and those goddamn pants

‘Cause hey, you guys know what? When Baek wears this kind of clothing, it puts everyone to shame but Goddamn, those pants would make Park Chanyeol want to jump on him once he got home at their dorm. Fucking simplicity suits him. 

I think Chanyeol got it hard.

Nope not the d hard. ‘Kay don’t mind me.

He is so whipped for Baek they should just be together for fuck’s sake. 

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Goddamn those glittery pants will be the literal death of me. SO beautiful. And kjdsjghdsajghsdkj LOUIS IN THOSE CLOTHES FROM ANOTHER MAN YOU ARE TRYING TO MURDER ME

“In the Midnight Hour” – SPN Hiatus Writing Challenge: Week 5

Author: fangirlofeverythingme

Reader gender: Female

Paring: Dean x Reader

Words count: 3 000

Warnings: smut, slightly sub!Dean/dom!Reader, teasing, oral (female receiving), face sitting, language, dirty talk, nsfw gifs

Prompt: Written for the 5th week of SPN Hiatus Writing Challenge by @one-shots-supernatural. The prompt was: “How about no?”

A/N: My sub!Dean feelings has been woken up by wonderful @ilostmyshoe-79 and this happened. Hope you enjoy it!

Summary: Dean wakes the Reader in the middle of the night for obvious reasons. She decides to teach him a little lesson.

@iwantthedean @growleytria @d-s-winchester @ashleymalfoy @divinitycas @salvachester @but-deans-back-tho

It wasn’t the hot, open-mouth kisses that had woken you up. Neither a hand that slid over your ass and across your thigh to slip into your pyjama pants.  It wasn’t even those goddamn sex noises next to your ear.

It was a friction you felt when he ground his hips onto you, once, twice, three times, that you couldn’t ignore.

Squinting, you glanced at the clock on your night stand. It was showing 3:30 a.m.

“Seriously? It’s the middle of the freaking night.” you grumbled, fighting for the sleep to stay with you, but it had already given up on you. “We just went two rounds like three hours ago, Dean.” you sighed, rolling to your back.

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ok before the game comes out:

I truly believe Damien was like some sorta average joe accountant, but kid(s) got into their goth phase, and he! wanted to support them!! So he tried to embrace the goth culture

little would he know though it would awaken something in him –   just so goddamn over the top,like he was a true baby bat (bought everything at hot topic, googled “how to dress goth” alot, wore THOSE pants you know the ones goddamn everywhere, believed you werent a real goth unless you wore everything black 24/7/365) 

like you look me in the eye and tell Bloodmarch is not a last name a sprouting goth would choose as their last name if they had the access to do so

i want that to be a tiny tummy on sollux ok

i want him to have a bit of pudge because he never leaves his computer and eats nothing but junk food and who the fuck even walks when you can move yourself around with psionics????

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Companions finding pin up calendar/magazine etc of sole

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Oh ho ho ho I’m sensing a baby smutty post coming along. Saving the world with a drop dead gorgeous Sole hm? Psh. I bet it’s just pictures of you anon~

Cait: *whistles* “Well now darlin,’ when were ya gonna tell me about these little hot gems ya did before the war?” They had entered into a sex shop just for fun, and to maybe laugh a little at how the people pre-war had enjoyed themself when Cait found the stacks of porno magazines in the corner. Oh man, these were giving her all sorts of ideas hnnng. Grabbing all the kinky outfits she could find, she waggled her eyebrows at Sole to let her know that she would rather see an in-person version of pin-up version of Sole. Of course after a hot make out session, Cait didn’t forget to snatch up that magazine for some heavy touching later that night.

Codsworth: “Oh? OH! oh mum/sir… how lewd.” If Codsworth could blush, he would be turning every variety of crimson imaginable. He never imagined his virtuous madam would ever take such indecent pictures. The horror! What would young Shaun think?!

Curie: “Is zis what zey call pin-up? Oh how fascinating! I was not aware you were such a talented model. How is it you get to be called a ‘pin-up’ model?” Curie was so fascinated with the modeling book Sole had shown her that Sole asked her if she herself wanted to try it. Curie’s eyes absolutely sparkled with glee as they found a couple of matching swimsuits similar to the one’s Sole had before. They were at a photography store, so naturally they had all sorts of cameras to choose from. They took all sorts of crazy, silly, sexy pictures until they collapsed from laughter. Curie now has a bunch of pictures of her and Sole from that day that she keeps under her pillow and looks at every night before going to sleep.

