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You assholes never send me music asks.
  • Alabama Shakes: Favorite female lead?
  • Arctic Monkeys: Favorite male lead?
  • Ben Howard: An album that reminds you of your favorite season?
  • Bon Iver: An album you could listen to on repeat for years?
  • Bastille: A song that brings back bad memories?
  • The Beatles: An artist you think is overrated?
  • Coldplay: A band you used to love but never listen to anymore?
  • Daft Punk: Favorite instrumental (no vocals) song?
  • Dawes: A genre of music you absolutely cannot stand?
  • Electric Light Orchestra: Favorite song to help you cheer up?
  • Elliot Smith: Favorite song to listen to when you're sad?
  • Evanesence: Ever done drugs and listened to music?
  • Fun.: Put your music on shuffle and list the first three.
  • Fall Out Boy: First album you fell in love with?
  • Green Day: A song that makes you feel rebellious?
  • George Ezra: A song that reminds you of a past lover?
  • Genesis: A band that your parents always played when you were little?
  • Hozier: Favorite brand new artist?
  • Iron & Wine?: What song would you want to be played at your wedding?"
  • Imagine Dragons: What song would you want played at your funeral?
  • Jack Johnson: A song you heard in a movie and fell in love with?
  • Joy Division: Your least favorite album by your favorite band?
  • The Killers: Name your top three songs of all time.
  • Linkin Park: Suggest a band you think I might like.
  • Led Zeppelin: Favorite album art?
  • Muse: Craziest music video you've ever seen?
  • Mumford & Sons: Favorite cover version of a song you love?
  • The National: A song you sing in the shower?
  • Nathaniel Rateliff: A song that never fails to make you emotional?
  • One Direction: Backstreet Boys or NSYNC?
  • Pink Floyd: You can go back in time to see any band you want. Who would it be?
  • Queen: You can meet any band member, living or dead, and hang out with them for 24 hours. Who would it be?
  • Radiohead: Favorite concert you've ever been to (or a band you want to see live).
  • Rihanna: A musician you respect, even if you might not like their music?
  • Roo Panes: Favorite acoustic version of a song?
  • Simon & Garfunkel: Favorite album movie? (Ex. Yellow Submarine, The Wall, Help!, The Graduate)
  • Skrillex: What's the strangest song you have on your Ipod right now?
  • Tame Impala: A band none of your friends listen to?
  • Taylor Swift: Name that one artist that literally makes you so angry you're willing to throw the damn radio right out the window to make it stop.
  • U2: A song or album that somehow got onto your Ipod but you have no idea where it came from??? Weird.
  • The Vaccines: What are your favorite lyrics? Quote them for me. Do they mean something special to you?
  • Vampire Weekend: A band or artist you follow on Twitter?
  • Vance Joy: An artist where you can never tell what the hell they're singing?
  • Weezer: Favorite oldschool band?
  • The xx: A genre/band you've been getting into that you never thought you would enjoy?

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Your………… friends to lovers au………………… it gives me life. If you have the time (it's fine if you don't!), could you so one for svt's woozi? Even if you don't, I just want to say your writing is A+++++++ and you're the best, mom!

find friends-to-lovers! seungcheol (here) & joshua (here

  • you meet woozi when he first becomes a trainee at pledis and ,,, you’re one of the only people who when he explains that he wants to become an idol doesn’t just laugh it off or tell him to study on college entrance exams instead
  • nope, you genuinely tell him you’re going to cheer him on until he sees his dream through to the end
  • and that’s how woozi figures out that,,,,,you know what,,,,you’re someone he wants to have around
  • that and you guys bond over the fact that you’re polar opposites
  • like woozi can sometimes seclude himself and come off brash,,,but you’re always open and sweet
  • and woozi might not admit it aloud but your constant encouragement and telling him to look on the bright side of every bad situation he had to go through as a trainee,,,,like,,,
  • it helped him. it really helped him not lose his grip on debut
  • and when he finally debuted,,,,you were one of the first people he told
  • and you could remember for the first time hearing him choke up over the phone and you just !!!! told him that seriously - he was always going to make it, you always believed in him!!!
  • and woozi regards you as one of the friends that he can be 100% honest with
  • which is hard for him as a leader he takes on burdens for others and doesn’t let his feelings out
  • but you know,,,,,his hardships and you make him feel better about anything,,,,
  • which is why when he asks if you two can meet on his off day you’re really surprised because,,,,,as an idol,,,,,,the chances he gets to rest as scarce
  • but you happily agree to let him come over
  • and you’re like sitting beside him in your living room,,,,you guys are watching s movie and woozi isn’t making his usual sarcastic commentary and you can tell something is weird
  • so you turn off the tv and you’re like,,,,,woozi,,,,,,i know when you’re not yourself - is something wrong?
  • and woozi denies it at first,,,,because he’s headstrong - he’s always been like this
  • but you just shake your head and tell him that as his friend, he doesn’t have to lie to you
  • and you can see the hesitation in his face, his eyes darting toward the ground and then his shoulders relax and he’s like 
  • “there is a problem,,,,our next music video is going to have,,,,,,,,,a kiss in it,,,,”
  • and you tilt your head and you’re like ok????and???? and woozi makes a face and is like “i just,,, i just don’t know how to go about doing it - it’s been a long time since,,,,,,,,since ive done that!” and you’re like
  • trying not to giggle because,,,,,,,right woozi spent his teenage years training,,,,he didn’t date
  • but also,,,,,,he’s sitting there getting frustrated over a kiss for a music video,,,,,and you’re like wouldn’t your fans enjoy it if it seemed a bit fake??? you know if you made it awkward because oh no woozi you can’t kiss other people!!
  • and woozi gives you the -__- face and you’re like ok ok fine,,,but how can i help???
  • and woozi suddenly starts going red and he’s like i haD an idea,,,but,,,,,it’s dumb you know what nevermind
  • and you like lean closer and poke his side as he squirms away and you’re like teLL me,,,, and woozi crosses his arms and is like “no,,,,,,the more i think about it the more dumb it is”
  • and you’re like WOOZI as your friend ive heard and seen you do dumb stuff before - c’mon!!
  • and he’s like clicking his tongue with a sigh because f I ne,,,,,,,,,could you possibly let him practice a kiss on you,,,,jUST ONE ,,, he just wants to remember what to do
  • and you sit back in shock a little because even though you’re close your skinship is at a bare minimum with him,,,,but now,,,all of a sudden,,,,
  • and woozi takes your shocked silence as a no as he gets up and throws the pillow he was holding and he’s like sEE I saID IT WAS DUMb,,,anyway i have to go-
  • and you’re like “no, it’s ok! if it helps you lets do it!”
  • and somehow you and woozi end up sitting face to face,,, beads of sweat on both your forehead and it’s one fliMSY little kiss
  • but now that you’re facing each other,,,,you can clearly make out the handsome features of woozi’s familiar face,,, how you’ve always found him so,,,,,,,so cute even with his personality
  • and woozi keeps letting his inner thoughts ring in his brain about how he really really reA L L Y should ignore the pounding of his heart in his chest and how much ,,,,,,, he’s grown to find you,,,,his friEND,,,,,so attractive
  • and finally you can’t take it anymore the nudging closer but then pulling back,,,you and woozi debating quietly about how to do this
  • so you just put your hands on his shoulders and pull him toward you,,,,,
  • and it’s a kiss,,,, at first that’s ,,,,,,like a middle school kiss. just your lips touching, nothing else and you tense up because oh nO,,,,,you shouldn’t have done that
  • but suddenly woozi eases up and his hand falls onto the small of your back and he closes his eyes as he tilts his head
  • and oh god you’re kissing woozi???? whose grip tightens on you and who smells so good up close it kind of makes your head spin a bit
  • and how you think back over the time you watched him grow into this handsome, talented idol,,,,,,,,and how,,,,maybe kissing him,,,,has made you realize you’ve wanted this for a while
  • and by this you mean the feeling of being in woozi’s hands
  • and woozi is thinking the same thing about how he wants to hold you like this,,,,,,how he wants to be the only one who holds you like this
  • and the kiss turns into something that should have lasted a total of five seconds into something more
  • and when you pull away from each other woozi is the first to try to stammer out some excuse like,,, ooh,,,,im sorry i don’t know what came over me,,,
  • but you don’t want to listen to it you just lean in to kiss him again pulling him ontop of you as you fall backwards,,,
  • and when woozi finally has to leave he’s ,,,,, like,,,,,,,,about the music video,,,,, i don’t really want to do the kiss but the company-
  • and you’re like “it’s fine!!! did you think i’d be jealous?” and woozi jumps a bit because lmao it’s obvious that’s what he was getting to but he’s like huh what no im just saying,,,,,,,
  • and you grin and tell him to do his best during the filming and that you’ll cheer for him like you always do
  • but before woozi leaves, he tells you that this time cheer for him not just as a friend but as,,,,,,,,,something more
  • and he kisses your cheek so gently you can hardly feel it but the he turns around to go and you stand there with your hand over your cheek like,,,,,,,,,,,after all these years of knowing him,,,,,,,,,he really is cute,,,,,he really shouldn’t hide it,,,,
  • (but also he only shows it to you,,,,so you’re special hehe) 

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(Monii)JikookThrowback Ep.4 PT.2: JK grabbing JM and saying "Where do you think you're going". JM saying he dressed as a cabbage so JK could eat him. JK making that...face when JM was sitting on his lap (trust me that face is questionable). JK knowing that JM was walking (unknowingly) backwards into him & instead of side stepping, raises his chin so that JM's head doesn't bump into him (but the rest of him can). JK shouting out Jimin-ah on live national television right at the end of the segment

(Monii) JikookThrowback Ep.4 PT.3: JK putting a reindeer headband that says Kkook on JM’s head. JK following through with putting a headband on JM’s head even though it meant literaly getting on top of JM (heh that was…yh). JK using JM’s sock as a mic to sing with (Like how the hell did he get it off of JM’s foot in the first place o.O). JK rubbing & smacking the jibooty during BS&T rehearsal (poor JM now has to live with the thought of exposing his backside everytime they perform the song). 

