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The Dress as a metaphor for Social Justice.

One of the most interesting things about the entire situation where the dress is concerned is the vehemence with which people will defend the authenticity of their perception of the dress. To put it another way, the concern produced over the inability of others to see the dress in the same way that we could was literally an anxiety generated from the knowledge that we all have fundamentally different ways of viewing the world. To this end, and given the orientation of our society, one of the ways of viewing the world (either the dress as white and gold or blue and black) must necessarily be false if the other is true due to the fact that we all, presumably, share a common world. Thus, all of the arguments over the color of the dress had nothing to do with the actual color of the dress and everything to do with the truth of the world as we see it.

If you have made it past the title and the opening paragraph, I want you to forget about the dress itself but keep in mind the degree of social anxiety that the dress produced. Instead of the dress, I want you to substitute any form of institutionalized oppression. Racism and sexism might be the easiest ways to use this metaphor, but homophobia and transphobia also work just as well. To this end, I want you to consider that those in the power majority see the dress as white and gold and those in the power minority see the dress as blue and white. If you can keep this in mind, you can follow me through the next part: the people in the power majority literally cannot see the world as organized by systemic inequality, where as the people in the power minority have no choice but to see the world as organized by systemic inequality. To be blunt, white people, men, heterosexuals, and people who reinforce the gender binary are socially blind to the way in which the world functions differently for them.

Now, that might be a bitter pill to swallow, especially since we can be taught to view the structures of oppression in our world and actively work against them. It is this analogy of institutional structures as “visible” or “invisible” that I want to point out with reference to the phenomena of the dress. This is language that is often used within social justice circles bot on tumblr, in activist spaces, and in academia, yet it often goes undefined. What this means is that our perceptions are not limited to our five embodied senses, but extend outwards into the social. To say that we don’t “see” a particular institutional structure, or that we “see it” differently is to speak of a way of perceiving a social structure through reference to social senses. It is these social senses that allow us to move through “social spaces,” and make us aware of our “sense of belonging,” or “sense of place,” or our “sense of being in place.” To this end we have a “social body” which we use to move through a “social world.” As an example, when we call someone “socially inept,” we are referring to a failure of their social senses to properly interpret the sense data of their social world in order for them to respond appropriately.

Pushing further, it is not simply that we are born into the world with the knowledge of the color blue: things become blue through a process of training our minds to recognize particular sense data as corresponding with blue or gold. To this end, our social senses are trained in the same way: we are taught to recognize particular social organizations as a result of our continued interaction with them. Depending on the social environment, different actions have different meanings, all of which are interpreted by our social senses in order to allow us to make sense out of the social world that we inhabit. AS an aside, the only way that our “sense of belonging” functions is through the recognition and identification of the social sense data that tells us “we belong.” An inability to interpret this social sense data would mean that the individual cannot tell if they “belong” in a particular group. More specifically, the training of our social senses allows us to recognize the appropriate course of action in a given social situation.

Let’s get back to the familiar territory of the dress. If we accept the analogy of social senses to physical senses in so far as we can “see” institutionalized structures of oppression, then the dress metaphor becomes clear: people in the power majority have been trained not to see the world as organized by institutional oppression, whereas people in the power minority have no choice but to see the world as structured in this way in order to survive. To put it plainly, people in the power majority see the dress as blue/black and people in the power minority see the dress as white/gold. Bearing this in mind, every conflict over the presence of institutional oppression (and remember, the social is an institution in so far as it puts something in place) is literally a conflict over the structure of the shared social world that we inhabit. Each side is determined to convince the other side of the truth of the reality of the world as interpreted by their social senses, yet neither side has been trained to see the world as the other does. In some cases, it may simply be impossible to come to view the world in the same way that another group does, in other cases, the world can only partially be viewed in light of the perceptions of the other.

Here is where the metaphor of the dress tends to stand on shaky ground: social perceptions, unlike the dress, is ultimately trained through the instituting power of society itself. It may be possible to retrain ones social senses to limitedly view the world as another group views the world, however, the nature of institutional oppression means that no one in the power majority can ever truly share the same world as the power minority: they can only accept the reality of the world as viewed by power minority and act accordingly. Ahead of his time, Paulo Freire anticipated the need of anyone who sought solidarity with the oppressed to accept the validity of the world of the oppressed, which is to say that any ally must accept the truth of the dress being blue/black for some people, and actively work to transform the world so that the color of the dress does not become grounds for oppression. That last point may be stretching the metaphor to breaking, though it does coincide with the way that we, as a society, have responded to the dress.