Danse: They had entered a vintage clothing store Sole remembered going to in the pre-war times. They had mentioned how they had done some ‘pin-up’ modeling and would probably see pictures of them around. Not knowing what pin-up meant, he shrugged it off. That was until he entered the store. A large ratty poster with a picture of Sole posing seductively in a racy red swimsuit caught his eye. “I-wow. Amazing soldier. Nice muscle tone.” Sole saw him wince at that awkward line out of the corner of their eye. The whole time they were in there, Sole had to keep reminding him to stop gawking and keep looking. Many many times. Even as they started to leave, they had to yell at Danse to get him to hurry his armored butt up. Sole didn’t know that he lagged behind on purpose because he was busy tearing down that racy red picture on the wall for himself.

Dogmeat: *bark* [Dogmeat found something]

Deacon: “Well well well, what have we here? From model to lawyer to world savior, I admit you even out do me. If you ever want to do some uh, modeling again, just say the word.” They had been in the movie store in Fallon’s when Deacon held up a large pin up poster of Sole in a kinky sailor outfit with a huge grin on his face. Sole lit up like a Christmas light and snatched it out of his hands, ripping it up. No way were they going to give him something else to tease them with. What Sole didn’t know was that Deacon also found a stack of postcards all with different pin up pictures of them but had stuffed them into the hem of his pants. Those were for later.

Hancock: “Goddamn sunshine! Can I get an autograph?” He threw an arm over Sole’s shoulders and brought the picture up to eye level. A clothing shop in Monsignor Plaza apparently carried a stash of pin up posters behind the counter. Sole tried to swipe it from him but Hancock was faster. “Oh no, this one’s for me love.” Hancock continued to evade Sole’s attempts at reclaiming the poster until they were red in the face, much to his amusement. They could try all they wanted, there was no way in hell he wasn’t keeping this absolutely stunning picture for himself. Not when it made him feel so… mmm.

MacCready: They were scavenging a convenience store for supplies when he found them. Oh…man… “Boss-” he started to say because he was excited to see Sole on the cover of a magazine! But as soon as he started flipping through the pages, he saw Sole with a lot less clothing than he was used to seeing them in. Oh man what a knockout. He was blushing down to his navel just in the spot he stood in at all the sexy poses. Sole tapping on his shoulder snapped him out of his daydream and he quickly shoved the magazine into the folds of his jacket, keeping it a secret from them. He was definitely going to be looking at this more thoroughly tonight.

Nick Valentine: They had been traveling around Salem when an abandoned tattoo parlor caught Sole’s eye. Insisting they enter, Nick found himself surrounded by numerous pictures of barely clothed and naked models all over the walls. Feeling a bit out of place (to which Sole smirked at), he holstered his gun and stuck by the entrance, while Sole scavenged through the back. Then, one particular picture caught his eye. Was that… it was undeniably Sole. As he moved to get a closer look, he noticed stacks of merchandise that were organized by the model’s name. He went straight for Sole and found a calendar with a jazzy theme. “Well well well” he muttered to himself as he thumbed through the months. Sole was definitely the classiest lookin’ out of this entire place. But maybe that was just him. He smirked as he sat down in a chair appreciating the artistry, among other things, of each individual picture.

Piper: It was just another day at Sanctuary when Trashcan Carla stopped by with a fresh batch of magazines and newspapers. Piper usually bought a few each time to add to her collection but her eyes bulged out of their sockets when she saw Sole on the cover of one in nothing but a fedora, suspenders, and suspiciously short shorts. Piper bought it instantly. Holy crap! How had Sole hidden this from her all this time! She knew they were gorgeous but man! Piper confronted Sole instantly, shoving the magazine in their face with blushing cheeks. “My goodness gracious Sole, you’re absolutely beautiful/handsome! Can I keep it?”

Preston: “G-g-general! I- wow- I mean- you- and the clothes- and- just WOW.” He could save the Commonwealth but he literally could not form a sentence to save his own life. Those pin-up post cards were doing something to his brain. I mean… It wasn’t like he hadn’t thought of Sole in that way before but just seeing them like he had in his dreams… It was just wow. He could’ve slapped himself for how dumb he must have sounded to them but he was just so amazed at how lovely they looked. Sole, a little embarrassed, insisted he left them there. Maybe… maybe he would just keep one for himself.

