and three finished pieces in two days

Introducing Character Drawcember!

This is a series of drawing prompts I designed for myself to get into a better rhythm of art production and also to think in depth about my characters. I’m posting this in case anyone else would like to work through the list too! :) I purposefully designed the workload to be relatively relaxed, since December is a busy month for a lot of people, myself included.

RULES: Use whatever of your own characters you want to use. You can stick to the same couple of characters or use all different ones. Any medium, and they don’t have to be consistent in style or technique. Basically there are no rules, just use this as a fun opportunity to work on your cast of characters. If you do decide to do this challenge, use the tag Character Drawcember!

WEEK ONE (Dec 1-7)


…a protagonist

…an antagonist

…an old character you don’t use anymore, and then redesign them.

Finish one of these into a full-color piece.

WEEK TWO (Dec 8-14)


…the inside of your character’s room.

…your character as a child, adult, and senior.

…an alternate universe version of one of your characters.

Finish one of these into a full-color piece.

WEEK THREE (Dec 15-21)


…a big group shot of your characters.

…a fake screenshot, as if your characters had their own movie

…your character’s favorite place

Finish one of these into a full-color piece.

WEEK FOUR (Dec 22-28)


…your character in someone else’s style (credit who you were inspired by!)

…three different outfits for your character

…free day- you choose what to draw with your character

CATCHUP (Dec 29-31)

If you’re not done yet (it’s okay!!), use this extra time to finish!

You know… I had our whole future planned out. Not just a year, five, or even ten, but the rest of our lives planned out. We were going to finish school then move to a big city to start our careers together. Talk about marriage and decide that our love is much bigger than what a piece of paper can declare. Travel and backpack for two or three months each year, then finally realize that we were too wild to be tamed in one place alone. So we pack everything up and fly to a foreign land and start our lives over until one day we realized that we were expecting; so it’s time to plant roots, preferably one with a porch and a big yard. We watch our kids grow old and embark on their own journey, and that inspired us to pick up where we left off. And so we did until our bones were brittle and old. And through all of this time I fell in love with you more and more until my dying breath… but… nothing ever goes as planned and people don’t always stay together.

-They could’ve written stories about us.


Don’t binge watch Bojack Horseman.

It’s a good show, it’s an amazing show, but just…do not binge watch it. Take it from someone who binged the first three seasons in about 2 two days and just finished binge watching season four in a single afternoon and evening, do not binge watch Bojack Horseman.

Watch it in bursts, take a break between every few episodes, take a long break before you watch episode 11 of any of the seasons (episode 11′s of this show are infamous trust me on this okay especially with season 4′s “Time’s Arrow” like holy shit), and just…stay away from this show if you have depression or self loathing because fuck me this show doesn’t let up.

There’s an episode in season 4 called “Stupid Piece of Sh*t” and it is…unrelenting. I don’t have either depression or self loathing/intrusive thoughts but that episode just…annihilates you.

This is a show about a anthropomorphic horse yes and I am telling you DO NOT BINGE WATCH BOJACK HORSEMAN. 

CYOSTODA - Part Two: Dean Picks Dare

Characters: Dean, Leah, Sam, and Reader

Location: Motel room, Crappsville, USA

Word Count: 1205

Warnings: Swearing

Following on from Part 1 by @littlegreenplasticsoldier, where you get into a game of Truth or Dare with Dean, Sam, and their motel neighbour, Leah.  You’ve just asked Dean Truth or Dare.

CYOSTODA Mastermess here

Originally posted by stunning-i

Dean’s staring at you, those gorgeous green eyes flitting over your face, and you can see the wheels turning, can practically smell the smoke. He locks eyes with yours as he runs his tongue over his bottom lip and you fight your urge to follow it’s path so hard you can feel your eyeballs shake with the effort. Dean smirks at you, like he knows full well what he’s doing to you, which let’s face it, he probably does.

“Dare.” he finally says, low and sure.

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downey — tom h.

author’s note: omg i literally still don’t know how to use this stupid site after 4 years :( but hiiii! this is my first hc and it’s actual trash but i need to post something ! thank you so much for reaaading *finger guns*

