and thought ''i don't remember that scene...''


I said no to Marion Guthrie’s plan despite having no alternative and at the risk of losing the entire endeavor because I refuse to situate a man in a position where he might interfere one day with my ability to repair things with you.

I think I remember reading a post somewhere critiquing the Voltron crew’s clothing choices and they said something about Shiro’s outfit being tight and looking a lot like Keith’s clothing choices


when they saved Shiro, they took him straight back to Keith’s place and there’s a break between the scenes but I’m pretty sure they didn’t stop at the mall and it’s not like Shiro wanted to walk around in one of these classy outfits

so, yeah, I’d be willing to bet my grocery money that he IS wearing Keith’s clothes because it’s similar to Keith’s style and Keith is smol in comparison, so the clothes are gonna accent those muscles 

i do not, however, have a good explanation for why he doesn’t get new clothes later.

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I remember briefly seeing a post going around months ago about how someone thought Louis being at the Sunglass Hut the day the baby was supposedly born was like a reference to some sitcom. I was thinking it was Friends but I'm not sure or maybe I'm just going crazy?

no, you’re absolutely correct!! louis was papped at sunglass hut like literally right in the store and because larry likes Friends we were making jokes about this scene

and then louis followed matt leblanc on twitter. that was… all sorts of wild lol

—  I look at you and I remember every little detail. The way your smile formed, what made you laugh, your gentle touch, how your lips kissed mine. The way you tied your shoes. One look at you and every memory, every feeling, every thought comes rushing back, attacking me.

You know what made Nux’s last scene even worse for me?
How they translated it.

In the movie, when a war boy dies, he yells: “Witness me!” which they translated in Latvian as “Skatieties!”, meaning “Look at me!”. In plural.

However, Nux’s last words aren’t translated as “Skatieties!”
They translated it as: “Atceries mani.”
Which means: “Remember me.”
Not in plural.
In singular.

He says: “Remember me.”
To Capable.

And that is what broke my heart which I thought was hardened to the point where it couldn’t feel sorry for a fictional character.


Barry Allen/Eddie Thawne, scenes inspired by unholyconfession’s “remember the secrets we’ve told” series. 

I read this series within the past week. Desperately awaiting updates for this small ship. Since I haven’t posted anything in almost a year, I thought this would be a good place to start though kinda rough. 

does this mean i can actually start writing about mermaid!jack in the context of the h2o show because

i’ve been coming back to the idea and i thought it was dumb (which is why it took forever to get it posted) but i have a couple snippet scenes already written out

i guess i could start a mini series with them???

Developing Inferior Fe: Exhibit A

Scenario in question: A scene on TV, where a sad, scared six-month old baby is abandoned by her criminal father for the fire department to find and return to her family.

Reaction before development:

INTP: Well, he wasn’t going to be able to take the baby with him. I’m not sure what else you expected. What are you supposed to do in that situation? She’s unharmed, isn’t she? She’s going to get back to her family; she’ll be fine. It was probably the best move on his part, since he still doesn’t want her to be hurt.

Reaction after development – a few years later…

INTP: *Begins tearing up at the image of the frightened baby on the verge of tears, looking into a stranger’s eyes* Oh, my GOD! That poor little thing, She’s so upset, and doesn’t know what’s going on. How could he just leave her there, and let her be so sad and scared! It breaks my heart to see a tiny baby like that so confused, and put through so much; she doesn’t deserve that kind instability and treatment! I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS. Please, let me take care of her, she’s such a sweet little darling honey who deserves to be safe, and the very best life that she can be given! Not anything like this!

I remember the very first time I saw pics of Peter and Jenna. They were filming in Cardiff, the scene where they hug and go for coffee & chips. I said to myself “Yeah, it’s time I shipped something cheerful and bright”

Well, here I am one year later: a train wreck of emotions.

i saw something like this but where i put JD they had Marlene. 

JD is the one who wrote this scene and i think it’s his way of comforting us so to speak. you know, it’s like a little hint that this isn’t over.

that’s the first thing i thought after i calmed down. that’s how i see it and i refuse to believe anything else lol.

Remember these pictures ? It’s from 2013.

I’m like 90% sure that it will be part of the “we grow back together” and has nothing to do with the epilogue. and I also think it’s this scene :

And I’m so excited because I start to think that the “we grow back together” part will be longer than what I thought and that it means everlark being cute together :)


GUYS BILL KNEW ABOUT THE REGAN THING THAT INCLUDED FORD!!! THIS IS ONE OF THE SCENES HE SHOWS ON HIS BODY DURING HIS FIRST EPISODE. When I was look for Bill defences I came across this and remembered the last epsiode, where Ford gave Dipper the mind control tie, mentioning that he had made it for Regan’s masters. And look at the possession page, right in the corner, it’s Bill! Gideon had Journal 2 and Ford had trusted Bill as far as when he was writing that one. I think Bill gave Ford that spell, and then Ford went on to try and figure out another way to use mind control, since the spell was a one time use! Δ What do you guys think? Δ


After rewatching SnK, and getting more info from later chapters of the manga, I thought this part of Jiyuu no Tsubasa looked somewhat like the scene when Eren first becomes a titan (after Grisha injects him). The pics in rows 1 and 3 are from Eren’s second dream (where he kind of remembers his father turning him into a titan), and the rest are from the second opening. The candle in the opening kind of parallels the flame (probably a torch) that Eren kept seeing in his dream, and the forest and time of day sort of resemble the dream’s setting. (Then again, there are no leaves on the trees in the opening, while there are in the dream (symbolism?), and the time of day may not be an exact match… idk.) And the burst of light in the last pic could be from Eren’s first transformation (upon being injected).

Edit: It’s about here in the opening, though the forest-at-sunset setting/image occurs a few times before that as well.