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Hello, I really want to find new exo blogs to follow (especially baby sehun blogs 😁), I wanted to know if you know any good ones to follow? Thanks 🙏

ah hello!!! 

ok since i follow more than 100 blogs and have a lot of mutuals i’ll keep this sehun focused

some sehun blogs:

 @sehurn @ohsehons @huntertainment @ohs-hun @huniversal @hunshines @heyhun @sehunsi @myhuntlemen @ohsehoney

sehun biased mutuals:

@sehuntiful @oohsenun @94-hun @actorhun @sxhuns @missyoumuch @lilbeansehun @http-sehun @sehunskoko @fluffyhunnie @sehunnified @chogisad @sehunsraani @carrotheadsehun @thicksehun @hunniedae @flawlessohsehun @starsehun @angel-osh @sehunsmile @sehunshake @omgohsehun @asleepykid

if you need other member recs then ask for those, but if i’d include all of exo or all my lovely mutuals this would get too long rn

it’s always really interesting what kind of dragons people really hold onto and spoil with expensive art and apparel etc like

there are people with favorite dragons that personally i would legit exalt at a loss right after hatching but for other people those color and gene combinations are like the holy grail of dragon breeding?

not hate, just really fascinates me!

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Do you have any tips for begining artists?

(( Beginer artist tips 101:

-> P R A C T I C E. And once you’re done practicing, practice some more. No seriously, that’s most of what there is to it XD Try to draw at least one thing every day (or almost every day).

-> Don’t be afraid to draw from references. If you’re drawing a rabbit, pull up a bunch of rabbit pictures. Study your subject matter and apply what you learn from those images into your own work.

-> Look at other people’s art! Look at contemporary artists, or even the old masters from way back then. Maybe you like this artist’s coloring style and you want to try something like that in your own art, or their way of interpreting anatomy really calls to you. Don’t be afraid to mix and match all those details into your own style. 

-> Keep in mind that nothing is completely original. Every artist’s style is basically an amalgamate of other artist’s styles. Even Michelangelo did it. Every renaissance artist was looking at the work of both ancient and contemporary artists to produce the masterpieces we know and love today.

-> Follow the holy commandments of the artists. Thou shalt not steal art, and though shalt honor thy fellow artists. Basically don’t be a d-bag. Don’t make fun of someone for their art or claim something you didn’t make as your own. 

-> Don’t be too hard on yourself. Art is an emotionally tasking thing. You’re going to feel drained sometimes and there will be days were you’ll feel extremely insecure about your art. Just know that it is completely normal to feel that way. Every artists goes through this, you just have to learn how to take care of yourself in those moments and keep on moving forward. Drink plenty of water, get some rest, have fun! Eventually you’ll rise back to the top and you’re going to feel proud of what you’ve accomplished.

Hopefully this helps! ;v; ))

Massive Eye Roll

 This will probably be the last post I will dedicate to this issue. I want to have fun on Tumblr again, and these posts coming across my board just drag me down. But I want to get this off my chest because I think it is VERY important that ES do NOT lump me and other Respectful Shippers in the same group as them to make themselves seem like a victim (again). 

The entire last year happened to ES because they decided to attack anyone that said Sam and Cait weren’t together. They attacked Shatner, they attacked Paul and others. They just didn’t like it when those people attacked back. They are in this “mess” because THEY decided to start harassing people and said they could without any reciprocation because they had less followers-how stupid is that?! 

Sam and Cait did NOT throw anyone under the bus. They said they got a letter from one person upset because they weren’t together-which they have said over and over again. And repeated again yesterday. They are speaking only to the specific people who are either mad at them for not being a couple, or insist that they are even when they said they aren’t. They DID NOT say anything about respectful shippers, who think it would be cute if they got together, who think they are adorable together. They have repeatedly liked tweets that have said so. What they have issue with is EXTREME SHIPPING. The irrational NEED for Sam and Cait to be together, the people that send them letters upset because they aren’t, the people that send awful messages to their friends or girlfriends, the people that make Tumblr posts trashing them and the people they are with. THAT is what they have issue with, not regular respectful shipping. It is not an awful thing to be a regular Respectful Shipper. It is an awful thing to do the nasty stuff that ES do. As a respectful shipper, I am not hurt at all by what Sam and Cait said. I agree with them. Because respectful shipping involves realizing that your shipping fantasy is just that, and is RESPECTFUL of their personal lives. We DO NOT insult Mackenzie, or Tony, or Abbie…or anyone else they are with, simply because they are with them and spend time together, or because we don’t like them. It’s okay not to like someone, it isn’t okay to be a bitch about it. That is actually the opposite of being respectful.  Respectful shippers do not hide behind sock accounts to spread hate to others, they do not engage in double standards, they do not trash people because they look a certain way. Respectful shippers DO NOT send the cast threatening tweets or make threatening posts. They DO NOT congratulate their friends for doing so either. 