  • being the eldest daughter of robert downey jr definitely had it’s fair share of pros and cons
    • you loved your father to death but he sure was a piece of work
  • you were three years into university and you’ve managed to pull through the sixty-two daily mental breakdowns to continue your major
  • you visit your dad on set every now and then
    • sometimes just to catch up with him before you head to work, or to finish up on some studying
  • one day you went to set and were sitting with your dad in his trailer laughing at one of his corny jokes, eating stale left over donuts you took from work
  • when there was a knock on the side of his trailer and in walked a greek god tom holland
    • “hey rob are you ready to run lines- oH hello sorry i didn’t mean to interrupt”
  • you smiled at him and let him know it was alright before introducing yourself
    • “i’m y/n downey”
    • he started to freak because his movie dad’s daughter was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen
    • “i’m tOM HOLLAND”
  • you bit your lip in attempt not to laugh at his awkwardness
    • which was not a good idea because now he couldn’t stop staring at your lips
  • giving your dad a kiss on the cheek, you didn’t catch the look he was giving tom
    • “see you later daddy, bye tom!” 
  • a couple months went by and you had started visiting your dad a lot more frequently
  • he didn’t think anything of it, liking that he got to see you more often
    • “i’ve got to head to work now daddy, i’ll see you tomorrow okay?”
    • “you got here twenty minutes ago”
    • “yeah, i’m just not feeling too good, sorry!”
  • you’d give him a quick kiss on the cheek and practically sprint out of his trailer
  • taking a turn to the right, you made sure he saw you head in the direction of the exit
    • waiting a couple seconds, you crouched below the windows so he couldn’t see you, and ran to another familiar trailer
  • knocking spastically on the door, you giggled when tom finally opened it and anything but picked you up and dragged you inside
  • it had been about a week since you’d seen tom because his call times had been a little different lately
  • but they were back to the same as your dad’s now so you could finally see him without raising suspicion 
  • he sat you up on the counter of his mini trailer kitchen and you smiled, running your hands through his curls
  • he just stood between your legs, his hands rubbing soothing circles on the small bit of exposed skin where your tshirt rode up
  • tom rested his head in your neck, pressing a soft kiss to the side of it and you closed your eyes in content
  • you felt him smile into your neck and you ran your hands through his hair again
    • “i wanna tell my dad”
  • you felt him tense and his smile fall slightly
  • he lifted his head from your neck and his eyes met yours, his eyebrows furrowed ever so slightly
    • “wh-what? why whwhy?”
    • “i’m sick of sneaking around with you. i want to be able to kiss you and not look over my shoulder in fear of someone seeing us”
  • you could tell that he was thinking hard and you lifted your hand to smooth out the crease in his brow
    • “why are you so against telling him anyway? i’m twenty, tom. i can be with whoever i want to”
    • “it’s not that, it’s just that it’s been a couple months. something might come up, let’s just wait a little longer baby”
  • your hand fell from his face and your lips parted slightly
    • “you don’t think we’ll last? that’s it?”
  • you chuckled sarcastically, pushing him back softly, jumping off the counter
    • “why are we even bothering if you’re already having doubts?”
    • “nonono bbaby no that’s not what i meant”
    • “it sure sounded like it”
    • “i’m sorry, darling. i just, i don’t know. i don’t know”
      • “let me know when you figure it out”
  • you shook your head softly, heading towards his trailer door
  • you felt tom softly grab your arm and you were about to pull out of his grip before he spun you to face him and pressed his lips against yours
  • melting into his mouth, your hands had a mind of their own, tangling into his curls as he pulled you closer to him
  • his hands were on your waist as one of yours that was tugging on his hair trailed down his neck
  • pulling away for air, you shook your head in annoyance at how he could just kiss you and you’d be putty in his hands
    • “you are the most beautiful, intelligent, down to earth woman i’ve ever met. if the telling your dad is the small price i have to pay to keep you forever baby, i’ll go to his trailer myself”
  • you giggled, pressing a swift kiss to his lips. he leaned in to deepen it before you heard someone clearing their throat behind you
  • leaping away from each other, tom ran his hand through his hair, trying to flatten the damage you did to it
    • “hi daddy”

this was such trash where was i even gOING WITh this

Definitely not Mountain Dew.

So this didn’t actually happen to anyone I know, but it’s still the best revenge story I’ve ever heard.

So my dad works as a supervisor at a VA Hospital (so it’s for veterans and active military) being a veteran himself. Now there’s a lot of rules at the VA, especially on keeping food and drinks in the break room. The food item has to be completely encased, and it has to have a piece of tape on it with your name and the current date. If it’s three days old, it gets thrown out. Stuff like that.
So at the VA there’s this one guy who really likes Mountain Dew. So he starts bringing in two liters of the stuff, drinking it as the days pass. Usually he finishes it within three days, or else he just takes home the remainder.

Now he keeps doing this and he starts to notice that there seems to be less and less of the soda than what he’s drinking. It gets so bad that when he leaves a full two liter over night he comes in the next day to find it almost gone.
Gradually he starts to get pissed off, so he takes revenge.

In the hospital they have this laxative that’s VERY fast acting. Like you take a swing and you GOTTA GO. They give it to people who’ve been poisoned, so it’s also very potent, and it turns out that it tastes very citrusy. So one day the guy pours a bottle of this stuff into his Mountain Dew and leaves it over night in the break room fridge.

The next day nearly EVERYONE had the runs. The floor nurse, other nurses, the floor DOCTOR, everyone was having diarrhea. And the floor nurse is yelling at my dad telling him to write up the dude who did it.

My dads response was just “Well did the bottle have his name on it with the current date? Isn’t it HIS? Maybe I should talk to your superiors about your stealing.”

To date it’s the best revenge story I’ve ever heard.

Dear journal,

Today we got extremly scared. We were helping Regulus and Sophie moving in their new house. It was a sunny day and everything was going extremely well. Sirius was showing off his muscles when lifting heavy boxes and I couldn’t stop blushing. While us boys were moving the boxes and furniture in, Sophie was telling us where to put them. She was so excited to have her own little home.

“Where do I put this So?” Sirius asked with two ‘fragile’ boxes in his arms.

“Hum.. These go in the kitchen!” She said, smiling. “And be carefull! It’s fragile!”

We had all the boxes in the house and needed to move the couch to finish the day. Sophie had chosen it and she waited all day long to finally see it in the bright living room.

“Okay I need three strong boys to lift the couch!” She said, giggling.

“At your service love.” Regulus smirked, kissing her lips.

He layed his hands on her belly and smiled.

“I can’t wait for those two to show up..” He said.

She smiled and kissed him again.

“C'mon little brother! We have a couch to move!” Sirius yelled from downstairs.

We all walked to the empty truck and took the last piece of furniture left. The couch was quite heavy to lift. It was awful to get it upstairs but we did it!

“Okay love. Where do you want us to put the couch?” Regulus asked.

Except Sophie wasn’t there..

“Soph? Babe?” Regulus asked, letting go of the couch and walking around the house.

Sirius sent me a worried look and my heart started beating reallly fast.

“SOPHIE!!” We heared Regulus yell.

Sophie was on the floor, unconscious. Regulus was kneeling beside her, holding her hand and talking to her, trying to wake her up.

“We need to go to the Hsopital..” I said, trying to stay calm.

I took Sirius’ hand and we appeared at St-Mungo’s. Regulus appeared next to us with Sophie in his arms.

“Someone help us!” Sirius yelled.

A man and a woman came rushing in with a rolling barrow. Regulus carefully layed her on it and they took her away. They took all Regulus had left away from him. He colapsed on his knees and started sobbing.

