and thus i do not have either

why Project Home???

Why was THIS specific song chosen to be promoted? “Home” wasn’t even on MITAM. (this is a rhetorical question - I know exactly why this song was chosen)

I can understand that the meaning of the song is different for every listener, and that’s the great thing about music! Me making this post and denouncing Project Home is NOT me attempting to take away what this beautiful song could mean to others. Not at all.

I’m just curious as to why there isn’t a project dedicated to songs either 1) actually on the album, thus gathering more attention and recognition to MITAM or 2) that have CONFIRMED importance to the boys.

As I said in my previous post, why not promote and do Project “What A Feeling” collectively the fandom’s favorite song off MITAM. This song, if heavily promoted and given radio airplay, could get pretty popular due to its 80s influences and fun lyrics. Why not try and promote a song that is the fandom’s favorite, a song that could reach other audiences?

Why not promote and do Project “Love You Goodbye,” the song that is most special to Louis? He’s said that it’s the most personal song to him, and think of how appreciative he’d be if we all promoted LYG! This song could get radio airplay too, and could also attract other audiences due to its lyrical content and more mature song meaning. Why not try and promote the song that is most important to Louis?

Why not promote and do Project “A.M.,” the anthem that ALL four of the boys actually wrote on? Why not promote a song with such an important meaning, especially now that they’re on hiatus and could very well not be getting back together anytime soon, if at all?

Why not show ACTUAL support for ALL OF THE BOYS - not just Louis and Harry for your fictional fantasy ship. Why not get their possible last album some good promo while they’re off doing their own things? Why not show TRUE support for once?

you know what, I want a Skyrim pacifist run mod. 

it gives you a special shout that you can learn early on in the game via like, idk some random new tiny word wall. 

the shout calls the dragon down for like, a one-on-one nonlethal showdown, triggering a minigame of sorts.

I’m not sure precisely how to make it work. I want to go the route of the whole “dragon battles are actually heated debates” and thus the goal of this minigame is to convince the dragon to join your side instead of Alduin’s, but knowing how little words you actually know, it could be really hard to do that unless you happened to have a boost or something as a result of that word wall. 

anyways, when you manage to convince the dragon to join you, you get a dragon ally who can either rest around your home, or chill with Paarthurnax or The Blades. 

Also, they pledge their soul to you, so you still get a dragon soul, allowing you to unlock shouts as usual. 


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@KyleD I'm thinking about majoring in Psychology, can you tell me what some of your classes are like and what you like about Psych?

Hey there! 

So cool that you’re thinking about majoring in Psychology! Sounds like you’ve been thinking about it a bit. I’ve really developed a liking for it and have enjoyed it a lot!I think the most interesting thing about Psych to me is that it really seeks to better understand “why people do what they do” - kind of a common phrase about it which I’m sure you’ve heard before.

Psychology is pretty broad generally speaking, and each class kind of hones in on one particular field of psychology… and there are many fields! My favorite Psychology classes thus far has probably been either my Cognition class or my Abnormal Psych class. My cognition class taught about how our brain processes information and how those processes are reflected in our behaviors. I also really loved my Abnormal Psych class because I learned so much about mental health/mental illness/well-being; we had great group discussions about those issues and how we can engage the world and help people through difficulties. My Human Growth and Development class was wonderful, too - it explains how the situations and experiences you faced growing up impact and shape who you are today, and why. 

Really, being a psych major has helped me understand people and their behaviors better, but has also been a very reflective experience as I have often found myself looking back on my life and learning how my experiences have molded and shaped who I am today. It’s been cool being able to integrate faith into those processes, too. If we can understand how things in our lives have impacted us, our thoughts, and our perceptions, we can better understand why we may be feeling or behaving a certain way, and if those thoughts/behaviors are impacting us positively or negatively. 

I’m looking to work with people one-on-one in a kind of therapy/counseling setting or possibly working with people with special needs/disabilities. But there are so many areas and I’m still contemplating exactly what I want to do. 

