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Wild Thoughts (Bucky Barnes x reader)

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Pariring: Bucky x reader

Word count: 1899

Warnings: smut smut smut! Rough sex, unprotected sex, swearing, Bucky (he’s a warning)

A/N: My first time writing Bucky! I tagged some of you lovely ladies I follow, if you wanna be untagged let me know!

When I’m with you all I get is wild thoughts….

Bucky Barnes was a problem. He hadn’t done anything wrong, in fact, he was the epitome of perfection. He was your problem. Because whenever he was around, you lost control of yourself. On the outside, you remained your usual composed self but on the inside, your world was chaos. Just the mention of his name caused your brain to spiral and a heat to settle between your legs. And you swore the fucker knew it too. His little smirks and the deep, sultry tone his voice would take when he would speak to you but no one else was your first clue. The subtle touches that bordered on inappropriate (not that you minded) were your second. Like when you’d be sitting in a briefing and his hand would casually graze your inner thigh and you’d have to bite back a moan. Or when you’d be cooking in the kitchen and he’d “accidentally” press himself up against your back. Yup, Bucky Barnes was problem and you needed to solve it. Soon.

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Tree Bros Anniversary Headcannon

• They decide to spend the day together for their anniversary
• Connor usually plans the dates, so it’s a pleasant surprise when Evan asks to plan it
• Evan tells Connor nothing about it except to make sure he has fancy clothes to change into
• Once the day comes, Evan picks up Connor at nine and gives him a bouquet of flowers and a teddy bear with a heart because he’s a basic boyfriend
• They go on a hike and then cuddle in an open field because it’s where Connor asked Evan out.
• Then they leave and get ice cream at A La Mode because that’s where they had their first kiss
• Evan orders his ice cream all by himself because he’s overcoming his anxiety
• Connor is so proud of his little tree boyfriend
• Connor gives Evan a gift, a jar filled with reasons he loves him and Evan is so happy he starts crying
• Evan gives another gift to Connor and it’s a watch with their initials engraved on it
• Connor gets so happy, he starts crying too
• They go back to Evan’s house because that’s where they first said I love you
• Together they make Connor’s favorite meal for lunch, Kraft Mac and Cheese
• Then they watch reruns of Friends because it’s their favorite show to watch together
• Connor gives Evan two tickets to see their favorite band, Green Day
• Evan brings them to their next stop which is Connor’s house because that’s where they first had s e x
• They talk about how much they love each other and how adorable the other is and it’s so cute but Zoe comes home and makes them go into Connor’s room because she doesn’t want to hear them
• They go into his room and make sure Zoe can most definitely hear them
• They f*ckkkkkkk
• Afterwards, Evan tells Connor to put on his fancy clothes.
• They don’t look at each other while they’re changing because they want to be surprised by how the other looks
• When they see each other, Evan can’t stop gushing at how hot his boyfriend looks
• “Zoe! Come here! Come look at how hot your brother is right now! Like damn look at that ass in those pants!”
• Evan won’t tell Connor where they’re going
• They end up going to the fanciest restaurant in town and pretend to be all fancy
• Evan gives Connor one last gift
• The restaurant is clapping for them and Evan gets all nervous and blushy and Connor thinks it’s adorable and they kiss!

Sorry it probably wasn’t good but I’ll turn this into an actual oneshot fic soon


Relationship: Steve x Reader

Summary: Steve returns from his workout and can’t seem to get one person out of his mind.

A/N: Just trying to work through this writer’s block.

Warnings: Smut, masturbation (male).

Words: 413

Originally posted by imultifandomstuff

The bathroom door opens before Steve steps in to his room, his towel wrapped around his waist, water droplets falling from the ends of his hair and on to his shoulders, rolling over his skin. He pulls his towel from around his waist, drying his hair, a scowl on his face.

With a sigh he looks down at the evidence of just how much she affected him. The cold shower didn’t help.

“She just had to wear those god damn pants” he mumbles in frustration before dropping the towel and walking to his bed, giving in.

Glancing at the clock hanging on the wall, he decides he had enough time before the debriefing in half an hour as he rests against the headboard, his jaw clenching as he wraps his fingers around his length.