“Reggie.. She’ll be alright.. Come sit down.” Sirius said, holding him in his arms.

“No.. no.. why?..” Regulus cried. “Why did it have to happen.. what if the girls don’t make it?” He sobbed.

“They’ll be alright Reggie..” I said as he sat down in a chair.

“I can’t lose them.. I-I can’t..” He sobbed.

We waited a few minutes when a man came in with papers. Regulus stood up and wipped his tears away.

“Are they okay?” He asked, nervously.

“Are you Mr.Black?”

“Yes. Tell me what’s going on!”

“Hum.. We’re going to have to provoke the labor. If we don’t, the babies have a chance of not making it…” He said.

“Hum.. Okay do what is needed just please.. Save them please, I’m begging you.” Regulus said, crying.

“We’ll try our best to get them all to safety. You’ll be able to see them but it’ll maybe take an hour or two.. I need you to sign here.. and just there please..” the man said, showing him papers.

He was a wreck. His eyes were staring at nothing and he was shaking.

“They’ll be okay baby brother..” Sirius said.

We waited for hours. I got us coffees and food but Regulus wouldn’t touch anything. He was so nervous.

“Mr. Black?” A young nurse said.

He stood up and I felt my heart stop. I can’t imagine what he must’ve felt in that moment.

“Congradulations, you are now the father of two beautiful little girls.” She smiled.

Regulus sat back down and starting crying. But this time it was from relief.

“Is.. Is my girlfriend okay?” He asked, crying.

“She is stable. She’s still unconscious but I believe she will wake up soon. We treated her with medication and she should be feeling better tommorow.”

“C-Can I see them? My little girls..?” He said as Sirius hugged him.

“Of course.. Follow me.” She said.

Sirius patted Regulus’ back and made his little brother smile.

“You can do it Reggie. Your girls are right there.. Go see them.” Sirius said.

“Can you guys come with me? I’m nervous..” He said, playing with his fingers.

“Of course. We’ll be right behind you. I’m so proud of you.. Now Go!” Sirius smiled.

Regulus entered the dark room and we followed him. Sophie was laying on the hospital bed, unconscious, machines surounding her. Regulus looked around, searching for his daughters. They were laying in a glass bed, wrapped into a blanket.

“Oh.. They’re so small..” He said, tears running down his face.

He stood over the small bed and just looked at his little girls. Sirius took my hand and I looked at him. He was crying and smiling at the same time.

“Hey my little princesses.. It’s daddy.. Oh you two look like angels..” Regulus whispered, brushing his finger on the small girls’ cheeks.

“They’re beautiful Reggie.” Sirius said, looking down at the sleeping babies.

“They both look so much like Sophie.” Regulus chuckled, wipping away his happy tears.

The nurse came in and pressed a few buttons on Sophie’s machines.

“Would you like to hold them?” She asked Regulus.

“Oh.. Okay.. I don’t want to break them.. they’re so small!” He giggled.

The nurse carefully took the girls one by one and layed them both in Regulus’ arms. He walked to Sophie’s bed and sat next to her bed. She was very pale. I stood next to her and caressed her cheeks. It was hard to see my bestfriend like this.

“Come on Sirius.. We’ll give him a bit of time with her.."I said, taking his hand.

"No.. Y-You can stay.. it’s okay. Do you want to hold them Sirius?” Regulus smiled.

Sirius nodded, smiling brightly. He sat down in an armchair and held his two nieces. Giving them small kisses on the forehead from time to time.

“Please baby.. Wake up..” Regulus whispered, holding Sophie’s pale hand in his.

After a few minutes, Sophie moved in her small bed. Thank Merlin that Sirius was holding the babies because Regulus jumped by her side.

“Sophie wake up love.. Your girls are here.. they can’t wait to meet you.. please wake up for me..” He said, caressing her hair.

“Mhmm..” She mumbled.

“Wake up please..” He said, a single tear leaving his red eyes.

She opened her eyes slowly and she was very confused.

“W-What am I doing here?..” She asked.

Regulus hugged her gently and explained her what happened.

“But.. oh no..” She said, crying.

She patted her now, small belly and panicked.

“Where are the girls?!” She said, sobbing.

“It’s okay.. shhh.. They’re okay..” Regulus said, comforting her.

“Where are they? I want to see them!” She said.

Sirius stood up and gave the girls to Regulus. Sophie started crying of happiness. He handed her the two girls and she couldn’t stop smiling.

“Reggie.. They’re beautiful..” She said as Regulus wrapped his arm around her shoulders.

“They look just like you. But they have my eyes.” Regulus said, proudly.

“Regulus..” she smiled. “I’m sorry I scared you like this.. I just remember feeling dizzy and falling and I-I..”

“It’s okay love.. You’re okay now.” He smiled, leaving a kiss on his girlfriend’s forehead. “Oh and, when I said I couldn’t wait to see them.. I didn’t mean this soon!” He laughed.

“They’re both so beautiful.” Sirius smiled, hugging my side as we all looked down at the girls.

“So.. How are you going to name them?” I asked.

“Lyra and Vega.” Sophie smiled.

“Because Vega is the brightest star in the constellation Lyra.” Regulus added.

“Lyra and Vega Black. It sounds pretty good! I’m proud of you two..” Sirius smiled.

“Sirius, Remus.. Actually we wanted to ask you two something.” Sophie smiled, caressing her little girls.


“Would you like to be the godfathers to our little girls?” Regulus asked, smiling brightly.

“It would be an honour.” I smiled.

“It would be more than an honour!” Sirius said happily.

We spent the night eating chinese food in Sophie’s hospital room with the little girls. The family was growing and we couldn’t be more happy.


Masterpiece | 01

Taehyung is going insane because he misses his sunset.

This is the first time I post something I’ve written, so please support me. Like if you enjoy the reading and let me know how you feel about this. There will be a part two and hopefully, a lot of other scenarios too.

pairing: taehyung x reader
genre: angst
word count: 1.1k 
part two

Every night Taehyung promises he will sleep early, however, he never keeps his promise. No matter how hard he tries to close his eyes and sleep, his thoughts get him awake and he heads to his atelier to paint.