#jikookthrowback ep4 (part1)

questionable things

by now jungkook manhandling jimin has become a regular thing, he has done it countless times and that time he did it when jimin was about to “escape” to go to the bathroom was one of them, but the thing about that particular moment was him saying :”where do you think you’re running off to?” in a very low voice for jimin, which means that it was intended for jimin only to hear,he said it so quietly so that no one other than jimin could hear it especially since they were using such a low quality phone cam ,so jungkook probably thought that no one could hear it except jimin which wasn’t the case . that btw says a lot about their relationship as whole, especialy the way jimin kept giggling afterwards (clearly enjoying the whole situation) , also jungkook’s choice of words was very interessting don’t you think? and saying it so dierectly like that ..well that shows how bold he can be with jimin.. also they were both so comfortable with the whole situation,it felt very normal (?) to them, which means that it has probably happened more than once already .

the time jungkook was using jimin’s sock as a mic that was really questionable i mean  like you said how did he even get jimin’s sock,plus that day jimin wasn’t wearing those socks(he was wearing white socks i believe) which makes it weirder (the fact that he had a hold jimin’s socks itself is suspicious) there’s a possibily that his and jimin’s videos weren’t filmed on the same  day so maybe that was the sock that jimin was wearing at the moment ,in that case he must have casually taken it off of jimin’s foot and used it as a mic (?) which is questionable by itself, i mean would you take your friend’s sock which btw they have been wearing all day and put it so close to your mouth/face i think no, unless you are genuinely attracted to that person and really like them idfk at this point ,jimin was really taken aback by all of this ,he immediately took the sock away from him and started blushing.. which makes it even more suspicious 

jungkook said that he doesn’t like using banmal/informal speech with his hyungs , but then again jimin is a special case not any hyung right? so there has been several occasions where he used banmal with him,and one of those times is the time he shouted “JIMIN-AH” live on national tv, it was right before jimin and taemin’s performance, he probably thought that jimin was nervous so he did it to cheer him up a little, and he knew for that jimin would be okay with him speaking informally to him.. 

it’s very well known by now that jungkook has a thing for jimin’s butt, but no one thought he’d be bold enough to “rub” and then “smack” it right before the start of the rehearsal when everyone was ready…and the song was about to start playing (they were all in their positions). and after he did it jimin turned around because the whole thing and especially jungkook’s boldness to do that in front of everyone really “ surprised “ impressed him …that of course led them to re-start  everything, they had to re-take their positions .. and even though jimin might seemed like he was taken aback a little by jungkook’s act ; it wasn’t in a bad way because after he turned back and took his position,he was smiling ;he clearly enjoyed it . what makes this thing suspicious tho is the members’ reactions, they were very comfortable with the situation and weren’t taken aback at all ;not one bit actually! they all started laughing as if it has already happened countless times before for them to be surprised by it anymore.

also can you believe that jimin actually literally said that he wanted to dress as cabbage so rabbit jungkook could eat him (x

“JK putting a reindeer headband that says Kkook on JM’s head. JK following through with putting a headband on JM’s head even though it meant literaly getting on top of JM (heh that was…yh). i have nothing to add  

whenever jimin is on his lap/near him jungkook does this weird(!) face   it’s like he’s saying he’s mine, it has to do with him being possessive over jimin , something like that i think.

[JK knowing that JM was walking (unknowingly) backwards into him & instead of side stepping, raises his chin so that JM’s head doesn’t bump into him (but the rest of him can) ] —> this has a lot to do with jungkook being hyper-aware of jimin’s presence and actions ,it happened on jimin’s bday bomb,( jimin looked away after “asking him for a kiss” , at that moment jimin started laughing and without having to look at him jungkook knew and started laughing / smiling himself ,this btw was pointed out by kookminworld on youtube) . [but the rest of him can] that actually reminds me of the time he was imitating jimin’s part of “butterfly” and after jimin moved back and was about to bump into him ,jungkook left up his chin so that is head doesn’t bump  into jimin (but the rest of him can)

Imagine Jamie staying by your side while you're in Hospital

(A/N: For Anon, I hope you and everyone else enjoys this! Sorry, if it’s bad. It’s almost midnight and I’m super tired!) 

Imagine Jamie staying by your side while you’re in Hospital

“Did you get it?” You asked as soon as you saw Jamie slip into the room, you propped yourself up waiting for an answer.

“I got it,” He confirmed with a grin, producing a brown bag from behind his back.

“Thank God,” You beamed in delight.

“Here catch…” He warned about to underarm the bad to you before stopping himself after remembering the state you were in, “Actually maybe not,”

“Good idea,” You chuckled, gently shaking your right arm which was confined in a cast and a subsequent sling.

He walked towards you and took a seat in the chair beside you. He pulled the table towards you and helped you sit up properly by moving your pillow and letting you use his arm as leverage.

“Thanks,” You said, breathing through the pain.

“Don’t mention it,” He reassured, grabbing hold of your good hand and kissing it.

“Alright,” You began, opening the bag that he placed on the table and pulling out a chocolate muffin, “ I thought I asked for a blueberry one?”

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Can I get a Gang!AU with Tom and Marco as leaders in opposite gangs with some brief rivalry and eventual fluff? Thanks! :D And so glad you're feeling better, hon!- Bunny Anon

OKay so I had another idea for this. I’m sorry it’s kind of different, but in this au Marco is Mewni. And there is a gang of demons that cause chaos around the area. And Marco had a group of soldiers set for fighting off and deporting the demons back to the underworld. So it’s only one bad gang, Marco’s “gang” is sort of employed by Moon.
Sorry it turned out different, but I hope you like it anyway!!!!

Marco and Star laughed together at the dining table. “Thank you so much for the meal, Moon.” Marco smiled at his employer. She grinned back.

“My pleasure, it’s the least I can do for you and your team.” She assured him. Marco smiled over at Janna, Jackie and Oskar. “You’ve been keeping those devils away from the castle gates for ages, I really thought their last little stunt would put the citizens in danger.” Moon stressed. Her face then melted into another smile. “But you came through, just as always.”

“Don’t worry Queen Moon!” Oskar leaned back in his chair. “We’re good!” He promised.

“Yeah! No way those demons are getting past the force field River put up!” Janna jumped up with her mouth full. “We fought them off! The kingdom is safe for another day!” She cheered, holding up her cup. All the kids cheered and continued to celebrate and Marco looked over at Moon.

“So why do the demons want to break into the castle so badly?” He asked. “Tom and his lackeys seem to always have something they want.” Marco rolled his eyes when he spoke of the gang leader.

“The Underworld is in shambles.” Moon responded. “No wonder they resorted to gangs. To steal pillage, anything really.” She responded. “Demons are ruthless, and if that clique of monsters got in here who knows what they could do. That’s why we need you soldiers to keep us safe, but as for tonight, we celebrate your victory!” She beamed.

“But as for tomorrow,” River interrupted “we think those monsters are heading up the mountain. It would be a good chance for an ambush.” He suggested. Marco nodded and looked out at his group.

“I’ll go alone. We don’t know what they’re up to, a solo spy mission to figure things out and then before I act I’ll get you guys.” Marco told the plan. His group nodded in agreement and they did their little salute.


Marco watched carefully from the rocks he was hiding on. He saw two of the demons in Tom’s group arguing over something. But it was hard to hear. Marco crept closer and gasped when he almost fell. A rock was loose right in front of him. Marco wiggled it a bit and looked out. He could push the bolder now and it would fall down on the two demons below. Taking out two important people in Tom’s chain of command.

“I wouldn’t do that.” Marco froze when he heard a voice behind him. He turned around and saw Tom standing there with a sword pointed out. Marco looked at him for a long time. “Take your hand away and I’ll put down my sword, we both know by the time you push that rock I’ll have your head in my hands, and by the time I get to you, Chet and Veronica will be dead.” Tom motioned to the demons below them.

Marco moved his hand slowly, and Tom lowered his sword. He placed the sword down on the ground and Marco stepped away from the bolder. “Here we are.” Tom looked at Marco like he was trying to read him. “What idiot confronts a group of savage demons alone?” Tom asked. Marco huffed and crossed his arms.