A satisfied sigh escapes his parted lips as he slowly begins to stroke himself, his mind trying and failing to keep images of her out of his mind.

Just moments ago her body was pressed under his on the mats. He was hesitant to spar her but she was insistent and he could never resist her smile. And so he gave in and regretted it as soon as he caught her punch, using the leverage to pull her to the ground and get her in a hold before he felt a very noticeable twitch in his boxers.

His hand pumps the length of his shaft as he works himself closer and closer to his climax, his heartbeat quickening, soft groans passing his lips.

Her workout attire didn’t help, a sheen of sweat over her smooth skin as she sparred him in nothing but a sports bra and leggings. His eyes flutter shut as he throws caution to the wind, letting his mind be filled with the images of her body, her muscles rolling as she threw her punches, the way her thighs felt around his waist as she tried holding him down.

He was getting close, his body yearning for some relief. His eyebrows knit together as a soft whimper falls, his hand quickening as he strokes his shaft, paying attention to the head of his painfully erect member.

Her name falls from his lips, his mind now overcome with her groans, her smell, her body against his as they sparred.

His breath stutters as he strokes over his turgid length and with one last groan, he mutters his sexy, sexy catch phrase “The human is torching” as he finally climaxes in his hand.

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Sidenote: I’m a piece of shit. I’m not even sorry.

Cheap Pants, Alexander Hamilton x Reader

Prompt: College AU + Alexander Hamilton

Words: 487

Author’s Note: This was actually the first I wrote, I accidentally posted the Mulligan on before this!

Warnings: Innuendo at the end.

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Alexander Hamilton had exactly three extra curricular activities: studying, drinking, and arguing. You had the pleasure to witness each of the different sides of him, sometimes they intertwined (you can still hear echos of him drunkenly murmuring about the very first murder trial of the United States of America).

Currently, he was content with the last of the list. If Alexander and his ‘rival’ (as he eloquently puts it) Thomas Jefferson happen to share a room, ‘shit is about to go down’ (as Laurens eloquently puts it).

You had droned out many of their arguments before, and this wasn’t any different.

You silently compared the two men: Thomas, long and lean, intelligent beyond belief and opinionated. He spoke in long, quick phrases that left you dissecting them for hours after he said them. He was poetry, in a way. Poetry you would never read, but a poem nevertheless.

Alexander, shorter in stature but he certainly made up for it in passion and enthusiasm. He was on par with Thomas in his intelligence. If anything, his raw determination may have given him the upper hand. He spoke nearly as fast, but twice as elegant. If Thomas was a poem, Alexander was a Shakespearean sonnet. Complicated and witty. Hilarious and otherworldly. Breathtaking.

“Something on your mind?” Lafayette teased next to you, watching as you carefully inspected Alexander.

“Hmm?” You responded, startled by his presence. Had he been sitting there a minute ago? “Oh…I was simply…admiring his finely tailored pants?”

Hercules scoffed from the other side of Lafayette, “Those are the cheapest pants he owns.”

‘Damn fashion major.’ You thought to yourself.

“Maybe Y/N can settle the score.” Alexander insisted, suddenly pulling you between the two heated men.

“Thomas insists he received a higher grade on our History of Law pop quiz. Tell him he’s wrong.”

You should have known being a TA for a class both Thomas and Alexander were enrolled in would bite you in the ass eventually.

“Alex, what have I told you about pulling me into your cat fights?” You sighed.

Their History of Law teacher had a habit of putting a ‘fun little bonus question’ at the end of every test. They always revolved around trivia from well known movies. You knew the question a day in advance and had discretely sat Alex down to watch it. Alex received full credit, plus the bonus. Thomas received full credit.

“Alex had the higher grade.” You laughed as Thomas cursed and Alex, in a fit of happiness, pulled you into a hug and spun you a bit.

“I knew I befriended you for a reason!” He cheered, “Besides how breathtaking you look in this,” He gently tugged at the hem of your sweatshirt, which once belonged to - and still smelled of - Alexander.

“Yeah, and you don’t look too bad in your cheap pants.” You giggled.

