and though everyone doesn't always get along


Teenage overwatch AU
  • Tracer: the poster girl, the cheery girl that is always making everyone smile. Always knows the right amount to help but not enough to make you feel stupid. She invites people out jogging all the time, no one ever shows up to her races though because theyre all terrified of her girlfriend
  • Lucio: the musical one, always got his earphones in. Buys really expensive musical equipment and somehow never needs money. His grades have gone to shit but he's been picked up by a some musical college (lucky bastard)
  • pro gamer and rich daddy, aces school despite skipping tons of classes. Spends entire weekends in her room with Lucio. Are they dating? No they just really like eachother... It's totally platonic... Mostly
  • Junkrat: fucking mess off a human being. Lives mostly off of stolen food but trust me, he's not short of stolen money. Works as an auto-mechanic for fun with Roadhog. No one's knows what Symmetra see's in him.
  • Symmetra: Moved here from afar and has her own apartment. Basically a kid mastermind who dreams of being an architect. No one knows where exactly she came from but she receives money to study abroad. Junkrat is asked to wash himself before he's allowed to enter her apartment every day. Very clean and neat anD NO THAT ISNT A HICKEY ON HER NECK!! DONT LOOK!!
  • McCree: orphaned from a young age and recently adopted by the Amari family. Rides an obnoxious chopper motorcycle everywhere. He gets along amazing with everyone who doesn't try to threaten his little sister. What about his mom? Trust me, she can defend herself.
  • Pharah: Military daughter. Mom's almost always out so basically raised herself. Stong and independent from a very young age and wasn't sure about adopting an older brother till she met him. Now they're inseparable. Secretary crushes over Genji's girlfriend.
  • Hanzo: one of the son's of the Shimada family. Probably the shadiest of family as well. Really good at school though and leads the photography club. He's also pretty fucking good at it so no one complains. No one's knows much about him, well... Except his secret boyfriend.
  • Genji: The better known son of the Shimada family. Majors in athletics and teaches the other kids parkour in his free time. People are starting to suspect he isn't human with how good he is. He can be a little violent but Mercy keeps him in check and she is the light of his life. They talk for hours everyday. Double dates with Tracer and Widowmaker are often scheduled.
  • Mercy: This girl has her life in check! She's doing well in school, always seems to be organised and also dates one if the hottest guys in the athletics group. Everyone envies her but they all know how hard she works so no one is jealous. Everyone assumes she is super innocent but they couldn't be more wrong. There is mass panic whenever she talks about her sex life with her friends.
  • Zarya: strongest, gayest, and scariest woman around. Scares off grown men and women with her looks. Training for the whatever competition is next. She's either in the gym or helping out her "friend" Mei with some resurch. She keeps denying it but there's absolutely something going on there. Meanwhile Mei never comes outside so no one has really seen her but they've seen pictures. How can someone as big as Zarya date someone so small!!?
  • Widowmaker: French. Hot. Terrifying. She always wears super tight clothing (party on tracers request). Everyone is scared of her. Once she opens up to someone she will do whatever they ask as long as they keep a secret for her. No one's knows what the secret is because everyone is too afraid to tell. With murder anyone who threatens her friends, but she doesn't have many. The only people she really trusts and Mercy Tracer and Genji. And judging by some of the sounds that come out of her room over the weekend, she must really REALLY trust Tracer.
Rogue One!Hogwarts AU
  • Jyn: Halfblood, Slytherin. the Infamous daughter of Galen Erso who disappeared from wizardry world. Has an adoptive brother, Bodhi Rook. Excels at Potion but has bad relationship with the professor Krennic. Introvert, prefers to do everything on her own. Wants to be an Auror. Excluded from her Slytherin mates because she's not a pureblood, has an adoptive brother who's muggleborn and befriends people outside the house. Scares people away because she'd hex everyone who bully Bodhi. Punched Cassian at their first meeting because she thought Cassian is one of the bullier. Doesn't get along with Keysoo even though they're in the same house.