“I wasn’t trying to fight! Just spy… see what you’re up to. I didn’t think I needed back up.” Marco looked away and Toma scoffed.

“Moron.” He huffed. “I wish I could say it’s nice to see you again Marco, but usually these meetings of ours end with a brawl. So should we just skip to that?” Tom asked. Marco looked at him or a while and Tom smiled, showing off his sharp teeth. “What, Marco? Can’t take a joke?” Tom asked. Marco stepped forward.

“Tom, how many times have we been in a situation like this? Me and you? Right before a fight?” He asked. Tom smiled and leaned on the rock wall.

“Too many times.” He laughed. Tom’s eyes then popped open and he looked suspicious. “Why?” He asked. Marco stepped closer.

“I have questions I want you to answer.” Marco told him. “I… I knew I would run into you today… and that’s why I told my group not to come along.” He added.

“You a traitor?” Tom asked.

“No!” Marco hissed. “I have questions!” He repeated. “What happened to the Underworld’s social system? You just fell apart and your people turned on each other and flocked to gangs. Why did this start so fast?” Marco asked. “And why do you target Mewni for all your jobs?” He continued on.

“Because it’s Mewni’s fault we’re all in poverty!” Tom seethed. “The royal family fell! All we are is anarchists!” Tom yelled at the Mewman. “And it’s the Butterfly’s fault! And YOU serve and help them!” He grabbed the human by the shoulder, he seethed and then threw Marco away.

“How is it Mewni’s fault?” Marco asked, scrambling to his feet. Tom took a step back.

“I’m done with formalities. I have nothing else to say to you! Leave or I’ll call for the others, and you won’t get out of that.” Tom threatened, smiling sickly.

“Just stop!” Marco yelled at him. “Have you ever thought for just a moment that I might want to help you!?” Marco asked. Tom looked a little surprised. “ What did Mewni do!? How can we fix it!? This war needs to end!” He went on and on.

“You wanna know what your king and queen did?” Tom asked, stepping forward. “We were on thin ice for a while… but then one of their own-” Tom cut himself off by biting his fist, like he was keeping himself from screaming out. “It. Was. That. Wand.” He muttered.

“What happened?” Marco seemed more demanding.

“Moon Butterfly KILLED our leader with THAT WAND!” Tom screamed. Marco fell back, shaking his head.

“No… your leader must have attacked first!” Marco accused. “Moon Butterfly would never kill just because of some bad blood! There must be more to the story!” He cried. Tom shook his head and pushed Marco away.

“There’s NOTHING more!” Tom snapped. He stared daggers at Marco. “Our people are dying because of her! And nothing will ever fix that! I’ll fight this war till the day I die, Marco.” Tom pledged. He backed away and vanished in a burst of flames. Marco stayed there all alone for a long while, thinking about what the demon had said.

Tom was a liar and a thief and a criminal. He could have been lying to earn Marco’s compassion… that was probably true. And it was working. Marco felt himself believe the demon and he looked down at the ground. He’d been fighting then as an enemy for too long, and now he needed to start helping them as a friend.

The Avengers Preference: How they cheer you up when you're sad

Bruce: He notices the changes in your behavior immediately, but before he’d talk about it, he would make you coffee/tea/your favourite drink and bring it to you in bed. Then he’d get in with you, ask about it all and if there’s anything he can do, and you’d end up cuddling your sadness away while discussing about deep, philosophical things and making bad science jokes.

Bucky: He notices easily when you’re upset, but he also knows you well enough to realize that pressuring you to talk would only make it worse. Instead, he would just subtly hint that you can tell him everything and anything that’s bothering you, and he’d do all kinds of small things to make your day better: he’d hold your hand whenever he could, and he would listen to your every word with great care. He’d hug you a little tighter than usual, kiss you a little deeper, sit closer to you and whisper sweet nothings and cheesy jokes to your ear to bring the smile back to your face.

Clint: When he sees you’re feeling down, he would either ask directly what’s wrong, or he’d try to distract you from your gloomy thoughts, depending on how you’re acting. If it’s the former, he’d sit close to you, his arm wrapped around your shoulders, listening attentively as you vent to him about what ruined your mood, and then he’d suggest different things to help solving your problem and to cheer you up. If it’s the latter, he’d ask what you’d like to do, and then he’d do that with you. Alternatively, he might also take you ice-skating because seeing him stumble around with the skates never fails to make you laugh.

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Natasha: Being no stranger to sadness and darker thoughts herself, and having known you for so long, she’d know exactly what to do: nothing. She knows the best way to cheer you up isn’t to do something specific, but to simply sit or lay down in bed together, fingers intertwined and just listening to the other’s breathing and the world around you, possibly quietly chatting about random things. She’d hold you tightly and she’d listen to you without interrupting, in case you’d feel like sharing what upset you, and she wouldn’t let go until you’d feel better.

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Pietro: He would be like an exaggerated version of himself: he’d act funny, tell stupid jokes and do silly things to make you smile again. He’d tell a bad pun after another, challenge you in tickle fights, play video games, have movie/tv-show marathons; he’d do anything to make your sadness go away, and sometimes that includes asking Wanda for advice. If it was another person who ruined your day, he would go to have a word with them, but cheering you up and making sure you’re happy are always his primary goals.

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Sam: He sees through you and reads you like an open book, so he has no difficulty spotting when you’re sad, even if you try fooling with him fake smiles. He’d find out why you’re feeling down and he’d act accordingly: heartfelt talks, long hugs, movie nights, peaceful walks outside, candlelit dinners, small surprises hidden in your stuff, extra bad jokes to make you laugh. Whatever it is you need, he’s ready for that, and he always knows the best way to make you feel better.

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Steve: He gets overly worried whenever you feel even a tiny bit blue, and when something really gets to you and upsets you, he’d do everything in his power it make it right again. He loves it when you smile, and seeing you cry breaks his heart - you can be sure he’ll be there for you whenever you need him. He’d bring you the things you need and what you ask for, and even what you don’t, he’d do everything for you, he’d make sure you’re as cozy as possible and he wouldn’t go far away, in case you’d need him. He’d most likely be within touching distance whenever he isn’t holding your hand or hugging you.

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Thor: Feelings, identifying them and talking about them aren’t exactly his forte, and he might be confused as to why you’re feeling sad. He doesn’t like seeing you that way, however, so he’d try to cheer you up although he’s unsure of what he should do and it’d be quite clumsy. He’d do what he can to make you feel better, and in the end he always succeeds.

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Tony: Even with you, he’s not comfortable discussing feelings, so he wouldn’t just ask what’s wrong, and would go on about his day normally. He’d do all kinds of little things, however, to cheer you up, thinking you won’t notice: he’d spend even more time with you than usual, order your favourite takeaway so no one has to cook, he’d take you out to see that new film you’ve talked about for weeks. He might show you the new gadgets he’s working on and even let you test them.

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Wanda: Even without her mind-reading powers she’d know something’s bugging you since she knows you in and out. She is always going to be there when you need her and if you want to talk, but if you need space instead, that’s what she’ll give you. When you feel like talking, she’ll listen and offer advice and comfort, hug you and shower you with tiny kisses to your cheeks, doing her best to make you feel better again.

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+ Bonus!

Loki: Although he isn’t the kind of person to show his feelings easily, Loki hates to see you feeling down and he would go out of his way to improve your mood. He’ll patiently listen to you rant about what upset you, and he’ll take mental notes about everything you say so he can take care of whoever or whatever caused your sadness. He’d take you out to the most beautiful places on Asgard/earth, and make sure he’ll stay with you until you feel better, and even after that. He won’t let you go to bed feeling sad.