Anyone who has done this does not deserve loyalty. They deserve to be blocked on SM and blocked from events. I would NEVER want anyone near me who has said or done any of this shit to me or to my SO or others I care about. NEVER. 

And WOW, congratulations that ES can behave for the 2 minutes they meet Sam and Cait. What does that matter when the next day they will be nasty all over again of SM? So go ahead and leave the fandom. We will be more peaceful and better off without you and those like you that live to insult and spread hate in the name of “love” which cause everyone in the fandom to give you massive eye rolls. 

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idk if this is something y'all talk abt, but i have a question abt face blindness. Is thinking two people look similar despite having faces that don't look similar a face blindness thing? I often thing people look like each other but everyone tells me they don't, and I usually think it's because they have a similar feature that I use to recognize them by that is similar (i usually remember people's eyes but sometimes it's their cheekbones or lips). Is that a thing that happens?

… I’m not 100% clear on what you’re asking, but I wanna say the answer is yes.

I’ll think people look alike/similar because I use the same kind of general identification groupings for them so to me they do look the same. When other people who can recognize faces look at those two people, they don’t look anything alike because they identify them differently.

For example, my brain thinks everyone who is white or white passing, has shoulder length-ish brown-ish hair, brown eyes, and who is wearing glasses + bright/bold lipstick looks the same. I’ve got quite a few mutuals who fit that description and I have to look at their url to figure out who is posting the selfie. (I just gave up when I had three of the mutuals who fit that hanging out with me at once.)

At work for a while, there were these two girls who wore their hair in a braid and had the same general build. Literally the only way I could tell them apart was that one had blonde-brown hair and the other had red-brown hair. Nobody else thought they looked anything alike.

Another example would be when watching tv, I can’t tell apart most of the characters. Male, middle-aged, short brown hair. Woman, skinny, long blonde hair. Woman, skinny, long brown hair. My three favorite actors/actresses.

TL:DR, when you don’t recognize faces, your brain comes up with other ways to recognize people.  In your case, if you use people’s eye and they have similar eyes, they look alike.

- Os

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#80 with Shane McMahon please?!?!?!

A/N: I haven’t edited this one so excuse any typos. I’ll come back and edit later.

Prompt # 80 - “Does he know about the baby?”     

You had always had a crush on Shane McMahon, watching wrestling he was one of your idols ad you couldn’t believe your luck when you were picked for Smackdown during the brand split. Shane had recently gone through a divorse with his now Ex wife Marissa, and had found him self drawn to you, you’d spend hours chatting and had found out you actually had a lot in common. Shane didn’t like to admit it but he actually found himself developing feelings for you to. However you had decided to push those feelings aside and had started dating other people, you and Dolph had been together for a little over a year and you were happy at the start of it before both of you realising you wanted to see dfferent people and broke things off. It had been a month since you and Dolph split up and you’d been feeling sick for the past few weeks, exiting the bathroom at the current arena you lean up against the wall and take a deep breath connecting all the dots in your head. Heading down the hall you frantically search for Shane hoping he can give you the night off. Nearing the end of the corridor you see Shane stood talking to Daniel Bryan, seeing you head towards him Shane couldn’t help the smile that made its way across his face, however that smile soon faced once he saw the worried look on your face.

“Everything alright (Y/N)?” Shane asked stepping forward a little, Daniel also giving you a conserned look.

“Ummmm, I’ve not been feeling to good latley. Normally I’d continue wrestling but I really don’t think I should.” Looking down at your clasped hands you nervously bite your lip.

