and thus an otp was born

Their special knocking was what made Will look up from the clipboard in his hands. The knocking had nothing special, nor it was combined. Nico just did it one day and it became a thing between them.

And talking about Nico…

There he stood, in the doorway of the infirmary, hands behind his back. His attention was all focused on his boyfriend, although his expression revealed nothing.

Once, Nico had been hesitant to enter the infirmary. Once, he had eyed the place as if it would swallow him whole and torture him for a thousand years.

Now he stepped in as if it was his own home. Will smiled.


“I brought something for you.” Nico interrupted, saying the words too fast, which betrayed his excitement.

Will blinked.

“Why, good afternoon for you too, Oh Dark One.” He tilted his head, widening his eyes dramatically. “Fancy seeing you around. How was the Underworld?”

Nico rolled his eyes before saying in a flat tone, “Boring. Cold. Dry. But that’s not the point!”

He showed Will what he was holding behind his back – a plain-colored vase with a small cactus in it, shaped like a flower with opened petals. It was pale green at the center of each “petal”, growing stronger in color at the edges. It was beautiful.

“It reminded me of you,” Nico quickly said, before Will could react. “Because you’re a prick.”

It took Will a few seconds to process it, and he gave Nico a pointed look, which made his boyfriend giggle. Thus, Will was unable to pretend to be mad anymore, and he laughed along. Nico had that type of laughter that was way funnier than any joke – whether because it was rare or because of its sound alone, Will couldn’t tell.

“I hate you.” He said, his tone playful so Nico wouldn’t doubt he didn’t mean that at all.

“Hey! That’s my line!” Nico’s voice too was charged with humor as he complained, putting one hand on his waist while the other still held the small vase between them. “You know, I didn’t use to feel so cold in the Underworld before you came and forced me to absorb some sunlight. I got used to the heat, and it’s entirely your fault.”

“Hm, you’re strangely romantic today.” Will touched the other boy’s forehead with the back of his hand, putting on his concerned expression and pretending to check for fevers. “Are you feeling alright?”

Nico’s response was to roll his eyes, stand on his toes and kiss Will very chastely on the lips. It was quick, but it still made Will’s pulse accelerate, the feeling of Nico’s lips on him still quite vivid. He sighed.

“I missed you too.” He said, appreciating the brief moment in which Nico’s eyes searched his in a silent ‘is that okay?’.

Nico scowled only after finding the approval he’d sought.

“Who said I missed you, Solace?”

“You thought about me,” Will said, his tone bright. “In the Underworld.”

Nico snorted, opening his mouth to retort, but he seemed to think better of it and just pouted angrily instead.

“And you came to see me first thing since you got back.” That was a wild guess, but Nico only scowled more, so Will reckoned he was right.

“Only to make that stupid joke.” His lips curved upwards in a teasing manner.

And then he winked, his smile growing as Will’s jaw fell.

It took a few seconds for Will to find his voice again, and he had to clear his throat before speaking.

“Well, welcome home.”

If possible, Nico smiled even more at the word ‘home’, and Will’s chest felt very warm.

Nico was home.


Otp “I’ll go if you go” ↦ Alternate Universe

↳ “After another of Enzo’s many petty vendettas against Stefan, things get out of hand when Bonnie is pulled in to the fray as bloody leverage and Kai steps in to play sociopathic knight. ”  [x]

pxiao  asked:

003, Yuya

  • How I feel about this character

i love my son and i don’t wanna go into it but…. godamn do i love my son and he is truly the best protag in ygo

  • All the people I ship romantically with this character

uh…. yuzu, reiji, mieru, uh…. i think that’s it tbh

  • My non-romantic OTP for this character

i have so many…. so so many…. him and gongenzaka would be my fav friendship tbh

  • My unpopular opinion about this character

i loooooooooooooooooooooooooooove him o smcuhhh <3<3

  • One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon

I think everything i wnated to happen happened sooooo…. eh

  • My OTP

sometimes i go back and forth between fruit and pendulum tbh it’s more fruit these days

  • My OT3

an thus orchestra was born

Purr-fect Matchmaking

I remember reading an otp prompt where Person B’s cat would steal Person A’s underwear and I thought Gratsu fit that prompt too perfectly, thus this story is born! Enjoy!

“Damn that stupid cat! I swear I will catch it and sell it on eBay!”

A tall, raven-haired man grumbled as he angrily stomped back and forth in his apartment. Gray was fuming! He stormed over to the fallen cage and gave it a strong kick before immediately regretting it. “Ow! Stupid cage!” He cried out while comically hopping on one foot as he rubbed his sore toes. He was barefoot and that cage was metal and hurt like a bitch!

Gray landed on his ass and grumpily let out a sigh. Today was not his day. First he woke up late for work, which ultimately led for him to skip breakfast and his morning coffee. Then on his lunch break he realized he forgot his wallet and could only afford to buy some candy bar from the vending machine, which only served to increased his hunger. To top it all off when he came back from a very long and exhausting day at work, he finds that the cage he set up to trap the sneaky little feline had broken and shattered a vase, scattering tiny shards of glass all over his floor. That was a pain in the ass to clean!

This man, Gray Fullbuster, had a problem, a feline problem to be exact. Every other day his neighbor’s annoying blue cat (who the hell owns a blue cat?!) would climb over to his balcony and slip in though the open window—which he always forgot to close—and make himself at home. But that wasn’t the worst part, oh no! This cat not only breaks into his apartment but he steals his freaking underwear! Yes, that’s right…his underwear! The damn cat stole about ten boxers in the past three months.

“What a perverted cat.” Gray muttered as he looked down at today’s victim with sad eyes. His precious Calvin Klein boxers were torn, shredded, no longer wearable. He pouted. “Man and these are expensive.” This cat also seemed to be fond of tearing up coincidentally only his expensive underwear.

Gray flopped on his back and looked at his ceiling with determination in his eyes. He balled up the hand with his torn underwear into a tightly clenched fist and punched the air.

“I swear. I swear I will catch that cat and make it pay.”

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Caicorn. It is taking over Tumblr slowly and I’m sure there are a bunch of you who are just staring at your screens wondering ‘what the actual frick is going on right now?’

But if you’re wondering where this all started, where its going, and the future of this ship, you’ve come to the right place! Welcome to the Crash Course Guide to Shipping with Rae, Caicorn edition.


How does one come forward and think 'Hey you know what would be neat? Shipping Cain and his corn together, that’s what!’ Well this actually happened one day in a little network known as The Angels Wings Network. Behold, the post that started it all.

And thus, the ship of Caicorn was born into this world. This was followed by everyone in the network freaking out over this man and his corn…which slowly turned into the group OTP. Before we knew it, this ship had spread all over the interwebs, even appearing on Twitter and Tumblr alike.


People are confused, that’s what I’ve gathered. But there are the select few that have found this ship and gone with it, adding to this crackship with their own graphics, poetry, and plenty of smut fics. There even is a network that has stemmed from this, hoarding all of the Caicorn shippers in one safe place to discuss our feels over Cain and his corn. [And also basically lose our minds lets be real.]


WHO KNOWS? Anything is possible with Caicorn. but we’re probably going to take over the world with this ship or wake up tomorrow and be like 'what the hell went down last night’ either way its amazing