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How They Would Handle Being Married
  • Italy: Marriage would be really exciting for him. The thought of finally being able to wed the person he loves most will get him fired up, so during the ceremony he'll be all laughs and smiles. He'll be sure to talk to all of his friends and family, have a few drinks here and there, and will smother you in kisses all night. He'd be jovial as your husband and would tend to your every need.
  • Germany: Germany would want everything to be perfect and follow according to plan, so he would stress about it a lot and would definitely need comforting from his lover. He would be very nervous yet excited on the inside during the actual wedding day, but on the outside he would be composed and collected. Once the marriage is sealed with a kiss, he'll feel relieved that the hard part is done and over with and will be glad to have that off of his chest. He'd be very hardworking as your husband and will beat himself up if he feels he has done something wrong.
  • Japan: Japan would suppress his true ecstasy, but there would be a soft, assuring smile on his face when he spots his lover walking down the isle. He'd want to take a lot of pictures of the two of you together so he could cherish the moments easier, so put on your best smile and prepare for a camera flash. Actions speak louder than words in Japan's case, so expect him to get a bit touchy with you, like cuddling on the couch or kissing you goodnight.
  • America: America wouldn't be able to accept the fact that he's actually getting married- it would be one of the best things that has ever happened to him. He would be really serious about it and wouldn't goof off, as he views marriage to be a really important event in life and something you can't be immature about. He would hire a great band with good music, fine food, and would be out on the dance floor to dance the night away with you. Alfred would be a riot as a husband, always trying to please you and make you happy.
  • England: England would just want a traditional and simple wedding, nothing too big or fancy. A blush would dust his cheeks just thinking about it, and when it becomes a reality, his face would be a deep red all the way through the entire event. Being a husband will give him all sorts of new responsibilities, but he'll be prepared for it. He'll do little things for you as your husband and will try to cook for you, but you would stop him before he sets the kitchen ablaze.
  • France: Love is a beautiful thing, isn't it? France would love the idea of marriage and he'd be really passionate about it- especially the kiss. He would put all of his affection and true emotion into it. Marriage would mean he would be all tied down, but he wouldn't mind it at all. If he's so ardent about marriage, just wait until you two go on a honeymoon. He will be a hopelessly romantic husband, so expect a lot of sweet surprises from him.
  • Russia: Russia would be very lighthearted about marriage, knowing that it's a turning point in his life and would treat it as such. He would be immensely grateful that someone is now 'Becoming One' with him (who isn't his sister) and would feel a new kind of protectiveness over you as your husband. You two would move somewhere warm, and he couldn't be happier. He would shower you in presents, like bouquets of pretty flowers and chocolates.
  • China: China would be calm about marriage, after all, it's simply a time where two souls will join together as 'one'. But once you two are officially deemed as newlywed, expect him to bounce off the walls shortly after he realizes what a big deal this is and why he hadn't done all of this sooner. He'll undoubtedly be a bit eccentric and superstitious as a husband, maybe even manipulative, but he would make sure that you know he loves you with unexpected kisses and hugs.
  • Canada: Canada wouldn't mind marriage, because he'd be marrying someone who understands him, notices him and is willing to listen to what he has to say. He would go through a series of different emotions, though in the end he'd be content with it. He'll be very gentle with you, as if you were a fragile flower that needs delicate care. This Canadian will give you all of his attention as your husband, as if he sees nobody else in the world but you.
  • Prussia: Marriage would be a big thing for Prussia. He had never imagined that he would actually get married someday, but you need to expect the unexpected sometimes. He wouldn't really know how to handle it exactly, so he'd need some guidance on it. Once he gets the gist of it, he'd think it's totally awesome and he wouldn't feel as lonely as he did before. He'd brag about how lucky he is to have you as a lover and would show you off a bit to his friends.
  • Romano: Romano would be flustered when it comes to marriage and maybe even a bit awkward about it, but there is no doubt when it comes to his real emotions. The Italian would be extremely exuberant about getting married, but this time, it'll show on his face. As your husband, Romano would be the type who can grow jealous and has a hair-trigger temper, but you know that he loves you all the same.
  • Spain: This cheerful Spaniard would handle marriage quite well. He thinks it's a beautiful event in life and he would be lucky if it ever happens to him, so he'd be quick to agree to it. He'd be very optimistic and would try to avoid the dark points in marriage, and would help you see the light at the end of the tunnel when life isn't looking too good. He'd be a go-with-the-flow kind of husband, spontaneous and the kind to slow down and smell the roses.
  • Austria: Austria has gone through marriage before; he knows what it's like and would be determined not to let anything bad happen that would spoil this new marriage. He would look back at his past self and try to figure out what went wrong that led to the divorce, and would try his very best to prevent it from happening again. He wouldn't let it get to him when the day arrives, however, and he would just live in the moment and feel the happiness surge through his veins all day long. He would be thoughtful and would write songs for you as your husband and will think about you often.
  • Hungary: Like Austria, she knows what happens during marriage. Unlike him, Hungary would be quite laid back about it and wouldn't fret about it all too much, but she would enjoy being able to experience it once again. There are two sides to this girl- the headstrong and defensive side, or the calmer and affectionate side. She would fluctuate between these two sides depending on her mood and what's going on around her.
  • Switzerland: Switzerland would try not to worry about how much the wedding would cost- after all, no amount of cash could replace love. The relationship between his lover and himself are closer than ever before, and plus, you get free and helpful gifts from friends and family, so why not get married? He would have you move in with him and would be a pretty territorial husband, but yet loving at the same time.
  • Liechtenstein: Liechtenstein finds marriage as cute and joyful, so of course she would be delighted to get married to her lover. It would certainly be a big step for her, but as long as you're there to hold her hand all the way through it, then she's 100% game. Liechtenstein will need protection and someone she can rely on, but otherwise she is willing to go great lengths to see you happy.
  • Ukraine: She would be so happy to the point where she may cry tears of happiness, but will attempt to keep them from spilling. Ukraine would be an extremely devoted and helpful wife, while all she asks for is love and the same loyalty in return. Ukraine would cook, clean, cuddle- you name it and she'll do it for you to the best of her ability, as long as it's nothing to drastic. She would grow emotional whenever she feels as if you don't love her anymore or loosing interest in her, so she would need reassurance.
  • Belarus: Marriage is something Belarus has always wanted, so she would have no problem with it. But once you two agree to get married, there is no backing out of it. She would be exceedingly loyal as a wife and perhaps a bit clingy, but she will know when she is pushing her limits and will back off. She might jump to conclusions when she thinks something is up, but she'll quickly learn to trust you fully.

Title: Metallic pt. 5

Genre: Angst

Pairing: Jumin Han x MC/Reader/You

have fun reading, everyone!! this is the part 5 of Metallic!
Part 4.

this prompt is based on days 7 - 9 of Jumin’s route but i took it from there. fic contains a possible theme that might disturb some people. i used some characters on his route but the story line is entirely different as well as their relationships and some facts that i’ve changed to fit the story. you’ve been warned!

- light spoilers on his route -

❝ You are to me
A part of me just like anatomy
You're pulling me
You're pulling me in like you're gravity

I'm notorious for thinking you're full of beautiful
Instead of hollow
Sugar on your lips, it's hard to kill
Jagged like a pill, so hard to swallow.

Day of the Party
12:00 NOON; approximately 3 days passed since the last voicemail.

He never contacted you again.
Perhaps he might have got the gist that you didn’t want to talk – or to at least see, feel or hear his presence?

It was sad, actually. To actually come to realize that what stung the most was not his continuous pursuit for you after the deed but his absence after only 3 days.
You sighed against your nose.
He gave up?

You were jerked away from your thoughts when you felt a hand gently tap you on your shoulders, as if to make you realize that you need to get back on to the reality.
Today is the party.

You’re going to see the rest of the RFA.
But why aren’t you excited?

You were able to come home 2 days ago when Seven told everyone that the danger is solved. Though he was not his usual self but more of a broken man than before. Was he like that? You can remember him being jolly and cheerful but after the incident regarding the hacker, he drastically changed.
Was there a catalyst for it?

“You can look a bit more excited.” You heard Jaehee’s amused voice as she lifted an eyebrow to look at you, seeming to appreciate the dress you were wearing. It was honestly an old dress – your first prom dress to be precise. It’s a good thing you did not grow on it, the size remained the same. Or was it a bad thing? It’s a dark blue, silk clothed bubble-type, off-shoulder dress. You paired it with a gold-colored stiletto you bought at an auction at the mall yesterday. A small handbag and then you’re ready.

“I try.” You shrugged and smiled sheepishly as you fixed your already straight hair with the palm of your hands, trying to tame it. You sighed as you felt frustrated – has your hair been this stubborn?

“Let me.” You heard her say as she gently laid her memo pad and pen to the counter of the ladies’ bathroom as she touched your hair from behind. “You’re very beautiful, MC. So you should smile more.”

You felt your cheeks heat up at this – Jaehee rarely compliments and when she does, it’s kinda heartwarming? It’s like getting an approval of hers. She told you at first she doesn’t fully trust you yet – and here you two, bonding as she fixed your hair. Pretty unexpected.

You saw how she carefully braided the sides of your hair and tied both ends on the back of your head, making it look like you’re wearing a flower crown. You smiled a bit but it didn’t reach your eyes. Why does it have to be like this? Isn’t it just right for you to have your space after what happened but why do you seem so guilty about it?

Jaehee seems to know the cause of your severely dropping mood as she looked at you knowingly – wait, why was she looking at you that way? Does she know something? Or was it that obvious?

“You can try and forget him, yes?” She asked, adjusting the rim of her glasses. “Enjoy the day, MC. You deserved it – you worked hard for it.” A small encouragement and you felt yourself smile a little. Lately, you couldn’t fully smile to yourself.

“Thank you, Jaehee.” You murmured as she laughed at your shyness. “…really. For everything – for having my back too.”

“It’s no problem.” She smiled warmly as she urged you to finally go inside the party halls to greet some guests. “For starters, I might work for him but it doesn’t mean I have to agree to his ways.”