Taehyung has been suffering for months, his friends are all worried about the dark purple under his eyes, the dry skin and messy long hair he has now, out of pure sadness. He doesn’t want to take care of himself anymore, he hates being alive without his own sunset.

She really is gone, his mind said to him for the tenth time this dawn. Taehyung’s hands were working on their own, he looked at the canvas lazily with his face wet from tears that he didn’t bothered at all, because he was used to them. She was so loved, why her? God, why did you take her away from me?

For eight months now, Taehyung has been painting her, since she said her last goodbye. She was his sunset, full of bright colors, dreams and plans. Why, just… why? Every canvas in this room were full of her genuine happiness, as he remembers her every second of every day. A long time has passed, but he couldn’t forget any trace of the girl’s face and body.

He was paiting her lips now, almost finishing the piece he started a week ago. Then, Taehyung was hit with the feeling of their kisses. Gosh, her taste is still alive on his own lips… and the texture of her skin lingers on his fingertips. How can he move on if each day she makes him love her more? This is insanely painful and wrong, but nothing can save him from loving Y/N so much, even after her death.

This night the boy felt more insane than ever. Memories are rushing through his veins, the tears are getting his cold cheeks warm as he cries and paints heavily and lightly, at the same time, around her delicate face on the canvas. The background of this paiting was a mess, as he knew she loved. Watercolor was so Y/N, he felt sorry for himself for keeping her this alive everywhere in his pieces. The green, purple and yellow hanging behind the locks of her hair were expressing his confusion so well, all he felt was pain by now.

“Taehyung, come here!” Y/N said from their room, he walked slowly as always, following the enchanting sound of her angelic voice.

“Yes, miss?” Taehyung answered lightly as their eyes met. She was under the covers, smiling at him like he was the only man in the world.

“Come here, stay with me for a little longer.” Her voice sounded sneaky, she knew he wouldn’t resist and smiled when Taehyung walked towards the bed and laid beside her, holding her tight.

“You are so mean, you know that?” He whispered to make her shiver, two can play the game.

“But you love it, don’t you?” Y/N smiled again, but this time seductively and both of them knew she would win over him, as always.

Taehyung only laughed, accepting he lost. “Be mine forever, Y/N.”

What is happening to him? He hated his state of mind at that very moment. The traces of her gets clearer and clearer by the second as another flashback comes to his eyes, why can’t everything fade away like it happened to everyone else? The issue is he wasn’t like other people. Honestly, the boy didn’t know if he felt lucky or sorry for being insane.

“What do you think?” Y/N asked. The girl was nervous, it was the first time she showed Taehyung her writing. Her hands brushed her hair back as the thought of her delivering the book to him came back to her mind. As soon as she finished it, she gave it to him. The plot was about them and hopefully the boy would notice that from the first word he read. Taehyung has read it in two days and told her to meet him.

They were at their favorite coffee shop, Van Gogh’s Cafe, where they met three years ago. The environment made the chocolate eyed girl even more nervous, every piece of that place was written in one of the chapters of her book.

Taehyung stared at Starry, Starry Night hanging on the wall beside his seat, praying he was doing a good job on holding a smile. He noticed Y/N was stressed and loved it, concluding he definitely was successful on his attempt.

“Listen, I…” He started and her eyes were glued at the tan skinned boy profile. From his peripheral vision, he could see her bite her soft and slightly plump lips, which almost made him give up on his plan and kiss her. But he was already too far on this, his mind warned him. “I am so honored to be yours.” Taehyung finally smiled and Y/N sighed in relief and laughed wholeheartedly. “It is more than amazing, my love. This book is a masterpiece and I’m not saying it in vain. Thank you for letting me know your point of view on us.” They were holding hands.

“I love you, Taehyung.” That was all she could say after being overwhelmed by his words.

At that moment, the boy have stopped crying and his hands were now quiet. The piece was finished, one more to add to his collection. Taehyung stared deeply at the canvas, he was proud of his work, however, this was a small thought between all the sadness he felt right now.

His hands were a mix of dry colors after paiting for hours, but he couldn’t care less. Those same hands ran through his long locks as he sighed. He needed to have his hair cut, indeed. Would Y/N like how his hair was now? Taehyung thought. He likes it, his fringe is almost hiding his eyes and the undercut he used to keep trimmed is gone. The caramel haired boy looked at himself in the eyes in the mirror, took his specs in his hands and realized all the signals of tiredness on his face.

His thoughts were broken by the ringing door bell, he frowned angrily as he checked the time in his watch, 3:45am. Who the hell would come here this time of the night?

He cautiously walked towards the door of the apartment, hoping it would be Hoseok asking to stay over because he was too drunk to get home. Afraid it would be a thief or something like it, the boy tried not to make any huge noise. Taehyung has broken his door’s spyhole during a crisis last month and cursed himself for this now, he was just so stupid. Fuck it, he thought before opening the door completely only to be washed with panic and desperation.

“Y/N?” He managed to mumble between heavy breaths.

The Deal with the Devil- Chapter 3

Bruce Wayne X Reader

Summary- You’re the female version of Dare Devil. This takes place in the DC universe.

Message- I’m not super happy with this chapter but I don’t really see it getting better. Its totally a filler.  Also not my image! That is what the readers weapon looks like. Sorry if this sucks!

Prologue Chapter 1 Chapter 2

Word Count- 752

“I look like a bad ass, right? I told you this look was bad ass, Bruce!” You say.

“How do you know you’re right, I haven’t even answered the question yet?” Bruce says while he chuckles.

“I know, because I can actually feel how badass I am.” You sass back. “Did Lucius show you the weapon he designed for me? It’s a billy club that’s designed to look like one of my canes! It has a grappling hook in it too and it breaks into two pieces so I’ll have one for each hand and then it snaps back together.” You yell as you start to change behind the room divider. After you finish changing you pack your new suit into a briefcase.