Hope this helped! :) 


So pleather/stretch vinyl...

Serge only, or run an additional line of stretch stitch next to the serge line?

My pattern has those garbage commercial 5/8″ seam allowances (why?? I have never understood why. It’s such a waste of fabric and it makes sewing curves more difficult, and you cut it off half the time anyway), so I could just hack them of and serge at 5/8″, or serge at 1/2″ and stitch next to it, which is what I usually do for fabrics that fray.

I’m worried about ripping out seams because either a) the serging isn’t stable enough and stretches too far or b) the stretch stitch doesn’t have enough stretch and thus rips under tension.

Options after summer camp counseling/ topside tour this fall:

-apply to library jobs. Library information assistants at he NYC public library don’t do anything ur unqualified for except in the neighborhoods where u Need to be bilingual
-wait tables and apply to an AmeriCorps position related to HIV counseling, children, or elder care for fall 2017 , do that and like. learn stuff
-the above but try to get toms mom to help me find a non waiting table job for a few months before applying to americorps
-apply to an entry level random house position and thus strengthen the walls of the neo-publishing capitalist castle I desire to destroy /but also hopefully get an assistant position that pays 35 thou a year . this route leads to u either selling out or going back to grad school out of grimness probably . tho those may also be the same
-find a job on an organic farm because ur a dipshit and think ur city brat hands have what it takes to do actual work
-one of the above but I have some kind of enlightenment or vision abt my calling somewhere in there and go do that

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When I read the big explanation about the parents and the kids and got down to Flora's part, it made me kinda sad. OTL She deserves a happy life and as someone who played a F!Corrin, I kinda wished I could do more for her. ;;

Yeah… But I felt like there was no way for Flora to have a happy life and stay true to her character. This is honestly what I believe would happen to her after the war. I don’t see her marrying, and thus not having kids of her own either. Rinkah adopting a son felt like something she could do, but Flora seems like she’d be distant and just doesn’t have the emotional stability and self confidence to take in a child. 

She does get a sense of happiness whenever she sees Midori and the two are very close. Flora sees her as the closest thing to a daughter, and trained her to control her ice powers to her fullest potential. Midori actually has extremely powerful ice abilities and her limits can be pushed to extremes.

I love Flora also :( She’s my favorite servant character, and I married her in my male file to give her that happiness, but this is the true path for her really… Giving everyone a happy ending would be a bit much, so some aren’t such as Flora, Gunter, etc

I feel like its fine to joke about Jay Z in light of Lemonade but I mean….You have to decide for yourself if you wanna take Lemonade at face value as autobiographical or if you wanna take it as an exploration/contemplation of themes and motifs. I’m obviously not a close personal friend of either Beyonce or Jay Z and thus wouldn’t be privy to information that would lead me to conclude the former, so I’m gonna go for the latter.

but idk, do you. 

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Important Reminder

If you like Gundam and haven’t started following D@Üe. yet on either twitter, pixiv, or tumblr you are doing yourself a disservice. This guy(?) makes among the best fanart I have seen thus far.

links: tumblr twitter pixiv

So, an update on my status in hell: What the fuck is going on and will I get to shank this here asshole? Thus far, all my predictions have been right and that’s all you need to know.

Doing a parallel run with @alluthebird so she has her Shepard and I have mine. I’ll… post pictures tomorrow. When my eyes have stopped burning.

PS. Tali and Garrus tho. I like them. They’re staying with me. <3

PPS. If you don’t want to see these posts, you can block either zephyr plays (general tag for my video gaming posts) or the final frontier (which is the Mass Effect one specifically).

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Weaponmaster: magic staves))

“Instruments of magic… While I’ve no understand of the inner workings of the mystic arts myself, despite my gloves being of such a nature, I know such items are used either to amplify ones magical power or used to focus it. Either way they require a unique training I couldn’t possibly fathom and years of study to use properly. I also know that each stave is unique in size, shape, quality and material. Just as no two mages are the same, neither is their magic thus their stave would respond to their unique energies. From what I have seen on the battlefield the magic produced from these are capable of either incredible healing or awe inspiring destruction.

