and thus i do not have either

Living in a western country and being Muslim has always been a test of how “moderate” I am in the way I speak, act, dress, express my ideas, criticize western policies or just show my grief when my fellow Muslims civilians are killed by airstrikes and contra-terrorism. I have always feared how I would ne perceived by non-Muslims and whether I would be to radical condemn Western politics. There are two options in front of Muslims in the West: either you are moderate and do not show disobedience to your islamophobic government or you are possible terrorist. There is no in between. You cannot express your opposition for the airstrikes of Syria without the fear of suspicion. There is a political and social stigmatization of Muslims, thus, as the lines between “moderate” and “extremist” have become so utterly blurred, the space for a Muslim to be politically active has been significantly reduced.

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How come you never draw Frisk in gender ambiguous clothes?

What exactly would you define as gender ambiguous clothes though? Because majority of clothing will automatically either be masculine or feminine due to society’s standards.

And why do nonbinary people HAVE to wear gender ambiguous clothing to verify ourselves? Like if you want to then that’s fine, but not all of us want to wear gender ambiguous clothing.

Also the outfits I’ve dressed Frisk in thus far have been to match the theme of the artwork at hand (tea party, ballet, royalty) but again what I draw them in shouldn’t even matter because, again, clothing =/= gender.

This “nonbinary people should look like this” attitude is seriously so freaking gross I just can’t.

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I might have been asked before, but do you think we'll ever see a non-cis woman gem? Male gems, but also trans, agender, nonbinary, etc. I think it's completely possible based on what the crewniverse has already done (see: Ruby and Sapphire).

While I get where you’re coming from, the Gems aren’t women? Nonbinary or agender would be a much better fit for them, if we were to apply any in this instance. Either way, they don’t follow the system of gender that humans have created. Thus, our genders don’t really apply to them, even if you deem them to be feminine in appearance. Gems are gems. 

Also we’ve had a male gem from the beginning of the show?  I mean, the show’s kind of named after him. :p

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The Fairy Tail Arcs as Useless Spoilers

Note: these shouldn’t actually spoil any of the arcs for you, other than the titles, it’s all meant in good fun - all the things I mention do happen, but they’re either minor details or things that don’t make ANY sense until you actually see them happen. :) This covers only the arcs that have been covered in the anime thus-far.

Macao arc: Lucy screams.

Daybreak arc: A maid digs a hole.

Lullaby arc: Grey has his fortune told.

Galuna Island arc: Natsu does something premeditated.

Phantom Lord arc: Mystogan eats an apple.

Loke arc: Loke tells a joke in terrible taste.

Tower of Heaven arc: Erza wears a dress.

Battle of Fairy Tail Arc: Mirajane is rather quirky.

Oracion Seis arc: Natsu is very loud.

Daphne arc: A woman sells diet food.

Edolas arc: Gajeel wants a cat.

Tenrou arc: A guy eats a flower.

X791 arc: Lucy didn’t pay her rent.

Key of the Starry Sky arc: Gajeel doesn’t eat  a thing.

Grand Magic Games arc: Elfman makes a bet.

Eclipse Celestial Spirits arc: Everyone gets new clothes.

Sun Village arc: Jetand Droy are useless during a mission.

Tartaros arc: Grey has issues.

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Do you have any Sting and Rogue BrOTP and OTP headcanons? Btw love your blog!

//thank you anon! I’m glad this blog has had such a positive reception thus far!

1) Rogue spent a solid two weeks thinking he either had a heart condition, or was allergic to Sting, because every time he was near him, he would feel his heart speed up, he would get flushed, heated, and his stomach would flutter.  When he realized he was in love with Sting, he went into solid denial until Gajeel knocked some sense into him.

2) At their wedding, Rogue was escorted to the altar by Gajeel, and Sting by Natsu, and the wedding was almost ruined right there and then because Natsu and Gajeel got into a little spat.  Luckily, Cobra was officiating, so all it took was a very poorly veiled threat to tell Erza what they did last week to get the two quiet and in position.

3) At the same wedding, their first dance was to “Little Do You Know” by Alex & Sierra.  They both got teary…but not nearly as teary as Mirajane, who was ready to expire right there and then.

4) They adopted a baby girl named Claire shortly after getting married, and spent about three days fighting over whose last name would be the first when hyphenated.  They eventually agreed on Eucliffe-Cheney, because it sounded better, and was also sort of a pattern when her name was in initials-C.E.C.

5) The one time Sting tried to give Rogue a blowjob in the shower, he slipped on his knees and dragged Rogue down, and Rogue got a concussion, and that put an end to shower sex for a while…

Thank you again, anon!