“Of course. If you don’t think you can wrestle then you shouldn’t.” Daniel spoke up, shane wanting to do nothing more than reach out and hug you.

“Thank you.” You breathe giving them both a smile before hurridly exiting the building.

“You think she’s alright?” Shane asked Daniel as the walked off to try and find a replacement for you.

“She’ll be fine. She’s a tough girl.” Daniel patted Shane’s shoulder reassuring him.


Driving to the nearest store you pull up the hood on your jacket in the hopes that no one would recognise you, rushing throught the store you try to find the correct isle, picking up 2 different types of test before paying the cashier and head back to the hotel. Reaching your room you fumble  with the keycard, missing the slot a few times before tumbling into the room. Hurridly you scan the boxes reading the insturctions before following them. Placing the 2 sticks on the counter you set your phone timer, noticing you have a text message from Shane.

Shane - Hey! Just checking to make sure you’re okay. Message me if you need anything. Shane x

Smiling at the message you quickly type out a reply, the timer on your phone making you jump. Shackily you make your way over to the counter picking up the 2 pregancy tests you turn them over one by one. Pregnant. Both of them say the same thing. Sinking down to your knees you let out a shaky breath, how could you have let this happpen? Wiping away the few tears the had fallen you pick yourself up.

“Pull it together (Y/N). You can do this on your own, let nothing stop you.” You repeat what yyour mother had said to you when you first started out in wrestling. Getting changed you lie down between the hotel sheets formulating a plan for the morning.

Pulling up to the arena you take a deep breath before getting out the car heading off to tell Shane and Daniel the news. Finding Shane first you make your way over to him.

“Sorry to inturupt could I borrow Shane for a minute?” You smile at the lighting inturn Shane had been busy talking to. Saying goodbye the walked off leaving you and Shane alone.

“(Y/N) What’s up? Evenything alright?” Shane worridly asks, gently placing his hand on your arm.

“Yeah. I’ll be fine. I just need to talk to you and Daniel.” Nodding his head Shane directs you down the corridor where Daniel’s makeshift office was. Entering you find him sat there on the phone to Brie.

“-Yeah sure. I’ll talk later. Love you. Give my love to Birdie.” Hanging up the phone Daniel motions for you both to have a seat. “What can we do fo you (Y/N)? Danile asks as Shane takes a seat next to him.

“There is no subtle way to say this but …. I’m pregnant.” Taking a deep breath you look at both men who look shocked.

“Congrats (Y/N). First off I don’t want you to worry about your possition in the WWE I’m sure we can find you a possition backstage interviewing while your pregnant and sort things out from there, right Shane?” Daniel looked at Shane, who you’d noticed hadn’t stopped stairing at you since you announced your news.

“Yes of course. We’ll do everthing we can to support you.”

“And I take it Dolph is the father?” You nod your head at Daniels comment.

“Does he know about the baby?” Shane asked eyes burning into you.

“No he doesn’t. I only properly found out last night so I haven’t said anything yet.”

“I’ll go organise the match ups for tonight if you want to sort out a plan for storyling with Shane.” Daniel gets up from his chair, placing a comforting hand on your shoulder before leaving the room. Shane gets up from his chair and comes to sit in the one next to you, placing a hand on you knee he causing you to look up at him.

“If you want anything for you or the baby I’m here for you both. Okay?”

Nodding your head you smile at Shane, placing you hand over his.

“Thank you Shane. That means a lot to me.” Pulling him into a hug you relax in his arms knowing that maybe things would work out for the better, and true to his word Shane was there for whatever you needed and would soon become a permanent fixture in your life.

Prompt from this list.


quick question for all you snapchat users heh - if i created a second story that can be seen only by some people, would those people see my updates as they would with any other story? and would the people that can’t see it be notified at all?

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So I don't know if this is just me, but I feel like a lot of people into acting and/or writing would be Thunderbirds and/or Ravenclaws. Both provide creative means of escape and you can also learn a lot. What do you think?


I think Thunderclaws are drawn to any creative outlet than allows them to escape. I grew up doing musical theater and I even started college as a theater major! I then switched over to film production because I love exploring other worlds and movies allow that kind of escape.