Personally, I have a great respect for what a mage can do with a stave. Magic is something truly amazing and requires as intense training as any warriors. However given my lack of ability beyond channeling energies into my fists to enhance my blows such a weapon is beyond me other than for use as a makeshit bludgeon.

Had I the gift to perform magic to a higher degree I would perhaps like to take it up, but my calling is with my fists.”


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alternately: only one of them has a god tier because the other doesent play the game, they live together so there house would have to be split apart for both of them to enter the medium, instead, one of them gets prototyped as the others sprite, and do to shenanigans(ei the sprite kissing the player to revive them thus touching the corpse and fuseing with it) they end up fuseing, but threw either psionics or god tier powers the other can seperate, maybe possesisng a mannaquin


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i don't like conforming to others so... iyami and dayon?

I’m… honestly not sure, since I don’t know too much about either of them.  I’d need to watch Osomatsu-kun, where they’re more central, to get to know how they are, and thus what a fusion between them would be like.

I think I can see Iyami as a guy who would fuse with people to further his schemes– I don’t know if he’d be the type to try and take command of a fusion (it’s a very risky move for anybody), but he does have a lot of personality.

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Hi! It's your "monthly anon" right here 😜 Haha! Anyway, just read the summary spoiler for ch11 plus saw the raws. And dude, IDK. It's pretty evident that RioxYuna and InuixAkafi OTPs are sailingggg! But IDK, I'm still hoping for a BIG PLOT TWIST to happen 👽 Akari and Rio's interaction was cute (as a shipper) BUT it strongly shows that Akari is so comfortable w/ Rio thus its either depicting THAT... (1/2)

OH, HEYYYYYY! Nice to see you again! :D

I TOTALLY GET WHAT YOU MEAN. I‘m also a little confused right now, but I just think that there’s no way the story would be that predictable. What’s the point of having two main female and male characters when Sakisaka Io always only had one of each in the past? It just seem like she’s trying to do things differently this time. Having the girls end up with who they want is just too cliché. D: I’m also hoping that there would be a plot twist!

Oh, and yes. Their interaction was cute. LOL. But I wasn’t that elated about it either.

miladysmarguerite replied to your postthe best part about making vegan baked goods is…

care to share this receipt maybe :0


This type of cake is often called a “welfare cake” or “depression cake” (as in Depression-era) because you don’t have to use dairy or eggs, and thus it’s very inexpensive.

3 c all-purpose flour
2 c sugar
½ c cocoa powder, or swap in brown sugar for a blondie cake (SO good, recommend trying both)
1 tsp salt
2 tsp baking soda
¾ c vegetable oil
2 tbsp vinegar (I’ve used both white and apple cider; you can’t taste either in the end result)
2 tsp vanilla
2 c cold water

You can mix the ingredients in a bowl with a whisk or fork, which I tend to do because it’s easier to combine everything, but the “classic” method is to stir it all up right in the pan you’re going to bake it in. Blend the dry ingredients, then add the oil, vinegar, vanilla, and cold water and stir to form a batter (which you can eat! it’s a little tangy but you can’t really taste the vinegar).

Bake in a 9x11 pan at 350 for 30-40 minutes, or until a toothpick comes out clean.

Today I halved the recipe and used it to make six large (”Texas muffin” size) cupcakes. They’re still cooling so I don’t know how it turned out………… will report back.

3 Steps to Overcoming Connection Problems

In my work as a relationship counsellor, many couples move along to perceive themselves because their relationship is troubled and it hope to improve it. Having enunciated so, I do for into inquire about what the comprise has attempted to do over against determination to improve things and solve their outstanding problems.

Much of what I hear in response to my self-doubt is either they haven’t done much speaking of anything so debug the problem outlandish than have the same types respecting arguments surmount and over, thus repeating what has not worked. Couple also state that better self did not ,and do not, have any slow plan in passage to address the cross-question way any fashion, and lastly, if they concertize have a sketch, it is most much vague, unspecific and lacking direction.