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Did you know that fear of bugs (and just generally scurrying things) is an evolved instinct. Way back in the day most bugs and rodents were either poisonous or disease carrying. So the people with a fear of them would live because they avoided them. Thus, humanity evolved a deep primal fear. Being adverse to bugs just shows that you have strong instincts. Which is probably why you did so well out in the woods back at the farmhouse.

Riiiiiiight…okay. I don’t have a fear of bugs… *DENIAL*

But I will agree with ya on the instinct thing. I totally got good instincts man! AND I did do pretty awesome back at the farmhouse too!

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What's your take on sans knowing about the sun and human food and having dog food in his room?

On Sans knowing about the sun and human food:

Sans remembers past true resets. I think his memory is more vague than through normal resets, but he still remembers. I mean he even says during his fight, “…and getting to the surface doesn’t really appeal anymore, either. because even if we do, we’ll just end up right back here.” So he would remember what being on the surface, and thus, the human world, is like.

On Sans having the dog food in his room:

Sans worked with Alphys at some point. I’m 100% positive on this. I’m also 100% positive that he knows about the amalgamates, Endogeny in particular. I think that Sans was helping out with the amalgamates and happened to have the dog food in his room as a result, probably because he teleported while still holding it or something.

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I'm also really nervous and excited because this will be my first album release since I became a fan but then he said it's going to be pop and that's not my favourite genre so I'm a little... I hope I like it. I hope people aren't disappointed because from what I've seen everyone seems to be looking forward to some Jaerock especially casual fans.


I’m also a bit worried about the pop because my favorite jaejoong sound has always been rock ever since db5k days!

but I do have a certain degree of confidence in his taste in pop since I’ve enjoyed most of his pop compositions thus far… I’m sure he wouldn’t completely leave rock out of his album either ^^

I’m excited to hear something new other than what he’s been doing until now for his solo music :))

in general I just seem to have a lot of confidence in his taste in music? but of course that’s coming from an extremely biased fan ;; 

I hope that fans and non-fans will look at his new album with a positive mindset and not too much expectations for a particular style because he wouldn’t be kim jaejoong if he isn’t versatile and random right? 

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I wonder if Furuta will somehow find a way to destroy Kaneki's reputation during the upcoming Aogiri operation. Thus wrecking any work he's done to be 'loved' by those in the CCG...

Ah… tho we’re not sure of Furuta’s motives just yet (he’s not exactly betraying the CCG but he’s not loyal either?) but I don’t think destroying Haise/Kaneki’s reputation is in the list of the things he wants to do (I could be wrong tho). We’ll just have to wait and see.

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Are you pretending to be bisexual for attention or are you actually bisexual?

I’m turning off anon for a while after I answer this, but this kind of bullshit is the reason why most bisexual people just don’t say anything. Because we’re either faking it or doing it for attention as opposed to…ya know…ACTUALLY being bisexual and having people understand that. 

But whatever. Sure. Go fuck yourself. 


I don’t care if this is so damn long but please read this, this is fucking important.

Alright, alright. I was searching Boruto related videos in Youtube when I suddenly had an urge of searching some BoruSara instead. Then I stumbled across this one and it contains my BoruSara comic strip “Visit”.

First of all, using a drawing or whatever that is not yours WITHOUT PERMISSION is wrong.  Come on guys… sending a message to the original creator is not that difficult. For example me, you can message me in my Deviantart account or here in Tumblr. If you don’t have any accounts in either one of them, it’s fine since my anonymous ask is on thus you can still message me here in Tumblr. Please, for God’s sake, stop doing this us. This is very rude in our side. I would definitely say yes if you ask me to, I am not an ungenerous-fuck. I would be happy to know that someone made an effort in translating my comic strip and making a video for it BUT PLEASE, ask permission first.

Making this video is more complicated than sending me a message in my opinion… ( -_-)”

Honestly, I didn’t really mind it at first.  I was originally planing to let this off since I can’t really do anything about this. I mean most artist, especially the famous and good ones, have already experienced this and even if they have already said a hundred times that they are against from using or reposting their art without permission, fucking rude people everywhere still continue to do it. Therefore, raging to this matter is not worth it anymore even though I know I have the right to do so. We don’t have the capacity to check every single site on the internet just to make sure that our arts have not been reposted, edited, or used by someone else that is why people like this one continue to proliferate. This is nothing new. 

The reason why I decided to blog about this is the fact that the creator of this video didn’t even credited me on the video or even in the description box. What makes things worse is that the creator REMOVED AND BLURRED ALL OF THE WATERMARKS THAT I PLACED IN EVERY PANEL OF MY COMIC STRIP. Not removing my watermark would at least compensate [for me] the fact that you used my drawing without my permission because having it there will let the viewers know that the original artist is me. However, she erased every single one of them and acted as if she own the fucking comic. 

