and throw them into a coffee grinder

Eggs for Protection

OK, lets kick this off.
Why waste egg shells when they are great for protection. I make a HUGE batch of Cascarilla powder once a month and I use it daily.

How to make Cascarilla Powder…..

Step one - Save all of your egg shells
Step two - Remove the membrane from the inside of the shell. I use a tooth brush or fingers to get all of it out of there. Then throw the membrane away.
Step three - Wash the egg shells.
Step four - Bake the shells in the oven for 8 minutes at 350F or you can let them dry out naturally.
Step five - Let the egg shells cool
Step six - Grind the shells. For this step you can either use a pestle and mortar, Coffee grinder, blender etc.Grind it into an extra fine powder.

For storage…..
I use a glass salt shaker. it’s easier for me to work with that way, especially if i’m outside marking a circle. You can store it in anything but you MUST keep it dry.

Some people don’t charge their powder until they actually use it. I prefer to charge mine with the sun and full moon when I make mine and then I charge it at my full moon ritual.

How to use Cascarilla Powder….
You can sprinkle this stuff EVERYWHERE. For protection of your home sprinkle it around the outside of your house. I go around the four walls and pour it.
I know some Witches they place it in the four corners of their home.
Like I said previously,if I am doing a circle or working outside, I make a circle with the Cascarilla powder to make a sacred space.
Some people put it above doors and above their bed to protect them while asleep.

I also mix some of it in my protection candles, seals and I also make Cascarilla soy wax crayons. These are great for making semi-permanent markings, it is hard for them to be washed away and you can write with it.
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