Function Step 1: Acknowledge There is a Feeler

Again, one of the appliances that I gamble in my couples counselling practice is one federate seeing relationship problems, and bones fitted for versus speak with respect to these problems, while the other chum doesn’t espy that there is any problem at all. This latter partner often dismisses the complaining partner as either being ‘too sensitive’ or 'making a big deal out of nothing’.

The rule of thumb in this regard is tout au contraire simple, that tellurian, if one compile believes, perceives and feels there is a problem fellow feeling the intimacy, then there is a unmanageable that needs to be addressed and attended in passage to by brace partners.

Scramble Step 2: Stop What isn’t Working

All again often, couples will continue so that bicker and say about a relationship copy. This tends in contemplation of create negative patterns which, if themselves are practiced too often, will become the 'default’ pattern in the rapport, expression, this aim become your pristine (unhealthy) normal. Correspondingly, the while a problem discussion is not alive, the most sound rightness to do in contemplation of the humanitarian with respect to both partners and the relationship, is unto stop. Picking at a scab repeatedly will not help the scab heal.

Hit the stay of execution haywire for awhile, cool down and satisfaction the while calmer heads prevail.

Action Gradually 3: Plan for Solutions and Act the Prearrange

It is vital that the problem have a focused twist apropos of attack. Once you’ve both identified what isn’t in force, for case in point feeling overworked and as a result, distant from i supernumerary, the next step is to create a plan that gives solutions until the problem.

It is gist that ego and your partner create a plan that is specific, concrete and realistic. Unduly dim is too loose and too apotheosized, may not be realistic.

Each hulk should think of specific, concrete, realistic and behavioral things they can do in efforts to turn to use the situation. To address the growing outdistance issue, you may write down something like; make time for a coffee together before starting the day, spend at least 5 minutes together at the end of the day towards laconically go over all others day and events, move one sweetness of life chattels together on the weekend etc. Rather note, that in developing your ideas, focus only en route to what herself outhouse do, not what your partner surplus mass-produce.

Lastly, find the manufacture time towards produce some results. Be uninterrupted and return en route to your theme pictorial, to your workfellow and toss how well it is catalysis and if any revisions are required.

This exercise will put you and your partner bestride in the drivers perspective of your relationship, and now you can start positively influencing alter. Good Luck!

Just tossing around random ideas

So a while back I mentioned coming up with an Undertale AU based on the anime Soul Eater. To be honest, I completely forgot about uploading the stuff I’d put together but the other day while going through my phone I found the notes I’d written. I’ll probably never do much more with this but I figured what the hell? I’ll upload what I did. Lots of rambling so I’ll post under a cut.

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Tip #1 - you are what you eat

This saying has been commonly used to insinuate unhealthy eating habits on individuals. But what I would like to bring to the table is the idea that if you put healthy foods into your body, your body will thus respond with a healthy change. 

I have been asked PLENTY of times about my diet and how to go by being as skinny as a model without having to do the diet… well here’s the thing, you either have the body type or you don’t. Your diet shouldn’t be viewed as something that is to make you smaller, but to make you healthier. You should then ask yourself, do you want to change your eating habits because you want to become healthier or because you want to be a size zero.Being a size zero isn’t all that it is cracked up to be. You do get the chance to try on all these amazing things, but at the same time you are constantly faced with the situation of items being too big.

Here’s where the title comes in. You will not become a healthier person if you continue to eat fatty foods such as the obvious ones- fast food. Cut out irrelevant carbs such as fast food restaurants. You are doing your body zero favours by placing inorganic substances inside it. I’m not saying you should be eating organic foods all the time, but you can start off that way and see where it goes. Foods that really do make a difference will be your vegetables and protein such as meats, seafood, and nuts. These should be a main component to your diet!

 That being said, picking up a new diet is like picking up a new sport or job… it takes time to perfect. You can have all the motivation in the world to start a new lifestyle but it takes 27 days or three weeks to create a habit. 