Finally, to put it simply: one of the major problems with social justice is that those in power literally cannot see the world as organized by oppression. As such, any attempt to show them the world as it is, is ultimately met by an attempt to reassert the reality that the oppressor knows is true. It is this point that using the dress as a metaphor for social reality intends to bring to light: conflicts over social justice are not simply conflicts over human rights, they are literally clashes between two perceptions of reality. Further, I am not content to restrict the application of this metaphor to merely oppressed/oppressor conflicts: interactions between oppressed groups often take upon the form of clashes between perceptions of social reality. To put it simply, as the structures of oppression operate differently on different groups, so too will the perception of those structures. As such, in order to engage in any transformation of the situation, we must come to recognize that we all see the same dress, simply differently. What matters is how we recognize those differences.  

WestAllen trending helps for Tuesday!

Hey WestAllen people! :)

I love The Flash and want to help support the show and Iris/CP/WestAllen, but even though i’m in the fandom and a shipper, I have a hard time figuring out what to tweet during trending events.

Over in Sleepy Hollow/Ichabbie-land we had the same issue. Either that people didn’t know what to tweet and had to think on the fly (thus making it harder to do the fast and furious tweeting necessary for trending), or they were too busy to schedule tweets ahead of time. 

This past Monday was different though. What we did was ask a few of our fans to pick the best tweets they were planning on using for the event and then enter them into . This creates an EasyTweet Link which, when clicked, allows anyone to tweet that same message from their own account.  

Once we got about 100, we compiled them into a single post and broadcast it on tumblr and twitter so people could use it once the hour started. (Some people ONLY used the EasyTweets and others used it in combination with scheduled and/or live tweets)

We trended FOUR times in the first half hour and at least TWO times in the last half (and past the hour - many people decided to keep going)!

Having the tweets there still allowed time for people to have twitter conversations too, which was nice. It made the event more communal and fun.

in fact, it was so easy that most people ran out of tweets before the hour was up! We know for next time to include more than 100 EasyTweets for people willing to keep tweeting until they get into twitter jail.  

SO! All this to say is that TrendingTrove would now like to help WestAllen in this way.  Here’s what individual fans can do:

1. Pick your favorite tweets that you want to use during the Westallen is Earthshattering event on Tuesday. (Note that images will usually appear as links in the final tweet)

2. Enter them into the ClicktoTweet form and copy the link provided.

3. Submit them to Trending Trove by Monday 12PM Eastern (so we have time to compile them). Please use this format - providing the link first (in bold) and then the text of the tweet so people know what they’re tweeting.
Westallen Is Earthshattering and I die of feels every time they are on my screen! Please give us more in every episode! @CW_TheFlash 

Once we have all the tweets, we will compile them into a single post and then post them no later than 3PM Eastern in the tags for The Flash/Westallen/Iris West, Sleepy Hollow/Shady Hollow/Ichabbie/Abbie Mills, and The Walking Dead/Michonne/Richonne and also on Twitter.

Sleepyheads! Please be sure to help our sister fandom out! :)

I never minded that the Frontier kids became Digimon instead of having partners, but it’s still my least favorite season because of how most of the team had to give up their ability to do things (and thus opportunities to shine) to allow two characters to digivolve. That the actual digimon traveling with them were further demoted from guides to another dimension to comic relief as episodes passed wasn’t appealing either. Better balancing of the cast would have made it a lot more fun to watch.

I’ve been hypothesizing that the noivern line is a false dragon for some time, and evidence that I have come across recently has led me to believe that there is canon in-game proof that these batdragons are indeed, bats that resemble dragons and have dragon-like qualities. There have been pokemon in the past that take on dragon like qualities without being actual dragons, such as kingdra, altaria, and dragalge. However this is most evident because they do not gain their dragon typing until their final evolution, thus showing that they are pokemon that have taken on dragon-like qualities. I consider these what their original forms are, either seahorses, leafy sea dragons(a relative of the seahorse) or birds. It is difficult to make a statement that noivern is a false dragon because it has a dragon typing from the start. However, there is canon evidence that they might also fall into this category of pokemon that are not true dragons.