“That’s very cool, Y/N.” Bruce said “We should train together for a couple of days before we start patrolling together. Get to know each others strengths and weaknesses.”

“Sounds good to me!” you say. “What time is it? I feel like I’ve been here forever!”

“It’s almost three. We could knock off a couple of hours early and get a jump on training.” You nod your head as you extend your new cane and the two of you walk to the elevators and take them to the lobby. Alfred is there waiting to drive you back to Wayne manor. “So do you have any weaknesses?”

“Yeah, my senses are very heightened so really strong smells and really powerful sounds will temporarily weaken or immobilize me. What about you?”

“Nothing like that, I don’t have any superpowers so things like bullets and knives can still stop me. I’m trained in basically all of the types of martial arts. How about you?

“Same, also boxing and gymnastics.” You say as the car comes to a stop. The three of you get out of the car and you and Bruce go down to the bat cave. The two of you spar for a couple of hours until Alfred comes and tells the two of you dinner is served. The two of you talk about your lives as you eat. You make jokes and laugh your asses off. After the two of you finish eating you make your way back to the bat cave to spar some more. The two of you become good at predicting what the other was going to do. The two of you are pretty evenly matched, eventually he has you pinned down.

“I kind of like you like this.” Bruce growls in your ear. You smile a bit before flipping the two of you over.

“Actually I prefer to be on top.” You say as you grind your hips. Then he flips the two of you over again.

“We can take turns.” He whispers before getting up. You put your hand up so he can help you up.

“Are you going on patrol tonight?” you ask as you grab your water bottle.

“Yeah, do you want to come?”

“I thought you said you wanted to train together for a couple of days before we went out on patrol together?”

“I changed my mind. You’re good. Really good. I didn’t realize it the other night but if you can keep up with me in the ring while we’re sparring I think you can handle some thugs.”

“I can handle more than thugs, and I was going easy on you. If I had wanted to I could have pinned you in under a minute.”  You say with a smirk.

“If that’s true lets go one more round.”

“Are you sure you don’t need a Gatorade or something. In my experience most guys usually need a while to recover in between rounds.” You say taking a step closer to him.

“I’m not most guys.” He says as he walks closer to you. You could feel him leaning down and right before your lips met you flipped him onto the ground and got on his back so you could restrain his arms.

“I’m pretty sure that was under a minute. But I wasn’t really timing in were you?”  You say as you tighten your grip on his wrists. Bruce starts to laugh so you let go of his wrists. Then he flips so you are on your back, on the ground.

“Can I kiss you?” he whispers as he leans down. You nod and then his lips are on yours. It’s a quick almost chaste kiss. He pulls away far sooner than you liked. “We should probably get ready for patrol.”

“Okay.” You whisper.

Tag List- @thebookgeeek

(lucky for you) that’s what I like
rated T
word count: approx. 24.7k
ship: shiro/lance (shance)
an “accidental sugar daddy” AU written for the @shancebigbang

A piece of paper fell from where it had stuck to his phone and he picked it up with a frown. It was a business card. Oh, right. That guy in the expensive suit and fancy car had given it to him… so he could… repay him… Huh. That sounded a little too good to be true. Maybe he’d dreamt up the handsome stranger? But the solid proof of the card in his hand proved otherwise. He was still staring at the business card in disbelief when Hunk finally opened the door, walking in with a weary smile.

“Lance, you’re early. Did you get dinner already?” Hunk called out in pleasant surprise, even as his mouth twisted at the mess around the couch.

Lance tore his eyes away from the card, still thinking about the guy from earlier, “No, but I think I got a sugar daddy?”

read here on AO3!

hey y’all! well, it’s finally posting time, so here’s my contribution to the shance big bang! this story is split in three parts/chapters, and the first part is up tonight! I’ll be publishing the final two parts in the next couple days. Hope y’all enjoy my labor of love…aka the longest sappy, romantic comedy I’ve ever written. Thanks!

Commissions Info! | toriirdz

Hi guys! I’ve decided to make a proper post explaining how my commissions work if anyone is interested at any time! So here we go:


How do i pay?
With a PayPal invoice sent, i’ll ask for your paypal mail so i can send you and invoice with the exact amount i’ll be charging for the final piece.  (I’ll work with invoices for an unknown period fo time since sending the money directly to my paypal discounts a dollar or more and it really frustrates me).

After i finish it the piece will be sent to your mail or skype with full quality two to three days before the payment and i won’t post it so it’s only yours to see, but if you want it on social media let me know and i will post it for reblogs and likes only. 

What are you willing to draw? 
For a proper explanation of my art restrictions please go take a look at this post. However i’m stating here that i don’t work with explicit NSFW, male impregnation, incest or furry themed pieces (please understand that i don’t feel confortable with these themes). 

I can work with any OC, AU or CROSSOVER, SHIP, GENDERBEND or design that you sent me if you don’t cross the restrictions above.


  • Desc: 1 character with simple background (1 color of your choice + additions surrounding the character).
  • Half body: $10 USD 
  • Full body: $11 USD 
  • +$1 USD for a detailed background. 


  • Desc: 2 characters with simple background (1 color of your choice + additions surrounding the character).
  • Half body: $20 USD
  • Full body: $21 USD
  • +$1 USD for a detailed background.
  • +$1 USD for any additional character ($22 for 3 characters, $23 for 4, you get the point, plus the additional $1 USD if you want a detailed background). 

I you have any other question about my commissions, want to discuss a piece or get more info about this please contact me on DM or on skype at!

Have a great day!

Lostcauses Fic: Aftermath

I posted the start of this last year as part of @birbwin​‘s #releasethedrafts thing, and it’s taken me this long to get round to finishing it.  Think it might have been better if I’d left it alone, but whatever, here it is. Set after the Uprising Arc. 