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Make Happy Starter Pack
  • Mix of comedy, deep stuff, out of context stuff, and potentially NSFW-ish sentences.
  • "Ladies if you feel me, say hell yeah!"
  • "Fellas if you feel me, say hell yeah!"
  • "Virgins, if you haven't felt a person, say hell yeah!"
  • "If you like drinking booze, let me hear you say hell yeah!"
  • "If you like smoking weed, let me hear you say hell yeah!"
  • "I can't wrap my mind around exactly why I'm here."
  • "I know you paid money."
  • "I should be funny."
  • "Look at the world. I don't know why I'm here."
  • "I would love to tell you that everything is fine."
  • "You wanna be happy... Well, get in line!"
  • "It gets old after a few minutes."
  • "Let's get this show started."
  • "I already fucked it up."
  • "Haters gonna hate. Lovers gonna love."
  • "You have to reject both sides of the spectrum to leave a healthy middle."
  • "Stop participating."
  • "Not a participatory thing going on up here."
  • "Did you not think I was gonna use this, idiot(s)?"
  • "It's not a prop."
  • "I've got a lot of problems in my life."
  • "I got no one to talk to."
  • "There's everyone and then there is just me."
  • "If I could change, don't you think that I'd do it?"
  • "God only knows, why he cursed me to be ________/(a straight white man)"
  • "I state my problems, other people roll their eyes."
  • "Three trips to the mall, zero _______ in my size."
  • "I've never been the victim of a random search for drugs."
  • "You can't say my life is easy."
  • "I know the road looks though ahead."
  • "Can't you just leave us alone?"
  • "Also, 'no' to the things you asked for."
  • "They are being greedy and they know it."
  • "Everyone thinks that I got it easy."
  • "Just because it's true, doesn't mean that it's right."
  • "So pull up a chair and put down your pitchforks."
  • "We still do, but it's not as fun now."
  • "If you were offended by that, it was ironic."
  • "Isn't that fun?"
  • "I meant the whole opposite of it."
  • "White guys... it's easy to be a white guy."
  • "We deserve a cheer once in a while."
  • "We invented a lot of stuff."
  • "Everything but peanut butter."
  • "Your grandkids are going to see this."
  • "Put the lights down."
  • "Their faces creep me out."
  • "I'm not perfect, ok?"
  • "Twice in a week? What is this?"
  • "Do you want to sing a song with me?"
  • "Hey, _____, guess what?"
  • "You're a (insert insult here)."
  • "So I was interrupted the other day-"
  • "Can you turn the lights off at least?"
  • "Why was it on a record player?"
  • "It's gonna outlive me."
  • "Do not give those dumb fucks any credit."
  • "It's all me baby, all me."
  • "How dare you make that joke so late!"
  • "I like poetry."
  • "Do not veer credit to people outside this building!"
  • "Two examples is enough."
  • "I'm right in the sweet spot."
  • "I could give that money to a homless person. But I don't do that very often."
  • "Tomorrow is a relative term. We're not getting there."
  • "You don't know where I'm going, so don't act like it."
  • "You're not ahead of me."
  • "I will retain the element of surprise."
  • "I'm trying to break out of that."
  • "This might not work."
  • "________, I heard you had sex with an older woman last night?"
  • "How does he do it?"
  • "I'm not honest for a second up here."
  • "I think country music gets a bad rep."
  • "A dirt road, a cold beer, blue jeans, a red pick-up."
  • "No shoes, no shirt."
  • "Sort of a mental typo."
  • "I could sing in mandarin."
  • "I own a private ranch that I rarely use. I don't like dirt."
  • "Now it's time to talk to the ladies."
  • "Good girl in a straw head."
  • "Thought it was a human woman."
  • "That is a scarecrow."
  • "I'm wanting you. I hope you're feeling me."
  • "You don't know what land you're in...?"
  • "They are lying to you, that's all."
  • "You deserve better."
  • "I'm not saying I'm it, but I'm the person that says you deserve better."
  • "It's the end of culture."
  • "We lost."
  • "How is this entertainment?"
  • "I saw a gorgeous dick. I was in a public restroom."
  • "You're not picturing this."
  • "I need to earn it."
  • "You need to earn it."
  • "There's more where that came from."
  • "Ladies, I know where that came from."
  • "You want a guy that's sweet."
  • "This ugy only exists in your mind."
  • "Guess what? You're right."
  • "If you want love, lower your expectations a few."
  • "Prince Charming would never settle for you."
  • "Just pick a guy and love him."
  • "Just pick a girl and love him."
  • "You wan't a girl that is noce, a girl that is not."
  • "A real girl, a hot girl, a really hot girl!"
  • "She's real, but last week she died."
  • "You might think you dick is a gift, I promise it's not."
  • "I won't settle for less than perfect."
  • "Deep down we know we don't deserve it."
  • "We all deserve love."
  • "We all suck, but love can make us suck less."
  • "It's the very best part of being alive."
  • "Original does not mean good."
  • "Anyone can do anything."
  • "What is it good for?"
  • "I don't want to get political..."
  • "They just liked the lights, I didn't even need to do jokes."
  • "Yeah, you like that?"
  • "Honey are you ok?"
  • "Are you drunk?"
  • "What's behind your back?"
  • "It's a jar of peanut butter. Alright? Sue me."
  • "Why are you holding a jar of mayonnaise."
  • "I'll clean it up."
  • "You'll make it worse if you try it."
  • "Who are you talking to?"
  • "You just gestured to the sink."
  • "I bought something."
  • "Sit in silence."
  • "Nothing tastes better than not getting sued."
  • "You don't want that desperate sort of cloying thing."
  • "I'm just overpaid, ok?"
  • "I sound mean and rude."
  • "Let a professional hear it."
  • "Stick your tongue in a plug."
  • "Hold your breath until it's gone."
  • "Take your pants off!"
  • "You think it's ok because I'm a dude?"
  • "You think it's ok because he is a dude?"
  • "It's over."
  • "We shouldn't fight to stay together just to fight again."
  • "We need to take a break from us to make it right again."
  • "Honestly are you fucking five?"
  • "I've got my father's temper. I'm emotionally inarticulate."
  • "I'm hurting inside, I'm trying to hide it."
  • "I thought you were lashing out in anger."
  • "I deserve better than you."
  • "Sorry, you're not what I need."
  • "What am I talking about, you know?"
  • "It's about... but for real, what is it about?"
  • "No one gives a shit about what we think!"
  • "The arrogant is taught."
  • "It's prison. It's horrific"
  • "I know very little about anything."
  • "He talked about his problems."
  • "I thought... maybe I could do this."
  • "Can I say my shit, _______?"
  • "I got lots of shit to say."
  • "I can't fit my hand insdie a pringle can."
  • "It's way too small."
  • "You think you can. I know you can't"
  • "Just... make them wider?"
  • "I wanna have a daughter."
  • "But that is priority numero uno."
  • "I don't go to the gym 'cause I'm self concious about my body."
  • "I'm self concious about my body because I don't go to the gym."
  • "Irony can be so painful."
  • "Dude, you should have warned me."
  • "No one wants to have a messx burrito."
  • "I wouldn't have gotten the _______ if I knew it wouldn't fit."
  • "I wouldn't have got half of it."
  • "I'm ok with small mistakes."
  • "I don't think that I can handle this right now."
  • "I can sit here an pretend that my biggest problems are pringle cans and burritos."
  • "The truth is my biggest problem is you."
  • "I want to please you but stay true to myself."
  • "Part of me loves you, part of me hates you, part of you needs you, part of me fears you."
  • "I should probably just shut up."
  • "You can tell them anything."
  • ""I hope you're happy."
  • "Oh, good, it's just us."
  • "If you hated it, it's fair."
  • "On a scale of one to zero, ________?"
  • "Are you happy?"
  • "But what the fuck kind of question is 'are you happy'?"
  • "Oh god, my dad was right."
  • "You're everything you hated. Are you happy?"
  • "Hey, look, Mom, I made it! Are you happy?"

anonymous asked:

Harry cheering you up when you're feeling low, pleeeaassssese

You try really hard to keep your bad day vibes away from Harry, you really do. It’s Harry, and you love him. He’s so naturally sunny and sweet, and he’s already got the world pressing down on his broad shoulders every day, the last thing he needs is your whiny crap on top of it.

So when you come home from what feels like the longest, most annoying day of your life, instead of crying you smile, and instead of complaining you walk right up where he’s perched on the couch with his laptop and phone and his Lego slippers, and you kiss his cheek and ask him how his day was. He might notice how your face is a little tight, or how you don’t look right at his face when you talk to him, but he doesn’t jump all over you for it and for that you’re grateful.

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silent night

Written for the @tmntflashfic December prompt ‘festive.’ Uhh… it takes place during the holiday season? So it counts?? 

Part of the Give Up the Ghost AU.

Mikey wakes up slowly, to a string of colorful Christmas lights and his brother’s scared brown eyes.

“Donnie?” He tries to sit up, but his body doesn’t seem to agree with the idea. There’s a dull, throbbing ache all down his left side, sharp spikes of pain lacing through him as he starts to move, and he winces. “Donnie, what – ”

The room is fuzzy and dim – it must be nighttime – and there’s faint music playing from somewhere else. Mikey’s head tips to one side, and he gets an eyeful of sterile white walls and tile floors and a heavy blue separation curtain.

“The hospital?” he mumbles, trying to put it together. “But why’m I – Donnie?”

It takes more effort than he’s willing to admit, to roll his head back to the other side. Donnie is perched in the armchair next to the bed, pale and wide-eyed, and his hand on Mikey’s arm is so light Mikey can’t even feel it.

“Did I miss Christmas?” he asks, and falls asleep again before he gets an answer.

The next time he wakes up, daylight is streaming through the blinds at the window next to his bed, and Raph is sitting in Donnie’s chair. His elbows are on his knees, face buried in his hands, and Mikey croaks, “Raphie?”

