and those goddamn pants


I wish I had like … clothes?

I mean like. I only have stuff for a week maybe. but it’d also be nice to actually have stuff that looks good on me? or even like ok-ish?? but damn clothes cost money (+ spd makes shopping & shit hard), and I literally have nothing to spare :/

“In the Midnight Hour” – SPN Hiatus Writing Challenge: Week 5

Author: fangirlofeverythingme

Reader gender: Female

Paring: Dean x Reader

Words count: 3 000

Warnings: smut, slightly sub!Dean/dom!Reader, teasing, oral (female receiving), face sitting, language, dirty talk, nsfw gifs

Prompt: Written for the 5th week of SPN Hiatus Writing Challenge by @one-shots-supernatural. The prompt was: “How about no?”

A/N: My sub!Dean feelings has been woken up by wonderful @ilostmyshoe-79 and this happened. Hope you enjoy it!

Summary: Dean wakes the Reader in the middle of the night for obvious reasons. She decides to teach him a little lesson.

@iwantthedean @growleytria @d-s-winchester @ashleymalfoy @divinitycas @salvachester @but-deans-back-tho

It wasn’t the hot, open-mouth kisses that had woken you up. Neither a hand that slid over your ass and across your thigh to slip into your pyjama pants.  It wasn’t even those goddamn sex noises next to your ear.

It was a friction you felt when he ground his hips onto you, once, twice, three times, that you couldn’t ignore.

Squinting, you glanced at the clock on your night stand. It was showing 3:30 a.m.

“Seriously? It’s the middle of the freaking night.” you grumbled, fighting for the sleep to stay with you, but it had already given up on you. “We just went two rounds like three hours ago, Dean.” you sighed, rolling to your back.

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The signs as things my friends and I have said

Aries: //rubs paintbrush on nose// “the stapler. the black stapler”


Gemini: “My cat is my waifu. It’s not beastiality, it’s love.”

Cancer: “If I hadn’t disowned you before I would’ve disowned you now”


Virgo: //spills milk all over pants// “GODDAMN THOSE ANIME THEME SONGS”

Libra: //gets hit in the face with a huge piece of cardboard// “I’m not giving you those thin mints”

Scorpio: “Dangerous Daniel the gay cocker spaniel”

Sagittarius: “I eat frozen vegetables when I’m sad. I don’t like frozen vegetables”

Capricorn: “If I were living my dreams I would’ve killed somebody by now”

Aquarius: “now I’m pretty sure your mother is in hell so go get your own damn fork”

Pisces: //teacher picks up stuffed alpaca off of the floor// “ok who’s is this?” //pisces runs out of a random classroom// “KAREN!!”