The first is the typing. While this fact has been brushed off by some, it’s typing is not dragon/flying like most other dragons like salamence and dragonite. Rather, it’s flying/dragon. The order appears insignificant, however it is key to the argument here. The first typing is it’s primary, or main, typing. Take bulbasaur for example. It’s grass/poison. It’s primary type is grass, thus it’s design is mainly going to take on the appearance and biology of a plant and the structures normally associated with grass types. For some combos, it’s harder to make the call, such as numerous rock/ground types. In this case both types can be considered equal to it’s design. However, for many dual type pokemon their primary type is what mainly determines their appearance. Butterfree is a bug creature, and it’s flying type counterpart explains the wings. However, the flying type does not define it’s species. The bug typing does. While both woobat and zubat have other types as their primary type, there must be a reason why noivern is flying/dragon, rather than dragon/flying.

If we go back to noivern, it’s appearance suggests a dragon influence, but many of the anatomy structures are bat based. Noivern is one of three wyvern-like, or four limbed dragon-esque, creatures in the pokemon universe, the others being aerodactyl and reshiram. And what is aerodactyl? A dinosaur-like flying reptile, a type of pterodactyl, definitely not a dragon. Reshiram is a difficult one to approach, since it carries characteristics of many creatures, but it’s agreed it’s a dragon of sorts because it doesn’t have any specific prevalent qualities of a single species of animal. All other winged dragons have six limbs, or generally fit the common western dragon description. It also has massive ears. While this may seem trivial, it’s actually crucial for identifying what I believe is it’s true species. Things like fur are common on some species of dragon, so that can’t be a decider. However, there is no dragon type that expresses ears. Reptiles do not have mammalian ears, and noivern is the only dragon type that does. This suggests it’s anatomy is significantly different from dragons, and that it is mammalian.

Another part of the biology that suggests this is the egg group. Noivern is only in the flying egg group, and cannot breed with other dragons. While this may seem trivial because pokemon genetics are extremely flexible (e.g. Zangoose and Seviper are both in the field egg group), it’s notable that noivern is incapable of breeding with dragons. Heck, altaria can breed with dragons, which may suggest that it has a tie with dragon ancestry of some sort (considering that birds and dragons most likely diverged from dinosaur mons to begin with this is a possibility). While it is odd that noivern can breed with most species of birds, one thing that must be noted is that noivern can breed with all other bat pokemon. Both the zubat and woobat lines are unable to breed with dragons as well. This further suggests that noivern is not a true dragon, and is in fact, a bat.

The last quality of noivern that I will discuss is how it evolves. It’s first evolution, noibat, is considerably mammalian and has no dragon-like qualities whatsoever. This suggests that the noibat developed traits of dragons as a form of adaptation to a tougher environment. To reflect this, noivern will naturally reflect more dragon traits. This is because imitation of dragon qualities was, in theory, a way for the noibat line to survive in said tougher environment. Whether or not that statement is true is not so easy to answer. But it can be concluded that noibat appears more mammalian because it is indeed, a mammal. And noivern appears more dragon-like because it expresses the adaptation of noibat from a bat to a bat with dragon-like traits. However, this may conflict with the fact that noibat is still flying/dragon, so you can take this with a grain of salt.

Either way it is my belief that the noivern line is, and can canonly be proven, to be a false dragon. You do not have to take this as your headcanon, but this is mine, and I will defend it with what I have dug up about it and various other pokemon species.

anonymous asked:

Don't let your defensiveness overlook the fact that it was an actual question. 'Woman' and womanhood are fundamentally binary, heteronormative constructs, your identification with them may not parallel your identification with the gender binary but it doesn't collapse it, let alone gender. Transgenderism is either a self-contradictory affirmation of binary gender ("selling out") or is meaningless, indistinguishable from the decoupling of identity and sex and thus the deconstruction of gender.

What part of “pease do  not come back to my inbox“ did you not understand? Nothing about your first question or this one makes it sound like it is written or asked in good faith from the original phrasing to the accusations of being defensive. As a person with agency I have the write to refuse to answer your question without it being a case of dodging it.

If you want an answer message me off anon, I would happily discuss this with you in good faith but not when you have come in what feels like a frankly hostile manner and where anonymity makes equitable engagement as two individuals impossible.

i hit another follower mile mark thingamabob so woOT WOOT i’m celebrating with all y’all let’s get this party started

here’s what’s up:

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alrighty that’s the gist of it

here’s a great big THANK YOU to everybody following me and i hope that this lil compliments thing will show how much i appreciate all y’all :)

I don’t know if I will be home from work or not by the time you see this, but either way, Happy Birthday vladthenolifeking

I will admit, talking to you helped springboard me into trying to get to know some of the other people in the Castlevania fandom, and thus because of that I find you as being one of my first friends out of those that I met solely on tumblr.

