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The One That Got Away [Chapter 11]

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Chapter 11 of The One That Got Away

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Series Genre: Angst/Fluff/Smut

Empty. Emptiness is all you could feel as you sat in your bathtub. The water had long lost its heat but you couldn’t move.

You replayed the past few interactions with Jaebum in your head as you stared blankly ahead. His affections were all you had been wanting while you were away and as much as you didn’t want to admit it, they were all you wanted now.

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One Hundred Points to Slytherin (Cora & Stiles)

eternalsterek-broughttolife Cora / Stiles brotp for “If we get arrested, it’s your fault.” 

I had so much fun writing this! I really hope you enjoy it, bb! There is pre-Derek/Stiles of the pining variety as well as pre-Cora/Allison in the same pining way. Oh, also, this is not a Harry Potter AU or anything. They’re just Potter geeks. LOL This is Fic #48 in my 2017 Prompt Challenge

One Hundred Points to Slytherin. Cora & Stiles BrOTP. Teen. Also on AO3.

Cora and Stiles are a great team whose latest assignment is recovering a magical vase from the guy who stole it.

“If we get arrested, it’s your fault.” Cora loops the bungee cord around her hand and tugs, testing the strength.

“How exactly did you come to that conclusion again?” Stiles asks curiously, typing the codes needed to hack into the security system. “I’m getting us video access so we avoid running into any of Callahan’s goons. That means I’m doing my best to prevent us from getting arrested.”

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“ look at me I am full of flaws.”

“ How can you be so sure of that? How do you know those are flaws? There is no other you to compare, there is only you and you. An unique master piece… All those flaws that you claim to have aren’t actually flaws, It’s one of your unique features, let it be a habit that you think is bad, or the mole you think is ugly. Nothing, none of those are your short comings.”

Meet Me In The Pines

Summary: Lost glances during divination class. Made-up constellations. Moonlight on the forbidden forest. Draco Malfoy. The soft bristles of a paint brush against your skin. Dark petals flourishing. Pansy Parkinson. The thrill of the night. The flutter of undiagnosed feelings in your stomach. You.

Word count: 2590 

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Rays of sunshine were piercing through the gapings between the thick drapes curtaining the windows of the Divination classroom. Strips of sunlight highlighted floating specs of dust as Professor Trelawney was sitting at her desk, apparently grading some papers, but she could’ve been annotating professional works on reading star maps just the same.

She was leaving you and your class to your crystal balls, having explained it would take time for most of you to get a result out of them. Draco and Pansy, with whom you’d paired up with, had given up, but you hadn’t. You were determined to see something today. And you believed you could.

“She really is taking this stupid class seriously, isn’t she?” Draco asked Pansy as he watched you alternate between looking at your manual and the ball.

“Apparently,” Pansy responded looking at you pensively. “She’s always had the most peculiar interests,” she added, amused.

“You know I can hear you two nitwits, right?” you told them, not bothering to look up from your reading. “Just because I’m actually getting some work done doesn’t mean I’ve gone deaf.”

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No turning back.

Ok. In the end I decided to write the AU, not sure how many chapters it will take, maybe three or four… five? I think more.
I really enjoyed writing it, and I kind of broke my onw heart while writing future chapters… I’m not sure if that means I’m good at writing, or that I suck a lot. But whatever, it was fun!

Remember: This is a Star vs The Forces Of Evil AU in wich there is Tomco, Male/Male.


Chapter 1: The Fire Demon.

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Shots of Whiskey

The first shot tasted so obnoxious. It rolled from my mouth down to my throat uncurving like a ruled trace of lines in journals. I can clearly recall your face, with that tiny mole in your face, and those dimples lingering your cheeks.

The seventh shot was no longer unsavory as I got used to the taste. My mind is beclouded with mist as I engulfed the silent intoxication of alcohol. The feeling I hold is still clear as it was, as true as it has ever been.

Then the twenty-first shot has arrived and I can’t even lift my arms to get the scotch glass. In that speck of time, somehow I forgot us, the burning stars, and the entirety of the world;

But drinking, I am afraid, can only make me forget tonight because tomorrow, I know, I will ache over and over again.


You know those dark spots on your arms like little moles or dark freckles. Yeah? Ok good. Now picture them as a connect the dots. Take a pen or something and figure out a constellation on your arm(s). Then name your constellation, come up with what it is. Is it animal like? Maybe a dragon? Awesome!
Now when ever you look at your arm you’re reminded that you have stars on your skin and that’s just super cool.
Go enjoy your mini galaxies.