I’m now getting my master’s in visual anthropology because I believe film is one of the best ways to bring knowledge of other cultures and people to those who cannot afford to travel the world. And I truly believe that being a Thunderbird has shaped my interests and my path in life.

Anyone else want to share their journey? What kind of creative or intellectual pursuits do you think are shaped by being a Thunderclaw? Or vice versa?

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❤️💛💚💙💜💓 all for Chardelia

(some of these are already answered so)

❤️: Who is more affectionate in public? In private?
-Charlotte is more openly affectionate, always grabbing Delia’s hand or kissing her cheek or something small like that, but Delia leaves little lipstick stains all over Charlotte’s face whenever they’re alone.

💚: Who tends to get sick more often? Who is better at taking care of the other?
-Delia’s one of those people who gets the stomach bug every. time. it comes around, and she’s known to have mental breakdowns so bad she has to call in sick. Charlotte’s always there with soup or ice cream to make her feel better.

💜: Who said “I love you” first?
-Delia definitely said it first and second and third. Charlotte says it more often though, strangely enough.

💓: Who initiates most physical contact?

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i saw that banner post thing and i've never seen that slur in my life. i heard a few slurs used against jewish people but never that one. please explanation on what it means? btw i'm jewish, i just live in israel so it's pretty rare (obviously) to hear a slur directed at jewish people, and i pretty much discovered those other slurs in our school program or online.

ok so yeah #k slur warning

- - -

Ok so the k slur (kike) is a slur used against Jewish people, I see it used mainly by neo nazis. It’s origins aren’t really clear, but one source says Ellis Island and another is from Germany. Either way, it’s been used for a while. Some Jewish people choose to reclaim it, but like all slurs if you are not Jewish you can’t use it. I don’t really think it’s has a meaning, it’s more just a slur to call Jews, but if you want more info on it the Wikipedia page explains possible origins.

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What do you do when you know what your biggest passion is and know what you want to do with your life and what makes you really happy, but people in your life say it's unrealistic to do that and say there's no point even trying because everyone wants that. I get really motivated but when people say that, I almost want to give up and makes it all seem impossible and it even lowers my self esteem. Do you keep fighting for your dream/ideal life or do you listen to these people?


That is a really deep question that even a retired teenager like myself can’t claim to have the right answer to. As you’ve probably noticed, it is quite challenging attempting to choose one side in favour of the other. Perhaps there isn’t one right answer to this question. There are successful people who chose to follow their dream. There are also successful people who chose to listen to others. However those who seem to be happily content with their lives appear to be the ones who have been able to find a healthy balance between both. 

Being true to yourself will ensure you are fulfilling your purpose. Listening to others might also spur you to inject some practicality into your plans. For instance if you were passionate about following a certain path which would be difficult to make money from, you could train for a job that could sustain you while you continue working towards your dream. Many schools offer careers counselling services which may even help identify careers that offer the best of both aspects. It may be helpful paying a visiting to one.

Whatever you choose to do, always consult with your head (your thoughts including others’ points), your heart (how you feel) and your gut (your instincts). Take as much time as you need to ensure that your decision has taken all 3 into full consideration before putting it into action. Also remember that careers always evolve and you can always adjust your plans as you see fit. Good luck.

Tumi Lawal

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What about people who don't like fontcest OR the skelechildren? I'm not trying to run your blog for you but four asks a day is like.. What if all four of them are in those categories and then people who originally followed for your other content are left with none of what they originally followed for?

Thats unlikely to happen, but I’ll try to shuffle so it’s not the same thing in one day.

You’re allowed to be excited about the little things. You’re allowed to be goofy. You’re allowed to be dorky about your favorite tv show, to make blanket forts, to enjoy cheesy movies, even just to sleep with stuffed animals. You’re allowed to do any of the things that make life a little more bearable. It’s fine, ok?

EXO’s rival is EXO


‘Who do you ship Swap!Sans with?” is an ask I’ve seen more than once, so…

And, of course, bonus:

Original joke comes from Parks and Recreation: 1, 2

Ink belongs to @comyet

Dream belongs to @jokublog

Error belongs to @loverofpiggies

I’ve been drawing some ghost ‘mons recently so here is one of my many children. His name is Lloyd and he has a Bashful nature.