It takes three full days of briefings before they are able to put the pieces together and have a complete picture of the events that unfolded on all the different battle fronts; in Mitras, at the Central Military Police base, the Reiss chapel, the outer wall in Orvud district.  And then there are plans to discuss, Historia’s ascension to the throne, where they go from here, how to act on the new intelligence they have gained; that takes another two days.   But eventually the talking stops, the other military commanders and squad leaders leave, and Hanji shuts the door behind them, the last to leave as always.  And then it’s just Levi and Erwin, alone in a grand suite of rooms commandeered for military purposes in a convenient wing of the palace.

It’s the first time they’ve been alone together for… how long?  It could be days or weeks or months. So much has happened that Levi’s lost track of time, it ceased to mean anything the moment they parted ways.  All that mattered was surviving.  And somehow they have.  Somehow, against all the odds, they are both still alive.  

Erwin had listened to Levi’s report on the ambushes by Kenny’s men, the collapse of the cavern, expression impassive, betraying not a flicker of emotion, though his knuckles were white where he gripped the arm of the chair. Erwin’s briefing on his detention by the Military Police and subsequent court martial was terse and succinct, but one look at the vicious bruises discolouring his face told them all that his report omitted more that it revealed.  Levi didn’t need to listen to know what he’d been through; he had seen the scaffold with his own eyes.  It was still standing in the main plaza when they rode through Mitras on their way to the capitol.  Levi had reined his horse to a stop, dismounted, and looked up at the gallows.  Cold anger and bitter fear welling up in his chest, threatening to choke him as he threw his guts up on the flagstones.  

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Crush du Jour: Pt. 3

g: schmoop, fluff, slight angst

summary: after graduating college, you decided to go on a break for a few months. you then suddenly realize you’ve been rather lazy on doing anything so you decided to enroll in a class that helps you learn on making some of the more popular desserts and pastries in french cuisine, only to find out you’re gonna be paired up with one of the most attractive students in the room.

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Prompt 1: Photography | Nostalgia / Childhood

Drew this as a part of something bigger and low-key angstier and then I realized that I wouldn’t be able to finish the entire piece by today because I still have classes to attend to.  (●´∧`●))

I’ll still be working on it though throughout the next few days and I guess, I’ll just update this post with a link to the larger piece when I get around to finishing it. 

Also, yes. In my head, V is one of those people who have an awkward stance.

I’ll hopefully be making something for every day of the week so I’ll link all my submissions below:

Day One | Day Two | Day Three | Day Four | Day Five | Day Six | Day Seven

something about nasal spray

yeah i can’t think of a title for this lmao

self ship fanfiction?? really?? wowie wowie

ah anyway, this ended up being a bit longer than i wanted, but i’m still kinda sorta proud of it seeing as i haven’t finished a story in like,,,ever. this is also the first time i post my writing so yay for me i guess

i also finished it in like three days so that’s pretty cool, sorry if it’s a little rushed at the end but i still feel kinda happy with this (i also wanted to add another flashback between the two last pieces but it was already getting so long)

also sorry if something looks/sounds weird, english isn’t my first language!! also sorry if any of the characters seem ooc or smth idk im apologizing way too much wtf

alright enough of that. earnest/milliz, earnest’s p.o.v. things in italics = some sort of flashback thing

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@cabooseyhevehicledestroyer​! here’s no. 7 for you ^^
( also @azlinne​ for the Bim/Dark )

07. Beg For It.

“What do you want, Bim?” Dark asked, sitting perfectly poised as his desk as Bim stood on the other side, shifting from one foot to the other nervously.

“You know what I want.” He replied, sounding a lot more confident than he felt and Dark seemed to see right through him with that calculated, cold gaze.

“Mm.” Dark hummed, “And you know how to get it.”


“Beg for it, Bim, and I shall give it to you.” Dark interupted, dismissing the other ego with a wave of his hand, “If you don’t do it, I won’t do it.”

“I can live without it!” Bim exclaimed, turning on his heel and stalking from the room.

As he reached the door, Dark chuckled and said, “I’ll give you three days.”

Bim didn’t reply, merely let the door slam shut behind him.


The next time Dark heard anything of it was two days later when he wandered down to the kitchen to get some breakfast and a cup of coffee. Wilford was sitting at the table, a plate of toast smothered in jam in front of him and a paper half folded on the other side. As soon as Dark entered, Wilford looked up from his plate and pointed at him.

“You!” He shouted.

“What?” Dark responded drily, dropping a Pop-Tart into the toaster and turning slowly to face Wilford as it cooked. “Whatever you’re about to accuse me of-.”

“Don’t try and wiggle out of this!” Wilford cut in, “I know you’ve done something to Bim.”

Dark raised an eyebrow and smirked. “Oh, I have, have I?”

Wilford nodded, taking a large bite out of his toast and chewing it thoughtfully as he watched Dark plate up his snack, grab a cup of coffee and slide into a chair opposite Wil at the table.

“Do elaborate.” Dark added.

“He’s been so different for the last few days and I know it has something to do with you.” Wilford began, “So…what are you bullying him with?”

“I’m not bullying him.” Dark chuckled, “He brought this on himself.”

Warfstache did not look impressed, and Dark rolled his eyes.

“Do you want to know what’s happening?” He asked.

Nodding, Wilford pushed the paper aside and leaned his chin on his hands, paying attention to Dark’s words. Sipping his coffee, Dark tried to decide how to word it.

“Let’s see. Bim made a bet with me that he could make me laugh solely by tickling me. If he won, I would appear in one of his show segments as a special guest. If he lost, I would only appear for him if he begged for it. He’s been angling for me to do some sort of show with him for a while, and I’m not going to make it easy for him.” He finally explained.

Wilford’s expression was blank for a time before he burst out laughing. “That’s what he’s worrying about? Oh Trimmer, this is ridiculous. You’re a cruel man, Dark.”