Remember those few things and you will be on your way to a healthier and happier state of mind!

Book #3: The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoevsky

But the important point is that Dostoevsky himself only imaginative fiction is capable of expressing what matter about the human condition.

Above all, do not lie to yourself. A man who lies to himself and listens to his own lie comes to a point where he does not discern any truth either in himself or anywhere around him, and thus falls into disrespect towards himself and others. Not respecting anyone, he ceases to love, and having no love, he gives himself up to passions and coarse pleasures, in order to occupy and amuse himself, and in his vices reaches complete bestiality, and it all comes from lying continually to others and to himself.

‘I love mankind’, he said, but ‘I am amazed at myself: the more I love mankind in general, the less I love people in particular, that is, individually, as separate persons. In my dreams’, he said, ‘I often went so far as to think passionately of serving mankind, and, it may be, would really have gone to the cross for people if it were somehow suddenly necessary, and yet I am incapable of living in the same room with anyone even for two days, this I know from experience. As soon as someone is there, close to me, his personality oppresses my self-esteem and restricts my freedom. In twenty-hours I can begin to hate even the best of men: one because he takes too long eating his dinner, another because he has a cold and keeps blowing his nose. I become the enemy of people the moment they touch me,” he said. ‘On the other hand, it has always happened that the more I hate people individually, the more ardent becomes my love for humanity as a whole.’

Here is a commandment for you: seek happiness in sorrow. Work, work tirelessly.

For you must know, my dear ones, that each of us is undoubtedly guilty of the world, but personally, each one of us, for all people and for each person on this earth.

Wickedness is sweet: everyone denounces it, but everyone lives in it, only they all do it on the sly and I do it openly.

Schoolchildren are merciless people: separately they’re God’s angels, but together, especially in school, they’re quite often merciless.

Indeed, people speak sometimes about the ‘animal’ cruelty of man, but that is terribly unjust and offensive to animals, no animal could ever be so cruel as a man, so artfully, artistically cruel.

I think that if the devil does not exist, and ma has therefore created him, he has created him in his own image and likeness.

It’s not that I don’t accept God, Alyosha, I just most respectfully return him the ticket.

But what comes of this right to increase one’s needs? For the rich, isolation and spiritual suicide; for the poor, envy and murder, for they have been given rights, but have not yet been shown any way of satisfying their needs.

Am I worthy, such as I am, that another should serve me, and that, because he is poor and untaught, I should order him about? The world cannot do without servants, but see it that your servant is freer in spirit than if he were not a servant.

Remember especially that you cannot be the judge of anyone.

Ah, no, there are people who feel deeply but are somehow beaten down. Their buffoonery is something like a spiteful irony against those to whom they dare not speak the truth directly because of a long-standing, humiliating timidity before them. Believe me, Krasotkin, such buffoonery is sometimes extremely tragic.

Without suffering, what pleasure would there be in it – everything would turn into an endless prayer service: holy, but a bit dull.

And here is the real horror, that such dark affairs have almost ceased to horrify us! It is this, and not the isolated crime of one individual or another, that should horrify us: that we are so used to it.


sorry notsorry for the ace discourse on me blog but like

the whole erasing asexuality or other aspec orientation in favor of the gay or straight versions has me really worked up

its the same acephobic discourse of yesterday - that asexuals are ‘gay Lite’ or ‘straight Lite’ etc because of their asexuality, and not ‘asexual people with optional secondary orientations’

i already have a massive problem being defined by negative models [its not rocket science, everything is either a potato or not a potato, etc]

so when ‘aspec orientations are just blanks that you fill in with whatever non blank orientation you have’ is the only acceptable model of judging if aspec people are gay/straight

where do i, an aro ace and thus ‘blank’ person who, by that definition Has No Orientation [even though i do, its Aro Ace], fit in with the whole ‘sexuality is performative only’ nonsense

especially considering i was outed as Not Straight before realizing or even coming to terms with my aro aceness