The effect is instantaneous. Raph’s head snaps up like someone shot him, and he looks like he hasn’t slept in weeks.

“Oh my god,” he says eloquently, lurching out of the chair and grabbing Mikey’s arm in hands that hurt. If it were anyone else, that wet sheen in his eyes would have looked like tears, but Mikey knows better. It’s Raph. “Mikey? Can you hear me?”

“Uh-huh,” Mikey says, squinting at him. “You look tired.”

Raph makes a painful-sounding noise, one that sounds like it was torn out of his throat, and in the space of a blink Mikey finds himself hauled carefully upright and cradled against Raph’s solid chest. Raph isn’t generally big on hugs, and Mikey knows better than to miss the opportunity. His arms around Raph’s waist seem to take whole pounds of tension off the older man’s shoulders, and Mikey blinks a few times against his worn-soft cotton sweater.

“S'goin’ on, Raph? Where’s Donnie?”

A dark shadow crosses his friend’s face, and Mikey startles a little. He’s seen shadows like that before, and they have no place in Raph’s bright eyes. Unease coils sickly in the pit of his stomach, and he leans away.


“Let me get the nurse,” Raph says, reaching for the call button. He’s not making eye contact anymore, his mouth pressed into a thin line. “You’ve been out for three days, kid. Scared the hell out of us.”

Mikey looks past Raph to scan the rest of the room, trying to locate where his big brother is lurking. His body hurts with gusto, and the haze in his head is clearing—everything is gaining in quality, like he’s driving toward a radio signal instead of farther away—and the heart rate monitor next to his bed starts to beep faster, giving his frazzled nerves away.

“Where’s Donnie?” he asks again, more firmly this time.

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Harry Potter - Marauders Imagine - You're Worth More pt. 2

Could you do a second part to ‘worth more’ please!

Hey, would you consider a you’re worth more part two? Thanks if you do. 

Please do a carry on to you’re worth more, I loved the first part!!!! 

For: anons

AN: so this was requested several times so I thought why not! Who knows, if this goes down well there may even be more parts, let me know what you think. Hope you guys like it. Thanks for requesting lovelies!! 

Warning: swearing

Part one here!!


1 week after catching your boyfriend cheating on you… 

You sat on your bed still feeling slightly miserable about last week. Sirius and James had gone to 'have a word’ with your now ex boyfriend after comforting you and you saw him the next day with a black eye. Feeling slightly bad that they’d evidently not just 'had a word’ with him, you told him immediately you were breaking up with him and wanted nothing else to do with him. He respected this and left you alone but you also had a slight suspicion it was because he didn’t want another run in with the others. 

It had been hard to get over. 6 months was a long time to spend with someone and you couldn’t simply forget it and cast it aside in a week. But, slowly and with the help of the boys, you were getting over him. He didn’t deserve you anyway. 

“Y/n?” You heard a soft knock on the door and a male voice outside. 

“Hello?” You said jumping off the bed and making your way to the door. You opened the door to see Remus stood there looking sheepish as always. Since James and Sirius had told you about his crush on you, you’d noticed more and more often how nervous and quiet he was around you, but you found in sweet. 

“Oh hi Remus.” You smiled. 

“Hi y/n? How are you?" 

"Good, just catching up on homework and stuff." 

"You know that’s not what I meant.” He sighed. You beckoned him into the room and closed the door behind you. You knew you could trust Remus, the two of you were good friends and often revised together or did homework in the library because you both knew the other two wouldn’t go with either of you. The two of you sat down on the bed and he looked up at you. 

“So how are you?” He asked again.

“I don’t know.” You said quietly looking at your feet. “I don’t know…" 

"Do you wanna talk?” He asked placing a reassuring hand on your shoulder. You nodded and just said everything on your mind. 

“I miss him, but I don’t. I hate him, but I don’t. I want him back… but I don’t.” You said certain you must sound mad.

“I get it.” He said simply. “You were together for a long time and you can’t pretend the last six months didn’t happen. But he betrayed you and broke your heart and now you don’t know how to feel…”

“Exactly.” You said leaning your head on his shoulder sighing. He knew exactly how you felt. Somehow he just managed to get it into words. But he was usually good with words so you weren’t all that surprised. 

“I’m getting over him though.” You added. “There’s no way he’s coming back into my life. Even if I did let him, you guys sure as heck wouldn’t.” You chuckled slightly. 

“You know it.” He grinned. The two of you sat there in silence for a while just contemplating life.

“Y/n?” He asked breaking the silence. 

“Mm?” You murmured. He sat up slightly and you took your head off his shoulder allowing yourself to turn and face him. 

“Listen, there’s been something I’ve been wanting to tell you for a while. And I know it might change things between us but I can’t keep it from you much longer.” You knew what was coming and wanted to save him the awkwardness of trying to find the right words to tell you.

“Listen Remus. I think I know what you’re trying to say. Sirius and James told me last week that you like me and have for a while…” You watched as red creeped up his neck and face.

“Umm y-yeah. I-I’ve liked you for s-some time n-now actually.” You decided to save him the embarrassment of knowing it had been since first year. 

“Oh really.” You blushed. 

“Yeah…and I was actually wondering if maybe, when you’re ready, you’d want to go on a date with me?” You sat there shocked for a couple of seconds not knowing how to react. You liked Remus and liked the idea of going on a date with him but evidently this didn’t come across in your facial expressions. 

“I get it if you don’t want to of course. I’m not forcing you to at all, I mean you might not even like me. You might hate me in fact-” he rambled on evidently nervous. 

“Remus shush, of course I’ll go on a date with you. Maybe in a week or two when I’m fully over my last relationship.” You saw him breathe a sigh of relief at hearing your response. 

“Okay yeah sure. Whenever you want to we’ll just take it slow.” He smiled. The two of you sat there smiling for a couple of seconds before hearing a cheer from outside the door. 

“Shit Padfoot, you’ll give us away. For gods sake be quiet.” You heard James hiss. Remus stood up and walked over to the door opening it to reveal the two boys crouched there outside the door. They both stumbled over at the sight of Remus at the door. 

“Shit, we best be off now.” Sirius said standing up. “Nice one though Remus!” He called as the two ran off.

“Those two…” He rolled his eyes at you smiling. 

“Tell me about it.” You giggled. 

“So Hogsmeade next week?” He asked.

“Sounds great.”

You're Poison (Bad Boy Luke)

Info: You are the pristine daughter of the Headmaster at your school. You’re smart, popular, talented in almost everything, and everyone likes you. Luke Hemmings, one of the school’s many bad boys, has come to like you as well. You know not to step within those boundaries, your father would kill you if you did. Besides all his teasing gets on your nerves and you know he would simply be using you. You couldn’t possibly fall for him…could you? The good girls music video coming out just inspired me to write

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Word Count: 1,717

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Uhm... How about the perfect partner (you know, something that would make a perfect match if I'm making sense...?) and relationship headcanons for the quinx? Thank you, you're awesome!

Urie would need someone patient– someone who can keep him grounded. It’s obvious that he finds importance in getting to the higher ranks; there’s no doubt that he makes bad decisions because of this. They’ll need to be strict on him about taking such risks. They’d be much more lighthearted than he is; his s/o would be silly in their own strange way, but they’d laugh off the strange looks he would give them.

  • He’s not very affectionate, nor does he express himself well. It’s the little gestures that matter– the small kisses or the graze of his hand against his s/o’s.
  • He rarely tells them he loves them; it’s very difficult for him to say such a thing.
  • He and his s/o clash sometimes; he’ll do dangerous things, despite their warnings. They don’t ever yell, but the fighting does get heated.
  • Urie doesn’t show his art to anyone, but deep into the relationship, he’ll slowly begin to show them his works. They’re fascinated with it– he won’t admit it, but he’s secretly proud.

Mitsuki’s s/o would probably be someone who is more outgoing than him. They’d be incredibly mindful– they know what makes him nervous and they never push him out of his comfort zone. He’s not as confident as others, but they know the right things to say to make him feel better. They have total faith in him, constantly cheering him full on. They’re also the one to initiate any type of affection.

  • They like to leave little notes for him– just simple encouraging things. They don’t know, but he has a little box solely dedicated to their messages.
  • In the beginning of their relationship, Mutsuki was always jumpy around them– he usually lost his train of thought and was easily embarrassed. Now, he feels completely at ease in their presence.
  • They enjoy walking in the park together– they know he gets tense from work, so it’s a good way to let out some steam. Even if he doesn’t talk about any problems, just talking to each other is enough for him.
  • He wakes up earlier than they do. When he gets out of bed, it takes a long time. His s/o wouldn’t mind being woken up, but he’s too considerate and moves at the slowest speed possible so he won’t disturb their rest.

Shirazu is likely to be with someone who is a bit calmer than he is. They’re not as confrontational as he can be. As squad leader, he can get overwhelmed and stressed out by his allies. They’re always willing to listen and give advice if he ever asks for it. He can be a bit clueless sometimes, so he relies on them for help.

