.

I have no idea how you wrapped Garrrus around to follow you, but rest assured that you’ve got him wrapped around your human fingers and bound to your very will. It is not my place to grant you your wish, only Garrus can do that, but - as my wife so fondly reminds me - Garrus is as bad as a Turian as I used to be. If you need my permission you have it, Spirits know Garrus doesn’t come home anyway, so your offer would at least keep him safe (nuclear explosions? Really?)

Also, Cassia tells me that I’m still am a bad Turian, and I’ve no idea what she’s talking about.

If you manage to get Garrus to visit before your mission’s over, I’ll even officiate it myself.

Cassia would also like to let you know that your ‘Basic Instinct’ would never work on a Turian, since we are ‘wired’ to notice long necks and supportive waists, of which you’ve got plenty to interest my son, if you excuse the forwardness.

Fondly yours,
Tidus Vakarian.

You know what would be adorable? If 7-year-old Yuna had a harmless 7-year-old crush on Jecht and heard he had a son, and so over the years she’d sometimes envision what this boy must be like and she ends up creating this fantasy world around this son of Jecht. (based on her believing him to be a “kind and gentle” man)

And of course, she doesn’t mention to anyone because it would be embarrassing, but then Tidus shows up and she’s starting to crush on him and she keeps comparing him to her ideal guy, and Wakka said he played Blitzball, and what are the chances, and then she hears that he must be crazy because he said he played in Zanarkand and her crush kicks into overdrive.

And when she finds out he really is Jecht’s son, she says their meeting must “Truly be the blessing of Yevon.” because now it can’t be coincidence and she legitimately believes that her deity was so impressed by her devotion and sacrifice that he found her dream boy and dragged him into her world so she would get to experience love before she died.

I’m not writing this

things sora retto and tidus have in common:

- parent issues or lack of parents overall (they either hate their parents or just dont give a fuck about em and im like buddy same.)
- hotheaded and feisty when provoked or pushed over the edge
- on the contrary however, have soft spots for people they love and have potential to be super tender and sweet when not upset
- always jumping to conclusions! shut the fuck up and stop lettin your anger get the best of u all the damb time!!
- good listeners. they always have an open ear for ppl they care about and are usually the empaths and driving forces of their groups
- honestly im gonna be honest here all three of em are stupid af and DENSE which is also how they’re like me
- BUT theyre also keen in their own unique skill sets and are actually v intelligent or at the very least super fixated and focused on 1 or 2 subjects theyre passionate abt
- listen folks the anger with these three is a big deal. a big fucking deal. their fatal flaw is their anger and how feisty they get and that’s ME.
- Friendship Is The Ultimate for these boys as well as soulmates and fate/intertwining stories/meant to be type shit. just play the games u will see.
- they’re all virgos idc what anyone says idc abt canon birthdays im a virgo so theyve all got my special ambiguously virgo personality.
- wanting to be independent so badly but being too afraid… rip.
- can’t never be alone. don’t leave them they’ll have anxiety attacks and cry.
- listen retto and tidus love their gfs but sora loves his bf.
- they’re all offensive which just so happens 2 be my main thing in rpgs, i cant stand healing or magic. i know that’s not personality but like, the trend of agility and fast paced combat led by high strength stats is uncanny.
- also another thing that isnt rly personality bases but im gonna say fuck it and act like it is, all 3 of em are from jrpgs and two. two!!!! whole sources out of three were developed by sqenix. coincidence??? i think the fuck not.
- p much all three are the main protags and even tho that might make my kins seem invalid and ~easy~ to obtain, fuck it. it’s still consistent. (in ffx it can be argued that yuna and tidus are both equally main protags, same w polka and retto so. bam +10 points for even more paralells.)
- uhhh h hhhhhhh ridiculous and impractical but cool costumes
- sorry im straying from personality again. all 3 of em are moody as hell, like me, and fluctuate between moods fairly quickly and like. it effects them very heavily. getting out of a funk is hard especially when it’s driven by anger (hello) or worry (usually abt fwends).

i could keep going but y'all get the point im sure.

I guess that leaves the newest guardian. Star player of the Zanarkand Abes! You are… I am… Well, um… I’m glad…I’m glad that we met. We haven’t even known each other long, but… It’s funny. So this is what it feels like.“ It’s a much more wonderful feeling than anything I had ever imagined. Wonderful…but it hurts, sometimes. I wonder. I..I just want to say, thank you for everything. Maybe…maybe that’s why it hurts. When I… When I think about us never being together again at all… I’m afraid. No, I shouldn’t say that. I’ll do that part over. Um.

Tidus’ Hair Is  A Geometrical Enigma

yes hello I would like to take the time away from studying and talking to people to deliver a PSA on how TIDUS’ HAIR IS PROOF THAT NOMURA WENT THROUGH A SADIST PHASE FROM 1999-2001.

To demonstrate I’m going to take the most recent (canon) CG render of Tidus from December 2013, and ruin it by doodling over it with Paint Tool SAI edits.

Red - the middle parting is raised and splayed in pretty much all angles. From here the parting almost looks like it’s radial, but it actually extends down the skull, and the vertical hairs drift to the sides. In Dissidia this was simplified to a leaf of hair at the front of his head.

Green - his hair spikes aren’t the traditional shark fin-like spikes we see on most bishounen boys. They’re smooth and wavy, almost like the ocean (har de harr geddit). Depending on the layer they also go at different angles, even forming rectangular dimensions which gradually get shorter in quantity as they go further back the head.


Orange - his head isn’t a durian. At the top end of his skull the ends flatten and dome from the top to the back end of his skull, resulting in arcs of nearly smooth hair. Very opposite the concept of spiky hair.

White - the flared ends and curves of the spikes are propped up, rising at greater angles the further they go back from the head. Combined with Orange, this resembles something almost like a pagoda roof.

This almost turned into a rant about his ‘tan on, tan off’ appearance across every game he’s ever in, but I’m stopping here.

the point is Tidus is the hardest character to draw ever because either A. He has mutated hair genes, B. He got really lucky with his hair gel usage or C. The hair stylists in Zanarkand are witches.