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Sorrel really needs me to make her wig already😔 by gladys
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Sorrel has been home since late summer and still no wig made. The first Tibetan lambskin wig I sewed by machine( shortcuts often give you more work) and the seam allowances were too big and the wig ended up too small. The next one, I will hand sew.

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Why there are people who think the Buddha was a God? One never claimed to be

Buddhism, like all other religions, has an esoteric and exoteric tradition. That is an outer tradition for the common people who are used to venerating gods, lighting incense and candles and praying to images and a different tradition for the scholar and mystic. Buddhism, like Christianity, absorbed the folk beliefs of the area it moved into. This is why Tibetan Buddhism is different from Buddhism in Vietnam. 

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Tibetan mastiffs, Komondors, Newfoundland water dogs, Scottish deerhounds??

No opinion on Tibetan mastiffs or Komondors, but DOGDAMN DO I LOVE NEWFOUNDLANDS AND DEERHOUNDS.

Newfoundlands are probably the only hairy, drooling, giant breed that would be worth all of that to me. Like, I think I’d be constantly laughing if I owned a Newfoundland, in a manner similar to the ghost of Christmas present in a Muppet Christmas Carol. “Yes hello this is my dog Samuel and this is residue from my dog Samuel, everywhere, and also now on you. COME IN, AND KNOW ME BETTAH MAN.”

If my investment in greyhounds goes well, I plan to expand my portfolio to include stock in deerhounds.

In any circumstance good or bad, abandon
All hope from Buddhas and give up
All fears of suffering in Samsara.
Recognize that hope and fear are the
Magical display of your own mind
Of Primordial Purity.
Remain in the state where there is neither
Perceiver nor object of perception.
Let go into the immaculate space
Of Great Perfection beyond
Meditation or distractive disturbance.
—  Tibetan Scroll                      

Mahakala, Vajra Panjarnata (Tibetan: dor je gur gyi gon po. English: the Great Black One, Lord of the Vajra Pavilion [or Canopy]): from the Vajra Panjara Tantra. 1700 - 1799. Tibet. Sakya Lineage. 27.94cm (11in) high. Bronze. Acc.# C2001.7.1Rubin Museum of Art, New York, NY, USAART379624Photo Credit:© Rubin Museum of Art / Art Resource, NY

source;  Rubin Museum