  • Shirazu isn’t exactly romantic– the couple isn’t one for those lovey dovey things.
  • He talks to them about the Quinx a lot. His s/o holds some dislike for Urie because of all the stories heard, but they know better than to judge solely off that. Hopefully, they’ll be able to meet them one day.
  • If both of them are bored or feeling adventurous, they ride on his motorcycle. His partner didn’t like the idea of it at first– it took some coaxing for them to finally agree. Even so, they still have a death grip on him whenever they go.
  • They don’t cuddle in bed. They make small talk for a little bit, but both of them tend to fall asleep very easily, so the conversation drifts off quickly.

Saiko needs someone encouraging; there are a lot of times where she lacks motivation, so she’ll need someone who can press her a bit– not enough to piss her off, but enough to be able to reason with her. They might not be as interested in video games or manga as she is, but they do like to listen to her rant about them.

  • She hogs the blanket at night. Her s/o tries to cover themselves, but she has an iron grip on it, so they end up cold.
  • Her s/o likes to mess with her hair a lot. She didn’t get why they were so insistent to do it, but she likes the feeling.
  • Saiko likes to snuggle; she always craves warmth from her partner. Sometimes they tend to get a bit hot from the contact, but she’s so comfortable– they end up just dealing with the heat for her sake.
  • She tried to teach them how to play her favorite video game. Needless to say, they didn’t understand how to play at all.

Haise could have someone just as dorky as him, or someone a bit more serious. They roll their eyes at his jokes, but still find them funny. They also need to realize his situation if it’s a more serious relationship; they need to understand the harsh times he goes through because of his past. It probably won’t be easy to take in, but they’d be loyal and try to help him through it.

  • Haise’s s/o likes it when he reads to them. On lazy days, they snuggle up in bed, occasionally taking turns reading from the book. In the end, they find themselves falling asleep to the comfort of each other’s voice.
  • They take a lot of pictures together. They try to smile normally, but they end up laughing at each other, not even staring at the camera.
  • His s/o is still unsure of how to help him whenever blurry memories resurface; he becomes incredibly quiet and tense when he tries to block out the pain. They try their best to provide solace, but it doesn’t seem to ever be enough. Regardless, he truly appreciates them for being there for him.
  • When they’re first introduced to the squad, it’s not the warmest welcome. The members are intrigued by his s/o– they’re not rude or anything, but they’re studying them closely to see if they would be good for Haise. They can’t help it– they have to protect him, too.

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"Give me ten dollars, I'll explain later" for Lams please? (Also you're a cool person and I hope you have a nice day)

A/N: Sorry for the two day wait! I have been waiting to post this, and here it is! Also, you’re a cool person and I hope you have a nice day! (Requests are open; send me a prompt and I’ll see if I can write it!)

As far as good days go, this definitely wasn’t one of them. It wasn’t a bad day either; John was able to hang out with his friends, and his incredibly amazing and adorable boyfriend Alexander Hamilton, at lunch, but he had barely passed his Math test. Barely passed. With a 70! He wanted to be a doctor - even if his father wouldn’t permit it - and he knew that they had to be good at Math. What would happen if he barely passed on an operation? He couldn’t risk is patient’s life like that.

What made it even worse was that Thomas Jefferson, practically the school slacker because he was always on vacation somewhere in Europe (if not France), almost got a perfect grade on the test. John knew he probably cheated off Madison, who sat right beside him, but it still made him mad that he managed to make a 99 without getting caught.

It was Friday, which meant he had Art club after school for about an hour. He didn’t want to go, not while he was feeling so sour, but at the same time they were painting with pastels that day and he thought it might cheer him up. He was at his locker grabbing his textbooks so he wouldn’t need to grab them later, and when he closed the door he was surprised to see Alex was standing behind it, a large grin on his face. Alex always met him at his locker, but he usually wasn’t so secretive about it. John’s lip quirked into a small half-smile. “Hey, babe,” he rasped, leaning forward to kiss Alex’s forehead.

Alexander’s brows knitted with worry as he reached up to hold his boyfriend’s face gently between his hands. “You alright, babe?” he asked, noting the way his eyes sagged and the hoarseness of his voice. He placed the back of his hand against John’s forehead to see if maybe he was sick.

John couldn’t help but chuckle. Alexander was such a mother hen sometimes. “I’m fine… Just tired,” he assured. His shoulders sank as the weight from earlier that day returned. He couldn’t stop thinking about that Math test. He sighed, running his hand through his curls and pulling at the knots along the way. “It’s just… I barely passed my Math test, and I studied my ass off for it. And then Jefferson nearly got a 100 on it.”

“He probably cheated,” Alex retorted. John exhaled a laugh. “You sure you want to go to club today?” Alex asked. He thought it would be best to take John home and have him take a nap.

John sighed heavily but nodded. “Yeah, I think it’ll make me feel better. Besides, we’re painting with pastels today. Pastels, Alex! You know how fun that is?” His eyes were already lighting up and his freckles stretched with a smile.

Alex lifted himself on his toes to kiss John’s cheek. “Alright, I’ll be waiting for you when you’re done. Same place, as usual.” He waved John off and started heading to the library.

On his way, he passed the concession stand in front of the auditorium. A crowd of students flocked the stand, which was selling pizza. Oh, right, it was Friday. The Theatre Company always sold pizza after school on Friday to raise funds for props and transportation. The makeshift sign was posted beside the concession stand window:

Pizza - $1
Pizza + Drink - $5
Box of Pizza - $20

Alex reached into his pocket, but couldn’t find his wallet. He must have left it at home. He sighed and scuffed the sole of his shoe against the marble floor, pouting. Suddenly he heard his name being called in a familiar French accent. “Laf!” he exclaimed, running over to give the tall French boy a hug.

“Hello, Alexander!” Laf greeted, stroking his hair. “Are you staying to wait for your Laurens?”

Alexander nodded, “As always. Hey! Could you do me a favor?”

“Of course! What is it, mon ami?”

“Can you spot me ten dollars? I’ll explain later,” Alexander said.

Lafayette eyed the concession stand and chuckled as he pulled out his wallet. “No need to explain, Alexander. And no need to pay me back, either.” He pulled a crisp ten dollar bill out of his leather wallet and gave it to Alexander with ease.

Alexander took it with a grin. “Thanks, Laf! I owe you one!” He hopped into the sea of students, hoping that they wouldn’t run out of pizza when he finally reached the front. Fortunately, they had just enough slices left. He carefully took the plate and two drinks to the library, sitting outside on a nearby bench. He decided he would eat his slice while it was still warm, but put his drink away for later.

An hour later, John was walking towards him, hands in the pockets of his hoodie, already looking better. Alex hopped up, stepping in front of the pizza and welcoming John with open arms. “How was club?” he asked.

“Fun,” John replied, taking Alex’s hand. “Ready to go home?”

“Yeah, but hold on.” He reached back to pick up the plate, presenting the slice to John. “I thought I’d get you a little something since you weren’t feeling too hot earlier. It’s a little cold now, but still edible!”

John blinked before laughing, accepting the disposable plate and kissing Alex on the temple. “Thanks, Alex. You’re the best.”

“Don’t mention it,” Alex insisted, reaching into his backpack to pull out his can of soda. “So, what did you draw in Art club today?” he asked as he popped the lintel off his drink.

John grinned. “What do you think?” He always drew the same thing, and Alex knew it.

He managed to withhold his sigh, instead smiling with helpless adoration. “Turtles?”