I will admit, I have never tried to draw Charr at all before, thus trying to do yours was my first experience with that, hopefully he turned out at least somewhat accurate to how your character looks in the game at the least. ^^

anonymous asked:

Have you ever been in a poly relationship with a monogamous person? If so what things did you find especially different or that you had to watch out for?

No, I haven’t. Sorry. :(

I think, for me… Most people can do either monogamy or polyamory. Or one of a million different relationship styles. Some folks might have characteristics that incline them strongly towards one direction or the other (and thus might see monogamy or polyamory as orientations instead of just ways of doing things), but for most people neither polyamory nor monogamy is easy or automatic. Some things people will find challenging or rewarding from monogamy, and some from polyamory, etc.

So my advice would be to listen in and focus in on specific concerns. Don’t stop at “I’m monogamous” - ask what the specifics are.

9 times out of 10, it ends up being a jealousy thing, which pops up plenty in poly relationships, too. The number of times I’ve seen someone be like “Oh, yeah, I’m totally polyamorous!” and be fine with dating a whole bunch of different people…but as soon as one of the people they’re serious about also wants to date other people, suddenly they’re way less poly than they thought they were. ;)

Anyway, sorry if this sounds hokey, but my general advice with anything is to not worry about labels, but worry about what specific things they don’t like about how your relationship works.

Again, all without ever having been in a poly relationship with a mono person, sorry.

anonymous asked:

I'm actually in the same situation as the anon who's been having a lot of sex. I go home with them not wanting to be alone and the next day I'd just cry about it in shower. Before my rape I was a virgin, and now I feel that it was taken away from me even if I don't consider being raped losing my virginity because I've given it to 5 other guys either way. I know that I'd still be a virgin though if I was never raped. I regret it all. I just want my virginity back.

Sometimes I do too.
I don’t know. It’s a state of mind. Just because what’s happened thus far has been far from ideal doesn’t mean we won’t have romantic love and really good sex. It can still happen and it’s not out of the cards for us. We are not damaged goods or dirty or prudish or sluts. Just human. Mistakes are made. Mishaps happen. Rape happens. Confusion happens. Things change.

anonymous asked:

The white privilege means that you know your history also completely ignores kids that either have parents in the military or do contract work and thus move a lot. We can have some of the most disjointed educations and sometimes miss pieces of subjects. In my case (my dad works for construction company, I moved a lot growing up) it seemed like I never got a good coverage of the American Civil War. I can tell you a ton about WWII but the Civil War only very little. And it frustrates me actually.


[[Mun: Don’t feel like doing him as a female in heat for 8 posts, so let’s just show him for one, what he’d look like should he be female! I think he definitely prefers being male. xD

Fun Fact  - if Vyyr was female instead of male, he’d be rendered sterile from his injuries. The dragon’s fangs would have done too much damage to his reproductive system; he’d either not go through heats anymore, or have very minor ones that were few and far between. No daughter would have been born; in an AU he would have rescued two, a young adult male who later became his mate, and a newborn male Enderling which he would have raised as his own; thus he would still have the two pearls. I’d genderbend Ierel and Zyvvra in an AU too. I don’t plan on doing it, though; too much work and I already have his main universe to work on both in blog world and story world… which are actually separate universes xD]]

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Shower conclusions

I need to do something for these hair of mine BUT WHAT? Do I cut or do I let grow thus having to find a way to still cut them a bit without losing to many centimeters?

It’s THAT time when I need to either get pierced OR tattooed. I don’t think I have the money to get tattooed again now. So piercing it is. As far as I know I won’t have a bed buddy in the next few days weeks months (kill me now) which mean I can get crazy. Hehe. Objections?



artschoolglasses asked:

Okay, super pale, with dark, dark, brown hair and dark, dark eyes.(Also, I love that you're doing this. <3)

Pale skin: Spring or Cordell (or even Winter, but they have rather unnaturally white skin)

Dark dark eyes: Autumn or Paisly

Dark dark brown hair: Yakim or Ventralli, but since you have Autumnian eyes, could be even a slightly lighter shade of the Autumnian’s usually black hair

Thus, I dub thee: either a Spring-Autumnian or a Cordellan-Autumnian!