  • Cassian: Pureblood, Gryffindor, werewolf and a prefect. Got bitten when he was six years old. His parents are part of Ministry of Magic specialize in lycanthropy rights. Excels at Defence Against the Dark Arts and Charms. Wants to be an Auror. Ambitious, brave and friendly. Takes Bodhi as his protege because he doesn't like people from Slytherin that bullies Bodhi. Keysoo, his cousin and Bodhi always accompany him when its full moon. Irritates everytime Jyn follows them but slowly he enjoys her company and feelings starting to develop for her.
  • Bodhi: Muggleborn, Gryffindor, a headboy, Jyn's adoptive brother and Cassian's protege. Excels at Flying and Astronomy. His parents died because an accident when he was four, remained in the orphanage for a year then Erso family took him as their son. Throughout in early years in Hogwarts: he was shy and clumsy ((students from Slytherin always bullied him and Jyn would hex them)) but later years he becomes more confident and becomes a professional quidditch player, a keeper. He becomes an animagi ((illegally)) to accompany Cassian around full moon.
  • K2SO: Pureblood, Slytherin, a prefect and Cassian's cousin. Smart, sarcastic and strict with rules. Golden student, as the professor would say. Doesn't like Jyn in general because she always breaks rules, picks a fight and professor would give minus points to their house. Protective over Cassian because Cassian's parents told him to take care of him. Excels at Arithmancy and Divination and wants to be a professor. His animagus is Black Cat and he would accompany Cassian
  • Chirrut: Halfblood, Hufflepuff. He's blind since he was a child because an accident. Excels at Magical Creatures and wants to be Magizoologist. Reckless and Funny. Has a boyfriend, Baze Malbus who's also a Hufflepuff. They met in the train and become very good friends until the fifth year. Believes on everything Baze doesn't believe. Chirrut is really good with creatures and Jyn wanna do like Chirrut does, Chirrut gives so many advice to Jyn.
  • Baze: Pureblood, Hufflepuff. He was born from respected family. Thinks everyone is boring unless Chirrut because he's different than the others. Really skeptical about everything. His parents don't agree on their relationship but Baze doesn't give a fuck about it. People thinks he's cold hearted but he's actually cares about people but he doesn't know how to express it, he's really bad at interaction. Excels at Defence against the Dark Arts and helps Cassian in DADA class.
Hetalia characters and alcohol (part 2)
  • Denmark: truth be told, he's almost always a little drunk. If he's actually out drinking and not just doing it casually, he can put beers away like nobody's business. He pretty much only drinks beer though, because anything stronger would make it much harder to maintain that constant just-buzzed-enough state without getting too drunk or feeling like crap all the time.
  • Norway: drinks almost exclusively socially. He'll drink whatever everyone else is having plus whatever he feels like having and can sort of lose track along the way. Though he has a pretty high tolerance, he doesn't care for moderation since he doesn't drink often.
  • Iceland: as the baby, he has to deal with the other Nordics trying to protect him from the evils of alcohol. Denmark is happy to be the 'cool one' and argue on his side that he ought to be allowed at least a little bit of booze, while Norway insists he not drink and Finland tends to just do a lot of cooing and referring to Ice as things like "sweet, precious, innocent baby". Considering that he has not only the personality but also the alcohol tolerance of an angry little teenager, it's for the best that they keep him in check.
  • Finland: although he acts very maternal when Iceland wants to drink, it's a "do as I say not as I do" situation because the guy can match Russia drink for drink, and will gladly do it.
  • Sweden: by nature of how big he is, he's got a pretty good tolerance. He's not much for drinking, at least comparatively, though, and he'll usually just have a small amount of something that tastes good.
  • Switzerland: for a small guy he can drink a lot. Between the German and the French blood, he's got a pretty strong tolerance. That being said, he doesn't drink a lot because alcohol is an unnecessary expense and leads to foolishness--but he'll never turn down a drink if someone else is buying.
  • Liechtenstein: she's like twelve. Actually though, Switzerland will allow her to have one glass of it if beer or wine is being served with dinner somewhere, but despite her actual age, her physical youth means she can't really drink.