“Tell me something I don’t know.” Dark scoffed, “He lost of course, since I’m not ticklish. And now, he has to beg me, but his pride won’t allow him to do so, and he’s stuck in a loop.”

Shaking his head, Wil finished his last piece of toast and stood up, brushing crumbs from his lap as he carried his plate to the sink. “I’ll give him three days.”

Dark smirked, “I already did, two days ago. Would you like to bet on it?”

“Oh no way am I entering a bet with you.” Wilford laughed, “I know better. Good luck.”

Shrugging, Dark finished his Pop-Tart and coffee and went about his day, trying to calculate the exact time Bim would come to him to beg for him to appear on the show.


He lasted three more days, as Wilford had said, so Dark was internally glad he hadn’t taken the bet. Wilford always asked for something ridiculous if he won – which he usually always did – and Dark was already steeling himself to appear on Bim’s show. Again, Dark was in his office when Bim appeared, but this time the TV host wasn’t nervous but determined.

He crossed straight to Dark and knelt in front of him. Dark raised his eyebrows and had to bite back a laugh of triumph as Bim curled his hands into fists and grimaced.

“Dark…please will you appear on my show?” The glasses wearing ego asked quietly and Dark tilted his head to the side to examine him.

“Hmm. That sounds more like a question than something someone begging would say.” He chuckled, “So…try again.”

Bim bit back a snarky response and kept his head bowed.

“I would be extremely humbled and much obliged if you would appear on my show. It is all I want and have wanted for the last week and I would do anything for it to happen.” The words were ground out through clenched teeth, but it was the best Dark was going to get for such a request and he decided to let Bim out of his misery after another few minutes of the ego kneeling in front of him.

Reaching down, Dark pulled Bim into his lap, arms wrapping around his waist. “I would be honoured, my dear.” He murmured.

Bim’s face lit up. “I’ve already got the entire thing planned out! Can we go and-.”

“Calm yourself.” Dark interupted gently, “It’s late and you’ve been working all day, let’s save this for tomorrow.”

Nodding, Bim pouted nonetheless, so Dark kissed him to change the expression into a smile.

“You can do whatever you please to me then.” He promised, “As long as you get some rest first.”

The smile that crossed Bim’s lips was treacherous, and Dark both loved and hated it. “You may regret saying that.”

Devotion - Chapter Four

 Summary:  Dan is a ballerina who’s practicing for an audition at Julliard, but he’s afraid of performing in front of other people. He meets Phil, who’s gathering photos for his art portfolio, and Phil helps Dan come out of his shell

Genre: this chapter is mostly fluff, but i promise there is more coming!

Warnings: none 

Word Count: 3.6k

Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three

It had been three weeks since Dan and Phil met, and Dan had just finished performing in Central Park with Phil watching and supporting him.

The two had been spending most days together since they met, and they had quickly become each other’s best friend. It was common for the two of them to meet up at the studio and work on their respective projects. Dan would dance and Phil would work on piecing together his portfolio, and they would simply enjoy each other’s company.

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Losing my virginity

Warning - explicit language and subject matter.

Jamie and I shared this small one bedroom apartment on the upper east side.   It was sparsely furnished with only a table with a couple of chairs, a full size bed and two dressers.  The bedroom had two nice closets as well.

Jamie took one closet and dresser and I had the other closet and dresser.

The place was perfect for us.  For we would go there after work or on a “working weekend” change and then go out.  We had two rules, no dates female or male was allowed over and second not to tell anyone including our wives about the place.

In the three years we’ve had the apartment we ran into each other only a hand full of times.  It really worked out great.  One day things changed.

It was a Saturday morning and I was there changing into a pretty two piece outfit. I finished putting on my wig and was slipping into my heels when Jamie arrived.

 "Hi hun, love those heels.“

 "Hiya Jamie.  Thanks I picked them up the other day.”

 "Going someplace special?“

 "Naw, I was thinking about spending the day in the village.  You?”

 "Sweet.  I was going to hang around in a nighty for the day.“

I went into the bathroom to put my makeup on as Jamie went into the bedroom to change. I just finished putting on my lipstick when Jamie popped in wearing this pink night gown with 4” heels.  You could tell she had on her bra and breast forms. She just stood there looking me over.

I went back into the bedroom brushing past her.  She followed me in.  I started to get my purse from the closet.

“You know Francine, I never realized it before but you have a really cute ass.”

“Uh, thanks, glad you like it.”

“Bend over a bit why don’t you.  I’d like a little better look.”  She said with a giggle.

So I bent over for her and gave it an extra wiggle.

The next thing you knew her hands were on the small of my back and she ran them down my butt cheeks.  "Oh that is a cute ass.“

"Errr, thanks”

I started to stand but Jamie put on hand on my back and motioned for me to stay bent over.  Placing my hands on my legs I stayed bent over wondering what was she thinking.  I had an idea but it was so farfetched I shook it off.

Jamie went back rubbing my ass cheeks with her fingers tracing my ass crack.  I wanted her to stop and was going to say so but it felt so dirty and nice at the same time.

“This is getting a little uncomfortable” I said.  With that I walked over to the bed, placed a few pillows near the side and bent over on them.

“Better?” I asked.

Jamie followed behind me and began to caress my ass once again.  I wanted her to stop but I wanted more, a lot more.

She must have read my mind for I felt her hike up my skirt and rub my panties. “Oh these are satin hi-cuts. You naughty girl.”

Jamie grabbed me by the hips and pulled into me.  "Oh my God!“ I said to myself.  I felt that she had a hardon and she was pressing it against my ass.  

She started to bump my ass with her dick, "Someone else likes your cute ass too.”

All I could say was,“I’m glad.”  Why I said that and something more appropriate like offering her an amputation, I don’t know.

