and thus saving his sister like he wanted

Musical Touken Ranbu ~Mihotose no Komoriuta~ Report [23.04.17 LV]

This post contains my summary and personal impressions about the recent Toumyu. I attended the Indonesia live viewing of the senshuraku show on 23/04/2017.

Disclaimer : Spoilers for the whole show, some details might not be accurate.

In a nutshell, it was the best 3.5 hours I’ve had in my life for a while.

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For: @relientsk

Imagine: Caleb and Peter befriending one another in Amity and truly connecting once they leave the city.

Peter’s POV

I can’t believe I’m in Amity, the last faction I belong in, with the last people I expected to ever be with, Tris, Four, and Tris’ brother Caleb. At least I had someone to suffer through the awkward Four and Tris romance.

We had just finished eating dinner and Caleb and I were sitting alone in the room that Johanna oh so kindly provided us with, “Hey Caleb, if we- when we get caught, do you think they’ll kill us too, or just Tris and Four.”

“As their accomplices, we’ll be punished, if not killed as well,” Caleb says looking highly disappointed.

“Well maybe we should leave those two love birds here and go redeem ourselves to Erudite,” I joke, suddenly Caleb’s face hardens.

“Peter, you shouldn’t joke about betraying my sister like that,” Most would think that he was being genuine; however, I could see that a part of Caleb, somewhere deep down inside, wanted to do what I was suggesting. Maybe we weren’t so different.

Over these few days in Amity, Caleb and I have grown really close, he’s told me a lot about his past experience in Abnegation, and I’ve opened up to him quite as well.


It’s been a few days since Dauntless soldiers came to Amity, at that time I decided that it would be best for me to join Erudite, and since then, I haven’t heard from Caleb, Four, or Tris.

I sit on my bed in Erudite, finally done with a long day of working for Jeanine, when the door opens, Eric.

“Peter,” He nods. Eric and I are pretty close friends, however, he still tries to act professional when people are around him. He gestures towards someone outside, “Say hello to your new roommate.”

Caleb walks in and I can’t help but smile a little. Eric smirks, “Enjoy.”

“Hey Peter.”

“What did you do? Turn in Tris and Four?”

“No, I came back and apologized to Jeanine, and she accepted it,” He whispers.

“Now, I might not be an Erudite genius, but to me it seems like Jeanine needs you,” I smirk, a few devious plans forming in my head.

“It’s nothing like that.”

“Whatever you say Caleb.”


I hear Caleb’s words repeating in my head, “Then you will act as if she’s dead and wheel her out of the room, Four will be waiting out there.”

Caleb wanted to desperately save his sister, but he did not want to disappoint his faction, thus, he told me how to help her instead, and for the sake of friendship, I did.


We recently went outside the fence, and in all honesty, I hate myself, sometimes I wish I were a better person. The only person who actually understands me is Caleb, over the past few months, we have become very close friends, and Caleb really does care. He’s also going through a lot of similar shit as me.

“Peter? Can you help me with something?” Caleb asks once everyone leaves the room.

“Yeah?” Anyone else’s request for my help would be instantly declined, but Caleb is the only one that I kind of care about.

“Tris hates me, and I need to get my sister to forgive me, I just wish there was some way to win back her trust, please help me,” Caleb looks truly upset, so we talk about it for a while. After all the sentimental shit, we end up joking around once again. The two of us are doubling over with laughter when Christina and Uriah walk in.

“Ugh, just admit it already,” Christina chimes.

“Admit what?” Caleb asks.

“For a nose, you’re not really smart,” Uriah answers, “Admit that the two of you like each other, it’s clearly obvious.”

“Fuck off Uriah!” I say rolling my eyes. Christina and Uriah start laughing and make kissing noises before walking out.

“Um, about that,” Caleb says awkwardly.

“Yeah, let’s not speak of that,” I cringe.

A/N: You can talk this however you want, whether it be platonic or romantic. I just love these two though so… :P

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