Strong: “WHY HUMAN WEARING SO LITTLE CLOTHES? HUMAN DIE LIKE THAT!” Strong proceeded to shove the pictures of Sole in their tight undergarments in their face unable to fathom the concept of modeling.

X6-88: “Ma’am/Sir, I don’t know what it is you expect me to say.” Sole had wanted to see him squirm so when they found pictures from a 60s style pin-up photoshoot they did for fun, they flashed them in his face. He just shrugged, not showing any interest, saying that body parts were meant to be trained for combat, not cosmetics. Sole clicked their tongue, disheartened at his lack of interest as they tossed the pictures to the side. So much for that. However, X6 can neither confirm nor deny that he may currently be in possession of an annual pin up calendar he found at another store weeks ago.


Maxson: Some of the Brotherhood soldiers had been snickering in the mess hall. There was a rumor going around about some… provocative pictures of the Sentinel in pin-up attire. Maxson would not stand for any soldier that dare disrespect Sole with such nonsense but the soldiers usually quieted as soon as he entered the room. One day he finally caught some knights off guard as they were looking at some magazine and snatched it out of their hands.  “You are all forbidden from leaving the base for the next 3 months and as for this-” he flipped through the first few pages of the magazine. “… I will be confiscating this.” Even though the contraband crate was kept near Teagan, it confused the soldiers when Maxson went straight for his private quarters. No one saw him for the rest of the day.

Glory: “Well damn! I didn’t know what to expect when you told us about modeling but I certainly wasn’t expecting that.” Glory motioned towards the collection of annual calendars with Sole in lacy pin-up attire. She had never seen them out of their vault suit before so when they saw this, next to nude photo of them, it certainly sent a little longing for them down in her pants. Sole was embarrassed that the Railroad wasn’t going to let her hear the end of it but there was no way in hell Glory was going to be sharing these with anyone but herself.

Kiss It Better

So here’s the winner of my fic giveaway actualmountainmanderekhale’s prompt.

I hope you like it :)

Word count: 1,361

Pairing: Mavin with Cat!Michael and Bird!Gavin

Rating: PG, some swearing but overall just fluff

Prompt:  “if it’s not too much trouble, i would very much like a mavin fic with padalickingood’s hybrid au (if that’s ok! if not just normal, no au) with michael accidentally hurting himself and gavin comforting him with cuddles pls <3 <3”

Author’s Note: This was such a cute prompt to write for and I absolutely love padalickingood’s hybrid au, if you don’t follow either of these two blogs I suggest you do!

if you want to read more of my fics here’s the link

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The signs as things my friends and I have said

Aries: //rubs paintbrush on nose// “the stapler. the black stapler”


Gemini: “My cat is my waifu. It’s not beastiality, it’s love.”

Cancer: “If I hadn’t disowned you before I would’ve disowned you now”


Virgo: //spills milk all over pants// “GODDAMN THOSE ANIME THEME SONGS”

Libra: //gets hit in the face with a huge piece of cardboard// “I’m not giving you those thin mints”

Scorpio: “Dangerous Daniel the gay cocker spaniel”

Sagittarius: “I eat frozen vegetables when I’m sad. I don’t like frozen vegetables”

Capricorn: “If I were living my dreams I would’ve killed somebody by now”

Aquarius: “now I’m pretty sure your mother is in hell so go get your own damn fork”

Pisces: //teacher picks up stuffed alpaca off of the floor// “ok who’s is this?” //pisces runs out of a random classroom// “KAREN!!”

All the Lives We've Led, The People We've Been (Laura/Carmilla)

*begrudgingly drops this in the Carmilla tag while grumbling about not having written fanfic since she was 15 years old and seriously what is this show doing to her*

OK, so I wrote this because I was like “man, what was going through Laura’s head during that seduction scene?” And this is what came out of that except then I jumped a liiiiiiiittle bit farther than just the scene and god don’t look at me.

So yeah, Laura’s POV on the seduction scene from Episode 17.

Here. I’m sorry. 


In some other life, in some other world, there is a Laura who enjoys Carmilla’s advances.

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