Horoscope for May 5th, 2016
  • Aries: A friend might be feeling a little depressed today and need some cheering up. Social events or group activities could be of great help in doing that, and it would do you some good as well. A long-term goal may finally be reached, justifying a celebration. Interacting with a group could take up a lot of your time and concentration, but take care not to get too tired.
  • Taurus: Pivotal career matters may need to be thought through today. A lot could be at stake at work in the very near future. Whatever tasks you need to tend to could require a lot of effort and concentration. There's a danger of sinking into a gloomy mood over it, but try to avoid this trap. You'll probably accomplish whatever it is you're hoping to do, so hang onto that thought. Go to it!
  • Gemini: Today you might find that a long-term dream finally comes true. Perhaps a trip that you've fantasized about for a long time finally shows promise of actually happening. A practical and methodical approach to arranging the details should make it seem that much more real to you. However, do take care to plan each step carefully so that you don't end up working harder than necessary.
  • Cancer: Some strange and rather gloomy dreams could come your way tonight. They could, if you let them, catapult you into a rather depressed mood during the day. Writing them down might help exorcise the negative emotions. You could also be a bit depressed over money. This isn't a good day to make investments, start a new business, or open up a savings account. Wait a few days until the planets relax a little.
  • Leo: A lack of communication with an unhappy family member could have you feeling a little downhearted. You might wonder if you've done something to offend this person. Chances are you haven't. The best way to handle situations like this is to encourage the person to communicate with you. If there's no response, wait a day or so and ask again. The gloomy mood will pass, so don't make yourself crazy over it.
  • Virgo: The promise of a promotion or raise could be on your mind today. You might try to visualize the next steps and anticipate tasks that take more effort and concentration than you're used to. Don't panic. It's better to not push yourself so hard. Wait a few days until the planets relax a little and just do what you need to do - no more, no less. You'll be successful in the long run.
  • Libra: You might decide to spend a large part of the day working on a project that requires a lot of mental energy. Plans to spend some time with either a close friend or lover might not turn out to be quite what you'd hoped. Your friend could be in a rather gloomy mood. A relaxing evening, perhaps a concert or funny movie, can release tension and boost bad moods. Enjoy!
  • Scorpio: A gloomy guest could arrive today, and likely need some cheering up. Do the best you can, but don't try to do it by cooking a meal. The results of your efforts might not be all that exciting. This is a great day to go for fast food. Take your friend to a movie, concert, or art gallery. This could get your mind off his or her troubles and your mind off your friend!
  • Sagittarius: Some rather depressing information could come your way, but don't take it at face value. It might not be as bad as it seems. Check the facts before making yourself crazy. This isn't a good day for visiting or running errands in your neighborhood, as the traffic could be a nightmare. Anything you try to read today could seem boring, so movies are likely to be the best entertainment now.
  • Capricorn: Gloom over money matters might catch up with you at some point today. However, there's nothing really major to worry about. Financially, your business affairs should be going well, so you're probably doing better than you think. A little caution might be in order, especially regarding impulse buying or purchasing luxuries. You don't want to end up having to take items back to the store.
  • Aquarius: Today you might find yourself feeling a little low, but it doesn't seem as if there's any real reason for it. You may just have had a bad night and need some extra sleep. Some good news from far away could cheer you up in the afternoon. You might receive an invitation to go out to dinner with a close friend. You should be feeling like your old self again by evening.
  • Pisces: Old memories, traumas, and phobias from the past could affect your mood today. You might feel depressed without really knowing why. An event in your life has brought these feelings near the surface without revealing the source. If you've had any disturbing dreams or visions lately, write them down. They might offer a clue as to what's bothering you. Meditation or free association could also bring the release you need.
  • radio host: give us a freestyle iggy
  • iggy: alright got a fresh one for ya
  • iggy: [man's voice] Once upon a time
  • in a kingdom far, far away,
  • the king and queen were blessed
  • with a beautiful baby girl.
  • And throughout the land,
  • everyone was happy...
  • until the sun went down
  • and they saw that their daughter was
  • cursed with a frightful enchantment
  • that took hold each and every night.
  • Desperate, they sought the help
  • of a fairy godmother
  • who had them lock the young princess
  • away in a tower,
  • there to await the kiss...
  • of the handsome Prince Charming.
  • [horse whinnies]
  • It was he who would chance
  • the perilous journey
  • through blistering cold
  • and scorching desert
  • traveling for many days and nights,
  • risking life and limb
  • to reach the Dragon's keep.
  • [crows caw]
  • For he was the bravest,
  • and most handsome...
  • in all the land.
  • And it was destiny that his kiss
  • would break the dreaded curse.
  • He alone would climb to the highest room
  • of the tallest tower
  • to enter the princess's chambers,
  • cross the room to her sleeping silhouette,
  • pull back the gossamer curtains
  • to find her... [gasps]
  • What?
  • - Princess... Fiona?
  • - No!
  • [sighs relief] Oh, thank heavens.
  • Where is she?
  • - She's on her honeymoon.
  • - Honeymoon? With whom?
  • - She's on her honeymoon.
  • - Honeymoon? With whom?
  • [ Counting Crows: Accidentally In Love]
  • So she said
  • what's the problem, baby?
  • What's the problem?
  • I don't know
  • Well, maybe I'm in love
  • Think about it
  • every time I think 'bout it
  • Can't stop thinking 'bout it
  • How much longer
  • will it take to cure this?
  • Just to cure it,
  • 'cause I can't ignore it
  • If it's love, love
  • Makes me wanna turn around
  • and face me
  • But I don't know nothing
  • 'bout love
  • Oh, come on, come on
  • - [screams]
  • - Turn a little faster
  • Come on, come on
  • The world will follow after
  • Come on, come on
  • Everybody's after love
  • So I said
  • I'm a snowball running
  • Running down into this spring
  • that's coming all this love
  • Melting under blue skies
  • belting out sunlight
  • Shimmering love
  • Well, baby, I surrender
  • To the strawberry ice cream
  • Never ever end of all this love
  • Well, I didn't mean to do it
  • But there's no escaping your love
  • These lines of lightning
  • mean we're never alone
high school musical meme
  • "It's New Years Eve. Enough reading."
  • "Can I have my book back?"
  • "The party? Remember?"
  • "C'mon. One more."
  • "Someday you guys might thank me for this."
  • "This could be the start of something new."
  • "Never felt this way."
  • "It feels so right to be here with you."
  • "I tried a solo and nearly fainted."
  • "End of solo career."
  • "My shower head is very impressed."
  • "I'll call you. I'll call you tomorrow."
  • "In two weeks, we're going to be heading to the championships."
  • "The ice princess has returned from the north pole."
  • "And I will see you in detention."
  • "I can't believe you live here."
  • "Why are you whispering?"
  • "I won't be signing up for anything for a while."
  • "I wouldn't even think impossible is even in your vocabulary."
  • "Oh, were you going to sign up, too?"
  • "Nice penmanship."
  • "I missed you during vacation."
  • "When's the big game?"
  • "You are so dedicated, just like me."
  • "It's always good to get extra credit."
  • "I just thought it might be a good laugh."
  • "So is a mountain lion, but you don't pet it."
  • "Getcha head in the game!"
  • "Should I go for it?"
  • "What team!?"
  • "That should be sixteen over pi."
  • "I stand corrected."
  • "We needn't concern ourselves with amateurs."
  • "The answer is yes!"
  • "What a perfect way to get caught up!"
  • "What the heck are those two doing in a tree!?"
  • "We've never made it past the first round."
  • "Maybe next year."
  • "I guess I wouldn't know how to speak cheerleader."
  • "My nail beds are history."
  • "Well, then maybe they're not really your friends."
  • "Just something for you."
  • "What time is she due back on the mother ship?"
  • "I'm not even behind on homework yet."
  • "Shortcut. Late for class."
  • "Your friends don't know you're here, right?"
  • "You were always right beside me."
  • "I've never had someone who know me like you do."
  • "I finally found what I've been looking for."
  • "It's a crowd favorite. Everybody loves a good jazz square."
  • "Which tells us what?"
  • "Nice talking to you."
  • "Where is your sports posse, or whatever they're called?"
  • "Is this some kind of joke?"
  • "Maybe we'll get to meet Ashton!"
  • "Someone's gotta tell him/her the rules."
  • "It's making me lose control."
  • "Is that even legal?"
  • "Sometimes I think it's even cooler than homework."
  • "This is not what I want."
  • "I do not understand."
  • "Something is really really wrong."
  • "We can do it."
  • "Everybody quiet!"
  • "I really can't everybody staring at me. I really can't."
  • "You do not want to get into that. Too much drama!"
  • "It just doesn't seem right."
  • "It's really satisfying."
  • "Good luck on Broadway!"
  • "I'd rather stick pins in my eyes."
  • "Evaporate tall person!"
  • "So, this is your secret hide out?"
  • "Makes me practice a little harder, I guess."
  • "I just wanna be a guy."
  • "Do your friends know that guy?"
  • "You even look like one too."
  • "Like kindergarten."
  • "wow, so this is your real stage."
  • "Yeah, and on the same day I invented the space shuttle and microwave popcorn."
  • "I'm sorry, this is a closed practice."
  • "She's just a girl!"
  • "Yeah, well, a lot of things are special."
  • "Did you ever think that maybe I could be both?"
  • "Look, I just did it. Who cares?"
  • "Who's Michael Crawford?"
  • "Why would she put his picture in your refrigerator?"
  • "Not yet, my friend, but just you wait."
  • "Something isn't right."
  • "We need to talk."
  • "We need to save our show from people who don't know the difference between a Tony Award and Tony Hawk."
  • "Are we synced?"
  • "I can dream, can't I?"
  • "This is the side where you belong."
  • "It means nothing to me."
  • "Everyone happy now?"
  • "Did you wanna grab some lunch?"
  • "I confused my feelings for the truth."
  • "Listen, there's something I wanna talk to you about."
  • "We're gonna be there cheering for you."
  • "I baked these fresh today."
  • "We were worse than jerks because we were mean jerks."
  • "No, not done."
  • "I tried."
  • "Could you tell her that I came by to see her?"
  • "What you heard the other day, it wasn't true."
  • "It's not my problem, it's there."
  • "But your dad..."
  • "You need to say yes."
  • "Too bad all these events weren't all happening on the same day."
  • "I'm proud to call you my sister."
  • "Do you know something about this small person?"
  • "How you feeling?"
  • "I trust you."
  • "Oh, hi! Call me."
  • "They'll be here."
  • "You really don't wanna do that."
  • "Oh yes, I do."
  • "Hey, hey, hey. Look at me. Right at me."
  • "So, you're going with me to the after party, right?"
  • "Like on a date?"
  • "In theater that means good luck."
  • "I admire you so much."
  • "Buh-bye."
  • "We make each other strong."
  • "We're different in a good way."
  • "Together's were we belong."
  • "We're all in this together."
  • "These cookies are genius! The best things I've ever tasted."