“Well, if you like these pants so much, you should see me out of them.”

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Blurbs :

    Blurb #1 : Kind of boyfriend … 4/4

    Blurb #2 : You’re a lingerie model (Smut) - Ashton/4 

                                                                     - Calum/4

                                                                     - Luke&Michael/4

    Blurb #3 : This time of the month - 4/4

    Blurb #4 : They’re dating a bigger girl - Michael/4

    Blurb #5 : First time things really get heated - Ashton/4

                                                                          - Calum&Luke&Michael/4

    Blurb #6 : He can’t seem to get your attention - Calum/4

    Blurb #7 : Body modification - 4/4

    Blurb #8 : They’re dating a short girl - 4/4

    Blurb #9 : They’re afraid of the dark - Ashton&Luke/4

    Blurb #10 : You have to use the safe word - Calum/4

    Blurb #11 : What they’re like in bed - 4/4

    Blurb #12 : Getting off - 4/4

    Blurb #13 : Badboy takes care of you - Calum/4

    Blurb #14 : Cuddles - Ashton&Calum/4

    Blurb #15 : Self-control - Michael/4

    Blurb #16 : Badboy has a gun - Michael/4

Preferences :

    Preference #1 : Activities you do together 4/4

    Preference #2 : A fan takes a picture of you 4/4

    Preference #3 : Things he does that makes you weak 4/4

    Preference #4 : He eats you out 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #5 : When he’s rough 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #6 : You ride him 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #7 : Spanking 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals* 

    Preference #8 : He hits you 4/4

    Preference #9 : Blowjob 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #10 : Foreplay 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #11 : He’s dominant 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #12 : Come & get it 4/4 (Song pref)

    Preference #13 : Countdown to meeting your soul mate 4/4

    Preference #14 : Teasing 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #15 : Morning sex 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #16 : You’re his sister and come out as a lesbian 4/4

    Preference #17 : Passionate sex 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #18 : Boobies 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #19 : He fingers you 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #20 : They calm you down on your wedding day 4/4

    Preference #21 : You give him a boner in public - 4/4

    Preference #22 : Shower/Bath 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #23 : Games 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #24 : New position 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #25 : His pace 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #26 : He needs you 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #27 : Your first time 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #28 : I would 4/4 (Song pref)

    Preference #29 : It gets really intense 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #30 : Toys 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #31 : They find out you self-harm 4/4

    Preference #32 : You’re dominant 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #33 : He wants to take it slow 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #34 : He meets your divorced parents 4/4

    Preference #35 : He’s helpless 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #36 : Outside of bed 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #37 : His orgasm 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #38 : Your orgasm 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #39 : Sex with him 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #40 : Handjob 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #41 : They find out you have an eating disorder 4/4

    Preference #42 : Touching yourself 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #43 : You want to be a big spoon 4/4

    Preference #44 : Caress 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #45 : Grinding 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #46 : Random sex 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #47 : Closer 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #48 : “Look at me” 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #49 : Work for it 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #50 : Bad boy 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #51 : Threesome with another girl 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #52 : Bad girl 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #53 : Overstimulation 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #54 : It gets really intense part 2 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #55 : Anal 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #56 : He knows your body better than anyone 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #57 : Holding hands 4/4 (Smut) *visuals*

    Preference #58 : He ties your up 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #59 : Lingerie he likes on you 4/4 *Visuals*

    Preference #60 : Leaked personal picture 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #61 : Blindfolded 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #62 : Fucking your mouth 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #63 : Playful 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #64 : Sexting 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #65 : American Horror Story - Michael/4

    Preference #66 : I’m not the only one 4/4 - part one

                                                                      - part two

    Preference #67 : First Date 4/4

    Preference #68 : The last time 4/4

    Preference #69 : Marvin Gaye 4/4

    Preference #70 : He makes you feel insecure - Luke&Michael/4

                                                                            - Ashton&Calum/4  - Part 2

    Preference #71 : Can’t get enough of you 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #72 : Details 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #73 : He’s too good 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #74 : Riding his face 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #75 : What makes him weak 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #76 : You’re dominant part 2 4/4 (Smut) *Visuals*