The video started with a series of questions asking about Sasuke’s reaction if ever Sarada will have a boyfriend or if Sarada and Boruto become a couple. [So I guess This Youtuber has a Tumblr where she gets all these questions from.] I did screenshots so you guys can see.

Google Translate: I love sakura blog and see the different facets of the Uchiha! It is good at some capi Sasuke overprotective sarada show! Kisses n.n

My Interpretation of the translated version: I love this Sakura blog!  And I get to see the different sides of the Uchiha! It would be good if we get to see Sasuke’s protectiveness to Sarada! Kisses n.n

Google Translate: Sasuke tell me, you let it Boruto boyfriend Sarada

My Interpretation of the translated version : Tell me Sasuke, would you let Boruto to be Sarada’s boyfriend?

Google Translate: as reactionary sarada sasuke if he saw a boy?

My Interpretation of the translated version : What would be Sasuke’s reaction if he saw Sarada with a boy?

Google Translate: Q cute Aaaaww blogs you have !! They are beautiful!! Follow them pliisss. Ok here’s my question for Sasuke: What if Sarada out with a guy? He would be overprotective? Cheers!!

My Interpretation of the translated version : Aaaaww cute blogs you have!! They are beautiful!! Continue them please. Ok here’s my question for Sasuke: What if Sarada goes out with a guy? Would he be overprotective? Cheers!!

Google Translate: Q Sasuke would do if you see Sarada Naruto’s son together

My Interpretation of the translated version : Sasuke what would you do if you see Sarada and Naruto’s son together?

And after showing all this questions, she started showing my comics, which were now translated into Spanish [like what you can see at my very first screen shot at the top] and the watermarks are all removed, it either the panel being cropped or the watermark itself was blurred. 

Blurred watermark vs Orginal

Cropped watermark vs Original

Blurred watermark again vs Original

Edited watermark vs Original

And guess what? She ends her video with a “Thanks for the view” and “Subscribe for more blogs” without mentioning that the comic does not belong to her. 


You received all of the credits you have with that  video because of my drawing even though you didn’t ask my permission, you removed my watermarks and didn’t even mention on the video or at least in the description box that the fucking comic is not yours and is mine. 

The video has 23,752 views, 531 likes, 9 dislikes and 48 comments

My drawing in Deviantart has:

On Tumblr:

If I combine my favs and notes on both, I definitely have 500 more likes than her video but if we are talking about views then I definitely lose. 23,752 views, and not a single one of those people knew that I was the one who made the comic [not unless they searched it but I doubt that they would do that] 

And not only my comic, in her other videos, she also removed the watermarks of other artists and she did not credit them. She gained 12k subscribers by doing these videos but I don’t think she deserves them all. Sure she made efforts in doing those videos but those videos will not exist in the first place without our drawings so she should at least put credits to the respective artists. 

If you can’t ask permission, then at least put credits! Although it is still fucking wrong if you don’t ask permission so it’s better to ask first before doing anything with the artwork. If the artist says no then don’t fucking use/edit/repost his/her work. As long as you don’t have the artist’s permission, you don’t have the right to do anything with his/her artwork!

Any artist, whether big or small, have every fucking right to be credited with his/her own work. Please always remember that!

Again, I am not an ungenerous-fuck-of-a-person and I would gladly share my drawings but please, ask permission first. I promise I would definitely say yes as long as you will give me proper credits and you will not do anything with the drawing like removing the watermark, editing, etc.

I am not a famous artist like the others but I still have every fucking right to be enraged because of this.

Shout outs : yes, no ?

This Thursday I will be doing my captain Richards makeup and wig test (also in the parts of the cosplay I have finished thus far)
So I thought, just for fun, if people want, I can also make a photoset where I write a personalized message to whoever either messages me with a name, or rebloggs this (then I will use your blog name)  >w<
So, Captain Richards giving shout outs to fellow yognaughts : yey or ney ? .3.

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thats nice. I dont think straight peopl belong in LGBT spaces either. but aros n aces arent straight, because they are aro and ace. its dangerous for them to be OUT in straight spaces, and thus they arent straight. Anyways as a trans and bi w|w please Do Not include me in 'spinsters' if you dont include a* women. I AM attracted to men, if only barely They ARENT. They have more connection than i do. a* and bi women have the same privilege IMHO. saying They are straight is the same as saying I am.

You’re wrong.

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Hanin -- how many lovers have you had, and has there been anyone special? Also, who do you find attractive out of the Inquisition squad?

Lovers? Many. Some for only one night. Some who kept me in bed with them for days at a time. But I can’t say I have been counting. Blood runs hot after an encounter on the training ground, or after a chase through the forest. A warrior’s drive. Thus far, I would not say I have been with anyone I consider special, nor do I believe I have been particularly special to anyone either.  Often it just happens, and we both know it is just a means to an end. A way to relieve stress, without a requirement for attachment.