  • Ukraine: can't usually afford to drink more than a little bit, but the high tolerance runs in the family and when given the opportunity she can really drink.
  • Belarus: uses her high tolerance to put on an air of bad-assery. She'll drink vodka straight from the bottle (often with her foot up on the table for good measure) just to assert her dominance.
  • S. Korea: no regard for his low tolerance whatsoever. If he's drinking, he just goes for it and doesn't even think. Mostly this is because he doesn't drink often so when he does, he really wants to party. When he's drunk, he gets extra touchy and clingy.
About Michael, Luke, Calum, and Ashton through my eyes
  • Michael: The fire of the band. He's the passionate, enthusiastic, all heart person in the band that ignites the other three and jumpstarts the band in the first place. He's the one with big dreams and high hopes, he's the one who lives for today and wears his heart on his sleeve. Michael can come across loud and very strong to some people, but you can't help but love this little fluffy kitten. Because he may act tough and rough, but deep down he's just a little ball of fur. He always has high energy and can rarely keep still. The cutest. Has a brave heart.
  • Luke: The voice of the band. He's the quiet, calm, slightly eccentric, but very determined underneath all that awkward air he has, and has so much great potential to share with the band. He never believes he's good enough, when he's got so much to offer, he's sometimes insecure. But he's not shy, he's quirky in his own way, unique and weird in a pleasant way. Luke is always polite in interviews, doesn't talk much, but when he sings and performs on stage, all his confidence takes over. The nicest. Has a gentle heart.
  • Calum: The heart of the band. He's the funny, lovable, peace-loving kind of guy, who is literally best friends with everyone. He's a quick-learner, is always up for an adventure (with Ashton) and along for the ride. He always finds a silver-lining to everything, and though he may seem ridiculously shameless, he's actually a shy guy. His face lights up whenever he gets praised or appreciated, and he's always up for cuddles. The sweetest. Has a soft heart. (He has such a sweet heart and oh man I can talk about Calum all day because I love all of these boys equally, but Calum is my special man!)
  • Ashton: The glue of the band. He's also the "dad" of the band, the responsible one, the one who appreciates the fans most and almost reminds us daily of how much he loves us. He has a heart of gold, and though he came from a broken home, Ashton is always smiling, his giggles are contagious! He's so charming, and the most (I mean it when I mean THE MOST) talented out of all the guys if we're being honest. He can play almost every instrument, he sings so great, he's good a public speaking, and he's a great big brother. The kindest. Has a strong heart.
exo as fanfic writers
  • Xiumin: Writes a simple, plain three-chapter otp fic. His fics don't deserve the lack of attention they get through. He never uploads a fic cover or anything.
  • Luhan: Writes action/adventure fics. Not much romance, but tonnes of bromance. Well received by the fandom.
  • Kris: He doesn't write fic. He draws fan art, but often finds himself wondering why his (terrible) art doesn't get many notes.
  • Suho: Happy endings galore! Fluffy otp fics always set in domestic au where they have kids and go grocery shopping together.
  • Lay: He usually sticks to oneshots because he doesn't have time to update. His stories, although moderately well received, have many loopholes and plot holes.
  • Baekhyun: Writes shitty self insert fics. Usually involves him and the character making sweet love before riding off in the sunset. Also he takes like months to update and each update is really short.
  • Chen: Writes brotp humour fics. He has another account, which is a secret, where he writes tragic romances. His romance stories are so immensely popular. He also responds to every single one of the comments on his fic.
  • Chanyeol: Writes crack stories. Well, they were thought to be crack because they didn't make any sense at all. His stories all have happy endings because he doesn't want his readers to be sad. His fics are typed in multicolour with a gif background.
  • D.O.: Writes tragic gay fanfic that's like 70+ chapters long. Always featured and he updates pretty frequently. His fanfics are fandom gems that are one everyone's rec list. Never responds to reader comments, though. Uploads them onto live journal only.