    Preference #77 : In his pants 4/4 (Smut)

    Preference #78 : You fall asleep on him 4/4

Imagines :

    Imagine #1 : “What makes you think I’m wearing any?” (Calum Hood)

    Imagine #2 : “I can do it too” (Luke Hemmings)

    Imagine #3 : “Let’s have breakfast in bed” (Michael Clifford) (Smut)

    Imagine #4 : “(Y/N)’s on her period” (Luke Hemmings) 

    Imagine #5 : “Come live with us” (Michael Clifford)

    Imagine #6 : Drum lessons (Ashton Irwin) (Smut)

    Imagine #7 : Too sexy (Luke Hemmings)

    Imagine #8 : I miss you (Ashton Irwin)

    Imagine #9 : Make it better (Calum Hood)

    Imagine #10 : Balcony talk (Michael Clifford)

    Imagine #11 : Gentlemen (Luke Hemmings)

    Imagine #12 : Fanboy (Calum Hood)

    Imagine #13 : Desperate (Calum Hood) (Smut)

    Imagine #14 : Number one priority (Ashton Irwin)

    Imagine #15 : No big deal (Luke Hemmings)

    Imagine #16 : Surprise (Luke Hemmings)

    Imagine #17 : Absolutely (Calum Hood) (Smut)

    Imagine #18 : Crush (Luke Hemmings)

    Imagine #19 : Too much (Luke Hemmings)

    Imagine #20 : Sex tape (Calum Hood) (Smut)

    Imagine #21 : Best hugs (Luke Hemmings)

    Imagine #22 : Little boy (Ashton Irwin)

    Imagine #23 : Cabin in the mountain (Calum Hood) (Smut)

    Imagine #24 : Scary hands (Ashton Irwin)

    Imagine #25 : massage (Luke Hemmings) (Smut)

    Imagine #26 : Power couple (Luke Hemmings)

    Imagine #27 : Reminders (Ashton Irwin)

    Imagine #28 : Hot chocolate (Luke Hemmings)

    Imagine #29 : Touchy subject (Michael Clifford) - Part 2

    Imagine #30 : First fight (Luke Hemmings) - Part 2

    Imagine #31 : Miss Swift (Michael Clifford)

    Imagine #32 : Thigh Riding (Michael clifford)

    Imagine #33 : Freshly tattooed (Calum Hood)

Specials :

    Pregnancy series #1 : Trying for a baby -4/4

    Pregnancy series #2 : Telling him you’re pregnant - 4/4

    Blurb night one

    Blurb night two

    Blurb night three

    Blurb night four

A-Z NSFW: Hansol

Originally posted by 94ten

Disclaimer: I couldn’t find the original poster this came from, but I got this from philanddanxreader, I didn’t come up with this.

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A = Aftercare 
Jesus Christ I love Hansol where is he…I really believe Hansol would be one of the best bfs/lovers. Sex with Hansol in general isn’t very rough, so that isn’t really a concern with aftercare with Hansol. With him, it’s really just a quick wipe down or if you can move: a shower. Aaand he’s an extreme cuddler, so look forward to that.

B = Body part (Their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner’s) 
I’m obsessed with his lips is that weird idk His favorite is kind of your fault. He has the most beautiful eyes ever?? And if you’re in a relationship with Ji-fucking-Hansol and don’t tell him how pretty his eyes are at every chance you get what are you even doing???? You’ve kinda swayed him into liking his own eyes a lot more than he would’ve but now he’s figured out how his gaze can actually turn you into a pile of mush, and that’s a good discovery in his book. Hansol loves your legsHe’s got really nice legs tbh and he especially loves being able to grasp the warmth beneath his fingers and have them wrapped around his waist..

C = Cum 
I feel like Hansol’s classic boy. It’s either in you, or he did a botched pull out attempted to actually cum on a specific spot in mind and it’s just all over your thighs. 

D = Dirty Secret (a dirty secret of theirs) 
It’s not so much a secret, it’s more of a secret just how much he enjoys spanking you. He’s pretty cautious with you during sex, so spanking is kind of a middle ground that isn’t going to really hurt you, and he really likes it.

