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root,,,,, is she a star wars or star trek fan?

root is a gone girl lesbian

It would be awesome to qualify p2 but you know how it goes. Ferrari has good starts but with Lewis’ speed advantage it will be hard to keep the lead. Unless his advantage is only that big in clean air.
The teams will try to do as little stops as possible. It seems less risky to keep track position and defend since overtaking is now more difficult.
I hope Ferrari will come up with the best strategy to use the full potential of the car. Because then, with a bit of luck, we might have a chance to win.

It’s only the first race. It’s important, but it doesn’t automatically give anyone the title. So whatever happens, the key is to keep pushing and keep improving. I can’t help the team personally in any way, beside staying behind them in good or bad. I believe they’re doing all they can.

… honestly, i really really really miss the days when it was possible for me to go onto AO3 whenever I wanted to read a fic, do a quick search, and pick whatever took my fancy and just… start reading it.

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if you think OC muses should be treated with the same respect as canons. 

soulmate au where you have the name of your soulmate scribed on your body bUT

It’s their middle name