Who do I find the attractive out of the Inquisition? Josephine. Cassandra and Vivienne are also beautiful women, although I find myself drawn to Lady Montilyet the most.  

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It was never going to be canon anyway since Winter Soldier confirmed that Peggy did get married and had kids.

god, this argument has been going around since s1 and it’s still so weak

winter soldier did show a sequence of peggy, yes, but for god sake’s what makes you think that peggy carter, funder of one of the biggest security agencies of the world, wouldn’t lie in a segment for a goddamn exhibition 

the kids on the photos do not necessarily have to be hers, either, i mean it probably were and shit but yea.

also as if a queer woman could not marry a man and have kids wyd

listen, if you want to argue against peggy being canonly queer then go on but please you really have to come up with stronger arguments because thus far nothing in the MCU has confirmed peggy’s sexuality

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to add on, it's annoying when people are so black & white about relationships between 2 people; you're either just friends/in a platonic relationship or are lovers/having sex/in a romantic relationship. There's so much gray in between those two kinds of relationships. Why can't Genos & Saitama's relationship be some where in that gray area? Why do you have to give an absolute definition to their relationship, thus forcing a sexual orientation on them?

I’ve never given them an absolute definition nor forced anything on anyone dear.

— Upon rereading this I can’t tell if that was a hypothetical question at the end of not. Either way I am tired and sick of having to justify why I think Genos feels the way I think he feels. I’m a sleepy chibi. And I just want the egg and toaster to be happy. That’s all.

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*dissolves a bronze coin in raven's blood* Hmm, it sounds like you... maybe just don't enjoy your subject all that much, or the college experience all that much, or both? Do you feel disappointed in what it turned out to be, and thus deflated?

(To clarify, I didn’t feel like that my freshman year, but then I still had an idealist perspective on what I might get out of college. In the current day and in the US, it wouldn’t surprise me if it feels empty.)

I never really had the Classic American High School Experience (probably because my school didn’t have a football team) and never felt fundamentally robbed of anything, and I didn’t really have intense emotions about college either way before I got here. Parties don’t do anything for me, I didn’t really have any grand expectations to be punctured.

Academically, I’m bending strongly towards political science- I really like it, I’ve had a string of great professors for it, it hits a bunch of my Innately Satisfying buttons. But across most of my classes, I usually can’t retain much afterwards beyond a few vague highlights.

And during all of this, there’s a background sense of “I’m just going through the motions, day by day, week by week”- I go to class, nap, eat, do work, slack off, etc. pretty predictably.

The surrounding town is fairly bleak, but I’ll try to be more proactive about socializing and seizing opportunities when they arise. (Exploring the town by myself sounds tedious and boring, but maybe I’m wrong.)

Sneaking around weird backstage areas is consistently great, I can try some of that and see if that helps my overall mood.

She is an adoptable I bought from @poni-pon and her adoptables blog, @poni-designs

(I do have a bit of a theory. candy ponies have candy eyes, thus meaning no pupils rather darker inner Eris’ as shown in the picture. not canon unless Poni-pon says though.)

Her name is Fera Rochi (Choco “Sho-Ko” to her friends) and she is a candy pony, a chocolateer but with a lil’ spicy side to her, Only making high end chocolates with edible gold flecks in them and top-teir creams used in the process with either Germane-ian chocolate, or French chocolate. she is very much aware of her own beauty. And she has the saucy personality to match. Her marketing style is using not only her looks but the beauty and taste of her treats to lure in customers, with a smooth tone she’ll talk them in to a dozen or more chocolates before they leave. Stallions out there watch out, she’s not as fragile as her cocoa pieces in the display case are.

Love, you are entitled first and foremost to yourself.
I used to feel hurt or anxious if I felt “ignored” by people I wanted their presence in my life. But I learned to grow my own internal presence, and thus releasing the pressure from them. Let them and me be free.
I do not need you, I just simply appreciate you. I do not want to use you, I just simply love you.
Each time of longing, either insignificant or desperate, is a reminder that I lack in focus at my own self. And all of my senses and body will tell me so.

I am well aware it isn’t personal! Nothing is. I know it’s just the space we have to give to ourselves. So here I am, allowing you to “ignore” me and freeing myself from the NEED to be loved or noticed by you.

Honestly I don’t even know what this fic is going to end up becoming. It has so many references to fairy tales and folk stories, references to literature, references to references of biblical stories, and the purplest of purple prose.

This is going to either be the greatest thing i’ve ever written or the worst.

Either way, have some pynch sin from one of the three scenes i’ve written thus far:

“Ronan kissed down the side of Adam’s neck, lips trailing along the skin. Adam couldn’t help but tilt his head back, baring more of his throat to Ronan’s knife of a mouth.”