E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)

B Y E his fucking hips his goddamn legs ya mother fuckin dicc in my fac-
anyways…he’s been kept in the basement so long i stg sm give him to us that I doubt he has any experience, but that mother fucker watches some good porn or something how does one move their hips like that without a reference i just????

F = Favorite position
His hips are the main event in sex obvi and no matter the position, he’s pretty much constantly in control. Hansol’s favorite position is you topping, having you propped up on your knees to give him room to move beneath you, and hold your hips and thrust wildly up into you. 

G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc)
Hansol’s pretty soft in your non-sexual relationship, but in the bedroom he’s very serious and almost in a character role, he’s very intense and focused. The atmosphere is pretty lighthearted, but he’s serious when it gets down to sex. 

H = Hair (How well groomed are they)
Can you see my ‘sharp dressed man’ fetish coming out yet Because of how well dressed he is, I’m certain he takes care of himself well; very clean and ‘gentlemanly’ or whatever. I don’t see him being bare, but he definitely manscapes pretty well.

I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…)
Hansol’s semi wild in the bedroom, he’s not out of this world rough or anything, no bdsm stuff going on, but it’s not the soft love making movie stuff either. He expresses more romance in your non-sexual relationship to make up for sex, since sex is more of a lust fuck most of the time, aside from like birthdays where he goes all out to show you his love. 

J = Jack Off (Masturbation)
[See Yearning] I don’t think he’s the most horny boy around, certainly not even the one in NCT. He’s kind of clingy so 99% of the time, if he’s horny, you’re around for some good fun instead of his hand. If it happens, the majority of the time it’s just an in the shower session from morning wood and needing to head to practice, so there’s no time to call you up.

K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)
[Back to Dirty Secret] He’s not a full blown dom, but he likes having the most control, and spanking is kind of his thing. It’s a fun ‘punishment’ for the both of you, and since a lot of the time you’re topping/riding him, it’s pretty easy to just swing down and cover your skin in his hand print. Nothing hard enough to leave bruises, but you’ll certainly have some lovely red marks and a bit of soreness; something he likes to silently tease you about in public or around the boys with a light tap to you butt to strike the fire through your body again.

L = Location (Favorite places to do the do)
The bed is the easiest on him, no one really likes rub burns or anything when he’s on his backing thrusting up in you for all it’s worth. Plus it’s the safest, the shower’s a no go after a bad experience….but a bath is a second favorite. He can just plop a bathbomb in the water and feign wanting a relaxing bath with you and end up having you in his lap before the water starts getting cold.

M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going)
Hansol’s favorite pre-sex aka foreplay is making out and having you ride his thigh i have an obsession with his thighs….i think im just obsessed with hansol 99% of the time it starts as just a peck and affection and it quickly escalates to you in his lap and him worming his leg between yours, he gets off on seeing you get off on him. 

N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)
While he’s kind of a light dom, daddy kink is waaaay off his list. It’s semi of a joke in your relationship, calling him dad, but when his pants are around his ankles and his dick is in you, that word leaves your lips and he’s shutting it down.

O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc)
lord his mouth is perfect Hansol is a master in pleasing you, he likes seeing you squirm and hearing you plead for him and whine from what he does to you. When it’s going down, he’s already hard and ready to fuck the life out of you, a bj isn’t usually necessary, Hansol would rather be in you rather than in your mouth. He’s not typically going to ask for it, but if you initiate it, he’ll definitely sit back and let you have your fun.

P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.)
Hansol’s not particularly rough, he’s got a pretty fast and intense pace. His pace isn’t going to be that porn ‘how is she alive after that!!’ stuff no seriously it looks like it hurts what is going on why but he’s definitely going to scramble your brains…

Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.)
Quickies don’t happen very often with Hansol, he likes taking his time with you, building up the intensity and teasing you, having you squirming and begging for him, rarely do you leave his arms without at least 2 or 3 orgasms under your belt so he’s not a big fan on having to rush and missing out on half the fun. They happen occasionally, like squeezing in a quick one before he has to do his schedule or go to practice and knowing he won’t be back for a while, but typically he’d just wait till he has proper time to work your body like he can.