  • Tao: Spends more time editing the fic cover than he does the fic. Always a sappy romance between him and the character. Usually, it's along the lines of him getting bullied and the character saving him and then falling in love when he gazes into Tao' eyes for the first time. Writes kinky smut too, so his fics have many subs.
  • Kai: He posts the prologue of his fic and never bothers to update after that. Usually fluffy otp fics. The plot goes with the whole "your dog is in love with my dog and I'm in love with you" trope. Tends to write for the less popular otps though, because that's who he ships.
  • Sehun: Writes a self insert harem with ten million chapters. He likes the vampire genre, so it's pretty much a coven or two of vampires fucking him and falling in love with him. Also threatens not to update if he doesn't get his comment quota per chapter. Makes his fics subscribers only because he doesn't want just anybody to read his fics.
The Signs in relation to people I know
  • Aries: Always willing to fight someone in defense of anyone else, but has a very difficult time recognizing their own worth. Gets angry at small things, but refuses to let the big issues bother them for fear they may lose their fragile sense of control.
  • Taurus: Unfathomably friendly. Sometimes to the point that it can be intimidating. Unfortunately they tend to ignore their own problems in favor of everyone else's. This can be very damaging to their psyche.
  • Gemini: Very proud. They will argue a point until their resources run dry, and then they will continue to fight - even if they know they're wrong.
  • Cancer: The hardest-working people. Cancer doesn't know when to stop and rest - they've never been taught how. They will work themselves to death if allowed the opportunity.
  • Leo: Always willing to chat about something. Leo likes the opportunity to talk about things that are the most important to them - be it politics or video games or life in general. This doesn't always mark them as a socialite, but given a proper topic, Leo could talk for hours.
  • Virgo: A very laid-back person. They are very easy going and not difficult to get along with. Everyone likes them, even though they don't really think so. They have self esteem issues and refuse to see the good in themselves.
  • Libra: You will always find a friend in Libra. They will run themselves into the ground with their loyalty - which can be their downfall. They can be stubborn and standoffish at times, but you can always count on them to be there when you need them the most.
  • Scorpio: Not evil, as everyone says they are. Scorpio just knows exactly what they want. They are very picky people and would rather work hard to get the best than settle for anything. They are the kind of person who either is your friend, or isn't. They won't hesitate to let you know.
  • Sagittarius: Very helpful. Always willing to jump on board to help anyone in need and sacrifice anything they have in the process. They will give you the shirt off their back if it means that you would no longer be in need. Truthfully the most generous people.
  • Capricorn: Intellectuals. Capricorn loves to learn new things and understand the world around them. They're thirst for new knowledge can sometimes come off as rude, but they don't mean anything by their questioning. Also don't underestimate their ability to make you laugh.
  • Aquarius: Fun-loving. They enjoy spending a lot of time with the people they love, and always seem up for an adventure. Sometimes they wear themselves out and have to retreat to regain their strength, but once they are finished resting, they are ready to go a thousand miles an hour.
  • Pisces: Always so shy. They are very adept at blending in. You may think you know them well, but they are adept at hiding much of their true nature and blending in with the crowd. Not a bad thing, but sometimes they tend to lose themselves along the way.

anonymous asked:

i agree they probably dropped instagram questions due to worrying someone would say something they don't want out there, but i don't think the boys miss it. they have been pretty obviously bored with that segment the entire tour and as far back as tmh. they were always using it for bathroom breaks or speeding the questions along without answering. it doesn't help that 1dhq always chose the same questions over and over, thus allowing it to become boring and stale for everyone.

Yea I mean how many times can they really get asked to do a damn pyramid (though I’m over the moon that we at least got to see Louis on Harry’s back for ONCE) so I can see why the boys would be over that segment. But it gave us some really great moments: salt and vinegar, chicken wrapped in parma ham. And it added a little more personality to the show. Something extra. If they chose a better variety of questions for the boys to answer maybe it wouldn’t be so monotonous for them. But of course they can’t do that. And with everything going on they’ve just cut that part out entirely. Just add it to my list of frustrations with 1DHQ.