Anima Uí Néill doodle for St. Patrick’s Day.

Yes, there’s a lack of green on purpose. Anima is the half-sister of one of my characters, Regina, and is of the Uí Néill family line and very Irish, despite the name and there’s a reason for that. Like the rest of the Uí Néill clan, she tears up Tara.

I have been wanting to do.

An Anima drawing for St. Patrick’s Day for YEARS.

Anima’s uncle (Niall) is the one who originally kidnapped St. Patrick, thus me wanting to do this as a tongue in cheek thing. So I took a two hour break to finally do that. I honestly like the red-themed Gothic Lolita better, but I just cannot deal with the contrast on either picture. Go figure.

anonymous asked:

Hey what's your opinion on the lady Rick hired? What do you think will happen? Also who do you think Maxie will choose?

Hayden! Oh, I already like her. She’s adorable. Idk I think she’s fun and has chemistry with her co-stars thus far. But I’m secretly hoping for them to ditch this idiotic plan of theirs and start hooking up, I think they have good chemistry, together. I’m not sure what’s going to happen, Jake obviously feels nothing for her and I don’t think Hayden really feels much for Jake either. I’m hoping this doesn’t last too long but this is RC and the Luke story is going on for like two years now so who knows.

I think Maxie is going to choose Nathan. I just think right now that is who her heart belongs to. She loves Spinelli, but she’s not in love with him.

thegrandpompouswindbag asked:

And him being all miss, I am taken and the prince is not interested, and gently tries to push her away. xD I love it. Let's do it. And thus, will Lottie ever be in Germany? That's were he's at now.

She would pout and whine until meeting the prince for herself /) u (\ But I could see her there for either expanding her family’s outreach or Naveen & Tia having Lottie practically being a diplomat for them (while trying to find a prince pft)

lizzydobbs lizzydobbs .Quietly planning murder OMG Sophie…

Declan def finds this terribly amusing and jack is like wth what did I do to deserve this

and thus Sophie becomes the least subtle person in the world about how she really just wants to climb Declan Byrnes like a sexy Irish tree. ;DD And none for pretty young cooks who could seduce him with her delicious foodstuffs. completely unacceptable.

(imagining now Sophie like: “I CAN COOK TOO, YOU KNOW. MUM MADE ME TAKE CLASSES. I CAN DO EVERYTHING SHE CAN.” and then just coMPLETELY fucks up whatever she makes, nearly sends either her apartment or the pub up in flames. hilarity to ensue.)

also reaffirming that Jack Donovan is a terrible horrible person that should always have a bloody nose courtesy of Miss Connoghan herself bc he’s an asshole who took her spot and she will nEVER FORGIVE HIM EVER u DICKWEED.

Maya’s Weekly Tarot 3/30

What is the next step in my path?

Seven of Swords – Escaping responsibility. Taking what is not yours. Dishonesty and being two-faced and thus not trusting or having faith in others. Deception breeds deception and distrust. – Either the cards are telling me I should be deceitful and cautious in trusting people this week as part of my path or that I need to be less dishonest with myself (I come up with things out my ass as I type sometimes)? I’m not 100% sure there. But honestly, I’m supposed to be doing some shadow work and that card sort of relates quite well to that idea. I don’t think it’s really telling me to be deceitful but perhaps it is needed for me to take a look at those sides of myself where I am being dishonest and two-faced with myself. Start being honest with myself about whatever.

What obstacles will get in my way?

Seven of Wands – Taking a stand, defending what you believe in. Strife and competition. Must have faith and courage to face the difficulties ahead. – Relating back to the previous card, I may have some issues with doing that. Perhaps this is where that dishonesty lies or it is related in some way to faith and courage. I may have trouble taking a stand and having faith in myself and whatever it is I need to do this week. Perhaps, even like my way of interpreting my cards today that seems half-assed and full of shit but I’m going with it.

Advice on overcoming said obstacles and being successful on this step:

XV The Devil – Losing independence. Caught up in material realm. Hopelessness. Break free of the puppeteer’s strings by looking beyond the material blockades and temptations. – The last bit of this is what I am figuring is the advice I need. I have a lot of blockades I create for myself and those are often what keeps me from progressing along my path. Whether those blockades are self-doubts, little distractions, excuses, or little lies I tell myself, they are my making and I can overcome them.

And sometimes I feel like I’m shitting out my ass when I do these things.