R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)
After the Shower Incident, experimenting is kept to a minimum, if it sounds dangerous at all(ie. can someone break a leg) he’s very hesitant to try, if he agrees to try at all, so in general locations are pretty much not an option unless he deems it safe. Positions are usually the only thing he’s normally 100% game to try, there’s not much damage that can be done with positions beside pulling a muscle or getting a cramp, which compared to the threat of falling and breaking a bone, isn’t too heavy on his mind. 

S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…)
With Hansol, over the getting into it aka making out and foreplay and his teasing and actual sex, he spends well over an hour on your body. ‘Dick entering’ sex lasts longer than average too, well over 10 minutes, he’s not a fast finisher, he takes a while to cum, you’re in for a long ass ride with him, that’s for sure.

T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)
Aside from positions, Hanol’s pretty hesitant to try anything new, toys included. The only thing he owns in several silk clothes, that he uses occasionally to blindfold you or very carefully tie your wrists. But other than that, you’ll have to be the one to bring things in if you want, he’s not going to initiate it. 

U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)
Honestly the reason sex with Hansol lasts so long is because of how lengthy his teasing is. He really likes hearing you being vocal, begging and whining and moaning before he’s even inside you. Part of his turn on is just seeing how well he can get you off with just his tongue or fingers. He won’t stop till you’re nearly in tears or use the safe word, he likes watching you wiggle for him.

V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make)
I see Hansol being a groaner, no one outside the room is going to hear him. Hansol really likes marking you too, so most of his sounds are muffled by him sucking and biting purple and red flowers into your skin.

W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice)
The story of why Hansol isn’t down for shower sex anymore: everything’s good and dandy, but lessons were learned that you probably shouldn’t put your foot on the soap dish, well unless you feel like slipping and crashing into the tum and ending up with a dislocated shoulder and having to go to the hospital in just pants and a bath robe wrapped around you because it hurts to much to try to put a shirt on…..don’t ever do it….just sit down and ride him like a horse..

X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words)
[Insert his damn dick wiggle gif] He’s one of the guys that really knows how to tuck well….Him, Kai, Taemin, etc. I’m weirdly obsessed with how flat the front is….it’s such a mystery, where the fuck is your dick and how do you hide it that well???? I don’t trust those hiding diccs….He’s pretty slender in everything, according to Nana “the dick matches the boy, that’s a fact” no its not So in her words he’s “slender like his pretty lil body but he’s got them looooooong legs…you know what else is long? mhmmm” bye

Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)
In general, Hansol’s sex drive is relatively average, nothing insanely high or weirdly low. That being said, he’s always ready if you’re in the mood, it doesn’t take much to get him going and up for a tumble around the bed.

Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)
Hansol’s a little cuddle bug in my mind, after aftercare, he’s down for the count and buried under the blankets and pretty much whines for you to cuddle with him and take a nap/go to bed. 

anonymous asked:

What's your favorite harry era?

hooooo boy this is incredibly hard because every time i think i have a definitive answer, i change my mind. but currently right now in this moment? i’m really digging 2014 harry and i can’t even give you a proper commentary on it he just hits every god damn button and annihilates every look he was truly an icon and i miss 2014 harry

like how can he go from this, soft autumn boyfriend…

to this? which tbh is just frankly obscene and i will pay whoever can find me the non-watermarked version of this slutty masterpiece

here we have your local farmer slash model

said farmer picking his vegetables for the season

and he promptly looks like a cute giggly goober and ????? no one can explain the wide variety of areas harry is covering during this era. NO ONE!

moody indie boyfriend? sign me the fuck UP!

he temporarily ditches his farmer ways to become full model

and then a little voice inside his head whispered “why not both?” and subsequently history was made

i can see your nostrils henrold, and yet…….. ? still a look

but then here we have it. the pièce de résistance. a look no one ever thought possible, a look we only dreamed of. and our lord and saviour henri steels? he god damn delivers

bless this look, bless those pants. if that doesn’t make 2014 era harry your favourite, i don’t know what does.