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cute date ideas for fall:

  • carving pumpkins together 
  • making pies together 
  • going to hunted houses 
  • having a bonfire 
  • decorating for the holidays
  • making coffee/hot cocoa and watching movies 
  • camping outside together and stargazing
  • going to coffee shops you just discovered
  • going to plant shops and buying indoor plants
  • taking cute fall pictures in the park
  • jumping into a pile of leaves and playing like kids

Just need to rant for a sec

I’m not a Kaylor so I don’t think Gorgeous is about Karlie however I feel like Taylor sets herself up for these kind of rumours and she knows exactly what she’s doing because speculation of her love life has always sold albums. Does nobody else think it’s extremely strange that, Taylor Swift, who has never confirmed (certainly not in recent years) the person that any of her songs are about, is suddenly sitting fans down and telling them “whatever people say, this song is about my wonderful boyfriend Joe who I’ve been dating for over a year and who I love very much and if anyone says otherwise, shut them down”??? Like all that screams to me is that it’s probably not about him and she just wants people to think that it is or more likely, put fans off thinking it’s someone else specifically another ex/Karlie? Especially since the lyrics don’t add up.

1. She talks about having an older boyfriend when she met Joe. Taylor and Tom broke up at the beginning of September, if not earlier. Taylor according to reports did not meet Joe until October but mentioned that they had been friends for a long time- which seems unlikely.

2. She mentions the club, which doesn’t mean it directly points to the boyfriend in question being Calvin, but she knows that’s what the general public will think - which doesn’t seem to add up, but then we aren’t being told the full story.

If I had to “pick” who I thought it was about, I’d probably say Joe but I do think that Taylor loves to play people with this stuff and make them question it, and it’s not really fair when she’s told only the secret session fans, the full background story of the song. Like if you’re not planning on telling all your fans the full story, why make sure they know it’s about a specific person? So really, if she’s not going to be openly honest with everyone, then nobody can blame people for speculating.


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psst have you seen spiderman: homecoming yet?

yes!! I’ve really enjoyed both superhero movies that have come out this year tbh