“Oh yes, a cute little ass.  Let’s get a better look shall we?”  With that Jamie pulled my panties down uncovering my ass.  "Oh my, that is a cute ass.“

She went back to rubbing my ass and with her fingers she pulled both cheeks apart.  I wanted to ball up my fist send her to the moon but it was so enjoyable at the same time. I didn’t want her to stop.

"I need a closer look.”

She wanted a closer look?  What the?  How much closer?  She already has me bent over with my panties down and she spread my butt cheeks.  Oh no…she isn’t, is she?

Then I felt her dick all covered in lube pressing against my asshole.  "Let me know if this hurts and I’ll back off a bit. OK hun?“

All I could do was hum, "hmm hmm.”  What in the hell was I thinking?  I was about to get ass fucked! I should stop her from screwing me.  But all I could do was lie in that bent over position as Jamie pressed her dick against my asshole.

She pressed harder and my ass resisted her attempt.  She backed off and pushed in again and once more my ass resisted her advances.

“You OK hun?”

“Hmm hmm.”  Am I OK?  She’s trying to get into my ass.  Am I OK, give me a break.  Yet this was getting exciting.

Jamie pushed in again and I felt her starting to enter.  It was uncomfortable and my body tensed up.  She sensed that and eased up resting her dick at my hole.  After a second she pushed in again and my ass could not resist any longer and gave up the fight allowing her to enter.

She pushed in a bit then backed off.  She then pushed in again only harder.  All I could do was gasp as she penetrated my once virgin asshole.  The rim of my asshole felt her enter as she pushed slowly and steadily into my body.  It was uncomfortable and I wanted her to stop and pull out I the worst way.

Jamie pushed in as far as she could and I felt her balls up against mine.  She stopped moving and stayed there.  “How ya doing hun?  You OK?  Virgin huh?  Well no more.  Jamie is going to stay here for you to enjoy her in your ass.”

My ass was throbbing and I’m sure she felt it as well.  That’s probably why she just stayed there not moving to I could get used to having something else in my ass other than shit.

I so wanted her to get out of there.  This was not right.  But how it felt.  I just uttered “Oh please fuck my pussy, please fuck me, fuck me.”

“I was hoping you’d say that.  I’ve been wanting to fuck your nice tight virgin ass.”

She then started to pump slowly, in and out, in and out, in and out.  It felt so wonderful, so dirty, so naughty, so fantastic.  I really wanted her to stop but I didn’t want her to stop.  I just wanted to feel her fucking me.

As I got used to her in me my ass relaxed so she was able to pump faster and harder. I felt her balls slapping against me as she went in.  Her thrusting pushed me back and forth with each push.  I was able to reach around and pulled my ass apart for her.  It felt like that she went in even further.

“Oh I see you really like this.  I love your tight little ass.  I’ll be getting off in no time.”

“Ohhh, fuck me, fuck me fuck me.”

“Let’s see if I can make your ass pregnant.”

Jamie’s thrusting was getting more intense as she grabbed me by the waist and held on tightly.  I began to have the feeling that I had to take a shit but knew better.  It was her dick, her wonderful dick filling me.  Oh how full I felt.  I didn’t want her to stop.

Her thrusting was at it’s peak, “Oh God, oh God, oh God, you feel so good, so fucking good. Damn, damn, damn, oh shit, oh shit shit shit shit.  Oh damn you Francine, your beautiful ass is so tight, damn damn Francine.  Uhnnnn”

With that Jamie pushed in so hard and so deep I thought she was going to exit my mouth.  She pulled me in as tight as she could.  My asshole felt her dick swell up with the cum passing through it..

“Oh fuck,” I said to myself, “this can’t be happening!”

Jamie pushed real hard and deep into me at least six times moaning each time then stopped.  I couldn’t believe it, she shot her cum into me.  OMG!  Jamie actually had an orgasm in my ass!

“That was fantastic.  Oh what a nice ass.  I told you your sweet ass will get me off in no time.  How does it feel to lose your virginity?”  With that Jamie slowly pulled out of my ass.

All I could say was, “Oh God.”

I stood up pulling my panties up and felt them getting wet from the cum coming out my ass.

Jamie looks at me and asked if I wanted to fuck her.  I so wanted to.  To feel what it was like, but my ass was throbbing too much from losing it’s virginity.

I changed my plans and didn’t go out for the cum kept dripping out of me.  I changed my panties twice and the third time I simply stuffed toilet paper back there so not to soil another pair.

“How much did you shoot in me?”

“Enough. Did you like it?”

I hesitated and wanted to tell her, ‘fuck no you bastard’, but instead “I loved it.”

“Good, I’d love to fuck you again.  Only next time I want you to do me first.  I want to feel you up inside of me.”

“Mmmm sounds like a plan.”

The rest of the day we made small talk and didn’t speak of our sexual encounter.  Later that night at home I went to the bathroom and had to sit on the bowl.  It felt like I had to take a shit but instead it was one wicked fart.  Getting up I looked in the bowl and saw strands of cum in the water.

Wiping and flushing I was hoping that was the end.  But the next day when I took a shit I did notice a few more strands of cum there among the shit.  How much did she shoot in me?

It was wrong, so wrong.  So very dirty.  Yet I loved every bit of it.  I don’t know if that now makes me gay or not.  I do know I am looking forward in having Jamie fuck the daylights out of Francine again.

anonymous asked:

how many time do you spend per drawing?

uh oh this question will be in my nightmares tonight

in my case, it depends on almost every aspect you can ever imagine. sad to say, i’m not a person who can focus on only one piece the whole day. the moment i pull out my tablet, 30 ideas comes on my mind at once and of course i have a feeling i should At Least do sketches for each of them. so   if it’s not a commission, sometimes i can spend a week on one piece. the other day i’ll be feeling it and i’ll finish the thingy in two hours. the time i spend on one thing also depends on in what form it is. however, i can spend three days drawing one comic (”Orphan”) while the next one i’ll be able to finish in 4 hours (”Happy Birthday, Momo”). let’s just say it, i get distracted very easily and that’s my main problem lmao